GARFIELD Ave x Commonwealth x Shorb in PASADENA
Tom Bridges Penny Moy Chinese Dental Hygienist connections







These pictures are from PASADENA, near Commonwealth Ave. It's on GARFIELD and SHORB street. GARFIELD is a CAT, in CATholiQ CHURCH Theme. GARFIELD is the name of a PHARMACY "RX" OM with Gloria Lee and Dan Kropas on BRIGHTON WAY and Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, this is one of the ways they CONNECT DOTS, through Street Names and Business Names. This entire area in Pasadena, the street names are about Jesus Christ Josh WOLF and Sandra Oh, like "FLOW"er street and HOwARD St. The word SH ORB is about "TH" ROB, in "HER SHE" Gayme. TH is a TONGUE Sound and they love any words with this TH sound, like THROB THRUST THREE "3" on TH IRD St. Anytime there is the word FIELD like CLOVER Field Street in Santa Monica, its connected to BERT FIELDS at "GREEN"berg and Glusker Law Firm.

Anytime RX of Pharmacy is involved it's connected to Sandra Oh and her Mother Young Nam who is in the Business of Pharmaceutical Drugs or BIOTECH Companies. Connected to Charles "YOUNG" Drive and GLOR"YA K"aufman Hall in UCLA Campus. Garfield Pharmacy is in the same building 9400 Brighton Way, where I was Fired by a Dentist name AJ BOYAJIAN, who has a Dentist Associate name SANDRA SHAKIB, who is about SANDRA Oh.

There is something going on with CHINESE People because of the SAYing about the TAO that I created, and they want MY ARTWORK and Saying to have been DONE BY SANDRA OH, a Chinese “doctor” on Tv Show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They want my Artwork to have meaning for CHINESE People through the NAMES of Doctors “BUSINESSES” on this street. GARFIELD and COMMON “WEALTH”, is connected to GARFIELD Pharmacy and E “BAL”D Italian Restaurant on BRIGHTON Way in Beverly Hills and a ARMenian DENtist name AJ BOYAJIAN.

BAL means “FOOT”, and Sandra Oh wants my FOOT Artwork on my Abstract page to have meaning for her and her Tv “SHOW”, through the SOUND of the word SHOES which sounds like SHOW. BAL in Korean means FOOT, Shin BAL in Korean means SHOES, the reason why “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in “WA” SHIN gt on State, SEATTLE GRACE HOSpital. Through this Show, and Business Names in Los Angeles, SANDRA OH WANTS MY IDENTITY and KOREAN NAME TO BE HER.

There are lots o Businesses with the syllable of “BAL” in Los Angeles. There is a Korean Restaurant called “SHIN” on Wilcox and Selma avenue in “HO”llywood. “WS” is MY Name initials but when you add Sandra “OH” it become SHOW. Byung “WON” in Korean means HOSpital. Wang SHIN WON is the sound of My KOREAN NAME but through “G” riddles and “rimes”, this sick Actress wants EVERYTHING ABOUT ME to BE HER. There are several “WANG” Acupuncture Businesses in Hollywood, one of them is on “422” Western Ave, “WA”, so that with “GN” GRACE Navas, Sandra Oh can have meaning in my Korean name of WANG, “TO TO”, PI symbol of Mat he Mat hics of Making Money, while RAPING MY LIFE.

These CHINESE Doctors Names are connected to THOMAS Christopher Bridges MY Upper Left Two Links of MY Webiste “HO”me and “AR”tist to have meaning for and as if it was Sand”RA” “OH”. She must be Licking Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s EARTH Virgo Mai”DEN” Pussy through DENTists, because Connie Pecoraro wants my Portrait Drawing “H”AIR to have meaning for her middle name Going Backwards on the Upper Left. It’s TWO Disturbed sick Gay Psychobitches who are being Supported by RETARDED PEOPLE who are helping to ROB the meaning of MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK, through their Names and Business names. LOTS OF PEOPLE to Equal ONE of me, and ARTWORK.

“CY” Calvin YANG is about my Charcoal Drawing titled “Bodhisattva’s Empty YANG” and the Upper Left name in my Father’s Music Band picture of “CHOI Yong” to have meaning for “CY” CRISTina YANG, sick actress Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s GREEN because they want my Watercolor painting titled “Carl Jung” to have meaning for Sandra Oh, ME DICK AL IMAGE ing. SANDRA OH wants ALL MY NUDE PICTURES OF ME TO BE HER, LIKE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING SEXUAL ABOUT ME, THIS IS A REAL LIFE DISTURBING PATTERN.

THOMAS “HA” is about THOMAS CHRISTopher BRIDGES, Jesus CHRIST the SON, aka JOSH WOLF with Sand”RA” “OH” and my Upper Left TWO Links of MY Website, “HO”me and “AR”tist “HA”, which is about the HAWAiian BARREL Statue childhood picture of me and MY FATHER, with Sandra Oh’s Tv Show “GREYS ANATOMY”. It’s about My FATHER’S GRAY Sweater. The word SWEATER is about Ear Sound of S WETTER, and Sandra Oh wants MY WET Vagina to BE Her and for My Father’s Identity through JOSH WOLF to have meaning for her. Josh Wolf wants MY FATHER’S Identity to have meaning for him, and THROUGH the NAMES of HOR HOLES he fucks and his connection to Sand RA OH has been going on for many years. It’s the reason why Josh Wolf had a Son name Jacob with a THAI female name TARA. T “HA” I, “WA”. It’s the reason why he lived in Upper Left State of “WA”shington, the reason why Seattle GRACE Hospital is set in “WA”shington.

It’s the reason why TOM BRIDGES hired a lawyer name ROBERT AMPARAN and severely emotionally and psychologically Distressed me in 2008 with FRAUD Documents of RESTRAINING ORDER. WHILE HE TRIES TO ROB MY IDENTITY.

Ted “DY” L. “KING” is about trying to COMBINE and CONFUSE MY NAME of san “DY” “WANG” who is a “L”eo born on 8/13/69. T “OM” Bridges born on “8/13/72” bridges and “OM”s with my Golf Go friend name “ED” from 1992, for the meaning of GOLF “Rimes” with WOLF and Tiger WOODS connections. WANG in Korean means “KING” because my father’s family lineage is of REAL KOREAN “ROY”alty. This is the reason why there are lots of Business names and People’s name “KING” involved in this sick gayme of ROBBING MY IDENTITY through Sick “G”Riddles and RIMES of Business and Other People’s names.
MARLA “KING” is a Philipino Dentist who works with FRED KASTENBAUM in NYC.
LINDA “KING” is the name of a Lawyer hired by BudgeT in their Fraud Documents of ROBBING MY MONEY, while creating meaning for themselves.
KING is the name of a company on ROSECrans Avenue in Norwalk, where my Toyota RAV4L And ALL MY ARTWORK was STOLEN IN 2009.

They want my last name of “WANG” to have meaning for their sick HOR DICK JOSH WOLF, Jesus Christ the SON, with a CROWN of Thorns goes on a “KING” Head, for suc KING lic KING and fuc KING, while they Repeatedly RAPE MY LIFE to have meaning for them.

ALHAMBRA is a “G”riddle of the name ABRAHAM Lincoln.

The ARCHITECTURE of this Building is connected to the X rated ViDEO RECORDING of me that they want SANDRA OH to be MY Identity, they want my Wet Vagina to BE SANDRA OH. It’s deeply disturbed. It’s connected to the “KEY HOLE Connections” and Building Designs.

11 “3” is the “TRI” angle Gap Space. “8” is “OO” Horizontal as in their sick Jesus CHRIST Rings around his Eyes, for CHINESE DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang, sick actress Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Moy Escrow “INC”, for “NIC”, Sandra Oh who wants my Name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON Dubois that I drew in 1982 “SANDY *” with an Asterisk to be HER name. The reason why Sandra Oh attaches herself to people with this name, because Sandy is a “NICK” name of San”DRA”. MY NAME ISN’T “NICK” or “NIC”, it’s SANDY.

This Escrow company called MOY is about the Chinese and Chinese people who support Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro because the TAO is the Way on "BRIDGE"way. Tom BRIDGES My IDENTITY, MY Birthday Numbers, through Other People’s names and the “FIELD” of “DEN”tistry, so that My Identity can be Sandra Oh. It’s why there is a DENtist next to this ESCROW Company. They want My Profession of me having been a “DEN”tal Hygienist of 20 yrs, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro, Virgo the Mai”DEN” through Tom Bridges the Field of “DEN”tistry, with DOCTOR’S names and Chinese Doctor CRISTina Yang SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” with DOCTORS NAMES in REAL LIFE in Medical and Dental GROUP Practices throughout the State of CA.

It’s a PEDIA “TRIC” Dentist because it’s about “KID”s and KiDs spelled backward is “DIK”, and they want Tom Bridges to Bridge PATRICK Lee which rimes with PRICK as in DIK, with Connie Pecoraro. PATRICK Lee on Cale”DON”ia Avenue Sausalito. PATRICK Dempsey on “Grey’s Anatomy” Dr. SHEPHERD, in “SHE” p “HER” d, PUSSY LICKING GAYME. PD is about Princess Diana and PATRICK DeMARchelier photographer. PATRICK goes back to the picture of me and Club Med GO name PATRICK and MATT picture. SANDRA OH wants them to have meaning for her because MATT S”KIN”NER, has the syllable of NICK in his name backwards, and he is from IDA “HO”.

It’s why Gor”DON” MacDONald, my landlord at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley was also a “DEN”tist who has a practice in “1331” S. ElisEO Drive in Greenbrae, CA. REAL ESTATE and “DEN”tistry. DON in Korean means MONEY, Gordon MacDONald ROBBED MY RENT and DEPOSIT MONEY in 2006. JU dge ROY C”HER”NUS allowed him to Rob My Money.

The ADDRESS numbers are my birthday numbers of 8/13 and Lee H. Montgomery's birthday numbers of 11/3. Where ever they create Businesses with numbers "813" there will almost always be "11/3" nearby. "8/13" is also TOM CHRISTopher BRIDGES birthday and he is the "vehicle" to ROB MY identity. It isn't random that it's next to a Dental Office. PEDIATRIC is about Connie Pecoraro's dentist name PATRICK, and PATRICK Dempsey on "Grey's Anatomy" with Sandra Oh as Chinese Doctor CRISTina Yang. PD is also about DPM, as in Dental Plus Medical BEVERLY Angela DAVIS. This entire neighborhood is predominantly Chinese Doctors and Medical Facilities, for Sick Parasite ACTRESS Sandra Oh who plays the role of a Chinese Doctor on "Grey's Anatomy".

Escrow accounts are usually with PROPERTY as in Real Estate. Real Estate is very big in this Gigantic Conspiracy. PENNY is connected to PENNY Road in TOPANGA next to Callon Drive, which is about CP COPPER PENNY because CARL JUNG “COINED” the Term Syn CHRO nicity.

ES CROW. Crow is a Bird. SE is Bird in Korean. T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges the SE “BIRDs” on BRID “ge” Way with Connie Pecoraro’s Artwork and CHInese Doctor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” SANDRA OH “ge”, with the T BIRD in the CROW.

“ESC” is the Uppermost Left Computer Key. Connie Pecoraro wants the Upper Left to have meaning for her because of the Upper Left of EVERYTHING about MY LIFE and MY FAC from 1982, and all my Childhood pictures, especially of the HAWAIIAN BARREL statue on top of the Liquor Cabinet in a picture of me and my Father. She wants the letters of “SW” on the Upper Left, my name initials of “SW” to have meaning for her as a “White Supremist”. Connie Pecoraro is White Trash from East Bay OAKland. This is connected to the Upper Left of WASHINGTON STATE, which is connected to Josh Wolf who used to live in Washington State, and Sandra Oh TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” is based on Seattle GRACE Hospital.

ESCROW is about the EAR Sound of syllable of CHRO in the word SYN CHRO NICITY, because CARL JUNG "COINED" the term, and a Copper Penny is a "coin" CONnie Pecoraro wants the Korean Word for Ass, "JUNG Dung" to have meaning for her. It's the only reason, she knows nothing about the kind of work he did. Through her CAtholic theme of MOTHER Mary and Son Jesus Christ, "JC", she wants the Korean word "MOM" which means BODY to have meaning for her, and for MY MOM'S Name of JUNG Ja to have meaning for her. It's connected to her "ISN" T that life? saying, SIN is MY Korean first name but it's pronounced as SHIN, and through her sketches of "No Name Girl" based on MY childhood pictures, she wants EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for her. Because she's a Disturbed Psychobitch.

Penny Moy is a Chinese Female with a Chinese Accent who is a dental hygienist and went to the same school as me in Brooklyn, NYC TECH College.

Penny Moy is about TAO is the Way, and she is connected to SANDRA OH.

Penny Moy and I went out to a Club called Club IGUANA many years ago, and Sandra Oh was in a movie called "The BLUE IGUANA" as "Jasmine". This movie was directed by MICHAEL RADFORD. It's connected to Connie Pecoraro who was a FORD Mustang Car because of rexFORD Drive in Beverly Hills and because of Marshall Brown who went to FORD Ham University. It's about NESSAH Synagogue on RexFORD Drive and Jesus Christ "BLOO EYES". There is a street called RADFORD in San Fernando Valley.

The name JASMINE is about MY MOTHER's name JUNG "JA MIN". Jung Dung in Korean means Ass and JAGY in Korean means Penis. IGUANA is in the LIZ"ARD" family. Lizards SHED "SKIN" and through this word Sandra OH wants MY NIK name of SANDY to have meaning for her because of the SOUND of my name SIGNature on the Drawing of BENSON with Asterisk Key, "ASS"terisk symBOWEL. Liz"ARD" is about the word "ZIL"Jian, which is a Musical Instrument company and the T SHIRT I am wearing in the picture of me and STEPHEN Garrison my first boyfriend where I am holding his HAIR. Sandra Oh wants Jesus CHRIST BLOO eyes to be looking at her Ass.

JASMIN is also about my FAC from 1982 of NEIL DIAMOND from the "JAZZ Singer", holding a MIKE on the Upper Left. Sandra Oh wants the Writings I wrote about "KEY to my Soul" to have meaning for her, JAGY is MINE. It's about my St. Vincent Ferrer High School Graduation Yearbook quote in 1987 where I wrote "UNLIMITED JAZZ".

Everything is about this Sick Actress and her PLASTIC ASS IMPLANTS, because of MY FAC from 1982 and my Writings. It's why I'm about "KEY to my Soul".

JASMINE FIORE’S Murder in 2009 by RYAN JENKINS is connected to events in my life. The theme of the name JASMIN has been going on for a long time, because it’s connected to MY Mother’s maiden name of “MIN”.

I’ve been studying Eastern Philosophy, Buddhism and Taoism throughout the 90’s, this is one of the reasons why Sandra Oh plays Chinese characters. Sandra Oh is a PARASITE ACTRESS who needs to “OM” with a lot of females I knew and went to school with, so that through Other People’s Names, Business Names, words, bits and pieces of MY IDENTITY can have meaning for her. It’s been going on for almost 3 decades. Her entire acting career is based on My Identity, Pictures from my life and My Artwork, including “Grey’s Anatomy”. “GU” is about the Benson drawing I did in 1982 of Robert “GU”illaume, the reason why she went to Sir Robert BordEN High School. GU is number “9” in Korean, the YEAR of My birthday.

There is a IGUANA Vintage Clothing on Hollywood Blvd and Vine. This CORNER is all about having MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through Street name “HO”llywood, and for her Ass to be the DUBBED Video Recording of me. This area has several “SCIENTOLOGY” Centers, including the Celebrity Center on Franklin Street and L Ron Hubbard Museum. SBE, Michael Mina Restaurants are connected to KATSUYA Restaurant on this corner and they are DEFINITELY in the are you “PI”ous and Religious in Making Money with CATHOLIC C”HUR”CH theme of MAT HE MAT Hics. It’s a “Secret” Celebration of the name KAT, as in Tom Cruise marrying KATie Holmes in their CAT holic Church Theme.

Iguana is in the LIZARD family. Through this word San"DRA" Oh wants the picture of me wearing the "ZIL"jian T Shirt in a picture of me and my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison, to BE HER. Lizards Shed S"KIN" and she wants my first name of SANDY, "NIK" of Sandra to be her because of the way how it's SIGNed on the drawing I did of BENSON of Robert Guillaume in 1982, the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School.

The word "ZIL"JIAN on my T shirt, is connected to AJ BOYa "JIAN" Dentist in Beverly Hills. Sandra Oh wants my First Boyfriend of 5.5 years STEPHEN “GARY” GARRISON who was a AIR GEMINI, to have meaning for her through “OM”ing with GLORIA LEE “AIR” Gemini, through the word “GAR”field, so that AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF can have meaning for her. The FACT that Sandra Oh wants my first boyfriend to have meaning for her as if he was her boyfriend, is SOCIOPATHIC MENTAL THINKING. To have a Fag name TOM BRIDGES to BRIDGE the picture of me and Stephen in front of the Brooklyn BRIDGE, because it’s in his name, is SOCIOPATHIC DELUDED MENTAL THINKING. Through WORDS and Other People’s name, to have SANDRA OH, BE MY “Wet Vagina” in a Video Recording Secretly Taped without my Permission, is DEEP RAPING ENERGY. It’s REAL LIFE IDENTITY THEFT, a very severe Punishable Crime.

Penny Moy worked for Larry Rosenthal, a dentist to the "Stars and Celebrities" on the Upper East Side Manhattan. Michael Bolton is a patient of his. She worked for him for many years, and the last time I saw her, she got married to a Jewish male name GUBBAY who was a patient at this office and they were living on 79th St and York Ave and then they moved to FLORIDA. When they lived in NYC, they lived around the corner from where Brett Bern lives on 79th Street and York Avenue. Brett Bern’s friend we went to Vermont with in 1997 name DAVID ROSENBLOOM is a patient at Larry ROSENTHAL’S office.

David Rosenbloom works for CUSHMAN and WAKEFIELD Real Estate company. The Business of Real Estate infringing on MY BIRTHDAY Numbers, MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK to be and have meaning for Tom CHRIST opher Bridges Catholic Theme of Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Painting Artwork is Huge. It’s all connected to Tom Cruise Mapother and Demi Moore of “Indecent Proposal” because Connie is a Demi wannabe, a lookalike from far away. There are many streets in Los Angeles with the syllable “BLOOM”. Bloom sounds like BLUME as in JUDY BLUME, who was a favorite author when I was growing up. Josh WOLF has pictures of him and his “WIFEY” on his Myspace. Wifey is a Title of a Book by Judy BLUME. This is connected to MKIE BLOOMBERG being the MAYOR of NYC. Tom Cruise’s lawyers name is Bert FIELDS and he is with the law firm GREEN BERG and GLUSKER in Los Angeles. This CATHOLIC Theme of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary IS THE REASON For the Years of TERRORIZING and HARMING of MY LIFE.

"GU" is about my BENSON drawing of Robert "GU"illaume. This is why Penny has attached herself to this syllable. "GU" BBAY, is connected to San Francisco “BAY”, and Tom Bridges the Golden Gayte BRIDGE because he’s a LEO with Metal of GOLD, his name is BRIDGES, with the TAO is the Way on BRIDGEWAY with Connie Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme Oil and Glass Artwork.

When Brett Bern took me and a friend of his name David ROSENBLOOM and his girlfriend Michelle to Vermont and we stayed at "HER"mitage Inn. They played a lot of GOLF, which rhymes with WOLF, in T”OM” Bridges and T”OM” Cruise MAP O T “HER”. They knew about Josh WOLF in NYC in 1997, I met Josh Wolf at a dog park I randomly found in 2007, 10 years later. They are THIRD PARTY CONTACTS of Tom Cruise Mapother and Sandra Oh, who are the ultimately the Two main people involved in wanting MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them.

David ROSENBloom name is connected to UCLA and their JOHN ANDER”SON” Business Management School, their LIBRARY is called ROSENFELD LIBRARY, which is connected to “SON” Jesus Christ AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf who “ROSE” on T “HIR”D Day for many years. Right across from the Library is “Wells Fargo” Court, the reason why Josh Wolf has WiF ey, a book title by JUDY BLUME. “FLOW”ers BLOOM. ROSEN “FELD” is connected to Bert “FIELDS”. “WHAT’S MISSING” is a BIG CLUE in this Gaym. “I” is missing. I sounds like “EYE” as in Horizontal Rings around Jesus Christ the Son “OO”. They love words and names with Double O’s like R”OO”F, R”OO”Ts, FL”OO”R, F”OO”D, BR”OO”KLN, SCH”OO”L, P”OO”L, Etc.

Penny Moy moved down to FLOrida with her husband and daughter in 1998. This is all connected to my FAC from 1982, with Neil Diamond who is Jewish, holding a MIKE on the Upper Left, and they've concluded that the Writings I wrote "KEY to my Soul" is a Jewish Male. "FLO"rida is about the name W'OLF' backwards, the reason why Josh Wolf lived in “WA”shington State on the Upper Left.

It's about Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of "Charlie's Find" on the Lower Right corner of page 3, and FLORIDA is the Lower Right Corner of the US Map. I think Connie Pecoraro did this painting sometime around mid to late 90's around 1997. The Horizontal "OO" rings around Charlie's Eyes are about my first name signature of "SANDY*" on BENSON. It's about my Charlie Brown SNOOPY DOG BANK.

GARFIELD is a CAT. There is a Garfield Pharmacy on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. This is connected to Sandra Oh's mother Young Nam. Gloria Catherine Lee who is a Pharmacist and UCLA. One of the reasons why she is a Chinese DOCTOR on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Around this area of Commonwealth Garfield and Shorb Ave, the Businesses around it are mainly CHINESE Medical and Dental DOCTORS Offices and Medical facilities.

The name PENNY is about Penny Road which connects with Callon Drive in TOPANGA. Through other people's names, Sandra Oh wants this address in 20360 Callon Drive Topanga to have meaning for her, because I think Lee Montgomery lived there many years and made a Porn Film at this address.

Businesses in PASADENA, Street Names in Pasadena is all about JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH. They are the lookalikes from Far away of Lee H. MONTGOMERY and Sandy W WANG. They are TOM CRUISE’S Puppets to the World. There is a Street called COMMONWEALTH nearby Garfield Ave and Shorb Street. Common WEALTH is connected to COMMONWEALTH Street in Los Angeles next to Westmoreland, near the MAC ART HUR Park, this area is very important because it’s connected to LILY BURK and JASMINE FIORE’S Murders in Summer 2009, while I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail. It’s connected to COMMONWEALTH in BOSTON, the “Park Avenue of Boston”. Josh Wolf is from Massaschusetts. This area in Pasadena is full of CHINESE Medical and Dental offices, which is connected to SANDRA OH and all Chinese Pussies Licking this Gay Bitch, because the T”AO” is the WAY on BRIDGEWAY and Tom CHRISopher Bridges and “OM”s them. They are all in the Business of RAPING MY LIFE, for Sick PSYCHO PECORARO Mother in the “SHOW”er, NORMAN BATES Fits these people Perfectly. For are you “PI”OUS and Horney in CAThOLIC Church Theme of Making Money.

Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro needs to “OM” with a lot of PUSSIES in THEIR “HER SHE” Pussy Licking GAYm, like PENNY MOY, GLORIA LEE, GRACE NAVAS, CHRISTINA BERNARDO, LOUISE SANTOPOLO, JEANNIE BERNARDO, through a Fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, to Equal ONE OF ME.

Almost all HOSpitals and Medical Facilities in Los Angeles are built for SANDRA “OH” to have meaning in MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, through Other People’s names. They’ve been building this for many years. This Street on Garfield and Shorb, and the names of all the CHINESE Doctors is connected to the BUSINESS of Making Money based on MY ARTWORK and MY Name.

It’s why in October 2010 Doctors like LISA TSENG, a Chinese MD, who’s had more just a few too many patients who died because of OVERDOSING on RX Medication given to them by this doctor, got investigated and may prosecute her. These Doctors all have a Business Agreement with many Pharmaceutical companies. Connected to GLORIA CATHERINE LEE and DAN KROPAS who are both PHARMACISTS, connected to SANDRA OH’s Mother Young Nam OH, who is in the Business of Biotech or Drug Companies.

LISA is about I as in sound of EYE, as in Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO” and SAL is about the Korean word RICE, which is an anagram of the name ERIC which sounds like ERECSHION for T “SE” NG, Tom BRIDges “BIRD” = SE in Korean with GN Grace Navas, so that Sick Hor Dick JOSH WOLF Jesus CHRIST fucking Cunts can have meaning for Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on TV show “Greys Anatomy”. Seattle GRACE Hospital in “WA”shington is “GN” and “WA” = WANG. SANDRA OH Disturbed sick bitch that all these Tom Bridges TAO is the WAY Tao Te Chinks LICKING HER ROTTEN at the CORE PUSSY.

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