Sandy Wang and my Mother in 1990
NYC TECH College in BR"OO"KLYN 300 Jay Street

Sandy Wang and my Mother at my Dental Hygiene School graduation in 1990

300 JAY Street meaning


Repeating Numbers of 529
connected to my High School classmate 1980’s, Betraying sick bitch Gloria Lee birthday 5/29

Why the name “LEE” is important


last 4 digits of Sandy Wang’s SSN 6756,
“599” or “529” or “625” depending on how you look at it, what’s missing? 7
SEVEN sounds like STEPHEN, as if through Gloria Lee birthday of 5/29, AIR Gemini,
My IDENTITY with My First Boyfriend STEPHEN Garrison “AIR” Gemini is SANDRA OH

Sandy Wang in OLIVE GREEN first boyfriend of 5.5 years Stephen Garrison AIR GEMINI 5/27

Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and One of Kind SIGNature

Wolfgang Red “SEVEN” in Pacific Design Center and SANDY WANG’S FULL SS N
across the street is new WH “LIBRA” “RY” address of “625”

Conspiracy of TWO in “LYNN” Wood Countyn Jail, through Gloria Lee birthday numbers

reason why SANDRA OH is going to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE
“BOARD” Scores SANDRA OH who went to Sir ROBART “BORDEN” High School in Canada on “GREEEN” BANK Road


SANDRA OH in OLIVE GREEN 2004? See GOLD BALLS OO which is about MY One of Kind SSN SIGNature
SANDRA OH in Sept 2012 in GREEN and White


Sandy Wang’s CATHOLIC Grammar School SACRED HEART <3 in 1979 and Mrs “ARD”en class

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST the SON
MARY Statue on Ocean ave in Santa Monica with “HEART” <3
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” OIL goes on CANVAS and RHIMES with NAVAS at Seattle “GRACE” Mercy West Hospital

it’s why the name RICH”ARD” BACH is very important

BO”ARD”, rhimes with L”ARD” as in OIL. SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT “BORDEN” High School in CANADA, who thinks all words containing “ARD” has meaning for her, through VirGO Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork. Like MY BOARD SCORES from Dental Hygiene SCHOOL 1990. Like me SNOW “BOARD”ING in LAKE TA”HO”E in 2004, for all words with her NAME GOING BACKwards, from MY LIFE to have meaning for her. SEE SANDRA OH, CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics of making MONEY, through WOODEN SQUARE “BOARD”. SANDRA OH who thinks the Upper Left two links of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist is HER. PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” is in her NAME BACKwards. CH go on RISTS.


SANDRA OH who went to Sir ROBERT BORDEN High School on “GREEN”BANK Road

GREEN BANK Road is very important, the REASON why SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY in “GREEN” Dress with Gloria Lee in 1985. IDENTITY THEFT is a very serious Punishable CRIME.

SCHOOL with “CHA”LK BOARD, “TEA CHER” and “STU DENT”. The word TEACHER is important, because it’s connected to meaning of MY FATHER who was a Musician and “TEACHER”. TEA in Korean is “CHA” which also means the word “CAR”. They’ve taken this Korean word meaning of “CHA”, meaning of the name “CHO”I YONG in MY Father’s Music Band from 1950’s “MORNING STARS” and have built based on Spanish Word “CHOCHA” which means PUSSY. This is why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the SON is titled “CHA”rile, “OO” for over LAPping meaning of (l) Pussy Lips. Studi Study”O” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999.

The “CHA” meaning of “CAR” is connected to CALLON “DRIVE” of TOPANGA. It’s about meaning of MY FAC from 1981, connected to LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY who lived at this same address in Topanga many decades ago, and I lived there for a few months in 2007. Is TOM CRUISE related to TODD CUMMINGS of TOPANGA? A very important QKuestion which MUST be answered.

TEA”CHER” STU”DENT”, Tom Cruise Mapot”HER” connected to Psycho Virgo Mai”DEN” Pecoraro. Built in Left to Right to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro who has LIFETIMES to LEARN, PSYCHOBITCH who is the REASON for YEARS of RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY can have meaning for her.


School is also about TEACHERS “NAMES”. MY First Artwork Collection was done in 1981 and 1982, no one “TAUGHT” me how to draw, I began Drawing and discovered MY “GIFT” at an early age, a private personal secret of mine, or so I thought, that EVERYONE ELSE on the PLANET has known about, and have EXPLOITED and RAPED for MATHemathics of making MONEY.

There is a HIERARCHY in Life, like in Business and Companies, a PECKING ORDER. Same thing in COURTS with JUDGES, same thing for a country and it’s PRESI”DENT”. The CEO is the “BOSS” usually and everyone else is below him or her. This is the REASON why in almost any LEARNING aspects of MY LIFE, they’ve PIMPED Specific NAMES, as if the person who is “TEACHING” ME or ABOVE ME, AS IF THEIR “NAMES” have PRECEDENCE OVER MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY. MY ARTWORK.

It’s the SAME concept with LANDLORDS with Apt Rentals I’ve had, as if THE LANDLORDS NAME has Precedence over MY LIFE, because I am renting space on their property, which is INFRINGING ON MY ARTWORK, TWISTED to “FIT” and have meaning for Constance Pecoraro PSYCHO’s Catholic Theme OIL ARTWORK of Jesus CHRIST the “KING of ALL LORDS”. LANDLORDS, the reason for YEARS of HORRIFIC HOUSING TERROR.

It’s the SAME thing with DENTISTS, because I’m a Dental Hygienist working for a DENTIST, the DENTIST is suppose to have PRECEDENCE OVER MY LIFE. TOM BRIDGES Sick Mother Fucking Lying Faggot DENTIST who has the same LEO BIRTHDAY as me, has been “Bridging” MY Profession of “DENT”istry, with Psycho Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro, through Specific DENTIST NAMES, as if through Tom Bridges MY PARENTS NAMES have meaning for Constance Pecoraro and JOSH WOLF.

I went to DENTAL HYGIENE SCHOOL in 1988, a specifically TRAINED LICENSED PROFESSION. This Career gave me enough freedom and time in my schedule in My life that I was able to STUDY other things in my life ON MY OWN, no one TAUGHT ME about PHILOSOPHY, no one TAUGHT me about the TAO, no one TAUGHT ME HOW TO DO ARTWORK. IT IS 100% PURELY MINE. NO ONE ELSE CAN TAKE ANY CREDIT.


I went to NYC TECHNICAL College in 1988 to study Dental Hygiene. I went to this school a City University of NY “CUNY” because the tuition was very low and it was convenient. This school and most of the students in this school, except for the Dental Hygiene Dept, and the surrounding neighborhood is mostly ALL BLACK PEOPLE.

I had this transcript sent to me, so that I can have some of the classes I took transferred over to another school I attended in the mid 90’s. I studied ACUPUNCTURE for 1 year at Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine because I wanted to be a Healer. This is one of the reasons why sick gay psychobitch REAL LIFE PARASITE SANDRA OH is a Chinese DOCTOR on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Thinking back, there are specific people’s identities and names that stand out. There was a student name TOM SANDOVAL who was very good friends with a RUSSIAN female, I forget her name, but they always seemed a bit odd, never talking to anyone else but to themselves. They once talked about RUSSIAN "SPIES" which I thought was weird. There was another much older RUSSIAN female name GABriella LAZAR, who was a Dental LAB Technician and wanted to study to be a Dental Hygienist, she was in her early 40's when she attended school.

"GAB"riella LAZAR was about meaning of supporting SANDRA OH, who went to "SIR SUR" Robert Borden high School, through the word "RUS"SIA. This is what RUSSIAN connection is. Her going into this PROGRAM at the SAME TIME as me, was about continueing the meaning of I STOLE LE "SPO" RT SAC "BAG" with GLORIA LEE in High School. She was a LAB Technician, and the SAME FUCKING "BAL" is FOOT in Korean theme is still going on today. IT'S SICK FUCKING CUNTS AND PUSSIES WHO HAVE BEEN "SECRETLY" ATTACHED TO MY LIFE, BECAUSE OF MY KOREAN NAME, MY ARWTORK, AND THEY ARE ALL ABOUT LICKING SANDRA OH'S ROTTEN AT THE CORE DISEASED PUSSY. THIS IS TRUE OF ALMOST ALL SICK TAO DAO DOW JONES SICK CHINK PUSSIES, ALL LICKING SANDRA OH, FOR SHE'S MY IDENTITY IN ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES.

"GAB"ri "ELLA" LAZAR. Sandra Oh, what is her Middle name? PATRICIA? connected to meaning of KNEE "CAP" BONE is called the "PAT"ELLA. Sandra OH who thinks my childhood pictures of me wearing KNEE SOCKS in SANTA MONICA in 1979 is HER.

LAB technician, is about the Korean Word FOOT which is BAL, and Shin BAL means SHOES, which goes back to the childhood pictures of me in Korea standing on the Mountains wearing Red SHOES that SANDRA OH wants it to be her. The name MARY and IRVING LAZAR is on the Cedars SINai Hospital Plaza Lobby. "LAB" COAT picture of TOM CRUISE. TOM'S SHOES, for every pair you buy, a P3AR is donated to a needy person. This HOSPITAL connection to TOM CRUISE is the name on the building THEODOR CUMMINGS, connected to 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, owner name TODD CUMMINGS. IS TOM CRUISE related to TODD CUMMINGS of "TOP"anga?

I had friends above my class who were a year ahead of me. Another RUSSIAN Jewish female name LARA FROYZMAN, and a Chinese female name PENNY MOY. "LARA" is connected to LARRABEE Street name in Los Angeles, and Sandra Oh's Mother's name of Young "NAM". FROYZMAN, as in EAR sound of FREUD, not Carl Jung. PENNY MOY is Chinese, her name is about Callon Drive TOPANGA, and the street next to it called PENNY Road, and she is VERY CLOSELY connected to SANDRA OH. TAO DAO DOW JONES of making MONEY, all supporting this sick fucking delusional actress is ARTIST OF MY WEBSITE, the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE.

I Graduated in 1990. UTA agency was formed a year later in Beverly Hills and SANDRA OH's agent's name is BILLY LAZAR "US". It's the "US" Pepsi pUSSY BANK Connections of RAPING MY LIFE for this PSYCHOTIC SICK ACTRESS, so that she can be MY IDENTITY, AS IF She is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. THIS IS HOW SANDRA OH, HAS BEEN ATTACHING HERSELF TO MY LIFE, AND THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 3 DECADES. SANDRA OH NEEDS TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. There isn't any compromising of this, especially if her middle name is PATRICIA, sound of PA TREEE SHA.

MARIA CZANK, a heavy set nice Romanian female who also lived near me were good friends, a black female name LYN ST. LOUIS, Spanish female name WANDA ABREU, Philippino guy name ED ESPIRITU, Italian classmate name ELISA DEPAOLO, etc were all good friends during school. This was our little "group". Some of them went onto Dental School to be Dentists.

There were several Orthodox Jewish girls who only wore Skirts to school and Wigs. SHIRLY FARKAS was a JEWISH female who would talk about the size of her boyfriend’s dick all the time.

The person who is connected to this most closely from the same DENTAL HYGIENE School I went to is BEVERLY DAVIS. I don’t know the exact year she graduated but probably guess about ten years before me. She is the owner of a Dental Medical placement agency in San Francisco called “Dental Plus Medical”. She is about THE PICTURE of me and a black girl from circa 1980. They found BEVERLY DAVIS, connected to this childhood picture of me and MY ARTWORK from 1982, and how it FIT into what was going on in California. For this picture of me to also have meaning for VIRGO MAI”DEN” Connie Pecoraro and SANDRA OH, through BEVERLY DAVIS, connected to what they’ve been building in BEVERLY HILLS. It’s why the number “14” busline goes through CANON Drive in Beverly Hills, connected to MY childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979 sitting on a CANON. They’ve been building for 3 decades in Los Angeles, State of California for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH, probably the micro of the macro of United States.

The MAThemathical symbol of “PI” which looks like the letters “TT” is a very commonly used WORD in the RUSSIAN Language. The Meaning of MY FAC and WRITINGS from 1982, MY Parents Names, MY Name, is connected WORLDWIDE.

T”OM” Christopher BRIDGES is going to “bridge” my college where I went to study Dental Hygiene with BEVERLY "DA"vis who went to the same school. He is going to bridge her so that Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh can have meaning and BE MY IDENTITY in The Picture of me and the black girl. Beverly "DA"vis a Black female is about BEVERLY Hills.

DA in Korean means "ALL" and the letters DA is equivalent to the number on the White and Red shirt I am wearing "14". This is the same with Sandra Oh, the reason why Shond"DA" Rimes, black female is the writer and creator of Grey's Anatomy, which is an infringement of my Life Story, my FAC from 1982 and pictures from my life where I am wearing GRAY Clothes, especially of the Gray Horse. It’s about my childhood picture of me and my FATHER where he is wearing a GRAY Sweater.

T"OM" Bridges everything about my life, so it can have meaning for Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro who's entire life is built and based on MY LIFE and ARTWORK. Both these two females want to be my IDENTITY because they are sick Disturbed Psychobitches. THE REASON FOR THE RAPING OF MY LIFE.

Tom Bridges is going to "bridge" the picture of me and my first boyfriend Stephen GARY Garrison standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge because it has his name in it, like the GOLDEN GAYte BRIDGE over to Sausalito in San Francisco where Pecoraro lives. He is going to bridge Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of Jesus CHRIST "Charlie's Find" with DOCtor CRISTina Yang on Gay's Anatomy. Tom Bridges Gays and Lesbians through MOUTHS, because he is a Gay male and a dentist who works in MOUTHS. He bridges Shonda Rimes who went to D”ART”MOUTH BECAUSE I was going to Dental Hygiene school and this black bitch knew about my Artwork and some day wanted a piece of the “PI”. He bridges Two sick Psychobitches in HER SHE Pussy licking gaym on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The school address is “300” JAY Street. These are the same numbers in the childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me, which is what Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme and her Jesus CHRIST “OO” is based on. Jesus Christ on page "3" with "OO" eyes. Tho”MAS” “CHRIST”opher Bridges BEVERLY DAVIS black female who went to this same school and is the owner of Dental Plus Medical agency in San Francisco, with BEVERLY HILLS and everything they've been building for 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH.

The meaning of my childhood Christmas picture and BLACK People in this neighborhood in Brooklyn is the reason why JAY Z is who he is today. His real name is SHAWN CARTER and he gave himself the name JAYZ because it's based on these "3OO" connections, for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST Horny for Form of ass "OO" with Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme, the Vehicle to ROB the meaning of MY FAC and Writings from 1982. The “Z” is about HoriZontal as in Wide Broad ASS, like Beyonce Knowles, “BK” Korean Blanket in THE PICTURE of me and a black girl.

It’s the same reason why in the movie “DARK KNIGHT” in the beginning of the movie, after the Bank Robbery, when the SCHOOL BUS drives out of the garage, the BUILDING on the Left has a REFLECTION of the numbers “300”. Heath Ledger lived in BROOKLYN, and then moved to SOHO where he later died, a very sad TRAGEDY.

Like when you mix My Name with Sandra Oh, to CONFUSE My Identity with this sick DELUSIONAL actress, you get SORROW and TRA GE DY.

See "US" connections of bottom links.


LARCHMONT Blvd in Los Angeles


My first job in High School in 1986 was working as a Dental Assistant for a Dentist name HAROLD KARP. He had a Dental office on Park Avenue a few blocks from my School on Lexington Avenue in NYC.

His Dental Office was in the “RITZ” Tower building at 465 Park Avenue NYC.

Harold Karp’s wife is Susan who is a school teacher. They have two children, Julie who is a Psychologist and Danny who is a Lawyer.

He lived in LARCHMONT which is a town in WESTCHESTER upstate New York and then later on moved into the City after their kids grew up.

We kept in contact over the years and in 1998 I worked for Harold Karp as a Dental Hygienist for a few months. In 1999 I moved to Marin County a suburb North of San Francisco.

Dr. Karp had the best patients. Bernadette Peters, the great Broadway actress/singer is a patient of his. He also had great relationships with many of his patients where they’d catch up and chitchat during their dental visits. Working in HIS office in 1985 and 1986 is the REASON why I had decided to go to Hygiene School in 1988.

Dr. Karp used to talk about how he’d keep tabs on Julie and Danny when he and Sue were away, he’d take and before and after pictures of the Liquor Cabinet and compare the pictures.

Dr. Karp always knew and said, I WOULD BE DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS ONE DAY, be a part of a big REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT, or the CAUSE and START of ONE. My “Whats the Connection” pages are only a “TIP OF THE ICEBURG”, like how and where HIV VIRUS originally originated from.

HAROLD Karp, and My high school Chemistry teacher name Mr. KUMAR, who is a Hin”DU” male, reason why they made the movie “HAROLD and KUMAR”.

I’ve been writing that they’ve been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY.

LARCHMONT Blvd is a street name in Los Angeles, near Hancock Park neighborhood. ON LARCHMONT Blvd, there is a “RITZ” Dry Cleaners.

Harold Karp, “HK”, like my Baby Pictures with “Knitted Hat”, that they’ve built as if Sandra OH was My Baby Picture and as if she is My Identity going to ST. VINCENT FERRER in 1980’s connected to major street name SAN VINCENTE Blvd.

These are all RECURRING PATTERNS. Parts of MY LIFE Experiences, like MY Name, has been DISSECTED and DISMEMBERED, then rearranged to “FIT” SANDRA OH as if she is My Identity, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

His Name of “HAROLD KARP”, is WHY THE DENTAL MENTAL RAPING PETITION was filed in Sept 2012, connected to name of “KH” KAMALA HARRIS. Attorney General name in State of CA, as if through her name, Sandra OH who went to “SIR” Robert Borden High School DREW My drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, in a Black Color S”KIN” Conspiracy.

H “AR” old K “AR” p. Sand RA RA OH OH is My First name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO”, My JOHN HANCOCK. “OO” FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T.

Dentists I’ve worked for
and Patients who I’ve treated

PER “I O” DON tists I’ve worked for and meaning of “9/11” in 2001

Autumn Winter 2013 issue of Hunger with Debbie Harry aka “BLONDIE”

WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait Drawings 2006
BETTY DAVIS was a patient at Ivin Prince office, in “Burnt Offerings” with LEE MONTGOMERY 1976

MUSIC and Musicians
meaning of T “OO”
Rolling Stones



Debbie Harry, “DH”, the original “Madonna” Sex Goddess of ROCK N ROLL of the 1970’s and early 80’s, she’s got TWO Fingers on “HUNGER” magazine Oct/Fall 2013 issue, like my picture above from 1990. Debbie Harry was a patient at a very prestigious Dental Office I worked at from 1990 to 1992, IVIN PRINCE and JASON LEE DDS in NYC, and I treated her as a patient several times. She knows who I am.

Debbie Harry did an ACTING performance on “TALES from the CRYPT” and cooked someone in the “OVEN”, a parody on meaning of making it “FIT” through FOOD Words with PEOPLES IDENTITIES. Connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY through FOOD as if Sandra Oh was my First Birthday baby picture with FOOD and Money.

I understand now why she once asked me for little Dental metal “DR” “ILL” which is called a “BUR” to carve out “SKELETONS”, a side project she was doing back in 1992.

BETTY DAVIS was also a patient at IVIN PRINCE’S Dental Office, she was in the movie “Burnt Offerings” with LEE MONTGOMERGY in the 1970’s. Any DENTAL connection, connected to MY Pencil Drawing from 1981 of ROBERT Guillaume, BENSON DU”BO”IS, was built connected to WHY Barack Obama is the Presi”DENT” today. This goes back decades to Barack Obama who went to OCCI”DENTAL” College in the early 1980’s. What does his SCHOOL have any meaning in MY LIFE, My Profession of DENTistry, or MY ART? Nothing, it was all MADE UP to make it “FIT”. MY ART and MY PROFESSION, BOTH ROBBED FROM ME, connected to BO Barack Obama, is all “BURNT OFFERINGS”, a NIGHT M”AIR”, long before meaning of My ART in 1981.

It’s about T”OO” People, “M”an “W”oman, and Wedding Rings to marry with.

T”OO” is about “HUNG” PENIS Size of Vertically Rising Penis “8”.

But to PSYCHO CONSTANCE PECORARO and SANDRA OH, in their sick RAPING GAME, TWO is about “Conspiracy of Two” Premeditation, Going BACKWARDS for GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” ASS PUSSY Licking SANDRA OH in Conspiracy with “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE “MARIA” Pecoraro.

Psy”CHO” Pecoraro and OH are “SU”nny “SU” FUR FIR ChristO”PHER”ING.

MY Pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, BENSON “DU” BO IS. DU RAN DU RAN, “HUNGRY like the WOLF”. SA “RAN”GLEY, SANDRA OH through GLORIA LEE, 4 EVER “GREEEEN” 3/17 St PATRICKS Day, JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH connections. It’s the same themes going on for 3 decades, TWISTING everything from MY LIFE, LEE MONTGOMERY’S LIFE, to FIT and BE, have meaning for WOLF OH.

MUSIC connections is monstrous.

I’ve treated thousands of patients, many of them have said it was the best Dental Cleaning they’ve ever had. I went into this field because I knew I was good with details and my HANDS.


I was inside his LIPS when I worked as a Dental Hygienist at GREG DIAMOND PERio”DON”tal office in NYC in 1990’s
I bet “LOTTI” is still working as his receptionist

PER I”O” Dontists I’ve worked for in NYC in 1990’s, VTT, DIAMOND, WEIS”GLASSSS” and Jeanine Alfano, etc


DENTAL Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian sick rotten CUNT Constance Maria Pecoraro GL”ASSSS” = LIFE IN PRISON

MI”KA” MI”CHA”, AIR libra STONE of “DIAMOND”, ASSSSSSK with “OO” big RINGS for HM Hand in MARIA “GE”, on Brid “GE”WAY

TARA VIR”GO”??? SWE “DISH” Hospital?
IA, “C”, SEE, DOR”IA”, R.i.m.e.s with GLOR”IA”, MAR”IA”, “C”, raping sick mother fucking JEW WOLF LIFE IN PRISON
“ROL”ex “LOR”ne Side “DOOOOR” Me”N”tal fucking raping ST”AiR”s of JOSH WOLF agency “ROL”ex Building
Josh Wolf who is a regular on C “HEL” SEA HANDler show “Round Table”



Psycho Cunt Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian Constance Maria PECORARO going to PRISON is a GIVEN


Born in “TO”RON”TO” Canada
SNL “plans” to add a Black Female to the cast as of Jan 20 “14”

meaning of Korean “WANG” in Korean Characters “TO TO”
Sandy Wang’s childhood picture wearing WR White Red “14” in 1980 with a Black girl

1982 “Anal” Parons P.r.o.j.e.c.t and “TO TO” the music band and “AFRICA”

meaning of Sandy Wang’s First name SIGNature on Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981

SANDRA OH and PEPSI PUS”SEA” connections in 1999

Sandra OH who was born in “OT TO WA” Canada

Sammy Hagar of VAN HALEN, I treated him at JAY SALZMAN’S office in Marin County in 2002

JAY SALZMAN in Marin County


Yoko Ono, I treated her when I worked at FRED KASTENBAUMS Dental Office on Park Avenue in 1998
Like “ROYAL TEN.enbaums”

I treated STING’S WIFE “TRU DY” at Fred Kastenbaums office

YOKO ONO in Dec 2013 INTERVIEW magazine “ART” issue, scroll to bottom


Treat Williams, long time actor since 1970’s who is in countless movies,
is a patient at Fred Kastenbaums Dental office where I worked in 1997 and 1998 NYC

MARLA “KING” is a Dentist from the Philipines, an associate of Fred Kastenbaums

KIN g connections

TREAT WILLIAMS plays the Father in 2010 movie “127 Hours” with JAMES FRANCO

Sandy Wang’s OM symbol Artwork “TS” Tao Saying of Copyrighted Intellectual Property
Sandy Wang’s Tao Saying FITS My “AZ” TRADEMARK



KEN Bichel told me once “Get a Lawyer” and I didn’t know why at the time, I understand now


reason for CS Committing Suicide of Sandy Wang's Ex Boyfriend MARSHALL BROWN and "KEN"t Hill connections

Ken Bichel was a patient I treated working as a dental hygienist at Mark Rowe’s office on CPS. He was also my Tai Chi/ Qi Gong teacher in the mid 1990’s. He studied Martial Arts with Steven Seagal. I’m not even going to see how their NAMES can “FIT” into this.

I hope Ken and Wendy are both doing well. I still do my “Circles to Heaven”.

This may open some big cans of worms…..but what the HELL R.I.M.E.S with MIT”CHELL”
I am a perpetual Master Decoder/Student of the TAO……..and a lover of TRUTH


“9/11” connections
Sandy Wang’s Cross Country Trip to CA, Sausalito in Oct 1998

Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro in SAUSALITO No Name Girl Registration Date of “11/09” in 1998
I met Constance PSYCHO Pecoraro in 2005

meaning of SE KAL is CO”LOR” in Korean

Lee Daniel’s THE BUTLER 2013
Weinstein Company Film

Sandy Wang’s “DENT”al Hygiene profession, Sandy Wang’s “ART”, and Presi”DENT” connections

Sandy Wang’s DENTAL Hygiene School in 1990
Sandy Wang’s Korean Name
connected to George “WASHINGTON” meaning, First Presi”DENT”

DEN connections has been going on for 3 decades, goes all the way to the HAGUE and “DEN”MARQQQ, KARMA built in ot ta Matically

What is Sandra Oh’s Middle name? PA “TREEE” SHA? CEDAR is a TREE, “WIN” NICK Building in Black and Yel”LOW” Color S”KIN” conspiracy

Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT “BOR DEN” high school in Can”ADA”
meaning of the word “BORD EN”


E E “H”
B B “O”
Barack Obama’s Fraud Birth Certificate and SIN CL”AIR”
Josh Wolf and Birth of his SON Ja”COB” Wolf in Seattle WASHINGTON

EB Tom BIRDges “EB” Elephant and BIRD in mam”MAL” raping connections
“EB” at Maimondes Academy JEWISH School on HuntLEY

all connected to ROBBING of MY LIFE IDENTITY from “Birth to Present” for SANDRA “OH”

“SEP” t 2012 GREEN and white SANDRA OH in “GREEN White” in SEP t 2012 on “GT”
“SEP” t 2012 Ever GREEN LORI HUBBLE DENTal Mental Petition HEARING on 6/4 2013 DENTAL “B.O. A.R.D.” DEN

P.O.C CARL “OS” r.i.m.e.s with MAN”OS” in “SETTI” N.G. me up and Framing me in April 2009 with a “CHA”= CAR, HANCOCK, HAN”COFF”EE and Tea Leaf P.O.C
“Conspiracy of Two” has been BUILT IN, like KQARMA is Otta Matically Built in


HARvey Weinstein is a patient at Fred Kastenbaum, same Dentist as Yono Ono in NYC, where I worked in 1990’s

“HO”w”ARD”, SanDRA OH, who belongs in PRISON for LIFE, or Psyc”HO” W”ARD”

Sandy Wang’s Dental Hygiene Profession in NYC in 1990’s

“CAM” Dung Y in Korean is NEGRO
meaning of MARIAH CAREY
“CP” Cvs PHarMAC y, Planet PharMAC y


WOODEN HANGER “WH”, White House “HangERTZ”
T “OO” Fingers on Hanger
SANDY WANG’S TWO FINGERS ON HANGER in 1990 Graduation picture from “DEN” tal Hygiene School

Sandy Wang’s Korean name “SIN WON”
meaning of Presi”DEN”t George WASHINGTON
DEN connections

SEP t 2012 “GT” GREEEN and White SANDRA OH on “GT” in Sept 2012 wearing “GREEN WHITE”
SEP t 2012, Ever”GREEEN” LORI HUBBLE DEN DEN DEN TAL mental raping petition in 2013

B”L”ACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” connections and “CAP”hyderm is thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”
SANDRA OH “DOT” connections, and “NA ACP” monster connections
reason for YEARS of Horrific ORGANIZED C”RIMES”, to Sabotage MY LIFE in LOS ANGELES since 2006

BARACK OBAMA, raping my life, protecting Psychos SANDRA OH and PECORARO WOLF
reason why Judge JEANINE PIRRO in MAY 2014, wants to IMPEACH OBAMA

TOM BRIDGES all “BUTLERS” MAIDens, Cooks, Gardeners, WORLDWIDE Entire Planet EARTH, through VIRGO MAIDEN Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Oil Art of Catholic Theme MARY and JESUS, on BRIDGEWAY SausalitO, connected to SANDRA OH in “SIR SUR SER”vice Businesses.

“BUT”LER, BUT is another word for ASS, Virgo Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro who thinks she has meaning in “DEN TAL” Field, and they built it through T “OM” CHRISTopher Bridges, meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY “ART”, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHO”LICK” Theme Art, connected to DENTISTS NAMES I’ve worked for professionally in NYC and in CA. The American “DEN TAL” Association is in CHICA’GO’ ILLINOIS, and both SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and BARACK MICHELLE OBAMAS who are from CHICAGO, isn’t random.

GL”ASS”, ear sound of “ASS”terisK Key on my name SIGNature from 1981 on my PENSYL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, Black male actor, it must be Catho LICKING ASS. Sit on CH”AiR”, Virgo Mai”DEN” MA”RIA” will lick your ass clean in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

Constance Maria Pecoraro needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Barack Obama, has been robbing and raping my life, while protecting this delusional sick bitch in San Francisco, and he MUST BE IMPEACHED, THROWN OUT OF US GOVERNMENT, for he is a CRIMINAL and an IDENTITY THIEF amongst many other HEINOUS NAMES = E “RH” OOM.

Sandy Wang childhood CHRIST MAS Picture

Sandy Wang childhood picture in “14” White and Red with a black girl

Sandy Wang and Stephen Garrison in front of BROOKLYN BRIDGE

meaning of LE "SPO" RT SAC BAG, Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress with GLORIA LEE

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges

lying sociopath fag Tom Bridges who should go to Jail


"BAL" connections



Virgo Maiden Connie MARIA Pecoraro

300 connections

Birthday of "ONE" Connie MARIA Pecoraro

Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork

JAY Z and Beyonce Knowles

Sandy and Stephen GARY Garrison in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

TECH nology like BLUE “TOOTH” goes on EAR

SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School

Sandra Oh’s agent BILLY “LAZAR” US

Cedars SINai Hospital Irving “LAZAR” and AE “SCUL” PI US

Le 'SPO' rt SAC Bag, what is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? Patricia? = LIFE IN PRISON

meaning of “BAG” through BRAD ALLEN GREY and GLORIA LEE

BAL means FOOT, SHIN Bal means SHOES, Byun Won means HOSpital = sound of my Korean Name “GREY’S Anatomy” set in Seattle Grace MERCY MERCY MERCY West Hospital


Peter GAB riel’s “MERCY Street”

Heath Ledger lived in BROOKLYN and SOHO

DU "FOUR" and GOLD D "US US US US" T in April 2009

FOUR th Street and US US US US BANK

SANDRA OH in GOLD Dress and "ROP"E in September 2009

Hit by Car next to US US US US BANK "RA" GE, what's missing? "GA"


meaning of EXACT "TEN" Years APRIL 1999 and APRIL 2009 and BOTH with "BEN BEN" connections to PSYCHO SANDRA OH

meaning of 5 is “O” in Korean, sound of SANDRA “OH” aka Charles Manson energy carrying psycho actress

GROUPS of PEOPLE NEED to be LOCKED IN PRISON in “Dental Mental Raping Conspiracy” in 2013

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