Sandy Wang Pictures in 2006
Sandy Wang’s Watercolor Abstract Art in 2006

Sandy Wang’s IDENTITY and ART

Sandra Oh psychotic disturbed RAPING ACTRESS PSYCHO




Sandy Wang’s Abstract Watercolor Art in 2006




These are a few examples of pictures of me taken at the address in the SUNSET District neighborhood of San Francisco, mainly a Chinese neighborhood. When I decided to move into this “In-Law” apt, I still didn’t know about this T”OM” Christopher Bridges Conspiracy. This apt address is Tom Bridges birthday numbers. The theme of T”OM” Bridges TAO is the Way on Bridgeway with Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh has been going on for many years.

So because my PINK Lily Flower pictures were taken at this address, because my ABSTRACT Page watercolor paintings are based on pictures taken at this address, T”OM” Christopher Bridges EVERYTHING about this apt. IT’S DEEPLY DISTURBED AND BORDERING ON PSYCHOTIC.

I lived at this address during the Summer of 2006, when I first started discovering about this Conspiracy with Sandra Oh and Tom Cruise. I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, and the patterns of “LIVING THROUGH MY MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED LIFE” has continued. ALL ADDRESSES SINCE I MOVED TO CALIFORNIA IN 1999 HAS BEEN SET UP.

SUMMER 2009, Josh Wolf fucked a CHINESE BITCH with a Beagle Dog name JAKE, because they want my SAYING I created about the TAO and my TIBETAN and SANSKRIT “OM” symbols to have meaning for them, through T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST “OO” fuking a HORizontal TAO Te Chinks ASS so all over the above can have meaning for Chinks and Chinese Doctor CRISTina Yang, SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy”. The reason why my Arrest and WRONGFUL DETAINMENT in LA County Jail was PREMEDITATED IN APRIL 2009, SO THAT “SH SH SH CAN SH SH SHOW JOSH SH SH THE WAY”. SEE ALL THE BUSINESSES AROUND THE CORNER FROM CAMDEN STREET. IT’S ALL ABOUT JOSH WOLF AND SAND”RA” “OH”, WANTING MY ARTWORK AND WEBSITE, TO HAVE MEANING FOR THEM, THROUGH BUSINESS NAMES AND COLORS.

When my first boyfriend STEPHEN GARRISON and I lived together many years ago, I had a Beagle dog name MARTY. On Beverly Drive, a block from “FOUR CORNERS” is a Hot Dog Eatery called “MARTY’S”, just down the block from “DOGGY STYLES” store. There is also a PIZZA Parlor called “JOCOPO’S” and this is about COnnie PecorarO and JOsh Wolf. Tom Bridges all females JOSH WOLF has sex with Connie Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY, because the TAO is the Way.

My Abstract page Watercolor Artwork paintings titled "Heaven" and "Transparant Birthmarks" is based on these pictures of me. They want "TB" Tom Bridges, a lying Sociopath Fag Dentist, to Bridge my "Transparant Birthmarks" "TB" with the "Ass" next to "Foot" for AF, Asian Females, the reason why Sick CHINK PUSSIES with the SAME Exact HAIR CUT, follow me all the time, wearing specific Color clothes, so that my Abstract paintings can have meaning for them LICKING ROTTEN SANDRA OH, Chinese Doctor on "GAYS ANATOMY". CAN we SEE the FACE? Open your MOUTH, SAY Something.

Instead of appreciating the saying I created about "TAO" and it's Wisdom, sick Chink Pussies want to not only OWN the meaning of my Artwork but the saying I created. Just like they think my Federally Registred Trademark in YELLOW and RED should have meaning for them because their flag is the same colors. My Registered Trademark is in Shades of GRAY, I didn't claim a "Color" when I registered it, and the Color's name is PAYNE'S GRAY.

TAO is just a word, The "WAY" is the "WAY" and no one owns it, and the Way is "OMEGA", the end of Sick Chinese Pussies wanting MY IDENTITY, WANG a very common Chinese name, to have meaning for them.

Chink Pussies are all about LICKING Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH's Pussy, because she's a CHINESE Doctor on "Grey's Anatomy". A REAL LIFE PARASITE.

My Writings of the TAO saying is in "Letters". My "OM" symbols are TIBETAN and Sanskrit, Powerful without words.

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