Mark Madoff committed suicide on 12/12/10 age “46”


Mark, Andrew and Bernard

Mark Madoff committed suicide on 12/11/10 SATurday in his NYC downtown apt while his son was sleeping. He was 46 yrs old and it was the Second anniversary of his Father’s arrest. His Mother’s name is RUTH, T is for Tom Bridges the TAO on Bridgeway with CP Connie Pecoraro, “Charlie’s Find” .

For Who? For What? FOUR “SIX” SEX.

“SAT”urday is about my “CHA”rcoal drawing titled “BODHI SAT VA’S Empty YANG” which was STOLEN from my Public Storage in July 2008. Sandra OH wants MY ASS that “SAT” on a Piece of “WOOD” to be her, and to have meaning for her character on “Greys’ Anatomy” as CRISTina YANG, which was created based on MY WRITINGS ON MY WEBSITE about Yin and Yang. CAR in Korean is “CHA” which also means TEA.

Sandra OH wants My Wet Vagina to BE HER and her name through the Upper Left TWO LINKS of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist, and the SLIDE “SHOW” on my Home page, to be about the Video Recording of the Rubber Toy Sliding in and out to have meaning for her TV “SHOW”. Disturbed GAY PSYCHOBITCH.

It’s the same with my DOG JACK, who ever has my Dog Jack is a sick bitch with a BIG BLUBBER Ass to have meaning for SANDRA OH and her Ass on “Greys’ Anatomy”.

My Toyota SUV Rav4L CAR was STOLEN by Toyota Financial through “Fraud Documents” they created while I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail in 2009.

He HUNG Himself with a DOG’S LEASH because my Dog JACK was STOLEN and people at the Animal Center who know where my dog is WON’T TELL ME who has my dog. My dog Jack is with a Very Disturbed sick bitch who has a BIG OIL BLUBBER ASS, which is connected to the pictures of me and my dog Jack taken at LEO CARILLO BEACH in MALIBU on 1/13/08.

The Dog Leash was tied to a Steel PIPE which is about PIPES as in the movie “BEN” with RATS in Sewer PIPES. There are lots of buildings and stairways where there are exposed PIPES and these Pipes have specific “codes” written on them, with Numbers and Letters, for TOM BRIDGES My Identity and My Name SIGNature on the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS in 1982. A perfect example is the Stairway inside the “new” Mercedes BENz Service Center which is all “GRAY”, as if SANDRA OH drew the drawing and this sick bitch is MY IDENTITY through her TV Show “GREY’s Anatomy”.

He lived on MERCER Street in SOHO which is about Heath Ledger’s suicide in SOHO. MERCER is about MERCEdes BENz. His 2 yr old son name is NICK, a repeating name, so that the NICK name of SAND”RA” OH, my first name of SAND”Y” can have meaning for this DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS PSYCHOBITCH.

LEO CARILLO is about Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of “8/13” and he Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s “OIL” paintings of her Catholic Church theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ aka JOSH WOLF. It’s about Connie Maria Pecoraro who modeled for a FORD MUStang CAR, so that My Father’s Identity of being a Gifted MUSician and TEAcher can have meaning for her. CHA in Korean means TEA and CAR, and the syllable of “CHA” is in Josh Wolf’s middle name of Mic”CHA”.

These numbers around about My Birthday numbers of “8/13” and Lee Montgomery’s Birthday numbers of “11/3”. ALL MY ARTWORK WAS STOLEN IN 2009.

With all my ARTWORK, MY CAR and MY DOG JACK STOLEN, JOSH WOLF has been busy creating meaning for himself “Going Backwards” as in Doggy Style Fucking, so that the sick FAT ASSED Bitch who has my dog and the meaning of my dog JACK and my Watercolor painting titled “Double Leo”, can have meaning for the BIG OIL ASSES he’s been fucking. It’s why he went BIG ASS FISHING in MARCH 2010. It’s why he was still on the “BOAT” and haven’t done the DOTS in a few days, which is about the meaning “DOT” Sex “Going Backwards”. Josh Wolf thinks he has meaning in my Father’s Identity and for My Father’s middle name of “BAE” which means PEAR and BOAT to have meaning for him fucking PEAR Shaped OIL Asses, and Tom Bridges the TAO is the WAY backwards. Josh Wolf wrote about Willie JU LIO and MUsiC, because it’s about CUM in OIL Blubber Ass, and for my Two PORT FO “LIO”s with over 250 pieces of WATERcolor Artwork to have meaning for his sick PSYCHO PECORARO and her Jesus Christ.

Josh Wolf has been Licking Fucking through meaning of MY FAC from 1982, My First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBIOS, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s OIL paintings and OIL BLUBBER ASSES for many years. For SANDRA OH’s TV Show “Grey’s ANATOMY”. It’s a HUGE GROUP CHAIN CONSPIRACY.

Jesus CHRIST, licking fucking OIL asses for TAO is the WAY with PEAR B”OAT” Asses on Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang aka sick actress SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy”, which is connected to my CATHOLIC High School classmate name CHRISTina BERNARDO and HER BIG BROAD WIDE HIPS and BIG ASS.
BERNARD Madoff was his FAT “hers” name. His name initials of BM is about Mercedes BENz backwards, who SET me UP.

ANDREW is his BROTHER’s name. Andrew is about SanDRA OH who wants people to think that she “DREW” the DRAWings, the reason why she was dating a Musician name “ANDREW FeATHERSTON”, so that MY Father’s Identity of being a Musician can have meaning for her, through JOSH WOLF a deeply disturbed lying Sociopath.

The word BROTHER is about the word BROTHEL, as in Connie Pecoraro who was a Prostitute and runs a BROTHEL ON BRIDGEWAY, the same kind of Hor Cunts that Josh Wolf fucks.

This is why MARK MADOFF committed suicide by Hanging Himself “NECK” with a DOG LEASH. COLLAR aka LEASH and White COLLAR Crimes of Fraud Documents RAPING MY LIFE. His name “MARK” is about TOM BRIDGES MY Registered Trade”MARK” and the name of the Examining Attorney MIDGE “BUT”LER with BIG BUTTS that Josh Wolf licks and fucks.

I think his name MADOFF is connected to the name MATLOFF at CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL CHAPEL.

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges “360” Post St his Address with “9420” Rolex building address where Josh Wolf’s agency is, BRETT “BERN”s Birthday number backwards. Tom Bridges is a Gay male who fucks RECTUM HOLES. Brett Bern fucked Jeannie BERNARDO, who is Christina’s sister.

“CHARLIE’S FIND”, his father Bernard Madoff is serving a 150 yr sentence in BUTNER Prison in “NOR”th “CAR”olina. BUTNER sounds similar to BUTLER, as in Midge BUTLER. Bernard Madoff is serving this prison sentence for the largest “CHARLES PONZI” Scheme, “CP” Connie Pecoraro, and her CATHOLIC Theme based on MY Name WANG written in Korean Characters to have meaning for there are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money. WHILE RAPING MY LIFE.

It’s a deeply Distorted and Disturbed ASS CONSPIRACY.

SON JA K “OH”N, who has been connected to Bernard Madoff in their Charles Ponzi Schemes is being sued for “19 BILLION” as of December 12, 2010. Her name is about Jesus Christ the “SON” aka JOSH WOLF and his SON “JAC”OB to have meaning for SANDRA “OH”. The “19” is about PICTURES of my Dog JACK taken on 4/”19”/09, the day before my Premeditated Arrest. 19 is about the 19th watercolor Artwork on the Lower Right Corner of my Watercolor 1 page titled “DOUBLE LEO” which has the same coloring as my dog Jack and looks like a Male PENIS. I am a Double Leo, Sun and Moon in Leo in the 6th House. They want this to have meaning for JOSH WOLF who’s birthday is 10/ “19”/ 69, as in Tom Bridges his Hor Dick fucking Hor Cunts.

9 in Korean is “GU”, 1 in Korean is “IL” = GU IL TY.

BERNard Madoff has been involved in his Charles Ponzi Schemes for more than 2 decades. He knew about my Catholic High School classmate CHRISTINA BERNARDO and her sister Jeannie BERNARDO in this huge Ass Conspiracy. The reason why when I met BRETT BERN in NYC in 1997 and dated this delusional RAPIST with a RAPE RECORD for 2 weeks, SANDRA OH was all over it and they’ve been building BUSINESSES in Los Angeles for many years since 1997, HER Perfect Match and Businessman Father. School Bus SCUMBAG Brett BERN fucked and had a relationship with almost every female Sandra Oh is “OM” with including LEO JEANNIE BERNARDO. It isn’t random that BERNARD KERIK, the Police Commissioner of NYC was indicted and is serving Four years in Prison. BRETT BERN a real life sociopath like SCOTT PETERSON, needs to be incarcerated for LIFE.

Sandy Wang's childhood picture HAWAiian Barrel on Top of the Cabinet, My Father in GRAY Sweater

My Father, Gifted Musician and Teacher

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trade “MARK” Midge BUTLER and USPTO LOG “6/4”

Sandy Wang’s Watercolor Artwork titled “DOUBLE LEO”

My dog Jack Wang on “4/19/09” at COLD Water Canyon Park

Sandy and Jack on 1/13/08 in Malibu LEO Carillo Beach

Wang in Korean Characters

Video Recording

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges


CATHOLIC Church Theme

“Charlies’ Find”

Ne”SSA” H=OO SYNagogue

Sociopath JOSH MICCHA WOLF aka Jesus “CHRIST”

Josh Wolf BIG ASS Fishing in MARCH 2010 for MAR “iA” I Eye is Ass

Josh Wolf STILL licking fucking BIG ASSES in MAY 2010 with Willie JU “LIO”

Connie Maria Pecoraro

Connie Pecoraro’s OIL and GLASS Paintings

Santa Monica MARY Statue and HEART Foundation

Disturbed Psychobitch SANDRA OH who wants MY IDENTITY to be her and My Artwork to have been DONE by her

Sandra Oh and her BIG LOW PEAR SHAPED ASS on “Grey’s Anatomy” CRISTina Yang


CHRISTina BERNARDO’s Big OIL Blubber Ass

Brett Hubbard Lard BERN who needs to be incarcerated in PRISON for LIFE like SANDRA OH

BERNard Madoff same issue as Hawaiian BARrel 2 weeks before PREMEDITATED ARREST

Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills GRAY PIPES

DuFOUR on “4/20/09”, the Day After I took pictures of my Jack

3AR Sound of Words

Dead and Abandoned MARK “Isnt’ That Life?”


SOHO BR “OO” M Street

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