Sandy Wang’s pictures in “Color Skin” clothes

Sandy Wang and my mom circa 1980


Hanni”BAL” the Canni”BAL”


Sandy Wang St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic High School 1985

GO THERE Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School SVF

Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School SVF 1987 YEARBOOK


Sandy Wang and my Mom in 1991 GOLD EARRINGS and “O” Necklace
One Way new music band in 2012

Sandy Wang in 1996 NYC

GO THERE Sandy Wang in 1997

407 connections


Sandy Wang in BEIGE/Khaki pants, BEIGE Skin Color Sweater, San Diego CA 1998

GO THERE Sandy Wang's trip in 1998 to CA


Sandy Wang Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco CA August 2001

Sandy Wang
Sandy Wang living in Marin County 2000 2007

what is his YEAR of Birth? 72? PRISON TIME

What you see in the background is “MH” Marin Headlands

meaning of “MH” and “OS” Other Side of SAUSALITO

Sandy Wang Lake Tahoe 2003 at Northstar BEIGE Snowboard pants

Sandy Wang and meaning of “CUT” 1 O for OO and H”AIR” CUT

meaning of COLOR

meaning of S”KIN” COL.or

BOARD of Sandra OH, PA “TREEEE” SHA? Who needs to EA.T MY SHIT on a “TAB”le


Sandy Wang Lake Tahoe 2002-2005 BEIGE/Orange “HELLY tech, HANSON” Snowboard “JACK”et

GO THERE Sandy Wang in Lake Tahoe 2002-2005
Sandy Wang’s Santa Cruz Snowboard “147”cm

meaning of “BOARD” connected to Sandra OH School name “BORD”en

What’s Left? “EN”, NE “GRO” GRU EN connections of WATCH go on W”RIS”T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T

Shonda LYNN RHIMES = Clito”RIS” of HEM HAM in AE.SCUL.APIUS of Licking Nigger’s BOWEL ANUS, YES and NO = PRISON TIME


Sandy Wang and Jack in "Sheep Skin" Fashion for Dogs in Santa Monica Nov 2008

Sandy Wang's childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979
Sandy Wang's dog Jack

FASHION Alex McQueen Birthday same as Jacob Wolf and "GREEN" connections

Something Weird is going on with BIRTHing Dates
meaning of S”KIN” connections

MOTH in name of MAPOTHer come from same FAMILY as Butterflies “Silence of the LAMbs” with A.HOpKINS
OC Operation C“LAM” Bake of EAR sound of SIGNtologY “SY”


Sandra OH at the NA ACP, wearing “COLOR SKIN” Dress with a “DOT of circle of O” sound of “OH”

Tan, Beige, Khaki, Sand, color clothing. “SKIN” color clothing.

I’ve always liked Neutral earthly colors in my clothes, raraely ever wearing bright colors. I’ve had so many “Beige” Color clothing all my life, these are just a few pictures.

EAR sound of CLOTHES, C"LOS"E, "LOS" AN"GEL"ES, = Eyes are Window to the Soul, and Windows are made of GL"ASS", therefore FORM of L"ARD" GE OO ASS must be "SOUL MATES" in Cat"HO"Licking of the "NE GRO" IN AREA built through CHO"CHA"rlie's Find Jesus CH"RIS"T oil art by Constance Pecoraro.

How the FUCK can CLOTHES have SOUL? Like KIA car model name "SOUL". "CHO CHA" rlies Find, CHA is CAR in Korean, made of almost completely metal, in MATHemathics of making Money in robbing the meaning of my name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981, rebuilt to be about FORM of Ass PU"CE" connected to jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Constansce Pecoraro.

The VALUE of something isn't in words of objects, but everything they've built is connected to MATHemathics of making Money in "DOW" of JONES, as if Sandra Oh is my Identity since "birth" and as if she is the ARTIST of My ARTWORK, MY PORTRAIT Drawing. ME in S"KIN" Color Clothes, connected to Black Color S"KIN" Niggers and Whites in "FASHION INDUSTRIES" makes "GRAYS Anatomy". The ENTIRE FASHION INDUSTRY, CAR Making Countries, are connected to "THIS THING" I've been writing about.

Through words of COLOR S”KIN”, they’ve been building for decades, as if through this word, Sandra OH is My Identity, as if My Name of “SANDY” on MY ART is the “NIK” of her name. Going BACKwards connected to B”L”ACK is for BACK, C “L”, SEE “ELLE” in HER SHE YS Ass Pussy Game built going BACKwards connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” and SANDRA OH in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if this delusional psychotic actress is My Name, My IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Built backwards, in a Ass Conspiracy, as if My name SIGNature is the FORM of SANDRA OH’s Ass Pussy, as if My name of “SANDY” SIGNature on MY ART is the “NIK” of her name.

This is connected to AE.SCUL.APIUS of MATHemathics of making Money. SCUL SKULL is the Occipi”TAL” Bone, SC”HO” OL and “OB” is about SANDRA OH, “BO”GE is Pus”SY” in Korean, and the meaning of My FIRST NAME SIGNature on MY ART of Black male actor Nigger ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 of “S......and.......Y”, has been built to be about FORM of SANDRA OH's Ass and Pus”SY”, built through C”HO”CHA is Spanish for PUSSY. This is why in 2005, Gre “YS” ANATOMY” was created by Nigger from CHICAGO ILLI”NOISE” like Barack Obama, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, with SANDRA OH as DOCTOR “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy”, connected to C”HO”CHARLIES FIND Jesus CHRIST, SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY PICTURES in 1999.

SC.HO.OL, built to be about “LO” is “OH” going Backwards of CO.LOR S”KIN”, and the word “CO”LOR is built in to have meaning for Eyes of JESUS CHRIST the “SON”, connected to Korean word “CO” which means “NOS E”. Chicago IL LI “NOISE” Niggers Shonda LYNN RHIMES, and BARACKET”EEERING” OBAMA from CHICAGO “ILLI NOISE”, the LAND of LINCOLN. Ear sound of LICK ON. Add to this the word B “L” ACK, and it's about GOING BACK. So the meaning of COLOR S”KIN”, and NIGGERS don't mix, unless you add the word B “L” ACK.

My Name isn't “NIK” through the word S”KIN” or P”INK”, it's about creating meaning as if My name SIGNature on MY ART of “SANDY” is the “NIK” name of Psycho Korean Actress SANDRA OH, built going Backwards in Cat'HO”Licking of this Deranged sick Korean actress's ROTTEN at the CORE ASS PUSSY FORM. This is why the word “PAC”hyderm is extremely important to BLACK COLOR SKIN NIGGERS, connected to Sign of “CAP”riCORN like SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and EDDIE VEDDER of PEARL JAM, in ROBBING of MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy. Yes these two CAPRICORNS are deeply sickly connected in CHICA”GO” IL LI NOISE of Licking CHOCHA of CHICA connected to Jesus CHRIST Art by Constance Pecoraro and her Pedophilish sick sketches of “No Name GIRL”.

See “L”etter “C” of my H.AIR in my 1984 picture, for H”AIR” to be about the word “HEIR”, and this is why this DERANGED SICK NIGGER OBAMA Handpicked the Delivery Doctors name of David “SIN CL AIR” on his FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE from HAWAII, in robbing of my Childhood Picture in 1982 with MY Father and HAWAIIAN “BAR”REL and dining table with “BO” BASSKET of ORANGES, to be about his SICK FUCKING NIGGERS NAME born in KENYA.

3 decades later, MY PORTRAIT Drawing with “L”etter “C” in my HAIR, to be about this SICK FUCKING RAPING NIGGER'S FRAUD Birth Certificate and Delivery Doctors name of “DAVID SIN CL AIR”. Reason for RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE and MY ART for SANDRA OH. It's all about ROBBING EVERYTHING about ME for PSYCHO SANDRA OH who they built as if she is the ARTIST of MY ART.

LO” LOW LOW Going BACKwards is FORM of SANDRA OH's Over”LAP'ping ASS PUSSY FORM, built through JESUS CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND, connected to JOSH MI”CHA” WOLF.

Deeply Disturbed Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. TARA VIRGO? JOSH WOLF is going to FOLLOW Sandra OH into LIFE IN PENI”TEN”I “AIRY”.

Through CLOTHING COLORS, Designs, Patterns, Cuts, Styles, they've been building for decades, as if PICTURES OF ME wearing specific COLOR CLOTHING IS SANDRA OH. SEW “SO” S”KIN”, like PAT Terns of Fabric, TERN is a type of a BIRD, Doctor HANNIBAL LECTER.

Below is a perfect example of how they are still creating meaning through NEW BRANDS of Fashion Companies and De”SIGN'ers, as if through their Brands, Labels, Writings, Codes Words, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in all my PICTURES.

meaning of SANDY WANG “SW” Korean ROYAL Name and new BRAND of “SW 3” with CROWN Logo, scroll down to bottom of page

THIS is why COLOR S"KIN" is important.


One look at MY FACE, and millions of codes, words, names, numbers, vanish. Sandra Oh isn't my Face, MY Identity or Artist of My Priceless ARTWORK.

Worlds Richest man worth “86” BILLION in 2014 (gee I wonder y )

How’s your H”EAR”ing? How’s your VISION?

VISION CENTER S…. “LIM” Korea Town WEST…ern Avenue “DAK………tor” NG?

Sandra OH and Constance Pecoraro are going to PRISON for LIFE.

Tom Bridges is going to LOSE his DENTAL LICENSE and be LOCKED IN PRISON.




BAN ks

“CHA” in Korean means “CAR” and “TEA”

Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature on Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981
Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature, being Used in Mathemathics of making Money



meaning of “BAN..KS”

CS. It's about the sound of "C", as in "SEE" the letter "S", as in meaning of My Name SIGNature of "S and Y" on MY ART from 1981, with OO made with letter "S" Signed Sideways. My Name SIGNature is also known as my “JOHN HANCOCK”.

Meaning of my first name SIGNature in 1981 on "BEN"SON DUBOIS pencil drawing is about "Boys having Sex", specifically it's about Lee Montgomery's Penis in Michael Jack"SON" A"NUS" while filming them 1972 movie BEN.

Meaning of my name SIGNature on this drawing is a "TRUE STORY", and it can never be replicated. No one knows my experiences when I was drawing my drawings in the early 1980's. Like my Second Watercolor Artwork Collection that was stolen in 2009, only I know every detail in my Artwork, because it's my "brain and muscle memory".

They've built the meaning of my name SIGNature, twisted, copied and recreated through RINGS around Jesus CHRIST Eyes "OO", Oil Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro, connected to CEDARS SINai, ear sound "SIGN EYE" Hospital in Los Angeles, in robbing my Korean Name and IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. Built to be a ASS PU"CE" Conspiracy FORM.

This is why Sandra Oh was CH"RIS"Tin Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" HOSPITAL tv show, created in 2005, about the time when they began seriously terrorizing my life when I was living in Marin County, a suburb North of San Francisco. This hospital show is DIRECTLY connected to YEARS of HORRIFIC Housing Terror, Job Terror, LIFE TERROR connected to SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and SANDRA OH, in robbing of MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK in MAThemathics of making Money, connected to "GA" Government Agencies supporting these deranged CHICAgo ILLI"NOIS" Raping NIggers.

This is why the meaning of "S" shaped TREEE at Callon Drive TOPANGA, where I lived for a few months in 2007 is an extremely important address. I think Lee Montgomery lived at this address many decades ago. This is also why they've been building on the syllable and word for “TREE” in Korean is NA”MU”, for 3 decades, in what is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? Is it “PA TREEE SHA? SPO?

It’s about “CS” COLOR S”KIN” and all pictures of me wearing this Color Clothing in span of more than 3 decades.

It's about the names of "CS" CATHOLIC SCHOOLS I attended in 1980's.

They've linked MY IDENTITY attending MY “CS” Catholic Schools in NYC in 1980's, to “CS” CEDAR SINAI Hospital in West Hollywood, as if My Korean Name of “SIN” WON, the sound of “SHIN WON” in the word WA”SHIN”GtON is SANDRA OH, as if she is My American Name SIGNature name of “SANDY” on MY Pencil Drawing from 1981, of Robert Guillaume, built through Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy” HOSPITAL Tv show, that is DIRECTLY connected to real life Hospital CS CEDARS SINAI for 3 decades, since 1979 and meaning of “CS”. CORN

C S. SEE “S” meaning of my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, that they've built through this CS HOSPITAL DIRECTLY connected to “CHO”CHA”RLIES FIND oil art of CATHOLIC Theme by Constance MARIA Pecoraro.

CORN STARCH meaning, a BRAND name of CS is “ARGO”, connected to my childhood picture In 1979 with a Dog and Sign of “YELLOW VIRGO” on the wall, that they've been building as if My IDENTITY is SANDRA OH, through VIRGO Constance Pecoraro. As if My IDENTITY with VIRGO MARSHALL BROWN is Sandra Oh. At Square One again.

All of the above has been linked and built at “CS” Cedars “SIN”ai hospital, where they've been building for 3 decades as if Sandra OH was My Korean name, My Identity and Artist of my Artwork.

CS is about CEDARS SINAI, EAR sound of Cedar “SIGN EYE”, my name SIGNature and My SIGN of LEO, built through “OIL” Art by Constance Pecoraro and “EYES” of Jesus CHRIST “OO”, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, OIL Goes on CANVAS and RHIMES with Seattle MERCY “GRACE NAVAS” of a Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT.

For My Identity and my name SIGNature on my ART, built to be either Constance Pecoraro or Sandra Oh connected to CO.LOR S”KIN”, it's CS, Connie Sandra Ass Pussy Cat”HO”licking built through her Catholic theme oil art of Jesus CH “RIS” T C”HO”CHArlies Find, Chocha is Pussy “CP” in Spanish, with Sandra OH name in it backwards, in Tom Bridges My John Hancock with MAN”OS” and with F”LOCKS” of BIRDS and the peaCOCK. Connect this to meaning of CH “RIS” Tina Bern”ARD O”, TAURUS birthday of 5/4/69 in the ZIP CODE of Tom Bridges BRIDGEWAY SausalitO CA “94965” it's definitely psychobitches in Cat”HO”Licking in MAThemathics of making Money. Add to this, LORI HUBBLE of DENTAL Mental Hygiene Committee connections, and it's truly SHOW SHAW SHOE Shonda Lynn Rhimes GAYS Anatomy of D “ART MOUTH” of “OO” Is Ass to MOUTH Cat”HO”Licking.

It's a SICK “Criminally INSANE” GROUP CONSPIRACY of Identity Theft, ART Theft and LIFE THEFT, all for SANDRA OH as if she is the Artist of my Artwork and my Identity, from “Birth to Present”.

This by the way, is why Barack Obama's Law Firm who released his FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate was name “PER KINS COL...e”. It's connected to the ARTIST Name of PER.KINS who did the METAL CHAIR and LAMP at the Pacific DESIGN Center, connected to Robbing of My IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and My Parents Names of Constance MARIA Pecoraro and Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF. So if you really think about what they built, as if the above was true, then why is JOSH WOLF married to a BETHANY ASHTON, and why isnt' Jesus “CHA”rlie Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF licking fucking SANDRA OH's Ass Pussy, his Daughter, in FATHER DAUGHTER OEDIPUS COMPLEX Sex Games they BUILT through Mother Son CATHOLIC THEME Oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro of MARY and JESUS. So this is why THROUGH the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART, for my Identity to be Sandra OH and My Mother's Identity to be Psycho Mother PECORARO, it's Tom Bridges who is “Gay”, bridges MOTHER DAUGHTER ASS PUSSY Cat”HO”Licking of C”HO”CHA is Pussy “CP” in Spanish on BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO CA.

See bottom of this page for link to EXACT “TEN” Years in raping and robbing of my life for Sandra Oh psycho Korean actress, who thinks she is the ARIST of MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION from 2003-2007, MY PORTRAIT DRAWING and Owner and Artist of MY TRADE”MARQ” in circle of “O”, because it sounds like her name of “OH”.

PALM of HANDS of “TEN” Fingers. HANDCUFF that go on W “RIS” T RIMES with CH “RIS” T, Wrist is connected to the ARM to the “SHO”ulder and then to the “NEK” is MOK AGE. GA MOK is Jail or Prison. SANDRA OH is going to be LOCKED IN PENI“TEN”IARY for LIFE.

SHIN WON in the word Wa”SHIN”gtON, meaning of MY LEO Birthday Number of '13” Repeating Number on the WON Dollar Bill with First PresiDENt George WASHINGTON, and Eye in a “PYRAMID”, and Pyramids are in EGYPT, connected to MU”BARAK” “HO...SNI”, who was a tyrant that was thrown out of the Egyptian Government. BARACK OBAMA's FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE and DELIVERY DOCTOR name of DAVID “SIN” CL AIR, handpicked name to ROB MY Korean name of “SIN WON” For SANDRA OH. Reason why “Grey's Anatomy” is set in Seattle WASHINGTON, and made up hospital name of Seattle Mercy “GRACE” West. Oil goes on Canvas and RHIMES with “GRACE NAVAS”, as if My Identity in pictures with my Catholic School “CS” classmate Grace Navas in the 1980's, is SANDRA OH. This is what this tv show is all about, built on Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, created to ROB “EVERYTHING” about ME and MY LIFE, MY ART for SANDRA OH.

This is why Cedars SINAI Hospital building complex has a street name “GEORGE” Burns Road, and why “Greys Anatomy' is set in Seattle WASHINGTON, a hospital tv show with Sandra OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, based on Jesus CHRIST oil art by Constance Pecoraro, “CHA”RLIES FIND on PAGE “3”, and meaning of her Catholic Theme Oil art was built connected to GEORGE “C” PAGE who came to California for the “ORANGES”, as if my childhood picture in 1981 with My Father and “BASKET of ORANGES” is Sandra OH, as if she is My Identity and My Korean name. George “C” PAGE has a TAR PIT MUSEUM, and his name is very closely connected to several SCHOOLS in CA, including PEPPERDINE UNIVERISTY in “MAL”IBU.

The meaning of S”KIN” has been going on for decades, original meaning with Burnt Offering movie in 1976 with Lee Montgomery, which is really about “NEW GROWTH of NEEGROS” connected to the COLOR GREEN, connected to CHOLO”PHYLL” which is color GREEN and can only be made with the “SUN”. EAR sound of Raping of MICHAEL JACKSON'S A “NUS” HOLE, from 1972 movie “BEN”, by EXPLOITING MEANING and MY NAME SIGNature as in My JOHN HANCOCK on MY ARTWORK which I did in 1981, because of this movie BEN from 1972 with RATS in PIPES, which demonstrated WHAT HAPPENED IN 1972 DURING THE FILMING OF THIS MOVIE, SEXUAL PEDOPHILE ACTIVITIES. G”LOVE”D HAND “Anal Fisting” in some fucking Burly Jew's Asshole. Ever wonder why Michael JACKSON, the “KING” of Pop always wore his G”LOVE”? G in Korean means RATS. Go watch “FIGHT CLUB” with Brad Pitt.


Meaning of my Artwork from 1981 and 1982, can NEVER be replicated. This is what Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme Oil Art of Mary and Jesus Christ is attempting to do, and this is called “ALAN anal PARSONS PROJECT” of SUN”RIS”E, Son in your Eyes, in ROBBING of My ART and Name SIGNature, including MY IDENTITY for a Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH, who got Plastic Ass Implants, so that MY Name SIGNature on MY ART can be the FORM of her ASS. Deeply Psyc”HO”tic Actress, who thinks she is my PORTRAiT Drawing H”AIR”, while conspiring to Rape my life through Conspiracy of Two times to Judge name “MA..RIA” STRATTON in Mental Health Court, as if MY PORTRAIT Drawing done by MY HANDS is SANDRA OH, while I have “mental problems”. There aren't any words to describe the depth of Sandra Oh's SICKNESS, ILLNESS.

Then the meaning of S”KIN” took another meaning through MY P”INK” BEDROOM while I was growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY in the 1980's. They've been building through this Color Pink, as if Sandra OH is my Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, as if it's the “NIK” of her name.

Then I wore COLOR S”KIN” clothing, Sweater in my 1985 pictures.

Then my Catholic School classmate name CHRISTINA BERN”ARDO” began working as a Wait”RES”S at a DUN”KIN” DO”NU”TS. San”DRA O”, drew my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, through her SC. HO. OL name of SIR SER SUR ROBERT BORDEN. This is why Christina Bernardo and her LEO sister Jeannie BERNARDO are extremely important in Robbing the meaning of My Name SIGNature of SAN “DRA OH” in their NAMES BACKwards, connected to Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART. Both of these sisters have very big wide hips and huge Pear shaped asses, Tom Bridges “TB” “BT” Body Types. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama's P”3”AR Ass, like SANDRA OH.

This is why Christina Bern”ARD O” birthday numbers of Tau”RUS” 5/4/69 is very important, in the ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO where Constance Pecoraro lives 94965. “SUR” SIR SER ROBERT BORDEN. This is why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”Ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”, built on “CHOCHA” in Spanish is Pussy, in a Ass Pussy Conspiracy built through “CHA”rlies Find, based on robbing my name SIGNature, Twisted to be about AP in AP Alan Parson's Project.

Sandy Wang's Bedroom in color P”INK” Walls, Color S”KIN” clothing. It's about MY Writings of I”WAL”Y on MY Architectural Drawing from 1982. It's about MY FASHION Model Drawings from 1982.

Christina Bern”ARD O”, who worked at D”UN”KIN Do”NU”ts in 1987, is about the Korean word J”UN”G D”UN”G Yee which means ASS, and it RHIMES with CAM DUNG YEE which means NEEGRO in Korean. Wait”RE”S, for Sandra Oh “SER SIR SUR” Robert Borden school name in Going Backwards of ASS Conspiracy, drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume in 1981 and My name SIGNature to be about FORM of ASS, = EA.TING NEEGROS BOWELS, through FOOD WORDS.

Add to this B”L”ACK, is for Going “BACK” wards in L, ELLE, HER SHE YS Chochacolate Ass Pussy Licking game. Through Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme Oil Art, they've built a world CatHOLICKING NIGGERS BOWELS in Mathemathics of making Money, as if through BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” coded words, as if Sandra OH is my name SIGNature of SANDY on my Art, as if it's the “NIK” of her name Going Backwards in a Ass Pussy conspiracy.

Sandra OH with Constance Maria Pecoraro and My Catholic School classmates Christina Bern”ARD O”, G”LORI”A Lee, JACKIE LAFUENTE, and several other classmates from my “AG” ALL GIRLS CATHOLICK High School ST. VINCENT FERRER, have been Cat”HO”Licking each other's Ass Pussies for 3 decades in MATHemathics of making Money, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and Meaning of MY ARTWORK connected to BUSINESSES.

Tom Bridges meaning of My Pencil Drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume who was the “BUTLER” to the Governor, as BENSON DU”BO”IS. Tom Bridges meaning of My Name SIGNature of Sandy with OO made with letter S of my name, rebuilt and recreated through Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST Oil Art and Rings around his Eyes, as if it's the FORM of ASS and PUSSY. Understand meaning of D”ARI” is be “LOW”it the ASSTERISK. Tom Bridges GAY Male, who has the same LEO Birthday as me, with CHRISTINA BERNARDO'S male friend name “DARREN” who also has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13.

Creating of meaning through FOOD WORDS, RESTAURANT NAMES on Specific Street Names with specific ADDRESS NUMBERS, owner names, etc, as if My IDENTITY is SANDRA OH as if she is the Artist of My Artwork, it's SANDRA OH who needs to COMER EA.T My SHIT cumming out of MY ANUS HOLE between MY LEGS.

TOM BRIDGES “BUTLERS”, MAIDS, Cooks, Servers/Waiters, on BRIDGEWAY Sausalito with CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O” full Taurus Birthday numbers in the ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO 94965 GOING BACKwards in Cat”HO”LICKING of Ass Pussy, which is really turning out to be TOM BRIDGES “D ART MOUTH” of EA.TING SHIT that comes out of ASSHOLE between the LEGS.

DUN “KIN” DONUTS. PASTRY. What is Sandra Oh's Middle Name? PA”TREEEE” SHA? Through FOOD WORDS.

RichARD BACH, in Conspiracy of TWO Times of Going BACKwards, BAKE”RY” connections of TOM BRIDGES “BIRD SHIT” on RICHARD “SON” BAY, with my watercolor art page 2.

PA “TREEEE” SHA? Who needs to EA.T MY SHIT

They’ve built as if My Name SIGNature on MY ART of “SANDY” is the “NIK” of Sandra OH, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. As if Sandra OH is My IDENTITY in ALL MY PICTURES with “SKIN COLOR” CLOTHING.

This is why MY DOG JACK in 2009 who is a SKIN COLORED Chihuahua Mutt dog was STOLEN, connected to My ARTWORK of LIONS BODY which was also stolen through White Collar C”RIMES” in a Group Conspiracy. Connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, reason for the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGING OF MY LIFE through White Collar C”RIMES”, REPEATEDLY.

It's important to know if My Dog JACK was “adopted” by a NIGGER PUSSY. Because it's connected to ROBBING OF MY IDENTITIY, MY LIFE, for SANDRA OH connected to NIGGER PUSSY SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who created “Greys Anatomy” to ROB MY IDENTITY from 1980's growing up in “JACK”SON HEIGHTS NY. Raping and Robbing of MY IDENTITY MY LIFE in the PRESENT, because they've already built for my Identity to be SANDRA OH in MATHemathics of making Money. Reason for important Repeating Numbers.

They've built all of the above meaning of CS, through "C" Eyes of Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro, as if through the RINGS around Jesus Christ Eyes is MY Name SIGNature. This is why SANDRA OH is "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's ANATOMY", and for the FORM of My Name SIGNature to be about the "FORM" of Sandra OH's ASS PUSSY "ANATOMY", all connected to Businesses in Mathemathics of making Money. Built connected to “LIO n KIN g”, to ROB MY Father's Korean ROYAL NAME for SANDRA OH.

Jesus Christ isn't my art. Oil and Water don't mix like Identity Thieves, Psychobitches Constance Pecoraro Sandra Oh and I don't mix. They both MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

My Name SIGNature on MY ART says “SANDY”.

NIK isn't my name, SY or YS isn't my name, these are codes created in Mathemathics of making Money as if Sandra Oh is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” as if it's the “NIK” of her name. It's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT.

Mixing and combining My NAME with SANDRA OH to “CONFUSE IDENTITIES”.

When you mix my name with this psychobitch actress, you get T “RA” GE “DY” and SO RR OW.

The above meaning of “CS” has been linked to BUSINESS of “SC” “S”ecurit”Y” Companies worldwide in Mathemathics of making Money by PROTECTING the Companies that are RAPINGN and ROBBING MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH as if she is MY IDENTITY. While US Government Repeatedly RAPES and ROBS MY LIFE through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES” connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS. The connecting LINK is SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, Black Nigger Pussy creator of “GREYS ANATOMY” HOSPITAL Tv show, DIRECTLY connected to real life HOSPITAL Cedars SINai HOSPITAL, where they've been building for 3 decades as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, connected to BARACK OBAMAS' FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE, in robbing my IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE for a borderline psyc”HO”tic actress SANDRA OH, “THIS” is what this raping nigger's PRESI”DEN”CY has been about.

Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature John Hancock meaning and SecuritY Companies worldwide

It's called a JOHN “HANCOCK”. SO”RO”.

Better to RAIN, REIGN, at the THRONE of SOVEREIGNTY, than to Catholick a Niggers Bowels in Going Backwards for Mathemathics of making Money.

They built the meaning of RAIN in KOREAN is “B”, in EAR sound of “REIGN” at the THRONE, connected to AIR LIB”RA Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, and through Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM Music Band, Two sick deranged JEW DICKS in TAO of TORAH for Sand “RA OH”, in Mathemathics of making Money as if Sandra OH is the Artist of my Artwork and as if My Father's Korean ROYAL Name of WANG, has meaning for Sandra OH, built through TWO DERANGED SICK JEW HOR DICKS EDDIE VEDDER and JOSH WOLF. “AiR” Ear sound of HEIR, in robbing of My Korean Royal Name for Sandra OH, through BARACK OBAMAS FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and Delivery DOCTOR name of David SIN CLAIR.

This is why My LION BODY Watercolor Artwork was STOLEN and why MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009 through PREMEDITATED ORGAN........ized C”RIMES”, KID KNEEE GRO GRU EN, through ROBBING and RAPING OF MY “FAMILY JEWEL” meaning represented in MY ARTWORK connected to these Sick Raping NIGGER JEW Teams.

Carlos Slim.

I don't give a fucking damn who this SPIC is, and how RICH this SPIC is.

Why is this SPIC so fucking RICH? Because his NAME is about ROBBING and RAPING MY LIFE, MY ART for SANDRA OH, as if she is My Name SIGNature on MY ART, as if she is MY IDENTITY in all my pictures wearing SKIN COLOR “SC” CLOTHES.

CLOTHES, EAR sound of CLOSE. C “LOS” E. Eyes are Window to the “SOL”, for SANDRA OH, who's life is built on Robbing of MY IDENTITY and MY ART through CLOTHES, through FASHION Designs and Colors. C “LOS” E. “CE” ELGIN CHARLES NIGGER BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SOL mates with SANDRA OH and EDDIE VEDDER.

CARL “OS” Slim.

SANDRA OH “SO” is meaning of CARL JUNG, Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY when I was “YOUNG” is how and why this SICK FUCKING C”HO” CHA Sandra “OH” PUSSY LICKING FUCKING SPIC Is so rich.

Color S”KIN”, as if MY Name SIGNature ON MY ART of “SANDY” is the “NIK” name of SANDRA OH. MY NAME ISN”T “NIK” and this isn't what my Artwork says. It's any word with “NIK”, like S”KIN”, P”INK”, Dr”INK”, etc. as if Sandra OH is my name SIGNature on my art. BUILT through OIL PAINTING of CHARLIES FIND JESUS CHRIST, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre'ys Anatomy”. CH “RIS” T, “CHA”rlie, C”HO”CHA is PUSSY in Spanish, connected to CL I “TO RIS” of SANDRA OH's ANATOMY of ASS PUSSY OverLAPping.

S”KIN” and “OH”, in word C”HO”CHA was built in together by default.

All SPICS WORLDWIDE are built in by default to Cat”HO”LICK SANDRA OH, Constance Pecororo, the BERN”ARD O” SISTERS and Jackie LAF uente ASS PUSSY FORM, built through Tom Bridges JESUS CH “RIS” T CHARLIES FIND Oil Painting by Constance Pecoraro.

There is nothing in my art, or my name, that is about PUSSY, but they've dissected and dismembered meaning of My name SIGNature on my art from 1981, of “S....and......Y” and have been building for 3 decades, connected to this word PUS “SY”, for SANDRA OH name, in the word C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish, “CP” for Constance Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY and her JESUS CHRIST ART.


CARL “OS” Slim. As if through this SPIC Name, Sandra OH has meaning in “CARL” Jung, as if through this Spics name, Sandra OH is My Identity with I was “JUNG” EAR SOUND OF “YOUNG” in 1980's. C “AR” L “OS”. CL Sandra Oh is My Letter “C” H”AiR” in 1984. Sandra Oh is My Letter “C” HAIR in my 2006 Portrait Drawing. This FUCKING SPIC is directly connected to meaning of C”HO”CHA is PUSSY in Spanish built in for CHICAGO ILLI”NOIS” NIGGER JEW SPICS in Catholicking of Sandra OH's ASS PUSSY built through JESUS CHRIST.

CARLOS RHIMES with MAN”OS” in Robbing My John HAN cock as in my name SIGNature on my art, for Sandra OH “SO” name initials BACKwards.

CAR “LOS”, SETTI “NG” Me Up as in FRAMING me with a “CAR” in 2009, and Locking me in Jail wrongfully as if I had MENTAL PROBLEMS.


Spanish isn't my language, Jesus Christ “CHA”rlies Find isn't my Oil artwork. C”HO”CHA” Is PUSSY for “CP” Constance Maria Pecoraro on Bridgeway, with Sandra OH as “CHRIS”Tina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”.


CARL “OS” SETTI “NG” Me and Framing me, then “HAN”COCK CUFFING me

POIN “SETTIA” and GREEN Nigger Ass Pussy Conspiracy

Constance Maria Pecoraro's “CHICA” is GIRL in Spanish Pedophile sketches

Pay Attention, the meaning of C”HO”CHA is PUSSY in Spanish is connected to these two DERANGED SPIC PUSSIES from My Catholic Schools in 1980's. NAB I is BUTTERFLY in Korean. NABi has the word BAN..k backwards. BUTT is the ASS, Jesus CHRIST OIL painting, for OIL BLUBBER ASS FORM “OO” built through “PY”ous Je”SUS” horny for PUSSY CHOCHA ASS psychocunts.

Jeannie BERN “ARD O”, LIO OIL huge Blubber PEAR ASS PUSSY who went to “HC” HUNTER COLLEGE and her Sick Sister “CHRiST”ina
Sandy Wang's school classmate from 1980's SPICK CHOCHA JACKIE “LAF”UENTE in the “BAN”king Business in BOSTON

“MH” Raping My LIFE, MY ART, connected to these SPIC PSYCHOBITCHES “SCHOOL NAMES” in Los Angeles

OCTO, “OCHO” is EIGHT in Spanish for Sandra “OH”

SANDRA OH “PALM of HANDS” in Sept 2014 that need to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

meaning of “BAN” ks

It isn't random that this Raping PEDOPHIILE FUCKING SICK SPIC lives in Le”BAN”on.

LE”BAN”ON and Le”BAN”ese people are about the word “BAN”K where MONEY goes in and out. BANK is about the Korean word “NABi” which means BUTTERFLY, and it’s about MY Childhood Picture in Seoul Korean in 1976 Standing on the Mountains wearing a “BUTTERFLY HALTER TOP” SHIRT. They’ve built as if ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES, My Baby Pictures, MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH, through this meaning of “COLOR SKIN” and MY NAME SIGNATURE ON MY “ART”, that is connected to Businesses/Corporations WORLDWIDE. MATHemathics of making MONEY on PLANET EARTH “O”, is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY Powerful KOREAN NAME, and MY POWERFUL ARTWORK, as if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST and as if she is MY IDENTITY.

He is LeBANese, but lives in MEXICO. Or is he a SPIC living in le”BAN”on, for Mathemathics of making Money that goes on BAN ks. Begins and Ends with "MO".

It's Sandy Wang's INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and TAO saying that fits MY Trademark in circle of “O”, OM Symbol Watercolor Art.

Sandra Oh isn't MY IDENTITY in 1992 with a MEXICAN Guy name "ED" working as a GO at Club Med in Florida.

The Country of MexicO, The Country of CHINA, or any place else on the Planet, has no meaning in MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of "TAO" Saying that I created, that FITS MY "OM" symbol TRADEMARK in circle of "O".

SANDRA "OH" isnt' My Identity or the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, or Owner of MY TRADEMARK, she needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Correction, big difference between 86 and 83 Billion

83 Billion”AIRE”
8/13 is my birthday, what's left? 1, sound of one, my 1 line drawing inside “O” of my Trademark, My Korean middle name of Won

My ART of SC “Sacred Circle”

8/13 is Sandy Wang's Leo Birthday
1 sound of “WON” is Sandy Wang's Korean middle name
83 is in Sandy Wang's “HEIR” HAIR Numbers of Portrait Drawing
WANG in Korean means KING and my name and ART is being INFRINGED worldwide

300 or “38” connections



BILL GATES who lives in WASHINGTON, his HOUSE Address of “8/13”

CS Q magazine Fall 2014


"HY"poluxo Sandy Wang's Ex Boyfriend Marshall Brown died at AGE "46", his "Wealthy Family"


Marshall Brown died at AGE "46", in Oct 2012, exactly 1 month after my Dental Hygiene Petition was filed in Sept 2012

Reason why My Dental "HY"giene H"EAR"ting Date was scheduled to be "6/4" in 2013

"HY"giene PREMEDITATED WHITE COLLAR C"RIMES" of Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene Petition

HED LE YS on "64 O" Robertson Blvd

“64........64” ORGANGE SIGN on SUNSET Blvd next to “SIREN”


It's about "PHIL GRENVILLE" of MIDNIGHT HOUR. It's about meaning of CHLOR"PHYLL" is Color "GREEN", the same COLOR of MONEY, that cannot exist or be made without the "SUN" LIGHT. The "SUN" Rules the SIGN of LEO.

PHIL ANTH ROP Y, wealthy people who give their time and lots of MONEY for CHAritable causes.

People have been giving MONEY for decades, connected to creating meaning through "THEIR" NAMES, THEIR BUSINESSES, etc, as if MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH and as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982. Their NAMES go up on Plaques, Boards, Walls, Buildings, Lists, of specific places to create meaning, to COMBINE MY NAME with SANDRA OH, to "CONFUSE IDENTITIES". Cedars SINAI Hospital is a perfect INSTITUTION like UCLA SCHOOL, where lots of Philanthropists have been giving Money for decades to build, as if Sandra OH is My Identity. The Best Example of ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ART and MY NAME SIGNature, to be SANDRA OH is the JEWISH Family, the "RES NICKS" in Los Angeles. As if My Name SIGNature of "SANDY" is the "NICK" name of Sandra Oh on my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, that she's been claiming she drew through her school name of “SIR SER” Robert Borden. RES...NICK.

The ENTIRE "ROTHSCHILDS FAMILY" is connected to this. Connected to Robbing of MY Real Life CHILDHOOD Pictures, as if there were SANDRA OH, built through Imaginary sketches of "No Name Girl" by Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme oil art.

LIFE can't exist on planet EARTH or anywhere else, without the SUN.

LEO sign is ruled by the SUN. II am a double LEO sun and moon born in month of August. SUNg Bae Wang is My Father's name.

PHIL, sound of "FILL", in the word "LIF E" Backwards. This is connected to why Constance Psycho Pecoraro created her "ISNT That LIFE?" Q"UEST"ION Mark. It's about Robbing My Korean Name of "SIN" WON through the word "ISN"t. Robbing of my Korean Name and EVERYHING else that goes with it. Like meaning of SIN and “SYN”chronicity.

"E"ye FILL MORE, "OO" "PY"ous Je"SUS", FILL MORE over LAP Ping LAF fing ASS PUSSY in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money.

"ROP"e, SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY Pictures on Halloween with "BROWN IMAGE" in 2002 with ROPE BELT in the shape of vertical "8".

ROPe, as if through this word, SANDRA OH is My "POR"trait Drawing "E"eyes, and the Vertical Eight "8" in MY EYES is the FORM of SANDRA OH's ASS PUSSY in Going Backwards. "C" Sandra OH GLO"RIA" MA"RIA" Cat"HO"Licking ASS PUSSY. ADI"OS" MAN"OS", C"HO"CHILLA is a Women's PRISON calling Sandra "OH" name.

ISN t that LIFE ???? "Q"uestion Mark, LIFE IN PRISON

SANDRA OH psycho who thinks she is MY PORTrait through the word "ROP"E

Im "PORT"ant AIR "PORT" connections of Psycho Pecoraros New Website = LIFE IN PRISON in 2014

BYE PIL .......... E.A.

SANDRA OH in "COLOR SKIN" Dress 2013 at the "NA ACP"
who thinks she is My Identity in all my pictures above

DA = 41 SANDY WANG'S Childhood Picture in 1980 in White Red “14” with a Black Girl


LYN “DA” and Stew”ART” “RES NIK”s are the ones who have PSYCHIATRIC MENTAL PROBLEMS, everything they built FITS THEM

meaning of BLACK COLOR S"KIN"
meaning of the word CO “LOR”

Delusional Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is My Identity and Artist of My Artwork

Get your Spectacles on, "Facial Cheese" Connisseur HANNIBAL LECTER

CHAndRA and SandRA Oh for meaning of “CS” BLACK COLOR S”KIN”


Black COLOR S”KIN” meaning


GO THERE SANDRA OH in "SKIN COLOR" Dress with "O" at Negro Organization

Negro Organizations


DOT on Stomach

meaning of FEET, FEETUS FEEDUS, “FETUS” and Fontan”ELLE”

meaning of SANDRA OH “FEEDING the METER” and Psycho “ELE”vator LEAVE connections in MARIAn Building
KEN Qwest and MARIAN Building

GO THERE scroll to bottom of page AFRICAN ART Sculpture on MELROSE x ALMONT
Another view of same area on MELROSE Avenue

PAC "HY" DERM means thick "S"KIN" mamMAL connections
meaning of S"KIN"

Silence of the LAMbs and HANNIBAL LECTER


Discovery of HANNIBAL published in 1999 by Thomas Harris
David Sexton's book published in 2001 page “72”

DOLLARHYDE, is that as in DOLOUR HYDE, the pain of being in one's OWN SKIN?

GO THERE Hannibal by Thomas Harris and David Sexton's book, PAGE “72” scroll down


Sandy Wang's birthday LEO 8/13/69 and Korean name

connected to George WASHINGTON in the one “DOLLAR” Bill

Sandy Wang in 1980 with Shirt Number “14”

Sandy Wang in “CS” Color S”KIN” clothes since early 1980's

8/13/72? what is Tom BRIDGES YEAR of BIRTH ? Middle Name?
what is Tom BRIDGES YEAR of BIRTH ? Middle Name?

meaning of “113 and 72”


HYDE or HIDE is about COW “SKIN”, as in Leather and Suede

Robbing of My Korean Name and My American Name SIGNature of “SANDY” as if it's the “NIK” name of SANDRA OH through S”KIN”

SANDRA OH in SNAKE S”KIN” Belt and meaning of BE”LOW”IT ASS

Dollar Hyde and Seattle WASHINGTON
JOSH WOLF and birth of his SON in Seattle WASHINGTON on 3/17 is “GREEN” connections

Josh Wolf in Seattle WASHINGTON, on Bob's radio show, talking about “CALF and COW”
Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF who loves his Drin”KIN” SHO es
Josh Wolf who loves his HATS like SANDRA OH

Hannibal begins with MAC 10 and “ED” Evelda Drumgo

Seattle WASHINGTON connections with EDDIE VEDDER of PEARL JAM music band and exact “TEN” Years
10 NIGGER RIMES with VEDDER and LANDER in exact SiN “CL”AIR “NET” TEN years in raping of my life and art for Sandra Oh
MAC MAC and “CAM” Dung Yee meaning

Good Will next to Giant “DOLLAR” on Vine, next to “LA M”ira”DA”? It isn't R.A.N.D.O.M
few blocks from DeLONGPRAY and VINE



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