ROSEcrans Avenue and SHOEMAKER Blvd in NORWALK

These are just a few examples of “Penal Codes” of State Criminal Laws, EXCLUDING Federal INFRINGEMENT Laws of Copyrights and Trademarks



CHRIST on page “3”
"AIR" Libra Josh "WOLF"
WOLF connections
Turn Bull Color, the color of my Mother's shirt in childhood CHRIST MAS picture very important GAY ASS color

Planet EARTH
Sandy Wang's childhood picture with a black girl

ARI is an anagram of the word “AIR”

it’s connected to Korean word D”ARI” which means LEGS SEA “SHELL” connections


WOLFE “ARI” “GORDON” on MARQ “ARDT” isn’t random

Josh WOLF connected to MARK GORDON in “Grey’s Anatomy”

DON in Korean means MONEY, 20”SHELL”ey Drive GORDON MacDONald of “GREEN”Brae who ROBBED My Rent Money in 2006

connected to Sandra Oh who went to Sir Robert Borden on “GREEN BANK” Road

MARQUARDT = DT, 3AR sound of anagram of QAR MA

GORDON MacDONald "DEN"tist at 1331 S. Eliseo Greenbrae
GORDON and Lily and Lic"ARI" "OO" ARI + MA = MARIA Mother Virgo Mai"DEN"
Danielle MARQUIS "DEN"tist at "131" STEUART Place SF
MARK GORDON of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Josh Wolf and “113” in 2011 STILL in Conspiracy to RAPE my life
11/3 and "1300" MARQUIS Apt building on FOUNTAIN Ave "AMBROSE" TWO CHURCHES
GORDON Street “OO”

DON conncections

meaning of DOT as in a PERIOD

HUMONGOUS "11/3" connections 11/3 is Lee Montgomery's birthday, SEE LA JAIL FRAUD BOOKING number


Sandra Oh ROSE
Connie Pecoraro ROSE

Sandy Wang's Registered Trade "MARK" ART "DT" a Circle, a Period, a "O"

RICHARD Shapiro on Mel”ROSE” Avenue
DON Connections
Real Estate Mogul DONald Trump “DT”
"8/13" is my birthday numbers “40” is Sitting Position in my Christmas Picture
“40” is Sitting Position in my “CHRIST Mas” Picture Jesus CHRIST on Page “3” ROSE on Third day while my Life was being RAPED on my “40” th Birthday

WOLF “ARI” for Connie Pecoraro’s DARI
WOLF “ARI” for Sandra Oh’s DARI “Los An “GEL” ES
Josh WOLF who loves his DAIRY, DARI of CALF and COW

Real Estate Mortgage and ESCROW companies

Real ESTAPE connections


13840 SIERRA, for Sand"RA" Oh is my IDENITY through THO "MAS CHRIST"oFIR Bridges
the childhood CHRIST MAS picture of me with Coni"FIR" Tree SEE MY LEG POSITION in number "4" and shirt with "O"

Sandy Wang's Childhood CHRISTMAS picture my DOG Frenchy and my Mother

Tom CHRIST opher Bridges 8/13
Constance Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST the SON “CHARLIE”
with “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”
to complete the meaning of VERY IMPORTANT PEPSi PUSSy, for Pi ous PYous JeSUS SANDRA OH in 1999, and “GRAYSONS” connections

the REASON why I SPENT MY "40" Birthday WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA County Jail in 2009
the REASON why I had my beautiful sweet dog JACK STOLEN in 2009
the REASON why I had my Toyota SUV "RA"v4L STOLEN in 2009, which is close to Rosecrans Avenue

FOUR TEN meaning

Sandra OH’s D”ARI” LEGS
Connie Pecoraor’s D”ARI” LEGS
Josh Wolf “AIR” Libra
meaning of “D”

Sand RA OH in “RA bbit HO le” in 2010

Sandy Wang's Watercolor Artwork titled "POINT REYES" with COW Reyes in Spanish means KING

Josh Wolf on BOB Rivers Radio Show "CALF and COWS" and MAThemathics makes him Horny MARCH 2008
Linda "KING" of Budget Car Rental
KING connections
2010 "KING'S Speech" and "TRUE GRIT"

BLUE and YELLOW are Repeating Colors same color of SCIENTOLOGY
for Jesus CHRIST "OO" BLOO Eyes
connected to JOSH WOLF and his "WIFEY" on his MYSPACE page a book title by JUDY BLUME, "BLOO Eyes BLEW Me"


Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH

14041 "14" "14" TWO of Everything for "OO" Jesus Christ EYES
Sandy WANG portrait and BIRD drawing
Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture “14”
Tom BRID ges “8/13”
P”HO”nix is a BIRD
Birds have Fe ATHERS Sandra OH wants my PORTRAIT Drawing to BE HER
CAR Dealerships in Los Angeles TOYOTA in MAThemathics of making Money "14 14"
Combining Names
NIX sounds like NICK connections
for ARI ZONA Avenue in Santa Monica
ARI zona Avenue “Arizona Place” in Santa Monica
for P "HO" enix ARI zona in Jan "18" 2011


Bell F “AIR” and SHOE maker must be Gay Bitch Sandra OH licking Glo”RIA” ma”RIA” AIR Gemini on her "SHO"e
P & N is about AMPERSAND "7", for SEVEN inch Dick of JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY PN Parents Names

Sandy Wang's Yellow LILY Tattoo and PINK LILY "FLOW"ers = LP
connected to Sandy Wang's LP Leadership Training in 1997

BELL Officials Arrested 2010
Sandra Oh LICKING LIPSY because 3AR sound of my name SIGNature with "ASS"terisk with "HO" is ASS HO le


I WON a Pin Award for the PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME of BENSON DUBOIS in 1983 when I graduated from my Grammar School St. Joan of "ARC"

Sandy Wang's First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982
ARC hitecture connections

AERO "SPACE" as in NASA, ROCKETS SH SH SHOOT CUM into SKY SPACE like JOSH SH SH WOLF who has a dog name ROCKY connected to wherever there is a ROCK SH SH SUGAR restaurant chains

Sandy Wang's MARY JANE SHOES in my childhood picture in South Korean circa 1976
SOLAR SYSTEM in 2006 from 9 planets to 8 planets
Sandy Wang's PORTRAIT Drawing "8" EYES
SPACE as in MY GAP SPACE of X rated Video Recording


"Charlie's Find" IN NASA
ROCK SH SH SH UGAR in Century City
JOSH WOLF who "reGUlarly" fucks ChelSEA Handler
UCLA Students Clubs and NASA with SANDRA OH
SANDRA OH and her All of a Sudden "new" Middle Name of MIJU
SHOE maker for SHOE SHOW, "Grey's Anatomy"
Mentally disturbed DELUDED Sick Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is my portrait drawing


"TT" wooden beams, and meaning of PI symbol
connected to Sandy Wang's Childhood picture in Santa Monica 1979

Sandy Wang's childhood picture wearing RED "SHOES" and RED SHOrts
Sandy Wang's KOREAN NAME sounds like SHIN WON WANG
Earth and Water on Upper Left Sandy Wang's childhood picture with BLACK Girl

Sandra Oh and BLACK BITCH SHONDA "C" RIMES of "Grey's Anatomy" SHO"E" sounds like SHO"W" “Shin Bal” in Korean means SHOES
SHIN on Wilcox in HO llywood



Like the LEFT THREE Numbers of MY Social Security Numbers of "078", it's about the Left Letters of "TS" of WANG'S creation of the TAO Saying
M"ART" as if MY ARTWORK has meaning for Connie Mother "M"ARia Pecoraro psycho's CATHOLIC Theme

13041 = For who? FOUR what? 4 "0" of my LEG Position on my Childhood CHRISTMAS picture for Hor Dick JESUS CHRIST on Page "3"
Sandy Wang's childhood CHRISTMAS picture with LEG POSITION of 4 "O"
Sandy Wang's creation of TAO Saying
to have meaning for CHINESE THROUGH the Chink Pussy JOSH WOLF fucked in 2009
while MY LIFE was being RAPED in LA COUNTY JAIL in 2009
BAIL Amount "3,4300,000" for a Misdemeanor
for CHINK Doctor SANDRA OH "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy"
Connie "M"AR ia Pecoraro and her OIL GLASS Artwork
connected to Mother MARY Statue on "O A" OCEAN is the SEA avenue in Santa Monica
JOSH WOLF and "113" connection in Jan 2011 STILL RAPING MY LIFE
RICHARD ART “DT” STONE Beverly Hills Court Judge
113 connections


There's number "104" again, for The Picture of me and a black girl to be Sick disturbed actress SANDRA OH and black bitch Shonda "C" RIMES of Grey's Anatomy in BIG ORGANIZED CRIME of RAPING MY LIFE
TACO JOE, what's missing? "SH" JO "SH" WOLF, for SANDRA OH and Black bitch "SH"onDA Rimes

Sandy Wang's childhood picture SHIRT with BUTTERFLY and RED SHOES "NAB" in Korean means Butterfly
Sandy Wang's "MARK" and USPTO attorney name MIDGE "BUTLER" for BUTTER fly

meaning of "BAN" KS
DON in Korean means MONEY
connected to MARK GORDON and Shonda "C" RIMES of "Grey's Anatomy"
JO"SH" WOLF is "104" yrs old on his MY SPACE page


RENU NA KORN = NA in Korean means ME "NAME" RENU sounds like re"NEW"
AL THAI restaurants in Los Angeles is connected to JOSH WOLF'S SON JA"COB"s THAI MOTHER, who lives in Upper Left State of WASHINGTON, the same reason why "GREY'S ANATOMY" is SET in Seattle WASHINGTON
JA COB = CORN on the COB = is about the KOReaN word BU "JA" which means RICH

Josh Wolf's Son JACOB and his THAI MOTHER
GREEN connections
3AR sound of words
KORN connections
BU JA in KOReaN means RICH
JA John AnderSON Business School at UCLA and KORN convocation hall

13019 Sub Way on S"HO"emaker = SHOW, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH through the Vehicle of "Grey's Anatomy" BASED ON MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, while they fucking RAPE MY LIFE

10/19 is JOSH WOLF'S birthday
THREE is about Jesus Christ on page "3"
Selma x Wilcox "SHIN" in "HO"llywood = SHOW for my KOREAN Name to be SANDRA OH


"207" ROSE DENTAL Jesus CHRIST "ROSE" on T HIR D Day, to get licked fucked sucked = Hor Dick JOSH WOLF fucking HOR PUSSIES in CATHO"LICK" "MAT"Hemathics of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money

T HO MAS CHRISTopher Bridges Gay male DENTIST bridges JESUS CHRIST on page "SAM"
207 is TOM BRIDGES "YEAR" 8/13 19"72" He needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE
the reason why MY TOYOTA RAV4L was taken to a FIRE STATION on PCH in MALIBU
the reason why Connie Pecoraro did her Making it Happen with "CROW and WOLF" in MAY 2010 Concrete Evidence of ORGANIZED CRIMES of RAPING MY LIFE
the same reason why Connie Pecoraro moved to "707" BRIDGEWAY Sausalito in 2009
connected to MEL "ROSE" Ave in Beverly Hills


building to the right numbers of 13081 Perfect Combination of WANG 8/13 and MONTOGMERY 11/3 birthday numbers

WANG and MONTGOMERY Portrait drawings
Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of "8/13"


DIAGONAL Line of Lower Righ to Upper Left BIGGER PICTURE

Los Angeles area MAP

In April 2009, someone was doing something to my TOYOTA RAV4L SUV where it got Two Flat Tires within a week and then it wouldn't start. I was Set up by MERCE MERCE MERCE des BENZ of Beverly Hills and Arrested on Specific date of "4/20/09", the Address numbers of JOSH WOLF'S agency Parallel Entertainment on "9420" Wilshire Blvd. Connected to SANDRA OH on "Grey's Anatomy" Set in Seattle Grace MERCY MERCY MERCY WEST Hospital.

After I was arrested, I should've been released the next day but instead was WRONGFULLY DETAINED for 5 months in LA County Jail, and during this time, my car was Towed to several different SPECIFIC Addresses in Los Angeles, it was STOLEN through FRAUD DOCUMENTS. I never had the chance to have my SUV investigated, there was CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES going on in April 2009 with my Car. My SUV had over 250 pieces of my Artwork stacked neatly inside Two Black Portfolios. It was STOLEN and then supposedly "auctioned" near this Street ROSECRANS Avenue in NORWALK. My dog JACK was STOLEN. It is connected to a HUGE GROUP CONSPIRACY where they've been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades through STREET Names, through Business Names, through anything and everything you can think of, through Other Peoples Names, WORDS, NUMBERS for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she Drew my Pencil Drawings from 1982 and wrote my Writings.

At this one Intersection, is WOLF “ARI” horsale, GORDON Inc on MARQ ARDT street name. This is Directly connected to Josh WOLF AIR Libra, connected to MARK GORDON executive producer of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Sandra OH, who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY “ART”, what’s left? “D”.

D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. This is DIRECTLY connected to MY Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me with My Mother and my Dog Frenchy of MY “LEGS” in the shape of the number “4” and wearing a shirt with “O”. Wolf D “ARI”, DARI in Korean means LEGS. DARYA in Persian means SEA, connected to Josh Wolf who is a regular on CHEL”SEA” HANDLER Show, connected to SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue in SANTA MONICA, connected to Psycho Constance MARIA Pecoraro and her OIL Artwork in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.

My Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with 4 and “O”, the reason why I was wrongfully Locked in Jail and spent MY “40”th Birthday in JAIL CELL, so that JC, Jesus CHRIST can have meaning in MY FAC from 1981. This Christmas picture with TREE Trimming numbers of “OO” and 3. The reason why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Eyes is on page “3”. The reason why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s a sick GROUP CONSPIRACY spanning decades, the reason for years of hardship in my life and the REASON for the SABOTAGING OF MY LIFE.

4 O. The number 5 in Korean sounds like “O”. 5/4 is My CATHOLIC High School classmate CHRISTina BERN “ARD” O birthday numbers. EAR sound of Tom Cruise MAY Pother FOUR th, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY to ROB MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH.

The meaning of MARQ AR "DT" is connected to the word "DOT" and it's about Going BACKWARDS. TAO in 3AR sound is DAO, the "DOW" JONES of making MONEY. This is DIRECTLY connected to SHO "DNA" RIMES big sick black bitch, creator of gre Y'S anatomy" DNA + Y'S = SANDY, meaning of my Name SIGNature on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. The reason why they've been building for 3 decades in Los Angeles for MY IDENTIY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

It's about SHONDA RHIMES is a CAP RI "CORN" the G"OAT" Sign in astrology. CORN is Yel"LOW" for WOLF hor dick like a corn on the COB licking fucking Hor Pussies in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of licking ASS HO les, BACKWARDS through Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES his gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL". It's why JOSH WOLF was still on the B"OAT" in May 2010, licking fucking OIL Asses for meaning of MY FATHER'S Middle Name of "BAE". It's why he named his SON JACOB WOLF, and the mother is a THAI BANgKOK Female who lives in "SEA"ttle WASHINGTON, where this tv show is SET.

Josh Wolf who is a regular on CHEL "SEA" HAND ler show, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's OIL Artwork of Mother MARY and MARY Statue on OCEAN is the "SEA" avenue in SANTA MONICA.

SANTA MONICA, TAO DAO "DOW" JONES of making MONEY, AS IF Sandra OH is My childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. This has been going on for 3 decades, and it's TIME SANDRA OH be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE. Everyone else needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LONG TIME in this very serious C"RIMES" of Organized Group Criminal Activities aka "WHITE COLLAR CRIMES". C RHIMES. RH "Y" MES R "I" MES. Stud Y Stud I "O", Peps I Puss Y Sandra OH and GRAYSONS connections in 1999, LONG BEFORE this tv show existed and aired on tv for the first time in March 2005.

JESUS CHRIST "ROSE" on T HIR D Day. NOR walk, to created meaning "BACKWARDS", connected to meaning of "HO"NOR as in Judges Names, connected to MEL "ROSE" Avenue in Beverly Hills.

They've been building for Connie Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLICK Crutch theme for many years, which is based on MY First Artwork Collection from 1982 and my First name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT Guillaume of BenSON Dubois, through her Jesus CHRIST the "SON" connected to Sandra Oh as "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's anatomy", AS IF Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh DREW my Drawings. It's based on MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA, for CATHO"LICK" "MAT"hemathics of are you "PI"ous and horney to make Money. It isn't just about my ARTWORK, it's about EVERYTHING in MY LIFE, MY NAME and MY IDENTITY, including my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.

RICHARD sounds like RICHARD. DT is a PERIOD. This is why they named this street MARQ “ARDT” many years ago and why there is GORDON Inc and WOLF ARI wholesale.

It’s about the syllable of “RA”, and the word DRAwing to have meaning “Going Backwards” with ART. This is why the name RICHARD is a big connection, they’ve been building on this for 3 decades, because it sounds like RICH ART. DT is a PERIOD and Period is about the meaning of BLOOD. RICHARD NIK Name is DICK, and DIK is about Josh Wolf who gets his Hard Dick filled with Blood to Fuck Doggy Style “Going Backwards”. Because he is a Air Libra STONE is DIAMOND symbol of Justice Scales and this sign rules the KIDne Y’S. The reason why Beverly Hills Court JUDGE’S name is RICHARD STONE.

RICHARD Sha”PI”ro is a Business on Mel"ROSE" Avenue connected to BEVERLY HILLS Judge's name RICHARD STONE and a crooked public defender name Louis SHAPIRO. P or PE in Korean means BLOOD. These Businesses are next to Effre Y’S on Melrose, for SANDRA OH on "Gre Y’S anatomy" and huge Y’S connections.

This is why My TOYOTA RAV4L was Towed here in 2009. During this time All MY ARTwork was STOLEN. My Dog JACK was STOLEN in a big "GROUP CONSPIRACY" to ROB EVERYTHING about ME, for psycho actress SANDRA OH, who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE. Because it isn't just about this HORRIFIC RAPING of my life in 2009, it's YEARS of HOUSING TERROR, and ALL and any TRAUMAS CAUSED to my life in the last 3 decades. TOM CRUISE MAPOT "HER" is their LEADER, in "HER SHE" Pussy Licking gayme, based on THE CHILDHOOD PICTURE of me and a black girl, because it's about HERSHEY'S CHOcolate connected to the Spanish word CHOCHA which means P "USS" Y, PY sounds like PI, for Horney Je"SUS" Christ. JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, who wants MY FATHER'S Music band to have meaning for him "Morning Stars" and the name on the Upper Left of his picture "CHOi Yong", the reason why there is a street name MICA a few miles from here. CHOi Yong, the reason why Sandra Oh is "CRIST"ina Yang CY on "Grey's Anatomy".

Tom Bridges is a Gay Male, HER is a HE, SH is a HE, and there are way more connections with JOSH WOLF and TOM CRUISE than I'd like to write about.

THO “MAS CHRIST”ofir Bridges, Christ Mas childhood picture of me, with BEN and ROBERT AMPA “RAN”. Rose “C” RANS Ave, he bridges the “RA” Group, of PENNY MOY ESCROW, with Tao Te Ching is the Way of sick Actress Sandra OH as Doctor CRIST ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

He Bridges MY Drawing of BENSON Dubois, BUTLER to the Governor and my Name SIGNature on this drawing and my SIGN of Double LEO, with Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH who wants everyone to think she DREW the DRAWings and wants MY NAME to have meaning for her. Sandra Oh went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School because of this drawing I did in 1982, it’s how long this sick actress has been attached to my life and EVERY TRAUMATIC EVENT in My life is connected to this PSYCHO ACTRESS. He bridges my Registered Mark through the name of the Examining Attorney Midge BUTLER.

Tom Bridges EVERYTHING about me, WHILE THEY RAPE MY LIFE, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. These Two SOCIOPATHS need to be Arrested and Jailed for Federal Crimes.

WANG in Korean means KING. My father’s family lineage is of Korean ROYalty. It is a very rare Korean Name but a very common Chinese name.

WA in Korean means to Come or to Arrive. In this Sex Game, it’s about CUM as in Orgasm.

They’ve “recreated” the theme of My Father’s Identity with the “Holy Trinity” of the CATHOLIC C”Hur”ch, T”OM” Cruise Mapother the Mother with T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges the SON, Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”.

Thorney Crown wearing Jesus Christ, “Roy”ally en”GOR”ged Th “ROB”bing dick for ROY C “HER” Anus, “JU”dges’ Names in the Repeated Abusing of my life, so that Everything about MY IDENTITY, my Artwork and my Registered Mark can have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro “Mother” in Santa Monica and her Jewish Sons, and Doctor CRISTina Yang, Disturbed Actress SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” to be my Identity and the Artist who did the First Artwork Collection in 1982, with BENSON SIGNature of “Sandy*” to have meaning for “San”DRA” who thinks my Portrait “DRA”wing is her.

They’ve given the meaning of my Father’s Identity through Other People’s names and items in PICTURES of my Father, to have meaning for JOSH MICCHA WOLF, Jesus Christ the SON. The “Morning Stars” picture of him “Blowing HORN” has become about Jesus Christ Blowing AIR Libra Horney Josh Wolf for Mother MARIA’S Whores on Brigeway, which Tom CHRISTopher Bridges has been bridging, for EVERYTHING about me and my identity and my Parents to have meaning for LINDA GOODMAN’S Astrology Vibe Numbers Sex Game, through “OM”ing with other people’s names and Words.

They need to “OM” with Many People’s Identities and their Birthday Numbers in order to EQUAL just ONE of me. And by Clautrophobically Controlling my life, to constant attaching of “SICK Meanings” attached to my life through TRAUMATIC Events CAUSED to my life, they want to Slowly Sabotage and Kill my life, while at the SAME Time building and creating new meaning for SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY.

They’ve been building this for many years, what is on this ROSECRANS Ave is the REASON why specific people were PIMPED in my life for the last 10 years of me living in California, and all they needed to do was create a PREMEDITATED ARREST RECORD WITH PSYCHOTIC LIES so that SANDRA OH can be my Identity. So that Tom CHRISTopher Bridges can bridge Connie Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and her Jewish Son Josh Wolf.

This is about the DUBBED VIDEO RECORDING of me. They want the “View of my Ass” and Wet Vagina in this VR to be SANDRA OH, and her Pear Boat Big Hanging Ass. This is why when they wrote the Police Report on “4/20/09” they were so obsessed and busy thinking about this VR that they only took a picture of the LILY TATTOO on my back and not my Foot Tattoo. I think they dubbed this Video Recording again for the SECOND time, this time with the Lily Tattoo, the reason why sucKING licKING fucKING on ROSE crans Avenue in NORWALK where my “TOY” “OTA” with all my Artwork inside it and valuable property was taken to. This “KING” Blue and Yellow Business is about the Blue and Yellow color in my watercolor painting titled “PURPLE MOON” with the shape of a male head with number “3” and “O” for the Moon. It’s about Horney Jesus Christ JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF lic KING and fuc KING with TWO Females in a THREE Some, so that my Video Recording of me Riding my “TOY”, can have meaning for a “TAO” TE Chink Pussy Josh Wolf licked and fucked for SANDRA OH’s TAO is the Way with PEAR B”OAT” Hanging Ass.

This is the reason why there are TWO “WA”, CUM, Western Avenue in Korean Town and Western Avenue in Torrance, “TOYOTA FINANCIAL” Company who created FRAUD DOCUMENTS as my car being “Repossessed” when it was STOLEN, along with all my Watercolor Artwork and Dog JACK, so that EVERYTHING about me can have meaning for Tom CHRISTopher BRIDges, the Hubbard Lard Blubber CelluLITE BULB PEAR B”OAT” Hanging Ass, through a Chinese Pussy, for TAO is the WAY on Bridgeway, THROUGH RAPING OF MY LIFE..

The reason why my Artwork and my SUV was taken to SPECIFIC places with Specific Addresses so that Through these numbers, Business Names around it, everything about me and MY IDENTITY can have meaning for them in a Very Big TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER, Green Connections IDENTITY THEFT Sex Gaym, that’s been going on for many years.

This is the reason why I was WRONGFULLY DETAINED in the “Mental Health” of LA County Jail, “CJ” while “JC” Jesus CHRIST was busy licking and fucking a Chinese Pussy who wants my Abstract Page GREEN “Carl Jung” watercolor painting to have meaning for Young Jung Dung, and Gold I LOCK of BLONDE HAIR all Summer in 2009. While I was wearing BLUE and YELLOW Jail Clothing, which means the “Mental Health” dept in the Jail.

The meaning of Tom Bridges this Dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of me and my “RUB”ber TOY, My “LILY” Tattoo with Sick Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” OO, is connected to LILY BURK being murdered by CHARLES “SAM”UEL while I was Wrongfully Detained in Jail.

KINGS Company is next to P”HO”nix because SAND”RA” Patricia OH wants my NICK Name of Sandy to be her‘S. Who’s “NICK’S”. She want my last name of WANG which means “KING” to have meaning for her backwards as “G” NIK, G means Rats and Mice, RATS spelled backwards is STAR and Sandra Oh who is a “STAR” and CELEBRITY wants MY Name and MY FATHER’S Identity, his Music Band “Morning STARS” to be her father. Josh Wolf Sick Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, in Catholic FATHER, SON and Holy SPITT Fucking Gaym of Raping my Life.

Everything is about the Lower Right Corner of Page “3” of CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ on the Upper Left and Tom CHRISTopher Bridges bridged Hubbard Lard Blubber P3AR B”OAT” Ass for Jesus Christ. “NOR”walk, Lower Right on Los Angeles Map to MALIBU on the Upper Left, up through Thousand Oaks to the Upper Left of the US Map, “WA”shington State, where the set of Seattle “GRACE” Hospital is. So that the “WA” CUM shooting of Jesus Christ who ROSE for Mother Marys “OO” PAL Arm Ass, can have meaning for my VIDEO RECORDING, and SANDRA OH’s TV Show “GreYS Anatomy” for the OWNERSHIP of the meaning of my First Name SIGNature on BENSON, of Robert Guillaume drawing with “Sandy*” so that Asterisk Key can be Ear Sound of ASSterisk which they want *=8 to be “OO” Jesus Christ Rings around Eyes Fucking Ass. The reason why Mercedes BENz with Jesus Christ the “SON” was PREMEDITATED.

The reason why my Toyota Suv was TOWed to West “WA”shington Blvd, Lower Right corner making a Long Letter “Y” going backwards, like my Name SIGNature on Benson, on street name SAN VICENTE Blvd to Upper Left Bev EARly Hills, for Cumming EARLY. FucKING ASS. FUC. CF “Charlie’s Find”. “U” is the symbol of the sign of LEO, which Tom Christopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me “bridged”. IDENTITY THIEVES.

The reason why the “DOCtors” Names in the Mental Health dept in LA County Jail I was “assigned” to were Dr “FASS”, Dr. Vel”ARD”e, and Dr. “HO”ugh. It’s about the meaning of the Dubbed Video Recording, my Watercolor Artwork, and my Website Domain name Sand”YWA”NG. NET, to have meaning for SANDRA OH OR CONNIE PECORARO “going backwards” for SHE SHOWED me the “WAY”, Two Disturbed Psychobitches who want EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for and BE them.

This is the reason why the person who responded back to me when I contacted the Animal Control of LA County about my STOLEN dog Jack, a person name PATRICIA L”EAR”NED wrote me a letter on “11/3”, so that through her name, MY “LP” 173 Leadership Training, the January 13 “1/13” pictures of me and my dog JACK can have meaning for them, Lee H. Montgomery’s birthday numbers 11/3/61. The Same reason why I was given the FRAUD JAIL BOOKING NUMBER, out of Sequence and Chronological Order on “4/20/09”, so that through the Trauma they CAUSE in my life, like as if I CANCELLED myself out of the meaning of MY OWN LIFE, through my Jail “BOOK”ing Number, these numbers can have meaning for Josh Wolf aka Lee Montgomery’s “Imposter” who wants his Dick to have meaning in the Porn Film made by Lee Montgomery at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga many years ago, to have my Dog JACKS Pictures, to be his Engorged dick for his Mother Mary MARIA. So that thorugh whoever horney Josh Wolf Jesus Christ was licking and fucking, whoever TOM CHRISTopher BRIDges was bridging, to have meaning for “WA” Cum on the Upper Left of “WA”shington State and Sandra OH and her TV She SHOWED me the Way “Grey’s Anatomy” with Pear Boat SHAped Ass, and the BOOK “The Gift”, “The EAR that was sold to a fish” can have meaning for them. “Art is a Conversation AMONG Deeply Disturbed SOCIOPATHS”.

They’ve been building on Diagonal Line from Lower Right to Upper Left “going backwards” for many years. It’s based on my Name SIGNature on Benson Drawing and both SANDRA OH and Connie Pecoraro wants this drawing and name Signature to be THEIRS. They ENVY everything about Me, and want MY ARTWORK and Everything about me to have meaning for them.

They’ve been building on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ for many years. Businesses throughout Los Angeles is built on this “Name Word Number Color” Money making monopoly type of game. They’ve been building this since the early 90’s, and Connie Pecoraor’s Artwork is an INFRINGEMENT of my childhood pictures and my IDENTITY. Anything I say about Connie Peocoraro is the same for Sandra Oh.

Sometime in 2003, they began incorporating the dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of me with her “CHARLIE’S FIND” Jesus Christ. They want this VR to BE Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh and for Josh Wolf Jesus Christ to be L”OO”king at their ass in this Video Recording.

The launching of MYSPACE in 2003 created by CHRIS DE WOLF and Josh Mic”CHA” WOLF with his Theme of “WIFEY” by Judy Blume was the Combining the meaning of this. Then in 2009 I was set up and all my ARTWORK and dog JACK was stolen, so that they can DELETE me from SOCIETY and any RECORDS attached to my name is full of LIES and FRAUDULENT information, to have meaning for them.

Thomas CHRISTopher BRID GE S, Jesus Christ and all the “GE”s Stars and Celebrities on BRIDGEWAY with her CATHOLIC Theme of “Charlie’s Find” on Lower Right Corner and “Bridge in Fog” in the Upper Left corner. UPPER LEFT of EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE and ARTWORK including my childhood pictures of my Parents.

There are SPECIFIC REASONS why my car was taken to specific areas in Los Angeles while I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail in 2009. There are specific reasons why my DOG JACK was Stolen. This is about SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORORO who both want MY ARTWORK and WEBSITE to have meaning for them, including my domain name of www.sand”YWA”ng . NET so that the MONTH of OctobeR, Reproductive Organ of Josh Wolf “TEN” going backwards can have meaning for PEAR BOAT Ass and for MY FATHER’S Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH. For my name SIGNature on BENSON drawing “SANDY*” to have meaning for them. The reason why Mercedes BENz set me up with the BH Police office DUFOUR.

SANDRA OH went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School in Canada so that my drawing of ROBERT “GU”illaume of BENSON can have meaning for her and appear as if it was “done” by her. So that my Name SIGNature of “SANDY*” can have meaning for her, the reason why Sandra Oh always attaches herself to Other People’s names like NIC or NICHOLAS. It’s why NIC “OLE” Rosenthal was the photographer of her cover of TV “GU”ide in June 1999. “21” looks like the Korean Character for the name LEE, and I wrote the name Lee Montgomery in Korean Characters in 1982. “95” is Sandra Oh’s Bible Vibe Number of Linda Goodman’s Astrology book “Love Signs”, for her and Lee Montgomery. Sandra Oh wants people to think she is ME in MY Childhood pictures and wants people to think she is the Artist who did the FAC in 1982.

Sandra Oh wants The Picture of me and the black girl to BE HER. It’s why she wants Tom Christopher Bridges to bridge her with MY BIRTHDAY Numbers of “8/13” and BEVERLY DAVIS, black female who went to the same College as me in Brooklyn, so that Beverly Hills can have meaning for her. Because of this picture Sandra Oh wants to “OM” with any black female that “FITS” her name. This picture of me wearing the White and Red Shirt with the number “14” is one of the reasons why Astrology got involved. Leo Scorpio, Wang and Montgomery Vibe Number is 4-10. Sandra Oh wants to “OM” with Beverly Davis, so that her Dental Agency “DA” = “41”, Dental PLUS Medical can have meaning for her, so that Her Vibe Number of 59 can be 5+9= “14”. The same reason why Sandra Oh is in a TV show with SHON”DA” Rimes, a black female. Sandra Oh has BUILT her LIFE based ON MY IDENTITY, MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for her and BE HER.

This Diagonal Line is based on my Name SIGNature of “Sandy*” with an Asterisk, on the Lower Right on the drawing of BENSON, with the Upper Left of Neil Diamond from the “Jazz Singer” holding a Mike on the Upper Left. Because I wrote “KEY to my SOUL”, and Neil Diamond is Jewish, they want my Writings and my Artwork to have meaning for JOSH WOLF who is Jewish. The Picture of me and the black girl is in the shape of a DIAMOND, one of the main reasons why almost everything they built in the last 3 decades is Left to Right. Businesses and Buildings. Based on MY identity, my name Signature and my Artwork, to have meaning for Sandra Oh. STARBUCKS who says they got started in Seattle Washington in PIKE Place is a perfect example. It’s about the Upper Left of everything. They say they first opened their first coffee shop in 1971. This is about Penis I “KE”, Neil Diamond holding a “MIKE”. The movie BEN is about Rats and Mice. Star spelled backwards is RATS, and “GE” in Korean means Rats and Mice. Because Sandra Oh is a “STAR”, she thinks she has meaning in My Artwork and MY FATHER’S name, Identity and his Music band “Morning STARS”.

BUCK is a DOLLAR, and George WASHINGTON is on the One Dollar bill. The number “13” is a very important repeating Powerful Number in the Dollar Bill. David Ovason wrote a book titled “The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill” and he explains all of this in detail in his book. This is the reason why her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in Seattle “GRACE” Hospital. Grace is connected to my High School classmate name Grace Navas. GN is about my name WAng. “WA” in Korean means Come or to Arrive, and in this Sex Game it means to CUM as in Orgasm. This is why Josh Wolf lived in Washington State and the Mother of his son Jacob still lives there. Josh Wolf who is CROWN of THORN wearing Jesus CHRIST in Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, has also been playing the role of my Father, a Gifted Musician and Teacher. They want SANDY WANG and LEE MONTGOMERY’S Identities, to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh wants my TWO LINKS on the Upper Left of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist to have meaning for her name SanDRA OH going backwards, to have meaning for her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” on the Upper Left state of Seattle Washington. Pear B “OAT” is about my father’s middle name of BAE which means Fruit as in Pear and Boat, and Sandra Oh wants my Father’s name and Identity to have meaning for her PEAR ASS, and TAO B going backwards with my Name of Sand”YWA”ng, to have meaning for “SHE Showed me the WAY” for her TV Show. SICK GAY PARASITE ACTRESS.

This is why Sandra Oh on Thanks Giving in 2009, rented a DOLLAR RENTAL Car in Canada, because it’s the TOP painting on my Abstract Page with the Dollar Bill below the “O” and Triangle “13” is MY BIRTHDAY Numbers, and Sandra Oh wants my Abstract page Artwork to have meaning for her, THROUGH Other People like Tom Bridges, because the Yellow Legal Pad Sketch I did in 1997 is what they’ve been building on since the 90’s. “ON”E Doll”AR”. “O” sounds like “OH” and her year is ONE and “OO” HOrizONtal is built in to go Left to Right.

My Korean Name, said in proper traditional Korean Way is WANG SIN WON, and it sounds like WASHINGTON. My birthday is 8/13/69. George Washington was the First President of the United States. Business Schools and MBA programs teach Economic and Business Students about “VALUE of the DOLLAR”. Wall Street. SWA are the Upper Left Computer Keys and S. WAng is in my name, the reason why Sandra Oh wants to CONFUSE people as to who is Sandy Wang. SHAW. SHOW, AO, Tao is the WAY for Chinese Doctor Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

This is why THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of “8/13/72” “bridges and Om”s Sandra OH and Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY. They’ve been building for Tom Bridges to bridge MY IDENTITY through his birthday, with Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway for many years, both Psychobitches who want EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for and be them. Anytime you see the numbers “8/13” especially on Buildings in Los Angeles, it’s connected to TOM BRIDGES, and there is usually a CATHOLIC C “HUR” CH nearby.

Sandra Oh’s Acting Career is all based on MY NAME SIGNature on BENSON drawing I did in 1982, my Parents Names and my FAC. In the BENSON Drawing, he is holding a Magnifying Glass “O”. Sandra OH wants this “O” to Sound like her name “OH”. “O” is 360 degREEs in Geometry, going backwards SANDRA OH and her PEAR BOAT is a Perfect Match with her BUSINESSMAN Father BRETT BERN. Sandra Oh’s Year is ONE, which you can’t Go backwards with and “OO” is HOrizONtal built in to go Left to Right. Sandra Oh, deeply disturbed SOCIOPATH Actress, has been attached to my life for many years. SICK DISTURBED GAY PSYCHOBITCH TRYING TO MAKE MY IDENTITY AND ARTWORK “FIT” HER THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES AND BODIES.

THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, is CONNECTED to Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro, because of the meaning of my FAC from 1982, which tells a powerful story of Gay Male Sex, and HE is a CO CONSPIRATOR to ROB MY IDENTITY for these TWO disturbed sick bitches because he has the SAME Birthday numbers as me. Tom Bridges along with Pecoraro and Oh, needs to SERVE TIME in PRISON for Federal Crimes of Co Conspiring to Rob Identity, for LYING on Police Documents, ETC. CONSPIRACY, “Chain Conspiracy” is a FEDERAL CRIME, he has been connected to Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh for many years because I’ve been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years.

The People involved in my April 2009 PREMEDITATED Arrest are all connected to Supporting SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO as the Artist who did all the Artwork. They INTENTIONALLY kept me in Jail, so that they can continue building based on them RAPING MY LIFE. Through OTHER PEOPLE’S Names, Specific REPEATING Numbers and information written on FRAUD DOCUMENTS, they want MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK and EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for and BE These TWO DEEPLY DISTURBED SICK PSYCHOBITCHES.

The Diagonal Line runs from the Lower Right on the Los Angeles Map to the Upper Left of MALIBU and PCH Pacific Coast Highway “1”, and the Road Names on PCH is connected to JESUS CHRIST wearing a CROWN of THORNS on Lower Right of page “3” “OO” and THOMAS “CHRIST”OPHER BRIDGES bridging “BRIDGE in FOG” of Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting on the Upper Left and Sandra Oh’s TV show on Upper Left of WASHINGTON State. PCH is about Hewlett PACK ARD. PACK is about my childhood picture of me wearing a BackPack going to school in the morning, and by adding “ARD” to this word, they want SAN”DRA” Oh to have meaning in MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES, and MY birthday numbers of “8/13”. ARD is about “LARD”, as in Hubbard Lard Bird, OIL, in a Big Blubber Ass Conspiracy, because of a very old Porn Film made by Lee H. Montgomery and because of the Sound of the Word ASSterisk with my first name SIGNature on Benson “Sandy*”.

This is connected to SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORARO who both want my LEADERSHIP Training LP 173 to have meaning for them, THROUGH TOM BRIDGES, “bridging” them with Other People’s names. This Training is connected to Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC Church Theme, the reason why the Trainor was name CHRIS Spence. This Training and the book “THE GIFT” by DANIEL LADINSKY are the reasons why MY LIFE was RAPED in 2009, and they STOLE my ARTWORK and my DOG JACK.

This is about the VIDEO RECORDING of me which was Dubbed with another females body and it was about Connecting all these things ABOUT ME and MY IDENTITY with MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for SANDRA OH’S P3AR BOAT ASS Going Backwards. Sandra Oh wants ALL MY SEXUAL EXPERIENCES to have meaning for her. You have to be deeply disturbed and DESPERATE for any Sexual Meaning in your life, to RAPE and REPEATEDLY ROB someone else’s life so that Their Life can have meaning for you. SANDRA OH IS A “SOCIOPATH” AND AN IDENTITY THIEF.

This Business Complex on the corner of ROSEcrans Avenue and SHOEmaker is a perfect example of what they’ve been building the last one year, based on the Premeditated Arrest on “4/20/09” and the All the Fraud Documents created at the Beverly Hills Police Dept, the BH Court, and LA County Jail and the DOCTORS Names, so that THROUGH the Traumatic Horrific Incident CAUSED to my life, SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO can have meaning with their CATHOLIC Church Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF “AIR” Libra, “OM” with GLORIA LEE and her birthday of 5/29/69, to rob EVERYTHING about me and MY IDENTITY.

Jesus Christ Josh Miccha Wolf ROSE, on Shoemaker and Belf”AIR”, PeNis entered a MARCHing Ass, AERO Space of the Gap “SPACE” of Wet Vagina Dubbed Video Recording, for “STAR” Bucks Fucks Licks Sucks and CUM “WA”.

“TS” is about the Left Letters of the saying I created:
Tao is the Way, Alpha and Omega,
Sound and Vibration of the Tao is OM.

TACO JOE = “TAO” CO = KO = NOSE of my carl jung Watercolor Painting on my Abstract page. Eye of “SON” Jesus Christ “Rose” for YOUNG Carl Jung Dung, a Young TAO “TE” Chink Ass for SANDRA OH’s TV Show, and sucked and fucked a BLONDE Hair GOLD I LOCK of HAIR all Summer 2009, for Charles Fine “FuCk” a UK British PetrolEyeCUM PARALLELING History on CRESCENT Drive, “Scent” of the AIR Smell.

Renu Nakorn. Re New NA “Me” KORN as in CORN on the COB Hor Dik JOSH WOLF. See CORN Connections. The reason why UCLA has several buildings named CORNell and KORN CONvocation Hall at the Business Management AnderSON School. The reason why the address of 1224 S. CORNing St in Los Angeles was set up when I first moved to Los Angeles in 2007 with VictoRIA Rowe.

Na Horn. Y. HK, Katie “HOL”mes Key Hor Holes, and Cumming EARly through Beverly Hills City Hall. The Address Numbers on these buildings are about Tom Bridges the 20”36”0 Callon Drive Topanga Address with Lee H. Montgomery’s birthday Numbers of “11/3/61” to have meaning for a Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair LEO PUSSY and LIBRA WOLF 11/3. They want Josh Wolf to be Lee Montgomery’s Identity in the Porn Film made at the Topanga address many years ago. KORN is about CATHOLIC Mary Magdalene School on “1224 S. CORNing St” and whoever is living there after I moved out, with CHARLES “E Y”OUNG Drive at UCLA for “FORM” AL CUM in MOTher MARIA’s OIL ASS and their LINDA Goodman LINDA “KING” “212 Libra Virgo Vibe Numbers”.

This Business Complex was built in SYNCHRO with Connie MARIA Pecoraro who moved to “707” Bridgeway in 2009, with Tom Bridges YEAR of birth of “72” to FINISH and Complete the RAPING of my IDENTITY so that Everything about me can have meaning for their Catholic Theme Mother and Son Jesus Christ. So that my Gold Clock can have meaning for them, on MAPLE DRIVE in Beverly Hills.

They want my CARL JUNG pictures taken at “2087 31st” Ave and QuinTARA in the Sunset District neighborhood of San Francisco, of Tom Bridges birthday numbers, and my Watercolor painting of GREEN “Carl Jung” with “C” Shape of ASS, “13”, NOSE as the “ARM” of the HEAD of Male Head Profile Carl Jung, to have meaning for Jesus Christ SON Eye, ROSE for Mother MARIA “OO” Ass for completion of 8/13/72, a Fag’s birthday for the OWNERSHIP of the Powerful Meaning of my FAC from 1982 and my BENSON Name SIGNAture of “Sand Y*”. This is a Perfect Example of “Recreating” meaning for themselves, for EVERYTHING about ME to have meaning for them, at the SAME TIME they were Raping my life.

TAO TE CHING = TAcO + SHOe outl”ET” + CHIN of Carl Jung is Ass = Josh MicCHA Wolf licKING sucKING fucKING with a Chinese Pussy, for the meaning of CUM “WA” + Grance Navas = WANG = Recreating the meaning of George “WA”shington, Dollar Bill and my Abstract Page, Lower Right of Jesus Christ “OO” to Tom BRIDGES Upper Left “Birdge in Fog” on Bridgeway.

The MAPS of California, especially the Thomas Guide Maps of Los Angeles is all about CARL JUNG “JC” Jesus Christ the SON, licking fucking FORD Mustang CAR Model MARIA’s ASS throughout the making of his Comedy Career.

Beginning in 2003, with the launching of MYSPACE with CHRIST “DE” WOLFE, and Josh Miccha WOLF, it was the launching of the Dubbed Video Recording with a Big Blubber Ass through the “Mirror Image” in my bedroom, to have meaning for Catholic Theme of Mother Mary Maria and Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”. The CONTINUing of the Raping of my life. This is why the Beverly Hills Police on “4/20/09” took only a picture of my Yellow LILY TATTOO and Not my FOOT TATTOO, I think they Dubbed this Video Recording again for the SECOND Time.

The Businesses and kind of “obscure” looking FRONT Signs on BelF”AIR” and SHOEMAKER is about CUM SHOOTING. Shoe sounds like Shoot, a GUN looks like the number “7”, and Josh Miccha WOLF “AIR” Libra has a 7 inch Thick Cock. This is what these businesses mean, “PENis” entering a M “ARCH”ed Ass and Shooting into AERO SPACE, the Dubbed Video Recording of MYSPACE “Gap Space” to have meaning for a Big Blubber OIL Ass. It’s why it’s on “ROSE”crans Ave for Jesus Christ ROSE on T Hir D Day and Came, Cum, “WA” Two Times in a Chinese Pussy for P3AR B”OAT” Ass for Sandra Oh’s TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and Tao is the Way on Bridgeway. This is why Josh Wolf named his dog ROCKEY, who has the personality of Blubber Brett Bern Taurus the Bull. 924 “O” is 360 degREEs, Tom Bridges Horney Jesus Christs, through Midge “BUTLER” BRET Upper Left with Hubbard Lard Blubber Bur Bir BERN, Ear Sound, in Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s CATHOLIQ Theme of Oil Paintings with Gays and Lesbians.

This is in Perfect SYNC with what’s on Marqartdt Ave Bel”AIR” = MARIA and MICCHA, WOLFE and AIR Wholesale. These Street IN TER “Course” and SEX Shions are about SEX and Making MONEY through Business and Corporation Names.

MARQUARDT Avenue, with “ARI” Wholesale makes Jesus Christ the SON Mic”CHA”rlie = SAL=Rice=Eric Shion=Eye=WA Cum in MOTher MARIA, you’re MONEY, Colorado En”GOR”ged Throbbing DK for “DON”.

They named this street based on my First name SIGNature on BENSON Dubois drawing, a "Mark" and it's a ART. The "Q" is about the letter Q, the Uppermost Left letter on the Computer Keys next to MY Name initials of "SW". This is why Connie Pecoraro who wants "SW" to be about "White Supremist" drives a Station Wagon and her Mark has a Question Mark "Isn't That Life ?", which is a Dead and Abandoned Mark.

The DT is about the meaning of the DOT, or "O", as in the Magnifying Glass that BENSON is holding in the drawing. It's about the meaning of "PERIOD", as in Monthly Menstruation, and me placing a DOT on the Calendar every month ever since I got my period. They want this to be about BLOOD filling a Hard Dick because of the "O"s on the DECK WALLS of 20360 Callon Drive "Tree" Garage Studio in Topanga. It's where Lee H. Montgomery used to live many years ago, and they want his Identity to BE and have meaning for JOSH WOLF, through Connie Pecoraro's Catholic Church Theme of Jesus Christ.

DT is about Digestive Tract of REAL ESTAPE, of a TAPeworm I've been pulling out of my Asshole in my HOUSING TERROR since I moved to California in 1999.

The Theme of "DON" meaning MONEY in Korean and DONald TRUMP in connection to Demi Moore wanna be in "Indecent Proposal" and the Business of REAL ESTATE and ES"CROW" Companies has been going on for decades. It's one of the reasons why he married MARLA MAPLES, it's connected to Architecture and Real Estate on MAPLE Drive in Beverly Hills to have meaning for Connie MARIA Pecoraro and CAThoLICK theme of MAT he MAT Hics of making money.

This Inter SEX “SH” I ON, is the reason why GORDON MacDONald was SET UP, of my Address at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley in 2005, and why the “JU”dges Name of “ROY” CHERNUS was set up to Rob my Rent and Deposit Money.

It’s why I was “Controlled” and manipulated to work at Black Female Dentist name Y. Danielle MARQUISE Dental Office on STEUART Street in San Francisco in 2006. At the time I hadn’t discovered this Conspiracy to Rob my Identity yet. THROUGH Other people’s Names, Bodies, Business Addresses, they were “synchronizing” EVERYTHING about my life with a REAL LIVE PARASITE Sick Actress SANDRA OH and her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Y. Danielle is about my first name SIGNature of “SAN “DY”. By separating the “DY” and the SAN, they were recreating the meaning of San”DRA” to be the ARTIST who “DREW” the drawing of BENSON, Robert Guillaume in 1982. So that “DanielladinskY” “DY” and his Book “The Gift” “TG” can have meaning for SANDRA OH, because Sandy Wang is a “Mentally Ill person with a Chinese Accent” who was in LA County Jail for 5 months for “GT” in 2009.

Y.Danielle Marquis works with a HINDU Male dentist name “MERAV”. Every BODY at this Dental office are all PEAR Shaped Big Blubber Assed employees. A Chinese “DEN”tal ASSistant name LORI HUI is connected to Sandra Oh and “Chinese Females” with Big Asses. Her Name is about Josh Wolf and his Agency “ROL”ex building with CROWN logo, for Crown of Thorney Jesus Christ. HER Name was about Tom CHRISTopher Bridges UNION Square “backwards” for TAO is the Way with PEAR B”OAT” Asses with Sandra Oh’s TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”. UnI”ON” “i” Eye “OO” H=”OO” “i” ROL Sex. Her name also has HL Heath Ledger’s name initials and this was about Dubbing of my Wet Vagina in the Video Recording with a Big Blubber Ass, to have meaning for Sandra Oh. “OM” Big “O” of 360 Degrees through MOUTHS of “OM”ing Licking and Sucking for Oral Sex, in a LEOnardo DAvinci Code of DANIEL “LAD”LE SKY and MILLER Tom Cruise Mapother MOTHER MOM Sick Ass Conspiracy.

My TOY “TAO” RAV4L SUV with a “O” Spare Tire in the back with the Rack on the Top which looks like the letter “H” makes “RA” and “OH”. This SUV was Designed with “Charlie’s Find” “OO” Eyes on the Dashboard, with “4WD” written on the back for “WOOD” dubbed Video Recording of me to have meaning for SandRA OH. The Same Pattern of my TWO Website Links on the Upper Left of “HO”me and “AR”tist, which San”DRA OH” wants to have meaning for her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Same reason why the DOCtors names at LA County Jail was named FASS velARDe and Hough, for Fat Ass of sanDRA OH. This is a Deeply Disturbing Pattern that has been going on for many years, through Other People’s names being attached to my life, through TRAUMATIC Incidents CAUSED by people who support this Sick ACTRESS.

Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIQ Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the SON based on MY childhood picture of the CHRIST MAS Tree, with my Red Shoe childhood pictures in Korea standing on the “SAN”= Mountain, and in Santa Monica Sitting on the CANON, is connected to Tom Cruise’s movie “Last “SAM”urai” with all the Businesses in MALIBU. The reason why CROWN of ROLex Building is on CANON Drive on Wilshire Blvd. CONnie Maria’s ANatomy, Left to Right. “OO” Must be Tits, or LOW Flying AIRplane Libra Liqing“OO” Balls. It’s a Gay Ass with Two “OO” hanging balls below it.

The reason why ALL the Incidents beginning with “4/10”/09 pictures of my Flat Tire on DON Hill and Laurel Way, to Mercedes BENz “Blue Tech” was all Set up, so that The Picture of me and the black girl can be SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO.

This is why the Business of “TEA” has become very big, because of the Korean meaning of the word CHA which means CAR and TEA. Tea Business and “Tea Parties” to change the meaning of CAR and “MA”RIA Ford MUStang Car Madel isn’t working. It’s about the meaning of my Father being a MUSician and a TEA C “HER”. Through T”OM” Cruise Mapother and T”OM” Christopher Bridges, they want my Father to be about the CATHOLIQ Theme of the “Holy Trinity” of Father Son and Holy Spirit and for my Father’s Musician Identity to have meaning for Josh Wolf, by “OM”ing with Other People’s names and Identities. They need to “OM” with Many People in order to Equal ONE of me and ONE of Lee H. Montgomery.

Sandy Wang’s Multifunctional Powerful MARK is a Registered Mark.

Sandra Oh should Draw and Paint, once you know how to draw, it’s like riding a bicycle, you NEVER forget because it’s in your Muscle Memory. Same thing for Connie Maria Pecoraro, who doesn’t know how to draw in PENCIL. SOCIOPATH is in SANDRA PATricia OH name and PSYCHO is in PecorarO Name.


Sandy Wang’s Childhood CHRISTMAS picture with LEGS in shape of “4” and Shirt “O”

Sandy Wang’s Leadership “TRAINing” LP173

Sandy Wang’s X rated Video Recording May 2000

Legal Pad Sketch 1997

Sandy Wang’s ABSTRACT Page

Sandy Wang’s REGISTERED TRADE “MARK MARK MARK MARK” and meaning of DUDAS monstrous connections

meaning of TAO DAO DOW Jones of making Money

Santa Monica on ARIzona x OCEAN, for T"AO" D "AO" see VIDEO, WOLF "ARI" GORDON MARQAR"DT" DOT

meaning of "DOT" is a PERIOD

Shonda C “RIMES” and MARK GORDON of “Grey’s Anatomy”

“4/20/09” Du FOUR “GOLD DUST”

CROW and WOLF May 2009

TOY “TAO” is the Way to Raping my Life


PCH Diagonal Line SEE Street Names MICA and MILROY

Tom CHRISTopher BRIDGES “8/13/72”

Year “71”? Sandy Wang is KOREAN and speaks Perfect English


813 Repeating Numbers

Linda Goodman’s Astrology “212 Vibe Numbers”

UCLA “Charlie’s Find” Lower Right SON to Upper Left Mother Mary “CHA”lon CAR model

rex FORD Mustang CAR model

Hubbard LARD Blubber


Hewlett Packard “HP” C = 3

CROWN of THORNEY Jesus Christ

Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School classmate CHRISTINA BERN “ARD” O

with FORD Mustang CAR Model Connie Maria Pecoraro

Jesus ROSE

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress, “OM” with GLORIA Catherine LEE Identity and Birthday


"Y. D"anielle MARQUIS DENtist 131 STEUART Street San Francisco

924 Repeating Numbers the REASON for the Arrest Date of 4/20/09

924 0 Rolex Building


CORN connections

“NOR” Connections

Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Jesus ROSE

RexFORD Drive and Mrs WOLFS Class

Ne”SSA”H = OO Synagogue on CHARLEville Blvd


Mercedes BENz


CRE “Scent” Drive

“LIC” ARI Camden Drive “AIR” Libra LICK Ass

C “Enter” BANK “WA”Cum 1

Cumming BevEARly Hills LIBRA ry


Hit by Car by a “SKY”


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