Tom Cruise as ROY MILLER Released in 2010

It's SO Black it's Bl"OO"
FOUR ways to say RECTUM Email on 4/19/09, the day before my arrest on "4/20/09"
The NEXT Day on "4/20/09" Arrested by DU "FOUR"
Mercedes BENZ of BH Employee names
Sandy Wang’s Toyota RAV4L and “CHA” connections parked facing CSH
Sandy Wang’s RAV4L was “STOLEN” by Toyota Financial through Fraud Documents in 2009

Cedars SINAI Hospital THE”O”DOR CUMMINGS extremely important connection
is Tom Cruise related to TODD CUMMINGS?

RISKY BUSINESSES going on, on, ROBERTSON Blvd x DOR ring ton

the “ODOR” is CUMMING, through CEDAR Rapids I O WA and Russell Wasen”DOR”F in July 2012

“AIR” Libra symbol of JUSTICE Scales JOSH WOLF who loves his WIFEY, book title by "JUDY BLOOOOOME"
Josh Wolf who studied Com “MOON” Ications in TEXASS

MIMI ROGERS and “MB” isn’t random

MIMI Rogers is TOM CRUISE’s Ex WIFE who introduced him to “SIGN” Tology


Yellow Red PAINt Splash
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark
Sandy Wang’s TAO Saying which FITS My Trademark original Artwork in RED and YELLOW
WA ngMOntgOMer Y

Perpetual, “Forever” Eternal, BATTERY inside the “KNIGHT”
All Cartier, Tourneau, PATEK Philips, WATCH brand names are connected to this,
“Perpetual Oyster” Watches

WANG in Korean means KING, KING “ART”Hurs COURT and KNIGHTS of Round “O” Table
Sandy Wang’s “Eternal” Registered Trademark in “O” seen Upside Down


Last Samurai ARMOR at ROLex “is a WATch” Building Lobby
Rock is a “STONE” and Judge name RICHARD STONE
Beverly Hills “HONOR” BAR new in 2010

Tom Bridge Fag’s FAIRY Tale
Snow White and 7 D “WAR” FS, and Huntsmen


Roy “One Way” ASSS

Reason why “1D” One Direction, new all boys band was formed

Sandy Wang’s picture in 1980’s FLOWers GOLD Earrings and “One Way” SIGN
Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK “OO” on TOP of TV in 1990’s

Vane”SSA” and TASTE on Melr”OS”e
Con ROY’s FLOWers
Chel SEAs FLOWers
ChelSEA Street, Tennis COURT
Josh Wolf is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show

meaning of “SEA” and DARYA connected to “ANATOMY of Legs”
Richard BACH and LIVING”STON” Connections

MAY BACH Cars INFRINGING on MY X rated Pictures
while they FRAME and SET ME UP, Mercedes BENZ of Beverly Hills
Arrested for “Auto THEFT” specific date of RN of “4/20/09”
Grand Auto Theft CODE of “1158” Repeating Numbers

REASON for RAPING MY LIFE through “ARREST and HANDCUFFS” in Exact Numbers and DATE connections

SEE Specific NAMES in TOM CRUSE KATIE HOLMES Divorce in July 2012

ALPS, anagram of “S” and what’s left? PAL, which means number 8 in Korean
it’s about my First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO” made with letter “S” of my name,
reason why Constance Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose State,
OIL Artwork of her Jesus CHRIST has “OO” Rings around his Eyes
why would you SIGN your SCHOOLS Name on a piece of Artwork you did

Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on Robert Guillaume pencil drawing in 1981
Meaning of My First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my Pencil drawing from 1981

meaning of over “LAP”Ping OO creating (l) FORM

Dari BELOIT the “ASS” SANDRA OH Gold Balls “OO”
meaning of over “LAP”Ping OO creating () PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH 1999

CSH Cedars “SIGN” EYE Hospital logo “OO” and ART Sculpture of (l) and New “COIL” Artwork in 2013

over LAP Ping connections and meaning of SNAKE “Belt”


The Perpetual Battery is called the ZEPHYR, sound of ZE “FUR”, this is about My Cross Country Trip through US, COlorado ROCKies in 1998
the NAME of the TRAIN I took was called ZEPHYR
it’s about MY LAKE TAHOE Pictures, taken at ZEPHYR COVE on the South East park of the Lake in 2004
It’s about MY Leadership “TRAIN”ing LP “173” in 1997
Tom Love any word with “CO”, because it’s NOSE in Korean

Sandy Wang’s Leadership TRAIN ing in 1997
Cross Country Trip in 1998 and “ROY”al GORge BRIDGE
Sandy Wang’s Photography in LAKE TAHOE 2004 and pictures taken at “ZEPHYR COVE”

meaning of JUDGES Names

meaning of “CO” or “KO” in Korean is NOS”E”
PHYR, FIR FUR in Korean is “TAL” connections

Canadian TRAIN Crash 2013
SPAIN TRAIN Crash 2013

“TH” and UR LATE
“URTH” Eye of SON and meaning of TAL is “FUR” as in H”AIR” Backwards
Jesus CHRIST the SON Eyes is horny for MA”RIA” I TAL Y Psycho PECORARO
great, but not through RAPING MY SACRED ARTWORK MY JACK, to have meaning for this sick ITALIAN psychocunt

Sandy Wang’s Perpetual Eternal “O” REGISTERED TRADEMARK in “O” 2007

meaning of “TAL” is “FUR”
meaning of TONGUE Sound words with “TH”

Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s “S LATE GRAY” and BLOW MIND email in 2005
I “TAL” Y ian sick Psycho PECORARO
Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK and CATHOLIC Theme
CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTwork in “MAT”hemathics of making MONEY
“Grey’s ANATOMY” is on “TALL”man street name

Chelsea LATE ly

WAT ch, MAT in Korean means to LICK or TASTE
“URTH” Café and “MARSAW”

Josh Wolf and “WW RY” meaning
Constance Pecoraro’s OH “WOW”

Conspiracy of “TWO”


C “UO” 3 = BANG!
GABANG in Korean means BAG, BANG in Korean means ROOM = SANDRA OH’s PLASTIC Ass Implant BAGS, Lift the CURtain Ass

E ROOM in Korean means “NAME”

THREE is a important number, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on PAGE “3”
“TH” REE is a Tongue sounding word
Josh Wolf who BANGed his Pea”COCK” in THAI female in Seattle Washington
Catho”LICK” P 3ar B’oaT’ ASSSSterisK BACKwards
what is her Name TARA? Is she a VIRGO like Constance Pecoraro?
1 of the 4 QKuestions which Must be answered

Sandy Wang’s PURPLE MOON and number “3” and “O” of the Moon

ROOM sound of RHEUM RHEUM atology Center, new in 2013, sound of “ROOM” atology
next to CSH on Williman

meaning of “OU” and TONGue sounding words
OU Sandra Oh “Rabbit Hole’
Orthodox Union
Tom Cruise got a Humanitarian Award next to “OU” on PICO Blvd at “SIMON” Weisenthal

HAN Sp “REE” across from Gym BO “REE”
“REE” is in the word G “REE” N = GN
Sandra Oh who went to SIR Robert Borden on “GREEEN” BANK Road

BAG, Brad Allen GREY
Brad GREY was partner with BRILLSTEIN before joining PARA mount
how is extremely important BAG connected to JOSH WOLF of “ROL”ex Building

“Greys’ Anatomy”
ANATOMY of SANDRA OH’s Plastic Ass Implant BAGS in MAThemathics of making MONEY as if it’s “OIL”


TOM CRUISE in Jan 2013 is filming “YOU NEED TO KILL”

B in Korean means RAIN, P in Korean means BLOOD

thinking of TOM orrow, rimes with SORROW, HAL committed suicide in his “ROOM” on “B” ROOM Street

SHELL Gas Station, Gas Price of “259” Repeating Numbers throughout this movie

Sandy Wang’s CATHOLIC High School St. “VINCENT” FERRER
Sandy Wang’s GREEN Dress with Gloria Lee in 1986 GLORIA Lee’s Brother’s name is “SIMON”

Repeating Numbers of “529”
New West Hollywood “LIBRA” RY and address of “625”
across the street from SAN VICENTE Blvd and PDC see “GREEN” Building


Extremely important Numbers of “529” going BACKwards in this Hotel room number
GLORIA LEE’S Birthday of “5/29”, AIR Gemini, her Brother’s name is “SIMON”
SI MON, through this name, for meaning of MY Registered Trademark with “1” Line, and MY Korean name of “SIN WON”
for my RT seen Upside Down in “69” MY YeaR of birth
to be SANDRA OH “O” through Gloria Lee and Constance Maria Pecoraro

Sandy Wang’s Korean name of “
connected to “GEORGE” Washington
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark with 1 line seen upside down in “69 in a “O”
if it’s YR, it must be YEAR of WANG 69 and MONTGOMERY 61, “GU IL” Laume


across the street from PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER

SIMON LA restaurant inside Sofitel Hotel Judge RICHARD “STONE”

“STONE” connections

Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s Dead and Abandoned mark “ISN”t that life and S “NOW” board = SIN WON
KA Boom, Psycho Pecoraro couldn’t draw or paint like me in a Billion years

Sandy Wang’s Father MUSICIAN and “MORNING STARS” his band from 50’s
Sandy Wang’s Father was also a TEACHER
meaning of “CHA” connections

Sandra Oh CHO SUN
Sandra Oh’s Father is a Businessman?

SON Y MUSIC Building on LASKY Drive MONSTER connections


Cameron Diaz and her Long LEGS “DARI”
DARYA in Persian means LEGS, SURI in Persian means “ROSE”
Persia, modern day IRAN
Sandy Wang’s DARI on MOTORcycle in 1985
Sandy Wang’s LEGS and ARMS in 1986
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark and Upside Down image

"CD" Cameron Diaz Tom Cruise's Favorite "PF"
SEA and DARI meaning
San”DRA” “O” DARI, it’s about Form “OO” and Astrology
Greys ANATOMY, “BODY” PARTS like Legs and Arms

DIRECTLY connected to CE “DAR” SIGN Eye Hospital and THEODOR CUMMINGS name on building
through his Cousin WILLIAM MAPOTHER?

This TOM CRUISE movie is about MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK, which FITS the TAO Saying I created as in Beginning and End or “AZ”. The reason why Cameron DI”AZ” is in this movie.

“Knight and Day”, connected to MY TAO Saying and YIN YANG Writings on MY Website that FITS MY ARTWORK.

Tom Cruise as Roy Miller in “KNIGHT and DAY” released on JUNE 23, 2010. Co Starring Cameron Diaz, as “June”. CD, “203”60 Callon Drive TOPANGA connections. This address is why “CD” is who she is, and the reason why she is starring with Cruise is connected to her name of DI”AZ”. AZ is the beginning and end of Alphabet, which is about meaning of MY Registered Trademark in circle of “O” that FITS My “TAO” Saying I created. This MOVIE is an INFRINGEMENT of MY Registered Trademark.

This entire movie is about Secret Hidden “CODES” throughout this movie. LICENCE PLATE Numbers of CARS in this movie especially are about “Codes”.

Directed by JAMES “MAN”GOLD. GOLD is a big theme, the metal of Sign of LEO, that SANDRA OH thinks has meaning for her, when she is a Cancer and her metal is SILVER. This is why SANDRA OH needs Tom Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me, so that My IDENTITY, MY SIGN of LEO and Metal of GOLD can have meaning for her. Same reason why SANDRA OH needs GLO “RIA” Lee, GLO “D”.

This film Tom Cruise is currently filming, as of February 2010, with Cameron Diaz was called WICHITA. WICHITA is in Kan"SAS". There is the Kansas City ROYals. I emailed his lawyer Bert Fields about the meaning behind the Title of this movie in October 2009 and about a month later, they changed it to "Knight and Day". W iCH iTA is about the word “MAT”CH. MAT in Korean means to TASTE or LICK.

The shooting locations of this movie were Massachusetts, CADIZ Spain, and I think currently in MALIBU, CA. This is related to CD, Callon Drive, the reason why Tom likes to act with CA meron DIAZ. Josh Wolf the SUC, is from Massachusetts and it's about the "FORMAL" picture of him and his "WIFEY" on my My Space page and Connie Pecoraro's FORd MUStang Car Modeling pictures.

FOR who? FOR what? FOR "MAL" which means Horse and to Talk in Korean Language. Hung like a HORSE PeaCOCK Wolf "FOR" MUStang Car model MARIA'S Ass. T"OM" Cruise wants the Porn Film made at this address many years ago with Lee Montgomery with a Blonde Hair female, to have meaning for Pecoraro and Wolf. These two, through T"OM" Cruise Mapother are suppose to be my Parents. = PSYCHO.

Tom Cruise likes to star in movies with CAMERON DIAZ because it's connected to "CD", Callon Drive "TOP"anga, the reason why he made "TOP GUN" in 1986, because a GUN "SHOOTS" like a Dick shoots CUM. The reason why TODD "CUM"mings bought the property in 2004 and I think he is RELATED to Tom Cruise through his cousin William Mapother. It's the reason why Cameron Diaz was in "There's Something about MARY" and has CUM in her H"AIR". He is with Cameron Di"AZ" again because the letters "AZ" is the begining and the end and he wants my TAO Saying I created to have meaning for him. Him playing a "SPY" is about the word "PUSSY and SPYDER". It's about the RFID BUG in my Body which is very HIGH TECH.

CAMERON DIAZ, connected to CAMERA, like CP Canon Powershot, for all PICTURES of me to BE SANDRA OH, through her name. Cameron Diaz, Grain of Rice for Tits and ALL “LEGS”, connected to Korean word D“ARI” which means LEG, Los An “GEL” es BACKwards and connected to CE”DAR” SIGN EYE HOSPITAL.

DI “AZ”, as if through her name, and t “OM” cruise, My Tao saying and My “OM” Symbol Artwork, My Registered Trademark in “O” has meaning for them. T is for TAO, and it’s my “OM” symbols = TOM.

MO ntg OM ery has Two OM in his Name. My Middle name is “WO n” and it’s MY “OM” symbols, and MY YR of “69”. My Registered Trademark 1 line drawing seen upside down in “69”. Like my drawing of Robert “GU IL” Laume from 1981, if it’s YEAR Number, it must be MONTGOMERY 1 and WANG 9. GU IL in Korean means Numbers 9 and 1.

T is for TAO, birthday of “9/1” Constance Pecoraro, GU IL “T” Sick Fraud Con Artist on Bridgeway who must be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. TOM CRUISE’s SICK PUPPET to the World, CONSTANCE PECORARO’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork created as the Vehicle to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY First Name SIGNature on My Drawing of Guillaume from 1981.

The name SIMON FECK is about FECK FUCK, U Eye, as in meaning of my Name SIGNature on My Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume holding a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in a “O”, and my name “SANDY” with “OO” made with the letter “S” of my name.

The name SIMON is about My Korean “BORN IDENTITY” name of SIN WON and MY YR of “69” M and W can be interchangeable like the number “6” and “9”. It’s why it’s MY “1” Line Drawing, which can be seen Upside Down in “69” and if it’s Yellow and Red as in YR YEAR, it must be WANG 9 and MONTGOMERY 1. Like My Drawing of “GU IL”LAUME in 1981, GU and IL in Korean means numbers 9 and 1. Not to be redundant, but it’s important you understand this connection.

Through GLORIA LEE’S Brother’s name “SIMON” connected to SIMON WEISENTHAL building on PICO Blvd in Los Angeles, they’ve been building for my Korean Name of SIN WON to be SANDRA OH. Same connections as CEDARS “SIN” ai Hospital which is DIRECTLY connected to “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WashingtON. SIN WON. THIS IS IDENTITY THEFT AND CONSISTENT WITH EVERYTHING ELSE I’VE BEEN WRITING ABOUT.

CODES inside Simon Fecks Mental BOX "ROOM". CU O3 = BANG. BANG in Korean means "ROOM". ROOM is connected to the Korean word E ROOM which means NAME, and GUY ROOM which means "OIL". See SIMON FECKS Hotel ROOM Number of “625” connected to new West Hollywood “LIBRA”RY on SAN VICENTE Blvd, across from PDC, ALL BUILT AS IF SANDRA OH IS MY IDENTITY IN THE “GREEN” DRESS IN PICTURE WITH GLORIA LEE IN 1985. Gloria Lee’s birthday is 5/29. 625 Upside down and Backwards, for meaning of MY REGISTERED Trademark in “O” to have meaning for Sandra “OH” through Gloria Lee, a lying betraying sick bitch.

ALPS PAL "S", meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of "S"ANDY on my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, with "OO" made with the letter "S" of name. PAL in Korean means the number 8 or horizontally "OO", and also the same word for "ARM". DRA "WINGS" is Upper Body, if it's PAL as in "OO", MATHemathics of "Pi" symbol of "TT", and OO is EYES of Jesus CHRIST, then it must be FORM of "TiT"S. SANDRA OH who is a Cancer sign Metal of SILVER built in Left to Right, SIR Robert Borden HIGH Sch"OO"l, Cancer rules the Tits. But it's the FORM of "HAND"CUFFS that go on CH "RISTS".

For MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS and MY BRAIN, for EVERYTHING about ME to be this sick delusional ACTRESS while they RAPE MY LIFE in "Organized CRIMES". If the Government doesn't LOCK SANDRA OH in PRISON for LIFE, I will OVER THROW the already BROKEN GOVERNMENT. Why do you think it's broken in the first place? it's BUILT on LIES and FRAUD, as if SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of My Artwork.

The syllable of “ROY” is about the word “ROYALTY”. It’s connected to meaning of my father’s name of WANG, which in Korean means KING, because his family lineage is a DIRECT Line of the “GORYEO Dynasty”, one of the 3 Kingdoms of early Korea.

GORY “EO”, connected to meaning of My Father who was a MUSICIAN and Teacher all his life, his Music band from 1950’s “MORNING STARS”, and LEE MONTGOMERY who was a child STAR and is also a Musician. Mont “GO” Me “RY”, connected to 1972 movie “BEN” with RATS, the reason why drew Robert Guillaume “BEN”Son Duboi in 1982, with an “E”ye in a “O”. I am a L”EO” that they’ve been creating meaning for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH through TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me.

ROY, G “ORY” EO. What’s left? GEO, the reason why GEO Cars exist, same reason why GEOX “SHO”es exist. The sound of “GO”, as if through Vir”GO” MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, SANDRA OH is My Identity and My First name SIGNature on My Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1982, the REASON why this sick actress went to SIR ROBERT Borden High School and has been claiming for 3 Decades she DREW my drawings.

GO, as if me working at CLUB MED as a French Employee title of “GO”, is SANDRA OH, through the color “Olive Green”.

GO, goes back to MY Childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979, with a DOG on my LAP and a Yellow “VIRGO” Sign on the Wall. CORN is YELLOW. Corn “STAR”ch brand name is “ARGO” and RIMES with “VIRGO”. Through I “TAL”Y VIRGO MaiDEN Constance Psycho Pecoraro and her Mother MARY OIL Art, connected to SHONDA “RIMES” who created “GREYS Anatomy”, they have BUILT for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, for all my baby and childhood pictures to BE SANDRA OH. Shonda Rimes is a “CAP”Ri CORN sign of the G”OAT”, CORN is YEL”LOW”, virGO Rimes with AR”GO” with is CORN “STAR”ch. ARGO is a movie released in Oct 2012 directed by “BEN” Affleck.

ROYal GORge BRIDGE is the longest suspension bridge in the world and it is in COLORADO. I was on this bridge in 1998.

ROY CHERNUS is the name of a JUDGE in MARIN COUNTY COURT, a suburb North of the Golden Gate Bridge where I lived for 7 years. He allowed GORDON MaCDONald my LandLORD to ROB MY Rent and Deposit MONEY in 2006 when I filed a small claims case against him. I should’ve WON that case but I didn’t because it was ORGANIZED. GORDON “GorDY” is also a DENTist in “GREENBRAE” Marin County, with address of Repeating Numbers of “113” in it.

CON ROY’S is a FLOWER Business in Los Angeles and I think throughout US. Connected to CHEL”SEA” FLOWers on Robertson Blvd, and almost all “FLOW”er Business with specific FLO”RIST” names, in Catholic MATHemathics of making MONEY through Jesus CH “RIST”.

CHELSEA COURT and EL “ROY”AL are Two residential buildings on very important street of ARDEN x MELROSE x ROSSMORE, that leads to CREN “SHAW” Blvd. This is why MY LIFE has been Dragged through the COURT System, RAPING MY LIFE every Step and fucking Stair of the WAY, so that MY ARTWORK, MY Second Artwork Collection, with titles like “Purple MOON” and “VIansa COURTyard” can have meaning for SANDRA OH and Psycho CONSTANCE PECORARO, in “MOON” I C PAL COURT with specific JUDGES NAMES, to “FIT” meaning of MY ARTWORK, so that MY ARTWORK can have meaning for these two Delusional Psychobitches who both MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

ALL of the above is connected to JOSH MICCHA WOLF, their “CHRIST THE KING OF ALL LORDS” CHA Rlies Find “OO”, who they’ve been building for 3 decades, for MY Father’s Name and Identity, meaning of MY ARTWORK and Name SIGNature to have meaning for him and SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork. Tom’s been bridging ROYally EnGORged HOR DICK in sick Pussies who think MY ARTWORK has meaning for their “ANATOMY” of Ass and Tits “OO”, for Sandra OH on “Grey’s ANATOMY”.

ROY’S Hawaiian Fusion is a Restaurant Franchise in Los Angeles with specific locations and EVERYTHING about this restaurant, like Bar “BIG WANGS” in Los Angeles with several locations, is about meaning of MY Father’s Penis Size of 8 inches, same size as LEE MONTGOMERY. It’s about the childhood picture of me and My Father with HAWAIIAN “BAR”REL on Top of the Liquor Cabinet on the UPPER LEFT.

WANG in Korean means KING, because my Father’s Family Lineage is of Korean ROYalty.

TOM BRIDGES the fag Dentist who has the same LEO birthday as me Bridges meaning of MY Father’s “ROY”ally En”GOR”ged PENIS, because BRIDGE is in his NAME. He Bridges My Father with JOSH WOLF and MY MOTHER with CONSTANCE PECORARO and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH. I met him when he was working in the same DENTAL OFFICE as Jim GRE”GOR”Y in 2002. They’ve been building and SYNChronizing with MY LIFE, for MY ARTWORK, MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through VIRGO Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, and through SPECIFIC DENTIST NAMES.

DENTistry is about the word Presi”DENT”. The ADA, American Dental Association is in CHICA”GO”, this is why Constance Pecoraro created her “No Name GIRL”, Girl in Spanish is CHICA and the “GO” is about her VIRGO Sign, and through her Sketches, for MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979, TO BE SANDRA OH. This is why the sign and Syllable of VIR “GO” MAI”DEN” is very important, especially connected to JOSH WOLF, AIR LIBRA symbol of “JUSTICE SCALES” who thinks he has meaning in the “LAW” connected to My Writings for Lee MONTGOMERY in 1982 I WAL Y. It’s Lee HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY and it’s MY FATHERS Name and Identity.

PresiDENT is about meaning of My Korean Name of Wang Sin Won, which sounds like WASHINGTON, and My Birthday numbers of ‘8/13’ are important numbers on the One Dollar Bill with GEORGE WASHINGTON the US First PRESIDENT. This is why GEORGE “C” PAGE is the Central Figure in Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork in MATHemathics of making MONEY in creating “MEANING” through Business names, Names, Words, Numbers, etc, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, in a Conspiracy of “Group Effort”, that’s been going on for decades, the REASON for 2 DECADES of Hardship in my life.

My First job in High School was working as a Dental Assistant. I had no idea how this was connected and what they’ve been building through the FIELD of “DENT”istry for 3 decades, until 2009. DENTisTREEE to have meaning for Sandra OH, because her HIGH SCH"OO"L Name was SIR ROBERT BOR"DEN", through Vir"GO" Mai"DEN" Constance Pecoraro. What is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PA TREEE "CIA"? Lots of "SPY" stuff, in the word PUSSY, because everything they've been building on is PUS"SEA".

SPO nge Bob Square Pants, O BAG I, Tom Bridges HOCKEY PANTS in "Broad DAY Light" on DAYTON Way, for Two CANCEROUS "CRUISE OH" CO both born in the month of EAR sound of JU"LIE", KRUSTY CRABS. Or is that "SEA ORGIES" with SEA ORGS out at Sea in EAR sound of SIGNtology of "OO" is form of ASS in MAT LICK MAThemathics of making MONEY. "HER"BA LIFE BushiDO Bullshit Artist.

Tom Cruise is DYSLEXIC, it's the BLIND Leading the BLONDE, or is that Blonde leading the Blind. It's WANG'S Powerful Multifunctional MARK.

They have BUILT the entire SYSTEM of Justice Legal System in United States Country, based on MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, meaning of MY name SIGNature, meaning of MY Intellectual Property and My Writings of “I WAL Y “ from 1982, meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES specifically my FATHER’S NAME, connected to LEE HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF CONSTANCE PECORARO and SANDRA OH. The REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES” all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS iF SANDRA OH on “GREY”S ANATOMY” is My IDENTITY.

The meaning of My Colorado Pictures in 1998 on ROYal GORge BRIDGE is the reason why ROY CHERNUS Judge name set up in Gor"DON" MacDONald case in 2006. My Rent and Deposit Money STOLEN. Constance Pecoraro's Restraining Order in 2007 was signed by this same Judge. He was SET UP and I should've won my case. This Judge needs to be DISBARRED FROM PRACTICING LAW and being a JUDGE.

MILLER One Group who owns MERCEDES BENZ in Beverly Hills and all their EMPLOYEE NAMES, who set me up and FRAMED ME in 2009, the HORRIFIC RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK and MY DOG JACK.

ROY is about several things. ROYalty, because my Korean name WANG means King and my father's family lineage is of Korean Royalty. Tom Cruise wants My Parents Names to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, and My Identity to be SANDRA OH.

TT is Mathemathical symbol of PI, + "OO" eyes of Jesus CHRIST = TO TO, My Korean name WANG in Korean Characters.

ROY CHER "NUS", connected to Constance Pecoraro's New "SUN" Ny in 2011 her Pedophilish "NO NAME GIRL" sketches, created to ROB anything SEXUAL ABOUT ME, through the ROBBING of MY PROPERTY and RAPING OF MY LIFE.

Art HUR Miller, “All My SONS”.
Mercedes BENz, owned by MILLER One Group.
Scott MILLER, at Human Resources in Beverly Hills.

“R” OYM iller. “R”=”18” Penny “MOY” EsCROW and the WOLF.

Katie Holmes “MARATHON” and “MARA” EsCROW.

ROY is a "G" riddle of the word MA"YOR" backwards. Tom Cruise wants AM to be about Connie MA "RIA" Pecoraro, with "AIR" Libra Josh Wolf. For her CATHOLIC CHERch theme of Mother MARIA and Son Jesus Christ MICCHA. EAR Sound of MARia + MIKA = KARMA. Tom Bridges Beverly Angela Davis "BAD" Karma.

There are FOUR Brothers in the WOLF Family. Tom Cruise MAPOTHER "FOUR"th name is pronounced as "MAY"pother. Tom Cruise Mapother wants Sandy Wang and Lee Montgomery's Identities and the ARTWORK that I DID, which Powerfully Spiritually Channelled Lee Harcourt Montgomery's Energy, to have been DONE by and to have meaning for Constipated Constance Maria PECORINA, the reason why he and Katie got married in Rome ITALY.

FOUR is the letter "D", Rex "FOR" D Drive is where Beverly Hills City Hall is located. FOR in Spanish is "PARA", connected to PARAllel Entertainment which is Josh Wolf's agency. REAL "D".

It's the "FOUR" Ways to say RECTUM email I sent on 4/19/09 HIT A NERVE and I was Arrested and WRONGFULLY Detained in Jail.

They Built it based on the childhood CHRIST MAS Picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother. It's what Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Church theme and her sick Jesus Christ is based on, and the "FOUR" is about my sitting "LEG" Position in the number "4". FOUR is about "OU" and the meaning of T"O"ngue and T"U"nsten, and FR is about "OO" Ring Finger backwards. WOLFramite Scheelite Tungsten meaning.

Tom Cruise's ENTIRE LIFE is built based on meaning of MY ARTWORK, My Name SIGNature, meaning of MY Parents Names, all of this to have meaning for Tom BRIDGES "Stars and Celebrities" Names, with Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME with JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF as horny Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie. "Days of ThUNder", DOT, LIGHTening of CelluLITE BULB "COIL FILAMENT" of WOLFramite and Scheelite in TUNGsten. TH is a TUNG sound word and "UN" is always about ASS.

Jesus CHRIST on George "C" Pa"GE" TH "REE", OIL Painting isn't my Artwork.
G"REE"N. 360 9420.

ROY is about several things. ROYalty, because my Korean name WANG means King and my father's family lineage is of Korean Royalty. It is a common Chinese name but a very rare Korean Name.

They’ve TWISTED the meaning of My Korean name of WANG, which means KING, to be about KING “ART” HURS “COURT” and the KNIGHTS of the Round Table. BRITISH TALE, connected to 1982 movie “American Were WOLF in LON DON” movie, DON in Korean means MONEY. British KNIGHTS, like “SIRS” when they become “Knighted” by the Royal Court, so that SANDRA OH who went to “SIR” ROBERT Borden high school and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW MY Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. This is why the JUSTICE SYSTEM in this Country is BUILT based on MY NAME, IDENTITY, meaning of MY Parents Names, and most importantly meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and My Name SIGNature, TO HAVE MEANING FOR SANDRA OH, AS IF she was My Identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. THIS IS WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN RAPED THROUGH FRAUD DOCUMENTS AND WHITE COLLAR CRIMES, CONNECTED TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES OF US, LIKE “COURTS” and JUDGES NAMES. Sandra Oh’s Father once worked for the US Federal Government, doesn’t exempt this sick bitch from being LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE.

This is why in this movie, the PERPETUAL BATTERY is inside a little “KNIGHT”. Knight in “SH”ining ARMOR, the reason why there is a Last Samurai ARMOR inside the Lobby of ROLEX Building, where JOSH WOLF”s agency is. They’ve been building for 3 decades for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY Father’s name and Identity, and meaning of MY Writings of “I WAL Y” from 1982 on my Architectural Drawing, connected to Lee HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY who I wrote these wrtings for. AS IF the “LAW” has meaning for JOSH WOLF because he is a “AIR LIBRA” Symbol of JUSTICE SCALES. TAO DAO DOW Jones of making MONEY through RAPING of MY Parents Names and My ARTWORK, the “CHINK IN YOUR ARMOR” is Showing.

This Perpetual Battery is about MY Registered Trademark that is the Beginning and the End, but has no Beginning or the End, it’s a Perpetual ETERNAL Symbol in “O”, the reason why My Registered Trademark is a Powerful Mark on the Principal Register at the USPTO. Constance Maria Pecoraro’s own trademark of “Isn’t that Life?” is a Dead and Abandoned Mark, and since the registration of my Trademark in 2007, they’ve been building and creating meaning of MY TRADEMARK to have meaning for her and JOSH WOLF and Sandra “OH” in a Group Conspiracy. O, the sound of “OH”, for all circles from MY LIFE and MY ART to have meaning for a deeply disturbed PARASITIC sick Actress SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. They like the word “PER PET U AL”, because it has the word “PET” in it. Like PET CO, for meaning of ALL MY “DOGS” to have meaning for them, because “WOLF” is a family of the Dog. The REASON why My DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, for my CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy DOG BANK, to have meaning for them, through jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”, in MAThemathics of making MONEY through the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ART, and my baby dog JACK.

Circel of "O", for all circles from MY LIFE to have meaning for SANDRA "OH" because it's sounds like her name, through EARTH VIRGO MaiDEN Constance Maria Pecoraro and CHRISTina BERN ARDO, EARTH TAURUS, a very important person from my CATHOLIC SCHOOL, very closely connected to TOM CRUISE MAY POT HER FOUR "th".

USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office is INFRINGING on MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK, MY Father’s Identity, and MY Registered Trademark. See “CHA” connections below.

They BUILT the meaning of Going BACKwards of MY ABSTRACT Page, because they’ve been building on Going RICHARD “BACH”wards for many years, in TOM Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL”.

If you look at my Abstract Page, there is a “O” in the 7th Building of the TOP Painting, recently titled to “Tao of Jones”, titled this in 2012, because they BUILT IT. For the “O” circle in the 7th building to be about MY Registered Trademark in circle of “O”, as if sound of SANDRA “OH” is the Artist of My RT. A sick Pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades, connected to the “O” of the magnifying glass that Benson Dubois is holding in my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

The TOP painting on my Abstract page, the 7th building as a TRI=3 shape in a “O”. 7/3 is TOM CRUISE’s Birthday numbers. My Portrait Drawing date is “2/06” 7/3/62 is TOM CRUISE’S Birthday. It’s MY “T” is for TAO saying I created, which FITS MY Registered Trademark, a derivative of an old Tibetan “OM” symbol.

Perpetual BATTERY called "ZEPHYR". CODES in Simons room "TRAIN" and ALPS. Connected to the NAME of the "TRAIN" I took from California to Colorado in My Cross Country Trip in 1998, the AMTRAK TRAIN was called ZePHYR, FUR, sound of FIR, FER. ZEPHYR "TRAIN" to COLORado in 1998, and my pictures on the "ROY"al Gorge Bridge. FUR in Korean is "TAL" and for meaning of all the SOUNDS of "FUR" from MY LIFE, to have meaning for I "TAL" Yian Psycho Constance Pecoraro.

ROY is about the ROYal Gorge Bridge I went to visit in Colorado in 1998. This is about meaning of Tom Bridges a lying fag dentist in San Francisco, who has the same LEO birthday as me, BRIDGES the meaning of MY Father’s ROYally En “GOR”ged PENIS, through the word BRIDGE because it’s in his NAME. Tom Bridges My Father’s ROYal name of WANG which means KING, and has 8 inch Penis, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF. EIGHT 8 or “OO” to Josh Wolf and their Catholic Theme MAThemathics of making MONEY is about “OO” form of ASS in a Ass Conspiracy. Tom Bridges Gay male bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL”. Tom Cruise wants Colorado to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro, he wants my childhood pictures in Colorado to be her, the reason why he bought a house in Telluride Colorado. It Tom CHRISTopher Bridges all the BRIDGES for Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway, because the Tao is the Way on “BRIDGE”WAY , a deeply codependent and co.

ROY is about the word MA”YOR” backwards. His name MAPOTHER is pronounced as “MAY” pot her. He is creating meaning for his Puppet Connie Pecoraro for MY ARTWORK to have meaning going backwards for HER. It’s about the word FORMAL. FORM of “AL”. AL is about what Connie Pecoraro used to call her studio “Artist Loft”. LOFT is about the Legal Pad Sketch I did in 1997, with the FOOT on the Box. LO “FT”. It’s why Josh Wolf is posing in “Formal” TUXEDO with his WIFEY on

ROY is about UCLA, ROYce Hall and ROYce Drive street name. UC “LA”. To them “M” is for Maria. Form “AL” CU “M”. Josh Wolf has been fucking a lot of BIG OIL BLUBBER Asses, the “FORM” of ASS for his Mother Maria. UCLA is the “mother” of the MATrix and both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh is connected to this School Campus. SCHOOLS all over United States is about Sandra PATricia “OH” because the word sc”HO”ol has her name in it. Like SOCIOPATH.

It’s Specifically connected to the AnderSON Management School.

The "CJ" Commissioner Judge who sat for my small claims case with Landlord Gor"DON" Mac"DON"ald, who stole my rent and deposit money was SET UP, because of his name ROY CHERNUS. C "HER". Tom Bridges the ROYal "GOR"DON Bridge on Brid"GE"way, which is about Sex. Tom Bridges en"GOR" "GE"d with BLOOD dicks with Erection on Bridgeway for Connie Pecoraro's Brothel on Bridgeway.

The reason this judge's "name" was set up was because of my Abstract watercolor painting titled "Carl Jung" which I did in June 2009, a few weeks before I went to court for this case. They want my watercolor painting Titled this to be Connie Pecora"RO", Tom Cruise's puppet to the world, as the artist who did the First Artwork Collection in 1982. T"OM" Cruise wants Connie Pecoraro to be my IDENTITY. It's why she created her Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ "CJ" backwards, Leonardo "DA" Vinci Code. "DA" in Korean means "ALL".

Wichita, "TA" in Korean means to Ride or to Burn as in a forest fire, in this sex game, it means to Ride a Dick with a Hard On. Tell"U" RIDE, Connie Pecoraro. This is about the X rated Video Recording of me which was dubbed with another female's body. This VR is the reason why Connie Pecoraro describes her "retail location" as "SAND WICHED" between, because it's about Red Velvet Lingerie I was wearing which was "Wedged" in between my Ass. You have to be a Deeply Disturbed Bitch to want to be another female's Vagina.

W ichi TA is also MAT upside down. ATM and MAT Rix. Wichita Kansas, Dorothy and her DOG “TOTO”. This is connected to my name “WANG” Written in Korean Characters. It’s the about MAT HE MAT HICS of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money, for Connie Pecoraro CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme, which is based on the childhood CHRIST MAS Picture of me and my dog FRENCHY and my Mother. It’s connected to a HOUSE on MATilija Ave in San Fernando Valley, in Sherman Oakes.

It's isn't just "War of Words" or Names, it's about Sex Words. WANG in Korean means "KING" and it's about WANGER as in my father's Penis Size of 8 inches, the reason why Tom was partners with PAULA WAGNER aka Hoffman for many years. PAL "U" Ass, PAL in Korean means the number 8 and also the anatomy ARM. U is the symbol for LEO. It's about sucKING, licKING, fucKING, TH "RO" BBing and TH "RUS" ting.

The reason why there is something going on with Businesses and Business Names on "RO"bertSON Blvd. Thrusting and Throbbing, Art HER MILLER's "All My Sons" on Broadway and Bridgeway. There is also a BAR called "BIG WANG'S" on Selma Ave in Hollywood and their logo is a "MUS"cular ARM, MUStang Car model MARia. ARM is Upper Body.

TH, aka the "Tree House" in 20360 Callon Drive, Topanga.

"RO" is about the THY"RO"ID gland which regulates the Hormones in the body, including Sexual Hormones.

They want my Multifunctioning Registered Mark at UPSTO, “RO” to be about “Reproductive Organ” and this to have meaning for OctobeR “OR” Air LIBRA Josh Wolf and for my “RO” Registered Mark in a circle of “O” to have meaning for the name Pecora”RO”, in their CathoLIQ Theme of Mother Mary Maria and Jesus Christ MicCHArlie. October is a MONTH, no Maria backwards. Like Bl”ON”de H”AIR” is no Maria backwards. They want my Powerful MARK to be bridged by Tom Bridges through MIDGE BUTLER at UPSTO Name. Oc “TO” beR is about Horney Jesus Christ who loves having THREE Somes with TO Pussies, for “203”Six Sex in “O” is Hole Callon Drive Topanga, while my Gold Lock gets broken and “raped”, the SAME GOLD LOCK in my Abstract Watercolor page.

Tom Bridges Virgo Connie Pecoraro, rules the Digestive System, Food and Bower Movements. The reason why Wang’s Mark is a Powerful Mark.

ROY MILLER is about the “YO” in Lee Montgomery Portrait drawing “EYES”. He wants this to have meaning for TAO is the WAY with Tom Bridges Everything about me for Connie Maria Pecoraro and Josh Miccha Wolf on BRIDGE WAY Sausalito. Because the TAO is a Chinese Philosophy, anything written about this should have meaning for the CHINESE. Retarded Chinks should go Study the Tao and create their Own Saying and MARK. “R” “YO” “M” ontomgery. The Letter “R” is number “18” in the alphabet, “18” “18” are in WANG and MONTOMGERY’S Eyes. They say the Eyes are Windows to the SOUL, must be SOUL RAPING.

Tom Cruise has been "secretly" not only controlling the NAMES of dicks, which most of them were pimped in my life, but controlling DICK PERIOD. He's been controling guys Names I'vd had sex with, so that they can have meaning for Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. This has been going on since Ruben Dejuana in the 80's. And from the 90's, you wouldn't believe how many guys name DAN and MATT I've met.

Belive it or Not, the theme and meaning of “AIR” and H”AIR” has been going on for decades. It has to do with my “FIR”st boyfriend Stephen Garrison and his ARM PIT “Smell”, when I once told him that something about this SMELL made me Horny, Stephen is a AIR Gemini like my Mom. They want the word ARM pit to have meaning for MAR ia. This AIR is also connected to Ruben Dejuana who use to wear AUSSIE HAIR Products, and I think one of the reasons why he married NICOLE KIDMAN, because it’s about my SIGN of LEO and my SIGNature of NICK Name “SANDY*” on BENSON drawing from 1982. Nic of SanDRA OH, the reason why Sandra Oh always attaches herself to names with NICHOLS or NICHOLAS, so that people would belive it’s her name SIGNature on Benson. Tom Cruise wants EVERYTHING about my life and My identity to have meaning for Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro and AIR Libra Josh WOLF, “FLO” rida and their Libra Virgo Linda Goodman THUNDER Bird 212 ViBe Numbers. “Day Of THUNDER”, and the meaning of “DOT” and PERIOD, which I told only Gloria Catherine Lee.

STEP hen. HEN is a Chi”KEN”, ChiKEN spelled backwards is NECK, Neck is connected to the meaning of “SUC” as in Deep Throat a Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf. They want my “FIR”st boyfriends IDENTITY to have meaning for AIR Libra Josh Wolf, and for the “STEP” another word for ST”AIR”S to have meaning for MaRIA and AIR Libra. This is why the AZTEC Architectural Designs as in “STEP” Designs.

This sick pattern is repeated in the Dubbing of the secret X rated "Video Recording" of me in the privacy of my home. Tom Cruise wants to "own" my Sexuality, like everything else in my life, like he wants to own the Porn Film made at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, with Lee Montgomery. The reason why a person name Todd "CUM"Mings bought the property, and I think he is related to Tom Cruise through William Mapother. They’ve “RECREATED” the meaning of this Porn Film to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro because the Blonde Hair female in the Porn Film with Lee Montgomery, I think is name MARIA, and she might be a “Leo”. The reason why MY FAC from 1982 and my GARAGE ARCHITECTURAL drawing and Everything about my Childhood and my Parents Names were Powerfully Synchronistic. Tom Cruise wants to “OWN” MY FUCKING LIFE.

NECK in Korean means MOK AGE. GA MOK means Jail. APRIL 1999 and APRIL 2009 ARRESTS are Both Connected to these same people. They’ve been living like PARASITES through my life, Robbing and Raping, REPEATEDLY.


Kelly McGillis Blonde HAIR Female is a Lesbian. Meredith Baxter Birney Blonde HAIR Female is Gay. Ellen Degeneres is Gay. GLORIA LEE is GAY.

TOM CHRIST “O” Fur Bridges is a GAY Male, a SOCIOPATH who is about having MY BIRTHDAY NUMBERS of “8/13” to have meaning for TWO Disturbed PSYCHOBITCHES and Identity Thieves Constance Maria Pecoraro and Sandra Patricia Oh.

Tom plays ROY MILLER in the movie. MILLER One Group is the owner of Mercedes BENz in Beverly Hills. There is also a street called Miller Ave in Sausalito where Connie Pecoraro lives and Miller Ave off of Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

Interestingly, as of February 25, 2010 a movie with MATT "DA"Mon called "Green Zone" is being released and his character in the movie is also ROY MILLER.

There is a street called "MIL ROY" in "NOR" walk, near MICA street which is the sound of Josh Wolf's middle name MICCHA. This AREA is a BIG CONNECTION with all the Businesses around it that FIT specific people's names. GORDON Macdonald is a DENtist and was my landlord at 20 Shelley Drive, in the case with ROY Chernus. "Y. D"anielle MARQUISE is a Black female DENtist in the Financial District of San Francisco on STEUART Street. This black female is about Tom Bridges "Black Females" with Connie Pecoraro in a BIG PEAR Hanging ASS Conspiracy so that my Name SIGNature on BENSON "SANDY" can have meaning for and be Connie Pecoraro, Virgo the Mai"DEN". So that THE PICTURE of me and the black girl can be her, how the fuck can it be, like why would you sign your Schools' name "SAN" Jose on a piece of Artwork you did.

The reason why STUART BROWNE was Pimped in my life, from "Decision Analytics" so that "DA" = 41 can have meaning for Connie Pecoraro. SICK SOCIOPATHS in a Big IDENTITY THEFT CONSPIRACY.

TOM Cruise playing ROY Miller connected to meaning of "ROY"al GORge Bridge, connected to meaning of MY FATHER in My childhood picture with HAWAIIAN "BAR"REL, is connected to ROY’S Hawaiian Fusion new restaurant chain in Los Angeles, connected to meaning of MY Father’s name of Korean WANG which is connected to his family lineage of Korean ROY alty, it’s connected to MY Father’s PENIS Size of 8 inches. Tom BRIDGES and Jim GRE GORY two Gay Male DENTists are going to BRIDGE the meaning of MY Father's ROYally EnGORge Blood filled PENIS of 8 inches, through their MARICON Fag NAMES, with Jesus CHRIST HOR DIK JOSH WOLF of 7 inches. The reason why EVERYTHING THEY BUILT through JESUS CHRIST "OO" Eyes is about the meaning of PAL, as in "OO" or number "8", is about Form of ASS and CLOCK LOCK "OO" is Pussy connections.

For all the "OO" from MY LIFE to have meaning for them, including MY NAME of WANG written in Korean Characters which looks like TO TO, and My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS, while the FRAME and set me up, to be ARRESTED and HAND CUFFED. It's why it's FORM of HANDCUFFS that go on CH "RISTS", Jesus CHRIST isn't my OIL Artwork, it's the REASON for YEARS of HORROR and TERROR in my life and I have overwhelming concrete evidence of it.

TO TO, like the "DOG" in WIZARD of OZ, set in "WICHITA KANSAS" the reason why this movie was going to be called WICHITA. WK, for meaning of MY Watercolor painting "Wang Key" WK, connected to my Lions Body painting which looks like a PENIS, and my DOG JACK's Pictures on 4/19/09, all the meaning of "PENIS" from MY LIFE, to have meaning for them. RAPING OF MY "KEY to MY SOUL" LOCK and KEY. RAPE, there is no other way to put it.

ALL of the above, is leading DIRECTLY to CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, which is a real life hospital, and it’s DIRECTLY connected to “GREYS ANATOMY” Fake Tv Hospital Show, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH. See “RHEUMATOLOGY” link below. Sound of “ROOM” atology.

January 2013, TOM CRUISE in the movie “JACK REACHER” has been released. My Dog JACK who was STOLEN in 2009, connected to My First Artwork Collection which I did while growing up in JACKSON Heights NY “11372”, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and his Son JACOB WOLF, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

Meaning of the name "JACK" has been going on for 3 decades connected to JACKson Heights Zipe Code, the REASON why TOM CRUISE was "JACK" in "LEG END". Every MOVIE TOM CRUISE has ever made is connected to meaning of MY "ARTWORK". Like VANILLA SKY, with Penelope CRUZ, who was a Dental Assistant and an ARTIST. I've been a DENTAL Hygienist for 20 years, born an ARTIST.

JACK REA “CHER”. ROY “CHER” NUS the JUDGES Name who allowed Gor"DON" to ROB MY RENT Money in 2006. Psycho cunt Constance Pecoraro’s new “SUN NY” in 2010, connected to creating NEW meaning for MY STOLEN PRICELESS ARTWORK from previous year in 2009, to have meaning for her, or supporting and creating meaning for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH.

The SUN is the Center of the SOLAR SYSTEM, and rules the Astrological sign of LEO, this is why they “NEED” TOM BRIDGES gay male Dentist who has the SAME LEO birthday as me, to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. Sandra OH thinks My PORTrait Drawing is her, connected to “8” planets in Solar System that was changed in 2006.

Through “SUN NY” sick PEDOPHILE ENERGY of Psychocunt Constance Pecoraro’s sketches, for MY Beautiful WATERCOLOR ARTWORK on PAPER to have meaning for SANDRA OH, for MY X rated Pictures on “TREE” in TOPANGA in 2007, to BE SANDRA OH. MY LIFE WAS RAPED, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT.

SUN “NY”, is about creating new meaning of “YIN” and YANG, connected to SANDRA OH who is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Greys Anatomy” CREATED based on Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK of Jesus CHRIST the “SON”. They are creating new meaning, AS IF MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in Circle of “O” has meaning for and was DONE by SANDRA “OH”, a sick pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades, for all circles of “O” in MY LIFE and MY ART to have meaning for this borderline psychotic sick actress who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Sandra OH is CHRISTina YANG, for specific reasons. I’ve been studying TAOISM for many years, a Spiritual and Philosophical book of Tao Te Ching. “THEY”ve been building in TAO DAO “DOW” JONES of making MONEY, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK for 3 decades. This is why Sandra OH is CHINESE DOCTOR on “Grey’s Anatomy”. YANG is DAY and YIN is NIGHT. The name of YANG is about the First FEMALE Supreme Court Justice name SANDRA DAY O”CONNOR. They are trying to change this meaning, so that MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK and all “NIGHT” Themes and images, can have meaning for SANDRA OH, who’s role was created connected all BUSINESSES on “DAY” TON Street in BEVERLY HILLS.

They are creating MEANING as if SANDRA OH is the OWNER and ARTIST of MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK, AS IF She is the WRITER and CREATOR of MY “TAO” Saying ON NY WEBSITE, that “FITS” MY Registered Trademark.



Final Summary and connections of YEARS of PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”


Evil LIVE “FLOW”ers in “MIN ority REPORT”

“CON” stance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST is the “BLACK SUN DAY” in Hannibal Lecter
Tom Cruise's BLACK “SON” “CON” nor

Korean WANG = “OO” + TT

“O” The “PI” Connections symbol of “TT” with Jesus Christ EYES “OO” = TOTO

Sandy Wang working as “GO” at Club Med in 1992

Tom BRIDGES the “ROY”al “GOR”ge BRIDGE ROY and GOR are Repeating Syllables

Sandy Wang’s PEWTER Statues “WIZARD”

O Sandy Wang's TRADE “MARQ” in circle of “O”

Sandy Wang’s Abstract page Top Painting





MAY or Antonio Villaragoisa

MATilija Ave “TT” Connection

Email to Bert Fields

Louis Shapi"RO" and Jack "RO"thberg

MelROSE and Almont “TOTO” is a “dog” from WIZARD of Oz, WICHITA KanAss Sit on Tom Bridges Toilet Bowel

THYme Herb and THY"RO"id Gland

GOR"DON" Mac"DON"ald


Constance Pecoraro's FRAUD Restraining Order in 2007 signed by SAME JUDGE “ROY” CHERN US

“LEE” Childs book and JACK rea”CHER”…… SUNny Psycho Pecoraro

HER “She” cho”CHA” co”LAT”e Ass Pussy Pubic H”AIR” licking sick raping game

MILLER One Group Mercedes BENz Beverly Hills

Katie Holmes MARA Thon

KATie and CATholic Theme of Mother "MARY"

REAL Estate Connections

MARA Escrow

MOY Escrow

Lee Epstein Stuart Browne and Decision Analytics

TOP Gun and meaning of AIRplanes and AIRports

AIR is an Element and Ass is Eye “AE”

Sandy Wang in Green Dress and Gloria Catherine Lee AIR Gemini her Brother’s name is “SIMON”


Sky and MILLER

RadiO "RO"

Ford MUStang Car

WOLFramite Scheelite and meaning of "OU"



where NICOLE KIDMAN”S Father worked

West “HOLME” Street name at UCLA, Tom Cruise’s other ex Wife

KATIE HOLMES = CAT HOLic theme OIL Artwork of Constance Pecoraro


GRASS is a Herb and it’s “GREEEEN” connections

GREEN connections of St. PATRICKS Day is “IRISH” in HER “SHE” Pussy licking game

Museum Square


April 2009


"Y.D anielle MARQUISE" Black Bitch IDENTITY THEFT Conspirator

Crow and Wolf

Thunder BIRD Linda Goodman “212” VIBE Numbers

MIL "ROY" and MICA Street names


C = 3 Enter “I” C Eye Dentity Thieves

ROY’S on Figueroa downtown Los Angeles

ROY’S Menu


ROY CHER "NUS" Constance Pecoraro's New 'SUN' ny in 2011

Constance Maria Pecoraro needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LONG TIME

GREY’S Anatomy at “ROY”Ce HALL in 2012

ROYce HALL “RH” RED HAIR, 3AR sound of RABBIT as in HAR3

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