CAMDEN Drive X Brighton Way in Beverly Hills
Mi”CHA”el “CHO”W

Sandy Wang's FAC from 1981, Robert Guillaume drawing with Magnifying Glass and Eye in "O"
Sandy Wang's Legal Pad Sketch from 1997 with One Eye
“CHOi” Yong name on Upper Left of my Father’s Music Band

Daniel Ladinsky's "GIF T", and JAVAN's PERSIAN restaurant on "BUTLER" Street in Santa Monica and One Eye in "O"
F"AIR"mont MiraMAR" Hotel and "FIG" restaurant AIR Libra En "DOW" ed HOR DIK catholicking fucking for Money and his Mother MARY

Sandra Oh is “CY” Cristina YANG
connected to Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST

Y"A"ng, Y"O"ng, for TAO DAO "DOW" Jones in Making MONEY
Study Studi "O" Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, and "GRAYSONS" connections long BEFORE tv show GREY'S anatomy

Jumping Suicide Death of SANDRA D’ARIOL in January 2014, down this street CAM”DEN” Drive


Gor DON MacDONald 2005
GorDON Inc 2009
GorDON Street “OO”
GorDON Gekko of “Wall Street”




Building number “414” anytime there is the number “14” it’s about my childhood picture
Mic”KEY” is about Writings I wrote in 1982 “KEY to my Soul” about Lee Harcourt Montgomery
MICHAEL JACKSON got many of his RX prescriptions filled at this Pharmacy
MicKEY Mouse Club STARS


TEUSCHER is about the word “TEA”CHER
TEAS of USPTO website and DUDAS connections

for meaning of Sandy Wang’s Musician and TEA cher Father
his Music Band “MORNING STARS” from 50’s

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark and DUDAS name, TEAS of US pto website

CHA connections and meaning

meaning of JUDGES Names and “ROY” CHER “NUS” in 2006

CHRISTina BERN ARDO who is a School TEACher

Around the corner from Brighton Coffee shop is new “BALLET” Slipper Business and meaning of Shin ‘BAL’ is “SHO”es in Korean

JOSH WOLF and ‘FOOT’ is “BALL” in Korean
Sandra Oh and Yel”LOW” SHOes
Josh Wolf loves his Drin”KIN” SHO es







Sandy Wang’s Father playing CLARI NET in 50’s
AIR connectiosn

THE ODORE CUMMINGS name on building at CEDARS SINAI Hospital



“OO” if this is Jesus CHRIST Eyes in their CathoLICK MAThemathics theme, and it’s the FORM of ASS, it must be LICKING ASS
LIC “ARI”, any word with “AIR”, for AIR LIBRA JOSH MICCHA WOLF, horny Jesus CHRIST

LICK Connections
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK Theme “OO” Jesus CHRIST

Arrest on specific date of “4/20/09”
Beverly Hills Public Defender LOUIS Shapiro
WOLF “ARI” Gor”DON” MARQUADT connections on ROSECrans Avenue in NORWALK in 2009


“CHRIST”ina Audigier
AUDIO as in AUDI EAR sound of words
WOLF connections
WOLFramite Scheelite
Meaning of LIGHT Bulb and Cellu “LIT3”

CatCHING WOLF of Wall Street





WANG in Korean Characters TO ri TO = TO TO

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in Santa Monica and meaning of the “PI” Connections
meaning of “GRILL” Restaurants
Psycho Actress Sandra Oh and “TO TO”
Sandra Oh who says she was born in “OT TO WA” Canada



UTA agency on this corner
agency of SANDRA OH
CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” created by SHONDA RHIMES
connected to my Catholic High School classmate “CHRIST”ina BERNARDO TAURUS THE BULL “5/4”
connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme
LEOnardO BernardO PecorarO in SausalitO all “RHIMES” with Sandra “OH”


FIRST BANK with Logo of “BIRD” in “GREEN” color, For Thomas CHRIST “O” PHER FUR FIR BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges all the “FIRSTS” from MY LIFE, AS IF MY IDENTITY IS SANDRA OH Psycho Actress

Sandy Wang’s FIRST Birthday Baby Picture, FIRST boyfriend FIRST everything

Thomas CHRIST O “PHER FIR FUR FER” BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me Bridges all the “FIR FUR FER STS” from MY LIFE
Sandra Oh knows meaning of “UN HANG” which means BANK in Korean

FIRST BANK in Santa Monica

Study Studi “O” Sandra OH Pepsi Pussy 1999 and “GRAYSONS connections”


These are walking down from Santa Monica Blvd towards Wilshire Blvd on CAM”DEN” Drive in Beverly Hills. The Top Pictures are of SMB and the bottom pictures are of Wilshire blvd on CAMDEN Drive. On Wilshire blvd and CamDEN Drive, is Sandra Ohs’ agency UTA.

CHO CHA in Spanish means PUSSY. For Pious PYous JeSUS CHRIST “CHA” rlie, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme in MAThemathics of making Money. Josh MI”CHA” WOLF as their Hor Dick Jesus “CHA”rile horny for “CHOCHA” which means PUSSY in Spanish. The REASON why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”, for meaning of PEPSI PUSSY GRAYSONS. Study Studi “O” SANDRA OH 1999.

Michael Chow is Chinese. He is the owner of the well known famous Mr. Chow’s Chinese Restaurant in Beverly Hills. His website page has his face in HALF. This is about a drawing I did in 1997, which I never showed it to anyone, until I did my Abstract Page on my Website in 2006. It was done on a Yellow Legal Pad with Horizontal Lines. The design of his restaurant in Black and White Checkers has to do with me coloring in my CONVERSE Sneakers when I was in grammar school and this has to do with a book of Poems written about my Artwork. Sandra Oh wants this book, my Artwork and my Identity to have meaning for her and BE her. Like Connie Pecoraro.

Michael CHOw is about the Name "CHOI Yong" written on the Upper Left corner of the picture of my father with his Musical Bank "Morning Stars". The reason why SANDRA OH is “CY” CHRISTina Yang on “Gre Y’S anatomy”, because she wants the 3AR sound of my name SIGNature “SandY” with an “ASS”terisk symBOWEL on the drawing of BENSON to have been Done by her and to have meaning for her ASS. I grew up in JACKSON Heights when I did my FAC in 1982 after seeing the movie BEN, with Michael Jackson and Lee Montgomery.

My father was a Gifted Musician and Teacher, Sandra Oh's father, John Oh, like Michael Chow is a BUSINESSMAN. The name CHOW is about the Spanish word for PUSSY which is CHOHA. Almost every ADDRESS on this street is “360”, same as TOM BRIDGES address of “360” Post Street in San Francisco. 3AR of BRETT BERN, 19”63” BACKWARDS. Sandra OH who wants the letter “O” to have meaning for her, it’s 3AR sound of 360 degREEs. EVERYTHING BUILT GOING BACKWARDS, FOR TOM BRIDGES 3AR SOUND OF LEO AND OIL, FITS SANDRA OH AND HER PERFECT MATCH BRETT BERN.

CAMDEN Drive is about the word MAC Y’S, which is next to Cedars SIGN Eye HOSpital, DIRECTLY connected to Sandra Oh on “gre Y’S anatomy”. Sandra Oh wants the Form of EYES of OIL painting by Connie Pecoraro, JESUS CHRIST “OO” to be HER ASS. Jeannie BERNARDO’S Y3AR of 196”8” “OO”, it’s why she is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The reason why Michael Chow’s restaurant has BLACK and WHITE Checker Boards is because of CONVERSE Sneakers I wore throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. I colored my Converse High TOP sneakers black and white when I was about 13 or 14, when I did my FAC in 1982 while growing up in Jackson Heights NY. The reason why Daniel LadinSKY’s poem in “The EAR That was Sold to a Fish” says “ART is a Conversation between Lovers”.

CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA. They want MY FATHER to have meaning for Sandra Oh, through T”OM” Cruise Mapot’HER”, and T”OM” Christopher Bridges is going to bridge my father’s Identity through OTHER PEOPLE Names and Businesses, it’s Psychotic. It’s why there’s a TEUSC”HER” SWISS “CHO”Colatier on the corner of Camden and Brighton Way. It’s the name on the Upper Left of my father’s band “Morning Stars”. The same reason why Connie Pecoraro modeled for a Ford Mustang CAR.

Sandra Oh plays Chinese characters, her most recent being Doctor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” a show created and written by Shond”DA” Rimes. This is related to the saying “The TAO is the Way”, the reason why Connie Pecoraro moved to Bridgeway Sausalito and has a painting of Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”. TAO sounds like DA O. “All” O. I created my saying in 2004 when I created and designed my website. My OM symbols are Tibetan and Sanskrit. Tao is the Alpha and “OMEGA”.

This is about Sandra Oh who wants her Ass and her name going backwards to have meaning in my Artwork through Other People’s names. CHOW has “HO” in it backwards. Sandra Oh wants this drawing I did to be her and have meaning for her. Sandra Oh wants a Video Recording of me in the privacy of my home to be her. A Video Recording exists where my body was “dubbed” with another females body so it can be Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro. They want the "View of my Ass" from the Back and my Wet Vagina to be a CUNT with a big FAT OIL ASS. Cracked and Dry Big Fat Ass. Light Source is different in the Dubbed Video.

ASS "HO"le going backwards and Pepsi PUSSY going forwards. It's about Vibe Numbers and Astrology, and Cancer rules Tits, Sandra Oh's saggging tiny tits.

3”44” CAM”DEN” is the address of Mr Chow’s Restaurant. Next door address of 340 Camden is a small building owned and managed by “GOLD” Realty Properties. The Names on the door of this building are “DEN”nis “ARD”i who is a lawyer. FLO”YD” Associates. Jenni”FER” Post, another lawyer. This is about combining my name of San”DY” with San”DRA” going backwards. It’s about my Powerful Signature on the drawing I did of BENSON. FLOYD is about my high school Yearbook Quote, Sandra Oh wants EVERYTHING about me to be her THROUGH Other people because she is a Delusional Psychobitch ACTRESS. And anyone who supports her isn’t in their right mind.

3”36” is THEODORE Man clothing store. “THE” O “DOR”. This is about THE Bern Companies, THE Josh Wolf Comedian who lives in San “FER”nando Valley. There is a street called La Maida and Morrison street, as in Jim Morrison of the DOORS. “DEN” is about my mother MAIDEN name of “MIN”, the reason why Sandra Oh’s ex husband Alexander Payne’s company is called “AD HO “MIN” EM”. The reason why Todd CUM”MIN”GS of 20360 Callon Drive Topanga bought the house in January of 2004.

360 is CHRISTIE’S. Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”. Tom CHRIST O “PHER” BRIDGES is going to bridge Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting on BRIDGEWAY with DOCtor CRISTina Yang in San “FER”nando Valley. 362 is a Italian restaurant called PREGO.

These Business names and individuals names are about COMBINING my first name of “SANDY” with Psycho Actress SANDRA Oh, so that people would be CONFUSED as to who is the Artist who signed the Powerful Signature on the drawing of BENSON and the First Artwork Collection from 1982. This Name Combining is a Repeating Pattern so as to confuse who did the FACin 1982 and who wrote the Writings.


WANG is a very rare Korean Name because because father's family lineage is of Korean Royalty. Wang is a very common Chinese name, Sick CHINESE Bitches who follow me all the time, thinking they have meaning in my fathers name. Sick Chinese bitches who think my Identity and Artwork has meaning for them. Sick Chinks who want the Powerful SAYING I created to have meaning for them. Go Study your own fucking TAO, and create your own saying.

Michael “CHO”W is about the name on the Upper Left corner of the picture of my father’s band “Morning Stars”. The same reason why Wa”CHO”via banks are near everywhere where it’s connected to Sandra Oh, in Beverly Hills on Wilshire Blvd and in Santa Monica, across the street from her ex husband “business partner” who owns “AD HOMINEM Enterprises”.

The Business Names on this Block are about the VIDEO RECORDING of the “View of my Ass” to have meaning for SANDRA OH. It’s about having the meaning of my father’s middle name “going backwards”, to have meaning for Chinese TAO. My Father’s middle name of BAE means B”OAT” and PEAR, and Sandra Oh wants my father’s Identity and name to have meaning for her PEAR Shaped Ass going backwards and for Tom Bridges to bridge EVERYTHING about my IDENTITY, my ARTWORK to have meaning for her. Gargossian Gallery on Camden Drive are building Wooden BOATS UPSIDE DOWN on their Ceiling so that my “TAO” SAYING, MY POWERFUL TRADEMARK, which can be seen Upside Down and FOUR Ways, and the VIDEO RECORDING of me can have meaning for TAO TE CHING “Going Backwards” of my ARTWORK and WEBSITE. They’ve been GROOMING SANDRA OH to be my IDENTITY for almost 3 decadees. The REASON why my life has been Oppressed and Terrorized. It’s a TIBETAN “OM” Symbol, and the Chinese Don’t have an ALPHAbet, and it’s the OMEGA “END” of this Sick Bitch TV SHOW “GA”Gays Anatomy “OM”ing to my life. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges BOAT, Ship and CRUISE, with PEAR shaped Asses.

This is connected to JOSH WOLF who has been pretending and playing the role of my FATHER, who FUCKED a CHINESE PUSSY while I was WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA County Jail in Summer of 2009 which was SET UP. He has been playing the role of MY FATHER and gave meaning of my FATHER’S NAME away to a SICK CHINESE CUNT from the Dog Park. They are building this in their Gallery, so that EVERYTHING about my Life, my SAYING and my POWERFUL MARK can have meaning for a Disturbed Sick ACTRESS PARASITE Chinese Doctor SANDRA OH and Tao Te Chinks. T is a HE, and AO is Anal and Oral. “Charlie’s Find” must be CF 36 as in CLOSET FAG, going backwards, not because he fucked a dumb Chinese pussy, but because of WHAT THEY DID TO MY LIFE in APRIL 2009.

This is why when I did an online internet paid service Name and Data Search in March 2010, MY NAME came up with a very old P.O. Box Address TWO times, and I am listed as being Chinese. I AM 100% KOREAN born in Seoul South Korea, and my name WANG is a very RARE Korean name, because my Father family lineage is of Korean Royalty. It is a very common Chinese name.

UTA agency is on the corner of Camden Drive and Wilshire Blvd. It’s above Burberry and next to Merrill Lynch with the BULL Symbol. The “O” Clock symbol on UTA Sign is about the HALF FACE of the Yellow Legal Pad Drawing, the reason why Michael CHOW has a Half Face photo. The “O” is about the Magnfying Glass BENSON Dubois, Robert Guillaume is holding in the drawing I did in 1982, and it SOUNDS like the name OH. My First name Signature on BENSON is “SANDY*” Asterisk Key which is number 8 and also the letter “H” and San”DRA” OH wants my DRAwing and my name Signature to be her. Let’s SEE this sick Psychobitch ACTRESS DRAW.

C LOCK is about the Writings I wrote with the FAC I did in 1982, “KEY to My Soul”. If Key is Penis LOCK must be vagina. CLOCK is about the GOLD “OO” Clock I had on top of my TV for many years when I lived in NYC. Sandra Oh wants EVERYTHING ABOUT ME to have meaning for her and my ARTWORK and WRITINGS to have been Done by her. The same reason why I was robbed of my rent money and LOCKED OUT of 20360 Callon Drive, while this sick PSYCHOBITCH ACTRESS wants the GOLD LOCK on my Abstract Page to have meaning for her ChoCha Psychotic Pepsi Pussy. CHO CHA PUTA.

This “O” symbol has the UPPER LEFT OPEN. I think this SIGN wth UTA is fairly “new”, the reason why Sandra Oh’s “new” Website Domain Registration with “ The Upper Left is about Everything on the Upper Left, my drawing of Neil DIAMOND holding a Milke on the Upper Left, the HAWAIIAN Barrel picture of me and my father, the Computer KEYS of letters “SWA” on the Upper Left, ETC. They’ve been building on the Upper Left for many years, based on my FAC from 1982, and my SECOND Artwork Collection from 2002-1008 FITS EVERYTHING OF MY UPPER LEFT, because it’s HEAVEN on the Korean Flag, SANDY WANG is my Name, and it’s MY ARTWORK and WRITINGS.

This “O” looks very similar to the “O” of NE”SSA”H SYNOGOGUE a few blocks away from Camden Drive, on CHARLEVILLE Blvd and REXFORD. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. “CHARLIE’S FIND” has Horizontal Rings “OO” and they want this going backwards to be “ASS”. SAME Exact OPENing on the Upper Left, “ON” Left to Right. REXford is ultimately connected to UCLA and the MAT”Rix”, the reason why across the street is a elementary school with the Sign of “BLUE RIBBON” which is about BLOO PILLOW childhood picture of me. And the MATRIX is connected to the Business of Pharmaceutical Drugs, which is connected to GLORIA CATHERINE LEE and Sandra OH’s Mother Young Nam Oh.

On the corner of this street on Wilshire Blvd is Building “9601”, which has many businesses including 2 floors of LA SPORTS CLUB Gym. This Club location and the same club location on 8301 Sepulveda Blvd is MY BIRTHDAY Numbers 8/13/69. Everything about this CLUB is about MY LIFE, being connected to and to having meaning for CONNIE PECORARO. T”OM” CHRISTopher who has the same birthday of me but different year 8/13/72 this Psycho on Bridgeway. Connie Pecoraro moved to 707 Bridgeway in 2009. “Charlie’s Find”, GRAIN of RICE at Mr Chow Chinese Restaurant on Cam”DEN” because anytime there is the syllable of “DEN” it’s about Mother Mary Connie Pecoraro who is a Virgo Mai”DEN” and wants my Mother’s name and Korean Words to have meaning for her. T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges Gays and Lesbians having Oral Sex through MOUTHS because Jesus CHRIST ROSE on T HIR d Day in THEIR Dan Brown LEOnardo “DA” Vinci Code Sex Game.

Francis ORR, is about the sound of the word F OU R. OU is about WOLFramite Scheelite which is in TUngsten and sounds like TOngue. OU. Ring Finger, “OO” of Charlie’s Eyes. This is why the number and word FOUR is very important, like the FOUR Corners on CHARLEville Blvd. One of the reasons why it was Police Officer name DU FOUR who arrested me when I sent the FOUR ways to say asshole Email.

L’epicerie CAVIAR is “RO”E. FAUCHON. This is a “new” Business because they want “Charlie’s Find” to be about FISH Pussy, not “OO” Ass, which is really the BALLS because Connie Peco “RARO” oil painting of CATHOLIC Mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST is based on the CHRIST MAS childhood picture of me and my dog FRENCH and my Mother. “OO” Is the BALLS hanging on a “3” shaped Gay Ass.

TOM CHRISTOpher BRIDGES Gays and Lesbians LICKING and SUCKING, Oral Sex through MOUTHS.

“LOW F”lying AIRplane, sound of WOLFramite CATHOLIQing LOWer Body, Licking BALLS. 924”O” ROLex Building address down the street and AROUND the corner, “O” is 360 degrees and Brett Alan Bern AlcoholiQ’s birthdate and YEAR of “63”, Lower Body BALLS hanging from 3AR shaped ass on Conifer CHRIST MAS TREE “Going Backwards”.

F OU R is the reason why the Architectural designs of these buildings all have so many “O” and “U” which is a CONSISTENT Pattern throughout Los Angeles of New Buildings in the last decade. OU is the 3AR Sound of SymBOWEL of Taurus the Bull.

“MICKEY FINE” RX Pharmacist address is “414”. This is was one of MICHAEL JACKSON’S Pharmacy. His Doctors name was CONRAD “MURRAY. This number is about THE PICTURE OF ME AND THE BLACK GIRL.

The Business names on this street are all about Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges bridging his “LEO” Gay dick with CATHO LIQ Jesus CHRIST Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf licking and fucking his Mother Mary MA”RIA” Connie Maria Pecoraro and Doctor CRISTina Yang on “’Grey’s Anatomy”.

The Police Report written by officer DuFour on “4/20/09” with the words “TODAY”, GOLD Dust, GOLD Stream Way, and GOLD Chihuahua is connected to this “TODAY” LOUIS LICARI, the reason why my public defender’s name was LOUIS SHAPIRO. JACK ROTHBERG was about my dog JACK and the pictures I took on 4/19/09 and they want WOLF’S DICK to have meaning in my dog, THROBbing for Hubbard lard BER G Ass. The Watercolor Artwork of the “LIONS BODY” painting looks like a Penis and is the same color as my dog. It is the 19th image, 10/19 is Josh Wolf’s birthday and 9/1 is Connie Pecoaro’s birthday.


LA Sports Club Address is 9601 Wilshire Blvd, the LA Sports Club on “SEP”ulveda Blvd is 1835, this is MY birthday numbers of 8/13/69. SEPtember is the month of Connie Pecoraro birthday, who was born on LABOR Day weekend and they want her to have meaning with Josh Wolf’s Son JACOB’s MOTHER name TARA. It’s why there is the Italian “PREGO” Restaurant. This is connected to the BEVERLY BIRTHING Center on Western Avenue. They want Connie Maria Pecoraro to be “OM” with TARA, which is why the Sunset Address in San Francisco of Tom Bridges birthday numbers of “8/13/72” was Set up, the owners of that apt on Quin TARA Avenue I rented were CHINESE.



I didn’t know these businesses existed before my Premeditated Arrest on “4/20/09”, it was because of the FOUR Ways to say RECTUM Email I sent to Josh Wolf on 4/19th.



Both CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO and SANDRA PATRICIA? OH Need to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LONG TIME. Until then, it’s these TWO PSYCHO CUNTS in HER SHE PUSSY LICKING GAME through BUSINESS Names, Other People’s Names, Street Names, NUMBERS ETC. Everything they’ve built FOR MY IDENTITY TO BE SANDRA OH, is “THROUGH” T”OM” Bridges Constance Pecoraro.

This page was created in 2010 and almost all the writings above were written in 2010. It is January 2014, and many more new discoveries since then have been discovered. Below is a link to CAMDEN Drive, this street is connected to why a person name SANDRA D’AURIOL jumped to her death in suicide from one of these buildings in January 2014.

CAM “DEN” Drive Beverly Hills

SANDRA OH agency who moved next to “FOOT HILL” Road connection

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