Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Dead Calm released in 1989

meaning of WANG in Korean “TO TO”
meaning of MY drawing of Eye in “O” Magnifying Glass of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981
Sandy Wang’s Parents Names

connected to Carl JUNG “COIN”ED the term Synchronicity
more than 2 decades later, SAME Theme still going on, because it’s BUILT based on MY ARTWORK and PN
the COURTYARD in Beverly Hills
for MY Parents Names to have meaning for SANDRA OH through Pecoraro and Wolf


this movie has EVERYTHING I’ve been writing about
SAM NEILL connection to my drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from my FAC in 1982, MY childhood CHRIST “MAS” picture of me and my Mother and my DOG FRENCHY
to have meaning for JOSH WOLF Air Libra STONE of DIAMOND, and as Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM” of Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL and GLASS Artwork of “MOTHER MARY”
KAT ie HOL mes big supporter of KAT HOL ick Theme in MAThemathics of making MONEY

KEITH AVE, “KA” for EAR sound of MICCHA MI”KA”, Josh Wolf’s middle name, it runs PARALLEL with DICK Street
for AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf, symbol of Justice Scales, rules the “KID” KNEES

NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN named their daugther SUNDAY ROSE, for EAR sound of Jesus CHRIST the 'SON' ROSE on the Third Day, PAT'S TENSE

URBAN Zen store on Nemo a few blocks away

ART Gallery on KEITH Avenue

PAVILLIONS Supermarket
around the corner is Margo Leavin Art Gallery


“UO” meaning of T”U”NGsten and T”O”Ngue

Josh MIC “CHA” Wolf AIR LIBRA rules the KID NE “Y’S”
KID “MAN”os and HAND connections
meaning of ANATOMY of KID KNEEEES and KNEE Bone of “PAT”Ella
Popli “TEAL” Color
NTR the BONEYARD and “A LOT” means MAN y
Sandra Oh in Popli TEAL Dress with ‘CHA’ndra
Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT Borden High School "BAN"ner road and GREEEN "BAN"K road

what does the PARKING SIGN Say?

Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro's SUNNY SONNY
Constance Pecoraro's address of "707" Bridgeway

why UR “BAN” is important, Tom Bridges meaning of “UN HANG” with SANDRA OH

meaning of Buttlerfly Korean word, Sandy Wang’s Childhood pictures, and “BAN K” in the word UR “BAN”



Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu Hawaii, and raised in AUSTRALIA. She was born on 6/20/1967 and she is a Air Gemini. The numbers of “6/2” or is a Repeating Number, connected to meaning of MY Mother who’s birthday is 6/2, Air Gemini. My Parents Names is very closely connected to the meaning of MY FAC from 1982, and Lee Montgomery who was a child star in the movie ‘BEN’ from 1972. My Mother’s Name is Jung Ja Min, Jung Dung in Korean means ASS. Carl “JUNG” is a huge connection to this, because he “Coined” the term Synchronicity, which is what almost everything they’ve been builgin is based on. On the meaning of my First Name SIGNature of “Sandy” with an AsterisK to be about EAR sound of ASSterisk.

Born in HAWAII, on 6/20, connected to my Parents Names, My childhood picture of me and my father with HAWAIIAN BARREL on the upper left, and My Mother's Birthday of "6/2" of my childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother. For MY PARENTS Names to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same Birthday of LEO 8/13 as me. He bridges Jesus CHRIST on page "3", with SANDRA OH as "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" for MY IDENTITY to BE HER, for MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her, For my Name SIGNature of "SANDY" to BE SANDRA OH through other people name "NIK".

It's the SAME reason why TOM CRUISE is very adamant about SURI growing up drinking "BAR"LEY TEA. TEA in Korean is CHA, which also means the word for CAR. "CHA"rlies Find, Jesus CHRIST Horny for his Mother "MA"RY, Catholic theme in ROBBING the meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and My name SIGNature, THROUGH the Vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro's Catholic Theme in MAThemathics of making MONEY. If you knew the meaning of this HAWAIIAN BARREL, you wouldn't want your child "drinking" from it.

TEA, for meaning of MY Father's Identity of having been a Musician and TEA cher, for my Father's Identity and name to have meaning for JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, the reason why Constance Pecoraor titled her Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie. It's connected to meaning of Spanish word CHOCHA which means PUSSY. There are lots of PUSSY connections, because TOM BRIDGES is a Gay male who fucks ASSHOLES bridging horny Jesus CHRIST.

SCIENTOLOGY, EAR sound of "SIGN" tology, for meaning of my name SIGNature and my SIGN of LEO, to have meaning for Constance Psycho Maria Pecoraro VIRGO "MAIDEN", for SANDRA OH as "CRIST"ina Yang on "Gre Y'S anatomy", through TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me. Virgo MAIDEN, as if Pecoraro has meaning in MY Mother's MAIDEN Name of "MIN". The reason why Todd "CUM" MIN GS is the owner of Callon Drive TOPANGA, and he may be related to TOM CRUISE as in Family and if he is, Tom Cruise is in alot of trouble.

Nicole Kidman's family is from SYD NEY Australia. SYD NEY RH"Y"mes with KID NEY, and SIGNTOLOGY, as in AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF rules the KID NE "Y'S", connected to Sandra Oh on Gre Y'S anatomy", created by Sho "NDA" R"I"MES. NDA + Y'S = SANDY. AS iF through other people name "NIK" Sandra Oh has meaning in MY name SIGNature of "SANDY" on my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, black male actor the BUTLER to the Governor.

SANDRA OH is connected to TOM CRUISE'S Wives NICOLE KIDMAN and KATIE HOLMES. KATHOLick MAThemathics of making MONEY through licking SANDRA OH's ASSHOLE and Rotten at the Core PEPSI PUSSY. He is the LEADER of this huge CONSPIRACY for SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

What is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PATRICIA ? The reason why TOM CRUISE and his publicist PAT KING SLEY were together for many years. WANG in Korean means "KING", for my name to have meaning for SANDRA OH. Like TOM CRUISE and PAULA "WAGNER", WANGER.

Nicole Kidman's breakout role was in the movie “DEAD CALM”, which is a very good movie. It’s got the same THEMES and SUBJECTS that I’ve been writing about in hundreds of my “What’s the Connection” pages. They’ve been building this for 3 decades, the reason why I have “overwhelming neverending” concrete evidence, like meaning of “Pi” symbol in MAThemathics which goes on infinitely. BOAT is connected to meaning of MY Father’s Middle Name “BAE” which means Pear and BOAT. Theme of PIPES connected to movie “BEN” from 1972, the reason why I drew the drawing of BENson Dubois, ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, connected to Lee MONTGOMERY who was in the movie BEN.

NICOLE KIDMAN wants to EAT some Angel HAIR PASTA on the BOAT.

HAIR CHAIR STAIR AIR connections, for AIR Libra Josh MicCHA Wolf and his perfect soulmate con artist match Constance MARIA Pecoraro, SUK AIR, through Pipes on BOAT Rhimes with CAP ri “CORN” the G”OAT”. Like CORN in the COB is Yel”LOW”, connected to ROB CORN and CAPRiCORN Shonda RHIMES of “Grey’s Anatomy”, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH.

It was this movie that TOM CRUISE saw and wanted to meet Nicole Kidman to star in the movie “Days Of THUNDER” with in FLOrida.

I think Nicole Kidman’s Father was an MD who also worked at UCLA in Westwood, near HOLMby Hills and WestHOLMe blvd. Tom Cruise married to KATie HOLMES. UCLA is a huge connection in creating “Meaning” through other people’s names, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she was the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, they’ve been building at UCLA Campus for 3 decades.

“Days Of Thunder” of the acronym of “DOT” is about the meaning of PERIOD. A Dot is a Period. Menstrual PERIOD is about BLOOD, and to them this meaning of DOT Period BLOOD is connected to BLOOD that fills an Engorged Hard DIK. This meaning is something that I told ONLY to GLORIA LEE and she is the ONLY OTHER PERSON who knows about this meaning. UCLA GLO”YAK”AUFMAN building next to “FOWL”er Museum, JOSH WOLF is very connected to MY Catholic High School classmates, in their CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.

Days of “THUNDER” is about ASTROLOGY VIBE Numbers of AIR Libra JOSH WOLF and Constance Pecoraro VIRGO, this word Thunder is in the description as well as the words “MORNING STAR”, which is why they want MY Father’s Identity and his Music Band from the 50’s “Morning Stars” to have meaning for them.

NICOLE KIDMAN’S name FIT and what she was trying to do with her Acting CAREER FIT, with what TOM CRUISE was trying to create with through his life. It’s about MY ARTWORK from 1982 and my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, with an ASTERISK key. The reason why he made the movie “RISKy Business” that put him on the road to Stardom. He joined SIGNtology because it’s about the 3AR sound of “ASS”terisk.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise made the movie "FAR and AWAY" directed by RON "HO"w"ARD", and in the movie she "runs away". This is about me "running away", leaving my Parents House in 1988, to go live with my first boyfriend "STEPHEN". Nicole Kidman is a far away lookalike of my very IRISH friend KATHY MURPHY from the 80's. See link at bottom.

NIC LEO DIK MAN, KID NE”Y’S” Air Libra Josh Wolf, connected to SANDRA OH is my “NIC” Name SIGNature and MY SIGN of “LEO” through Tom Bridges, and she has meaning in Korean Word for ASS which is JUNG DUNG connected to EAR sound of HER MOTHER’S Name “YOUN NAM”. NAM, MAN”OS” and Hand Connections, for meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK.

They as a couple, like All of TOM CRUISE'S Wives, were about having TOM BRIDGES My IDENTITY and MY SIGN of LEO, for Connie Maria Pecoraro and Josh Miccha Wolf, AS IF she did my FAC from 1982 and AS IF my SIGN of LEO was her, AS IF my Name SIGNature was Her, the reason why Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University. If it isn't Constance Pecoraro, then it's supporting SANDRA OH. Pecoraro and Wolf are connected to meaning of TOM BRIDGES my Parents Names. I did my FAC in 1981 and 1982 and I WON a Pin Award for my drawing of Benson Dubois in 1983 when I graduated.

It’s about LINDA GOOD”MAN” Astrology book and VIBE NUMBERS. It’s THEIR “BIBLE” and the Vehicle to Create “MEANING” to ROB MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY Parents Names connected to Lee Montgomery.

It has to do with Astro LOGY SIGNS because of Writings I wrote in 1982 about LEE Montgomery. My LEO sign with Lee Montgomery’s SCORPIO sign VIBE Number is “4 10”. In the very Powerful Synchronistic picture of me and a black girl, I am wearing a White and Red shirt with the numbers “14”. It’s synchronistic because in the movie BEN, which stars Lee Montgomery and Michael Jackson sings the song.

So they began creating meaning for VIRGO Connie Pecoraro and LIBRA Josh Wolf VIBE Numbers of “212” in Linda Goodman’s Astrology book “LOVE SIGNS”. I am a big fan of Astrology and have always been, but it doesn’ t rule or control my life, where every decision I make in my life is based on “astrology”. In the description of their Virgo Libra vibe numbers, the word Goddess of THUNDER is mentioned, which is why the title of their movie was “Days Of THUNDER”. It also mentions the words “MORNING STARS” as the Star of Libra’s Venus, and this is connected to MY FATHER’S MUSIC band name “Morning Stars” which they want MY FATHER’S IDENTITY to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, and MY Mother’s Identity and Name to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro. And MY IDENTITY with SANDRA PATRICIA OH.

Josh Wolf is a AIR LIBRA, symbol of JUSTICE SCALES, STONE of DIAMOND, and rules the “KID” ne Y’S. So through this sign, they want my First Name SIGNature of “SandY *” with an Asterisk key, to have meaning for him. The 3AR sound of words got started because of the sound of “ASS”terisK, this word begins and ends with AK, which backwards sounds like KA, and this is the SOUND of Josh Wolf’s middle name of MicCHA = “KA”. CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA, and through this meaning, they’ve been creating as if MY Father Gifted Musician and “TEA”CHER, has meaning for Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf’s middle name.


NIC OLE KIDMAN, is about NIK names, as in My Name of “SANDY” to be about the “NICK” name of SANDRA OH. THEY ARE VERY CLOSELY CONNECTED TO CREATING MEANING, FOR MY IDENTITY TO BE SANDRA OH, AS IF SHE IS MY FIRST NAME SIGNATURE OF “SANDY” ON THE DRAWING OF ROBERT GUILLAUME. Nicole Kidman is about Tom Bridges the NICK name SIGNature meaning and MY SIGN of LEO, because Leo rules the BACK and HEART, with “Going Backwards” with KID ne Y’S rules by AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF. This is WHY the show is called “Gre Y’S ANATOMY” and why SANDRA OH is on this show, created by SHO “nda” RhImes RhYmes. It was created to ROB the meaning of MY Korean Name, meaning of MY FAC from 1982, and MY IDENTITY, in the most insidious, hard to detect ways imaginable, and very difficult to get evidence of, of which I have OVERWHELMING Evidence of. Way Beyond the Preponderance of Evidence of 51%.

It’s about MY Childhood pictures of me in SANTA MONICA in 1979 wearing KNEE SOCKS sitting on BLACK CANON, that they’ve been building AS IF My Identity was SANDRA OH through AIR LIBRA KID KNEEE y’s SOCKS. This is ultimately connected to BONE Names in the BODY, like PAT ella, the KNEE Bone, and the meaning of POPLi”TEA”L Color. TEA is CHA in Korean which also means CAR.

This picture of me is why EVERYTHING on CANON Drive in Beverly Hills is about building through Business Names for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, ME in all MY Pictures, AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK ON MY WEBSITE.

See link below for NTR the BONEYARD on “ALOT” street name, “MAN”y in Korean means MANy like A LOT.

Sandra Oh’s Mother’s name is YOUNG “NAM”, which is about MY “JOHN HANCOCK”, MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume. MAN’OS” means HANDS in Spanish. Kid”MAN”. Kid KNEE. The meaning of Mother is about the word “MOM”, because Mom in Korean means BODY. M “AP” OTHER, Mother is Mom. AP, this is connected to pictures of me with St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School classmate name ANGELA PIERCE, the reason why it’s important to know if Sandra Oh’s Middle Name is “PA” TRI CIA, connected to 3ar sound of PA “TREEEE”SHA, AS IF SANDRA OH is the Artist of MY ARTWORK FAC from 1982, connected to Lee Montgomery who lived at the TOPANGA address with TREEE growing from the Deck. The reason why it’s very important to know if TOM CRUISE is related to TODD CUMMINGS, owner of property of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. The reason why he made “TOP Gun”.

ASS terisk signature 3AR sound of Study of SIGN “tology”.

MY Name isn’t “NIK”. It’s why they’ve been building meaning through BUSINESSES in MAThemathics of making MONEY through S”KIN” C”AR”E businesses. Sand”RA” Oh is “NIK” name SIGNature on B “LAC”K S”KIN” KidNEEE GRO drawing of ROBERT GUILLlAUME from 1981, MY Pencil Drawing. Like Sandra Oh is My Portrait Drawing I drew in “2/06”.


It's the same things RECYCLED over and over and used in different CONTEXTS. Tom Cruise with NIK LEO KID MAN in "Far and Away" directed by RON "HO" w "ARD", wants his lass to like his "HAT" in the movie, MAN HAT, what's missing? The "TAN" of 3AR sound SIGNtology, like "SEA" ORGS. Manhattan area code is "212" for Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES My Parents Names, My Father's Music band from the 50's "Morning STARS", with Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf in their "212" ASTROLOGY VIBE Number connections. His marriage, like to KATie HOLmes, is DIRECTLY connected to supporting Constance PSYCHO Mother MARYIA Pecoraro's CATHOLic Theme OIL and GLASS Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST, created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981, My Writings, and MY Korean Name/IDENTITY, for SANDRA OH. The reason why she is "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's anatomy".

Jesus "CHRIST" is DIRECTLY connected to MY CATHOLIC Grammar and High School classmate name CHRISTina BERNARD"O", who's first boyfriend was name "TOM". TOM BIR ds BRID ges GAY MALE who has the SAME Birthday as me. The ONLY other person who I met in my Life who has the same birthday as "8/13" is another male name DARREN, who lived in the same Apartment building as CHRISTINA BERNARDO in Jackson Heights New York.

DARRE DARi DARY, means "LEG" in Korean. LOS an "GEL" es. SE in Korean means BIRD sound of "BER" in the name BERN "ARD" "O", BACKWARDS. SANDRA OH who has Plastic Ass Implants because of the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of "Sandy*" with an ASTERISK and "OO", to be about Form of ASS BACKWARDS, through Jesus CHRIST Eyes, "CHA"rlies Find, connected to EAR sound of JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, sound of MI "KA". AsterisK. "RISKY BUSINESS" Tom Cruise.

They've been building on this meaning of "DARI" which means LEG for many years, connected to PERSIAN Word "DARYA" which means the "SEA". SEA connections of CHEL "SEA" HANDler, SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY statue on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Josh Wolf who used to live in "SEA"TTLE Washington, connected to Sandra Oh on "Grey's anatomy" set in SEA ttle Washington HOSpital. "SURI" Rhymes with "DARI", and SURI is a PERSIAN Word which means "ROSE". Connected to Jesus CHRIST who "ROSE" on T "HIR" D Day, Tom Cruise "MAP" O T "HER" Day. Jesus CHRIST who blows Air in Flute Holes of Daniel "LAD"insky's poetry translations of PERSIAN Poet name "HAFIZ", in his book "The GIF. T" T is for "T"AO. A, O what is the first letter of your alphabet? "FIG" ure it out yourself at the FIG restaurant on OCEAN is the "SEA" avenue in Santa Monica.

There are SPECIFIC PATTERNS with NAMES. Through “OM”ing with Other people’s names, SANDRA OH has been creating meaning as if she is MY First Name SIGNature of “Sandy” on MY Drawing. In APRIL 1999 4/2?/99, I was arrested for the first time in my life, at the age of 29. This was horrifically traumatizing to me. During this SAME TIME, SANDRA OH had pictures of herself taken with t shirt PEPSI PUSSY, Orange Knitted Tubetop in “VIBE” magazine and pictures taken by NICOLE ROSENTHAL. HAL is about the meaning of HAL Ter TOP Shirt in MY Childhood pictures of me in South Korean in the 70’s.

EXACTLY TEN YEARS LATER, almost to the date 4/20/09 2009, I was arrested for the second time in my life where I was SETUP and FRAMED to be arrested. Shortly after this, SANDRA OH was in the movie “RABBIT HOLE” with NICOLE KIDMAN, which is DIRECTLY connected to MY DOG JACK being STOLEN in 2009.

Read FOUR TEN Connections.

Tom Cruise wants LEE MONTGOMERY’S IDENTITY to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, and the Porn Film made at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga with Lee Montgomery and a BLONDE HAIR female name MARIA who I think is a LEO, to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Connie MARIA Pecoraro Virgo the Mai”DEN”. Same thing for Sandra Oh, it’s about TB, Tom Bridges, BT, Body Types, as in Sandra Oh thinks Lee Montgomery is horny for her because she has a similar body type of Big Low Blubber haning ass as Maria in this porn film, it’s why almost everything they’ve been building for Sandra Oh, is connected to Connie MARIA Pecoraro. It’s a Sick Gay Psychobitch licking P3AR th BOAT Ass and Pussy in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money. This is why they named a Road North of Callon Drive TOPanga, “MARIA” road and the reason why the Director of Building and Safety, the person in charge of things like naming roads, is name DONALD WOLFE.

It’s a gigantic ASS CONSPIRACY created by TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER and THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES, carried on and kept ALIVE for more than 3 decades. Connected to meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK.

Lee Montgomery lived at the address of 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga more than 3 decades ago, I lived there for a few months in 2007. “TOP”anga is why Tom Cruise made the movie “TOP GUN”, which is about “AIR”planes. AIR planes and AIRports are about AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf connected to TOM BRIDGES the childhood “AIR”Port picture of my MOTHER in Korea with Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro, with Lee Montgomery fucking MARIA’S BIG OIL ASS. Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro wants MY Mother’s name JUNG JA MIN to have meaning for her because JUNG DUNG in Korean means ASS, and CARL JUNG coined the term SYNchronicity, and a COPPER PENNY is a COIN, connected to PENNY road next to Callon Drive.

This is why a person name TOD CUMMINGS bought the property at Callon Drive Topanga in 2004. CUM “DOT” PERIOD Blood filled DIK. Todd Cummings of Topanga Canyon is RELATED to Tom Cruise as in FAMILY.

This property was ILLEGALLY RENTED out to me in 2007, without any PERMITS. I was EVICTED from a place which didn’t have Legal PERMITS to begin with. He robbed my Rent Money and FAILED to give me Relocation Fee which is the LAW when you have to have a tenant move due to not having Permits.

KEITH “LIONEL” URBAN was born in WHANGAREI, New Zealand. It’s a nice combination of WANG and GARRISON as in Stephen my first boyfriend and my last name, MY SIGN of "LEO the LION". He is a MUSICIAN, which is about Tom Bridges JOSH WOLF AIR Libra with MY FATHER’S Identity of being a Gifted MUSICIAN and TEACHER, and MY IDENTITY of SIGN of LEO, the reason why TOM CRUISE married NIC “LEO”. CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA, the reason why Connie Maria Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUSTang Car. It’s about MY Sign of LEO, and the SOUND of LEE “O” as in the name of LEE Montgomery and MY FAC from 1982. The reason why they found Thomas Christopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me.

He is a COUNTRY MUSIC Musician, and this is DIRECTLY connected to the Korean word “NARA” which means Country. As opposed to CITY, connected to meaning of Carl JUNG coined the term SynchroniCITY and since JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS, any large CITY must be about ASS, which is THEIR interpretation. This is why Connie Pecoraro has the title NY “CITY” Composition, her Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” is HUGE in New York City. MAN “HAT” TAN for meaning of "MAN"OS and HAND connections through Tom BRIDGES his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL" Backwards.

Tom Bridges special type of “HAT” as a “CODE”, especially "FE DORA" Hats, for Josh Wolf who studied COM "MUN"ications in College, MUN or MOON means DOOR in Korean connected to WRITINGS I wrote on MY Architectural Drawing Garage "DOOR" in 1981 for LEE MONTGOMERY. The meaning of "SIGN" of LEO, NICK Name of My First name SIGNature of “Sandy”, connected to meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK and “MAN” connections is very important and it TIES ALL OF THIS TOGETHER. All supporting Psycho Actress SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she DREW my drawings from 1982, AS IF through Other People name "NICK" and B"LAC"K S"KIN" people, Sandra OH is MY "NICK" Name SIGNature on the drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

SANDRA OH is MY SIGN of LEO, name SIGNature of "Sandy", the "NIK" name of SANDRA, through EAR sound of Cedars "SIN"AI HOSpital is DIRECTLY connected to Hospital show of "GRE Y'S Anatomy". EAR sound of "SIGN" TOLOGY. STUDY of something.

This is the reason why DMV Digially ERASED MY FIRST NAME "SIGN"ature on my Driver's License, so that SANDRA OH can pretend she is MY Firs Name SIGNature, through people like NIC "LEO" Kidman. It's why they were in RABBIT HOLE together. RABBIT is a "HARE" and it SOUNDS like HAIR, for Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY in my Driver's License picture with "RED HAiR" which was Digitally Altered in 2010, see ELM Drive Driver's License.

KEITH UR “BAN” is about the meaning of BUTTER fly, which is NAB or NABE in Korean, BAN k backwards. It’s about the meaning of MY WRITINGS “KEY to my Soul” which I wrote about Lee Montgomery in 1982. They want EVERYTHING about MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY, to have meaning for and to be Bridged by TOM BRIDGES for Connie Pecoraro on Bridgway Sausalito, and for MY FAC from 1982 to have meaning for her CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money. AS IF she was MY IDENTITY, AS IF she wrote MY Writings, AS IF she did my FAC from 1982, and DREW NEIL DIAMOND and BENSON DUBOIS.

KEI "TH UR" BAN. The "UR" is connected to meaning of EAR SOUND of "EARTH" UR TH. Upper Right as in MY WEBSITE with MY Portrait Drawings, to be SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF. It's about EAR sound of Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL" as in Constance Pecoraro's OIL and GLASS Artwork, for P3AR BOAT Ass Shape of SANDRA OH'S LOW Hanging Ass. EAR sound connected to Josh MICCHA Wolf, sound of MI "KA" to be about EAR sound of MY First Name SIGNature of "SANDY *" with an ASTERISK "AK" to be ASSSSTERISK.

This is why JOSH WOLF wrote to me, telling me "I hope things TURN AROUND for you", it's about the WAY how I SIGN my Name SIGNatures and the way the letters "Y" and "G" in MY Name "TURNS" or does a Backflip. JOSH WOLF'S ENTIRE LIFE is Built based on supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she DREW my Drawing. IF JOSH WOLF'S SON JACOB WOLF WAS BORN IN THE SAME HOSPITAL AS GRE "YS" ANATOMY SET IN SEATTLE GRACE MERCY WEST HOSPITAL, HE IS GOING TO FOLLOW THIS SICK ACTRESS INTO LIFE IN PRISON.

This is why they opened the new Chain restaurant in Los Angeles "URTH" CAFE. There is one on WESTBOURNE and MELROSE avenue, where EVERYTHING they've built on these streets, through BUSINESS NAMES in MAThemathics of making MONEY, through words, other people's names, through street names, Colors, words, NUMBERS, for MY IDENTITY and Portrait Drawing TO BE SANDRA OH Psycho Actress. For my NUDE PICTURES taken in May 2007, on THE TREEEEE to BE SANDRA OH. It's why new KITSON'S opened on Melrose Avenue with TINTED GLASS.

See link below for KOREA TOWN BANKS and “NAB” connections. Korea Town in Los Angeles probably has one of the largest Korean population in one area outside of Korea, besides NYC, and they’ve been building for YEARS for SANDRA OH is MY Identity through Psycho Connie Maria Pecoraro and Thomas CHRIST O”PHER Bridges who has the same birthday as me. The MAThemathics of FURniture businesses is HUGE connected to meaning of FUR sound of PHER in Korean is TAL in Hospi”TAL” ity connections.

So if I say SANDRA OH is a DELUSIONAL Psychobitch actress, what does that say about all her supporters? Nicole Kidman has just carried on what she created with TOM CRUISE during their marriage, it’s to keep this Money making machine going that SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY through CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money. They need to get CLEAR on what their agendas are, because MY GOAL is to have this sick actress LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE. There isn’t anyone else who is CLAIMING TO BE MY IDENTITY like this sick bitch has, CLAIMED, PAST TENSE, she “DREW” my drawings from 1982.

It's MUSICIANS WORLDWIDE through T"OM" CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me, bridging the meaning of MY Parents Names, MY Father who was a Gifted Musician, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF. Caleb FOLLOWILL of "KINGS of LEON". LION KING. My Name of WANG in Korean means KING because my father's family lineage is of Korean Royalty, and I am a Double LEO Sign.

BritNEY SP EARS, in EAR sound of words. For AIR Libra KID NEY, sound of Kid KNEEE, as in my childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979 with KNEE "SO"cks to be SANDRA OH, through WORDS in "ANATOMY", Knee Bone is the PAT ella connections.

NICOLE KIDMAN 6/20, AIR GEMINI. My Mother's birthday is 6/2 Air Gemini. The only other person who I know has the SAME Birthday as my mother is PETER HASON, who is in the MUSIC BUSINESS and his birthday is 6/2 AIR GEMINI. Lots of AIR GEMINI "AG" for Sandra Oh on "Grey's Anatomy" AG backwards, is MY Identity through "OM"ing with GLO"RIA" Lee and MA"RIA" Pecoraro for "AIR" connections.

Peter MAXwell Ha"SON" is the other Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find in NEW YORK CITY. MUSIC "CUM" I Sex, I 3AR sounds like Eye as in Jesus CHRIST "OO", in Tom CHRISTopher Bridges his LEO with 3AR of "OIL" Artwork by Constance Maria Pecoraro. CLI "MAX". MANOS and HAND connections.

Water and OIL don't mix, I don't need a lying fag name Tom Bridges 8/13 is MY Birthday and Jesus CHRIST isn't my fucking Artwork, it's Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro's Artwork, the Vehicle to ROB the meaning of all my childhood picture, my FAC from 1982 and MY Name SIGNature, a sick bitch who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for a long time.

OO, CH "RIS"T is form of HAND CUFFS that go on RISTS.

URBAN is connected to the Business of FASHION of “URBAN OUTFITTERS”. The Acronym “OU” is about the meaning of 3AR sound of LICK with TONGue and TUNGsten in WOLFramite Scheelite. JOSH WOLF as Jesus CHRIST the Son in CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics of Making Money. KEITH is about the writings I wrote about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my Soul” and they want this to have been written by Constipated psycho Pecoraro, KEI”TH” is about TONGUE sounding words that have “TH” like TH rus ting and TH robbing Hor Dik Jesus Christ. The reason why TOM CRUISE was so excited when KATie HOLmes said Yes to his marriage proposal, to continue building for Connie Pecoraro’s CAT HOL ic “CHURCH” theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Named his daughter “SUR” I. I sounds like Eye for ITALIAN psychobitch Pecoraro, TH “RUS” ting BACKWARDS for Sick JOSH WOLF Hor Dik fucking Hor Pussies. SUN 3AR sound of SON Day ROSE is what Nicole named her Biological Daughter who she gave birth to.

SUNSET BLVD and IVAR and CAHUENGA in HOLLYWOOD, just below L. RON HUBBARDS own personal Museum, the BUSINESSES are ALL Connected to TOM BRIDGES MY FATHERS Identity with JOSH WOLF, for SANDRA OH, through Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro. The reason why there is a Big GARAGE STYLE “URBAN OUTFITTERS” at this location. Their SUNDAY FARMERS MARket is all about MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, to BE SANDRA OH AS IF she drew and painted all my Artwork. BRAIN WASHING THROUGH NUMBERS WORDS COLORS, ETC.

Keith had some serious Drinking LIQUOR Problems when he first started dating Nicole Kidman and had to enter a Rehab.

KEI THUR “BAN” is about meaning of EAR sound of URTH. KE is TH RUS ting and TH ROBBING. For CathLICK MAThemathics of making Money. NICOLE KIDMAN and TOM CRUISE aren’t married anymore but they’re still playing this CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money. It isn’t just Los Angeles, it’s the entire COUNT “RY”, that is built based CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO’S CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY through PYous JeSUS CHRIST. Nicole is going for the “KE” while Connie Pecoraro is going for Tom BIRDges Pea “COCK” for PUSSY “CP”.

HIS NAME is DIRECTLY connected to KEITH AVENUE in West Hollywood, which intersects with RAMAGE and "TH" ROBERT SON Blvd. KA, Sound of JOSH MICCHA MI"KA" WOLF, and WOLFramite Scheelite in TUNSTEN and TONGUE sounding words like TH "ROB" and TH "RUS"T. SURi Cruise name connected to this, the reason why there is a "SUR" Restaurant on ROBERTSON Blvd. It's about EAR sound of SUR SER SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school on "GREEEN BANK BANK BANK BANK" Road in CANADA, where SANDRA OH went to HIGH Sch"OO"L and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER and all his WIVES are all connected to supporting and building through BUSINESS Names for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH.

NIC LEO "KID" MAN. SANDRA OH is MY "NIC" name SIGNature of "Sandy" on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, the REASON why this sick actress went to SIR ROBERT Borden High School AFTER I drew my drawing, she is MY SIGN of LEO through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me, and she has meaning in EAR sound of MY Korean Name through JOSH WOLF AIR LIBRA Rules the KID NE "Y'S". MAN is a HUGE connections of meaning of MY "JOHN HANCOCK" and MAN"OS" which means HAND in Spanish.

JOSH WOLF's SIGN of AIR LIBRA Justice Scales Stone of DIAMOND, rules the KID NE "Y'S" is a Gigantic connection they've been building through BUSINESSES, especially through Healthcare and KIDNEY DIALYSIS Centers, in MAThemathics of making MONEY. The reason why Sandra Oh is a Chinese DOCTOR "CRIST"ina Yang on "Gre Y'S Anatomy".

Going BACKwards, everything they’ve been building and creating through THOMAS CHRISTOPher BRIDGES Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find Josh MIc”CHA” Wolf, with Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money, is turning out to be, Tom Bridges TOO JOOS 360 9240 JOSH WOLF and BRETT BERN Rectum BUTT HOLE Fucking. BRETT “U” BUTTER Fry. COUN T”RY”, YR, “NU” C= 3, Brett Bern’s Birthday number of 4/29/6 “3”.

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges 3AR sound of his LEO with OIL backwards, he bridges “360” “9420” of TOO CYK MOTher Fucking JOOS BERN WOLF BOWEL LICKING, the REASON for YEARS of HOUSING TERROR, JAIL TERROR, PSYCHOBITCHES STALKING ME, ETC.

SSHHHHH, in HER “SH”E pussy licking game, it’s the “STEP FORD Wives” for Jesus Christ on REX “FORD” Drive. FORD MUStang CAR Madel Connie Maria Pecoraro. It’s the meaning of Korean word “NA” which means “ME”, and NAME in Korean means “OTHERS”. Connie Pecoraro Psycho who wants My Mother’s IDENTITY and Name to be her through T”OM” Bridges OTHER people’s Names and Business names. Any combinations of “SW” or “WS” to make my name initials of “Sandy Wang’ obsolete, like I don’t’ fucking exist in any of my own pictures, except for Tom Bridges SANDRA OH Psycho Actress through COLORS and SEKAL.

The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Website was gone for more than a year and she’s back with her “No Name Girl” in 2011 with lots of BUTTERFLIES, for Mathemathics of NAB. BANK.

KEITH is a street name in West Hollywood, COLE is a street name in Hollywood, and WestHOLME is a street name in WestWood. THIS IS A COMMON THEME WITH ALMOST EVERY PERSON I’VE BEEN WRITING ABOUT, IT’S CONNECTED TO STREET NAMES IN LOS ANGELES. It’s about the meaning of my Writings from 1982 “KEY to my Soul” written about Lee Montgomery that they want JOSH WOLF to have meaning in AS IF it was written by Connie Pecoraro.

Keith runs PARALLEL with DICKS Street, KD, for Josh Wolf AIR Libra sign of Justice Scales, rules the KIDneys. Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment at the Rolex building on Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, it’s called Parallel because it originally came from the movie “Midnight Hour” with Lee Montgomery and the two streets that INTERSECT in the movie, and in real life, they run Parallel. PARA, in Spanish means TO for FOR, For sounds like FOUR and FORE as in FORE Finger, which is originally from pictures of me and my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison. For who? For What. D=Four connected to D”OH”eny street name in Beverly Hills.

PARA, APA in Korean means Father, what’s left? “R”, the reason why there is the letter “R” on the building behind Rolex building where Parallel Entertainment Agency is. They’ve been building through “RIDDLES and RIMES” of word and numbers gayms for MY FATHER’S IDENTITY, for Lee Montgomery’s Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF for 3 decades.

Keith and Hilldale intersect, which is about my Baby Picture of me with Knitted Hat. KH, the reason why Tom Cruise was so excited to marry KH Katie Holmes. They’ve been building Los Angeles AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in MY Baby Pictures. PAC ific Design Center being the main area, which is a block away from this corner.

They’ve been building for my BABY Pictures to be SANDRA OH, through MOTHER “MOM” Connie Maria Pecoraro for more than 3 decades, the reason why the’ve been PIMPING BODIES of sick bitches with BIG ASSES and TITS strolling with Baby Carriages “Butt Crack”, because Korean word MOM is BODY, and now because EVERYTHING they’ve built FITS SANDRA OH and her SICK FATHER RAPIST with a RAPE RECORD BRETT ALAN BERN, they’re trying to change the meaning of the word BABy, for SICK RAPIST Brett Alan Bern “BAB” to have meaning in MY LIFE. BOTH SANDRA OH AND BRETT ALAN BERN NEEDS TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.


The Name “NIC” OLE to be about My Name “SIGN”ature of “Sandy” and MY SIGN of LEO, to be SANDRA OH, through Tom BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, and through people name “NIC”. My Name SIGNature on the drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, the reason why NIC”COLE” SIMPSON BROWN was murdered with RON GOLD MAN, SAME Names, SAME themes still going on today, but except MY LIFE has been completely sabotaged so that PSYCHO BITCH Actress SANDRA OH can pretend she is MY IDENTITY, MY KOREAN Name, Artist of My Artwork.

OJ Simpson, What’s Missing? H= OO, Form of Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rile, JOSH Mic’CHA” Wolf. Josh Wolf’s entire life is built to support and ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, the vehicle to ROB the meaning of MY Artwork from 1981.

My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, the reason why ROBERT KARDASHIAN was OJ Simpson’s lawyer. The reason why KIM KARDASHIAN is who she is today.

None of these people have meaning in MY ARTWORK or MY Name SIGNature, or meaning of MY Parents Names, and they have built their lives, AS IF this was so in their lives, through words, numbers, colors, names, etc. It’s all about supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.

TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER. M “ap” OTHER, is MOM, and MOM in Korean means “BODY” as in ANATOMY. Korean Words connected to MY Identity and meaning of MY ARTWORK is “WHEEL of KARMA” for them.

2010, NICOLE KID “MAN” was in a movie “RABBIT HOLE” which I haven’t seen and have no desire to see it. Sandra Oh is in it as “GABY”. See link below. See “MAN” link below.

Feb 22, 2011 Massive EARThQuake hit CHRIST CHURCH New Zealand and toppled Churches and buildings throughout one of the biggest cities of NZ. There is something going on with happenings of EARTHQUAKES in Specific places on the Planet. This is DEEPLY KARMIC.

March 11, 2011 Massive EARThQuake in JAPAN. "3/11" + "707" = 11372.

Constance Maria Pecoraro who moved to SPECIFIC address of "707" connected to Repeating Numbers of "11/3" for meaning of MY DRAWING OF ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981 in my FAC and POWERFUL ZIP CODE Number of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY, where I grew up and drew my drawings in 1981 and 1982. The REASON WHY MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, and I bet it's a BLACK BITCH name "PAT RI CIA L3ARNED" wrote to me on specific date of 11/3 telling me I won't be getting my Dog back. ORGANIZED CRIMES OF RAPING MY ARTWORK, MY LIFE, MY DOG, SO THAT THROUGH CONSTANCE PECORARO, SANDRA OH CAN BE MY IDENTITY, AS IF SHE IS THE ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, MY DRAWING OF ROBERT GUILLAUME FROM 1981. IT'S 3 DECADES IN THE MAKING.



“SHA” letters of new Cedars SINai Building across from Mac YS and CAPital Grill in 2013
Mac YS and CAPital Grill in 2013

“KAM” Dung ee and “KAM ALA” HARRIS and study MAP of “KEITH Avenue”

NICOLE KIDMAN built in for “DIK” in NIK ASS Leo OIL BACKwards


meaning of KID neeee YS
NIK connections


“TOP”anga, ex Wife of TOP Gun Tom Cruise
Nicole is looking to the RIGHT, because the meaning of “PAC”hyderm connected to S”KIN” is TRUE

“S” TREEE at 20360 Callon Drive TOPang,

Nicole Kidman in “RABBIT HOLE” with SANDRA OH in 2010


Josh Wolf’s wife Bethany “ASH” TON

meaning of PA and SHA syllable
“SHA” letters of new Cedars SINai Building across from Mac YS and CAPital Grill in 2013

“SEEE” Josh Wolf and WILLIE “HOOO” LIO

raping Businesses with “YS” connected to Gre “YS” Anatomy tv show
“SEEE” new club in 2013 “HOOOO”RAY Henr “YS”

Why did director of “TOP” GUN Tony Scott kill himself off the VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE in 2012?

Why is NICOLE DIKMAN looking to the RIGHT with “TREEE”S? besides looking towards in the direction of new private club “Hooray Henry’s” a block away.

I FEEL the NEEd for “S” PEED, “TOP GUN” is a United States MILITARY movie.

Callon Drive is next to PENNy road and SYLVANIA Lane, connected to “1600” PENNSYLVANIA address of WHITE HOUSE.

MAP “O” T HER, sound of “O” SANDRA “OH” is the TA “O” DA “O” en”DOW” JONES of making MONEY, as if she is MY Childhood pictures in Santa Monica on “O”cean ave in 1979, as if she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK for DOW JONES of making MONEY, like EVERYTHING ELSE about ME. “ELLE” is HER in Spanish in HER SHE YS ChoCHA collate Ass PUSSY PIMPING “RAPING GAME” for MATH MATH Mathemathics of making MONEY. See SANTA MONICA page and see why there are soldiers who are committing suicides everyday.

This is why this address is very important. It’s “THE” CONNECTING LINK to EVERYTHING ELSE I’ve been writing about.

KID KNEEE YS anatomy is in the LOW BACK. Cruise was married to NIC OLE “KID” MAN for exactly “TEN” Years. JOSH WOLF “AIR” LIBRA born in month of October “TEN”. You will notice a PATTERN of ALL ex Wives of TOM CRUISE is connected to JOSH WOLF, especially KATIE “HO”LMES, connected to Sandra “OH” in MATHemathics of making Money as if Sandra Oh is My Identity and Artist of MY ARTWORK.

Daniel Ladinsky’s book “The Gift” and poem titled EAR TH at was sold to a FISH says, “KNEEEE DEEEP IN ECSTASY”.

The KNEE “CAP” BONE is called the “PAT ELLA”. ELLA Rhymes with CENTIN”ELA”, UMBR”ELLA” and Nelson Mand”ELLA”. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PAT “REEEEE” SHA? TOM CRUISE F”EELS” the NEED DEEP for ECSTACY of SANDRA “OH”S P”3AR” ASS FORM Going BACKwards in their “CC” Cancer Cancer Astrology Vibe of “59”.

Below is a link to meaning of “BONE WORDS” and why it’s important in MATHemathics of making MONEY, connected to the words “G REEE N” and NEEGRO, all pointing and leading to SANDRA OH’s “SKULL” SCHOOL name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN in CANADA MONSTER Connections of IDENTITY, LIFE, NAME, ART THEFT by SANDRA OH.

ALL of the above meaning is WHY next to “CAP”I TAL Records in Hollywood, at the PANTAGES Theatre, they are re playing “LIO N KIN G” again in November 2013, to continue CELEBRATING the TAKING OVER and RAPING OF MY LIFE for a Delusional sick gay psychobitch actress SANDRA OH. AS IF through meaning of PAC hyderm is thick S”KIN”, like the “GRAY” Elephant, SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature on my Art, as if it’s the ‘NIK’ of her Name GOING BACKwards. SANDRA OH isn’t My Identity, she isn’t a Sign of LEO, and she most fucking certainly definitely isn’t my PORTRAIT Drawing H”AIR” through REDBURY HOTEL CL”EO”. See link below.

OO Form of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS”T and it folds into a “O”, sound of SANDRA OH Name, GOING BACKwards.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREEE” SHA? = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn’t any compromising or anything anyone else can do about it.

L’Wren SCOTT Jewelry worn by Nicole Kidman in 2008

1982 Sandy Wang’s Writings in 1982 I “WAL” Y
1980 Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in 1980 wearing “14” on my White Red shirt

2007 Sandy Wang’s LION BODY Painting
2007 Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK
2009 JACKS Pictures on “4/19” 2009

“10/18/07” Callon Drive, FORECEE Day BEFORE Meaning
extremely important address of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA

a very talented ACTRESS Bitch NICOLE KIDMAN, with SANDRA OH in “RABBIT HOLE” 2010

SEP t 2012 GREEN and White SANDRA OH in Green and White on “GT”
SEP t 2012 LORI HUBBLE Dental Petition, FAMILY “JEWEL” connections

2014 scroll down to Bottom, NICOLE better go Left to Right, or she’ll be LICKING Black Color S”KIN” ASS PUSSY BACKwards

TOP GUN Director TONY “SCOTT” committed suicide by Jumping of THOMAS VINCENT BRIDGE in August 2012


L’Wren Scott 1,400 Carat, 6.9 million.

14 is about my childhood picture in 1980 wearing a White Red shirt with 14, with a BLACK Girl name Daphne.

“OO” is about meaning of My John HANCOCK, as in my name SIGNature on my drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, with “OO” made with letter ‘S’ of my name signed sideways. This is why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST has ‘OO’ horizontal rings around his eyes, and it’s the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys’ Anatomy”, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY to ROB MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, as if it’s Sandra OH.

69 is MY YEAR of birth.

Notice that it’s about TWO BLACK COLOR S”KIN” figures from MY LIFE from 1980 and 1981. NIC “LEO” KID MAN’S name is about ROBBING of MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, as if it’s the “NIK” name of SANDRA OH, as if SANDRA OH is MY SIGN of “LEO”. This is WHY TOM CRUISE was married to her, EAR sound of “SIGN” tology Church.

L’W ren SCOTT. L’W is about the word LAW, connected to MY Writings of “I WAL Y” on my Architectural Drawing of My Parents Garage DOOR in 1982. “S” is about my name SIGNature of “SANDY” and the “OO” made with letter “S” of my name. COTT is “FLOW”er in Korean.

Josh “WOLF”, studied Com “MUN” ications in College, and he is a Air Libra Symbol of JUSTICE SCALES Sign. MUN or MOON in Korean means “DOOR”, and his major was this, so that he can have meaning in MY “GARAGE DOOR” Writings.

410, as in “1400” Carat DIAMONDS, for JOSH WOLF Air LIBRA “STONE” of DIAMOND, Astrology VIBE with SANDRA OH Cancer. SANDRA OH is MY John HANCOCK with “OO”, connected to Meaning of WEDDING RINGS that go on 4th Finger when Two people marry. It’s FUCKING 2014, why isn’t JOSH WOLF Licking Fucking MARRYING SANDRA OH ASS PUSSY ???? REASON FOR YEARS OF HARM AND TERROR IN MY LIFE.

Oscars in 2008, a few months after I was wrongfully LOCKED OUT of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, a very important address. This Australian PUSSY is wearing this necklace to CELEBRATE the ILLEGAL EVICTION of ME from OCTOBER 2007. See “CD PEACOCK” page, and UNDERSTAND meaning of “FORE CEE DAY BEFORE” on 10/18/07. 10/19 is JOSH WOLF’s AIR LIBRA Birthday.

L’W ren, LAW, see JAY FORD judge at Malibu Court in October 2007. RAPING and ROBBING OF MY MONEY, MY LIFE, through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”.

NICOLE KIDMAN, and I have never said this before, but I’m saying it now, is a SICK FUCKING CUNT. IS TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER RELATED TO TODD CUMMINGS OF TOPANGA?




May your children be CURSED with BAD KARMA for the rest of their lives NICOLE KIDMAN, in ROBBING and RAPING OF MY “CHILD BEARING” YEARS, “KEY TO MY SOUL”, so that SANDRA OH can be EVERYTHING about MY PAST that they’ve been building for 3 decades. KEITH “UR BAN”, ROBBING of MY “KEY”, in MATHemathics of making MONEY that go on “BAN” ks SICK FUCKING AUSTRALIAN PUSSY.

L’W ren “SCOTT”, COTT in Korean is “FLOW”er, in the name of JOSH “WOLF” going BACKwards. She committed suicide by HANGING HERSELF on “3/17” 2014 in her apt in CHELSEA NY.

TONY SCOTT was the Director of “TOP GUN” in 1986 movie, he Committed Suicide in August 2012, by JUMPING OFF the “THOMAS VINCENT BRIDGE”. IS TOM CRUISE related to TODD CUMMINGS of TOPANGA? He can LOSE EVERYTHING.

MAG “NO”LIA is a “FLOW”ering TREEE. PA “TREE” SHA? TRI Nity University.

SANDRA D”AURIOL also committed suicide by JUMPING OFF a BUILDING IN BEVERLY HILLS in January 2014. The “S” shaped TREE at “TOP” anga, reason why TOM CRUISE made “TOP GUN” in the 1980’s. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle name? PA”TREEEEEEE” SHA? = LIFE IN PRISON.

Conspiracy of Two = this means it’s “Premeditated Organized CRIMES”

Disappearance of “MH” Flight 370 MALaysia AIRlines on “3/8 2014 and “FORECEE the DAY B4” meaning

TOP GUN Director TONY S”COTT” and where he committed suicide

Death of L”Wren S”COTT”

NI “COL.E” KID MAN. MAN is about the spanish word MAN”OS” which means HAND, created to rob the meaning of My John “HAN”cock as in my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ARTWORK of Robert Guillaume from 1981, that they've built as if it's SANDRA OH “SO” name initials, built Going Backwards, as if my name is the “NIC” of her name.

In 1982, I also wrote “KEY TO MY SOUL”, My Intellectual Property. If Key is Penis, they Lock must be Vagina.

COL.e. “E”yes of Jesus Christ the “SON” is “LOC”, Ass Pussy built Going Backwards, connected to Spanish word C “HO” CHA which means Pus”SY”, reason why Sandra “OH” is on Gre “YS” anatomy as CH RIS Tina Yang. They've built everything to be about “LOCK”, because Jesus CHRIST was born on Christmas when it's “COL.d”. D = 4th letter, sound of FOR, FOUR, as in FOR MULA meaning of my First name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume. My Name SIGNature on my art from 1981, has T “OO” circles horizontally made with letter “S” of my name Signed SIDEWAYS.

DIK in LOCK. DICK connected to “AIR” Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” Wolf, Constance Pecoraro's “PY”ous Je”SUS” CHA rlie, this sign rules the KID NE “Y'S” in the LOW BACK. Gre “YS” is a ANATOMY tv HOS pital show. DICK and PUSSY Go together, Chocha Pinga go together, like Key and Lock, Vagina and Penis go together.

PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999, OO, the over LAP ping area, LAF fing, “FP” FUCK PUSSY, PY”ous” Je”SUS”. PI symbol in MATh, is only meant for shapes of “O” circles, as in radius of circumference of a circle of “O”, EAR sound of SANDRA OH name.

CHO CHA rlies Find, JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF, in a Conspiracy with Constance Pecoraro and SANDRA OH, to ROB MY Parents Names, and My IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK for Sandra OH.

Nicole Kidman made a movie titled “The OTHERS”. It's about this below. A movie, based on “REAL LIFE” Meanings, BUILT to TERRORIZE, RAPE and HARM MY LIFE.

The “OS” O T HER Side of PAM, “MAP” O T HER in Her She Ys ChoCHAcolate Ass Pussy “PC” ea.ting Tom Bridges Gayme

EVERYTHING was PREMEDITATED Organized C”RIMES” to Sabotage and HARM MY LIFE,connected what they've built, as if SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of my ART

meaning of George “C” Page and Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST OIL ART
OO on PAGE 3 = C meaning of Pecoraro's sick Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find , Ray “CHA”rlies Cafeteria at CSH