MATRIX is connected to my life in many ways but through this movie, they want the symbol of “MXR” of Virgo the Maiden Connie Pecoraro to have meaning in my life. Just like the way how they build Business Names, Street Names, and Colors, to have meaning in My Artwork.

It's about the childhood BLUE PILLow picture of me, it’s about the quote in my High School Yearbook, "Bye PIL". This is connected to Gloria Lee and Engrish with an Accent. Asian people with heavy accents get the sounds of these letters confused, G's and Z's, P's and F's, R's and L's, ETC.

The childhood picture of me and My Quote in the Yearbook is why Gloria Lee became a Pharmacist, because she has been a T”OM” Cruise Mapother for almost 3 decades, and Gloria Lee is very closely connected to SANDRA OH. Gloria Lee went to St. JOHN's University in Long Island. JOHN is Sandra OH's father's name, aka Joon Soo Oh. Sandra Oh's mother is involved with Pharmaceutical companies or some kind of Biotech researching company. This is the reason why there is something going on with the Business of Naming DRUGS. JOHN ANDERSON is the name of the Business Management School at UCLA, next to this school is a building called “GlorYA Kaufman” YAK in Korean means RX Medicine. The Matrix is very closely connected to UCLA because there is a CHARLES McClure Stage and a CHARLES E Young Drive, connected to many other “Charles”. CHARLES is Keanu Reeves middle name.

This movie and many other movies with "Men with SKIRTS" got started because of 3 Pewter Statues I had for many years. These Pewter Statues and my Property were stolen from Public Storage in July 2008.

TRINITY is about School names, it’s about the 3AR sound of words, because it sounds like TREE nity, which is connected to the TREE at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, and everything goes back to this address because LEE MONTGOMERY lived there many decades ago, and I lived there for a few months in 2007. They want MY POWERFUL FAC from 1982 which was SYNCHRONISTIC with Lee Montgomery’s Life to have meaning for them, through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme.

Josh Wolf went to TRINITY University in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS.

It’s about JOSH WOLF as Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES Find”, connected to RexFORD Drive and FORD MUStang Car model Connie Maria Pecoraro. RexFORD Drive intersects with CHARLEville Blvd, which also intersects with REEVES Drive. Josh Wolf ‘s agency Rolex Building is between REEVES and CANON Drives on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. KEANU CHARLES REEVES is his full name.

The 3 main important characters in the movie are, the ARCHITECT, the ORACLE and the KEY MAKER.

The Archi"TECT" is about the name of the college I went to, NYC TECH College in Brooklyn. There is an ATRIUM structure at this school, AUM is another word for “OM” and TRI is “3”, Trinity. It's about the ARCHITECTURAL Drawing I did of my parents Garage in the First Artwork Collection in 1982, I wrote writings on the Garage Door about Lee Montgomery. This architectural drawing I did is the reason why there is a huge conspiracy going on with Building buildings and Real Estate Businesses. It's related to the house address and the "garage" studio on the property of 20360 Callon Drive, Topanga. Every piece of Artwork I did in this Collection in 1982 "FITS" Synchronistically with Lee Montgomery. I chanelled his energy spiritually, through my Artwork.

Architect is about what they’ve been building in Los Angeles through ARCHITECTURE DESIGNS, based on my Writings from 1982 “Key to my Soul”. Based on the SWEATER AZ”TEC” Design of my first boyfriend Stephen’s S”Wetter”.

It’s why in the Sex Scene in the movie with Neo and Trinity, there is a “ARCH” way, the letter “U” upside down. This “U” is the symbol for the SIGN of LEO, and also the sign of LIBRA as in Tom Bridges the LEO bridges JOSH WOLF Libra with Virgo Connie Pecoraro MRx symbol. Astrology is a big part of this. Keanu Reeves is a VIRGO.

The Oracle is about several things. It's about my ability to have Psychic Visions and “ESP” Extra Sensory Perceptions, because I am a Pisces Rising. This synchronistic ESP occurances happen naturally to me, on a regular basis, especially through my Artwork. The Oracle is about ORAL Sex. It's about T"OM" Bridges, through MOUTHS, Oral Sex with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgway, and this T"OM"ing with Dentists, Other People's names, Dentists names, Dental Procedures, Dental Products is Gigantic.

The Oracle in the movie is a black female because it's about The Picture of me and the black girl, a very powerful synchronistic picture of me, of Lee Montgomery and Michael Jackson in the movie BEN. This is connected to Beverly "DA"vis, black female who went to the same school NYC "TECH" in Brooklyn, who they want The Picture of me and the black girl to be.

T"OM" Cruise and T"OM" CHRISTopher Bridges is going to bridge Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway, with "Charlie's Find" Jesus CHRSIST and DOCtor CRISTina Yang. They are going to T"OM" and Bridge Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh with BEVERLY DAvis, so that BEVERLY Hills can have meaning for them, and The picture of me and the black girl can have meaning for them.

The Key Maker is about the WRITINGS I wrote with my FAC in 1982. I wrote "KEY to my Soul". They want the Key maker to be Chinese because the TAO is the Way on Bridgeway, where Connie Pecoraro lives. Parts of this movie was filmed in Oakland, Connie Pecoraro is from East Bay. The Motorcycle scene is about the motorcycle picture of me from high school.

"KE"Anu REEVES. KE ANatomy "U". I think Keanu is Lebanese and Hawaiian.

The MATRIX, Keanu Reeves, and T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER” Mother Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” is Connected through Gloria Lee RX pharmacist, UCLA and the Color GREEN, Ma POT Her and to Jennifer Convertible’s Ruben Dejuana which rimes with Marijuana. It’s also the Color of MONEY.

The MATRIX is connected to Street Names in BEVERLY Hills. Just South of Wilshire Blvd is a street called CHARLEVILLE BLVD. REEVES is a street name which intersects with Charleville Blvd. Another street which intersects with Charleville Blvd is PECK, the reason why I met a guy name Dave PECK, because it sounds like PEC "ORA" RO. The ORA cle. This is connected to Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of Jesus Christ "Charlie's Find". I think Connie Pecoraro's speciality as a prostitute on Bridgeway is SUCking Dick as in Oral Sex. This is why in the beginning of DAN Brown’s Leonardo DA Vinci Code, there is a Oral Sex Scene in the beginning which is almost subliminal. It’s connected to the Mouth because of the Picture of me sitting on GLORIA Lee’s ROOF with the Smile Railing and I’ve been a dental hygienist for 20 years, the reason why they found a Tom CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me, to bridge Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway with her “Perfect Teeth”.

REX FORD Drive is the street where Beverly Hills City Hall and Library is located on. REX"FORD" Drive is the reason why Connie Pecoraro modeled for a FORD Mustang CAR. REX is about RX as in Prescription Drugs. REX rhymes with SEX, like the number SIX, and this is connected to the vowels of "IE". As on ConnIE, "i" is for Italian, and "i" sounds like Eye as in Horizontal Rings around Charlie's Eyes, and Horizontal Lines on her website. 3ARth Virgo Connie Pecoraro sounds like a WHORE "i" Z on TAL Y.

There is also a street name MATilija in San Fernando Valley, and I think the Comedian "SUC" Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf lives on Matilija Avenue. There is also a street called MECCA in Tarzana or Sherman Oakes. ZION is the MECCA. Josh Wolf's middle name is "MICCHA". IE. T"OM" CHRISTopher Bridges is going to bridge Connie "MARIA" Pecoraro with her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary Ma”RIA” and Josh "MICCHA" Wolf Jesus CHRIST CHArlie, and Art Hur MILLER'S "All My SONs”.

The word Matrix is connected to the sign of Virgo the Maiden, Connie Pecoraro, and the symbol for Virgo looks like MX, but in the past ten years, they've added the letter R, making it MRX. This is so that this movie MATRIX can have meaning for Connie Pecoraro aka "Cvs Pharmacy" and "Rite Aid Pharmacy" Connie Pecoraro and Sand"RA" Oh.

In the movie, ZION is deep inside the EARTH where the last race of humans gather together. This is connected to real life Texas Polygamist Community called "Y3ARning for ZION". It's about Connie Pecoraro who is a 3ARth Virgo sign and her oil painting of Jesus Christ "Charlie's Find" with HOR "IZON" TAL Rings around his Eyes. Built in to go Left to Right.

Searching for Zion, Sacred Place of Zion, Holy Zion, ETC any other name, “Yearning for Zion” in TEXAS has a very disturbing unhealthy connotation of Sex, for a "religious" community. The reason why “WJ” WARREN JEFFS was arrested for POLYGAMY and Sexual Molestation of a child.

There is a huge number of CRIMINALS arrested in the last decade with the name initials of “JW” which is connected to and about Connie Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST “JW” Josh Wolf, who began creating meaning “Going Backwards” since the VIDEO RECORDING of me riding a Rubber “TOY” which was dubbed in 2000, for the “View of My Ass” from the Back to have meaning for them.

This is connected to “TOY” OTA, Tom Bridge the TAO with Car model SCION which sounds like ZION, as in the MAT Rix, Connie Maria Pecoraro “EAR”th Virgo the Mai”DEN” and symbol for this Sign is MRx, which is about HOR “EYE” ZION TAL, ITALian WHORE Connie Pecoraro who used to Suck Dick for a living and runs a Prostitution Ring on Bridgeway. Jesus Christ Josh Wolf who loves fucking WHORE Cunts “OO”.

The MATRIX is about the picture of me and my father in the dining room, with a Hawaiian Wooden BARrel Statue on the Upper Left of the LIQuor Cabinet. MAT is about the Korean Word for Taste or LICK. You Drink LIQuor at a BAR, but in this SEX GAME, it's about Licking. It's about the picture of me and MATT Smith, when we worked at Club Med, the reason why there were so many guys name MATT when I worked there was because of this childhood picture of me and my father. The Hawaiian Barrel is about my father's Penis Size, which was 8 inches. And through names like “KE”ANatomy U, they want the writings I wrote “KEY to my Soul” and my father's Identity to have meaning for a Mentally Disturbed Psycho Pecoraro IDENTITY THIEF. The reason why a lot of the Matrix was filmed in Oakland East Bay.

CARrie Ann Moss is Trinity and this name sounds like TREE nity, as in Infinity which the symbol is a horizontal eight “oo”. This is about my First Name SIGNature with the Asterisk key, which sounds like ASSterisk and so the asterisk Key which is the number 8 has been translated as “OO” Eight shaped Sound of Ass, the reason why Carrie Ann Moss who’s name “Fit” and also has a Big Round Pear shaped Ass. Her name is connected to Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro who modeled for FORD Mustang CAR, and I think Connie’s mother’s name is CAROLINE. The Tree is about the Porn Film made at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga many years ago with Lee Montgomery with a Blonde female I think name Maria.

Because Connie Pecoraro EARth Virgo the Maiden SymBOWEL is “MRx”, and by “OM”ing with Pharmacists like GLORIA Catherine Lee and Dan Kropas they want Everything about me, including my FAC from 1982, my Writings, my Parents Names to have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money for MAT he Mathics.

I cannot STRESS this point enough. There is a big difference in infringing on another's work and ideas, and there is intentionally causing severe physical, psychological, emotional damage and trauma to another person. So that someone else can rob their IDENTITY and LIFE. There is a big difference in Acting and make believe pretending and actually living through a Horrific Nightmare, intentionally, repeatedly, caused.


The reason why Heath Ledger who died on BR"OO"M street in SOHO, named his daughter MATilda. He died on 1/22 for a reason and he did not accidentally overdose on PILLS. Brilliant smart talented Actor like him, don’t “Accidentally” take too many pills.

TEXAS. Y”EAR”ning for Z iON. Built in Left to Right like Horizontal, Horizon and Houston.

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