Scientology founder L RON HUBBARD Museum in “HO” llywood Blvd and IV”AR”

meaning of “RA OH”, Sand “RA OH”, in Mathemathics of making Money through Religions like “TORAH”
meaning of “RA OH”, Sand “RA OH” in “RA”bbit “HO”le

AOH, Administrative Office of Hearings in downtown Los Angeles for Sandy Wang’s Dental Hygiene Hearing
Tom Cruise was SUPBOENAED by Sandy Wang in April 2013

SUNSET x VINE, “Sound Vibration”

IVAR and Hollywood Blvd, EVA LONGORIA’S Restaurant BESO

WOLF ari GorDON MARQ ARdT connections on ROSECrans Avenue in NORWALK where My RAV4L was illegally taken in 2009
IVAR Avenue and RAV 4 L Toyota
Mike SULLIVAN owner of “9” Car Dealerships in Los Angeles
including LEXUS of Santa Monica
and Toyota of Santa Monica
Toyota of Hollywood

around the corner is SELMA and WILCOX
BIG WANGS BAR on Selma Ave and Cahuenga Blvd


L Ron Hubbard Museum on 6331 HOllywood Blvd #100 Los Angeles CA 90028 “3/13” is his Birthday
Josh Wolf who went to "TRI" nity University in SAN ANTONIO TX
connected to CHRISTina Bernardo dob "MAY FOUR"th who married ANTONIO
3AR soundo of name of TOM CRUISE "MAY" POTHER "FOUR"Th
PAC ific DeSIGN Center
3AR sound of Words

“G RAV Y” for meaning of My Name SIGNature and letters “G” and “Y”,
and the way it TURNS Around making “U U”, to be SANDRA OH
G “RAV” Y Thickener reason why My “RAV”4L was Stolen in 2009 and “GT” connections

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in 1979 with Dog on my LAP and “YELLOW VIRGO”

VIR”GO” R.I.M.E.S with “ARGO” which is CORN STAR ch

Ar”GO” and Vir”GO”,
Sandra OH in “OG” Olive Green Color and “YELLOW CORN” SHOES
meaning of “SHO”es

IVAR Farmers Market

El “TO VAR” Street x Robetson Blvd

TCM, Toyota Motor Company, ROBBERY of SANDY WANG’s SUV via Illegal Repo of MY “RAV” 4 L in 2009

all connected to Business names on ROBERTSON Blvd, and elsewhere
John “VAR”vat “OS” on Melr”OS”e

Ezri “NAM” VAR

This is it KENQUEST building, and “ELGIN CHARLES” HAIR Salon in MARIAN Gray Building
This is it GIUSEPPE FRANCO HAIR Salon in the Grand Passage

GT Sept 2012 Sandra OH on “GT” in Sept 2012
Sept 2012 synchronized with MY Dental Hygiene Petition and LORI HUBBLE monster Criminal Connections on HEARING Date “6/4” 2013


“TRI” = 3 = THREE = C = SAM

TRI between the “DARI BELOWIT the ASS”
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA”TRI” CIA?
JOSH WOLF who went to “TRI” nity University in “SAN” Antonio


EAR sound of My Name SIGNature, “SCIEN”TOLOGY = “SIGN”TOLOGY, like CEDars “SIGN EYE” HOSpital

EAR sound “O” OH, SIGN tology


GO THERE Better look at this area in Hollywood

BESO = EARth Vir”GO” MaiDEN “BAE” SO,Tom BIRDg”ES” BO “G” on Brid”GE” Way, Pear Ass Pussy

GO THERE L Ron HUBBARD’S Museum on the Corner to the left
Scientology and BIRD restaurant

TOM BIRD g ES “BO” GE on Brid GE Way
TOM CRUISE on Sin a We I “BO”


Morningside and AM O “EBA” on SUN Set blvd

monster KENQUEST and MARIAN building connections



address of 6350 number 5 in Korean is “O”, sound of Sandra “OH”
Tom BRIDGES Dental Office address of “360” Post Street, 360 degrees in Geometry is a Circle of “O”

P”os”t Office on “MAP”le Drive

SOUND of SANDRA “OH” Name and “SQUARE” Wood

Five in Korean is “O” sound of SANRA “OH” Name and Baracketeeering Obama
PER”KIN”S COLE, S”KIN” Purple COLOR connections
PRAY For PEACE, Gloria Gorillas Raping Robbing MY IDENTITY


Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music Band name from 50’s MORNING Stars



The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood has been around since the 60's, then they Re modeled it around the time I moved to California in 1999 or 2000
See CLUB MED Ad on Billboard across the street from the DOME, which is on MORNINGSIDE Court
Club Med in FLORIDA where I worked in 1992 is on “MORNINGSIDE Blvd”
Gay Bitch SANDRA OH in “OG” Olive Green isn’t my Identity in 1992 working at Club Med as a “GO”, that they have BUILT as if she was My Identity

Sandy Wang working at CLUB MED in 1992 Florida MORNINGSIDE Blvd address

Sandy Wang Half “DOME” in Yosemite 1998
Sandy Wang’s X Rated Video Recording 2000

EVERYTHING is about this DELUSIONAL Sick Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ART
Cinerama DOME and ARCLIGHT Theatres
SCIENTOLOGY Centers all over Hollywood
Scientology Celebrity Center


Sunday FARMER’S Market in Hollywood on IVAR and SELMA
ARGYLE street and Sunset Blvd

“HEEL THE LOVE”, movie about a DOG with Jennifer Aniston “JA” which I didn’t see. These pictures were taken shortly after I was released from LA County Jail in 2009, and MY “DOG” JACK and MY ART were all STOLEN through Premeditated Organized C”RIMES” in 2009.

Ever since the ROBBERY of MY PRICELESS ART and MY DOG JACK, there has been HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of NEW Products and Businesses that have opened across the C”O”UNTRY, all creating meaning through “WORDS, NUMBERS, NAMES, COLORS, ETC”, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. This is something that’s been going on for 3 DECADES connected to MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 that they have BUILT IT as if SANDRA OH “DREW” all my drawings.

When you walk down on IVAR, you run into SELMA and then SUNSET Blvd. Between Wilcox Avenue, on SELMA, and down to Sunset Blvd, and MORNINGSIDE Court, it is all Business Names which is about MY FATHER'S NAME and IDENTITY.

SUNg BAE WANG is his name. His MUSIC Band was called "MORNING Stars". SUNset Blvd is about my Father's first name SUNG. On Sunset and Ivar is amo"EBA" Music store, BAE is my father's middle name. Amoeba Music "AM" is about my Father's Music Band "Morning Stars" Morning is "AM". A block over is street called MORNINGSIDE Court, they named it this because of my Father's Band. The big new ARC LIGHT Movie theater and building Design is about my Video Recording. It’s why there is a WATERFALL at the entrance of this movie theatre, next to Le Cordon Blue Cooking School. F”OO”D for Virgo Maiden Mother Mary Connie Pecoraro.

It’s about the “HALF DOME” picture of me when I went Hiking in Yosemite in 1998 There was a AD for Club Med because I worked at Club Med Florida where the address is on Morningside Blvd in 1992. The “ARC” Light Theatre is about my Grammar School St. Joan of “ARC” where I won a Pin Award for the drawing of BENSON which I did in 1982. The ARC is about building “ARC”HI “TECT”ure connected to the College I went to NYC “TECH” College in Brooklyn. Through Combining with words, SANDRA OH wants MY IDENTITY TO BE HERS. Because she’s a deeply disturbed REAL LIFE “TAP”eworm, a Parasite.

Through Naming Street Names and Business Names, they want MY IDENTITY MY LIFE EXPERIENCES, MY ARTWORK, ANYTHING SEXUAL ABOUT ME, and MY FATHER’S Identity to BE and have meaning for SANDRA OH. I think her house is a few miles NORth from this area in Hollywood.

On SELMA and Cahuenga Blvd is a Bar called BIG WANGS, the address of this bar is "1562" North Cahuenga Blvd. Their LOGO Design is of a Muscular "ARM" of a male. This number and the "ARM" is about Connie "MAR" ia Pecoraro who is "OM" with GLO"RIA" "CAT"herine Lee's birthday numbers of "5/29", so that the High School we both went to St. VinCENT Ferrer, AIR Gemini and PH"ARM"acist RX can have meaning for her and her CAT holic Theme and her Middle Name of "MARIA". Down the street on 6429 Selma is a bar called "PIANO BAR". Six Sex, IE, "429" Repeating numbers, 924"0" Wilshire Blvd CROWN of Thorny Horney sick HOR Dick Josh Wolf who's been fucking alot of Hor HOles, thinking he has meaning in MY FATHER'S Name and Identity. Josh Wolf "AIR" Libra walks his dog in the Mornings "AM" because he loves his sick cunt whore Connie "MARIA" Pecoraro, his WIF"EY".

Between Cahuenga Blvd and Selma Ave on SUNSET BLVD, across the street from AMOEBA Music, there is a "JACK in the BOX" and the address is "6407". The "407" is about my old NYC Apt address with the GOLD CLOCK. Jack is about JACKSON Heights where I grew up and did my FAC in 1982. I think SANDRA OH's House Numbers has the same numbers of "407". If it does, this sick actress needs to go to PRISON for LIFE. There are many Businesses Built in Specific Architectural Designs behind Jack in the Box, which is about my Video Recording.

I picked up a copy of SIGNtology new “CD Programs”. This “NEW SLANT on LIFE” is about MY PORTRAIT DRAWING “EYES”. The word LIFE is about “going backswards” as in Eye FIL, if “OO” is Ass, “FIL” a Hole. Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST has HOrizONtal Eyes “OO” in her OIL Artwork of CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme, and because she is a “Virgo Earth” Sign, she wants the “VE” Vertical Eight in MY EYES to BE HER. The “DOOR” and the Light is about MY Photography titled “DOORWay to Heaven” and the drawings of Jim Morrison from the “DOORS”.

This CD is the “FOUR” disc. It is connected to my being arrested by Beverly Hills Police Officer name DU”FOUR” on “4/20/09” on this SPECIFIC DATE. Tom Cruise Mapother is the FOURth. Tom Cruise has been wanting his Puppet to the World Connie Maria Pecoraro TO BE MY IDENTITY since the DAY I WAS BORN, through a Fag name Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of “8/13” and for my ARTWORK to have meaning for and BE HER. It’s the reason why Rebecca Demornay made the film “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”. This has been going on for almost 3 decades.

"DIANE" TICS is connected to BP British PET "ROL" E UM and ROLex Building and CUMDIANE Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf. Tom Cruise wants Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf to have meaning in My FAC from 1982, MY Writings "Key to my SOUL" written about Lee H. Montgomery, MY name SIGNature on BENSON and MY PARENTS NAMES to have meaning for them, and TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me but different year is going to Bridge them through her CATHOLIQ C HUR CH Theme.

CHARLES MANSON born in November Scorpio, was a Scientologist.

same street IV”AR” x “HO”llywood in 2014
discovery of “SANDY BURGER”


“W”, sound of “Double You”, as if San”DRA” OH is My Portrait Drawing and My Name SIGNature of “San DY”,
W, as if my name SIGNature sand”Y” wan”G” and the way it Turns around making “U U” double U, is San”DRA” OH
through Club name “DRA is”, and “HO”tel

Sandy Wang Portrait Drawing
W Hotel on Hollywood 'DRAi's club in “HO”tel


Sandy Wang's LION BODY Watercolor Art
Sandy Wang's DOG JACK”s Pictures on 4/19 2009

Sandy Wang's Dog JACK Stolen in 2009, is he with a NIGGER PUSSY? ????

KEN “Q” UEST ion, is my Dog JACK with a NIGGER PUSSY?

reason for Committing Suicide of Sandy Wang's Ex Boyfriend MARSHALL “BROWN”

all connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, EVERYTHING ABOUT ME and all my Ex Boyfriends, for SANDRA OH PSYCHO




Repeated RAPING and ROBBING of Sandy Wang's “Sexuality” as if it's SANDRA OH, for MATHemathics of making MONEY. This is called REPEATED PATTERNS of PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPING, and I have Overwhelming Concrete Evidence.

SANDY BURGER. It isn't SAND “YS” Burger, it's just Sandy Burger.

“BUR” is about the word “RUB”ber, and this Burger joint is about G”ROUND” BEEF in circle of “O” is SANDRA “OH”, as if she is My IDENTITY, My Wet Vagina in the secretly videotaped X rated recording from the Privacy of My Home in 2001. This is called “RAPE” and there are HUNDREDS of EXAMPLES LIKE THIS, reason why when I say SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, I am very serious.

It's the combing of this X rated Video of me, from 2001, connected to MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK and meaning of My “LION BODY” Painting, which looks like a PENIS, connected to MY DOG JACK'S Pictures in 2009, reason why in April 2009, MY ART, My Toyota “RAV”4L and My DOG JACK was all STOLEN. As if MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH, while the RAPE and ROB MY LIFE.

Address of this burger joint is 6319 “HOL”lywood Blvd. This is My Birthday Numbers except for number 8, 8/13/69. The number “8” is about My Portrait Drawing Eyes with number 8, and this is connected to meaning of My Father's “Family Jewel”, My father's Penis size of 8 inches, same as Lee Montgomery. SANDRA OH thinks MY FATHER is HER FATHER, She thinks she is MY IDENTITY, MY PORTRAIT Drawing next to LEE MONTGOMERY. It's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, SEXUALITY THEFT, for which is DESERVING OF LIFE IN PRISON.

Through the FOOD WORD “KIM” CHI, they are creating meaning as if this food word is about the word “KE”, connect to the name of “MIKE” sound of MY “KEY”. SANDRA OH thinks she is the Artist of MY “LOCK and KEY”, My Writings of “KEY” to MY SOUL” is her writings and she thinks she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. It can only be described as “SOUL RAPING” and this is DESERVING OF LIFE IN PRISON, Multiple Life CENT SCENT SENTences.

The word “HOL”lywood is missing, because Going Backwards, it's Tom BRIDGES who is a FAGGOT who has the same LEO birthday as me of 8/13, Bridges and “OM”s, Gay RECTUM “ASS”HOLE” A “NUS” Fucking Going Backwards, reason why the word “SUN”set is missing. EVERYTHING they have built for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, MY SIGN of LEO, My Name SIGNature on MY ART, has been BUILT with TOM BRIDGES Faggot in San Francisco who has the same Leo Birthday as me of 8/13. If Tom Bridges Year of Birth is 1972, he is going to PRISON.

“HOL”lyoowd Blvd runs PARA llel with “SUN”set Blvd in Los Angeles. The meaning of My First Name SIGNature with Asterisk Key *, which looks like a Anus, cannot be recreated, but it's been Rebuilt and Recreated to be about FORM of ASS PUSSY through Over LAP ping circles of “OO” (), connected to Constance Pecoraro's sick oil art of “CHA”rlies Find, with RINGS around his Eyes, connected to the spanish word “CHO CHA” which means PUSSY. All connected to MATHemathics of making Money through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find. Catho”LICK”ing of ASS HOLES for Money.

You can see in the distance, the “W” Hotel, and “DRAi's club, as if SANDRA “OH” is My Portrait “DRA”wing. W, ear sound of Double You, “U U”, meaning of My First Name SIGNature of “San DY” on MY ART, and the way how the letters sand “Y” wan “G” turns around, creating a “U U” shape. “Y” A “G”, Tom Bridges is a GAY Rectum Fucking Fag, who bridges Jesus CHRIST Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro, for Sandra OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”.

EAR sound of SIGNtology, meaning of My Name “SIGN”ature with an Asterisk Key * looks like an A”NUS”, and meaning of My “SIGN” of LEO, ruled by the “SUN”, to have meaning for Sandra OH, through Jesus CHRIST the “SON”. It's called the ANAL PARSON'S PROJECT, that began more than 3 decades ago, that has turned into and MADE INTO a “RAPING GAME” connected to SICK RAPING NIGGERS IN US GOVERNMENT, and SHONDA LYNN RHIMES creator of “Greys Anatomy”.

It's countless SICK NIGGERS, SICK SPICS for CHOCHArles Find, and RETARDED KOREANS Catholicking SANDRA OH Rotten at the Core “BO GE”.

BESO is a restaurant across the street from the L RON HUBBARD Museum, and it is part owned by EVA LONGORIA, Constance Maria Pecoraro's far away younger version lookalike. EVA LONGORIA is a C”HO”CHA, and everything about this sick Spic Cunt is about “FOOD”, connected to ROBBING of MY Parents Names for Constance Pecoraro in SausalitO, as if she was MY “MOTHER” and as if JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF was My FATHER.

L “RON” HUBB”ARD”, as if San”DRA OH” has meaning in “HO”NOR as in Judges names. It's why TOM CRUISE and NIC”LEO” DIKMAN adopted their “Dark Skin” Son CONNOR. For San”DRA OH” is My Name SIGNature on MY ART of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, through S”KIN” and all “NIC” connections.

This street corner is “HO” llywood and IV”AR”. The TAO of “TORAH” and ALL RELIGIOUS Organizations connected to Constance Psycho Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART of sick Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”. Reason why Scientology, EAR sound of “SIGN” TOLOGY of Beverly Hills is on “CHARLE VILLE Blvd”.

Tao of TORAH, most prominent at CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, EAR sound of Cedars “SIGN EYE”, built through “PY”ous Je”SUS” CHO”CHARLIES FIND” Oil Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro in MAThemathics of making Money. TAO sounds like DAO, sound of “DOW” JONES. This Hospital has many very wealthy JEWS who Donate Money and Time to this Hospital, to CREATE MEANING as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, as if Psycho Italian Cunt Constance MARIA Pecoraro who is only 2 years older than Sandra OH, and thinks she is MY MOTHER, and Josh MIC”CHA' WOLF who they built as if he was MY Father.

CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL is the “CONVERGING POINT” of the Entire PLANET EARTH in “O”, as if SANDRA “OH” is My Identity from “BIRTH to PRESENT”. As if she is My Korean name, and as if she is My American Name SIGNature, through Logo Design of this Hospital.

It's called REPEATED PSYCHOLOGICAL “RAPING” of MY Heterosexuality, for Tom Bridges PSYCHO Actress SANDRA OH on “GAYS ANATOMY”. It can ONLY be Punished by LIFE IN PRISON, or Death Penalty.


SBW PIANO Sandy Wang's Father who was a Musician and Teacher

SBW "Morning Stars"

Sandy Wang's childhood picture with Hawaiian Wooden BARrel Statue

DMV tampering with my SIGNature

"407" GOLD Clock on top of TELE "VISION"

Tom CHRISTopher BRID ges “8/13/72”



BIRD Restaurant and Scientology Celebrity Center

RAINING Dead BIRDS from the “SKY”

Like RAINING Frogs and TOAds in “MAGNOLIA”


Scientology E meter

Scientology Centers in Hollywood

Scientology being investigated by FBI for “Slave Labor” Feb 2011

Scientology HEMET Compound in RIVERSIDE and GOLDen ERA Productions

CYK Jesus Christ "OO" VISION

Mother MARY statue on OCEAN ave Santa Monica

Sandra Oh and "GOLD" WHAT is Sandra OH's House Number???


Hawaiian Village on C”HUR”CH St in Ventura County

CHURCH Connections


Josh MICCHA WOLF who thinks he has meaning in my Father’s Identity


429 Repeating Numbers

Indecent Proposal and the BUSINESS of Real Estate

Connie Pecoraro’s MIO BABBO her Perfect “95” Soul Mate Vibe EARTH TAURUS Brett Bern

“War of Words” and “14”

MIMI "OR"MAN Stapl "3" r

Psychology Today


UCLA Campus in Westwood

Ear Sound of Words

Daniel Ladin”SKY”’s “TWO BIRDS”


Far and Away


HEMET Riverside CA, Scientology Compound

HOUSING TERROR and “212 Vibe Number” through Addresses

Fraud Documents and PREMEDITATED “4/20/09”

SCIEN sounds like SIGN and SCION: TOYOTA MOTOR Corporation and FRAUD Documents

Mi CHA el Davis Sapir

I C EYE Dentity Thieves

interesting HUBBARD would appear together with the name CHRISTIANSEN

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