LA Sports Club

1835 SEPulveda Blvd and Pontius Ave.

Logo Design looks very similar to Capri Cigarettes and the number “3”


Tom Bridges “8/13”

1900 because 9/1 is Connie Pecoraro's birthday
Pontius PILATE from the Bible for are you “PI”ous and Horney in CAThoLIQ C”HUR”CH Theme to make Money. Owner’s name is REX LICKlider.
"Charlie's Find"

Vatic AN na White Happy Birthday “9/1”


LAVENDER COLOR, so they can LINK to the LINK Color of MY WEBSITE

“407” E. 87th St. NYC see “OO” Gold Clock
“407” Maple Drive
407 Connections
“407 87” WHAT is Sandra Oh’s House Address Number?
Psycho Pecoraro in LAVENDER 2010

the Memebership Director at Sepulveda location is ANTHONY LEONARDI, for Are you "PI"ous and HORNEY to make Money through TOM BRIDGES Horny Jesus CHRIST with CHRISTINA BERNARDO and JEANNIE BERNARDO'S BIG OIL ASSES

Dan Brown "LEO"Nardo DA Vinci Code
the reason why JOSH WOLF went to Trinity University in SAN ANTONIO TX
Horney for BAR in ASS at "3OO" connections on Beverly Drive

9601 Wilshire blvd x CamDEN Drive in Beverly Hills

My old NYC address 1994 “169” 91st Street
691 Bridgeway 1999 Retail “LOC”ation

they want “Charlie’s Find” BL”OO” Eyes to be looking at Form of Ass


“WATERFALL” at Entrance of Gym Dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of My Wet Vagina to be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh


they want my baby picture on Wicker Ch”AIR” to be SANDRA OH through CathoLICK MAThemathics theme of MOTHE MARY Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro
CHRISTopher WICK of "English Laundry"

CHAIR at Pacific Design Center

Candle WICKS at Richard Shapiro Antique on Melrose Ave

WICKer CHairs at Montage Hotel restaurants



Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork titled Monter”EY” SPLASH
Sandy Wang’s PROPERTY STOLEN in July 2008, connected to MY Artwork titled Point “REYES” and RON J R”EY”


Old Logo Design looks like a BIRD


New Design H=“8” in My Portrait Eyes to be “CAP’ Connie Pecoraro and my “H”AIR to be Ma”RIA”

Turn Bull Color of my Mother’s Shirt in childhood CHRISTmas picture of me, her Sick Jesus CHRIST is based on


There are Two Locations of this Gym that I’ve been to. 1835 SEPulveda Blvd and 9601 Wilshire Blvd. 8/13/69 is MY Birthday. Connie Pecoraro was born in SEPtember, “9/1/69”. AS IF through TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of "8/13" Connie Pecoraro has meaning in MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK.

It’s about Tom CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13 but different year of 1972, bridges Connie Pecoraro with My Mother, My Father with Josh Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, her Catholic Theme and sketches of her “No Name Girl” are the VEHICLES to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, Psycho actress who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

The one on SEPulveda blvd is next to PONTIUS Street. This word is about PONTIUS PILATES from the Bible. It’s connected to are you “PI US” and Horny to make Money, connected to the AESCUL PIUS on the “Endowed CHAIR” at Cedars Sinai Hospital. It’s where Pilates as in “Yoga” is about, connected to the childhood picture of me wearing the Butterfly Shirt with BLOO “PIL”LOW. Butterfly in Korean is NAB and it’s about Making Money that goes in BAN ks. It’s why Josh Wolf banged his Pea COCK in Thai female from BAN G KOK and they had a son name JACOB. Josh Wolf is about supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood pictures through Tom Bridges Mother MARY Connie Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic OIL Artwork.

The BUSINESS of GYMS is connected to 3AR sound of JIM MORRISON from the DOORS. Everything they have built is based on EAR sound of Words, because it's about the meaning of "ASS"terisk symbol on my First name SIGNature of "Sandy*" from my FAC in 1982. They've been building in CA and in Los Angeles for 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to be Connie Pecoraro or SANDRA OH, through street names, Business names, numbers, other people's names, ETC.

Sandra Oh's Tv Show "Grey's Anatomy" is filmed at SEPULVEDA VA HOSpital, and it is DIRECTLY connected to Cedars SIGN EYE "HOS"pital. They've been building through words like "HOS"pitals, "SHO"e businesses, any word that has similar letters of Sandra OH name, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY. IT'S TOM BRIDGES TWO MENTALLY DISTURBED SICK PSYCHOBITCHES DREAMING OF LICKING MY WET VAGINA SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN, THROUGH A LYING SOCIOPATH FAG NAME TOM BRIDGES.

The owners of this Gym “Corporation” are, REX LICKLIDER, “LF” Lynette Francini and MICHAEL TALLA. You “WO” Work Out at a gym “LF” Tom Bridges Brook”LYN” Bridges and Jennifer LYN Lopez big EighT “OO” Ass, built Left to Right, LO is the Balls. These names are connected to the meaning of Licking with Tongue with sound of Tungsten, found in WOLFramite Scheelite. It’s connected to REXFORD Drive, Beverly Hills LIBRA ry, NeSSAH SYNagogue, CHARLEville Bvld, and Crown of Thorny ROLEX Building Jesus Christ Josh MICHA WOLF in their ITAL ian Connie Pecoraro Group Conspiracy with Tom Bridges “8/13”, through Other People’s Names and Businesses, to ROB MY IDENTITY, including my BABY PICTURES. In several of my baby pictures, I am sticking my Tongue out, the reason why Daniel Ladinsky calls HAFIZ, “Invisible Tongue”, because it’s about my FAC from 1982, telling a Powerful SYNchronistic Story through ARTWORK at a young age of 12 or 13 yrs old without words.

Because Connie Pecoraro was born in the month of SEPtember, she think she has meaning in SEPulveda Blvd. She was born during LABOR Day weekend, and because she’s a Virgo the MAIDEN, thinks she has meaning in my Mother’s Identity, and wants be “OM” with Josh Wolf’s SON Jacob’s THAI MOTHER name “TARA”. This is why when I met Connie Pecoraro, she asked me to go to Union Street Art Festival with her FAT Friend name TARA. The reason why Tom Bridges birthday number address on QuinTARA Ave and “2087 31st Ave” in the Sunset District neighborhood in San Francisco was “Set Up” like all my other addresses, so that through where I am living, Tom Bridges can “OM” and bridge it with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway.

The theme of LICK or Taste which in Korean means MAT has been going on for many years. It’s the reason why I met so many guys name MATT when I worked at Club Med in Florida in 1992. There is a street name MATilija Ave in San Fernando Valley, and there is a HOUSE with a specific shaped “GATE”, which is connected to the Bigger MAP picture of Matilija in OJAI, above Oxnard in Ventura County, the “Upper Left” of Everything. The word LICK also sounds like LIQuor, which is about the Hawaiian Barrel Wooden Statue on Top of the LIQuor Cabinet in the childhood picture of me and my father. This is connected to the movie the “LAST SAMURAI” and Tom Cruise wanting Connie Pecoraro’s CAT HOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ based on the childhood CHRIST MAS picture of my mother and my dog FRENCHY, to have meaning for her, as MOTHER MARY MARIA. Based on this picture, Jesus Christ is GAY and he is licking a “3” Sam shape of Trimming, Gay Ass and “OO” hanging balls below.

The theme of “OU” got started because of the meaning of LICK. T”O”ngue sounds like T”U”ngsten which is in Wolframite and Scheelite. Tungsten is in the FILAMENTS of LIGHT BULBS and they want the word LIGHT to sound like CelluLITE as in FAT and BLUBber. It’s the reason why there are “FRENCH” companies on the same street on CAMDEN Drive, FRANCINE ORR “FOR” FOUR, and CAVIAR. Lick a CAVity, and get your sound of “RO” ROE, Reproductive Organ Enlarged.

These Two LA SPORTS Clubs are located at 1835 Sepulveda Blvd and 9601 Wilshire Blvd on CAM”DEN” Drive. “8/13/69” is MY BIRTHDAY the number 15 is letter O in the alphabet, and “O” is about the magnifying glass in the 1982 drawing of Robert Guillaume from BENSON and my name “Sandy*” SIGNature. They want this “O” to Sound like Sandra “OH” last name and for my name SANDY to have meaning for her. Camden Drive, Diagonally across the street from this gym is Sandra Oh’s agency “UTA” and through “OM”ing with CHINESE People, Sandra Oh who plays Chinese Doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” wants to have meaning in my Identity, the dubbed Video Recording of my Ass and my Artwork. Connie Pecorar”O” also wants my name signature to have meaning for her, the reason why she says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University, so that with DanielladinskY “DY” and his book “The Gift” can have meaning for her Catholic Church Theme. Why would you sign your school’s name on a piece of Artwork.

This Business of INFRINGING on MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, MY SEXUALITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh, through “GYM”S has been going on for many years. I used to Work Out a lot when I was in my early 20’s and one of the Gyms I was a member was the NY “Health and Racket Club”, you play Racketball in a Court. HaRCourt is Lee Montgomery’s middle name. It’s about the word G “YM” and name MontgomerY and the sound of letter “G” which in Korean means “RATS” and Mice. Rats is about the movie BEN and my FAC from 1982.

GYM is also about Sex, because when you have an Orgasm, it’s a Muscle Contraction, and the Penis is a MUSCLE, the more you use it, the bigger it gets. GYM sounds like JIM as in Jim Morrison and the theme of Jim Morrison as a Musician a faraway lookalike with Lee Montgomery has been going on for many years. The reason why on SPEED Way in Venice Beach, there is a building WALL with a painting of Jim Morrison holding a “MIKE”. It’s about my Writings “KEY to my Soul” and my drawing of Jewish Neil Diamond drawing from the “Jazz Singer” holding a MIKE on the Upper Left, the reason why StarBucks from Upper Left state of Washington is connected to this. They want Jewish Josh Wolf to have meaning in my Writings and my drawing of “MIKE” on the Upper Left, the reason why he lived in Washington State.

Through Street Names, Business Names, and Other People’s names, they’ve created a “City” built based on my Identity to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. Connie Pecoraro created her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, so that the meaning of “GYM” and My birthday numbers and EVERYTHING about my Identity can have meaning for her through a fag dentist. Connie Pecoraro needs TOM BRIDGES, fag LEO who has the same birthday as me of “8/13” but different year, to bridge her on BRIDGEWAY, as the “WAY” to rob my IDENTITY and the Powerful Meaning of my FAC from 1982 and my Writings and everything about my childhood, the reason why she created her “No Name Girl” as to Confuse my Identity while robbing my Identity at the same time. Connie Pecoraro’s No Name Girl and “Isn’t That Life?” is a Dead and Abandoned Mark, the reason why they’ve continued to use Tom Bridges as a way to “OM” with MY Powerful Multifunctioning Mark at USPTO Registration in 2006, through Other People’s names like Midge Butler and “Numbers” and Words. Tom Bridges and Connie Pecoraro are Sick SOCIOPATHS in a big Chain Group Conspiracy to rob my Identity and Everything about me, which has been going on for decades and has continued through 2009, when I had all my Artwork and my dog Jack STOLEN.

The CATHOLIC theme has been going on for many years because I did my FAC in 1982 while going to St. Joan ARC Grammar School in Jackson Heights NY. I also went to St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic High School, and they want SVF to have meaning for SFV SAN FERnando Valley. The street just behind Sepulveda and the gym is PONTIUS Avenue and the number is “1900”. Pontius is about Pontius PILate from the bible. Tom Cruise wanted to study in the Seminary when he was younger. I had no affinity for Catholic “Religion”, my parents sent me there because it was Safer than going to public school and not as expensive as a private school. The PIL is about the Blue PILLOW in the childhood picture of me, the reason why Connie Pecoraro and her painting of Jesus Christ has “BLUE” Eyes which is connected to the SCHOOL on CHARLEville Blvd and REXFORD Drive, where NESSAH Synagogue is. This Catholic theme is connected to the Mother Mary statue in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue. The Business of “PILATES”, like YOGA Business which has become very popular in the last decade is about “Jesus Christ” Josh WOLF dick Filling and Stretching Pussy HOLES with his big Wide Dick.

The word GYM sounds like JIM, and JIM is about JIM Morrison of the DOORS, the reason why in Venice Beach, next to Muscle Beach on the side of a WALL of a building there is a painting of Jim Morrison holding a “MIKE”. It’s the same reason why Sandra Oh is doing the Finger “ViBe” thing on her TV Guide picture. ALL GYMS in Los Angeles are doing the same things, INFRINGING on my Identity, my Video Recording to have meaning for and be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. And it isn’t just Gyms, it’s BUSINESSES through Numbers Street Names with their names, in the Business of are you “PI”ous and “TT” Horney to make Money, all based on MY IDENTITY and MY Artwork to have meaning for TWO disturbed Cracked and Dry Cunts.

When I did my drawings of Jim Morrison in February 2007, I didn’t know Jim Morri”SON” was this involved. I was inspired by the painting on the Wall at Venice Beach and the name Morrison is a combination of my first boyfriend Stephen GarriSON and MOntgomery. The MUSCLE Beach is connected to “BIG WANG’S” in Hollywood and their Logo Design is a MUScular ARM. MARia who modeled for Ford MUStang Car. Built Left to Right. It’s about JOSH WOLF who is a lookalike of Jim Morrison from far away and they want MY FATHER’S Identity to be Josh Wolf, aka Hor Dick Jesus CHRIST, which is based on MY Childhood picture on CHRIST mas and MY Catholic High School.

“LAS”ports CLUB is about “Butt Crack Upper Left” and “SAL” is the Korean word for RICE which is an anagram of the name ERIC and they want this name to sound like ERICSHION for Butt Crack. NeSSA H=”OO” SYNagogue is on Charleville Blvd “CB”, it’s been there for many years, they just ADDED to it and built it in a span of almost 3 decades. Charlie’s Find is CHARLIE BABBITT the Cheap Car salesman for RexFORD Mustang Car model Connie Maria Pecoraro.

The “Logo” design of LA Sports Club which looks like the number “3” is about the shape of the Silver Tree Trimming in the childhood CHRIST Mas picture of me and my mother and my dog. Connie Pecoaro’s Catholic Theme with Jesus Christ “OO” is based on this picture, and it’s a Gay Ass with “OO” hanging balls below. This Logo design is very similar to the CAPRI Cigarette design which looks something like between a FLOWer and a BIRD. Tom Bridges Hubbard Lard Bird with WOLF and Connie Pecoraro through Gym Address Numbers and the BRAND Name of Cigarettes I smoke. They came out with this brand name CAPRI cigarettes back in the late 80’s because they want my Writings of “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning through the word SMO”KE”, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro, because of the GOLF Bag in the living room picture, because my father wore baseball CAPs when he played golf. Which probably means that Connie Pecoraro knew about MY ARTWORK in the 80’s and has been TOM Cruise Mapother “Mother” meaning for many years. Golf rhymes with WOLF and I think Josh Wolf’s mother’s name is Katherine.

It’s the reason why all the LAMPOSTS around this area on Wilshire Blvd are colored in the color of “TURN BULL” the color between Blue and Green, all the “new” buildings built in this area of Beverly Hills with Tinted Glass windows are the SAME color Tinted Windows. This color is about the Color of my MOTHER”S SHIRT in the childhood Christmas picture.

The Gym’s CL”ASS” Schedule is the same color or a similar shade of this color. So with LICK and “ASS” and meaning of Wolframite Scheelite, you’ve got a lot of licking of asses.

In 2008, CAPRI Cigarettes changed their Package design to “Vertical Eight” “8” with an “X” in the Lower “O”, inside what looks like Strands of HAIR. This is about the number “38” in my Portrait drawing Hair, and the number “18” in my EYE to be Connie Pecoraro. CAP “R”=”18” I sounds like Eye and A is for Ass. They don’t want to focus too much on her Ford Mustang CAR MA ria, because it sounds like KARMA for EARth Virgo, and focus on her “CP” name, because Josh Wolf drives a Green “MIN”i Van with license plates of “KCP” Key for Connie Pecoraro. They don’t like “OO” EAR Sound of “HOR”I Zontal Eyes anymore based on O HI O and HIGH Sch”OO”L it’s about MO “T” Her Tits left to right, and they want the Vertical Eight in MY EYE, to have meaning for Virgo Earth “VE” Connie Pecoraro, Sick Disturbed IDENTITY THIEF PSYCHOBITCH, through Business Names and Other People’s names and designs like this because Connie Pecoraro is just a Puppet, as the Artist who did the FAC in 1982, it’s TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER behind this sick bitch.

Another evidence of this Number of Vertical Eight in my PORTrait Drawing Eyes to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro “VE” Virgo Earth is on a Bill board on Western Avenue in Korea Town. There are lots of Korean People who support Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh, to have meaning in My Identity and my Artwork.

You SMO”KE” a Cigarrette with your LIPS. Skinny CAPri Cigarettes = Skinny Dick for Skinny Lips. They knew about this, the reason why Pat and Matt “SKINNER” at Club Med Sandpiper FLORIDA where I worked in 1992, were making fun of this cigarette a picture I took. It’s the same reason why Sandra Oh, on CAMDEN Drive UTA Agency, Billy LAZARUS = Th”RUS”t, has an ASSistant name ERIC SKINNER. UTA is next to William MORRIS Agnecy on El CAMINO, and “Morris” is about the CAT Morris and PHILIP Morris the Tobacco Company. I think Josh Wolf mother’s name is KAThryn, the reason why Connie Pecoraro has Coming Soon, and this is connected to KATie Holmes movie “Thank You for Smoking”. Katie also also made the movie “Mad Money” which is connected to the DOLLAR BILL in the “7th” Building, in the Top painting on my Abstract page.

The Word “LIGHT” was changed to “MAGENTA” on the cigarette “BOX” because it’s the COLOR of my Rubber TOY in the Video Recording that was dubbed. The color is between Fuschia and Magenta.


This Gym has a Business deal with a SPA called “SPLASH”. This word can be interpreted to mean several things all relating to H=OO Ass Sex. It’s a “HER SHE” Pussy Licking Gaym, the reason why Connie Pecoraro had a oil painting titled “SPLASH” next to “MONTEREY”. For Connie MARIA Pecoraro, for Josh Wolf’s “EY”es, Wif”EY” MariaH Car”EY” Make it Happen. Pecoraro also had a painting titled “TULIPS in the DEEP”, which is about Two Pussy LIPS in the Deep with Josh Wolf who likes to have 3 somes, in which case makes her CATHO “LIC” Theme with Jesus Christ Horney for Two Pussies LICking, “ART is a Conversation AMONG Three Somes”. This is why on the top of the building across the street from Rolex Building, the names “Ervin Cohen and JESSUP LLP” are written. JE “SUS” SPiLL in Pussy LiPS, the reason why they changed City NAtionAL Bank to US bank. This is why when I met a guy name DANIEL JOSEPH MCCLURE, who is connected to this CATholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and UCLA Campus, he is with Two females in a picture and with a table full of LIQuor.

I took pictures of the 1835 SEPulveda Blvd gym on 4/5/09 because I thought about joining the gym. THEY WERE ALREADY PLANNING AHEAD. The LAVEN”DER” Sign with 400 and 700 Playing SquASH Calories, is about Sex “Q” upperleftmost computer KEY and SHA backwards. CA is “31” my birthday numbers backwards, “LOR” IES, is about ROLex Building CROWN of HORNEY Jesus Christ, and Tom Bridges “SE” which means BIRD in Korean and rhymes with Hubbard Lard, with “I” sounds like EYE “OO” Big Blubber HORIZONTAL Asses with Jesus Christ. “407” is about my old NYC Address 407 E. 87th St APT with the GOLD CLOCK picture. 407 is the address number on MAPLE Drive, next to Mercedes BENz car dealership. Laven”DER” is about the word “RED” because it’s RED Blood that fills a hard dick and Lavender is about the Color of the LINKS of my WEBSITE, the same reason why website is blindingly Lavender.

This is why when I was arrested on “4/20/09” address of Crown of Thorney ROLEX Building, police office DUFOUR wrote specific words on the police report. FOUR is about “OU” and the meaning of TOgnue and TUngsten and All the businesses on this street on CAMDEN Drive. GOLD DUST for my Gold Clock meaning, with “AIR” Libra and Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair, TODAY “MONDAY” for Mother M aria.

The person in charge of the Public Defender’s office in Beverly Hills Court is name Ken ERLICH. I kept telling him after I was released from LA County Jail, that there are Serious Errors in the documents created by the Beverly Hills police, the LA County Jail and for him to INVESTIGATE LOUIS SHAPIRO, the public defender who was assigned to me when I was arrested on “4/20/09”. Louis Shapiro left this BH Court and moved to a new office in downtown on “429” BaucheT St and I had a different public defender when I was released. This was continuing of Tom Bridges my “Transparent Birthmarks”, my pictures and my Abstract Page paintings through TV shows like “CAPRICA”.

They’ve been building for Josh MICCHA WOLFramite to LICK Connie Pecoraro for many years, the reason why Connie Pecoraro is good friends with MICHAEL LAPPERTS of Lappert’s ICE Cream. The reason why Rolex Building is on CANON Drive and Wilshire Blvd. Connie Pecoraro wants the childhood CLOWN picture of me with the CONE Hat, where my body looks like a Giant Ice Cream CONE to have meaning for her, like the Santa Monica childhood picture of me sitting on the CANON. Connie Pecoraro somehow knew about this picture of me long before I ever created my website. Connie Pecoraro is “Selective” in which Childhood picture of ME she wants to have meaning for her, while sutlely “Mocking”.

This theme has continued through where my Toyota Rav4L was taken to with all my ARTWORK inside it in Los Angeles and Malibu with Specific Address numbers while I was WRONGFULLY KEPT in Jail for 5 months. Jesus Christ WOLFE AIR WHOLESALE ROSE crans Ave and Shot his Cum into AeroSpace on Shoemaker Blvd for Mother BE LF “AIR”E Maria Big Blubber Ass, through Tom Bridges Hubbard Lard Asses in their Sick Catholice Theme, the reason for the REPEATED RAPING of my life, so that this sick psychobitch Connie Pecoraro can BE MY IDENTITY and Josh Wolf can have meaning in my Father’s Name and Identity, through Tom Bridges birthday numbers. IT’S PSYCHOTIC AND I HATE WRITING ABOUT THIS SHIT, BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS, AND THEY KEEP BUILDING IT AS IF THEY WISH IT WERE, BUT IT ISN’T. THEY CAN KEEP BUILDING TO WHATEVER THEY WISH AND HOPE IT TO BE, BUT I WANT ALL MY ARTWORK AND MY DOG JACK BACK.

The Beverly Hills location on 9601 Wilshire Blvd and Camden Drive Gym design is built based on the dubbed Video Recording of me to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro. They want my Wet Vagina dubbed with Big Ass to be Connie Pecoraro. It’s about Jesus Christs’ “BLUE EYES”, the reason why everything is BLUE and they have a WATERFALL at the front desk. The ladies locker room has a BLUE Waterfall in the lounging area, with WICKER Furniture. Wicker Furniture is about the baby picture of me sitting on the Wicker CH”AIR”, and Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro wants to have meaning in my baby pictures with AIR LIBRA Josh MICCHA Wolf. CHAIR, like the Month of MARCH is a perfect combination of the middle names of Maria and Miccha. BLUE is about the Blue PIL “LOW” childhood picture of me and they want WOLf dick to be Fucking a Big Blue “OO” Ass. The same reason why CONnie Pecoraro wants the childhood picture of me sitting on a CANON to have meaning for her, because ROLex Building is on Wilshire Blvd and CANON Drive.

Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC theme based on the childhood picture of me on CHRIST “MAS” with my mother and my dog Frenchy, Sam=3 is a Gay Ass and “OO” is the hanging balls below it. The reason why there is so much of the “Turn Bull” color around this area especially of Tinted Window Glass, and “924” Maestro’s Steak Restaurant, because it’s the same color as MY MOTHER’S Shirt and Connie Pecoraro who is a Virgo the MAIDEN, through Tom Cruise MAP “O” T HER, wants my mother’s Identity and “Maiden” Name to have meaning for her like Josh Wolf wants my father’s Identity and Name to have meaning for him, in their DEEPLY DELUDED CONSPIRACY to rob my IDENTITY and everything about me. MY FAC from 1982 ALREADY HAPPENED, it was an Interpretation and Expression of Lee H. Montgomery and Michael Jackson when they made the movie BEN. Their “Recreation” and Interpretation of MY FAC through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHO “LIC” Theme is a Gay Jesus “OU” LIQing BALLS, Oral Sex through a fag Dentist name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me but different year.

LA Sports Club, “LASC” is a Men’s Clothing store next to 24 Hour Fitness Gym in West Hollywood, across the street from LAVEN”DER” painted TRA”DER” Joes and a Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd and WestMount. All the Businesses around this area is about my Video Recording, my Artwork to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf THROUGH BUSINESS Names and other people’s names. Libra ASC Mother Mary Maria to Fuck and Marry on a ONE Round Airplane Trip to Maine, through Business Names Connie Maria Pecoraro has Meaning and IS my Wet Vagina in the Video Recording. MOUNT and RIDE a Hung like a Horse “7” inch DICK. MA POT HER SUC AIR “MARIA” deeply disturbed sick psychobitch who LOS ANGELES LOVES, like her CATHOLIC theme OIL paintings, but Big Hubbard Lard Bird Blubber OIL Asses.

CathoLICK MAThemathics of Licking ASS “HO”les.