MAPLE DRIVE Beverly Hills

Very important VIDEO of MAPLE Drive x THIRD Street in Beverly Hills

Maple Drive and THIRD Street, T"OM" CRUISE MAP O T "HER" D FOURth. D= 4th letter of the alphabet.

MAP “O” T Her. Sound of SANDRA “OH”, the number 5 in Korean is “O”, reason why there are 5 military POSTS on Ocean Avenue, as if SANDRA OH is My identity my childhood pictures on OCEAN Avenue in SANTA MONICA in 1979.

POST office on this corner, for T”HO”MAS CHRIST OPHER BRIDGES “360” POST Street San Francisco, his dental office address. 360 DegREEs is a circle of “O” the SOUND of SANDRA “OH”. AOL, with big round “O” water sculpture piece.


Tom Cruise, reason why on this corner, across the street from AOL, is the BH TENNIS CLUB “TC” with address of “340”. Constance Psycho Pecoraro’s sketch “TEN NIS any ONE”?

360 degrees in geometry is a “O”, sound of SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST of all my WATERCOLOR ARTWORK in Circles of “O”. The number 6 can be interchangeable with a “9” and Sandra Oh wants MY “YR” of Birth of 19”69” to have meaning for her.


“88” in WANG MONTGOMERY EYES of PORTRAIT Drawing, that SANDRA OH thinks is her and Done by her.

34 39 88 th Street of JACK SON Heights NY 113 72, where I grew up in the 1980’s. For MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, as if she is me growing up in a BRICK HOUSE, as if she is the Artist of my Artwork, my John HANCOCK Name SIGNature.


This is the reason why if you look at the DETAILS of the Horrific RAPING OF MY LIFE through FRAMING ME with a CAR “BLUE TECH” from Mercedes BENZ in APRIL 2009, every WHITE COLLAR CRIME that was DOCUMENTED, including the “Out of Sequence HAND PICKED” JAIL BOOKING NUMBER FOR ME, to make Numbers “FIT”, and the over 3 MILLION BAIL AMOUTN of $3,430,000, is all connected to creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY growing up in MY PARENTS HOUSE ADDRESS of “34-39 88” street JACKSON HEIGHTS NY 11372 in the 1980’s as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. It’s WHY MY DOG “JACK” was STOLEN in 2009 with MY PRICELESS ARTWORK inside my Toyota RAV4L SUV.

RAV4L. G “RAV” Y Thickener as in CORN STAR ch and “YELLOW VIRGO” 1979 connections.

T”HO” MAS CHRIST O PHER BRIDGES dental office address of “360” POST Street in San Francisco. 360 degREEs is a “O” in GEOME”TREEE”. It isn’t by chance or random that his office address is on this street name.


MAIL, letter “I” sounds like “Eye”, what’s left? LAM, in “Silence of the LAMb”, with Anthony HOpiKINs. For SANDRA OH is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”, as if it’s the “NIK”of her name through Black Color S”KIN”. For my IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through meaning of PA chy derm means thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”, like GRAY ELEphant, connected to Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and “DELIVERY” DOCTORS name of DAVID SIN CL “AIR”. Reason why “GRAY’S A”atomy" was created, and why Sandra OH plays a “DOCTOR” CHRISTina Yang, connected to Eyes of “OO” Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlie, OIL ART by Constance “MA RIA” Pecoraro.

Delivery Doctor name of DAVID “SIN” CL AIR, is connected to Robbing of my Korean Name of “SIN WON” for Sandra OH. It sounds like “SHIN WON”, in the word Wa”SHIN”gt”ON”, reason why this tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in WASHINGTON, connected to Baracket’EERING’ Obama in “WASHINGTON” DC.

THO “MAS CHRIST” O PHER BRIDGES, gay male DENTIST who has the same LEO Birthday as me of “8/13” but different YR, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. What is His YR of Birth? 19”72”?

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREEEEE” SHA? PA “TRI” CIA? = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

THOMAS HARRIS, wrote “Silence of the LAMb”. It’s about “KA MAL A HARRIS” who went to “HO WARD” WASHINGTON University, connected to Robbing of MY Korean Name for SANDRA OH. HO w”ARD”, Psyc”HO” w”ARD” is in Sand’RA OH’ name BACKwards.

Do you know why it’s a SHEEP NIGHTM”AIR” in this 1993 movie? it has evolved into a COLOR PURPLE NIGHTMARE.

T “HO” MAS CHRIST “O” FUR BRIDGES at “360” POST Street in San Francisco


Sheep NightMAIR with Hanni”BAL” Lecter on “Silence of the LAM b”

hanni “BAL” in Korean is “FOOT” monster connections

Hanni”BAL” Lecter, R.I.M.E.S with Heath Ledger. “HL”. and LORI HUBBLE “HL”.

“LH” LORI HUBBLE and meaning of MOTHS inside the Thr”OAT” of “D ART MOUTH” connections

Heath An”DREW” Ledger



“313” is Gap Space Numbers


Beverly Hills TENNIS CLUB


U building 1 on Maple Drive “335”
number “35” looks like SANSKRIT “OM” Symbol, for SAN “SCRIPT” as in MY Writings in SCRIPT from 1982
Josh Wolf who went to School in “SAN” Antonio Texas
Connie Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose
“35” and in between numbers in a Book from 2010 Zhi Gang Sha


U building 2 on Maple Drive “345”

the meaning of “U” and “U” in Architecture

45 is about 5/4 CHRISTina Bernardo’s Birthday
Sound of Tom Cruise MAY pother FOUR th




meaning of WOLFramite Scheelite in TUNGsten
Psy”CHO”logy Today March 2009



407 sign to the Left of Fox Building on Maple Drive
Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture with "14" EARTH on Upper Left
Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” with EARTH on Skateboard
Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” based on MY Childhood pictures, WHO and HOW is this SICK DELUSIONAL getting INFORMATION about ME

407 sign to the Left of Fox Building on Maple Drive
TWO of everything
for TWO Fingers on Throbbing Head of HOR Cock


Sandy Wang’s old address 407 E. 87 St Gold Clock “OO”
Fox Building “CHRIS DE WOLF”
407 connections

meaning of FOX “FUR” Coat is “TAL” in Korean

Virgo MAIDEN Constance Pecoraro
Psycho Pecoraro and KEY HOLES and LOCKS in 2010

FAUCET and PIPE connections


FOX building
Matthew FOX
Megan FOX

Broxton Street


407 sign to the Right on Maple Drive

Extremely important discovery of LEAF Stamp in STONE on MAPle Drive, see pictures below


MIR MUR MER cedes BENz is in several buildings on this block

MIR MUR MER cedes BENz SHO room

Mercedes BENz “BL”OO” Tech”


This is about my “VAGINAL FLUID” that was dripping down on my Rubber Toy in the X Rated Video Recording in 2000 Sandy Wang’s X Rated Video Recording from 2000




meaning of DOT as in “RADIO”

Josh Wolf Big Ass FISHING In MARCH 2010 for Address of “313”

Josh Wolf hasn’t done the DOT “S”ex thing in a few days in MAY 2010

Josh Wolf on BOB RIVERS” RADIO Show March 2008

ORLANDO “FLO”rida and Beverly Blvd the “BOB”

Hewlett PAC kard

on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE MERCE MERCE MERCE WEST Hospital in Washington


BH Post Office, this is where I had MAIL FRAUD going on all throughout 2008, including the PO BOX number I was given by a Chinese female employee name JACKIE CHAN. "JC", for MY ABSTRACT Page ARTWORK "Going Backwards" to have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro's Catholic Theme of Jesus Christ "OO" horney for ASS connected to meaning of "CARL JUNG" CJ, because JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS. At the time I didn’t know this entire street was built based on MY IDENTITY and Pictures from my Childhood with my FATHER.

Through "M"other MARY Connie Maria Pecoraro, SANDRA OH is MY Baby Picture of me holding an "APLE" on my First birthday. The reason why THOMAS STEMBERG and LEON KAHN founded "STAPLES". It's about creating meaning BACKwards, for Sandra "PAT"ricia? Oh. I think this is her middle name. Connected to the PACifier I am holding in my Baby picture with Yel"LOW" BlankeT. For THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME Birthday as me of "LEO" 8/13, to bridge and "OM" EVERYTHING about MY IDENTITY through the "VEHICLE" of Connie Psycho Pecoraro's Catholic Theme, to be SANDRA OH. For Josh "WOL"f to have meaning in the COLOR Yel"LOW" BACKwards. This is why EVERYTHING they've created at the PACIFIC Design Center is about MY BABY Pictures to BE SANDRA OH. If Sandra Oh's Middle name is "PAT"REEE SHA, she needs to be Locked in Jail.

MAPLE Drive also has the FOX Building owned by RUPERT MURDOCH, which is next to MERcedes BENz of Beverly Hills Car Dealership and Showroom. They are BOTH about the meaning of Tom Bridges meaning of my Mother's name with EARth Virgo MAIDEN Connie Maria Pecoraro, connected to the MERMAID House next to 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. This is their Set up: Tom Bridges my Mother with Connie Maria Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Miccha Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, AS IF she is my identity and did all my Artwork. They've DISSECTED and DISASSEMBLED MY NAME and then recreated to "FIT" SANDRA OH through Business Names, Street Names and Other People's names. For CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you "PI"ous and horny to make MONEY. IT'S BIG BUSINESS, IN HAVING MY IDENTITY TO BE SANDRA OH, THEY'VE BEEN BUILDING THIS FOR 3 DECADES, THE REASON WHY WHEN I STARTED GETTING EVIDENCE OF THIS, THEY BEGAN TO SABOTAGE MY LIFE THROUGH CORRUPTED FRAUD DOCUMENTS AND LIES. BRAIN WASHING. AS IF SANDRA OH IS MY IDENTITY, SHE IS MY PORTRAIT DRAWING, SHE DID ALL MY ARTWORK, AND MY PARENTS ARE HER PARENTS.

It's the reason why I was FRAMED and SET UP in April 2009 with MERCE DES BENZ and the Beverly Hills Police. During this time, I had my SUV Toyota RAV4L Stolen, my Dog Jack Stolen, and over 250 pieces of my Artwork STOLEN. ME being FRAMED and SET UP by Mercedes BENz in April 2009, was PREMEDITATED LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENED, through “PAM” MC LAUGH “LIN” letter to me in 2002. MERCEDES BENZ Address Numbers on “MAP”le Drive x Beverly Drive = “PAM” Mclaughlins ZIP CODE and Phone Number. THIS CONNECTION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN CHAIN GROUP CONSPIRACY THAT’S BEEN GOING ON FOR 3 DECADES. SEE LYN CONNECTIONS.

I did my ABSTRACT Page in June 2006 before I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. My Abstract Page is POWERFUL because it’s very similar to what they’ve been building on this ONE SQUARE BLOCK. The ARCHITECTURE of all the buildings on this block is about THE VIDEO RECORDING and “OU” shapes with SQUARES and TRIANGLES, the Square Wood, TRIangle Gap Space, and the WATER is my Dripping Wet Vaginal fluid “O”.

331 North Maple Drive is AOL address. AOL Headquarters office is in JACKSONVILLE “FLO”rida. “313” is the GAP SPACE Numbers of the Video Recording. There is a ROUND WATERFALL in front of AOL.This is about the Video Recording but it’s also about the childhood picture of me sitting on my Father’s LAP. LAP is PAL backwards ,and PAL in Korean means two things, ARM and the number “8”. This is why Connie MARia Pecoraro wants Korean Words to have meaning for her and her middle name. This is why her best friend is MICHAel LAP pert, because it’s Josh MICCHA Wolf’s middle name, one of the reasons why she Titled her JEWISH SON JESUS CHRIST “CHArlies’ Find”. CHA means CAR and Tea, and because of this meaning of KOREAN Word, Connie Pecoraro modeled for a FORD Mustang Car, because it’s about “CAR”L JUNG and in Korean Jung Dung means Ass and she wants her Son Jesus Christ to be looking at her “OO” Ass.

There is the Beverly Hills Tennis Club across the street.

Anytime there is the numbers “35” its about the SANSKRIT SYMBOL, and because it’s BevEARly Hills, it’s the SOUND of the word symBOWEL, the reason why Tom Cruise MAP MAP MAPother has a LADle and a Bowl.

As you keep walking on this block, there is definitely something going on with the HORticulture. “MORNING GLORIES” is about my father’s music band “MORNING STARS” and the reason why they have Morning GLORIES is because Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro are “OM” with Gloria Catherine Lee’s IDENTITY and her BIRTHDAY Numbers and Everything about her. Through AIR GEMINI GLORIA, Connie MARIA Pecoraro wants her middle name to have meaning for the Element of AIR, because Josh Wolf is a Air Libra and MY FATHER is Blowing a HORN, blow AIR, and they want Blowing Horns to have meaning for CROWN of THORNS on Jesus Christ’s head, the reason why ALL THE TREES on this block has THORNS.

As you keep walking on Maple Drive, you get to AL”DEN” drive. Anytime there is the syllable of “DEN” they want it to have meaning for Virgo the MAIDEN, and Connie Pecoraro through T”OM”ing herself to OTHER PEOPLE’S IDENTITIES and NAMES, wants my Mother’s MAIDEN of “MIN” to have meaning for her. GLORIA Lee is a GE “MIN” i. The reason why Josh Wolf drives a GREEN MIN I VAN, for his Vanna White letter boxes White Female, “WIFEY”. This is why Connie Pecoraro called her studio an “Artist LOFT”, because I HAVE A TATTOO ON MY LEFT FOOT, and the other side of Maple drive in this One Square block, is FOOTHILL Drive. This is why Josh Wolf is wearing a Black Tie, Tom Bridges name initials backwards, FORM “AL” Form of Arist Loft ASS, because it’s based on the LEGAL PAD SKETCH I did in 1997 with the BOX under the FOOT ,which I transformed it into my Abstract page in 2006. FORM, they love the FORM and SHAPE of ASS because it’s a Ass Conspiraacy in a Ear Sound of GAY GAME.

That is why the building on this corner has LIGHT BULBS inside carved into the concrete STAIRS, because they want MARIA, st”AIRS” and her Cellulite BULB BLUBber Ass to have meaning in MY VIDEO RECORDING that was DUBBED with another females’ body. This is connected to the meaning of Wolframite Scheelite which is about TUNGSTEN in Light BULB Filaments, and about the sound of the word TONGUE as in LICKING. Korean Word for Lick or Taste is MAT, and I think this is why Josh Wolf lives on a street called “MAT”ilija Avenue in San “FERN”ando Valley. DEEPLY DISTURBINGLY PSYCHOTIC. SOUL RAPING. THESE PEOPLE ARE VERY DISTURBED PARASITES, THEY’VE BEEN LIVING THROUGH THE MEANING OF MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY AND MY ARTWORK FOR MANY YEARS.

Across the street on the other side of Alden is the WORLDWIDE CLINICAL TRIALS “401” with the GLOBE. This is about THE PICTURE of me and the black girl and I am wearing a White and Red shirt with the number “14” on it. Connie Pecoraro wants this picture to be HER and have meaning for her because she is a EARth Virgo and in this picture is the Planet Earth on the Upper Left.

As you keep walking down, between Alden and Beverly Blvd on MAPLE Drive, almost this entire block is the FOX BUILDING, where the company MYSPACE is located, RUPERT MURDOCH'S "NEWS CORP", and MERCEDES BENZ of Beverly Hills. News Corp is headed by JONATHAN MILLER, and MILLER One Group owns Mercedes BENz. Which are connected to Katie Holmes ART HUR MILLER "All My Sons" and Tom Cruise's "ROY MILLER". The reason why there are employees names TOM and "HOLMES" at Mercedes BENz. This is connected to SCOTT MILLER of Beverly Hills Human Resources dept, "Risk Management" who IS A FUCKING DICKHEAD AND WOULDN'T PAY FOR THE DAMAGES BEVERLY HILLS CAUSED.

Fox Building address is 407 North Maple Drive. This building has what is called an ATRIUM, a structure that connects other buildings. The Atrium is based on the architecture of my College in Brooklyn, NYC “TECH” College. This is connected to a person name BEVERLY Davis who went to the same school as me. This is connected to the name of the Car made by Mercedes BENz, “BLUE TECH”. BT is Tom Bridges name initials backwards, and this car is about Tom Bridges bridging the VIDEO RECORDING. The reason why there are these WATER Pools in Front of this BUIILDING.

I lived at 407 E. 87st in NYC in the late 90’s before I moved to California in 1999. When I lived at this address I had a GOLD CLOCK in the shape of “OO”. This GOLD CLOCK is the reason why on my Police Report by DUFOUR, it says GOLD DUST, GOLD STREAM Way and my dog Jack described as GOLD CHIHUAHUA. Connie Pecoraro moved to 707 Bridgeway in 2009. What’s left? 48. For who? For what? For “OO” Gold I LOCK of H”AIR” as in Blonde Hair MARIA in the Porn Film at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, because Connie MARIA Pecoraro wants this Porn Film to have meaning for her. Josh Wolf is a AIR Libra, and their connection is GLO”RIA” Catherine Lee AIR GEMINI, “5/29” Mercedes BENz address backwards, so that her birthday and name going backwards can have meaning for Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro.

They want my GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for GOLD I Lock of Hair Blonde H”AIR” females. If Key is Penis, the Lock must be Vagina. GOLD is the metal of Leo My Astrology SIGN. The only reason why they want Gold Clock to have meaning for them is the Element of AIR, because Josh Wolf is a AIR Libra, and through the name “GLO” RIA Lee AIR Gemini, Connie MA”RIA” wants Element of Air and “GOL”d H”AIR” to have meaning for her. MY Gold Clock and Gold I Lock of Hair Blonde Females don’t have meaning in MY WRITINGS or MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK.

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s LIFE is BUILT based on MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. She is a deeply disturbed SICK PERSON. These people in this GROUP CONSPIRACY is them “OM”ing with many other people’s NAMES and BODIES and BODY SHAPES to have meaning for them.

My 6 month LEADERSHIP TRAINING Lp 173 in NYC in 1997 is connected to Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf. During the training, you do what’s called a “LOA” Letter of Accomplishment, meaning you list all the things you want to accomplish as your goals. AOL on this corner, with the Gap Space Numbers of “331” is about LO Ass, the reason why LOW F lying AIRplanes have followed me for many years. HEAD Quarters in “FLO”rida looking to the Upper Left of “WA”shington State where Josh Wolf used to live. Seattle GRACE Hospital in “WA” shington with SANDRA OH.

This is why these buildings on this block is represented by REAL ESTATE company with the name JOHN W. OLLEN. It’s about Morning G “LO” ries which is a “FLOW”er, to have meaning for JW, Josh WOLF. REAL ESTATE companies and building buildings are connected to Connie Pecoraro who wants to be DEMI MOORE in the movie “Indecent Proposal”. And THROUGH a Fag dentist name TOM CHRISTopher BRIDGES, who has the same birthday as me, 8/13, Connie Pecoraro WANTS EVERYTHING about me TO BE HERS. REAL ESTATE is HUGE in his Sex Game of NAMES WORDS and NUMBERS.

This is why there are lots of FERN Plants and shrubs on this block, because it’s about SANDRA OH who wants MY FATHER’S Identity and NAME to have meaning for her.

GIB “SON” “GU”itars and the Beverly Hills “LIBRA” ry is a few blocks from here. Connie Pecoraro wants the picture of me playing the “GU”itar to have meaning for her because GU in Korean means the number “9”, YEAR of my birth and her birth year. This is about the BENSON drawing I did of Robert “GU”illaume in 1982. It’s about the meaning of the POWERFUL SIGNATURE on this drawing that they want to have ownership of.

When you add Mercedes BENz and Gib SON, you get BENSON, and my NAME SIGNATURE of “SANDY*”, the reason why Connie Pecoraro says she got her FRAUD Art degree from “SAN” Jose University “JU”, and why Josh Wolf loves JU”DY” Blume, so that they can have meaning in my Name Signature. Why would you sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did. It’s why Connie’s “ANOMIE” is a perfect definition of HER, because she created it.

The AOL Building with Gap Space Numbers of 331 “NOR”th MAPle Drive, down the street from FOX BUILDING with, and Mercedes Benz. SQUARE has 4 points, TRIangle 3, “O” is a Hole, a Wet Vagina in the Video Recording. LOOK AT THE BAIL AMOUNT NUMBER for a minor misdemeanor of JOYRIDING so that I couldn’t even BAIL myself out. HOR HOLES RIDING ON JOSH WOLF’S DICK WHILE MY LIFE WAS BEING RAPED.


One Year Later in 2011, the NEW SIGNS on AOL, is about trying to create “NU” meaning going backwards through the word PAINT. T is a HE, Tao, I sounds like Eye, of Jesus CHRIST, NAP py HAIR, because BENSON DUBOIS drawing from 1982 with Magnifying Glass had NAPpy HAIR.

Lo, what’s missing? “E”ye of Jesus Christ “OO”. CAP ital “A” is for Tom Bridges Big “A”ss of Hewlett PACK”ARD” with San”DRA” OH who wants people to think her ass is LARD OIL, when it’s Plastic. San DRA OH who wants MY First name SIGNature on Benson to BE HER, who wants my SIGN of LEO to BE her through a lying sociopath fag Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me. See DARS SIGN Eye HOSpital, if this sick actress can’t SIGN my Name TEN Times in a Row Continuously, SANDRA OH needs to be locked in PRISON for LIFE.

AOL has been “INFRINGING” on MY IDENTITY for many years. It’s connected to their JACKSONVille “FLO”rida Head Quarters. They want my FAC from 1982 while I was living in JACKSON Heights to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, connected to JoSH Mic’CHA” w”OLF”, Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Jesus “CHA”rlie. It’s why Scott WOLF’s son’s name is JACKSON KAYSE. It’s why JOSH WOLF as of Feb 2011 is STILL creating meaning for my Dog JACK to have meaning for him, through ZIP CODE of JACKSON Heights.

Mercedes Benz Car dealership and Showroom take up most of this entire city block


new building and new sign of “YIN BH” in Dec 2012, what does this mean?
YIN is Night, YANG is Day
Sandy Wang’s “YIN YANG” and TAO Writings on MY Website
which FITS the “AZ” beginning and end of MY Registered Trademark in “O”

the TAO of let me show this sick bitch ACTRESS SANDRA OH, the WAY into LIFE IN PRISON going BACKwards
SANDRA OH as CHRISTina YANG on “GREY”S Anatomy” OIL goes on CANVAS and RIMES with NAVAS,
meaning of YANG, and SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES very sick disturbed BLACK BITCH

is built base on and connected to OIL Artwork of Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme and meaning of SANDRA “DAY” O’CONNOR

All connected to Businesse on “DAY TON” street in Beverly Hills
Meaning of “NIGHT is YIN, scroll all the way to bottom and “OWL” Is a NOCturnal BIRD in the name of “WOL”F
OWL on window display at Anthropologie in Dec 2012

understand meaning of GOING BACKWARDS
FORM of “OO” HC go on RISTS

TAO DAO DOW JONES of pimping P3AR B”OAT” Ass
through RICH”ARD” rhymes with LARD is OIL, “BACH”


New Building number 9427, Repeating Numbers of “9420” ROLEX building address
It can also be 24/7, as in YIN and YANG, Day and Night, OF MY STOLEN WATERCOLOR ARTWORK
to be about and have meaning for SANDRA OH,
as if she is MY “HO”me “AR”tist Upper Left Links ON MY ART WEBSITE
TOM BRIDGES Two Sick RAPING JOOS, WOLF and BERN through Repeating Numbers

24/7, like 365 days a year MIDDLE Name NIT3 M”AIR” RHYMES with SIN “CLAIR”

Repeating Numbers of “924”
9420 of ROLex Building address of JOSH WOLF
HER SHE ‘Y”S” ChoCHAcoLATe Ass Pussy Licking of MA”RIA” and SANDRA OH




Chic”KEN” is a BIRD and TOM BRIDGES all Birds
Sandy Wang’s childhood SCHOOL Picture in 1979 SACRED HEART and Mrs “ARD EN”

Honey COMB meaning and “R”
LARD as in OIL Eyes of Jesus CH RIST “OO” Charlies Find
Consatance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST
Catholick Theme in MAThemathics of making MONEY
HEART around Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Ave in SM

CHRIST the KING Church and School on “ARDEN”

Sandra Oh and Mar GO “SHAW” connections
Willie JU “LIO”
EAR sound of OIL
Monster ROLEX Building connections

RICH”ARD” BACH, as in “LARD is OIL”, Form of CH go on RISTS BACKwards


SEA meaning and DARI YA
sound of “CE” DAR “SIGN” EYE logo of OO

Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rile ‘OO’
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Gre Y’S Anatomy”

Tom BRIDGES Golden GATE with WESTWOOD GATEway and “BELOIT” Street, the DARI LEGS is BE”LOW”IT the ASS
gre“YS” Anatomy, SHOW, SHOE, For SANDRA OH’s ASS “OO” going BACKwards
through RICH”ARD” Rhimes with LARD is OIL, BACH


Vertically placed Art
Because JESUS CHRIST has “OO” HOrizONtal Eyes,
This is about trying to Combine MY PORTRAIT Drawing with 8 vertical in MY EYES,

Understand meaning of “VERTICAL RAPE”

YIN and YANG the TAO of Going BACKwards, HAND CUFFS HC go on RISTS BACKwards for SANDRA OH


and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it

SANDRA OH, what is her Middle Name? PA”TRI” CIA?

CIA PETRAEUS resigns in Nov 2012
meaning of “CIA” agent GOLD I LOCK of Blonde Hair VALERIE PLAME who has the same LEO Birthday as me

LEO GOLD and meaning of “TREE” and Blonde H”AIR” MA”RIA” many decades ago

TREE at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA 2007
Sandy Wang’s “O” Registered Trademark 2007
Sandy Wang’s X Rated VR 2001
meaning KING ART Hurs COURT and Knights of the ROUNG Table

meaning of THREE and “TREE”

The Great ANTLER and the Great TREE in Snow White and Huntsmen 2012

where exactly is LARDER on Alden Drive? Scroll down to bottom image Summary in Dec 2012


December 2012, MAPLE Drive x ALDEN Drive, new “café” LARDER, across the street from new building with “YINBH”, which is next to Mercedes BENz Car Dealership and showroom in Beverly Hills.

"MA" + "AIR" = MARIA. AIR Libra JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, who thinks my Father's Music band "Morning Stars" and My Father Blowing "AIR" in Clarinet has meaning for him, and Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro's Catholic theme OIL Artwork.

Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL Artwork, was created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981, and meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of "SANDY" on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. It was created as the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY FOR SANDRA OH. Everything they've built is built on TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges meaning of MY Parents Name

LARDER is a new Cafe inside this Maple Drive Complex. L"ARD"er on Ald"EN", ARDEN is a street name next to very important Cren"SHAW" Blvd. ARDEN was the name of My CATHOLIC Grammar SCHOOL "SACRED HEART" Teacher in 1979. Through Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THeme OIL "LARD" Artwork, they've been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is me in all my Catholic Schools. This is extremely important, because it's DIRECTLY connected to the RAPING OF MY LIFE, through LAW and the "COURT" System, AS IF SANDRA OH was My Identity, AS IF she wrote MY Writings of I WAL Y on MY Architectural Drawing from 1981, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. It's called IDENTITY THEFT.

See Sandy Wang's School link below.

EVERYTHING about this street and every BUSINESS in these buildings, is connected to creating MEANING for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through Business Names, other peoples' names, Words, CODES, Numbers, etc.

LARDER, LARD as in OIL. CHICKEN logo facing Right, Chicken is a "BIRD" for Tom "BIRD"ges all BIRDs and BRIDges because it's in his name, in CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of MATHemathics of making MONEY. Why going Left to Right? because of the meaning of chi"KEN". NEK in Korean is MOK AGE, and GA MOK means Jail or Prison. "OO" Form of HandCuffs go on CH "RISTS", RichARD LARD BACKwards. They go left to right, backwards, to build and create and then to "escape", except this time, there isn't any escaping.

LARDER is on ALDEN, which is DIRECTLY FACING CE"DARS" SINAI HOSPITAL. This is connected to ROBBING of MY Name of "WANG", connected to WANG means "KING" In Korean, and through KING "ART"HURS COURT, they've RAPED MY LIFE in 2009 through White COLLAR CRIMES, so that My IDENTITY, My Name and MY "ART" ART ART ART ARTwork can have meaning for SANDRA OH. CEDARS, DARi in Korean means LEGS, for Sandra OH's OIL LARD LEGS, to have meaning in My First name SIGNature of "SANDY*" on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, through Cedars EAR sound of "SIGN EYE", Hospital, DIRECTLY connected to HOSPITAL Tv show "Gre YSAN atomy" created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

This is connected to my Childhood CATHOLIC SCHOOL picture at "SACRED HEART" and my teacher Mrs ARDEN. Pay attention, this is very important, and it's been going on for 3 decades. See Sandy Wang's School link.

LEO the LION rules the HEART and the BACK/Spine. LEO Metal is GOLD. TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me, but different year, has been "Bridging" the meaning of MY Parents names, MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, through Pecoraro's Catholic Theme OIL ARTWORK for 3 decades. AS IF SANDRA OH who is a Cancer sign, has meaning in MY LEO SIGN through Tom Bridges a gay male dentist in San Francisco who I met in person in 2002.

WHY Is RUPERT MURDOCH’S “FOX” Building on this street? For TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, bridges MY MOTHER’S Pictures in her FOX FUR COAT from the 1980’s, because “FUR” In Korean is “TAL”, and this syllable is in the word I “TAL” Y, Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Nationality. They’ve been building for 3 decades for MY PARENTS NAMES to BE and have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. All connected to MY POWERFUL ARTWORK I did in 1981 and 1982. A Repeating PATTERN, the REASON why they FRAMED me, SET UP ME in 2009, then through ORGANIZED WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”, STOLE ALL MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, MY RAV4L CAR, and MY DOG JACK. All connected to SANDRA OH on “GREYS Anatomy” connected to sick BLACK “S”KIN NEGRO BITCH SHONDA RIMES.

Sandy Wang's Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979
Sandy Wang's SACRED HEART Catholic School in 1979 and Mrs "ARDEN"

LEO Sign rules the HEART and it's metal is GOLD
HEART around Mother "MARY" on Ocean Avenue
Constance Pecoraro's OIL Artwork of Catholic Theme MARY and Jesus CHRIST the "SON" on page "3"

Study Studi "O" PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999, and "GRAYSONS" connections to my childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979
GRAY'S Anatomy created in 2005 by Capri"CORN" the G"OAT" Shonda Rimes
CORN is "YELLOW" connections
yel "LOW" and Rich"ARD" Back for WOLF and OH Going BACKwards

Sandra Oh Website Registration and "MarGO and Cren "SHAW" connections
"ARDEN" Place and Jesus CHRIST the "KING"

reason for EXACT "TEN" Years and EXACT Dates in RAPING OF MY LIFE
Sandy Wang's Toyota "RAV"4L STOLEN through White Collar Crimes in 2009, see all "RAV" connections

Sandy Wang's Toyota "RAV"4L last parked on ALDEN FACING CSH in April 2009
reason why My Goal is to have SANDRA OH LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

meaning of Color GREEN
SANDRA OH who went to SIR Robert Borden High School on “GREEN BANK” road
SANDRA OH is a DELUSIONAL SICK Actress who thinks she is MY identity and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK


LEAF in FOOD Products
LEAF () benches at Santa Monica Place since 2010

LEAF Form stamped into “STONE”
CONCRETE Evidence of Setting me UP and FRAMING ME in April 2009 by MERCEDES BENZ on “MAP”Le drive

“PAM” McLAUGH”LIN” Letter to me in 2002 and LYN connections “PAM” “MAP”

Shonda “LYNN” Rhimes sick BLACK BITCH who MUST be LOCKED IN JAIL

see “LEAF” TATTOO on Heath Ledger’s HAND




this isn’t random


Mercedes BENz in APRIL 2009 who “FRAMED” me

DU “FOUR” on “4/20/09”, see GOLD DUST and Glass”WIRE” Frame connections

EXACTLY 1 Year later on 4/20/10

meaning of EXACT Dates and “TEN” Years in the month of “APRIL = 4 = D”

SANDRA OH in “Rabbit Hole” 2010 = LIFE IN PRISON

MAPLE LEAF, the CANADIAN FLAG is White and Red with a MAPLE LEAF.

I’ve been writing that they’ve been building in Los Angeles since 1979, for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, as if she was all my childhood pictures, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

For all childhood pictures of me wearing WHITE and RED color clothes, to be SANDRA OH, because Canadian Flag is White and Red. This sick DELUSIONAL PARASITE PSYCHOBITCH ACTRESS has been Linking, Attaching, Leeching, like a PARASITE in MY LIFE for 3 DECADES, through words, numbers, Colors, other peoples’ names, etc. THIS SICK ACTRESS IS GOING TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

When and who STAMPED this LEAF IMAGE in between FOX Building and MERCEDES BENz Showroom?

BEN, connected to meaning of MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, who was “BEN”son DUBOIS, the BUTLER to the Governor on tv show in 1980, which I drew connected to 1972 movie “BEN” with LEE MONTGOMERY, with Michael Jackson who sang this song. This drawing has wa very important one of a kind Name SIGNature of “SANDY” which is known as a Trade Secret, and SANDRA OH thinks she DREW My drawing, and is MY Name SIGNature on this drawing. This is WHY I was FRAMED and SET UP BY MERCEDES “BEN”z in April 2009, to make me look like a Criminal, when it’s really SANDRA OH, in 2 FUCKING DECADES of SILENT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES going on in MY LIFE. This was all PREMEDITATED, PREPLANNED, which is a VERY SERIOUS CRIME.

Me being SET UP and FRAMED in APRIL 2009, through Mercedes “BEN”z, is connected to why MICHAEL JACKSON Died while I was being wrongfully jailed in 2009.

Sandy Wang's Father and his music band in the 50's “MORNING Stars”

“FERN” Sandy Wang’s Parents

Sandy Wang's childhood pictures sitting on Father’s LAP

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture with a Black Girl in 1980

Sandy Wang in Green Dress in 1985 MOURNING GLORIES and GLO”RIA” Catherine Lee “5/29/69”

Sandy Wang's LEADERSHIP Training LP 173 NYC 1997

407 E. 87th St NYC apt GOLD CLOCK “OO”

Sandy Wang's Video Recording and MYSPACE CHRIS DE WOLFE

20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, is TODD CUMMINGS IN TC, related to TC Tom Cruise?

MUR MER MAID House in Topanga

FORECEE “4C day B4” meaning at TOPANGA in 2007

U U in Architecture


MAPLE Drive and MERcedes BENz with Rupert MUR Doch has been going on for decades, it’s “MERCY STREET”


FOX BUILDING Built by HOK Architects

THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges

lying sociopath who should be LOCKED in JAIL


Virgo MAIDEN Psycho Connie Pecoraro who should be LOCKED in JAIL

707 Bridgeway Sausalito Connie Pecoraro's new address in 2010

407 connections

TECH ROOM "8704" Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood

MICHA el “LAP”perts

Psychology Today March 2009

Josh MICCHA Wolf

WOLF RAMITE Scheelite “OU”

Sandra Oh FAeTHER

Sandra Oh “FERN”






Gib “SON” “GU”itars BEN+SON=Robert”GU”illaume

Beverly Hills “LIBRA” ry

ALPine and Santa Monica GIBSON and Live Nation

Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills

429 Repeating Numbers and address of ROLEX Building

usually accompanies Repeating Number of “529”

“PAM” mc “LOCK” “LIN” Zip Code 94”925” and Phone number “924” in 2002 this sick FUCKING CUNT should be LOCKED IN PRISON

“429” and “529” IN Address of Mercedes “BEN”z “9250” owned by MILLER One Group

APRIL 2009 “4/20/09”

BAIL AMOUNT $3,430,000

Sandy Wang WRONGFULLY LOCKed in Jail in “LYN” wood


SCOTT MILLER at Beverly Hills Human Resources

I C Eye dentity Thieves in GROUP CONSPIRACY

Trademark Copyright Laws


FRAUD DOCUMENTS "its in the Details"

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