KITSON’S on ROBERTSON Blvd is about Katie Holmes Art”Her” Miller’s “All My SONS” and CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the SON oil paintings by Connie Pecoraro. It’s about them wanting all the “SONS” in my life, and of my BENSON drawing in my FAC from 1982.

KIDS spelled backwards is SDIK. During the Summer of 2009, while I was Wrongfully Detained in jail, with my dog Jack adopted by someone from Carson Animal Center, KITSON’S was busy printing up T shirts with Chihuahuas, Crowns, Honey, ETC. It’s about wanting “Charlie’s Find” Jesus Christ wearing a Crown of Thorns, who is Horny and CUMMING, because the sound of ChihWAWA, “WA” in Korean means to Come or to Arrive, but since this is a Sex Game, it’s about orgasm as in come.

The pictures of my dog Jack taken on 4/19th at night was at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. His eyes are Red, and since they gave him the “role” of being the body of a Penis, because he’s the same color as the Lion’s body watercolor painting on my website titled “Double Leo” which looks like a Penis, they want Jack’s pictures to be about engorged with Red BLOOD.

These Prints on KITSON’S KIDS Clothing is about this. It’s about a DIK Sex, about Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” aka Josh Wolf, who is wearing a Crown of Thorns is HORNY and TH”ROBB”ING, and Cumming like Dripping Honey for Horney C”OM”B. It’s about Sandra “OH” who wants my dog to have meaning for her, my Artwork to have meaning for her going backwards, my dog Jack to have meaning for her, my father’s Penis size to have meaning for her, my Sexuality to have meaning for her, a deeply disturbed sick Parasite ACTRESS who’s been attached to my life for almost 3 decades.

Their sign is White and Orange, this is about the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue of me and my father and the Oranges. They want my father’s identity, and his Penis to have meaning for “WO”lf. This is the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of “Charlie’s Find” is on Page 3, because it’s about George C. Page who came to California for the Oranges. The same reason why Sandra Oh is wearing Orange in her Vibe picture. The same reason why the Abstract Art painting of two people having sex at the Beverly Hills LIBRAry is White and Orange.

Whoever is laying out these clothes knows exactly what this Sex Game is about. They want my dog Jack Chihuahua to have meaning for my Lion’s body watercolor painting of “Double Leo” which looks like a Penis, and they want my FEATHER’S Identity and Penis to have meaning for Josh Wolf. It’s next to FLOWers and SHeep boots.

The T shirt with the “O” of kids holding hands is about The Picture of me and the black girl. Sandra Oh wants this picture to be her. This same print is repeated many times, in different ways.

ROBERT”SON” Blvd and all the Businesses on this street wants my IDENTITY and ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH, because it’s about my BEN”SON” Dubois “ROBERT” Guillaume pencil drawing from my FAC in 1982, the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school.

This is why I was given a jail cellmate name ROBBIE MONTGOMERY in LA County Jail, they knew exactly who I was. Michael Jackson’s death is connected to me being Wrongfully Detained in Jail.

While WRONGFULLY DETAINING me in LA County jail for 5 months, having my dog STOLEN by someone, wanting my ARTWORK and the VIDEO RECORDING of me to be someone else, RAPING MY LIFE.

This is the same patterns as creating Sexual meaning out of my childhood pictures, like the picture of me sitting on the Canon in Santa Monica, reason why Daniel Ladinsky says “Knee Deep in Ecstasy”, picture of me with the BLUE Pillow, to be a Dick. Something I never closely studied until I started discovering this Conspiracy with Tom Cruise and Sandra Oh to rob my Identity and my FAC from 1982, my Childhoood experiences my Sexuality, through Names, Words, Businesses, Street and Road names, they’ve CREATED it to Fit them, built going Left to Right.

Tom CHRISTopher Brigdes CP, with Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”, wearing a Crown of Thorns and is Horny for his Mother Mary Maria Connie Pecoraro, Child Pornography is huge in BangKOK PeaCOCK is a BIRD. Tom Bridges a SUC, Stand Up CUMdiane Josh Wolf, who they’ve given the role of my father’s identity, with Jewish Contractor Brett Bern, a sick Jew who thinks he has meaning in my Artwork, Daddy’s Little Girl, FATHER FEATHERS, with little PRINCESS Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

They’re “role playing” with my Parents Names and identities while destroying and sabotaging my life. This is a Repeating Abusive Pattern.

This pattern of also using “Children” and connecting them with this Sex Game isn’t anything new, they’ve been doing it for many years. A perfect example is the Beverly Hills Library, Children’s Room, and the new “Kelly’s Chocolate and Fudge Factory” which is really about “Key as in Penis”, “CF” “FuCk” “GE”, the rats, or “Stars” and Celebrities.

While I was being Wrongfully Held in LA County Jail for 5 months, my ARTWORK and my dog JACK were STOLEN from me.

The want the SEXUAL Meaning of my dog Jack, who looks like my Watercolor painting of the Lion’s body, which looks like a Penis, and the VIDEO RECORDING of me, to have meaning for them. While Repeatedly ABUSING and Psychologically RAPING my life. THROBBING and Horney for T”OM” Cruise Mapother Mother MOM Jung Dung ASSES, while ROBBING my Artwork and dog Jack. It’s the reason why this store is on ROBERTSON Blvd.

KITSON’S Infringing of my ARTWORK has been going on since they opened their stores. It’s about Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, the “SON”. And they want MY ARTWORK, my REGISTERED TRADEMARK at the USPTO to have meaning for them, through their Clothes and Designs they INFRINGE from me.