Sandra Oh Pepsi Pussy in 1999, for PIous PYous JeSUS
JC = CJ CHArlies Find Oil painting by her “Mother”
Constance MARIA Pecoraro

= Mother Daughter Cat"HOL"icking, OO BENding over”LAP”ping creates () Pussy is Fish


Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlie’s Find “OO” Jesus CHRIST the “SON”
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of when OO over LAPs, it creates ()

Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie, Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF

EAR sound of “O.H” Father Daughter SANDRA OH Ass Pussy Licking EDDIE VEDDER “RHIMES” with NIGGER

Sandra OH as CH”RIS”Tina YANG, Signing her John HANCOCK of “RED” Pussy Slit D”RES”S in the name of VED”DER”

UN “DER” Score, is about “RED” in the name of VED”DER” going Backwards

RAY GUN, see over “LAP”ping area of the OO,
BENt KNee, BK or Korean Blanket meaning
3 decades in the making for this DELUSIONAL ACTRESS who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and DREW all my Drawings from 1982

Get the Magnifying Glass O------- see childhood pictures of SANDY WANG in Santa Monica 1979 O------
The PICTURE of Sandy Wang and a black girl circa 1980 and Planet EARTH on the Upper Left and KB

Sandy Wang’s JOHN HANCOCK, and SON or SOHN is HAND in Korean and "MANOS" connections

PEP SEA and PUS SEA and "D ARI" connections
see "OO" Logo of CE"DAR" SINai Hospital sound of SEA DAR SIGN i
------ à “RAY” CHARLES Cafeteria Cho”CHA” in Spanish means Pussy, CHARles is wearing “SUN”Glasses
------ à meaning of over "LAP"ping OO making a form of (l)

in a “T” Square position to “FOOT HILL” x CIVIC CENTER Dr

TARGET Discovery of BENDER Corporation next to “UTA” Sandra OH agency in 2014

Group Conspiracy with

EARth Virgo MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro’s "No Name GURL"
Constance Maria Pecoraros’ ISN t that life "Q?" is about my Korean Name and sound of "Y"

Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”
Sandra Oh “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”


Fast Forward a Decade 2009
meaning of Exact “TEN” Years in Raping My LIFE

Constance Pecoraro’s No Name Girl “SUNNY” in 2011 = Life in Prison

JOSH WOLF and “SUNGLASS”, WW RY connections = Life in Prison

RAY GUN. TOP GUN. RA Y, like G RA Y, for Sand”RA” Oh wants MY NAME of sand”Y” to be her, wanting my last name of WA”NG” and my Sign of Leo symbol of “U” to be her, through a fag name Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me.

Discovery 2005 Constance Pecoraro's OIL Artwork of Jeseus CHRISTina Yang, "CHA"rlies Find "OO"
Discovery 2009 "OO" CeDARs SINai HOSpiTAL logo
Discovery 2010 "RAY" cho"CHA"rles Cafete"RIA" of Sandra Oh EATING MA"RIA" GLO"RIA" Pussy BoGe "TAL"

Summary 2012 Repeating NUMBERS in RAPING OF MY LIFE MY PRICELESS ART for this sick delusional actress

Jeff BEN”DER” = Sandra Oh wants to be the Artist who drew my drawing of Robert Guillaume of BEN SON DUBOIS in 1982
It's about the word SOAP "DOVE" is a BIRD, BENDOVER, what is Sandra Oh's Middle Name? "P"atricia?

“DER” April 1999

Sandra Oh connected to CHRISTina and "JB" Jeannie BERN "ARD O"
Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic theme of Mother MARY MARIA Cat”HO”LICK Theme meaning
Pepsi PUS “SEA” is the Ocean of Mother MARY on O”SH”ION Avenue in Santa Monica
CONSTANCE Pecoraro StudiO Alexan “’DER” Avenue Exit
CONSTANTINE Alexand “DER” Payne marriage in 2002
What is Sandra Oh's Middle Name?

”Doctor” Rafat Iskan”DER”
”Doctor” CRISTina Yang “SHO”E “SHO”W
OO (l) PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH and Cedars SINai Hospital OLIVE GREEN buildings
SEA is "DAR"YA in Persian "SIGN" EYE
PANTS in Korean is BAGI

SANDY WANG’S childhood picture in Santa Monica 1979 “PI”ous and Horney to LiQ PussY “PI” PY”
UN “DER” Score
Sandra Oh and UN “DER” Score like “UNDER the TUSCANY SUN”
EAR sound
Natalee “HO”lloway and Joran Van “DER” Sloot

The reason why Robin Williams made "One Hour Photo" and was "SY", it's disturbed Sand"RA" Oh who wants my first name SandY to be her through the word PUSSY, because it's about my Name SIGNature on "BEN"son drawing from 1982


Sandra OH on "TV GU I DE" June 1999 on "RED" OS, Oval Shape EGG
HANDS = robbing John 'HAN'cock on Robert "GU"illaume pencil drawing from 1981

Sandy Wang's Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981
Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature aka John HANCOCK on this Pencil Drawing from 1981 meaning "Boys Sex"

Gyeong CHA..."L" is a Korean word for POL'ICE'

meaning of Sandra OH's EGG OS Oval Shape, and her YR "O", Year of Birth of OH, 197 "ONE" = O...IL is a code built on Jesus Ch "RIS" T

LIFE IN PRISON Sandra OH through Sandra OH SCHOOL name of "SIR" ROBERT BORDEN on "GREEN BANK" road

O.C ear sound SEE OH, Sandra OH Pepsi Pus"SEA" food, CRAB, BARC 'O'
Sandra OH and her father NIGGER EDDIE VEDDER, BLACK, ewe Belong together life in the slammer

Robbing of Sandy Wang's John HAN cock through MAN"OS" with Sandra OH NAM..e backwards
CRAB. BARC.'O', c 'RABO' bank

EVERYTHING about robbing my name SIGNature on 1981 drawing, has been built through "OIL BURNS"

and OIL ART of Jesus CH "RIS" T by Constance Maria Pecoraro

reason why Sandra OH was "CH R.I.S T"ina Yang on "grey's ANATOMY" in Tom Bridges Gays Anatomy through Raping my life and art
meaning of "O"IL Is a CODE and Oil Burns in Tom Bridges "LIO OIL"

Vol “47” No “25” June 1999
Number 5 in Korean is “O”, 5 and 5 is “TEN”, for OCTOBER Born AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC CHO”CHA” WOLF
the name “OH” written in Korean has one “O”, the name “WANG” in Korean has Two “OO”

HAND CUFFS GO ON “RIS”TS for a DELUSIONAL Sick Actress who THINKS MY NAME, IDENTITY and ARTWORK has meaning for her, was DONE BY HER
If Sandra Oh’s HOUSE Address has number “704” she needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON

Sandy Wang's Childhood Pictures in WHITE and RED
WANG in Korean Characters "TO TO" means "KING"
Sandy Wang’s old address and GOLD CLOCK 407 E. 87th Street in 1990's "OO" and "CRAB"

meaning of Sandy Wang's Childhood Pictures and the COLOR White and Red

407 Connections

TV Guide, "TARA? VIRGO?" What is Josh Wolf's son's mother's name?

Sandra Oh who says she was born in "OT TO WA" Canada

NICOLE, for Sandra Oh is My name of Sandy “NICK” and she has meaning in SIGN of LEO

Tom Bridges "8/13" bridges my name SIGNature of NIC name "SANDY" and my SIGN of "LEO" as in IDENTITY THEFT
Tom Bridges "BEN" price and ROBERT Amaparan for my Name SIGNature on BEN"SON" ROBERT "GU"illaume on "8/13"

PYous JeSUS for PUSSY, SANDRA OH CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

meaning of "VIBE" Astrology Numbers

CRAB "O", BARC "O" and NUMBER connections on HOPE x BUNKER HILL


ViBe, VentuRA Blvd, Venice Beach Etc
"ORANGE" "O" sand "RA" is a "GE", Sandy Wang’s Childhood Picture with MY Father

O RAN ge is about my Catholic school classmate name CHRISTina Ber NARd O name BACKWARDS
ViBe is for JIM MORRISON of Venice Beach “VB”

LINDA Goodman's Astrology VIBE Numbers in "Love Signs"


Study Studi "O", Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH
who thinks all the circles of “O” from MY Life My Artwork has meaning for her name of “OH”

Sandy Wang’s baby picture with Knitted Sweater and “O”
Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in SANTA MONICA with TILTED HEAD in 1979 SEE SIGNS “PEPSI” and “GRAYSONS”, Sandy Wang's picture in GRAY Shirt with Seal of "O"
Sandy Wang’s in childhood CHRISTMAS Picture Shirt with "O" 1980
Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982, PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME with Eye in “O”

Sandy Wang in “GRAY” Shirt with a boy CRIST “O” in 1992

Sandy Wang’s TROPHY next to Basketball Court in ORANGE Shirt in 1981 see link for TARGET is Bull's Eye of "O"

The number 5 in Korean is "O" the sound of name of SANDRA "OH" in Santa Monica

Sandra OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School
Rolex building CANON Drive Beverly Hills

SANDRA OH as “CRIST”ina Yang on “GRAY’S Anatomy” CREATED in "2005"
DIRECTLY connected to Cedars SINai Hospital 3AR sound of “SIGN”eye

SANDRA OH and SNAKE “BELT” in 2004?
BELT is about BELOIT, meaning D”ARI” is BELOW it the ASSSTERISK, scroll to ASS”HOL”iday Inn

Psycho Actress SANDRA OH
connected to Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the SON = Tom the MARICON bridges G “R” AY SONS
Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT BorDEN high school

DEN connections

MARY Statue on “O” cean Avenue in Santa Monica

PSYCHOBITCH O and O of MY First and Second Artwork collection to have been DONE by this sick actress HAND CUFFS go on CH “RIS” T
EYE in “O” STUDi STUDy “OH” for PYous Pious Jesus Hollywood STUDIOS
Sandra OH Website Registration and OPEN your EYES. Org and SEE THIS SICK PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS

FOUR TEN meaning in 2011 LIFE in PRISON for SANDRA OH

CHA in Korean is “C…AR”, that’s been built to be about EAR sound of SEE through RINGS around Eyes of Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND, and SEA, Sand RA O Ass PU “C”.

C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish, Sand “RA OH” NAM…e in it backwards, in robbing of my John Hancock, my name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981, twisted and recreated through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Oil Art of Jesus CH “RIS” T CHARLIES FIND, they’ve built a monster ASS Pussy Conspiracy. This is why in 2005 Sandra OH’s character as Doctor CHRISTINA YANG on “Grey’s ANATOMY” was created, anatomy focused on GROIN AREA in Catholick Mathemathics of making Money through Licking ASS PUSSY HOLES, “GU MONG” in Korean is a HO.le in the name of Sandra “OH”.

HAND in Spanish is “MAN OS”, for Sandra Oh name initials backwards, like EAR sound of WEST is T “SO”, and everything about robbing my John ‘HAN’cock name SIGNature on my art from 1981 AND ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, was built through THOMAS BRIDGES his Gay “LIO” who has the same Leo birthday as me, with “OIL” ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro. THEY ARE BUILT IN BY DEFAULT in ROBBING MY IDENTITY FOR SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy with CHICAgo “IL LI NOIS” Pedophile rapists, EDDIE VEDDER of Pearl Jam, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and the OBAMAS in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS Anatomy psychotic lying Niggers.

It’s a Deranged Ass Pussy Conspiracy of the Groin Area LICKING, built through Cat”HO” LICK Theme art by Pecoraro, as if through her art of Jesus CH “RIS” T, and Sandra Oh’s ACTING role as CH”RIS”Tina YANG on a tv show, connected to Sandra Oh’s SCHOOL name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN in Canada, Sandra OH “DRU” My Drawing and IS My name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, of ROBERT GUILLAUME.

THROUGH someone else’s Oil Artwork, Constance Pecoraro’s Art of Jesus CHRIST, connected to countless BUSINESSES, for example, every Business on ROBERT “SON” Blvd, is connected to SIR ROBERT Borden School fo Sandra OH connected to Jesus CHRIST the “SON” OIL ART by Constance maria Pecoraro in a Group Conspiracy to rob the meaning of my name SIGNature twisted and rebuilt to be a monster Ass Conspiracy.

My Name isn’t “NIK, DY, or SY”, and there is nothing in my art about PUSSY or C”HO”CHA, everything about PUSSY is connected to “CP PC” EAR sound of Constance Pecoraro’s Art of Jesus CH “RIS”T that’s been linked to Sandra OH’s SCHOOL name of “SIR” Robert Borden in Canada, in the word CH “RIS” T and W “RIS” T, like a N”ICE” ROLEX WATCH.

Jesus CHRIST isn’t my Artwork, it’s Constance Pecoraro’s Art.

CHA rlies Find, AIR “HEIR” LIBRA Sign of JUST”ICE” Scales JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and his talent agency in the ROLEX Building, reason for DECADES of HORROR and TERROR iN MY LIFE, long before I ever met Josh Wolf in person in 2009.

CHA is “CAR” in Korean and also means “TEA”. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

CHO”CHA” in Spanish is Pussy, CHA in Korean and CHOCHA in Spanish has nothing to do with each other. These are all connected to MAThemathics of making Money connected to MILLIONS of SPICS, NIGGERS, CHINKS and KOREANS who are in the Business of making money as if SANDRA OH was My Identity and ARTIST of My ARTWORK, twisted and rebuilt through OIL ART by Constance Pecoraro in a DERANGED ASS PUSSY Conspiracy of ANATOMY PIMPING.

“O”IL is a CODE. And EVERYTHING they’ve already built is built on “OIL” is LARD in the name of San”DRA O”, who thinks she is the artist of my artwork from 1981 and 1982, built through someone else’s ART, Constance Pecoraro’s Oil art. PSYCHOTIC PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” doesn’t begin to describe this DERANGED MENTALLY ILL SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH who must be locked behind bars for life.

OIL as in GAS goes in “CAR”, CHA rlies Find Jesus CHRIST, is connected to almost ALL “CAR” companies Worldwide in MATHemathics of making Money. Almost EVERTHING having to do with CAR and CAR repairs/parts/AUTO “BODY” SHOPS, is connected to Jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Constance Pecoraro in a FORMULA, FORM of “OO” is FORM OF ASS TIT ANATOMY in robbing the meaning of my John Hancock on My art from 1981, connected to Sandra Oh psycho actress on “Grey’s ANATOMY”.


It’s INSANE how much has gone into building Going BACKwards, when “John Hancock” is built in left to right, to have meaning for Sandra “OH”, because the name J “OH” N has her name in it built through MAN”OS” in Spanish is HAND with her name initials Backwards. Like She “DREW” my “DRA”wings, because it’s in her NAME San”DRA”. Like Psyc”HO” w”ARD”, and PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” is in her NAME backwards.

EVERYTHING they’ve built about SANDRA OH being my identity or Artist of my Artwork is built based on LIES and FRAUD. It’s why the PANAMA PAPERS unraveling in 2016 is going to LOCK some very BIG IMPORTANT people in PRISON for a long time.

This is why NIT3 “MAIRS” at Night are here to STAY for a Long Time.

Female “HO”rse is a MARE, EAR sound of M”AIR” in the NAM..e of MARIA , MAN”OS” on “OS” Other Side of “94965” birthday numbers of TAU”RUS”, BERN”ARD O”.

= Sandra “OH” Cat”HO”Licking RINGS around Jesus CHARLIE is CHOCHA ASS, “OO” of Mother MOM MARIA GLORIA Pecoraro Shoe Shonda RHIMES with BERNARDO.

QARMA built in auto matically.

Meaning of My First name Signature on my art pencil drawing from 1981 is about MICHAEL JACKSON’S ASSHOLE, connected to something that happened in REAL LIFE in 1970’s, which is about BOYS having Sex, channeled through my ARTWORK. The CHA nging of meaning of my name SIGNature, along with MY IDENTITY, MY NAME, is called “ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT” that began in 1982, around the same time as “Quest for Fire” movie, and it’s about ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE for SANDRA OH connected to MATHemathics of making Money that goes in BANKS.

OO over "LAP"ping area = (l). CHO "CHA" in Spanish means PUSSY.

C”HO”CHA has Sandra “OH” name in it BACKwards.
Constance Maria Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST the SON Oil Artwork of "CHA"rlies Find" OO.

Sandra OH acting role as CHRISTINA YANG on “Greys Anatomy” created in 2005, is DIRECTLY connected to Constance Pecoraro Oil Painting CATHOLICK THEME ART of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST, created to ROB MY Name SIGNature, my John Hancock on my art from 1981, name of “SANDY” Signature, built as if its SANDRA OH NIK Name. It’s true, NIK name of SANDRA OH is “Sandy”, but MY NAME isn’t “NIK” which is what EVERYTHING they’ve built on is based on, connected to PACHYDERM is Thick S”KIN” mammal like Elephant and RHINO, built in by default to be about “E”Yes of SON Jesus CHRIST the SON.

So Sandra OH is an ACTRESS, but through OTHER PEOPLES NAMES, IDENTITIES, ARTWORK, they’ve built as if this deranged BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. But to rob not only the meaning of my name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, but Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART was created DIRECTLY connected to 1981 movie “QUEST FOR FIRE” in meaning of OIL BURNS with “FIRE”, and CHRISTINA “BERN ARD O”, SAN”DRA O” ASS CHOCHA PUSSY UTAU”RUS” CLITO”RIS” Conspiracy. ANATOMY of the “GRO IN” AREA NIGGER VEDDER ASS PUSSY CHOCHA CLITO”RIS” CONSPIRACY. EVERYTHING they’ve built is built on “CHOCHA”RLIES FIND JESUS CHRIST, with Sandra “OH” name in it backwards, connected to her SCHOOL name of “SIR” ROB.ert BOR.den high school in Canada.

CHOCHA is PUSSY, CP Constance Pecoraro in Tom Bridges the TAO DAO “DOW JONES” of making Money built for ASS PUSSY CLITO”RIS” Anatomy, of when OO over”LAPS” it creates () is Fish is Pussy. CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” PEDOPHILE NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER RAPING GAMES is what they built.

PLANET “EAR”th in circle of “O”, YR sound of Sandra “O.H”. PEPSI PUSSY C”HO”CHA deranged sick KOREAN ACTRESS SANDRA OH, when BL”OO” eyes of Jesus CH”RIS”T looks into her ASS PUSSY FORM, he gets “H”ARD with “RED” Blood = RED and BLOO = RB ROLEX BUILDING on 9420 Wilshire Blvd. COL..ors of Korean Flag. “KF” FUCK EAR sound of SANDRA “O” has been going on for a long time.

This is why in 2009, when they ROBBED MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION from 2003-2007, they began building as if SANDRA “O” is the ARTIST of ALL CIRCLES Of MY ARTWORK, and my Korean Flag in Colors RED BLUE with “FISH”. FISH is PUSSY of when OO overLAPs, it creates (). CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL LOGO. HOS PI TAL, reason why GREYS ANATOMY was created in 2005 with Sandra OH as CHRISTIna YANG.

This is in ALL LANGUAGES WORLDWIDE, including how do you say PUSSY IN CHINESE?

Its about Robbing My JOHN “HAN”COCK on my pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, BENSON DUBOIS.

There is nothing in MY ART or Name SIGNature, that has PUS”SY” or CHOCHA. Why the fuck would I want my Private Female Body Parts to be a part of MATHEMATHICS of making MONEY ? it would be PROSTITUTING MY VAGINA.

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on my art from 1981


OO Jesus CH”RIS”T CHARLIES FIND art by Pecoraro

HAND in Spanish is MAN”OS” and it’s about NAMES of people



MAN”OS” is about NAM,es

P”EAR” L Jam. EAR th in circle of “O”, is about NAME of SANDRA “O.H”. What’s left ? PUSSY LIP. C”HO”CHARLIES FIND “OO”. PUS”SEA”TTLE WASHINGTON.

This is all connected to CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL in West Hollywood where they've been building for 3 decades for My Identity, My Korean name of "SIN WON" to be Sandra OH. This is why this sick actress, since 2005 is "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" set in Seattle WashingtON, DIRECTLY connected to this Hospital.

RAY GUN. RAY "CHA"rles Cafeteria inside CSH.

TheOdor CUM"MIN"GS name on the building at CSH.

"TOP GUN". TOPANGA 20360 Callon Drive owner name is Todd CUM"MIN"GS.

Sandra OH's ex husband Alexander Payne's production company name is 'AD HO "MIN"EM' Enterprises. MIN is My Mother's "MAIDEN" Name, and through VIRGO "MAIDEN" Constance Mother MARY Psycho PECORARO, they've been building AS IF these two Psychobitches are Me and MY Mother's Identity, and for My Father's name and Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, in a Group Conspiracy.

CAP, Constantine Alexander Payne is an extremely important connection in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, because of the Powerful meaning of MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS and BRAIN that this sick actress thinks and has been claiming that she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. The reason why over 250 pieces of my Priceless Artwork on PAPER neatly stacked inside two portfolios VANISHED in 2009, through Organized CRIMES.

Constantine Alexander Payne's connection goes back decades, to OMAHA NEBRASKA where he's from, and the FOOD company name "CON AGRA". Food, connected to My First Birthday Baby Picture with FOOD and MONY on the table, that they've been building AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY. Like she is me in all my Childhood Pictures, through "CP" Constance Maria Pecoraro's OIL Artwork and her "No Name Girl" sketches.

THIS IS A GROUP CONSPIRACY. A CHAIN Group Conspiracy, which means that they don't need to all individually personally know each other, but the GOAL is the same. What is the Goal? to create, through G"RIDDLES and RIMES" of "Words, Names, Business Names, Colors, Designs, Etc", for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH, for MATHemathics of making MONEY. Dissect and Disconnect "LETTERS" in MY NAME, then rearrange it to "FIT" Sandra OH, AS IF she was My Identity. This is why TOM BRIDGES IDENTITY is very important, becuase he has the SAME LEO BIRTHDAY as me of 8/13, but different year.

RA"Y" CHArles, always mixing the letter "Y" with "RA", like Toyota Car model "YARIS" AS IF Sand"RA" Oh is My Name SIGNature of "SandY" on My Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981.

RC, R= 18, C=3, 8/13 is My Birthday numbers that Sandra OH thinks has meaning for her, through TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me.

RC, connected to ROLEX Building on Wilshire Blvd, Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie, JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, it's between "RC" Reeves street and Canon Drive. RC.

RC, ROBERTSON and CREN"SHAW" blvd connections, which I discovered in 2012. It's DECADES in the Making for this sick DELUSIONAL Psychobitch Actress to be MY IDENTITY AS IF she is the Artist of My Artwork, and all my baby and childhood pictures.

Sick Actress Sandra Oh, the reason for 2 decades of HARDSHIP in my life, the REASON for the SABOTAGING, RAPING, and ROBBING of MY LIFE and MY Priceless Artwork in 2009, My baby dog JACK, non stop relentless Horrific Terrorizing through 3rd Party Constacts, since I moved to Los Angeles in Oct. 2006, because I began DISCOVERING about all this. For many years, I couldn't understand why things would "GO WRONG" in MY LIFE for NO REASON. It's this SICK PSYCHOBITCH.

C"R", Criminal Ramifications. SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

STUDY STUDI “O”, SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999, JEFF “BEN” DER. Sandy Wang APRIL 1999 Handcuffs Arrest.

EXACT “TEN” YEARS almost to the Date, Sandy Wang FRAMED in APRIL 2009 Handcuffs Arrest, MERCY Des “BEN”z.

ORGANIZED CRIMES of RAPING MY LIFE, for this sick delusional PUSSY Licking Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH, the reason for 2 decades of Hardship in my life.

For SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School, DREW my Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, of “BEN”SON DUBOIS the Butler to the Governor, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON’. For meaning of "JACKSON HEIGHTS" ZIP CODE of "113 72", very important numbers.

Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, is based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture, based on MY Name SIGNature on My Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, for My Identity and MY ARTWORK to be SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the Artist of my Artwork, for CathoLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.

Sandra Oh wants my writings of "KEY to my Soul" to have been written by her. If Key is Penis, the "LOCK" must be Vagina. Sandra Oh wants meaning of My FATHER'S Name and Identity to have meaning for her, connected to the name "CHOI YONG" in My Father's Music band picture "Morning Stars". CY. CHO "CHA" in Spanish means PUSSY, for PIous PYous JeSUS CHRIST, the reason why Sandra Oh is "CY" CHRISTina Yang on "GREY'S Anatomy".

SANDRA OH who thinks all the circles of "O" from MY LIFE is HER because her Name sound is “OH”, beginning with My Baby Picture with Tongue and Sweater "O", to MY Korean name of WANG in Korean Characters with "TO TO", MY Registered Trademark in Circle of "O", to be HER as in the Sound of her name of "OH", SHOULD BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Spanish words are a big part of this, because of the number of Spanish speaking people in California, connected to Constance Pecoraro's "No Name GIRL", "CHICA" is GIRL in Spanish.

Sand "RA OH" is a PAT "HO"logical LI"AR" and a very disturbed Actress, who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and ALL My childhood pictures AND adult X Rated Pictures.

LOCK is "O", sound of LOCO which means C RAZ Y, begins and ends with "CY".

Over LAP ping Eyes of Jesus CHRIST the SON “OO” creates (), FISH is PUSSY Shape.

“FISH”. Daniel Ladinsky’s poem titled “EAR TH at was sold to a FISH” from his book The GIFT published in 1999. This is what FISH is about, in THEIR Game of HER SHE “Y’S” ChochaCOLATE Ass Pussy FISH Pimping game in CATHOLIC MATHemathics of making MONEY. Created because of the meaning of my childhood picture of me and a Black Girl in 1980, which is a very important picture that they have created and BUILT as if My Identity in this picture is SANDRA OH. This is why Sandra OH is on”GreYS Anatomy” created by BLACK SKIN NEGRO “SH”onda RIMES. FISH is PUSSY. FISH “RHYMES” with JO”SH”. This is why JO”SH” Wolf is connected to “SH”onda RIMES who created “GREY”S Anatomy”, and Jo”SH” Wolf’s connection to a person name Brad “GREY”. Connected to Constance Pecoraro’s “FISH POLE” “FP” FUCK PUSSY PYous JeSUS “CHA”rlie, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, CHO”CHA” in Spanish means PUSSY. Reason why Sick OO Huge BLUBBER OIL Asses Pussies have been STALKING ME.

The RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY “SECOND ARTWORK Collection” of MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK which was all STOLEN through Organized CRIMES in 2009, is about “TEN” Year Anniversary of the Publication of this RAPING BOOK “THE GIFT”, A RECREATION of “ART is a CONVERSATION BETWEEN LOVERS”, connected to RAPING OF MY ART and SICK PUSSIES JESUS JOSH WOLF has been FUCKING THROUGH, for MY SAC to have meaning for these RAPING PEDOPHILES. This book was written to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Artwork.

This is EXTREMELY important, and these are all FACTS as in it’s TRUE.

OCTO PUS from the SEA has lots of “TEN”tacles. OCTO is a root word for the number “10”, like PENTA is for number ”5”. JO”SH” WOLF was born in OCTO ber, month “10”.

This is why in 1999 SANDRA OH had pictures of herself taken with PEPSI PUSSY, Colors of Korean Flag which is Red and Blue, pictures taken by JEFF “BEN”der, which is about my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, of “BEN”son Dubois the BUTLER to the Governor. This same year in APRIL 1999, I was wrongfully Arrested in NYC, and their “WAY”, their SICK EXCUSE to have me Arrested was SICK RAPIST name BRETT BERN who has a Rape Record.

OCTO is “TEN”, this is why EXACTLY “TEN” Years later in APRIL 2009 I was SET UP by Mercedes “BEN”z CAR Dealership in Beverly Hills. BEN BEN, for SANDRA OH DREW my Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1982, BENson DU”BO”is, the REASON why BLACK BARACK OBAMA is the President today. HIS PRESIDENCY IS DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE RAPING OF MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION and MY DOG “JACK” In 2009, all connected to Supporting and creating MEANING through NEGRO “GREEN” Connections of B”LAC”K S”KIN” CO”LOR” in a Group CONSPiRACY to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY SAC and MY Registered Trademark for SANDRAOH.

EXACT “TEN” YEARS, with both times connections to SANDRA OH and “BEN”. See BEVERLY HILLS, beverl Y hill S ‘YS’ SIGN, why is the RABBIT ART SCULPTURE Holding the numbers “10”, in 2010 SANDRA OH was in a movie titled “RH” RABBIT HOLE. Exact “TEN” years of Falling down into a Rabbit Hole, I was SHO SHO SHO SHOVED and PUSHED down a LONG SICK FUCKING STINKING RABBIT HOLE, so that EVERYTHING about MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK can BE SANDRA OH, connected to SICK RAPING UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. MY LIFE WAS RAPED, MY LIFE WAS “ROBBED” in 2009 all connected to US GOVERNMENT, GREYS ANATOMY and BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH as if she is MY IDENTITY.

Beverl Y Hill S sign and “RABBIT” with “10”

OC TO. The name of WANG in Korean characters looks like “TO TO”. The name “OH” in Korean Characters look like “TO”. OC TO ber. JOSH WOLF and SANDRA “OH” have been a Team for DECADES, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

OC TO. CO or KO in Korean means the word “NOS”E. This is about a NOSE Drawing I did in 1983, while growing up in JackSON Heights NY, and through this Korean word, they’ve been building meaning GOING BACKWARDS, for Eyes of the “SON” Jesus CHRIST “OO” is Form of ASS BACKwards, in TOM BRIDGES his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL”, for 3AR sound of JOSH WOLF Middle Name, Mi”CHA” sound of MI”KA” to have meaning in My First name SIGNature of “SANDY*” with an ASTERISK Key, “AK”, Josh Wolf “AIR” LIBRA Justice Scales, rules the Anatomy of KID NE “Y’S”. The reason why Gre “Y’S” Anatomy was created by BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO SHONDA RIMES, S”KIN” for SANDRA OH is My “NIK” Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY Drawing, Going BACKWARDS “OO” is ASS. “S AND Y”, SY or YS, What’s missing? “DAN” the reason why DAN BROWN created his LEONARDO DA Vinci CODE connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Eyes, as if MY Name SIGNature and meaning of ZIP “CODE” Connections of JACKSON Heights NY, is for “ALL”. EVERYONE can have meaning in MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK, while they fucking RAPE MY LIFE?

OC “TO”. The name “OH” in Korean characters look like “TO”. CO in Korean is NOS”E”. CO is connected to the word CO”LOR”, “ROL”ex building, where JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF agency is, Parallel Entertainment. CHO “CHA” in Spanish is PUSSY, Study Studi ‘O’ PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999 pictures and Over LAP ping area of “OO” creates () Pussy Lips. Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find “OO”, reason why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on Greys Anatomy. GROUP CONSPiRACY of 2 DECADES = LIFE IN PRISON.

CO “TO”, USP”TO”, United States Patent and Trademark Office. What’s missing? “SY” for PUSSY, in Spanish is CHO”CHA”. CHArlies Find “OO” Jesus CHRIST Oil Artwork by Constance Pecoraro, the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on gre”Y’S” ANA tomy. What’s missing? “D”, for Shonda RIMES B”LAC”K S”KIN” NEGRO who created this show, who went to “D” ART MOUTH College. So why isn’t JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF licking fucking SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY, REASON for the HORRIFIC FUCKING RAPING OF MY LIFE, for “CHA”lie Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

They’ve been building for My Father’s Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, through meaning of My Father’s Music Band name from the 50’s “MORNING STARS”, of my Father BLOWING “AiR” into a HORN, into a CL”ARI”NET. AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF born in “TEN” OCTOber. In this picture of my Father’s Music Band from 50’s, the name “CHOI YONG” is on the Upper Left. This is where they got the idea of CHO”CHA” in Spanish is PUSSY and began creating meaning through Constance Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find.

BER sounds like BIRD, and TOM “BRID”Ges gay male BRIDGES all F “LOCK” of BIRDs, for meaning of My John Han”COCK”, my GOLD C”LOCK”, and all PeaCOCK is a BIRD LOCK connections. Tom BRIDGES Over LAP LAF ing “PF” for PYous JeSUS, through Constance Pecoraro’s sketches of “FISH POLE” “FP”, Fuck Pussy, through FOOD WORDS catered by WOLFgang PUCK RHIMES with FUCK “PF”.

LIQuor, CathoLICK, Lick or Taste in Korean is “MAT”. CathoLICK with TONGUE, sound of WOLFramite Scheelite in “TUNG” S “TEN”. TEN. OCTO.

TONGUE sounds like “TUNG” S “TEN” of WOLFramite Scheelite


USPTO, the connection of United States GOVERNMENT and SHONDA RIMES who created Gre Y’S” anatomy, in a B”LAC”K S”KIN” NEGRO, anagram of “GREEN” connections is a NIGGER name “NIK”KI G”RIMES”, who wrote a book on BARACK OBAMA BLACK S”KIN” Male Presi”DENT”. Gre “Y’S” anatomy + USP “TO”, OC TO Ber, for MY Registered TRADEMARK in circle of “O” to have been done by SANDRA “OH” the sound of her name. A sick pattern that’s been going on for 2 decades, connected to my Drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, who was “BEN”SON Du”BO”IS, the BUTLER to the GOVERNOR, and he is HOLDing a Magnifying Glass with “E”ye in a “O”. The REASON why the Examining Attorney for MY RT in 2007, was name MIDGE “BUTLER”, a sick raping patter almost 3 decades later. Meaning of MY First Name SIGNature isn’t a “MARK” or a Patent or a Copyright, it is known as a “TRADE SECRET” and has it’s own set of LAWS.

This is why in 2010, Constance Maria Pecoraro created her new No Name Girl with new name of “SUNNY”. SY, what’s left? UNN, NUN or NOON in Korean means EYES, AS IF MY PORTRAIT Drawing with numbers “ O 8” in MY EYES is SANDRA OH, any “circles” from MY LIFE to have meaning for this sick delusional Actress “OH”. O sounds like “O”, H=8 th letter of the Alphabet. Look at Pecoraro’s “SUNNY”, FISH POLE, FP Fuck PUS “SY” Pyous JeSUS “CHA”rlie, CHO”CHA” is PUSSY in Spanish, Josh MI”CHA” WOLF.

FI”SH” Rimes with JO”SH”, like “SH”onda Rimes, same reason why Barack Obama is married to MI”SH”ELL Obama. “MO”. Meaning of Sanskrit symbol of “OM” that’s been going on for decades connected to meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and 1982.

Everything is built based on PUSSY, connected to Spanish word CHO”CHA” which means Pussy, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie, BECAUSE it’s about “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MI”CHA” WOLF, symbol of Justice Scales, and rules the ANATOMY of KID NE “Y’S”. DIK in PUSSY going BACKwards, connected to Shonda RIMES who created Gre Y”S Anatomy”, in a B”LAC”K S”KIN” “NE” Gro conspiracy. Y’S for meaning of My First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by SANDRA OH as if she is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” the “NIK” of her name, through the word S”KIN”. B”LAC”K is about My Childhood picture of me and a BLACK Girl that SANDRA OH thinks is HER and they BUILT IT as if she is all MY IDENTITY in all my childhood pictures.

This is connected to ALL BUSINESSES ending with Y’S, connected to gre Y’S anatomy, like Mac “Y’S”, Jerr Y’S, Wend Y’S hamburgers, etc, for MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” to be SANDRA OH, through Gre Y”S ANA…… tomy. What’s Missing? “D”, Shonda Rimes Sick Black NIGGER who went to “D” ART MOUTH College, ROBBING MY IDENTITY from BIRTH of FOOD in MY MOUTH, meaning of MY ART, and MY Registered Trademark to have meaning for SANDRA OH. LIFE THEFT.

It’s connected to ALL FRENCH BAKERY Café “CHA”MPAGNE. Every location of this Bakery is about and connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie, connected to MY childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother and My DOG Name “FRENCHY”.

B”AK” e “RY”, YR YEAR “3AR” sound of going BACKwards, for Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIE, fucking P3AR B”OAT” ASS shape of number “3”. Look at my childhood CHRISTMAS picture and see the TREE Trimming in Number “3”, JOSH MICCHA WOLF FUCKING P3AR B”OAT” ASS going BACKwards, connected to meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with ASSTERISK Key, “AK” 3AR sound of MI”CHA” MI”KA” name. SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF are SOL MATES, why aren’t they Licking Sucking Fucking each other? REASON FOR HORRIFIC RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART, 2 FUCKING DECADES of HARDSHIP.


It’s connected to RICH ARD BACH, and his book Jonathan Livingston SEAGULL connections. Rich “ARD” is about the word L”ARD” as in OIL, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Eyes, created to ROB the meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK, My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. Rich “ARD” is the “NIK” name of “DIK” and DIK is about the word KID NEY’S, connected to AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF justice scales that rules the “KID”ne Y’S. Gre Y’S ANATOMY. Everything is about the ANATOMY, like ARM is about MAR ia name, attached to SHOulder of Sandra OH name, connected to COLLAR and “NECK”, of SUC Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF. MOK AGE in Korean is NECK and BACKWARDS of “GA MOK” means Jail or Prison. These are sick SOCIOPATHS who ALL MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON or I AM GOING TO IMPEACH BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO BARACK OBAMA and/or OVERTHROW the GOVERNMENT. LIFE, IDENTITY, ART THEFT. SABOTAGING MY LIFE, DESTROYING MY LIFE, ALL FOR SANDRA OH, A SICK ROTTEN AT THE CORE PUSSY.

RICH “ARD” rhimes with L”ARD” is OIL BACH
connected to meaning of D”ARI”

OO form of CH go on RISTS, usually BACKwards. They realized the HO rizONtal is built in left to right and NO OH, No Sandra OH going BACKwards, so they want MY VERTICAL “8” in MY PORTRAIT Drawing that was STOLEN in 2009, TO BE SANDRA OH in MATHemathics of making MONEY through the RAPING OF MY LIFE. PRISON BARS are VERTICAL and “PARA”llel.

These pictures of SANDRA OH are all about MY baby or childhood pictures, being “recreated” through SANDRA OH as an adult, AS IF she is My CHILDHOOD Pictures through "COLORS" of Clothes, especially the pictures of me in Santa Monica in 1979.

The “OO” in this picture is about meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter “S” of my name, on MY pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie with OO Eyes. It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY NAME SIGNature on MY ARTWORK.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you study the picture of me in Santa Monica in 1979, wearing a White Dress with Knee High Socks standing in front of yellow flowers, there are SIGNS on the background which say “Chinese Food here!”, PEPSI, and it says “GRAYSONS”. This is why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S anatomy” connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA”rlie. GRAY + SON = GRAYSONS. The First episode of Greys Anatomy aired on TV in MARCH 2005. THIS IS EVIDENCE OF DECADES OF GROUP CONSPIRACY AND SPANNING DECADES IN THE “MAKING” OF SANDRA OH IS MY IDENTITY THROUGH TOM BRIDGES PSYCHO PECORARO’S CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK.

This was in 1999, same year as the Publication of DANIEL LADINSKY’S Book “THE GIFT” and his poem titled “EAR TH at was sold to a Fish”. This POEM is the “VEHICLE” to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me, bridges Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK. Daniel Ladinsky is a PEDOPHILE who should be Arrested and Locked in Prison. THIS BOOK IS CONNECTED TO 9/11, and Constance Pecoraro’s Website Registration in 1998 at HernDON Virginia, for her “No Name Girl” website. No Name Girl, AS IF I have no name, but through dissecting and combing words and other people’s names, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY KOREAN NAME, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY Powerful Artwork from 1981.

It is very important to understand this page. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS CONNECTION IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND OTHER CONNECTIONS ON MY WEBSITE. PEPS “I” PUSS “Y”, for Pi PYous JeSUS in Catholic MAthemathics of making Money. These pictures of Sandra Oh are connected to My childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979, which has the SIGNS “Chinese Food Here!” PEPSI and “GRAYSONS”. It’s the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus “CHRIST” the SON OlL Artwork. To complete the meaning of my childhood picture with sign of GRAY “SON”S, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, MY Korean Name, AS IF she Drew all my drawings.

I "TAL" Y, Peps I Puss Y, for Pious PYous JeSUS, the reason why sick BLACK BITCH SHONDA “RHIMES” RHYMES I Y, created “GREY’S Anatomy”, for “GRAYSONS” SIGN in MY Santa Monica childhood pictures in 1979 to BE SANDRA OH. The reason why "Grey's Anatomy" is set in Seattle GRACE Mercy West Hospital on "TALL" Man street.

I sounds like EYE, AS IF MY Name “SIGN”ature of “SAND Y” on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLUAME from 1982 holding a magnifying glass with EYE inside the “O”, is SANDRA OH, who thinks she DREW my “DRA”wings and has meaning in MY SIGN of “L EO” through a sick lying fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me, Bridges Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on BRIDGEWAY.

As if MY Creation of TAO Saying on MY Website with MY Watercolor Artwork, was DONE by SANDRA OH, as CHINESE Doctor. SANDRA OH NEEDS TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.


O in Korean means the number “5”. O sounds like ‘OH’, and SANDRA OH thinks all and any circle of “O” from MY LIFE, in MY ARTWORK has meaning for her Name, this has been going on for 3 decades, because of the drawing I did in 1981 of Robert Guillaume holding a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in “O”, the REASON why Sandra Oh went to SIR Robert Borden High School, and has been claiming she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, AS IF she was MY IDENTITY. Like Sandra Oh who thinks MY BABY Picture of me with “O” in my Sweater, any “O” from MY LIFE Pictures to have meaning for SANDRA OH, like MY FEDERALLY Registered Trademark at USPTO is HERS, because it’s in a Circle of “O”.

United States PATent Trademark Office USPTO, What is Sandra Oh’s Middle Name? PATricia?, PATTON MENTAL HOSPITAL in SAN BERNARDINO is in SANDRA OH’s Name. REAL LIFE Borderline Psychotic Actress who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

It is VERY CLEAR and OBVIOUS, the Repeating PATTERNS of having MY HANDS AND WRISTS in HAND CUFFS “OO”, WRONGFULLY ARRESTED, so that MY NAME of WANG “OO”, MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO” on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME, MY “JOHN HANCOCK” can BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she DREW my Drawings, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s JESUS CH “RIS” T the SON with “OO” Horizontal Eyes. The reason why she is CRISTina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”. Sandra OH who went to “SIR” Robert Borden high school has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my Pencil Drawing. IF SANDRA OH CAN’T DRAW WITH HER HANDS, IF SANDRA OH CAN’T SIGN MY NAME SIGNATURE TEN TIMES IN A ROW CONTINUOUSLY WITH HER HANDS, SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Pepsi is “SO DA”. DA in Korean means ALL. DA is equivalent to the numbers of “41” which is connected to my Childhood picture with the Black girl of me in White and Red with “14”. Connected to WRITINGS I wrote in 1982 “KEY to my SOUL” in 1982.

Upper Left STAR BUCKS GREEN MIR MUR MER MAID logo, Upper Left State of WASHINGTON where Star Bucks says they got started in 19”71” Year of Sandra Oh’s birth. GREEN connections. Through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME birthday as me, he bridges Mother Virgo MAIDEN Connie MARIA Pecoraro and her Catholic theme on BRIDGEWAY Sausalito, so that SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, through the meaning of Pecoraro’s Artwork. SANDRA OH NEEDS BOTH Constance Pecoraro and Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges in order for MY ARTWORK and IDENTITY, MY Birthday of LEO, to have meaning for her.

This picture of SANDRA OH is DIRECTLY connected to what they’ve been building at Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital for 3 decades, for this delusional actress to BE MY IDENTITY as if she DREW all my drawings from 1982. The TWO Earth in shape of “OO” is about the Hospitals LOGO Design of “OO”, connected to meaning of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982. This is why she is wearing OLIVE GREEN Pants, the SAME exact color of Cedars SIN ai Hospital Building COLORS. The meaning of TOM BRIDGES this sick actress with MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK through COLORS is huge and it’s how they’ve been creating meaning for 3 decades.

It’s the SAME Pattern many years later with SANDRA OH wearing OLIVE GREEN outfit and YELLOW SHOES with Two GOLD Hanging BALLS “OO” in this picture. EIGHT number 8, in Korean is PAL, which also means the word for ARM. ARM is WINGS and it's Upper Body, "OO" Must be Form of TiTs, in PI symbol MAThemathics "TT" through Jesus CHRIST Eyes, sound of "i" OO. The REASON why they've been building on the words "LEGS" for decades, connected to SEA and "DARYA" words.

PEPSI “PUSSY” GRAYSONS, get the Magnifying Glass and see the SIGN PEPSI to the left and GRAYSONS to the right in MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979. The reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy” connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON’. SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY with my first boyfriend of 5.5 years Stephen GARY Garri”SON”.

Sandra PATricia? OH, SOCIOPATH is in her name. What is her Middle Name? was I channeling her name through LE SPO SPO SPO rt SAC Bags in 1984? PATRICIA? PAT"HO"logical LI"AR" SANDRA OH. Sandra Oh has been "secretly" attached to my life for many years because of MY FAC from 1982, wanting whatever I do in MY LIFE, to have meaning for her. Every TRAMATIC incident in my life is connected to this sick Parasite Actress. Sandra Oh who wants my father's music band picture "Morning Stars" and the name on the Upper Left of "CHOi Yong" to have meaning for her, the reason why she is "CY" Dr. Cristina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" Y "A" ng, Y "O" ng, Sh "A" w, Sh "O" w, Tom CHRISTopher Bridges TAO. CHO Cha is PUSSY in Spanish and Sandra Oh is a GAY PSY "CHO" BITCH.

Sandy Wang's Father and Music Band "Morning Stars"

2007 Sandra Oh’s website MJ Purcell @ SH”A” SH "O" W, AO CYBER CRIMES

SANDRA OH in OLIVE GREEN ten years later and Two GOLD BALLS “OO”

PEPSI PUSSY with "OO" EARTH on the Upper Left based on My Childhood picture of me and a black girl with EARTH on the Upper Left. Pepsi Pussy, because it's about the meaning of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAME, BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, signed with as Asterisk and a Horizontal Eight of "OO", EAR sound of "ASS"terisk, with Sandra "OH" it's an ASS HOle.

In EAR sound of words PUS “SEA” connected to SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY, Psycho Connie Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme connected to MY LEADERSHIP LP 173 Training in 1997, and the HEART Foundation around MARY Statue on OCEAN Avenue in Santa Monica. They want MY Training to have meaning for them, like EVERYTHING else in my life, TO BE PSYCHO ACTRESS SANDRA OH.

Jeff BEN DER. Connected to BUSINESS names of SNEI”DER” O on ROBERTSON Blvd as I would discover this in 2010, many years later. EVERY business on this street name in Los Angeles is about having MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to BE SANDRA OH. My drawing of Robert Guillaume of BENSON DUBOIS in 1982 is the reason why SANDRA OH went to Sir ROBERT BORDEN High School, AFTER I won a PIN AWARD for this drawing when I graduated from Grammar School, St. Joan of Arc in Jackson Heights NY in 1983. There are WITNESSES who know I did this drawing. It’s how long this DEEPLY DISTURBED SICK ACTRESS has been secretly attached to my life.

Because it’s connected to CATHOLIC MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money, all based on MY Childhood Pictures, MY ARTWORK, MY Parents Names, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through the Vehicle of Connie Pecoraro’s OIL and GLASS Artwork of Catholic Theme. PUSSY, for JE”SUS”, what’s missing? PY sounds like PI, for I “TAL” Y Catholic Theme of Connie MARIA Pecoraro.

Astrology plays and important role because of Writings I wrote in 1982 when I did my First Artwork Collection. This is why a thing called “VIBE” Numbers is important. It's connected to LINDA GOODMAN'S Astrology book "Love Signs". This book is Sandra Oh’s Bible and the numbers 59 or 95 are her Bible Numbers, it rules her life. This is one of the reasons why her agent is United Talent Agency “9560” Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Sandra Oh wants EVERYTHING about me to BE HER, this sick actress is a REAL LIVE PARASITE in my life, who's been feeding off of and attached to my life for almost 3 decades because of my FAC from 1982.

Sandra Oh wants childhood pictures of me to be her and the First Artwork Collection to have been done by her. It’s why the show “Grey’s Anatomy” was created and written by a black female SHOn”DA” Rimes. DA means ALL in Korean. DA is also equivalent to numbers “41”, and it’s about the White and Red shirt I am wearing in the picture of me and the black girl. It’s about the picture of me and the GRAY HORSE. It’s about a picture of me and my father wearing a GRAY SWEATER.

If you look at the childhood picture of me earing a Empire Waist White Dress in Santa Monica, there is a sign on the Left side “PEPSI” and to the right is “GRAYSON. This picture is the reason why she had her picture of PEPSI PUSSY taken, and she always attaches herself to people with NICK or NICKHOLAS names, so that my name of SANDY and my SIGNature and SIGN of Leo can be her Identity. This picture is why her TV show is called “GREY’s Anatomy”, along with pictures of me in Gray Color clothing. Sandra Oh has “recreated” herself in her ADULT pictures imitating with Colors and other people’s names, so that childhood pictures of me can be her. Sandra Oh’s entire Acting Career is connected to MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK. SANDRA OH IS A DEEPLY DISTURBED SICK ACTRESS, WHO THINKS SHE DID THE ARTWORK THAT I DID IN 1982 AND SHE THINKS SHE IS MY IDENTITY.

It’s the reason why her ex husband Contstantine Alexander Payne has a business called “AD HOMINEM ENTERPRISES”. They both had a ROOFing Company and this is about the the picture of me sitting on the ROOFtop. They were both involved in the movie “SIDEWAYS”, this movie is about the Powerful Signature of my name SANDY on the drawing of Robert Guillaume on BENSON isgned "SIDEWAYS", and it’s about the Motorcycle picture of me sitting “Sideways” circa 1986. Sandra Oh’s character is name “STEPHANIE” and this is because she wants my first boyfriend “STEPHEN” Garrison to have meaning for her.

The name ALEXANDER is about ALEXANDER AVE "EXIT Sign", which is the SECOND exit after you cross the Golden Gate BRIDGE. Alexander Ave to Bridgeway Sausalito. Like everything else Sandra Oh wants about me to be Her, I think Sandra Oh married Alexander Payne because of the CARDS given to me during my Leadership LP 173 Training. The same reason why Connie Pecoraro drives a GREEN Station Wagon with license plate numbers "137", so that my GREEN PR"OM" Dress, and the card brand name of "IMPROMTU" can have meaning for her.

The TV Guide picture is about the childhood pictures of me standing on the “SAN” Korean word for Mountain, and wearing White and Red. It’s about pictures of my apt when I lived in NYC, which was never published anywhere. Sandra Oh is a Cancer the Crab July 20, 1971. It’s about a drawing I did of Robert Guillaume and it was from the TV Guide. The entire COLLECTION of my FAC from 1982 tells a Powerful Story.

This picture was taken by Nicole Rosenthal and this is about several things. Sandra Oh attaches herself to names with NIC, or NIK, or NICHOLAS, because she want the First Name Signature of "SANDY" I signed on the drawing I did of BENSON, of Robert Guillaume, to have been done by her. The name Rosenthal is about a dentist in NYC name Larry Rosenthal, and a Chinese female name Penny Moy who went to the same dental hygiene school as me in Brooklyn and worked for Larry Rosenthal. "HAL" is about the name Heath Andrew Ledger. It's about the HAL ter top I am wearing in my childhood picture standing on the mountain wearing White and Red. Sandra Oh wants all my childhood pictures to BE HER.

RAY GUN. “RA” is “Y” as in Sand”RA” OH is my name SiGNature of “sandY” on the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS, of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT Borden High School.

GUN is shaped like the number “7” and it SHOOTS, it’s connected to SANDRA OH who wants JOSH WOLF’s 7 inch DIK to have meaning for her. They are SOULMATES in CATHOLICK MAT MAT MAThemathics of making MONEY through RAPING the SACRED POWERFUL Meaning of MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS and MY BRAIN, to have meaning for them in MAKING MONEY.

RAY GUN. G u N shoots like a dick shoots cum, connected to meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and "TOP"anga address. The REASON why a person name TODD CUM MIN GS owns the property in TOPANGA. The pattern of this sick disturbed bitch wanting MY NAME to have meaning for her through WORDS like this has been going on for many years and it has continued with her TV Show gre Y’S anatomy created by sick black bitch SHO "NDA" C "RIMES" for my name SIGNature of "SAND Y" on MY Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. Study Studi "O", Pepsi Pussy and "GRAYSONS" connections in 1999, LONG BEFORE this tv show ever existed. It's decades in the making for this sick actress to BE MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK

It's connected to meaning of CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL and "RAY CHARLES" CAFETERIA, something I discovered in 2010. RA and "Y", to confuse Sand"RA" OH, as if she is My Name SIGNature of "SANDY" on MY BLACK Male drawing of Robert Guillaume. Ray Charles, Musician who wore SUNGlasses, it's about MY ART and meaning of MY FATHER name SUNG Bae Wang and his Music Band name from the 50's "Morning Stars". It's the SAME THEMES and PATTERNS going on for decades.

The above picture was taken in 1999. "GREY'S Anatomy" was created and aired on tv for the first time in March 2005. Connected to Constance Pecoraro's "CHA"rlies Find "OO" Jesus CHRIST the SON. Sandra OH as CHRISTina Yang, and "GRAY SONS" connection to MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979 which SANDRA OH is HER, like all my childhood pictures. SANDRA OH is a BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC, very disturbed sick actress, the REASON behind years of HORROR and TERROR in MY LIFE, so that I wouldn't "put it all together" and figure it out.

TV GUIDE and OVAL Shape "EGG". This is about the meaning of My First boyfriend Stephen Garrison's brother Eric Garrison who was Gay and he was a LEO. "EG". Egg backwards "GE" is the sound of the letter "G", which means RATS and Mice in Korean. Spelled backwards is "STAR", and Sandra Oh, deeply disturbed sick Identity Thief, thinks she is a "G", a "STAR". RATS is about the movie BEN, the reason why I drew the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS the BUTLER to the Governor, of Robert "GU"illaume from the TV Guide, the reason why Sandra Oh is on the TV "GU"ide.

5 9 vibe. 5 in Korean is O, 9 in Korean is "GU", Tom Brid"GE"s my Identity with Sandra Oh through PSYCHO PecorarO on BridGE"WAY". GU GE in Korean means "HO"meless. 94965 SAusalitO Zip Code BACKwards.

The way how she has her FINGERS isn’t only about JIM MORRISON’s Album cover and the Painting in VENICE BEACH of him on 1108 SPEED Way “Holding a MIKE” and her ViBe Numbers, it’s her saying, Look, “I’m In FRING ing” OOOOOOOO. She is also in the Horizontal Pepsi PUSSY picture with PUSSY and wearing OLIVE GREEN pants. She seems SO SURE SHE IS MY IDENTITY AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. PUS “SY” so that SANDRA can have meaning in my First name Signature on BENSON of “SandY*”. Because in EAR sound of ASSSSterisk with "OH" going BACKwards through TOM BRIDGES who is a GAY Rectum fucking male, it's CathoLICKING ASS "HO"LE.

PEPSI PUSSY is about the Ear Sound of PEPSEEE PUSSEEE. PI PY. Catholic Church Theme of are you “PI”ous, Religious and Horney to make MONEY. HERN”DON” Virginia, Dead and Abandoned Mark of Connie Pecoraro, “Isn’t That Life”. PY is about PY ramid in EgypT. It’s about the Pyramid with EYE on the ONE Dollar Bill. This is connected to “924” Calle Amable RAFAT ISKANDER, who is a DOCTOR at ST. MARY’S Hospital. It’s a Big Money making Scheme based on Words Names Numbers, all built based on MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK to have meaning for Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro.

The meaning of PUSSY, is connected to Spanish Word "CHO CHA". This is connected to creating meaning through the name of "CHOi Yong" in MY FATHER'S Music band picture from the 50s. CY name initials, the REASON why Sandra OH is "CY" CHRISTina Yang on Greys Anatomy". EVERYTHING has been built for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY through Tom Bridges MY PARENTS with JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO. This is one of the REASONS why SANDRA OH Cannot go BACKWARDS, because it's been built for Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF is horny for Form of Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro 3ARth Virgo ASS. MA"RIA" through all the H"AIR" CH"AIR" ST"AIR" AIR connections, the REASON why SANDRA OH going BACKwards is her CathoLICKING GLO"RIA" MA"RIA" Bern ARD "O" ASS and PUSSY BACKWards.

They've been going back and forth for many years, creating FORWARDS, then creating meaning BACKwards and "ESCAPING THROUGH WORDS", this is why EITHER WAY, "OO" is FORM of HANDCUFFS that go on CH "RIS" TS.

Sandra Oh is seen wearing the color Olive Green alot, it's connected to MY OLIVE GREEN JACKET in a picture of me and my FIRst boyfriend Stephen in front of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE, I went to NYC "TECH" College in Brooklyn. This picture and his SWEATER Design gave birth to the ARCHI "TEC" TURE DESIGN of Beverly Hills City Hall and the LIBRARY. Sweater sounds like "S" Wetter. Sandra Oh wants my Wet Vagina to be HERS, this is Disturbing sick repeating pattern.

This is connected to NAMING of Streets in Los Angeles, especially in West “HO”llywood, where they want my Video Recording that was dubbed with a Big PEAR Ass like Sandra OH, to BE HER through Business Names. There is a street called “OGDEN” and nearby is MELROSE and GARDNER. This has been going on for almost 3 decades with this SICK PARASITE living through and DRAINING my life.


Sandra Oh wants my First boyfriend Stephen Garrisonn and his gay brother Eric Garrison who died of AIDS to have meaning for her. Connie Pecoraro's connection with Sandra Oh, is her Website domain registration at "HERNDON VIRGINIA", and this is about HiV. DON is about the MONEY in my B"FIR"st Birthday baby Picture. My FAC tells the story of Gay Male Sex. Through Connie Pecoraro's Artwork, Sandra OH wants everything about me to BE HER, the REASON why my life has been Terrorized for many years, through 3rd party contacts.

Sandra Oh wants anything SEXUAL about me to BE HER, because she's a Sick Disturbed GAY PSYCHOBITCH ACTRESS and all her ROLES in her ACTING CAREER is based on MY IDENTITY and for my ARTWORK to have been done by her.

The Pepsi Pussy picture of her with the Horizontal Earth is about The Picture of me and the black girl, there is a picture of planet earth on the Upper Left with a Surfer. The name Jeff "BEN"der is about the drawing of BENSON, of ROBERT Guillaume drawing I did in 1982, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school.

When these pictures were taken of Sandra Oh, I was dealing with APRIL 1999 issue when I lived in NYC and this Horrific Event is connected to her and TOM CRUISE. While I am left dealing with damages they’ve caused my life, Disturbed Psycho Sandra Oh is busy trying to rob my Identity through getting pictures like this taken of her. Repeatedly Abusing my life, while making herself a “Star”, so that my FAC from 1982, Writings I wrote, can seem like it was Done by her. The event which occurred in my life in APRIL 2009, EXACTLY 10 YRS is related to these SAME TWO PEOPLE, CRUISE and OH.

This is why Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me, who is a Conspirator to ROB MY IDENTITY through the same birthday numbers, had FRAUD Restraining Order sent to me, so that he can Bridge my drawing of "BEN"SON, Robert GUillaume through the names BEN and ROBERT AMPARAN.

The Exact TEN years is about my Website Domain Name of Sand”YWA”ng. NET. Sandra Oh wants my website domain name, LIKE EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE, including my SEXUAL Experiences to BE HERS. She wants my name “going backwards” to be about the song lyrics from Eagles “Hotel California”, as in “She SHOWED ME the WAY”. ( with her Plastic Ass Implants ) So while AGAIN, they’ve caused tremendous amounts of damage in my life, for me to deal with in APRIL 2009, while AGAIN, CREATING FALSE FRAUD DOCUMENTS ATTACHED TO MY NAME, they are in DEEP DENIAL about themselves and pretending this isn’t so.

Michael Jackson’s death is related to this event which they CAUSED in my life in APRIL 2009 with MERCEDES BENZ in BEVERLY HILLS.

If anyone in the future looked up anything about me, all these things would come up, and ALL THE CRAZY FUCKING DOCUMENTS with SPECIFIC NUMBERS, NAMES which are attached to these Fraud Documents, are ALL about the VERY SAME THINGS THIS SICK FUCKING BITCH WANTS TO HAVE MEANING FOR HER. A perfect example is the number “17”, which is Sandra Oh’s YEAR of birth, this number is attached to many fraud documents, so that while sabotaging my life through White Collar Crime, she is creating meaning for herself through the TRAGEDIES she creates in my life.

Everything they've created to make me look crazy, during the long course of Sabotaging my life, in hopes I'd disappear so that this sick psycho actress can BE my IDENTITY, All the Fraud Documents with other people's names attached to it, all "FITS" SANDRA OH Perfectly.

I always knew something didn't feel right in my life for many years and couldn't understand why, and I started figuring this out in June 2006. It's this sick psychobitch actress Sandra Oh who has been “secretly” attached to my life for many years, connected to Tom Cruise Mapother in creating SEXUAL Meanings about MY ARTWORK and meaning of My Parents Names to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY. The personal childhood and adult pictures of me on Wang Page, were NEVER published anywhere until 2006 on my Website which was created and designed by me in March 2004.

Through Connie Pecoraro's sketches of "No Name Girl" and her Artwork, Sandra Oh wants my childhood pictures to BE Her and for the First Artwork Collection I did in 1982 to have been done by her. It's a Group Conspiracy, "Chain" Conspiracy which means all the parties don't necessarily need to know each other, but the GOAL is the same. PUSSY. ITALY. PI and PY sound the same. In their CATHOLIC LEOnardo DA Vinci Code of are you “PI”ous religious and Horney to make Money based on MY IDENTITY, NAME, and ARTWORK. Let me “OM” “DA” with this sick deluded psychobitches BANK account because every Penny this bitch has made in her Acting Career is based on MY IDENTITY.

It's about Daniel Ladinsky's book "The Gift" and the poem "The Ear That Got Sold to a Fish", and because "Art is a Conversation between Lovers", Sandra Oh needed to "OM" and attach herself to a Italian Psycho Pecoraro, so that it can be Italian Leonardo "DA" Vinci Code. Shon"DA" Rimes, infringing bitch.

It's about MONEY as in "DON", because there are major multimillion and billion dollar corporations ALL BUILT BASED ON MY IDENTITY AND MY FAC FROM 1982.

O in Korean means the number “5”, sound of "OH". They've been building for 3 decades for all the Circles in shape of "O" from MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA "OH", because it sounds like her name. SAME PATTERN repeated with my FEDERALLY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in 2007. Sandra Oh want the word “GU” Korean for the number “9” to have meaning for her because of my Pencil drawing of ROBERT "GU"ILLAUME from 1981 and meaning of MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY". It’s about the Hotel California song by the Eagles, the song lyrics say, and “She Showed Me the Way” SANDRA OH wants to be the one SHOWING the WAY, through TOM BRIDGES a Fag Dentist in San Francisco and through her TV SHOW. “We haven’t had that Spirit here since 19”69”. 69 is the Year of my birth "GU" in Korean is number 9 and it's MY Pencil Drawing. Sandra Oh was born in 1971.

The Vibe picture is about her Bible Numbers of 59 or 95, because of the Astrology book by Linda Goodman. Sandra Oh wants to be the ARTIST who DREW all my drawings from 1981 and 1982 which I did for LEE MONTGOMERY. She wants her SIGN of Cancer and his Sign of SCORPIO VIbe 5-9 numbers to have meaning for her. AS IF the childhood picture of ME in White and Red shirt with number "14" is HER because this number is MY SIGN of LEO and SCORPIO VIBE Number. 5 + 9 = 14, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF EVERYTHING about MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK is SANDRA OH. They've been building for the number "410" Vibe to be about JOSH WOLF LIB"RA" and Sand"RA" OH Cancer Vibe Number.

Sandra Oh in Color Orange, is about her wanting a picture of me and father with the Hawaiian Barrel a ORANGE Basket that Sandra Oh thinks is her. I'm sticking MY TONGUE out and this is a theme that's been going on for decades connected to JOSH WOLF and meaning of TUNGsten in "WOLF"ramite Scheelite. "Color Orange CO". CO or KO in Korean means NOS"E", for Eye of the SON, as in Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie, to be Horny for FORM of ASS BACKWARDS. Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie's Find is based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother and MY DOG FRENCHY. Sandra Oh also thinks My Catholic High School classmate CHRISTINA BERN ARD O name has meaning for her BACKwards because it has the letters of her name San"DRA O". This is a PATTERN that's been going on since 1979 and My Catholic Grammar School teacher name Mrs. ARDen at "SACRED HEART" School.

The word O RAN GE, is about the name BER NAR d O. D is the 4th letter of alphabet, connected to SANDRA OH who thinks the childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me is her, through Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST the SON. D = 4 is about the Shape of MY LEGS in MY childhood CHRISTMAS picture that SANDRA OH thinks is her. This is why fast forward, in 2005, Shonda Rimes created "GREY'S Anatomy" with Sandra Oh as "CHRIST"ina Yang. It's the "GRAY SONS" connection of MY childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 to BE SANDRA OH. It's DECADES in the making, ALL BUILT ON MY PAST, to BE SANDRA OH, through Words, Numbers, 'CODES', other peole's NAMES, etc = PSYCHOTIC.

5-9 or 9-5 is Sandra Oh’s Bible Numbers, it’s been attached to her life for more than 2 decades because Sandra Oh wants the Artwork I did in 1982 and Writings I wrote about Lee Montgomery to have meaning for her. “Ge” in Korean means “STAR”. GU GE in Korean means HOmelesS, it's in Sandra OH's name.

It’s about ASTROLOGY and Sandra Oh CANCER rules the TITS, the Front of the body.

In order for meaning of MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, she needs BOTH TOM BRIDGES and CONSTANCE PECORARO, because it's a GROUP CONSPIRACY and they are all FRAUDS and LIARS. Tom Bridges who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me, because LEO SIGN rules the HEART and the BACK. Tom Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL" Artwork of Jesus CH"RIS"T Backwards, for "OO" Eyes is ASS, connected to meaning of MY FIrst Name SIGNature "SANDY *" on My Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981 with an ASTERISK Key to be about 3AR sound of ASSSTERISK. This is why SANDRA OH got PLASTIC ASS IMPLANTS and they've built a gigantic Ass Conspiracy connected to meaning of My Parents Names and My Artwork/name SIGNature.

SANDRA OH HAS PLASTIC ASS IMPLANTS, I AM 100% POSITIVE. She got them because of meaning of my First name SIGNature of “SANDY* “ with “OO” made with the letter “S” of my name and ASTERISK key, sound of ASSSS Terisk. Grain of Rice for Cancer rules her TITS for Jesus CHRIST “OIL” as in LARD Artwork by Constance Maria, for CRISTIna Yang on “Greys’ ANATOMY”. OIL goes on Canvas as in PLASTIC as in FAKE, everything about this sick actress who thinks she’s a “Star” is Fake as in FRAUD, a disturbed PAT”HO”Logical LI”AR”.



Tom Bridges Sandra Oh LiQing Connie Mother Mary Maria Pecoraro’s CHOCHA SEPT/1/1969 Virgo EARth on the Upper Left at her Home “UL” Cahuenga Pass, and at work, SEPULveda VA Hospital.


2012, Sandra OH US connections = PUSSY

PEPSI PUSSY “GRAYSONS” connections, “GREYS ANATOMY” created in 2005.

BOGE in Korean means PUSSY, connected to BARACK OBAMA “BO” and why he became the president. “G” is “RATS” in Korean, connected to My pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 that Sandra Oh has been claiming she DREW for 3 decades. SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “OO”. “CHA”rlies Find “OO”, C”HO” CHA in Spanish is PUSSY, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST Oil Art titled “CHA”rlie’s Find on “BIRD” GE Way, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy”. For Tom Bridges “BO GE” on BRID “GE” Way, like CHO”CHA” is PUSSY in Spanish. “G” is RATS in Korean, “STAR” BACKwards, SANDRA OH who thinks she is a “STAR”. T “HO” MAS CHRIST OPHER BRIDGES bird “GE” Way in SAUSALITO. EVERYTHING has been BUILT connected to “PUSSY” IN ALL LANGUAGES WORLDWIDE, for SANDRA “OH”, sound of entire Planet EAR th of “O”, built through EAR th VIRGO Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART in a Ass Conspiracy, reason why the entire PLANET “EAR”TH In circle of “O”, is about MA”RIA” GLO”RIA”, BO”G” TAL “Man”OS” Ave, ASS PUSSY LICKING SHOW. “HER SHE YS” Chochacolate ASS PUSSY in “OO” in GOING BACKwards sick RAPING GAME.

They’ve taken my name SIGNature of “SANDY”, and dissected and twisted to be about the word PUS “SY”, and “S” going “UP” BACKwards, this is why SANDRA OH is on “Gre YS anatomy”, created by SHO “nda” Rhimes, in HER SHE YS chochacolate Ass Pussy game. It’s connected to J”OSH” WOLF who is married to Bethany “ASH” TON, in SHA SHO, “AO” of MAThemathics of making MONEY. Meaning of My Name SIGNature of “SAND Y*” with an Asterisk Key, and “OO” made with letter “S” of my name signed “SIDEWAYS”, to be about “OO” over LAP ping creates () FISH IS PUSSY, through Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO”, reason why Sandra OH is CHRISTina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy”. SEE SANDRA OH “PEPSI PUSSY” OO OverLapping area in her pictures in 1999.

OO is FORM OF ASS, and over “LAP”ping creates () PUSSY in Going BACKwards. This “FITS PERFECTLY” with everything else they built going BACKwards. “Gre YS ANATOMY” is connected to T”AO” D”AO” DOW JONES of making MONEY all connected to creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. TAO is to the “LEFT” GO “LF” r.i.m.e.s with WO “LF”. Go see MAP of Santa Monica, and “Y” ………MONTANA street. It’s BUILT going BACKWARDS in a “KAM DUNG YEE” HER SHE YS CHOCHACOLATE ASS PUSSY Game. This has been going on for a long time, and this is why YOU MUST UNDERSTAND the link of SANDRA OH’s PEPSI PUSSY “GRAY” SON Connections in 1999, this alone is enough to have this delusional actress LOCKED IN PRISON.

“BO” GE in Korean is PUSSY, like CHO”CHA” in Spanish is PUSSY, in a ASS PUSSY Conspiracy all connected to SANDRA OH who is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anaotmy” and Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art of Mary and Jesus CHRIST.

BO “GE” in Korean is PUSSY, for T”HO” MAS CHRIST O FUR BRIDGES, “GOLD”en GAYTE BRIDGE to “BRID” GE Way, with Constance Maria Pecoraro, in HER SHE YS ChoCHAcolate Ass Pussy Licking for “PY”ous Je”SUS” JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and “KOREAN” ACTRESS SANDRA OH as CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s “SHO” NDA who created gre YS anatomy, ASS PUSSY BOGE “TAL” FUR DOWN THERE LICKING WITH SANDRA OH, as if this Black Pussy and Korean Pussy, is MY CHILDHOOD PICTURE from 1980.

I hate the word PUSSY, describing MY “SACRED BODY PART”.


SANDRA OH, “STAR” and CHOCHAMPION of BEST ASS PUSSY LICKER in the WORLD, in “MATH”emathics of making MONEY. Deeply Disturbed Borderline Psychotic Actress who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Sandra OH in “RED” Pussy Slit DRESS in 2012, Signing her John Hancock,
BO JESUS CH”RIS”tina YANG of when OO overLAPs, it creates ()
meaning of YANG in Korean Characters and TILTING of HEAD for “1979” BLACK Canon Dick Sucking Sandra OH

GO THERE Sandra OH in RED PUSSY SLIT DRESS meaning in 2012

OO overLAPs, creating () pussy slit shape

recent picture of Sandra Oh at an Event with Shonda Rhimes sick Black S”KIN” Bitch in 2012
H”AIR” parted in the Middle, AS IF she is MY childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with My Mother in 1980


Why such a FORMless Dress? Because THEY FUCKING BUILT for MY NUDE PICTURES on “TREE” at TOPANGA in 2007 to BE SANDRA OH
SANDRA OH who thinks she is Form of MY “TITS”, hiding her Huge Hips

Sandy Wang’s Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with my Mother in 1980, Tree Trimming number “3” ornament “OO”
meaning of OO

meaning of OO Cobra SNAke S”KIN”

Tom Bridges the “MOTHER” with Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the SON “OO” on page “3”
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GREYS ANATOMY” Jesus Christ the “SON” + GREY = GRAYSON
SANDRA OH’s BIG BROAD HIPS and Plastic Ass Implants
Tom Bridges “FATHER” with JOSH WOLF and Brad “GREY” connection

Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY Parents Names = LIFE IN PRISON

ARTS and SCIENCES building on “KH” Keith and Hilldale for Sandra OH is My Baby picture with “KH” Knitted Hat

() Coil Filament, new ART Sculpture at Cedars SIGN Eye Hospital, scroll down to last bottom picture
meaning of new () ART Sculpture at CSH
DIRECTLY connected to Raping Fake tv show “GREYS ANATOMY”
FORM 5/4 when OO over LAPs it creates () Pussy Lips on FORM OSA street

FORM OSA street and address of SHonda LYNN RHIMES “11 45” connections


TILT your Head slightly SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and childhood picture in 1979,
see the SIGN PEPSI and “GRAYSONS” in Sandy Wang’s picture in 1979
look at the “OPEN”ing shape of () of this dress
"OO" Sandy Wang's SIGNature, "8" Sandy Wang's Portrait, TILT your Head, the OO will become 8, like PRISON BARS are "Vertical and PARAllel"
GOLD Bracelet, 1 WRIST of “O”, 1 when it’s convenient, 2 when it’s convenient “OO” Jesus CH “RIST”ina Yang on “GREYS Anatomy” reason for RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in Santa Monica in 1979 “GRAYSONS” Sign, Sandy Wang with DOG on my “LAP” in 1979 and “YELLOW VIRGO” SIGN
Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature of "SANDY" with "OO" in 1981 on my ART

Sandy Wang’s LEO GOLD Metal CLOCK "OO" in 1990's
Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing "8"

Sandy Wang’s H”AIR” Number meanings and connections from 1984 and 2006

Meaning of “C”, PEP “SEE”, PUS “CE” of SANDRA OH Licking her Mother MOM MA”RIA” MA”RIA” ASS PC

Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999 “OO” see the over”LAP”ping area

meaning of over “LAP”ping OO makes () = PUSSY, the SNAKE staff is about Curly PUBIC H”AIR”
CSH Pussy Lip (l) ART Sculpture and then last picture on Bottom with () COIL METAL ART in 2013
this HOPITAL is DIRECTLY connected to tv show ‘GREYS Anatomy”, created to ROB MY IDENTITY for a sick Rotten at the Core PUSSY CHO”CHA” SANDRA OH
CSH new building next to "8"
ST "EU" ART connections to Black S"KIN" Negro "Y.D"anielle Marquis in "SAN" Francisco

sick Black S”KIN” Bitch SHONDA RHIMES who is a “CAP ri “CORN” is YELLOW connections
what’s the connections? CORN on the “COB” is Yellow and BRAD “GREY”s wife, TILT your Head slightly

meaning of over “LAP”ping OO makes () and COIL of PUBIC H”AIR” meaning

SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES sick black S’KIN” Nigger bitch who is going to PRISON

reason for Premeditated and PLANNED RAPING OF MY LIFE In 2009
EXACT “TEN” Years in the Month of APRIL

WRIST connections just 1 when it’s convenient
What is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PA TRI SHA?


FASHION, COLORS, NUMBERS, SHAPES, FORM, through “WORDS of OBJECTS”, through Colors in FASHION, they have built as if SANDRA OH IS MY IDENTITY, MY Childhood pictures from 1979. Especially with a DOG on my “LAP”. PAL in Korean means number 8 and also the word for Anatomy of “ARM”.

OO when this FORM over “LAP”s, it creates a () PUSSY Shape. SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY, still the same theme going on. Slits of () Shape around her “SHO” ulder. SHOes, HOS pital. All connected to MAThemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTiST of MY ARTWORK.

See Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1979 in Santa Monica, with SIGNS of “PEPSI” and “Chinese Food Here!” and “GRAYSONS”. SANDRA OH in 1999 “PEPSI PUSSY”. SANDRA OH in tv show ‘GREYS Anatomy” as “CHRIST”ina Yang, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”. GRAY SON.

OO turns into a “O”, Sound of Sandra “OH” Name, FORM of HAND CUFFS.

Sandy Wangs childhood pictures with BLUE Ribbon and BLUE PILLOW, and 14 WHITE and RED

Sandy Wangs childhood pictures in Santa Monica 1979


meaning of Over "LAP"Ping PUSSY FORM through "OO" Jesus CHRIST Eyes

Constance Maria Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "OO" and MI"CHA" el "LAP"PERT

PERSIAN Poet translator DANIEL LADINSKY and his book “The GIFT” and poem titled “EAR TH at was sold to a fish” PUBLISHED IN 1999 SAME TIME AS THESE Pictures of SANDRA OH in 1999

overlapping "OO" SEA "DARI" SIGN EYE Hospital PUSSY LIPS in Art Sculpture

EARTH VIRGO MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro’s “ “No Name Girl”

Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme ARTWORK of MARY and Jesus CHRIST

Constance Pecoraro’s good friend MICHAEL LAPPERT and meaning of OVER "LAP"PING "OO"

“No Name Girl” Website Registration in 1998 at HernDON Virginia


Sandy Wangs’ first Boyfriend STEPHEN Garrison and BH Library and Architecture

Combining Names

LINDA Goodman’s ASTROLOGy “Love Signs” and VIBE NUMBERS

Tom Christopher Bridges

Tom Christopher Bridges ROBERT AMPARAN



NICK connections


UTA United Talent Agency

Lee Epstein and ST U "ART" Browne next to GRACE CATHEDRAL Church

mi CHA el CHO w is PEPSI “PU”ssy HOrizONtally built in to go Left to Right

Camden Drive and Santa Monica Blvd

Maple Drive

Mercedes BENz and GLORIA Catherine Lee Connections

Rexford Drive

429 Connections and Repeating Patterns

924 RAFAT ISKANDER “Doctor” at St. MARY’S Hospital

Larry Rosenthal Michael Apa in RA Group



APRIL 1999 “OO” Hands Artwork

EXACTLY TEN Years Later in APRIL 2009

FOUR TEN meaning

April April = 44 Arli$$ Mathemathics of making MONEY

ROBERT SON Blvd in Los Angeles

West Hollywood LOGO design of GUN


FRAUD Censoring and Selecting of GOOGLE Search Engine

Center BANK Eye “C” Identity Thief SANDRA OH Disturbed Gay Actress

FRAUD DOCUMENTS to RAPE MY LIFE so this sick delusional actress can BE MY IDENTITY

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