ALEXANDER Ave to Bridgeway Sausalito CA

New “RED BAR” Link at the Bottom, to “LINK” with MY New Website in 2006

A DOOR "Sand Wiched" between Michael Lapperts Ice Cream and Gaymes People PRAY
Connie Pecoraro who drives a "Station Wagon" wants to create as many different meaning of MY Name Initials of "SW" as possible to make my IDENTITY obsolete while this sick WHORE CUNT tries to ROB EVERYTHING about me

Michael Lapperts Ice Cream
Why would Michael Lapperts have an Ice Cream Business in BEVERLY HILLS?
for Beverly Hills "MUN" I C PAL COURT MUN or MOON in Korean means "DOOR" and Sandy Wang’s SSN connections
the theme of "DOORS" and GYM MORRISON has been going on for many years in VENICE Beach, because VENICE is in ITALY, long before I did my Drawings of Jim Morrison in 2007
you WORK OUT at GYMS for "MAR"ia ARM MUScle, for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY FATHER'S IDENTITY through "BIG WANGS"

Dead and Abandoned MARK Isn't That Life?
Kaboom "Slate GREY", Connie Pecoraro couldn't paint like me in a BILLION YEARS
"GREY'S anatomy"

Sand Wich, because the BUSINESS OF FOOD IS HUGE in having MY IDENTITY BE SANDRA OH through words numbers colors on Packages
SUC like a VACUUM Cleaner, SandWich B"RED" Blood filled Hard Dick

CO Clockwork Orange

"ARTISTS LOFT" Upstairs, it isnt a loft, it's an old Victorian Brick building
A DOOR "Sand Wiched" between Michael Lapperts Ice Cream and Gaymes People PRAY

Sandy Wang’s Writings from 1982 “I WAL Y” on Garage “DOOR”

Front DOOR and Back DOOR
meaning of “DOOR” and COM “MUN”ications
ISN’t that Life “?” “Q” ARMA of “SWA” Computer Key meaning
RUSsell “WAS”en “DOR” F in July 2012

The TOP image is of Constance Pecoraro’s “Retail Location” on her website in 2006. All of the LINKS on all of her website pages were on the “UPPER LEFT” for Upper Left meaning. Then after I started creating My Website pages, she created a “RED BAR” at the Bottom of her Website, to “LINK” with MY Website, because this is where I have my “LINKS”. It’s the same sick pattern, as her “No Name Girl”, who’s website was registered in 1998, and it’s always been the same, but since I met her in 2005, her “No Name Girl” has gone through several different names, all according to how she can try to “LINK” herself to MY ARTWORK, to “ROB” MY ARTWORK.

Connie Maria Pecoraro moved to this address because of my NYC address 169 East 91st from 1994-1996.

It’s about a Sex Position, the reason why Connie Pecoraro has a oil painting titled C”OM”Position. It’s also about a VIDEO RECORDING of me in the privacy of my home, when lived at 101 Belvedere Drive, Mill Valley CA from 2000-2002.

They've been secretly watching and Video Taping me in the privacy of my home, and they want my Sexual Experiences to have meaning for these two mentally disturbed gay psychobitches, Pecoraro and Oh.

The Video Recording is of the "Back View of my Ass" and my Wet Vagina. This Video Recording was DUBBED with another female's body, a bigger ass, so that it can be Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro.

RE”TAIL” LOCATION. PEACOCK TAIL. TAIL is the COCCYX, the BOTTOM of the Spine. Astrological sign of LEO rules the Heart, Bank and Spine, and TOM Bridges who is a Leo with the same birthday as me is going to bridge this Video Recording and my Sexual Experiences so it can be Connie Pecoraro.

COCCYX sounds like COCK. SIX. SEX. IE.

I sounds like Eye and it’s about the meaning of the “E”ye inside the “O” of the Magnifying Glass from my PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME of Benson Dubois from 1982 and the meaning of MY NAME SIGNATURE. I’ve been SIGNing my Name Signature which Flips around like a “TAIL” for 3 decades since I first created it.

The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CH=OO RIST has “OO” rings around his eyes.

COCK SUCKER and O MER. TA are two words used in a lawsuit filed by a person name Michael Davis Sapir for Tom Cruise. It’s connected to the word “MER” and TAO. Tom Bridges the TAO is the WAY with Virgo MAIDEN Connie Pecoraro, AS IF she did my FAC of PENCIL Drawings connected to MERMAID House and 20360 Callon Drive in TOPANGA. RE TAIL LOC ASHION, TAIL like a MERMAID. EN. Connie Pecoraro who wants the Writings I wrote about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my SOUL” to have been written by her, if KEY is Penis, then LOCK must be Vagina.

BANG”KOK” is in THAILAND. JOSH WOLF who had a son name JACOB with a BANGKOK THAI Female, connected to huge GREEN connections of MY Leadership Training in 1997 LP “173” the birthday numbers of his son Jacob 3/17 is St. PATRICKS Day, the reason why I met Connie Pecoraro at her DENtist PATRICK Lee on Cale”DON”ia Street in Sausalito in 2005.

CO nnie PeCOraro likes the word peaCOCK and does paintings of Peacocks because she wants to SUC “SUC” Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf’s COCK, who had a boy name Jacob by Banging his KOK in a THAI female name TARA who is from BANGKOK, and also because she wants MY “John Hancock” Name SIGNature on Benson Drawing from 1982 to have been done by her. Connie likes Cock because a peaCOCK is a BIRD, and ThoMAS CHRISTopher “BRID”ges BIRDS on BRIDGEway. It’s connected to a Business on ROBERTSON BLVD and ROSEWOOD Ave in Beverly Hills called CHRISTOPHER PEACOCK Cabinetry. They’ve been building BUSINESSES with her OIL Artwork for many years. And in the last few recent years, building businesses based on MY ARTWORK to have meaning for this sick PSYCHOBITCH.

Coccyx is the Bone you SIT on. This is related to a book titled "SEAT of the SOUL" by Gary Zukav. The reason why Connie Pecoraro had the names Sargent GARY Lee and Joan Wood on her website. The same reason why Sandra OH's TV show is called "Grey's Anatomy", Gray is a anagramof Gary. Gary In"DIANA" is also the birthplace of Michael Jackson.

Connie Pecoraro wants the word CH"AIR" and any word with AIR syllable, like HAIR and STAIRS, to have meaning for her middle name of Ma"RIA" backwards because you Sit on a CH"AIR" on your Ass, and she wants the title of this book, "SEAT of the SOUL" to be about her Ass and for the MEANING of SOUL MATES to be about her ass. Her Cracked and Dry Italian Ass, the reason why they dubbed the Video Recording of my Ass, so it can be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

It’s connected to Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro who wants my CATHOLIC High School classmate GLO”RIA” CATherine Lee who is a “AIR” Gemini to have meaning for her middle name “Going backwards” because of “’AIR” Libra Josh Miccha Wolf who is Jesus Christ “OO” Horney for his Mother’s OIL Ass bridged by Ear Sound of LEO ThoMAS CHRISToper Bridges, based on my childhood CHRISTMAS picture. She wants her ZIP CODE of 94965 backwards to have meaning through Gloria Lee’s birthday of “5/29”. Whats Left? 64. Six Four. Six Sex, FOUR meaning of “OU” as in WOLFramite and Scheelite.

The name ZUKAV is the reason why Connnie Pecoraro had "ZURBart" on her website. The letter "Z" is about Hori"Z"ontal as in Broad and Wide. The reason why she had Horizontal Stripes as the background of her website pages. ZU "KAV" is about Tom Bridges who is suppose to bridge Connie Pecoraro by Filling CAVities. KAV. Fill a Hole, what kind of a hole? Anal, Vaginal or Oral. Tom Bridges Gays and Lesbians through MOUTHS.

Coccyx is related to COurteney COX who named her daughter COCO and it's about "CO"nnie Pe"CO"raro. It’s connected to the KOREAN WORD “KO” or “CO” which means NOSE, and through this word, they want Jesus Christ the SON “E”yes of “OO” to be horny for ASS BACKwards.

Carl JUNG “CO”ined the term Synchronicity and Copper Penny “CP” is a COIN, for Air Libra Metal of COPPER Josh Wolf aka Jesus Christ wearing CROWN of Rose Thorns at the ROLEX Building. Connected to PENNY Drive next to Callon Drive in TOPANGA.

Sand Wiched in between “GAMES PEOPLE PLAY”.

RETAIL “LOC” A “SH”ION is about any Animal with a LONG “TAIL”, like a Dragon, or a SNAKE. It’s about my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON Robert Guillaume “SANDY*” with a Long “Y” going backwards. Because this SIGNature has the Asterisk Key symbol which is number 8, they want the “OO” Horizontal 8 to be Shape of ASS, the reason why . COBRA SNAKE. COnnie and LiBRA Wolf who both want KOREAN WORDS and childhood pictures of me to have meaning for them because they were Powerfully Synchronistic. SAN “KE”. Cobra Snake’s Tail, the WIDE HEAD of JOSH WOLF’S HOR DICK, fucking a “LOC” Ass of “OO” “SH” ION “Ocean” Avenue Mother Mary Brothel Whores in Santa Monica in their CATHOLIC C”HUR”CH Theme. This is why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University which is a FRAUD. With Josh Wolf has his “WIFEY” on his Myspace page, which is a book title by JUDY BLUME. With “SAN” and “DY” they have my first name Signature. Why would you SIGN your School’s Name on a piece of Artwork you did. “LOC” is about the Writings I wrote “Key to my Soul”. If Key is Penis, the LOCK must be Vagina. Connie Pecoraro PSYCHO WHORE CUNT, wants my Writings and MY ARTWORK to have been done by her and to have meaning for her.

An author by the name of CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI wrote the “ERAGON” Series, Guide to Alagaesia. This is part of a Secret Underworld Organization of peple, creating through Other People’s NAMES for MY POWERFUL FAC from 1982 and EVERYTHING about MY IDENTITY to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro “CP”, and her Catholic Church theme of Mother Mary and Jesus “CHRIST”. It’s about the word “EAR” because Connie Pecoraro is a EARth Virgo ON Brid “GE” Way. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus Christ on BRIDGEWAY. Dragon BREATHES FIRE AIR.

Connie Pecoraro wants LEO FIRE Element to have meaning for her because Virgo Stone is Ear Sound of SapPHIRE. She wants the Element of AIR to have meaning for her middle name of MA”RIA” so it can have meaning for ARI LIBRA Josh Wolf, Jesus CHRIST the SON. “ERA” is a PERIOD in History. Period is a “DOT”. Eye “RA” “G” ON, built Left to Right. The very fancy cover designs of this book in the Shape of a DIAMOND with a RED RUBY in the middle is about The Picture of me and the black girl taken in the Shape of a Diamond and my Pen ink drawing of Neil DIAMOND. RUBY is the Stone for LEO, the color of Blood, that fills an engorged dick. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges his LEO Identity and Birthday numbers with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway. Josh Wolf drives a Green Mini Van with Licnese plate “KCP”. The name PAOLINI is an Italian Name, and it’s about Perfect Ass OIL “i”, sounds like EYE of “OO” Jesus Christ. It’s why Connie Pecoraro does OIL and GLASS Artwork, for OIL BLUBBER ASS.

When you remove a Parasite from it’s Host, it Flagellates and the Whip of the Tail hits the hardest.

The Element of FIRE is connected to MY WEBSITE HTML CODE for “LINKS” which is ” < a h r f “ and they want this Code to have meaning for “ASS FIRE “HER” which is about the FUSE BOX that exploded during my VIDEO RECORDING which this Deeply Disturbed Sick Bitch wants MY BODY and Wet Vagina to be hers. This is why this sick psychobitch is wearing “LAVENDER” Color shirt on her Facebook page with lots of HOR HOLES, so that she can LINK herself to the COLOR of my LAVENDER LINKS. SICK PARASITES HAVE LONG TAILS TOO, IT TENDS TO FLAGELLATE WHEN YOU REMOVE IT FROM THE HOST.

Whenever you want to see the Html Codes of any Website Page, to go View on your Task Bar and then click on Source.

My Writings from 1982, "KEY to my Soul", if Key is Penis, Lock must be Vagina. While they Break my LOCK, for my LOCK painting on my Abstract page to have meaning for them, for Psycho SANDRA OH CONNIE PECORARO, LOCO in Spanish is CRAZY, Sand"RA" Oh, "Z" HoriZontal eyes of Jesus CHRIST "OO", the reason why she's CRISTina Yang connected to the name CHOi Yong in MY FATHER'S MUSIC BAND PICTURE from the 50's "Morning Stars", for MY FATHER to be her father. Like the "CY" Cadmium Yellow color shirt in my childhood picture with my Father to BE HER. LO CO, CO in Korean means NOS "E" and through this word, the want Connie Pecoraro's Jesus Christ the SON "E"yes, to be l "OO" king at LOwer Body BACKwards to be Form of ASS, in the "CO" Oedipus Complex sex gaym. 3AR sound of LOCK "OH" CRAZY PSYCHOBITCH, who should be LOCKED in Prison.


“Games People Play” is a song title by Music Band “Alan Parson’s Project”, aka “ANAL” PARSONS Project in T “HO”MAS CHRIST OPHER BRIDGES ( Fag Dentist in SF ) “bridges” the Golden Gate BRIDGE with Psycho Cunt Constance Pecoraro on BridgeWay SausalitO and Psycho Actress SANDRA OH. .

Astrology sign of LEO and meaning of GOLD metal

Sandy Wang 407 E. 87 st. NYC 1998 “OO” GOLD CLOCK

Sandy Wang 169 East 91st St, NYC 1996

Sandy Wang 101 Belvedere Drive, Mill Valley CA 2000

Sandy Wang’s X rated Dubbed Video Recording

Eye in the “SKY” and Games People Play by ANAL Parsons Project 1982

the OS “TEO” TAO of BONE Connections



Architecture of Beverly Hills Library and City Hall

Key "HOLE" is a SPACE Connections

Front Door and Back Door “Gold FRAME”

Tom C Bridges “8/13/72”


Upper Left Connections

CATholic Church Theme

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress Glo”RIA” CATherine Lee and My High School classmates from St. VINCENT FERRER

707 Bridgeway 2009

Sandra Oh Chink doctor CRISTina Yang "GREY'S Anatomy"

Sandy Wang in Black Lace dress and GRACE Navas from ST. Vincent Ferrer All Girls Catholic high school

It’s so Black it’s Blue



“MH” Make it Happen JOSH WOLF who loves to BANG his KOK

Michael Davis Sapir and TOM CRUISE

Christopher Paolini’s “ERAGON”

PARASITE Connie Pecoraro

RA Couples Group Divorce October 2010

meaning of “IE”

meaning of “OU” in WOLFramite Sheelite What’s Missing “A” is for ASS

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