Robert M. Amparan Emails




“Restraining Order” and “Acknowledgement of Receipt. RO AR, Peco “RARO” Psycho, who thinks MY SIGN of LEO has meaning for her, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same Birthday as me of 8/13. Metal of LEO is GOLD, and this sociopath fag Bridges a DISTURBED SICK PSYCHO Constance Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGE”WAY” Sausalito, over the “GOLD”en GATE BRIDGE.


Tom Bridges lawyer in San Francisco ROBERT AM “PARA”N and the name BEN in this Email.

This is connected to MY Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982 of BENSON DUBOIS connected to the movie “BEN” from 1972. AS IF Sandra Oh was MY IDENTITY, AS IF she DREW my drawings from 1982, and MY Father and his music band “Morning Stars” Morning is “AM”, has meaning for JOSH WOLF of “PARA”llel Entertainment and Sandra Oh who is a “STAR” on “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show.

My Abstract page Artwork titled "Transparent Birthmark". "TB". I have a BIRTH MARK on my Right Wrist. I did these pieces of ARTWORK from PICTURES of me, but since you can't see my face, they want these pictures and Artwork to be someone else.

I am Right Handed and MY HANDS did the ARTWORK on BENSON Dubois ROBERT Guillaume drawing. They want "TB" Tom Bridges a Sociopath Lying Fag to Bridge Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEway and Sandra Oh on her TV Show for my "TRANSPARENT BIRTHMARK" to have meaning for them. FOOT and "ASS" make Asian Female, the reason why I have all kinds of CHINK PUSSIES Following me with this SAME HAIRCUT as these Artworkk. They should Turn Around and let me see their TITS and FACES.

I specifically didn't draw or paint MY FACE even though these Art pieces were done from Pictures of me, because I wanted the "Artwork" to be Universally appealing. Since you can't SEE the FACE in my Abstract "Transparent Birthmarks", they PIMP all kinds of females with the same HAIRCUT, to have meaning in MY Pictures and MY Artwork. They are all Gay Bitches licking SANDRA OH's Pussy.

It's about Tom Bridges MY ENTIRE LIFE with a sick disturbed Gay Psycobitch SNDARA OH dreaming of licking my vagina since the day I was BORN.

April 1999, April 2009. HANDS ARTWORK. HAND CUFFS. goes on RIST of C RIST INA Yang, A Mentally Disturbed Sick ACTRESS SANDRA PATricia OH, who is a SOCIOPATH. If this sick Disturbed ACTRESS PARASITE doesn't have a Birthmark on her WRIST, and can't SIGN my NAME Signature TEN times in a ROW Continuously, SANDRA OH needs to be locked up in PRISON.

BEN PRINCE is the name of the person who sent me these emails, not Robert Amparan.

This was about Tom Bridges "8/13/72" who wants MY IDENTITY and MY BIRTHDATE of "8/13/69" to BE Sick Actress SANDRA OH. It's about the movie BEN with Lee Montgomery, my drawing of BENSON, of ROBERT Guillaume from 1982. This is about creating Documents on the Specific Date of MY BIRTHDAY, like Connie Pecoraro’s Fraud “RO” Restraining Order, so that it looks as if I am “crazy”, when Sick DISTURBED SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORARO are the sick PSYCHOBITCHES dreaming they had meaning in my Name SIGNatures, my SIGN of Leo, MY Pictures, MY Birthday numbers and MY ARTWORK. This was about Tom Bridges bridging all of the above and MY PARENTS Names.

This is CONSISTENT with every FRAUD DOCUMENT created in My name, through the RAPING of my life, they create new meaning for SANDRA OH to BE MY Identity and for MY Artwork to have been done by her.

This is CONSISTENT with Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills and BH Police in PREMEDITATED Arrest and Wrongful Detainment of me LA County Jail in 2009 and Repeating Numbers of "429". It's all connected to Tom Bridges MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK and EVERYTHING about me with this sick Gay Psycobitch IDENTITY THIEF SANDRA OH.

APA in Korean means Father. The name AMAPARAN is about the names of MY PARENTS. Through other people's names like this, SandRA Oh wants my Parents names to have meaning for her. This person is using a "G"Mail address and not a legal law firm address.

ROBERT AMAPARAN is about the meaning of my drawing of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT Borden High School AFTER I did this drawing in 1982.

ROBERT AMPA RAN is about ROBERT “SON” blvd and “RAN” gel y in West Hollywood and EVERYTHING they’ve built, connected to CHRISTOPHER PEACOCK is a BIRD, like THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BIRD ges, Bird “GE” Way Sausalito.

It’s about Tom Bridges gay male DENtist, bridges CALE”DON”IA Street in Sausalito with Sushi “RAN” through the name AMPA “RAN” with Patrick Lee, Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Dentist, where I met her in 2005. For CATHOLICK MAThematics of making MONEY. DON in Korean means MONEY connected to MADONNA, Mother Louise CiCCONE and Mother MARY Statue in Santa Monica.


Sandra Oh has been wanting my FATHER'S NAME and Identity to be HER Father for many years. This is connected to a person name Josh Wolf who is a Comedian and his agency is called "PARA"LLEL Entertainment "PE". When you take "RA" and "PE" = RAPE. Tom Bridges Robert AM “PARAN” my “TB” “Trans PARENT Birthmark” Artwork on my ABSTRACT Page. This is why on Western Avenue, in Korean Town Los Angeles, there is a BIRTHING Center connected to this.

The name of the lawyer is ROBERT Amparan, and this is about Sand"RA" Oh and Connie Peco"RA"ro who both want the drawing I did of BENSON, of ROBERT Guillaume to have been done by them.

The name AMPARAN is about about separating the syllable of AMPA and "RAN". APA means Father in Korean Language, and "M" is for Montgomery. The reason for separating is about the Color "ORANGE". Sandra Oh wants a picture of me and my father with a Fruit Basket of Oranges and of the Orange color shirt I am wearing to be her. She wants MY IDENTITY to BE HER, through attaching herself to other people's names. She wants my Name SIGNature on BENSON drawing to have meaning for her through the word B aske T TB Tom Bridges name initials backwards.

AM PARAN, Paran SOUNDS like PARENT. AM is MORNING, and this is about having MY FATHER’S Music Band “MORNING Stars” to have meaning for Josh Wolf as “MY FATHER” and for him to have meaning for Sick Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH.

AM “PARA”N, JOSH WOLF of “PARAllel Entertainment” in the CROWN of ROLEX Building. They want Josh Wolf to have meaning in MY FATHER’S Identity, while the RAPE MY LIFE, so that Sandra Oh can be MY IDENTITY.

PARENT is about the word Parenthesis, which is about what I wrote on my DMV application for my Vanity License Plate of “SWWC”, for Sandy Wang West Coast and ( Sandy Wang Water Color ). My life is being Repeatedly Raped, and they want MY PARENTS to be bridged by Tom Bridges for their Catholic Church theme of Mother Mary and Horny Jesus Christ.

In 2008 and 2009 there were many businesses, including GAP (RED) and STARBUCKS with Parenthesis in their products. This was about Tom Bridges my Parents, My Father and Mother. I don’t fucking exist.

AMP”ARAN” is about AMP is SOUND as in “3AR”, for EAR Sound of words, for DANIEL LADINSKY’S poem “The EAR that was sold to a fish”. It’s about “GOING BACKWARDS” with NARA “BAN”K, because NAB or NABE in Korean is Butterfly, connected to Tom Bridges BUTLER to the Governor, with examining attorney name Midge BUTLER at USPTO of WANG’S Powerful MARK. BUTTERFLY is about MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES of me standing on the Mountains in Korea with a Butterfly HALTER TOP shirt. They want this picture, like all MY CHILDHOOD pictures to BE SANDRA OH, Psycho Actress.

The address of 861 is about the number, the Date of the portrait drawing I did of Lee Montgomery in 8/06. This is big in Financial District of San Francisco, because of the street name MONTGOMERY. Sandra Oh wants my FAC from 1982, my IDENTITY, and Lee Montgomery go have meaning for her.

O sounds like "OH" and "GE" in Korean means "Rats and Mice". Rats spelled backwards is "STAR". Sandra Oh a "GE", wants to be the artist who signed the name "SANDY*" on BENSON, of ROBERT GUILLAUME, because it's about the movie BEN and my FAC from 1982.

They wanted me to show up in court on “8/13” in San Francisco, from where I am in Los Angeles. ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, which is a SICK REPEATING PATTERN.

The “RAN” syllable in his name is about the word RAN”CHO”. This is a very common word written in many Historical book on California, and through this word, they want EVERYTHING about Me, My Artwork and My Father’s identity to have meaning for Sandra OH.

Ampa RAN is about a street in Beverly Hills called DU “RAN”T next to LA”SKY”, next to SCIENTOLOGY Center of Beverly Hills around the corner from PENINSULA HOTEL. “HO”tels around the WORLD are infringing on MY IDENTITY, ARTWORK and VIDEO RECORDING, to have meaning for, BE, and to have been DONE by Sandra “OH”. It’s about DENial LADinSKY and my name SIGNature on drawing of BENSON “DU”Bois from 1982. The reason why I was arrested because of Mercedes BENz by a Beverly Hills police officer name “DU” FOUR on “4/20/09”, My Father’s birthday is 6/29/29.

This was about THO MAS CHRIST ofir Bridges my Childhood CHRIST MAS picture with Connie Pecoraro’s CAThOLIC Church theme with JOSH WOLF as HOR DIK JESUS CHRIST, and Doctor CRISTina Yang, Sandra Oh on TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” with the “RA” Group in NYC. Larry ROSEnthal is in a Dental Practice with a TOM BRIDGES lookalike in NYC, it’s why Connie Pecoraro has NYC Composition next to Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”, because it’s about David “ROSEN” BLOOM who is a patient at Larry ROSEN thal’s office. David Rosenbloom is Brett Bern’s friend and in the Business of REAL ESTATE, the reason why Chinks are involved in robbing my Identity through Tom Bridges birthday numbers which is MY Birthday numbers through combining with Other People’s names like Penny MOY who is Chinese and talks with a Chinese Accent.

“RA” his name initials were about my Toyota “RA” V4L. They want my SUV, to have meaning for SAND”RA” Oh, Vagina Lips, when she claimed herself as PUSSY who likes other Pussies in 1999. What I wrote here IS the REASON why my Arrest in April 2009 was PREMEDITATED. They’ve been building on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC church theme for many years. My arrest is connected to Mercedes "BEN"z of Beverly Hills.

It's about Tom Cruise, it's about Katie Holmes and ART"HUR" Miller's "All My SONS". Mercedes BENz + SON = BENSON DU BOIS, the BUTLER to the Governor, my drawing from 1982, the reason why in 2007, the Examing Attorney for my Registered Trademark was name Midge BUTLER. They’ve been robbing through attaching other people’s name to my life for many years, and robbing me through FRAUD DOCUMENTS, while they want MY LIFE to have meaning for someone else.

This is another perfect example of how they've been terrorizing me for years. Tom Bridges should not only get his License to practice Dentistry revoked, but he should SERVE PRISON TIME. Maybe Capital Punishment.

ROBERT, Tom Bridges gay male “DEN”tist bridges my Drawing of ROBERT GUIllame with Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ the “SON” on ROBERT “SON” Blvd, with Presi”DEN”t Barack Obama. The REASON why I was Set up with Mercedes BENz. BEN + SON = BENSON.