Connie Pecoraro’s “GIRL on a HILL” and “SOHO NY”

Artist – Brush was never a registered domain name
Constance Pecoraro is a Con Artist and a Fraud, “ISN’t that Life? Dead and Abandoned Mark

Constance Pecoraro’s Artist - Brush, it’s about the word “DASH”, DA in Korean is ALL, “SH” sound as in HER SHE Chocha colate PUSSY Licking game
Constance Pecoraro’s dead and abandoned “ISN t that Life” ?

Sandy Wang’s and GRACE Navas in High School 1986 “SOHO”

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges “Bridge in Fog” Fag Fog A, O, the TAO is the WAY on Bridgeway thru a fag
Chrissy Fields “Charlies’ Find” “OO”

br “OO” m street SOHO 2008
LAFayette street SOHO 2009


Constance Pecoraro’s painting GIRL on a “HILL”

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1980 “14” on shirt, and image of WINSTON CHURCH “HILL” meaning

140 Constance Pecoraro’s “ENVY” coming through this Bullshit Lie “RO”

meaning of the word CO “LOR”

POPpy and Kosmos = meaning of POP Li “TEAL” Color, meaning of POPLI “TEAL” Color
POPPY Cleaners on Third Street

GIRL on a “HILL” is about My Childhood picture in 1980 of me wearing a White Red shirt with “14” on it, with a Black Girl and an image of WINSTON CHURCH “HILL”, as if this childhood picture of me is SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s sketches of her “No Name Girl”, as if I had no name, but for MY NAME, to be SANDRA OH, in a GROUP CONSPiRACY of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT. WINSTON, “SIN WON” is MY Korean name, that they have built it as if it’s SANDRA OH. This is why Sandra OH is on a HOS pital tv show, created by SHO SHO SHOnda LYNN Rhimes “Greys Anatomy” which is DIRECTLY connected to real life HOS pital Cedars “SIN”ai HOSpital where they’ve been building for my Korean name to be Sandra Oh for 3 decades, and as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982.

“Girl on a Hill” is a copy of Winslow Homer’s painting of “Fresh Air with Sheep” retitled as "GIRL on HILL". Like D "AIR" Y products, Connie MA"RIA" Pecoraro wants her middle name Going Backwards to have meaning for "AIR" Libra Josh Wolf. FAS. Single Asian Female. Go SWiM in a POOL.

Connie Pecoraro titled it this, because it's about WIN Ston Church HILL, who is in THE PICTURE of me and a black girl. It's why she created her ANOMIE "No Name GIRL", so that through her sketches, MY IDENTITY can BE SANDRA OH, as if she is me in MY childhood pictures.

The meaning of “SHEEP” has been going on for many years, the reason why Anthony Hopkins made the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. This movie has everything I’ve been writing about like the movie “MISERY” with Kathy Bates. Beware, I send you out as Sheep amidst the Wolves in “the Devil’s Advocate”.

Connie Pecoraro’s “WH” is about White House. Connie Pecoraro wants to be the Artist who DREW the DRAWing of BENSON DUBOIS, of black male actor Robert Guillaume in 1982, like Sandra Oh. Everything they’ve built in the last 3 decades is connected to MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning THROUGH Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme, “repackaged” based on MY Pictures and MY Artwork. Politicians are involved because the drawing I did of BENSON Dubois in 1982, he was the BUTLER to the Governor. The reason why they set up the Examining Attorney name Midge BUTLER for the Registration of MY Powerful Trademark which can be seen Upside Down and FOUR different ways. Midge rhymes with JUDGE, Ledge, Bridge, Edge, Hodge.

AIR and SHEEP is about the name Jo”SH” Wolf who is a AIR sign Libra. MaPOTher is about GREEN GRASS as in Marijuana, because you SUC AIR when you Smoke. This is the “HER and SHE” Ass Licking Gaym. GREEN is the Connection Color, it’s about the picture of me wearing a Green Jacket with my Father in front of the Twin Towers.

Air is connected to street name CRE"SCENT" Drive in Beverly Hills because Scent is a Smell and AIR carries Odor.

Girl on a Hill is about BEVERLY HILLS, because everything in Beverly Hills is built on Connie Pecoraro’s Artwork of “Charlie’s Find” Jesus Christ the SON, which is really a copy and infringement of MY FAC from1982, my SIGNATURE on the drawing of BENSON, and my childhood picture of the CHRIST MAS Tree and my Mother and dog Frenchy.

“Girl on a Hill” is connected to a street called “DON HILL” in Beverly Hills, which is a Dead End street and intersects with LAUREL Way. On 4/10/09, I was given a Flat Tire in my Car intentionally. This was about Connie Pecoraro who wants THE PICTURE of me and the black girl to be her, I am wearing a White and Red shirt with “14” on it. Anytime you see this number, it’s usually connected to Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh wanting to be MY IDENTITY through this number and whatever else is connected to it. This is connected to the events which were PREMEDITATED on “4/20/09”.

HILL is any "HILL", Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Woodland Hills, or streets with "HILL". H=OO I is Eye HI must be Tits.

This is why Tom Christopher Bridges bridges BEVERLY “DA”vis, black female, of Dental Plus Medical, with Pecoraro on BRIDGEWay, so that Beverly Hills and THE PICTURE of me and the black girl can have meaning for and be Connie Pecoraro.

HILL is any word or street name with the letters "HILL". HILLDALE in West Hollywood and the First Baptist Church. "DON HILL" in Beverly Hills, and rhymes with Jack and JILL. Jack and Jill is next to JIRAFFES Restaurant in the same building as Alexander Payne's business "AD HOminem Enterprises". Jiraffes are from Afrika like Gloria Gorillas.

“FOOT” HILL and T”HIR”D Street is a big Hill. It’s where Mercedes BENz is and the Repeating Number Connections of “492” is. They’ve been building based on my First Artwork from 1982 to have been done by Connie Pecoraro for many years, and for it to have meaning THROUGH Her CatholiQ C”HUR”CH Theme.

HILGARD in HOLMBY HILLS, next to UCLA is connected to san"DRA" "OH". UCLA Campus Street Names are about Sandra Oh wanting my FAC from 1982 to have been DONE by her. The J"OH"N AnderSON G"RA"duate School and Management is about Tom Bridges all the Stars and Celebrities on Bridgeway with Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIQ Theme, including IDENTITY THIEF ACTRESS SANDRA OH.

CAP is about Constantine Alexander Payne, who is connected to SANDRA OH. It's about Hewlett "PAC" "ARD" Printer, which rhymes with Hubbard LARD, and San"DRA" Oh wants her ass to be about LARD as in OIL. Through Tom "BRID"ges name and his birthday number "8/13" which is the same as my birthday, SAN"DRA" Oh wants people to think she DREW the drawings. My FAC from 1982 is a Collection that tells a Powerful Story. There is a street called PACKARD which intersects with La Cienega Blvd. PACKard is about a childhood picture of me with a BACKPACK, ready to go to school in the morning. Sandra Oh wants this picture to be her, because this was the HOUSE where my family lived in Seoul Korea when I saw PACKS OF RATS, many years before I saw the movie BEN.

Connie Pecoraro's "Girl on a Hill" is connected to Sandra Oh and Alexander Paynes company called "Pretty Intelligent GIRL Production". Sandra Oh's marriage to Alexander Payne was more about creating Hollywood Movies and Businesses BASED ON MY ARTWORK, for MY IDENTITY to be Sandra Oh, this Sick ACTRESS's Entire Career and LIFE is about wanting MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to BE HERS.

Her "Girl on a Hill" is why Sandra Oh was Ass Fucking a G"ARD"en "HO"se because it has her name in it backwards. Like HILGARD street next to UCLA Campus in WestWOOD, because Sandra Oh wants the X rated Video Recording of the “View of my Ass” to BE HER. You have to be a Delusional sick bitch to want another female’s genitals to be yours.

There is a PAT’S GRILL on Topanga Canyon Blvd. Sandra Oh’s middle name is “PAT”ricia and she wants this Grill to have meaning for her. I think this restaurant and another restaurant FROG’S are the only TWO places in this isolated area of Topanga Canyon Blvd and they’ve been around for many years. Through PATrick Lee, Connie Pecoraro’s DENtist, she wants this restaurant to have meaning for her because she is a Virgo the MaiDEN, the reason why there is a big Mermaid Statue in the front of this restaurant. It’s connected to the “MERMAID HOUSE” across the street from 20360 Callon Drive Topanga.

Girl on a HILL is about HILL DALE Avenue in West Hollywood, connected to CYNTHIA Street and WETHERLY Street and the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Beverly Hills.

Connie Pecoraro had 2 websites. The first website had Horizontal Green Lines as background for all of her pages with the LINKS on the Upper Left, this was her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and her “No Name Girl” Isnt That Life? Dead and Abandoned Mark. 1998-2006

Her Second website, had all the pages with Solid background colors and her second theme of CHANDELIERS and PeaCOCK the Bird, and her LINKS moved to the bottom of the website pages to “LINK” with My website Links on the bottom of the pages. 2006-2008.

Her WinSLOW Homer “WH” is about SLOW Synchronizing with events in my life, or Pictures I take with my CAMERA, which is more like PARASITES PARALLELING. It’s the reason why Canon Powershot has a Flash Function “Slow Synchro”. It’s the reason why there is a business called “SLOW” with the shape of a “SPADE” of playing cards on MelROSE Avenue and Gardner Avenue. SPADE looks like the shape of a HEART Upside Down, this Clothing Business is about having my Registered Mark UPSIDE Down, to be about fucking a BIG PEAR Hanging Ass like Sandra Oh. This is about creating meaning for MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SLOW = WOLf going backwards with SanDRA Oh on G "ARD"ner through BUSINESS NAMES. For HOR DICK Jesus Christ who ROSE on MelROSE for HOR HOLES. San”DRA” Oh and “WOL”F.

WH, for Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of “8/13” to Bridge the meaning of MY KOREAN NAME connected to the First President of the United States George WASHINGTON. Wins”LOW” “HO”mer, EVERYTHING about Connie Pecoraro is to support SANDRA OH is My Identity AS IF she Drew my drawings, of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982, the reason why we have a Black male President today, Barack Obama. It’s about the EAR sound of my First name SIGNature on this drawing, EAR sound of “ASS”terisk, with Sandra “OH” and LE “O” its ASS HOLE. Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School because of this drawing I did. Winslow Homer’s Birth and Death year of 1836-1910. Tom Bridges his birthday of 8/13 with Connie Pecoraro’s birthday of 9/1, with Josh Wolf’s birthday of 10/19.

WIN S”LOW”, any words with this syllable, so that MY Baby pictures with Yel LOW BlankeT, My First birthday picture with Yel”LOW” bananas, my Hal LOW een C LOW n Costume picture with Cone Hat, CAN BE SANDRA OH. Everything they’ve built in 3 decades is about TOM BRIDGES MY Birthday numbers with a Psycho Actress SANDRA OH, with Josh “WOL” f “Going Backwards”.

LOW Flying Airplane, because for AIR Libra Josh Wolf as Jesus CHRIST, connected to MY Catholic HIGH School St. Vincent Ferrer, for Cancer Sandra OH is the “TITS”. Sick Toxic Disturbing Noise of LOW F lying AIRplane, Josh MI”KA” WOLF licking fucking Sandra OH’s ASS HOLE.

They NEED Connie Pecoraro because it’ about MY “ART”work Collection from 1982, they NEED TOM BRIDGES because he has the same birthday as me. My FAC from 1982 is mostly all PENCIL Drawings, Connie Pecoraro doesn’t know how to draw with a pencil.

SPADE is about KATE SPADE and the name KAT, Kathryn, KATie, Etc, which I think is Josh Wolf's Mother's name. “CAT” holic C “HUR” CH Theme.

Connie Pecoraro’s “GIRL on a Hill” oil painting is a copy of Winslow Homer’s rendition of “Fresh Air with Sheep”, which is about CAPITAL GRILL Restaurants. CAPITOL HILL and the “White House”. GRILL has the word GIRL, GIRL in Spanish is CHICA, and CHICA "GO" is where the American Dental Association is, TOM BRIDGES Dentistry through the ADA in CHICAGO with VIR"GO" the Mai"DEN" Connie Pecoraro. CAPITOL GRILL rhymes with CAPITOL HILL and these restaurants are in almost every major US city. A new Location opened on SAN VICENTE Blvd and Beverly Bvd in Beverly Hills in 2009. It's about her Dead and Abadoned "NO Name GIRL" and Sandra Oh's Pretty "GRIL" Productions.

This is why Canon Camera Powershot has stupid functions like "SLOW SYNCHRO" of the FLASH. Flash is about the word FLESH, Eye is Ass for Jo"SH" Wolf Jesus Christ "OO". FLASH is "LIGHT" which is about 3AR sound of CELLU "LITE" as in BLUBBER OIL ASS.

This is why they want MALIBU to have meaning for them. MAL in Korean means TALK and HORSE. BU Ja in Korean means RICH. MALIBU = Tom Bridges U and I on UNION SQUARE with "LAMB" is SH SH SHEEP.

The meaning of GRILL restaurants is connected to PAT'S GRILL restaurant on Topanga Canyon Blvd. This is about MY FAC and WRITINGS from 1982, My ARCHITECTURAL drawing of My PARENTS GARAGE, which is connected to LEE MONTGOMERY when he lived at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga many decades ago. The reason why they ARCHITECTURE of buildings is involved.

GRILL has the word GIRL in it, and it's about SANDRA "PAT"ricia OH, who wants all MY Baby and GIRL pictures to BE HER, through Connie Pecoraro's sketches of her "No Name GIRL". GIRL is CHICA in Spanish, CHIQUA in Korean means DENtal Office, TOM BRIDGES CHICA Go ILLINOIS, with Vir"GO" Mai"DEN" Connie Pecoraro, where the ADA American DENTal Association is, with her Jesus CHRIST the "SON", in their CATHOLIC MATheMAThics of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money. Must be LICKING ASS because it's about the meaning of MY First name SIGNature on drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982.

Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro were born in 1969, Sandra Oh was born in 1971, Tom Bridges in 1972. T"HO"MAS CHRISTopher Bridges, MY Mother's Identity with Connie Mother Mary Maria Pecoraro, MY Father's Identity with Josh Miccha Wolf, and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA PATRICIA OH, in a sick RAPING GAYM that's been going on for many years. THE REASON For Decades of HARDSHIP in MY LIFE, the reason for YEARS of HOUSING TERROR since I moved to California in 2000.

At the entrance of most of these CAPITOL GRILL Restaurants throughout the United States, they all have Grand Entrances usually with a Guarding Statue of TWO LIONS. At the Maitre’D or the Hostess desk, they have a Bowl of GLITERATI Candy. This candy “The PURPLE” one, is PERFUMED with a Aromatic SCENT, and Aro”MA” is about “AIR” Libra Josh Wolf, so that Air + Ma = MARIA, Connie Maria Pecoraro. They want MY Watercolor titled “PURPLE Moon” to have meaning for them.

Gliterati Candy is about my First name SIGNature of “SANDY” which rhymes with CANDY, on the drawing of BENSON which is about the movie BEN and this movie is about RATS and Connie Pecoraro wants the RATS to have meaning for her. It’s an ITALIAN Candy Company, or rather, CHECK MATES.COM for are you “PI”ous for MAT he MAT hics of Money.

Through the word Glite “RAT”I, they want to create meaning “going backwards” for Tom Bridges the “EYE” Star Jesus Christ “OO” with All “Stars and Celebrities” ASS ANAL MIKA FUCKING every “MORNING STARS” with the meaning of MY FATHER’S Music Band name and Sick Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF. Sniffing through AIR ASS HOLes on Mul HOLland Drive Doggy Style.

Like Sick Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH who has Sick Pussies FOLLOWING me ALL the Time wearing LOUD “SHOES”, because it sounds like SHOW. Sandra Oh on TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” is the VEHICLE of her ROBBING MY IDENTITY and INFRINGING on MY ARTWORK and PICTURES from my life, like every ACTING ROLE she had. If it isn’t SHOES, then it’s LOUD “BOOT”S, for Tom Bridges backwards “OO” Ass. BOOT, ITALY is shaped like a BOOT and it’s TWO DISTURBED CUNTS Licking Pussies.

There is something going on with CANDY companies because it has the letters “DY”, a part of my name SANDY. It’s connected to what my Catholic High school classmate CHRISTINA BERNARDO wrote on the back of a picture she gave me, with the word “SWEET”. This is why Tom Cruise was doing his SWEET and LOW thing with NICLEO DIKMan in the movie “Days Of THUNDER” in “FLO”rida. Tom Cruise is a big fan of Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf and their “212” Astrology Virgo Libra VIBE NUMBERS, this is what the word THUNDER is about.

They want “HO”ney is SWEET to have meaning for SANDRA OH, the reason why she is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, so that Connie Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST, JOSH WOLF, can be HORNEY for CHRISTina Bernardo’s HORIZONTAL BIG WIDE ASS, like Beyonce Knowles. It’s what they’ve been building on and making Money on. This is why Sandra Oh was in a movie “Hard CANDY” in 2007, a perfect word to combine the name san”DY” and san”DRA”, AS IF Sandra Oh Drew the Drawings in 1982, AS IF she is MY Identity in all my childhood pictures.

The Writings on this CANDY Wrapper says WWW.CHECKMATESCANDY.COM, This is about the Korean word CHECK, which means BOOK. They communicate with each other through BOOKS, Authors Names and Book Titles. Books or LIBRES are in the LIBRARY, and they want AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF, STONE of the DIAMOND, symbol of the JUSTICE SCALES to have meaning in MY ARTWORK of Neil DIAMOND from 1982, AS IF Connie Pecoraro drew it. JOSH WOLF is their “JESUS CHRIST”, their KING, it’s why the JOOdges name at the Beverly Hills court name is RICHARD “STONE”. All the JUDGES who were Set Up in my Cases, are about his being Horney Jesus Christ for his Mother Mary MARIA Pecoraro. They have been creating and recreating meaning for themselves THROUGH the HORRIFIC RAPING of MY LIFE and this has been going on for many years. I started to get Concrete Evidence since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. I didn’t meet Josh Wolf until late 2007 and didn’t talk to him until Nov December 2008 and I had no idea he played such a big part in this.

This Candy company is connected to MARIA h Carey and her movie “GLITTER”, as in Sparkle and “SHINE”. MARIA H Carey is about THE PICTURE of me and the black girl, if we were “Combined” this female would probably look like her and they want Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s middle name and this picture to have meaning for her. Tom Bridges not only “GE”s Stars and Celebrities on BRIDGEway but “SON”Y Music man ex wife, Mariah Carey. The reason why Josh Wolf has “Make it Happen” on his Myspace page, it’s SONg Title of one of her songs, and CAREY rhymes with WIFEY. CAR “ey’ is about Jesus Christ Eyes “OO”, and Connie Maria Pecoraro modeled for a Ford Mustang “CAR”.

This is connected to SHANGHAI GRILLE Chinese Restaurant on Wilshire Blvd. It's connected to the Chinese "GIRL" Pussy JOSH WOLF Fucked in 2009, so that Tom Bridges can bridge the TAO on BRIDGEWAY.

It's connected to the big Mexican Restaurant chain "CHIPOTLE" Mexican Grille. Anytime there is the word Grille, it's about Connie Pecoraro's "No Name "GIRLL". Chi "POT" LE = Tom Bridges CHInese TAO is the Way "OM" with RX Pharmacist Gloria "LE" and MA "POT"HER on BRIDGEWAY. Mexican GIRLS. SAN SAI Japanese "GRILLE" Restaurants "i" ASS Na of a Japanese GIRL, like Sara S LUM at 20360 Callon Drive, "COMEN DA SAI" ARU GUREN.

It's just a NO Name Girl, like the movie "THE RING", MY Identity in MY PICTURES have slowly been dissected and dissolved into BUSINES Names and for my Identity to have meaning for "GIRLS". My OLD Childhood pictures to have meaning for GIRLS they are "grooming". They like the word "GRILLE" because they prefer "GIRL" rather than WOMAN, it set a certain "TONE" of Daddy's Little Girl who is helpless and is always dependent and Co dependent. Grown Men and Women who REFUSE to accept responsibility and grow up.

There is “THE GRILL” on the ALLEY on Frederick Street which is really a Restaurant where the Entrance is the Mouth of a ALLEY Way. This Grill restaurant is one of the first and oldest Grille restaurants.

There is a The El “TO”RI”TO” Grill on Camden Drive, which is about “TOTO” as in my Korean name WANG written in Korean characters, and the meaning of “PI” symbol in Mathemathics of making Money.

There is a NAPA GRILL on Glen”DON” Ave in Westwood, near UCLA. “APA” means Father in Korean and this is connected to Josh Wolf playing the role of my Father and for his name to have meaning for him. They’ve dissected MY PARENTS Names to have meaning for someone else. “NG” is connected to Sandra Oh’s TV Show “Greys’ Anatomy” and the “Combining of NAMES”, NG is Grace Navas going backwards, and with the Set of the show in Seattle GRACE “WA”shington Hospital, Sandra Oh want MY KOREAN NAME to BE HER. N “APA, N is for NORth, “RON” connections. The reason why when Tom Bridges got a Restraining Order, it was with a lawyer name ROBERT AMPARAN, "PARENT" and BEN PRICE. BEN is about the movie BEN and my Drawing of BENSON DuBOIS, actor ROBERT Guillaume and RICE is an anagram of the name ERIC, because it sounds like ERECSHION.

NAPA in Korean also means Bad, as in evil.

There is "PAT'S GRILL" which is on Topanga Canyon Blvd. The owners here are devotees of Tom Bridges Hubbard POLAR D Blubber Ass with Sandra "PAT"ricia Oh and Connie MARIA the MERMAI"DEN" Pecoraro, the reason why they have a Mermaid Fountain with a BIG BLUBBER ASS for a TAIL. The meaning of Tail is connected to my first name SIGNature on BENSON, with a LONG letter "Y" and an Asterisk. But because to them it's EAR sound of words, it's "ASS"terisk symBOWEL.

In Beverly Hills a new Grill opened “South Beverly GRILL” with the address of “122” Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. It is next door to 118 SIMON building and 116 the “HONOR BAR” which is a combination of a bar and bistro. The Beverly GRILL Restaurant is owned by the same owners of Houstons’, the HILL”STONE” GROUP.

This NEW South Beverly Grill next to the "HO" "NOR" Bar is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of CELEBRATING the RAPING of my life. It’s about the HAWAiian “BAR”rel Statue picture of me and my father. It’s about JOSH WOLF, Jesus CHRIST THE “SON” of “924”0 Crown of Rolex Building, who has a Big DIK and wants to have meaning in my father’s Identity, licking and fucking all Summer of 2009 while I was Wrongfully Held Captive in LA County Jail because of Mercedes “BEN”z. It’s about Celebrating him Fucking a CHINESE PUSSY and a GOLD I LOCK of Blonde Hair “Young” GRILL PUSSY. BARack Obama is President because of my Black Male drawing of Robert Guillaume, of BENSON DU”BO”IS, a “French” Name. My dog’s name in the childhood CHRISTMAS picture was “FRENCHY” and this childhood picture and my name SIGNature on Benson drawing is what Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme is based on.

This Restaurant and Bar is owned by Hill STONE the same company that owns the HOUSTON Chain Restaurant, the "HO"Nor, JUdge who had my case for "4/20/09" was name RICHARD STONE. This is connected to “JEW” Josh Wolf who is a AIR LIBRA who’s STONE is the DIAMOND, symbol of JUSTICE SCALE. San"DRA" “OH” is Rich because she does RICH “ARD”T, and she ONE because the word "HO"nor has her name in it. It's about Celebrating the RAPING of MY LIFE, and Tom Bridges Bridges a SHANGHai Grill Pussy which is around the corner from this Restaurant with Josh Wolf, Hor Dick Jesus Christ with TAO is the Way Chink Pussy for Sandra Oh, Dr. CRISTina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy".

This is about ROBBING my “JUDGES HAMMER” PHOTOGRAPHY, because the word P”HO”tog”RA”phy, letters of Sand”RA” “OH” name like the Upper Left TWO Links of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist. They want MY PHOTOS to have meaning for this sick PARASITE Gay Psychobitch. It’s why she has the GOLD ROPE BELT with the GOLD DRESS in September 2009, the same month I was released from LA County Jail, where I was WRONGFULLY HELD CAPTIVE for Five Months. It’s about 20 SHELLEY Drive Mill Valley and Gor”DON” Mac”DON”ald. Sandra OH wants SHELLY WEBSTER in the movie “The CROW” to have meaning for her. The pictures of my “Judges Hammer” was TAKEN ON HALLOWEEN Night in 2005 while I was still living at 20 Shelley Drive. This address was pimped because it has “EY” in it, SHELLY Webster’s name doesn’t. It’s about “SW” My name initials, it’s about my Watercolor painting titled “WEBS” on the Bottom Row. THE REASON WHY ALL MY ARTWORK WAS STOLEN IN 2009. IT’S ALL FOR THIS SICK DISTURBED GAY PSYCHOBITCH SANDRA PATRICIA OH AND CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO. It’s Hollywood Stars and GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Licking this Sick Bitches ROTTEN at the CORE PUSSEE.

PEARL is the STONE for Cancer the Crab, Sandra Oh 7/20/71. The REASON why there was a Mercedes BENz License Plate a WEEK Before My Arrest at BH MB Car Dealership, with "PEARL25". This was about Sandra Oh who wants MY FATHER'S Middle name of BAE which means B"OAT" and PEAR to have meaning for her P3AR shaped hanging ass. She wants the Roman Numeral of "V V" on the Tree at 20360 Callon Drive 2 5's, to have meaning for her. Like she wants my Portrait Drawing to BE her, the reason why my dog Jack and I were Illegally Evicted on "10.18.07", so that the number in my Portrait drawing Eyes "18" can have meaning for her YEAR of birth "going backwards" 17.

There was also a Doctor name STONE at the Mental Health Court who is responsible for me being Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail. The Judges name in the MH Court was MA”RIA” STRATTON. This is why SHARON STONE had her freaky incident on the “AIR” plane in Summer of 2009. My Public Defender’s name was Louis SHA piro, a Crooked lawyer who should be Disbarred from practicing law. This is why William STRATTON Chief of of LAPD suddenly Resigned on October 30, 2009. HALLOWEEN. THE CROW.

The SOUTH Bevery Grill Address of "122" is about the Vibe Number of "212" LIBRA and VIRGO Linda Goodman's Vibe number. They added the South because "Charlie's Find" NORTH "OO" must be the Tits. It's also Britney S"PEAR"S Birthday, and Dan Joseph McClure's birthday. The reason why Heath Ledger died on "1/22"/08. He wants these NUMBERS connected to him to be about Death, because it's been the reason for the Terrorizing of my life, like the numbers "429". 4/29 is Brett Bern's Birthday and he lives in "212" Area Code of MANHATTAN.

The Doctor's name at the LA County Jail who examined me and found me to be "Incompetent to Stand Trial" Penal Code 1370, was name STONE. Meanwhile, these numbers are the exact same numbers as my Leadership LP 173 Training numbers, that they want MY EXPERIENCE, to have meaning for them. LP 173 is a very important connection to Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and their OIL ASS Conspiracy RAPING MY LIFE. 7/3 is also Tom Cruise Mapother's birthdate.

The HO "NOR" bar is about the "NOR" Connections, GOLF rhymes with WOLF, Ellen "NOR" De GREN, Gold I LOCK of Blonde HAIR.

ResTAURants, EAR Sound of TAURUS, UTA Sandra Oh, with Taurus Rising, a Perfect Match for Jeannie BERNARDO fucking BRETT BERN, her Father John Oh.

All the BUSINESSES in Beverly Hills is infringing on MY IDENTITY, Pictures from MY Life, MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, or Connie Pecoraro. The “GRILL” in recent restaurants opening are about the Main CAPITOL GRILL, the longest and the most famous of them all, connected to Capitol HILL.

EL “TO” Ri “TO” GRILL on Camden and Wilshire Blvd is about my Korean name WANG written in Korean Characters, which looks like the letters TO TO. “TT” is the symbol for “PI”. “OO” is the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ as Rings around his eyes. “PI”ous, Religious and Horney to make Money.

SAN SAI Japanese GRILL restaurant chain has spread really fast, probably “literally” too. It’s about having the letter “I” be about the sound of the word Eye, for Jesus Christ to be horney to Japanese Girl “ASS”. SAN ASS i. SAN in Korean means Mountain, and it’s about having Japanese females to have meaning in THE PICTURE of me and the black “GRIL” because there is a Japanese Calendar on the Wall. It's about my Childhood picture of me standing on the MOUNTAIN "SAN" in Korea, wearing RED "SHO"rts and RED "SHO"es and because of these colors and items, Sandra Oh wants my Identity to be her. This is a recurring theme.

A Japanese female who’s father is a DENtist moved into 20360 Callon Drive Topanga in 2001 or 2002. Then Todd Cummings bought the property in 2004. I lived there for a few months, had my Rent and Deposit money stolen and was illegally evicted. This is connected to SANDRA OH, who is “OM” with this Japanese female, so that Tom Bridges “DEN”tist who has the same birthday as me, can bridge Dentistry and Dentists NAMES in Real Life, so that through OTHER PEOPLE’S Names, dissecting and then re combining syllables, she can have meaning in MY NAME and MY ARTWORK. It’s all about BUSINESS and making MONEY, based on MY ARTWORK and IDENTITY and MY PARENTS NAMES.

It’s about my CHILDHOOD PICTURES. I am wearing RED SHOes and RED SHOrts and through these words, and the Korean word for Shoes which is SHIN BAL, Sandra OH, “SHO”, wants MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY to BE HER, through her TV Show “Greys’ Anatomy” which is an INFRINGEMENT of pictures from my life.

The reason why my life has been SABOTAGED. They have repeated RAPED my life for this sick Disturbed Psychobitch ACTRESS. So she can SHINE and Be a Big STAR.

GRILL is about the “ALL AMERICAN GRILL” as in Margaret CHO. The syllable of “CHO” is about the name on the Upper Left in the picture of my Father’s music band “Morning Stars”. My ARTWORK and MY PARENTS NAMES, is why Margaret CHO, like JOSH WOLF are Comedians today. Margaret CHO is STILL Fucking Infringing on MY Identity and MY ARTWORK, almost 3 decades later like Sick ACTRESS SANDRA OH.

GRILL is about Connie Pecoraro's "No Name GIRL" created with her ISN t that life, so that my KOREAN NAME can have meaning for her and for SANDRA OH.

GRILL "RIMES" with DRILL, and you use a "DEN"tal BUR to DRILL in Teeth. ThoMASCHRISTopher BRIDGES, BIRDS and BURS for Mother Maria Virgo the Mai"DEN" on BRIDGEWay, for TAO TE CHING is the WAY, for Dr. CRIST ina yang on "Grey's Anatomy". GIRL, CHICA, virGO the Mai"DEN", Tom Bridges the "DEN"tal assoication in CHICAGO.

Peligro, Jucio Pierdo. Socorro.


The way how it’s being done is FRIGHTENINGLY DETAILED, I’m not joking. It’s in the Numbers and Letters of every Bag of Chips/Snacks/Candy you buy. It’s in the “YO”gurt Name Brands, especially all the “greek” ones in the last few years, it’s in the Numbers and Letters on forms you fill out at “Gov’t Agencies”, it’s in SIGNS posted on street corners, it’s the TIME and Hours of LIBRAries, of Businesses, it’s in the brand names of Locks and Keys, it’s in the Numbers and Letters of EXPOSED PIPES in Stairwells of buildings. It’s about having THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme of “PI”ous and Religious to make Money, with his Birthday Numbers “8/13/72”, which is the same as my birthday numbers of “8/13”. It’s usually combined with 11/3 which is Lee Montgomery’s birthday numbers. Real Estate Company Names and the Addresses of Buildings they own are connected to this. It is FRIGHTENINGLY DETAILED in Everything in life. You have no choice but to LOOK at it and try to understand it, and as you try to figure it out, it is BRAIN WASHING you. Subliminal “FORCED” Messages encoded into your BRAIN. It begins early, it’s in Children’s Playgrounds throughout the country.

There has been a lot of NEW BUILDINGS going up, and many of these buildings, and “Renovated” buildings have “EXPOSED PIPES”. Many of these PIPES have no business in being Exposed on Hallways or Stairwells, but they are and they are for a REASON. The Numbers and Letters on these PIPES all have meaning. It’s about THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES Connie Maria Pecoraro and Sandra Patricia OH with MY IDENTITY through his birthday numbers of “8/13/72” with EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. PIPES is about the movie “BEN” and everything goes back to Lee Harcourt Montgomery and MY First Artwork Collection and Writings from 1982. Through her recreation of Catholic Church Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ in “PI”ous to make Money, through Business Names based on ROBBING MY IDENTITY and the Powerful MEANING OF MY ARTWORK.

If someone as Big as TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER 4th is involved, if the PresiDENt of the United States is involved, if the POPE of the Roman Catholic Church is involved, it’s gotta be big. It is almost the end of September 2010, I’ve spent the last 10 months, 12 hours a day creating and writing these pages and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. As most Civil Trial Cases are like, once it is Filed, and when you get to the DISCOVERY stage, you find out many suprising “discoveries”.

Who do I SUE if the JUDICIAL HONORARY SYSTEM is involved. They are involved in this Are you “PI”ous and Horney to continue Raping Sandy Wang’s life. They are INFRINGING on MY “What’s The Connection” pages! If the PresiDENt is about Tom Bridges Mother Mary Maria Connie Pecoraro Virgo the Mai”DEN” on Bridgeway, and all the judges are SET UP in such a way as to have meaning for them, is there a Point in me Sueing? “DOJ”, in proper English Grammar, you don’t include the “article” in an Acronym. Dept Of Justice. Bring it to the HAGUE?

Judge ROY CHERNUS 20 Shelley Dr. Mill Valley Case with GOR”DON” MacDONald. Robbed my Rent and Deposit Money.
Judge JAY FORD for “20” 360 Callon Dr. Topanga Case with TODD CUMMINGS. Robbed my Rent and Deposit Money.
Judge MARIA STRATTON at Mental Health Court in LA County Jail. Wrongfully Held Captive, as a result had my CAR, ARTWORK and my Dog STOLEN in 2009. EVERY HORRIFIC INCIDENT, HOUSING TERROR, ARRESTS, TRAUMATIC INCIDENT, INTENTIONALLY CAUSED TO MY LIFE, are all connected to COMPENSATING for Connie Maria Pecoraro, so that her OIL ARTWORK can have meaning for DENial Ladinsky’s “The GIFT” and “The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish” poem. Tom Bridges All the “GE” “Stars and Celebrities” over the GOLDen GAYte BRIDGE, to Bridgeway, because the TAO TE CHING is the WAY, with Sandra OH Chinese Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In the Bible LUKE Chapter “18” talks about CROOKED JUDGES.

Everyone is responsible for their own Actions. I can’t help it that your Parents Named you a certain name that might fit into this thing in a certain way. So are people in the Positions of who they are in companies or in Governmentt politics because of their NAMES or what their BODIES look like? Or are they there and given a specific Title because they know how to do their job well.

Do I know Tom Cruise, President Obama, or the Pope PERSONALLY MYSELF? No. Did they Personally Directly Do anything to me? No. It has been all done through THIRD PARTY CONTACTS, with people who were in the “know of things” connected to Tom Cruise and Sandra Oh and people who SUPPORT Them. Even in the Definition of “CHAIN Group Conspiracy” the individual Parties do not need to know each other personally, they just need to have the same GOAL. The Amount of Beyond the Reasonable Doubt of Preponderance of Evidence, which is Overwhelming, tells me that this is SO. The amount of FRAUD DOCUMENTS and the amount of Effort that has gone into making my life a LIVING HELL so that someone else can BENEFIT from the Horrific Events CAUSED to my life is BEYOND EVIL. So that someone else can BE MY IDENTITY, that they did all the ARTWORK on my Website. The Events in the NEWS everyday is connected to this.

The amount of Harm and Damage CAUSED to my life INTENTIONALLY is IRREPARABLE and UNACCEPTABLE. It is CRUELTY Beyond Psychological Thriller Stories like “SEVEN” and “SILENCE OF THE LAMBS” Evil.

Sandy Wang

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with a black girl

Sandy Wang’s PHOTOGRAPHY “Judges Hammer” taken on HALLOWEEN 2005

Sandy Wang’s Watercolor painting “WEBS”

while living at 20 SHELLEY Drive Mill Valley

George Washington First President

LP 173 Leadership Training

Korean Wang "TT" and "OO"

PI Connections

Sandy Wang’s Powerful MARK examined by attorney Midge Butler

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges

Tom Cruise Mapot”HER” and Katie Holmes

George DUBYA Bush 34th President

BAR ack Obama or “PO” Presi”DEN”t Obama

MARIA “SH”river and Arnold “SCH”warzenegger


CATHOLIC Church Theme

Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC OIL Artwork

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH on Cynthia Street and Wetherly and HILL DALE


HORney Jesus Christ and Shanghai Chinese GIRL Pussy

Sandra Oh GOLD Balls



Pretty GIRL Productions

All American GIRL Margaret CHO

YEL “LOW” Connections


“NG” GRACE Navas and “Grey’s Anatomy”

Tiger Woods and Ellen "NOR" De Gren

“RON” Connections

FOOT HILL, Civic Center and MAPLE Drive Mercedes BENz

LAURA Bush and LAURel Hill

Camden Drive Beverly Hills EL TORITO GRILL across the street from

Hewlett PACKARD rhymes with LARD

Canon Powershot

CAP ital Grille


and L RON Hubbard of Scientology


Connie Pecoraro's "No Name GIRL"

PEdophile Energy

Canon Powershot Camera

NAPA Vacay

NAPA GRILL on Glen”DON” in Westwood

GlitteRATi rhymes with "NUM3RATI"

April 2009 "4/20/09"

LA County Jail and Penal Code "1370"

"212" Libra and Virgo Vibe in Linda Goodman's Astrology book "Love Signs"

3/17 is St. PATRICKS Day is GREEN

PAT’S GRILL on TCB Topanga

20360 Callon Drive Topanga


SOHO NY, what's missing? "R"

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