Larry "R"osenthal and Michael "APA" "RA" Group


DEN connections
“TAL” connections

I “TAL” Y Psycho Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro for “MOTHER”
APA, PA “R” A llel Entertainment and Brad “GREY” connections for “FATHER”

Tom BRIDGES FAG DENTist, bridge “G.AYS ANATOMY” in conspiracy to “ROB” MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

Larry “ROSE”nt “HAL”
studi study “O” Pep”C” Pus”C” SANDRA OH in 1999 and “ROSENT HAL” name
connected to PENNY MOY Chink Hygienist who worked for LARRY in 1990’s

“HAL” Heath Andrew Ledger


MICHA el APA a lookalike of Tom Bridges
APA in Korean means Father or Dad

Sandy Wang’s APA, Father’s Music Band in 50’s, Tom Bridges DENTISTS to “MOURNING STARS” in NYC
3AR sound of CathoLICKING sound of “ASSSTERISK” through DENTists

ThoMAS C. Bridges
ThoMAS C. Bridges what is his YEAR of Birth? 19”72” = LIFE IN PRISON

Josh “MICCHA” Wolf and GO “DAD”dy!
Jesus CHRIST was a JEW Josh “MICCHA” Wolf
Jesus CHRIST was a JEW Brett ANAL Bern
Tooth “BR” U “SH” BRett and joSH blowing jobbing

in a “BR”iTi”SH” TALE of Too Joos being Bridged for Rectum * Fucking and CathoLICKING
For SHONDA RIMES sick black bitch, of D “ART” MOUTH College

Repeating Numbers of “429” connected to these sick Jews WOLF BERN

Larry Rosenthal is a dentist to the "stars and celebrities" in NYC. 30 E. 76th Street, NYC.

73 is Tom Cruise’s birthday numbers, same numbers as my Leadership Training LP 173 numbers. “360” Post Street is Tom Bridges dental office address in San Francisco. “63” is Sociopath Brett Bern “EAR” of birth.

Larry Rosenthal and Michael Apa were guests on TYRA BANKS show in 2008. Tyra Banks is about THE PICTURE of me and a black girl. It’s always about Combining my Name of Sand”Y” with Sand”RA” OH. BANKS is about the Korean word for Butterfly, which is NABE or NAB “K”, which is about the childhood pictures of me wearing a Butterfly HAL ter TOP shirt. Sandra Oh has been wanting MY Childhood pictures and Everything about me to BE HER for almost 3 decades.

Rosent"HAL" is about the HAL ter Top shirt I am wearing standing on the mountain in Korea in my childhood pictures, and also of me sitting on my APA's LAP. The reason why Connie Pecoraro is good friends with Michael LAP pert in Sausalito. Through other people's names and Connie Pecoraro's sketches of "No Name Girl", Sandra Oh wants these pictures of me to be HER. HAL is Heath Andrew Ledger’s name initials, my childhood pictures is the REASON why he became a “star” and he was found Dead Naked and LIMP, because the BUSINESS of creating meaning for Tom Bridges Psychobitches Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh through FASHION is Huge. The reason why Mentally Disturbed sick cunts who wear “SHO”rts follow me all the time. It must be SANDRA OH dreaming of licking my vagina of ME wearing shorts.

Larry ROSEN "THAL" is connected to the Museum of Tolerance in Beverly Hills connected to SIMON WIESEN "THAL". It's the Jewish Community all working together so that MY DRAWING of JEWISH NEIL DIAMOND from 1982 from the "Jazz Singer" can have meannig for them, for JEWISH JOSH WOLF, AS IF SANDRA OH DREW this Drawing.

APA in Korean means "FATHER", and through business names, and other people's names, Sandra Oh wants my FATHER'S Identity and Name to be HER Father. This is why TOM BRIDGES identity is important because he has the SAME birthday as me but different year, and through his Identity, Sandra Oh wants MY Birthday numbers to have meaning for her. Tom Bridges is a Dentist, and I’ve been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years and he has taken over the FIELD of DENTISTRY to have meaning for Sick ACTRESS who Plays a “DOCTOR” Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Michael is connected to Michael JACKSON, because after I saw the movie BEN, I did my FAC in 1982, while growing up in JACKSON Heights, Queens NY. My Father was a Gifted Musician and Teacher. They've somehow related my father's Identity with Michael Jackson because he is a MUSICIAN, and the drawing I did of BENSON, ROBERT Guillaume is a Black Male. Michael Jackson's death is related to events in my life in 2009 when I was Wrongfully Set up and Arrested and then WRONGFULLY Detained in LA County Jail for 5 months, CAUSED because of Sandra Oh and Tom Cruise and this huge Group Conspiracy. The same reason why "HAL" Heath Andrew Ledger COMMITTED SUICIDE IN "SOHO" NY, what's missing? "R".

It’s the connected to the Korean word of “CHA” which means CAR and TEA. This is about my CHArlie Brown Snoopy Dog Bank I had for many years. The syllable of “CHA” is in Josh MICCHA Wolf’s middle name, but his middle name is the sound of “KA” as in CA R.

JACKIE, the receptionist has been there for more than 20 yrs. Her name is about me growing up in JACKSON Heights NY, where I did my First Artword Collection in 1982.

Josh MICCHA Wolf thinks he has meaning in my FAC from 1982 because of the Neil DIAMOND Pen Ink drawing I did and he is a Libra and this sign’s STONE is the “Diamond”, the same reason why he thinks he has meaning in THE PICTURE of me and a black girl taken in the shape of a Diamond. He thinks MY FATHER'S Identity has meaning for him, it's connected to his agency PARA llel Entertainment in the Rolex Building on Wilshire Blvd. PARA, the reason why there is the letter "R" on a building behind the Rolex building, what's left? APA.

It's the "RA" Group, because it's about Sand"RA" Oh or Connie Peco”RA”ro. Sandra Oh thinks because the word ART has “RA” in it backwards, that MY ARTWORK has meaning for her. This is repeating pattern which has been going on for many years. Sandra Oh wants people to think she DREW the DRAWings, and she wants my MUSICIAN Father to have meaning for her the reason why she was or is still dating a person name ANDREW FEATHERSTON. Feather is about “FOUR FEATHERS” movie with Heath ANDRWE Ledger. “HAL”. This sick ACTRESS, the reason for the RAPING of MY LIFE, is why Heath Ledger committed suicide in SO HO.

Michael Apa looks like TOM C. BRIDGES, the gay male dentist in San Francisco who has the same birthday as me and is going to "bridge" Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro on Bridge"Way" because the TAO is the Way. Even their addresses are similar, they both have the number "360" in it. This is the reason why Tom Bridges made Police Reports in San Francisco, he hired a lawyer name ROBERT AMPARAN.

When Brett Bern took me and his friends DAVID ROSENBLOOM and Michelle to Vermont in 1997, we all stayed at "HER"mitage Inn. David Rosenbloom is a patient of Larry Rosenthal. ROSE is about "Charlie's Find" Jesus Christ who "ROSE" on the T "HIR" D Day. And they want Jesus Christ wearing a crown of THORNS to be about HORNEY. Late 90’s around this time is when they began building the UCLA John AnDERson Business School, which has a LIBRAry called ROSEN Felf Library. It’s about Air LIBRA Josh Wolf.

Anytime it's about Brett Bern, it's connected to SANDRA OH, because Sandra Oh wants every Tom Dick and Harry I’ve ever met to have meaning for her, and they’ve been building in Los Angeles and especially at UCLA Campus in Westwood based on this sick SOCIOPATH RAPIST, because Sandra Oh’s Agency is “UTA” and she wants to meaning in My High School classmate CHRISTina BERNardo who is a Taurus like Brett Bern. WeyBURN is a major street just south of UCLA Campus. One of the many reasons why this sick fucking PARASITE Actress is a Perfect Match with her BUSINESSman Father Brett Bern.

I've been a dental hygienist for 20 years, I went to school in Brooklyn called NYC TECH College. A Chinese Female name PENNY MOY went to the same school as me. Penny has a Chinese Accent and the last time I spoke to her, she was married to a Jewish male name "GU"BBAY and they moved to FLO rida.

GU is about TV "GU"IDE, Sandra Oh's picture on TV "GU"ide. GU is about Robert "GU"illaume, the drawing of BENSON I did in 1982. GU in Korean means number "9" and it is the year I was born.

There is something going on with Chinese people because Penny Moy and I went to the same school. Penny Moy and I went to a Dance Club once called "Cafe IGUANA" in downtown NYC, and this is the reason why I think Sandra Oh was in a movie with a similar title. The reason why she plays Chinese characters, because the TAO is the Way.

BEN is about RATS and Mice. RATS spelled backwards is "STAR", Sandra Oh who thinks she is a "GE" and wants the drawing I did of Robert "GU"illaume, is going to be a O GU GE.

Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me but different year Bridges a DELUSIONAL PSYCHOBITCH GAY ACTRESS SANDRA OH, through CHINESE PUSSIES and TAO is the WAY on BRIDGWEAY wiht Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIQ CHURCH Theme, and NAMES of DENTISTS like CYNTHIA STEPHENSON, Y DANIELLE MARQUISE, DAVID HOEXTER, ETC so that SHE CAN BE MY IDENTITY and have meaning in MY PARENTS NAMES by "OM"ing with All these Other People to Equal ONE of me.

IDENTITY THEFT and CHAIN Group Conspiracy are FEDERAL CRIMES, as is Repeated INFRINGING of Copyrighted Material and Federally Registered MARK, LYING on Legal Police Documents. In a CHAIN Conspiracy, the parties don't need to know each other, but the GOAL is the same.

What’s the Connection? “NIC”olette SHERidan, of “DH” Desperate Housewives, who is married to MI”CHA”EL BOLTON in real life, and Michael is a Patient at LARRY ROSENTHALS Dental Office, aka the “RA” GROUP. SHERidan, they love the name or word “SHER”, in HER SHE choCHAco”LAT”e ASS PUSSY Licking Game, to keep you Guessing and to keep this SICK RAPING OF MY LIFE going. For SAND”RA” OH is My “NIC” name SIGNature on My Drawing from 1982, she is MY IDENTITY through TOM BRIDGES who is a gay male DENTIST in San Francisco who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me. RA Group, See TOM BRIDGES Lookalike in NYC.

MI “CHA” EL BOLTON. “MB”, Like MB Mercedes BENz “CHA” CAR Dealership who set me up in 2009. MB, for meaning of MY Registered Trademark in “O”, at the USPTO, with name of Examining Attorney MIDGE BUTLER “MB”, AS IF MY RT in a circle of “O” was done by SANDRA “OH” because it sounds like her name. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT in GROUP CONSPIRACY.

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