Make it Happen



“Make it Happen” is Josh Wolf’s “quote” on his MySpace Website page.

It is a SONG Title by Mariah Carey.

MARY CAREY is a Blonde Hair Porn Star.

“MA” “KE” with “AIR” Libra Josh Wolf = MARIA, who wants Writings I wrote in 1982 about Lee Harcourt Montgomery to have meaning for him. The reason why his Green Mini Van license plate is “KCP” KE for Connie MARIA Pecoraro, Mother Mary.

It’s the name of a Film Editing and Production company on Ventura Blvd and ALLOTT Ave. It’s next to a Business called “NTR” with the exact same Orange “SQUARES” as his Business Card and the Design on Chandler Blvd and Pilgrim TV on Agnes Avenue. “NTR”’s Orange Squares in their Front Window Display is equivalent to the numbers “313” or CAC, for the Video Recording “Gay Space” Numbers. They want my Video Recording to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro, and for Tom Bridges to “bridge” this on Bridgeway. Ear Sound. 924 “O” is 360 Degrees of Tom Bridges is a Gay Male bridging Anal and Oral Holes.

The Blonde Hair female with the STOCKINGS is about the CHRISTmas Picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy. Connie Pecoraro's CatholiQ Theme of her Jesus CHRIST "SAM" is based on this picture of me SAM = 3 is Hanging Ass, Gay Ass and hanging Balls below it.

Josh Wolf is a T"OM Cruise Mapother MOTHER, because Mother is "MOM" and Mom in Korean means BODY, he's a BIG OIL BLUBBER ASS MAN.

LOU Ky ; P “Da” I ve.

Jesus Christ “CHA”rlie is Horney to Fillmore HOR HOLES.

They all Hold their Breath when he Cums to Town, and they all FALL to his feet.

LO U Key in LouiVILLE KentuckEY. CharleVILLE, Phil Gren”VILLE”, FILLmore. Midnight HOUR OIL GLASS ASS. LOW Flying Airplane.

CHRIST MAS Stockings. SANTA’s been Spanking Naughty Girls who’ve been BAD and giving em a HARD PO”UN”Ding of their j”UN”g d”UN”gs.

Fo”UN”dation of MOTher Mary in SANTA MONICA.

F”UN”draiser. Making it Happen with the Crow and the Wolf.

For “MOT”her FORMal of Mom “Body” of Young Ro”UN”d J “UN”g D”UN”gs.

SAM 3 is TOM’s Birth Day.

Jesus CHRIST “CHArlie’s Find” in the BOTTOM SoutHERn States.

J “un” g D “un” g. TWO TOM’s Bridges the TWO “UN”titled watercolor paintings on my website “Going Backwards”, for the Sound as in P”3AR” shaped Ass and the meaning of my Parents Names. NU NU, year is TWO. Y3AR is 3 at 20360 Callon Drive, “O” is 360 degrees in GeometREE, Brett Bern’s YEAR, his birthday FOREVER attached to Josh Wolf’s 924 “O” Crown of “T”horney wearing Jesus Christ’s peaCock.

CATholiQ Church Theme and Leonardo DA Vinci Code is Connie Pecoraro’s Artwork. “DA” = “ALL”, is the excuse to RAPE my life. DA “OM” your MONEY in Bank Accounts with “OM”ing and Infringing of my Artwork and my NAME.

Tom Cruise grew up in LOUIVILLE KENTUCKY. Like St. LOUIS MISSOURI, where Daniel Ladin”SKY” is from. The reason why the CR”OO”KED Public Defender given to me by Beverly Hills Court was name LOUIS SHAPIRO, who is the reason why I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County for 5 months. “RO” is about THY”RO”ID and Hormones for SEXUAL Desires.

The Way how CANDACE is SITTING is the Way how MY MOTHER is sitting in the childhood picture of me and my “MOT”HER and my dog Frenchy in the Living Room on CHRIST MAS. BLOO CARPET. THIS PICTURE and my Catholic Schooling is the reason why Connie Maria Pecoraro created her Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

SANTA. SAN in Korean means Mountain. TA in Korean means to Ride or Burn. SUC MOUNTain and RIDE a HARD WHOR ”Knee” Dick. Art is a CONversation AMONG Lovers.

Yes, the “WAY” is the “RAM”ification of being Hit by a Car = MARCH, READ MY COPYRIGHT PAGE.