RON nie CHA sen Murder 11/16/10


Mickey Mouse Club

Stanl”EY” TUCCI “rimes” with FLOW er TUCCI
PORN Actress Actor names and Porn Sites
BAL in Korean means FOOT and SHIN BAL in Korean means SHO es

BAL connections

BAL d mother fuckers are about SANDRA OH and her TV show, for no H”AIR” Backwards
for BALding JOSH WOLF who talks for a living with FOOT BAL, as Jesus Christ and his HOR DICK
WRIST connections

Constance Maria Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST was a J”OO”
the EYES "OO" have it next to STANLEY'S on MATilija Avenue in San PORNando Valley

ET "Z" JACOB Congregation on STANELY Street

BALD and meaning of “AIR” H”AIR”

Why NO HAIR like through BL”ON”de and D”AR”K H”AIR”


RON connections
LA J olla, what’s missing? I sounds like Eyes, and OO HC go on RISTS

Sunset blvd and Whittier "SW", this is the intersection, on the other side where Ronnie "CHA"sen was murdered and her MERCEDE BENZ "CAR" found


On November 16, 2010 RONNIE CHASEN, who is a “PU”blicist went to the “PREMIERE” for the release of “BULESQUE” movie at GRAUMAN’s Chinese Theatre and walked on the RED “CAR” “PET” and then to a “ROOF”TOP party at the “W” Hotel in Hollwood. She was shot 4 or 5 times in the Chest near her home in Beverly Hills on Sunset Blvd and Whittier Drive while she was driving in her MERCEDES BENZ “E350” CAR. This area is very quiet at night with upscale residential homes all around, and the least likely place for something like this to happen. I think it was someone who knew her and knew her well.

This was a very highly publicized Murder case, there were TV News channel stations at Beverly Hills Police Station trying to get answers. One of the news people asked me about it and I told them the TRUTH, that it was connected to something that was going on MY LIFE, with Stars and Celebrities in Hollywood. That it's connected to TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER and "Charlie's Find" Jesus Christ Artist Connie Pecoraro, and I gave them my Website Address. They aired this on the local news and someone told me they saw me.

This intersection where she was shot has a park name The MALTZ Park, which is about the Korean word MAL which means Two thinks, to TALK and HORSE, connected to JOSH WOLF who TALKS for a living as a SUC Stand Up Comedian and Sandra "OH" who thinks MY Artwork of HOrses has meaning for her. The Z is about the word Hori'Z'onTAL, as in Connie Pecoraro's Jesus Christ eyes of "OO", as opposed to "8" Vertical Eight. This intersection also happens to be less than a mile from where Mi”CHA”el Jackson died on “CAR”olwood Drive. You can Mapquest it.

Sunset and Whittier, "SW" is MY Name initials, and they've been combining with Sandra "OH" AS IF SHE was MY IDENTITY and the X Rated Video Recording of ME was HER, for her TV "SHOW" Greys' Anatomy. The street name next to Whittier Drive is GREENWay Drive. White and Green, as in GREEN Dress picture of me with Gloria Lee who is wearing a WHITE Dress, for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH. The reason why they built the GREEN Building at Pacific Design Center in the late 80’s connected to all the GREENs from MY LIFE.

InterSEX "SH" ion in Bev3ARly Hills and Sound of words. This is connected to INTERSECTIONS and "CORN"ER Businesses on Specific Streets in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles and the State of California. In T HO MAS CHRISTopher Bridges CATHOLICK theme of Connie Pecoraro's OIL Artwork, in MAThemathics of are you "PI"ous and horney to make money.

It's a MONSTER "CHARLES PONZI" PYRAMID SCHEME connected to having MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to BE SANDRA OH AS IF she Drew my Drawings and painting my WATERcolor Artwork. AS IF she was my Wet Vagina in the X rated Video Recording of me from 2000, the reason why they created MY, connected to SOLAR SYSTEM and NASA and SANDY WANG, MY ARTWORK.

The word PREMIERE is about the sound of Pre Me “EAR”, as in EARth Virgo Connie Pecoraro. Josh Wolf has been in Conspiracy with Connie Pecoraro for many years so that THROUGH her Oil paintings of Jesus CHRIST and Mother Mary, they can have meaning in my FAC from 1982 and my first name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, Robert Guillaume. It’s connected to the poem by DENial Ladinsky in his book “The Gift” and poem “The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish”, the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me.

The word PREMIERE is about PREMIERE Properties of HAR”WOOD” International REAL ESTATE company that manages the ROLEX Building where Josh Wolf’s agency “Parallel Entertainment” is, aka Hor Dik “JESUS CHRIST” with CROWN of Thorns. Connected to Tiger WOODS of GOLF “Rimes” with WOLF, licking fucking Hor Cunts for SHONDA “RIMES” and Sandra OH TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Ronnie CHAsen. RC. “PU”blicist. CHA in Korean means Car and Tea.

Ronnie Chasen, “RC” ROY “CHER”NUS the JUDGE who was set up in my Mill Valley case and he allowed my Rent and Deposit Money to be robbed by Gor”DON” Mac”DON”ald in 2006. Trying to change the meaning of Tom Bridges RECTUM HOLES with Jesus CHRIST, through “CHER” SONNY Bono’s ex wife.

This is connected to “RC” R= 18 C= 3, my birthday numbers of “8/13”. ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me, bridges Connie Pecoraro, who MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for her Jesus Christ aka JOSH WOLF. The Rolex Building where Josh Wolf’s Agency is, is on Wilshire Blvd between REEVES and CANON. “RC”.

Its’ about Tom Bridges MY WET VAGINA in the X Rated Video Recording of me, to BE Connie Pecoraro and for her sick Jesus Christ to have meaning in this video AND my Watercolor Artwork. It’s why it’s starring CHER and “CHRIST”ina and it’s titled “BUR”leque, because it’s about MY “RUB”ber Toy and ME Masterbating. TOM BRIDGES, a sick Disturbed Lying SOCIOPATH “bridges” everything about me and MY IDENTITY because he has the same birthday as me. The TALENTED “TOM” RIPLEY.

She was murdered on this date because of the GREEN Connections of Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro, their biggest supporter and LEADER being Tom Cruise Mapother and Katie Holmes. GREEN is about my Korean Passport, my Korean name and the Expiration Date of “1/16” 10/19 is Josh Wolf’s birthday and 9/1 is Connie Pecoraro’s birthday. 9/11 has the same numbers as 11/16 upside down.

Upside Down has to do with the YEAR I was born in of 19 “69”. It’s about my Federally Registered Trademark which can be seen Upside Down and FOUR Ways. It’s a ONE Line drawing and it’s a “OM” symbol, YR ONE of Lee MontgomeRY. The reason why on “4/20/09” I was arrested by a BH Police officer name DU “FOUR”, so that they can have meaning in my Artwork and my Trademark. “9420” Wilshire Blvd, Rolex Building address, repeating numbers that has terrorized my life.

MY FATHER’S Birthday is 6/29/29.

This is connected to MERCEDES BENZ setting me up with PREMEDITATED ARREST on “4/20/09”, when I was WRONGFULLY HELD CAPTIVE in LA COUNTY JAIL for “FIV E” months and I spent my 40th Birthday in Jail when I should’ve been released the next day. This is connected to a Rental Car “RC” I rented from Enterprise in July 2010 and I was Wrongfully Arrested on my 41st Birthday. This is connected to PU blic Defenders names in Beverly Hills Court. It’s connected to a Public Defender name “SHO”krian and it’s connected to Detective LIGHT”FOOT” who arrested me, and the meaning of MY ARTWORK, to have been DONE by and to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through other people’s names.

This is a REPEATING very disturbing PATTERN with the Beverly Hills LAPD and the Court System. The PU blic Defender from my “4/20/09” Arrest was name LOUIS SHAPIRO and because of this CROOKED Lawyer, I was WRONGFULLY HELD CAPTIVE in LA County Jail when I should’ve been released the next day. The Detective’s name for this was “SHO”rt. During these Five Months I had my Dog Jack and ALL MY ARTWORK STOLEN and I am still looking for it a year later.

It’s the same for specific BUSINESSES who want my Identity and Artwork to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, through “OM”ing with Other People’s names. Like Enterprise Car Rental giving me specific cars with specific License Plates.

Mercedes BENZ “car model” numbers and letters on the back of their cars, and all other car companies, is connected what I’ve been writing about, they are “CODES”. The “GL” on Mercedes BENz may be about the “engine size”, but it’s about “GLORIA LEE”, who I went to grammar school and high school with. Glo”RIA” CATherine Lee’s identity is important because it is connected to Sandra Oh who wants MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for Her, THROUGH Gloria Lee 5/29/69 Air Gemini because we grew up in the same neighborhood, and she wants the element of “AiR” GEMINI to have meaning for so that AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF can have meaning for her.

This is why Mercedes BENz came out with their SUV called “BLUE TECH” which is about Tom Bridges name initials backwards, and BLUE is about Jesus Christ BLOO Eyes, and TECH is about the College I went to in Brooklyn, NYC “TECH”nical College. The ADDRESS of NYC TECH college is “300” Jay Street, the SAME Numbers on the CHRISTMAS TREE childhood picture of me with my dog Frenchy and my Mother, which is what Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of her Jesus Christ is based on.

It’s connected to my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison who is also a AIR Gemini, and Sandra Oh, through Tom Bridges wants MY First boyfriend to have meaning for her, especially the picture of me and Stephen in front of the Brooklyn BRIDGE. It’s why I was SET UP on “4/20/09”, so that through me being “Arrested” because of Mercedes “BEN”z, and with Jesus CHRIST the “SON” aka JOSH WOLF of “942”0 Wilshire Blvd ROLEX Building, can have meaning for CRISTina Yang on “Greys’ Anatomy”, she can pretend she Drew the Drawing and Signed My Name SIGNature on the drawing I did of BENSON Dubois in 1982.

Maybe she was Shot “FIVE” times because I was Wrongfully Detained in Jail for 5 months.

The “E350” is about E is for Eye, and 350 is about the numbers “35” which looks like the SANSKRIT symbol. They’ve been building on this for many years. The meaning of what this means is explained in more detail on Josh Wolf’s page.

She went to a “ROOF” TOP Party at the “W” Hotel in Hollywood. This is about pictures of JOSH WOLF who is Jumping on the ROOF. W Hotel is about “WH” as in West Hollywood, where I was HIT BY A CAR because I was being Stalked, and the names of the people who hit me are connected to SANDRA OH who is a “GE” a “star” and JOSH WOLF.

I not only spent 5 long months Wrongfully Held in Jail, but I had MY OWN SUV STOLEN, ALL MY ARTWORK STOLEN, MY DOG STOLEN. All my problems have been because of “CAR” issues.

RC, is about sound of “C” SEE “R” ART. It’s about “ROLEX” Building between “RC” Reeves and Canon street names in Beverly Hills, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie, who’s agency is in the CROWN of ROLEX Building.

The investigators say that one of the Bullets are a "HOLLOW-POINT" Bullet, which is a type of bullet that can expand when it enters the body, doing more harm. If this is indeed correct, the people who Shot her, definitely knew what they were doing, and knew about Sandra "OH" Dr. "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" and Josh "WOL"f aka Connie Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST, the REASON for the RAPING of my LIFE.

HP. Hewlett "PAC" kARD, to be connected to P"C"H, Pacific Coast Highway in "MAL"libu, so that Tom Bridges can BRIDGE the meaning of my Artwork with their CATHOLIC Church Theme of OIL paintings. PCH where my SUV CAR was taken to after it was Towed in 2009 with all MY ARTWORK inside it. PCH, PACific Coast Highway has several different meanings and many important connections, one of the main ones being JORAN VAN DER SLOOT.

The word PACk”ARD” is connected to meaning of PAC hyderm, and name of RICH”ARD” BACH, sound of “BACK”, in Going BACKwards, for SAN”DRA” OH is My “NIK” Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ARTWORK from 1981, Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume, BENSON DUBOIS, the BUTLER to the Governor, “THROUGH” the WORDS of BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”, “NIK” name of RICH”ARD” is “DIK”, for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF AIR Libra sign which rules the “KID”Ne “Y’S”. Kidneys is “ANATOMY”, connected to SANDRA OH on “GREYS ANATOMY”. These two have been a TEAM for 3 decades, in ROBBING the meaning of MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY. It’s been going on for 3 DECADES.

This has been going on for many years, BRETT BERN the sick Sociopath who I dated for 2 weeks in 1997, and in 1999 had me Falsely Arrested, is still connected to PIMPING SANDRA OH because he's been in LOVE with SANDRA OH for many years and supports his Mother Connie MARIA Pecoraro and their Catholic C"HER"CH Theme of Jesus Christ was a JEW. He's been attaching himself because of Josh Wolf's agency address is 9420 Wilshire Blvd "ROLEX BUILDING", Repeating Numbers that has TERRORIZED me for many years, which is Brett Bern's Birthday Backwards. Tom Bridges address of "360" P"OS"T Street is Brett Bern's YEAR Backwards. Everything about THEIR GAYM, of Tom Bridges "Backwards" EAR Sound of OIL and LEO with Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF, is a PERFECT FIT for BRETT BERN. TOO JOOS BOWEL LICKING and MAT HE MAT Hics of are you "PI"ous to continue RAPING Sandy Wang's Life.

Because Brett Bern "FITS" SANDRA OH "Going Backwards", there are many people who are AGAINST Jeannie BERNARDO LEO OIL ASS Fucking BERN who is a PERFECT MATCH with SANDRA OH, and they don't want this to happen. It's about "FATHER", and they want this word to be about FAT "ASS" Her as in OIL BLUBBER and Brett Bern's Father's name is "RON BERN" and he wrote a book called "GONE FISHING". Connected to DENial Ladin"SKY"s poem "The EAR That Was Sold to a FISH" is a Perfect Match for them. MY ARTWORK ALL STOLEN and SANDRA OH disturbed sick actress who wants MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her and for this poem.

It’s TOM BRIDGES TOO RAPING SICK JOOS, BRETT BERN 4.1999, and JOSH WOLF 4.2009 in EXACT “TEN” YEARS of RAPING MY LIFE, for their sick psychobitch CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO’S CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK connected to TWO SICK BERN ARDO SISTERS, CHRISTINA and JEANNIE, “CJ” Jesus CHRIST was a JEW. B “LAC” K S”KIN”, “NIK” of ROBERT is “BOB”, CAL LON Drive 20”360”. T “HOME ASS” BRIDGES at 360 POST Street BRIDGES TOO JOOS RECTUM FUCKING Going Backwards, through GAYS Anatomy. “R” = “18”. It’s about “BEN”son DUBOIS, BUTLER to the Governor.

On December 2, 2010 a person by the name of HAROLD MARTIN SMITH who was a potential “SUSPECT” was being questioned by the LAPD about her Murder, and instead of raising his hands, he raised a Gun and shot himself in the head. He lived on HARVEY Apts on Santa Monica Blvd. HE IS A BLACK MALE. I recently met a Black male name “HAROLD” “CAR”TER, who was a nice guy, but Going Backwards FITS B“RET”t BERN and Sand”RA” Oh Perfectly. I had pictures of him on my Canon Powershot CAMERA, the reason why I think it was STOLEN, I was pickpocketed. The RECEIPT of this camera had Tom Bridges BIRTHDAY Numbers on it, like so many fucking Electronics with “secret codes” of his Birthday numbers, to have meaning for SANDRA OH as if this bitch was MY IDENTITY.

The ONLY person, human being on this planet, who I know is name HAROLD, is the name of HAROLD KARP, who was my “boss” during my High School part time job, working as his dental assistant on PARK Avenue in NYC in 1985. His name KARP, is a type of a FISH, and everything about FI”SH” is about RHIMES with JO”SH” in HER SHE y’s CHOCHACOLATE Ass Pussy licking game. it's also about "PARK" a car, as in Connie Maria Pecoraro FORD MUStang CAR model. "CHA" in Korean means CAR and TEA and the syllable of CHA is important because of my CHArlie Brown Snoopy dog Bank and because it's in Josh Wolf's middle name of Mic"CHA" which is the sound of "KA". THEY RAPED MY LIFE, by FRAMING ME through MERCEDES BENz CAR in April 2009, and by having me Wrongfully jailed, and during this time, THEY “ROBBED” MY OWN CAR, Toyota RAV4L PARKED on AL”DEN” Drive in April 2009. KARMA.

"MARTIN" and matt "SMITH" were both names of people I knew when I worked at Club Med in "FLO"rida in 1992. MATT SMITH is about the meaning of LICK or TASTE in Korean which is MATT, in their CAT HO "LIC" theme of MATT He Mat Hics of making Money. MARTIN Grappengeter was a Gay Male at Club Med. Through VIR”GO” MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro, and through Color of OG Olive Green, SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY working as a “GO” at Club Med in 1992.

"BUR"lesque, 3AR Sound of Tom Bridges the RUB "BER" Toy of the dubbed Video Recording of me, that SANDRA OH wants it TO BE HER, with his address of "360" P "OS"T Street, with Brett "BERN" who's EAR is "63" and "O" sounds like OH, which is "360" degREEs in Geometry. MANY PEOPLE have been killed because they don’t want the PERFECT FIT of Tom Bridges “360” backwards with SANDRA OH’s ASS Implants and BRETT BERN who fucked “LEO” JEANNIE BERNARDO, “LEO” BEVERLY DAVIS and “GEMINI” GLORIA LEE, three people SANDRA OH is “OM” with, so that MY Identity can have meaning for her.

His name MARTIN also has the word "ART" IN it. And I've been creating these pages because my Toyota RAV4L was STOLEN, over 250 Pieces of my "ART"work was Stolen, and my dog JACK was Stolen and NO ONE IS FUCKING DOING ANYTHING TO HELP ME FIND IT, BECAUSE IT'S A WHITE COLLAR CRIME OF "ORGANIZED CRIME".

The Investigators have said they don’t think Harold Smith murdered Ronnie Chasen, he was just a “PERSON of INTEREST”. I think “R” = 18 “ON” N IE CHA SE N was murdered by someone who knew her well and not a “riff raff”.

December 8, 2010, The Beverly Hills LAPD and Chief Snowden say that they have labeled her case as a RANDOM ROBBERY gone wrong. They say the gun he used matched the gun used in the killing but didn’t go into details about it. They say he was on a Bicycle when he shot her.

I just don’t believe Random Robberies happen on Sunset Blvd and Whittier Drive, especially with a male on a bike who shot her in the CHEST FIVE TIMES, that is excellent AIM while a vehicle is in motion and he was on a BIKE.

CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA. This is about MY “CAR” Toyota SUV which was STOLEN in 2009 by TOYOTA Financial who created FRAUD DOCUMENTS saying that they “repossessed” it because I didn’t pay, I HAVE BANK RECORDS OF CANCELLED CHECKS OF 5 YRS THAT I PAID FOR THIS CAR. My SUV was taken to “NOR” walk and auctioned on “7/7” 2009, same time Connie Pecoraro moved to “707” Bridgeway Sausalito. This GROUP CHAIN CONSPIRACY to Sabotage my life has been going on for many years, BECAUSE of MY POWERFUL ARTWORK.

PU in the word PU blicist is about all my Very Valuable Property that was STOLEN from “PU”blic Storage in JULY 2008, which is connected to Sick Actress SANDRA OH.

This is connected to the word PU ssy as in Rotten at the Core “RC” Sandra Oh. It’s about UP backwards. The reason why Sandra Oh had a Pepsi PU ssy T shirt in 1999, and got a new website registration info with a person name MJ “PU” rcell. It’s about the name Jane “PU”rse written on a ROCK at the dog park where I met Josh Wolf. The name JANE is about JANE and TARZAN, there is a City in San Fernando Valley called TARZANA and this city is in a DIAGONAL Line to the GREYSTOKE Mansion in Beverly Hills below this dog park. It’s about Tom CHRISTopher Bridges CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT, faraway Jesus CHRIST lookalike with JO”SH” WOLF. LAMB is a “SH”eep in their HER “SH”E Pussy Licking Gaym. “STROKE” your big DICK for GREY’S ANATOMY of Two Pussies Licking Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh. “R”.

EVERYTHING is about these TWO FUCKING DISTURBED SOCIOPATHS, and they want MY LIFE to have meaning for them, through the HARM THEY CAUSE MY LIFE and the FRAUD DOCUMENTS they create. Or rather by “officials” who support them and have been supporting them for many years, long before I ever moved to LA in 2006.

There is something going on with Beverly Hills LAPD and the COURT System and it STINKS. The person who runs “PU”blic Works Dept on “FOOT”hill Drive is name “CHA”d LYNN. While I was WRONGFULLY Detained in Jail in LYNN wood, I had my “CHA” Car Stolen all my Artwork and my Dog Jack stolen. The Public Works Dept in Beverly Hills across the street from the Mercedes Benz Service Center on “FOOT”Hill Drive.

I don’t know who exactly Ronnie Chasen worked for, but she at one time worked for “RC” Rogers and CoWAN PU blicist firm. It’s the same PUblicist as Tom Cruise’s Publicist at www .ROGERSANDCOWAN. com. “RC” Same name initials. By adding the word “AND”, they almost have my full name SAND WAN, what’s missing? Y and G. Tom Cruise’s partner is PAULA WANGer. Scientology has lots of Acronyms and one of them is “KSW”.

Tom Cruise’s PU blicists RC are in the Pacific Design Center on SAN Vicente Blvd in West Hollywood, just down the street from where I was Hit by a “CAR” on Thanksgiving 2009, because I was being STALKED.

I think she was murdered because of what I wrote in the above and what I HAVE BEEN WRITING this entire year 2010. I think she was murdered because there are people who know the “inside scoop” on what’s going on and what she was doing and what she might have been planning for the future. I think it was someone she knew.

She was PROMOTING “BURlesque” with CHER and CHRISTina. I think she was murdered because of my court date on the NO”V” “17”. 71 is Sandra Oh’s YEAR Backwards and this sick bitch wants My “Shadows in November” to have meaning for her and for her Rotten at the Core sick PUSSY, to have meaning in my Artwork as “V”agina “ON” backwards. They’ve been building Beverly Hills and most of Los Angeles for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK to have been done by her.

My Court date was Nov 17, the day after her death. I don’t know why I was given this Court Date because I was told that I didn’t need to go back to Court by the Public Defender until AFTER May 2011. The DATES of Specific Court Dates like Arrest Dates all have Specific meaning “TO THEM”. I don’t get attached to Numbers, Colors, CODES like they do. They are attached to it, because they’ve been creating for 3 decades through NUMBERS, Colors, Names, CODES, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANRA OH, AS IF she drew my Drawings from 1982 and wrote my Writings.

I’ve spent almost a year, 8-10 hours every day, writing and creating these website pages, explaining why my life has been Sabotaged and Repeatedly RAPED, and they are fucking GLORIFYING THE SICK SHIT through the movie “BUR”lesque. When I say Glorifying, I mean I am writing that Sick Jesus CHRIST, “Charlie’s Find” has been the REASON for the RAPING of my life and they are making movies and wearing specific color clothes.

I have Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting of her Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” on my website as “BLACK BLOO”, the REASON for Years of Raping of my life.

They are using this to make excuses for Josh Wolf aka Jesus Christ, “B”lack, as in BREightT BERN lacks, because everything about TOM BRIDGES JOSH WOLF sick Jesus Christ “FITS” him bridging TWO FAGS, Josh WOLF and Brett BERN, TWO JESUS CHRISTS.

Tom Bridges “360” POST St. San Francisco. Josh Wolf’s agency at CROWN of Thorney ROLex Building 9420 Wilshire Blvd. BOTH Numbers have fucking TERRORIZED me for years. 4/29/63 is Brett Bern’s Birthday.

20 “360” Callon Drive Topanga. 924 Calle Amable Glendale. 429 Connections.

“BUR”lesque is about the SOUND of BUR BIR BER, as in Tom Bridges BIRDs on BRIDgeway. It’s why they’re seen wearing BLACK and BLUE.

BUR is about the RUBBER Toy in the dubbed Video Recording of me. They want this to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST comedian JOSH WOLF.

BUR is about the STONE of the Sign of LEO which is the RUBY, which is my Sign, the reason why there is a BURBERRY store in the same building as Sandra Oh’s agency UTA at 9560 Wilshire Blvd. This is about Sandra Oh wanting my SIGN of LEO to have meaning for her, my first boyfriend’s brother ERIC Garrison “EG” to have meaning for her. “EG” is the name initials of the person who was driving the car that Hit me. People with Specific Names have been following and STALKING me for many years, because my life is “BUGGED” so that their “Attachements” to my life can also have meaning for Sandra Oh. THIS HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED AT THE TIBURON POLICE IN TIBURON, a suburb of San Francisco where I lived for many years before moving to LA. Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me, he bridges this deeply psychotic sick Actress, with EVERYTHING about me and my life.

Ronnie Chasen was a senior VP at “MGM” whose Logo is the LION. Tom Cruise is connected to MGM and I think he has an office in the MGM building.

This is about trying to “CHA”nge the meaning of what they built. They found a Gay male who has the SAME birthday as me, Tom Bridges, to Bridge the GOLDen GAYte Bridge to Bridgeway, with Connie Pecoraro. Her JESUS CHRIST is based on My name SIGNature on the drawing of Benson, which tells the story of Gay male sex. It’s based on MY childhood CHRIST MAS picture.

They want Jesus CHRIST to “FILL” LIPS. PINK. They want the word “P” to be about Penis, and “NIK”. NIK of SANDRA is SANDY. They want the Email I sent to Josh Wolf on 4/19/09 about SPILLing Cum in FOUR Ways to say Rectum to be about SPILL cum in LIPS. This is about having my name Signature of “SANDY” on BENSON, with “ASSterisk’ key * to be about LIPS and not ASS HOLE, because this drawing is about Gay male sex.

It’s about changing the meaning of the JU dge who allowed my Money to be robbed by Gor”DON” Macdonald. His name was ROY CHER nus. ROYally En”GOR”ged for CHER ANUS. Because it’s about Catholic Theme of “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money, it is important because DON in Korean means Money. And if Horney Hor Dick JESUS CHRIST JOSH WOLF has to keep fucking his HOR Holes, to continue their Catholic Theme and getting Money, they need to make changes in the meaning of the name CHER NUS.

It will always be “FOUR WAYS to Say RECTUM” as long as I don’t get justice.

This movie stars a person name STANLEY TUCCI who is BALD. Him being BALd is connected to the meaning of Korean word BAL which means FOOT. EVERYTHING about the meaning of “FOOT” is connected to ROBBING MY KOREAN Name for SANDRA OH, through the Korean word “SHO”ES. It’s connected to ALL THINGS, Places, Names, and “ANATOMY”, BODY PART of Being “BALD” with NO H”AIR”. NO H”AIR” because EVERYTHING they’ve been building GOING BACKwards is connected to H”AIR” CH”AiR” ST”AiR”, any and all words with “AIR” in it, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MI”CHA” WOLF. SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK “THROUGH” the Vehicle of Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork and through my CATHOLIC High School CLASSMATE GLO”RIA” LEE “AIR” GEMINI. This is WHY they are going BALD, because connected to B”LAC”K S”KIN” in going BACKwards, it’s NAP py HAIR, of my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. BLACK Males are going BALD, and Black S”KIN” Females H”AIR” is being STRAIGHTENED, because all the H”AIR” AIR connections they BUILT, it’s SANDRA OH Catholicking with GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” Ass and Pussy going BACKwards.

BAL, in Korean is ‘FOOT’, SHIN BAL in Korean is “SHO”es. SHOES sounds like SHOW, connected to Sandra Oh TV SHOW “GREYS ANATOMY”. BAL d, any and all places, things, names with BAL, like BALDWIN city in Los Angeles, same name town in Long Island New York. MOUNT “BALDY”, etc. IT’S THE ‘WORD’ AND THE MEANING OF BAL, ‘SHO’ES, IN CREATING MEANING AND ROBBING MY KOREAN NAME OF WANG SIN WON, WHICH SOUNDS LIKE “WA SH ING TON”.

This is why there is a EBALdi restaurant next to GARFIELDS Pharmacy, because it’s connected to Garfield Street, which is a “CAT” in Pasadena and SANDRA OH TV Show, because SHOE in Korean is SHIN “BAL” and Shoe Sounds like Show.

Many men are SHAVING THEIR HEAD, and GOING “BALD”. NO HAIR. This is about RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY SACRED ART, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF, connected to the name of Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro, in all the HAIR CHAIR STAIR, sick “AIR” connections. All this is connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY Korean Name of “SIN WON”, connected to Barack Obama’s potential Fraud Birth Certificate with DELIVERY DOCTOR name David SIN CL”AIR”. For SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY, through all these “AIR” connections, is turning out to be Sandra OH and Glo”RIA” and MA”RIA” in HER SHE y’s, Chochacolate, ASS PUSSY Licking game on “GREYS ANATOMY”. This is WHY they are going BALD.

Black people NEGRO NAP py H”AIR”. Reason why many black men are going BAL d. EVERYTHING is BUILT ON meaning of “AIR” and any word with these letters in it. RAPED MY LIFE for “BAL”D meaning, and then trying to CHANGE what they already built, H”AIR” CH”AIR” ST”AIR” all “AIR” connections of SANDRA OH Catholicking GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” ASS PUSSY goingBACKwards. CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK, OIL goes on “CANVAS” and “RHIMES” with GRACE GREASE GREECE “NAVAS”. Jesus CHRIST isn’t my Oil Artwork and these two Psychobitches PECORARO and SANDRA OH, MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON.


CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA. They want this syllable to have meaning for Josh mic”CHA” Wolf, which is a different Sound of “KA”. They want him to have meaning in this syllable because of the meaning of my “CHA”rile Brown Snoopy dog BANK and MY FATHER who was a Gifted Musician and a TEA “CHER”.

It’s the reason why CHASE Bank is EVERYWHERE in 2010. It’s connected to these sick fucking sociopaths who based on MY PICTURES, MY NAME and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for them in their CATholic Theme of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make MONEY. WHILE THEY REPEATEDLY RAPE MY LIFE.

SO while this sick Jesus Christ has been busy Lic KING suc KING and fuc KING, for MY Father’s IDENTITY and the Korean name of WANG which means KING, to have meaning for his HOR DICK fucking HOR CUNTS, they have REPEATEDLY RAPED MY LIFE. “THEY” say, or Psychology says, we marry our Parents, our Mothers and Fathers, which is the reason why this thing with MOTHER FATHER is involved, it’s because of MY ARTWORK and MY PARENTS NAMES. CAN YOU POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND HOW I MIGHT FEEL INSIDE. Someone else might have.


My CAR and PET dog Jack STOLEN in 2009 and I am still looking for over 250 pieces of My VERY VALUABLE ARTWORK and no one is helping me. STARS and CELEBRITIES walking down the Red “CAR” “PET” and making movies based on My Artwork and My life story. “SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE”. Pursuant to Title 17, 10 BILLION IS REAL.

In 2010 Beverly Hills has had 3 Murders, which is a very high number for a city like this. In July, “KT” KATsutoshi TakazATO a 21 yr old son of a Japanese filmmaker was Stabbed to Death in his home in TROUSDALE ESTATES. “ES” “ES”. SE in Korean means BIRD, and this is about Tom “BRID”ges HubBIRD Lard BURDS. At the Entrance of this very upscale part of Beverly Hills are TWO “OO” on either side of the street, it’s near the GREYSTOKE MANSION, one of the many reasons why the TV Show with Sandra Oh is called “GREY’S Anatomy”.

Tom Cruise married to KATie Holmes made the movie “LAST SAMURAI” which is based on MY Childhood pictures and of me studying Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality for many years. “KT”. Tom was born in JULY, and if it’s about EAR sound of words, it sounds like J U LIE.

On MAY FOURth, DIANE Newlander “73” yrs old, was shot to death by her husband who then committed suicide on 400 block of South “SWALL” Drive. Tom Cruise’s last name is pronounced as “MAY”pother “FOUR”th and HIS birthday is 7/3. L RON Hubbard’s book is titled “DIANE”tics. “5/4” is CHRISTina Bernardo’s birthday, my CATholic High School classmate from St. Vincent Ferrer. This is about Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting of Jesus “CHRIST” aka JOSH WOLF who is a Come”DIAN” and he posted on his MYspace Blog about TOM and the numbers “73”. Connie Pecoraro’s CATholic C “HUR”CH Theme, based on MY childhood CHRISTMAS picture and MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 is the REASON for the RAPING of my LIFE.

73 is about my Lifespring Leadership Training LP “173” in 1997, the VEHICLE to create Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme THROUGH my life, like Parasites, in connection with the HEART Card that was given to me, with HEART Foundation around MARY Statue in SANTA MONICA.

Someone knew Ronnie Chasen was promoting “BUR”lesque, while my LIFE was being REPEATEDLY RAPED, so that Sick Actress SANDRA OH, or psychobitch CONNIE PECORARO and JOSH WOLF can have meaning in MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY and MY VIDEO RECORDING. TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER’S “Team Members”.

Sandy Wang’s “C” HAIR in 1985 in High School

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing “C” HAIR in 2006, I wasn’t thinking about MY HAIR when I drew my portrait, it just came out that way

Sandy Wang’s Korean Passport and “9/11”

Sandy Wang’s Leadership Training LP 173 in 1997

Sandy Wang's X rated Dubbed Video Recording

RFid Chip

extremely important meaning of “AIR” connections


ROY “CHER”nus Judge in 2006 Small Claims Case

8.13.10 Arrest for Rental Car “RC”

RON Connections

PU blic Storage in July 2008

Tiger Woods and Ellen “NOR” DE GREN Connection to JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH

Tom Cruise Mapother and L “RON” Hubbard and SIGNtology

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges

Judge Roy “CHER” NUS for 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley Case

CATHOLIC Church Theme

Natalee HOLLOW ay

Connie Pecoraro’s sick Jesus Christ on Page “3”

CHRISTina BERNARDO MAY 4th birthday, in LEONARDO DA Vinci Code Ass Conspiracy

Stand Up Come”DIAN” Josh WOLF aka Jesus Christ and the meaning of “350”

Crown of THORNEY Jesus Christ and ROLEX BUILDING between “RC” on Wilshire Blvd PREMIERE PROPERTIES HAR “WOOD”

Josh Wolf loves Two Pussy LIPS in 3 somes

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress with Gloria Catherine Lee in 1985

GREEN Connections

STANL”EY”S TU “CC” I Pussies on MATilija Avenue

across the street from Rolex is BARACCI

“RC” “RC” Rodeo Collection on famous Rodeo Drive BH

Pepsi PUSSY Sandra Oh 1999

BURBERRY store in Beverly Hills

Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang and Shonda “RIMES” Black Female “Grey’s Anatomy”

Sandra Oh Website MJ “PU”rcell

Tom Bridges “BLOW JOBBING” through Retarded Chinks “RC” through “RC” who love disturbed actress SANDRA OH Chinese Doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Laurel Hills and Mulholland Drive

“NOR”walk and my Toyota SUV STOLEN

Hewlett PAC "ARD" for San"RA" OH Hollow Assed Sick Bitch

PCH Diagonal Line

CC’I” C=3 Josh Wolf Big Ass Fishing in March 2010

“4/20/09” Repeating Numbers of HORROR

Mercedes BENz is INFRINGING on MY ARTWORK and they SET ME UP connected to SANDRA OH on "Grey's Anatomy" set in MERCY MERCY MERCY West Hospital

Mercedes BENz “BLUE TECH” SUV model

Crooked Public Defender LOUIS SHAPIRO in 2009 fucking sick JEW who wears YARMULKA = KARMA

Hit by CAR on SAN Vicente Blvd 11/26/09

BELL Officials Arrested

Jane “PU” rse

Fraud Documents

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