The Golden Compass

Sandy Wang's pictures with DOGS beginning with 1979 in Santa Monica
Wang’s Pets and CHRIST”MAS” Picture of Frenchy
Sandy Wang's "CB" CHARLIE BROWN Clear Glass "CG" Snoopy Dog Bank

"CB" COLE man "BARKS!!!" like a DOG for Ni"COLE" kid"MAN"
like Daniel LADIN "SKY" Flies LOW for Tom CRUISE Mapother
in DAN "BROWN" LEOnardo DA Vinci CODE in RAPING MY LIFE My ART for MATHemathics of making MONEY

I just saw this movie as of April 2009. It was released in 2007, which means it was probably filmed in 2006.

June 2006 is when I did most of my Abstract Watercolor paintings. In October 2006, I moved down to Los Angeles from San Francisco.

This movie may be based on a book, but the screenplay can change many things. This movie is about Tom Cruise, it’s about Sand”RA” Oh. It’s about HOLLWOOD wanting the ownership of my first name SIGNATURE of “Sandy*”, on the drawing of BENSON because it’s about the movie BEN with Rats “Star”. Sandy is the “NIC” name of Sandra and I am a LEO, NICOLE. It’s about combining names of “RA” and “Y”, the reason why the girl in the movie is name “LYRA”, played by DAKOTA Blue Richards. “DA” in Korean means “ALL”, a repeating syllable.

Tom Cruise married NICOLE KIDMAN, “Far and Away” because it’s about Sand”RA” OH’s mother YOUNG NAM, it’s about ScientologY and my first name Signature “SandY*” on BENSON with magnifying glass “O”, “Charles “E. Y”oung Drive in UCLA Campus, “Charlie’s Find”, and the writings I wrote about the astrological sign of LEO sounding like the name LEE as in Lee Montgomery being “KEY to my Soul” in 1983. It’s why Nicole married “KE”ith Urban and named their baby girl “SUNDAY ROSE”, Jesus Christ the SON ROSE on the T”HIR”D Day. Nic knows the game well, it’s why she made the movie “StepFORD Wives”. The same reason why CATholic born and raised KATie Holmes did ART “HUR” MILLER’S “All My SONS”.

Nicole Kidman marrying Keith Urban is connected to “Charlie’s Find” for FUCK. Urban Outfitters is a major Fashion Clothing chain and OU is about Wolframite Scheelite as in T”O”ngue and T”U”ngsten and the word F “OU” R. Lick and Fuck a “SUC” Stand Up Comic, “CHA”rlie aka Josh Mic”CHA” WOLF.

When I took pictures of my dog Jack at the dog park where I met Josh Wolf, I did not know any of this and it’s interesting that one of the last pictures of my dog was with his TONGUE sticking out, like my childhood picture of me and my father with the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue on top of the LIQ “UO” R Cabinet.

The same exact reason why Katie HOLmes is a big lover of CUPcaKes, especially “Famous Cupcakes” Franchise that’s been popping up in LA and the one on FOUR CORNERS on Beverly Drive and CHARLEVILLE Blvd in BEVERLY HILLS, because it’s about PUCK FUCK, Engrish with Accent, Sandy Wang’s Creation from 80’s and WOLFgang PUCK FUCK PORN FILM from 20360 Callon Drive Topanga Canyon.

S”AND”Y, SY, the reason why the name DAN has been pimped for so many years in my life, it’s about DAN Brown “DA” Vinci Code, “DAN”iel Irish LAD insky. DAKOTA.

BLUE. Rich”ARDS” is about the name San”DRA” going backwards. This is about the name of the porn film “True Blue” when they secretly taped the View of my Ass and then dubbed it with another female’s body, probably a heavy lower body P3AR shaped ass. DA KO TA sounds like DA coda, ALL coda. TA in Korean means to Ride or to Burn as in a Forest Fire. It’s about Riding the Rubber Toy in this Video Recording. KO in KOrean means NOSE. They want the word NOSE to be about Eye “SON” as in BLUE Eyes of “Charlie’s Find” to be looking at this dubbed “OO” Ass. C “OM” P “ASS”.

The Golden Compass is shaped like the number “8” vertically, and this number is in my portrait drawing “Wang’s” Eye. San”DRA” Oh wants my portrait “DRA”wing to be her because her name Sandra has “DRA” in it. I also did the drawing titled “Truth” in October 2006.

The word C”O”MP “ASS” is about Connie Maria Pecoraro “ASS” and WANG’S Trademark in the Circle “O”. They want my Multifunctioning Powerful Mark to have meaning for her “ASS”. They want my Mark which can be interpreted Upside Down to be about “69” as in Licking and Sucking in sex position of “69”. This is why I was arrested on 4/20/09, the same address as the Rolex Building 924”0” Wilshire Blvd, where Josh Wolf’s agency PARALLEL Entertainment is. This movie is about PARALLEL UNIVERSES. I was arrested by police officer DU FOUR, because it’s about for who? For what? For “29”, Pecoraro and Wolf born in the Y3AR “69”. F “OU” R as in Tongue and Tungsten, LICK, and OU symbowel. Dufour writes GOLD DUST and describes my dog as GOLD CHIHUAHUA.

The Rolex Building in Bev3ARly Hills Wilshire Blvd and Canon Drive has a BLUE SAMurai ARMor encased in glass in the lobby.

Lyra wears Knitted Hats and Sweaters in the movie, and this is about my baby pictures. She “sees” the Truth in the Compass, like the Eyeball inside the “O” of the Magnifying Glass in the drawing of “BENSON” Robert Guillaume, in my FAC from 1982, which as a collection tells a Powerful Story.

The want it to be about Direction and the “NORTH” because it’s about the North “Star”, and Sandra Oh, who’s tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” which is filmed in NORthridge Hospital in San Fernando Valley. Sandra Oh, who is a “GE” because of the BENSON drawing I did of Robert GUillaume, want this “DRA”wing to have been done by her and for my name Signature of “SANDY*” to have meaning for her. This drawing is the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school.

B3AR. The SEAL of CALIFORNIA. ARMor. This is about BEV3ARLY Hills. It’s about the Sound of words, LIE “RA”, Lyra, the C”OM”pass will tell the Truth. There are many elements in the movie similar which I’ve been writing about in these pages. The compass points to a baby and to a hourglass. Hourglass has “SAND” in it, and I’ve been writing about the meaning of the syllable “RA”. There are many “Ge”s, Stars and Celebrities with the syllable of “RA” in their names, they’ve been “grooming” them since birth, since my FAC in 1982, to be “Ge”s, the reason why there’s something going on with naming of Stars Children.

ARMor has been a major theme for a long time because it has the word ARM in it, and in Korean PAL means both Arm and the number 8. They want these words to have meaning for MARia, the reason why this thing is big with ARMenian people and has been going on for almost 3 decades.

It’s about the “CODE” of the number “3”, which in “KO”rean is “SAM”. Beverly “DA”vis “DA” KO TA. DA in KOrean means ALL. This is connected to Tom Cruise’s Las SAMurai and the CHRIST “MAS” picture of me my dog Frenchy and my mother. It’s connected to Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of “Charlie’s Find”. They want Connie Pecoraro’s oil paintings to have meaning for Daniel Ladinsky’s poem “The EAR That Got Sold to a Fish”, and they want the word 3AR and number “3” to be about the shape of Ass, like the Christmas Tree Trimming in the shape of “3” with the two Balls “OO” hanging. Just like Connie Pecoraro thinks she has meaning in The Picture of me and the black girl, because there is a picture of the Planet Earth on the Upper Left.

Animals are defined in the movie as our SOULS manifested and living outside of our bodies. So if animals are representing our souls, they’ve RAPED and STOLEN my SOUL when they took my dog Jack away. Just like if “KEY is Penis, then LOCK must be Vagina”, the GOLD LOCK at 20360 Callon Drive on 10.18.07.

My Powerful Multifunctioning Mark in a circle of “O”, which represents Infinity, is a ONE Line drawing, it’s Yellow and Red and YR is “1” as in Lee H. Montgomery’s Year and “3” is his birthday number. He is “8” Years Older than me.

Through WORDS and FRAUD Documents with LIES, like GOLD DUST, GOLD Stream Way and GOLD Chihuahua, they want my Artwork and my dog Jack, to have meaning for all the “STARS” and Celebrities, all the “G”s T”OM” Bridges is going to bridge on BRID”GE”Way with Connie Pecorarao, so that she can be the person who did the FAC from 1982 and my Name and Identity can have meaning for her, while they WRONGFULLY DETAIN me in Mental Health Dept of LA County Jail.

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with Dog on my LAP in 1979 and Yellow VIRGO Sign

Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK in 1990’s

Wang’s Eye “8” Alethiometer “Truth” Compass

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK STOLEN in 2009

meaning of DE GE and Ni”COLE”MAN BARKS


Leo metal GOLD is like “YELLOW”


GOLD DUST and GOLD Chihuahua in “APRIL” 2009

Constance Pecoraro making it Happen with “CROW and WOLF” in MAY 2009

Mercedes BENz, BEN is about RATS

Nicole Kidman in “RABBIT HOLE” with SANDRA OH


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