Psychology Today Magazine in March 2009 meaing of “TUNG”sten
April 2012 The “TONGUE” Issue

Psychology Today meaning of “SEA” and “AIR” and LEG = DARI connections

in this same issue is SURI with POLKA “DOT”
meaning of “DOT” Is a PERIOD



Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in White and Red
meaning of White and Red

3AR sound of Words Tom Bridges LEO and “OIL” BACKwards
CATHOLIC Theme OIL and GLASS Artwork by Constance Pecoraro
WOLFramite Scheelite in LIGHT BULB “TUNGSTEN”
Holding and Licking UN HANGING UNG DUNG “ASS” of SANDRA OH
meaning of BANks


This cover picture of Psychology Today issue is about EVERYTHING I've been writing about in these pages. The article is about couples and relationship issues, but it's the Pictures that tell a whole another story.

They LOVE the month of MARCH, because it’s number “3” for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST on page “3”, Connie MAR ia Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork. He Bridges 3AR sound of words, with his Gay “LEO” and EAR sound of “OIL” BACKWards. MARCH is connected to the word MONARCH BUTTERFLY and meaning of my Childhood pictures.

The Upside down “V” is about the Shadow in the Portrait Drawing I did of Lee MONTGOMERY in 2006. They’ve been building for Lee Montgomery’s IDENTITY to have meaning for JOSH WOLF for many years, like they’ve been building for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH for 3 decades. They want this upside down V to be about LEGS, for LOS SAN “GEL”ES to have meaning for TOM “BIRD”GES the 3AR sound of his LEO with “OIL” painting of Jesus Christ. SE in Korean is BIRD, which sounds like HUBBARD as in SIGNtology’s L RON HUBBIRD and “Rimes” with LARD as in OIL, which sounds like LEO backwards.

It’s actually Sandra Oh ROTTEN at the CORE PEPSI PUSSY, and the FORM of Jesus CHRIST EYES “OO”, anything to avoid CANCER rules her TITS, the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” DIRECTLY connected to Cedars SINAI HOSpital and their logo of overlapping “OO” with Jewish STAR, built in Left to Right. ANYTHING to avoid L”OO”KING at DR”OO”ping Sandra Oh’s TITS. Because what they began building for “OO” to be about Jesus CHRIST horny for Form of ASS, has turned out to be about CARL JUNG based on Korean word JUNG Dung which means ASS, is a a MALE and Tom Bridges is a GAY MALE. With 3AR sound of “ASS”terisk meaning of my First name SIGNature “Sandy * “ on BENSON DUBOIS drawing from 1982 and with Sandra “OH” GOING BACKwards is ASS Hole. CATHOLICK MAThemathics of LICKING ASS HOLes for Money.

Je”SUS” CHRIST, what’s missing? “PY” sound of “PI” as in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. The reason why Sandra Oh “OO” is a PEPSI PUSSY.

VE as in Vertical Eight in my Eye, V is for Vagina ENVY by a lying sociopath Fag TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me. It’s MY ARTWORK and it’s MY BIRTHDAY and I don’t need a lying sociopath fag.

PEPSI PUSSY for Je”SUS” CHRIST Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, in SPY Der, UN Der Score Sex Gaym of Je”SUS” is Horney for PUSSY, for CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horney to make Money. PI PY, for I “TAL” Y Connie Maria Pecoraro, who they’ve been building for many years through the word D “AIR” Y, AS IF she drew my drawings from 1982 and SIGNED my Name SIGNature of “SANDY*” on Benson Dubois of Robert Guillaume. Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” JOSE State University, with “D Air Y” = SANDY, and MA “RIA” BACKwards. Why would you sign your schools name on a piece of artwork you did. Connie Pecoraro doesn’t know how to draw with a PENCIL.

Dave Fettner who was PIMPED in 2005 knew about this meaning, it’s why he loves to “LICK” and DRINK MILK.

MILK is connected to a street name M”IL”BANK in San Fernando Valley where Josh Wolf lives, it intersects with a street called MATilija Avenue. M”IL”BANK is about MILK, and the word “BAN” which is about the Korean word for BUTTERFLY “NABI” BACKwards. Through THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges My Mother’s Name and Identity with Connie MARIA Pecoraro, My Father’s name and Identity with Josh MICCA Wolf, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in MY CHILDHOOD pictures of me standing on the Mountain wearing a BUTTERFLY Shirt with RED “SHO”rts and RED “SHO”es. The letters “IL” in Korean means the number “ONE” and this is Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s Birthday Number, which is connected to the Childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother with my dog Frenchy, and the NUMBERS on the CONI”FIR” Tree “3” and “oo”. 300, which is also 38, what’s missing? ONE, for meaning of MY BIRTHDAY Numbers of “8/13, THROUGH TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, TO BE SANDRA OH.

MILK is about the word D “AIR” Y. For Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro who went to SAN Jose State University, who wants my first name SIGNature on the drawing of Robert Guillaume to have been done by her, why would you sign your school’s name on a piece of artwork you did. SAN “DY” through CATHOLIC Theme of Mother MA”RIA”. Ass is I and it’s cracked and DRY.

The letters of “IL”, is about MY PENCIL Drawings from 1981 and 1982 of ROBERT GU”IL”Luame and of MATT D”IL”LON, and they want SANDRA OH to have been the ARTIST who drew these drawings. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC MAThemathics theme is the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY FAC from 1982 and my First Name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT Guillaume of BENSON DUBOIS, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School, AFTER I did this drawing.

The same thing I write may be on many other pages, or on the same webpage, that may FIT in a Differrent “CONTEXT”. What I write isn’t meant to be redundant, it’s to serve as a REMINDER that it’s TRUE and it exists, I am only DECODING what they have built for 3 decades.

This is why in May 2010, JOSH WOLF says on his Facebook, “he hasn’t done the FACE CRACK thing in a few days”. JOSH WOLF is Connie Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST. His LIFE is built based on MY FAC from 1982 and WRITINGS I wrote about LEE MONTGOMERY. They want MY FAC from 1982 to have been Done by Pecoraro or SANDRA OH, “THROUGH” the Vehicle of her Catholic Theme, the same reason why Sandra Oh is on tv show “Grey’s Anatomy”, it’s not only an INFRINGEMENT of Pictures from my LIFE, but it’s the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY. THEY BUILT THIS EVERYWHERE IN LOS ANGELES, MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT.

They’ve connected all kinds of “DOTS” for MY Second Artwork connection to have meaning for SICK SOCIOPATH JOSH WOLF. They began creating it and building it long before I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006.

This cover is connected to EVERYTHING JOSH WOLF talked about on the BOB RIVERS RADIO SHOW in March 2008. CALF and COWS. “SUC” AIR like a VACUUM Cleaner, AIR LIBRA Horney Hor Dik Stand Up Comedian.

The * Asterisk symbol is about the number 8 on the Computer Keys, and they want this symbol to sound like ASSterisk as in symBowel. They want the horizontal number 8 of "OO" the Rings around "Charlie's Find" Eyes to be about Ass.

Milk is about a street called MILBANK in San Fernando Valley, and it intersects with MATilija. MAT in Korean means to Taste or to LICK.

Milk is about "DAIRY", which is a perfect word, to "OWN" my First name Signature on BENSON. It's about Catholiq Church theme of Mother Mary MARIA Connie Pecoraro and Jesus Christ Josh Mic"CHA"rlie Wolf who is a "AIR" Libra. Josh Wolf went to TRINITY University in “SAN” Antonio TEXAS. He has “WIFEY” a book titled by JU”DY” BLume on his My Space website, so that he can have meaning in MY FIRST NAME SIGNature of “SANDY” on the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS, black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982.

M “IL” K, connected to a street near where Josh Wolf lives in San Fernando Valley, M “IL” BANK, connected to M”IL”ART PH”ARM”ACY on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills and BEVERLY HILLS BAR ASSOCIOATION. IL in Korean means ONE, Connie Pecoraro’s Birthday, sick ITALIAN bitch who wants Korean words to have meaning for her. In CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money. BASED ON MY LIFE IDENTITY ARTWORK and MY PARENTS NAMES to have meaning for them in the HOLY “TRINITY” of FATHER SON and HOLY GHOST.

Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from "SAN" Jose University, so that with "DY" she can have meaning in my name signature, and AIR is for Ma"RIA" and "AIR" Libra, a astrology sign and a name. It's why Josh Wolf did the Radio show with Bob Rivers in March 2008, Exactly One year BEFORE this issue in March 2009. MARCH "3", is a perfect combination of Maria and Miccha in their CATHOLIQ Chruch Theme, Christ "MAS" Sam is 3 in Korean. Josh Wolf talks about "CALF and COW" which is about MY watercolor painting titled "Point Reyes" which means KINGS in Spanish. I don't see any paintings of COWS on Connie Pecoraro's website.

The Legs are about the "TRI"angle Gap Space. The Brush is about a MAID who is cleaning, this is about Connie Maria Pecoraro Virgo the MAIDEN, who wants my mother's name to have meaning for her. JUNG JA MIN. MOM in Korean means body, "JUNG" Dung in Korean means Ass, "JA"gy in Korean means Penis, and MIN is about CUM "MIN" NG as in orgasm. There is a also a street in SFV called LA MAIDA.

This T"OM" Cruise Mapother War of Words, Ass Game Conspiracy, is about them wanting Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh to have meaning in my Parents NAMES.

The Sand Wich is about the Upper Left computer keys SWA, anytime there is a question of what is "WS" or "SW", my name initials, they want it to be something else, like White Supremist or the Green Station Wagon Connie Pecoraro drives.

Sand Wich is about BREAD as in Dough and BAK3RY. It's about the location description of Connie Pecoraro's Studio aka "Brothel" on Bridgeway, "Sand Wiched" in between businesses. Connie Pecoraro describes it this way, because it's about the Red Velvet Lingerie which was wedged in between my Ass, in the Video Recording of me which was dubbed with a Big Ass, and she wants this Video Recording to be her.

The Vacuum Cleaner is about SUC king AIR as in Mother Mary MA"RIA" sucking Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf AIR Libra aka Jesus Christ "Charlie's Find". He lives in San Fernando Valley.

There is an article on Victoria Maxwell, who is a Stand Up Comic holding a MIKE. All Stand Up Comics must want to "SUC" "KE". She is in this issue because it is precisely about a STAND UP COMIC and them wanting Connie Pecoraro's middle name of MARIA to have meaning for Josh Wolf the AIR Libra Ass Man, MARIA.

The THEME of SUCK “AIR” and meaning of VaCUUM Cleaner has been going on for many years, it’s why DY”SON” makes powerful vacuum cleaners and AIR products. It’s connected to SAN”DY” and Stephen Garri”SON” AIR GEMINI, to have meaning for SUCK AIR MA”RIA” and her Jesus CHRIST the “SON” Josh WOLF AIR LIBRA.

T'OM" Cruise MA POT HER, Smoke and SUC AIR Libra DICK, he ROSE and he is Cum"MIN"ng a big LOAD, as in LOW Flying AIRplane. Same exact thing as Sandra Oh who wants my Abstract Page "Going Backwards" to have meaning for her. LOW Flying Airplane, sound as in 3AR of Brett Bern fucking Jackie LAF uente's Ass, fucking G LO "RIA" Lee's Ass, LORI BRUM's Big Fat Cow Ass. LOW Flying APRILane, sound of WOLF deep throating Brett Bern Taurus the BULL born in APRIL.

Kathryn Goetzke, has her hand on a light bulb. She is wearing White and Red and there are Diagonal Lines going from Lower Right to Upper Left. This is about them wanting "Charlie's Find" Horizontal Rings around his Eyes to be about Cellu LITE Ass. WOLFramite and Scheelite is about TUNGSTEN which is in lightbulbs, and you lick with TONGUE. The Korean word for taste or lick is MAT and there is a street called MATilija in San Fernando Valley. GRAB with your HANDS, big Cellulit3 Ass and Lick.
I had put up a picture of my dog Jack wearing White and Red on my Website. They want it to be a "ASS" WAR, as in fucking doggy style. FUCKING. CF Charlie's Find U "K"in"G", fucking licking sucking. Big Fat Cellulite Ass cracked and dry pussies vs. Wet Vagina War. No Thanks, Psychobitches can compete in all the Ass Wars they want, they have no meaning in my VR, Wet Vagina, my dog Jack or my ARTWORK which is being infringed on WORLDWIDE.

This Diagonal Line is for real. They've built Street and Road names, built Business names, in this Diagonal Line from Lower right corner to the Upper Left. This is based on my FAC from 1982 and my Name Signature on BENSON, it's based on the Yellow Legal Pad sketch I did 10 1997, I think it's also based on the Tree Growth Direction at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga.

This is why Connie Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "Charlie's Find" is on the Lower Right corner and TOM CHRISTopher Bridges "Bridge in FOG" FAG, AO, on the Upper Left, with her "SUN FLOW ERS" on the Upper Left. SUN is about my father's first name of SUNG.

They've built everything to have meaning as Shape of Ass, with numbers "3" and "8" or OO, and Tom Bridges a Gay male dentist is going to bridge them, who has the same birthday as I do 8/13. Josh Wolf did a RADIO show exactly 1 year before this article in March 2008 in BOB RIVERS Show. He talks a lot about SEX on this show and he is holding a Baseball Bat. He talks about Ca LF and C OW, which is about the Cow in my watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES”. R “EYES”. “OO” Eyes, L”OO”king at Young Jung Dung’s MOM. It’s about the direction of Connie Pecoraor’s “Charlie’s Find” with Horizontal “OO” rings, which is in the same direction as the cow on the hill on GR”ASS”. Ca “LF” and C “OW”, WOLF fucking Doggy Style, Young Jung Dung’s ASS. The reason why he drive a GREEN Mini Van, because his likes to RADIO “DOT” CUMMINGS in GR “ASS” like Todd Cummings Cellulit3 Bulb Ass.

CA “LF” C “OW”. CAC is the numbers 313, which is the GAP SPACE numbers. This is about the Video Recording of the “View” of me riding a Rubber Toy. Triangle on 2 sides with a “1” in the middle. It’s Wang and Montgomery’s birthday numbers. Josh Wolf wants this Dubbed Video Recording to have meaning for him and his “WIFEY” on MYSPACE. This is why in the article, the guy is drinking MILK, because ti’s from COW and it’s D”AIR”Y and he is wearing a Bath”ROB”E because he is TH”ROB”BING for Ca LF and C OW, MOTHER “MAR”y “MAR”ia MOM. ARM PAL “OO”.

This is why after he was on the show in March 2008, the name REYES, which has the word “EYES” and means “KING” in Spanish has terrorized me during SUMMER of 2008, while Josh Wolf was busy sucKING, licKING and fucKING caLF and cOW “OO” ASS. The reason why I am constantly followed by Young White Females usually half my age, everywhere I go. They want MY EYES, to be looking at “OO” ASS, Young Jung Dungs. Korean Words, my Name, my Artwork, has no meaning for Fat Cows who come from Good Stock.

They've given the "roles" of my Mother and Father, My Parents Names to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, or Sandra Oh and Brett Bern. While they've been RObbing an RAping my life and Terrorizing me, they've been playing years of Sex Games of TH"RO"bbing and Th"RUS"ting dicks in Big Fat Asses, through Other People's names, Business Names, Street Names, Words, Etc. BA “TH”ROB”E”ye and B RUS “SH” THRUSting jo”SH”.

Psychology says that we marry our Parents, mothers and fathers. I am nothing like my mother and my FATHER would NEVER allow what has happened to my life happen if he was alive. These people have given the role of my father's Identity based on my FAC from 1982 with Neil Diamond from the Jazz Singer who is holding a MIKE on the Upper Left and is JEWISH, to Josh Wolf because he is Jewish and has a big dick. They've given him the role of my "KEY to my SOUL" writings and have given the meaning of LOCK as GoldiLOCK of H"AIR" , for Blonde Hair White Females "White Supremist" to have meaning for AIR Libra Josh Wolf.

Oedipus Complex says boys and men have unconsious repressed sexual attraction towards their Mothers and vice versa for girls. This is connected to Lee Montgomery's movie "The Savage is Loose", when I saw this movie I was about 10 yrs old, and after saw this movie I jumped in a pool and almost drowned. Like the HAIR Nightmare/Dream I had as a child, Tom Cruise likes building on what he thinks might've scared me as a child. This is why in Daniel Ladinsky's poem, he says, "Buy my Ear and drown". I got certified in Scuba Diving in 1997, the reason why Katie Holmes was trying to or got certified in diving after she married Tom, they also went to MALDIVES on their honeymoon. MAL in Korean means 2 things, it means to Talk and it means Horse. Josh Wolf is Hung like a Horse and he Talks for a living as a SUC.

CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary Maria and her Sick looking Son Jesus Christ "Charlie" is about OEDIPUS Complex.

This is the reason why both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh also want my Parents Names, specfically my mother's name to have meaning for them. The same reason why a RELATIVE Related to Tom Cruise Mapother "Mother", name TODD CUM"MIN"NGS bought the property in 20360 Callon Drive, it has to do with Lee Montgomery when he lived there many years ago and he made a Porn Film with a Big Assed Blonde Hair Female. 3 is equivalent to the letter C, and I think there are THREE CUM Shots in this movie.

Three is Lee Montgomery and Tom Cruise's birthday numbers. Mother is MOM and Mom in Korean means Body, and a major web Html Code is "TBODY". Tree Body, Tom Bridges the T is for TAO is Body. AO.

To give the meaning of one's Identity, one's Parents Identities, Soul Work through Art, to another person, build a Reality based on this, whether it's building buildings with specific numbers, naming streets and roads, create business names, etc, and say this is what it is, to Destroy and Sabotage one's life, so someone else can claim and pretend to be their IDENTITY is Deep DENIAL and Delusional Thinking. THIS is what it is.

This kind of Psychological Mind Game with Sex, Names, People's Identities is DANGEROUSLY TRAUMATIZING TO THE PSYCHE.

The PICTURES with this Article, are an INFRINGEMENT of my Watercolor Artworks titled “POINT REYES” with the COW and “EVENING LIGHT” with the SAILBOAT, to have meaning for Connie MARIA Pecoraro, Virgo the MAIDen and JOSH MICCHA WOLF, the SUC Stand UP Comic. They are about the VIDEO RECORDING of me and the “View of my Ass” dubbed with another female’s body, to be Connie Pecoraro, Mother Mary MA”RIA”, d”AIR”y is from Cows “ASS”terisk. It’s about SEX and what Josh Wolf talked about on Bob Rivers RadiO show EXACTLY One year before in March 2008. It’s about my first name signature on BENSON “Sandy*” with an Asterisk, it’s about a NUDE PICTURE of me taken at 20360 Callon Drive, next to the TREE, which was NEVER published anywhere. They want Tom Bridges to “bridge” pictures of me they “SPIED ON” like a SPY”DER”, so that like my Watercolor Artwork and “MY gap SPACE”, can have meaning for these TWO people.

LAZY BOY sitting on a CHAIR, Jesus Christ “CHARLIE”, Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf, DAY Dreaming and Streaming of Fucking and Marrying his Mother Mary Maria Ca LF and C OW, BAR TUCCI ASS. You Fuck a Big YANG Ass in the “DAY”, because “Purple Moon” is YIN as in Night, and it’s Sound of EARth on the Upper Left of HELen Keller IE, NIGHT MAIRE.

They like the word “DAIRY” because it has the Element of “AIR” in it, and part of the name Ma”RIA”, so that “DY” and “SAN” my First name SIGNature on BENSON drawing can have meaning for them. The reason why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University, so that with Josh Wolf’s WIFEY, a book titled by JU “DY” Blume they have my name of “SANDY”, and MY NAME SIGNature can have meaning for their CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary MARIA and Son MICCHA.

I think this Article is a Continuation of what I discovered in 2010, about an RADIO Interview Josh Wolf did in MARCH 2008, on BOB RIVERS Radio Show, EXACTLY ONE year before in MARCH 2008, about CALF and COW “Milk”, D “AIR” Y. Ass Man RIA, MICCHA and MARIA, MARCH is the combination of their names, and also number “3” because it’s about the shape of Hanging CelluLITE BULB BLUBBER ASS. I emailed this article to Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro in MARCH 2009, a month before my PREMEDITATED ARREST.

I did my watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES” in 2005, from pictures I took in Point Reyes NORTH Marin County. There are lots of DAIRY Farms in this area of Northern California. I don’t see a painting of COWS anywhere on Connie Pecoraro’s website.


They like D"AIR"Y, because it's got the syllable of "AIR" and ma"RIA" name going backwards, and with Connie Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from "SAN" Jose University, "DY" makes "SANDY" for my Name Signature on BENSON. Why would you sign your School's name and Tom Bridges Dairy FOOD with Viro Pecoraro, who rules the Digestive System.

Josh Wolf likes the word MARCH because he loves fucking “3” shaped hanging Big Asses, the same reason why he went BASS Big ASS Fishing in MARCH 2010, which is connected to the PICTURE of me on a FISHING TRIP in 1998 with KRISTian Bako who lives in NYC. This magazine publishing company is in NYC. This picture of me has GREEN “BP” sign on the Upper Left, and Josh Wolf is BRITISH PETROLEUM, Blonde Hair BIG BLUBBER ASS Loving JEW. Which is connected to the BP OIL SPILL on 4.20.10, EXACTLY ONE Year from the date of my PREMEDITATED ARREST on 4.20.09 “429” Connections.




“PAIGE” 54, connected to meaning of GeorGE “C” PAGE in Constance Pecoraro’s CathoLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY
created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and MY Name SIGNature on MY Artwork, My Parents Names, MY IDENTITY
meaning of GEORGE C PAGE of Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme
CHRISTina BERN ARD O Birthday of “5/4”

look at “ONE ARM” Image of Pecoraro and LEAF sketch of SUNNY Example 1
connected to, 1 piece Suits next to “PAIGE” Store in MAThemathics of making MONEY


Sandy Wang’s Baby Picture with TONGUE

Summary what this means in December 2012 and WHY PECORARO BRIDGES WOLF OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON


Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1981 and 1982 and NAME SIGNature with “ASTERISK”

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture with BUTTERFLY “HAL”TER TOP Shirt, GREEN BP picture 1998

Sandy Wang’s Artwork “Evening Light” “Point REYES” and BIRD SHIT ON STONES


Sandy Wang and Dave FETTNER who was PIMPED in 2005

T HO MAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13

should be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE

HORN ey Jesus CHRIST wearing a Crown of ROSE THORNS



UN “HANG” in Korean means BAN k

Connie Maria Pecoraro Psycho Mother in the Shower

CONnie Pecoraro who wants to have meaning in my Mother's MAIDEN name through T"OM"ing and SUCS dick for a living


Constance Maria Pecoraro and her friend Mi”CHA” “LAP”Pert and meaning of over LAP ping OO and (l) connected to CEDARS SINAI HOSPital LOGO

Josh Wolf the SUC Stand Up Comic who talks into a MIKE for a living




Brett Bern "Charlie's Find" JC CARpenter Modern Day CONtractor PT SUSSEX Publishing in NYC

“MILK” M “IL” ART and M “IL” BANK connections

Who lives at this house address on MAT IL IJA Ave in SAN “FER”nando Valley ?

KRIST ian Bako 1998 Fishing Trip

WOLFramite Scheelite

CELL U LIT3 BLULBBER through Silence of TH UNDER

BOB Rivers RadiO PERIOD Show MARCH 2008 Josh Wolf LOVES “MATH” and KALFS and KOWS

BASS Fishing in MARCH 2010

Still Licking and Fucking DOT Perio Radio RED on a BOAT PEAR cruise ship ASS

CROW and the WOLF May 2009

GREEN connections

MARA ES “CROW on Ventura Blvd

1137 Second Street Psychology Building in Santa Monica

OAK PARK in Thousand Oaks and STREET NAMES

Connie Pecoraro SUCKING on Facebook

Sandy Wang’s PROPERTY STOLEN at PUBLIC STORAGE in July 2008 a few months AFTER JOSH WOLF on Bob Rivers in MARCH 2008


DYSON Vacuum Cleaners

CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money and BANKS


SO WHY SO SERIOUS? Wanna See a PENCIL Disappear and VANISH?

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