The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

This movie is about the launching of Josh Wolf’s comedy career with Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. This Catholic Theme is based on the childhood CHRIST MAS picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy, my FAC from 1982, my Charlie Brown SN”OO”PY dog bank, and my name Signature on Benson drawing of Robert Guillaume “Sandy*”. It’s a combination of these things with “Variations on a Theme” based on the movie “Midnight Hour”, my LP 173, Leadership Training experience in 1997, and my HIGH SCHOOL Yearbook Quotes from St. Vincent FERRER and my CA Trip in 1998. It was about recreating the meaning of my First Artwork Collection from 1982, EVERYTHING about my life to have meaning for Josh Wolf who lives in San “FER”nando Vall”EY” and Connie Pecoraro in Sausalito. Connie Pecoraro is Tom Cruise Mapother’s “project”, his puppet to the world as the Artist who did this FAC, the reason why she created her “No name girl” which is based on my childhood pictures. It’s about having Wolf and Pecoraro play the “roles” of my PARENTS IDENTITIES and for their NAMES to have meaning for them in this Sex Game.

“Midnight Hour” stars Lee H. Montgomery as PHIL GRENVILLE. In the beginning of the movie, there are STREET Names in Beverly Hills. These streets do no INTERSECT in real life, the run PARALLEL. I think this is when Josh Wolf signed with “PARALLEL Entertainment” in the Rolex Building on Wilshire Blvd in BEVERLY Hills in 1997. CHARLE “VILLE” Blvd is the street just south of Wilshire Blvd, and runs Parallel and Horizontally. “OO” “Charlie’s Find”. GREN is why the color GREEN is a big part of this. GREEN is about my Green PR”OM” Dress I designed in High School in the picture of me and Gloria Catherine Lee, who’s identity is very important because she is the connection with Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro. It’s also why Nathan Al “GREN” of the “Last Samurai” is named Al”GREN” and why there is a BLUE SAMURAI “ARMOR” in the lobby building of Rolex Building.

“Midnight Hour” is about the picture of me and my father with the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue on the Upper Left on Top of the LIQUOR Cabinet. LIQ sounds like Lick, you lick with Tongue which is connected to WOLFramite Scheelite. Midnight Hour is about HOUR Glass Body. It’s about the “Eyeball” inside the Magnifying Glass in the drawing of BENSON, the reason why Connie Pecoraro does GLASS Art, because it’s a Ass Conspiracy based on my first name SIGNATURE of “SANDY*” and asterisk key sounds like “ASS”terisk. It’s about a very old Porn Film from more than 3 decades ago with Lee Montgomery from 20360 Callon Drive “TOP”anga with a BLONDE HAIR female name MARIA, the reason why this address is important. The reason why a person name TODD CUMMINGS bought the property in 2004, because it’s about CUM Shots in this porn film. He is related to Tom Cruise Mapother through William Mapother, the reason why Tom Cruise made “TOP Gun”, you SHOOT a gun like you shoot Cum. I think Lee Montgomery was Tripping on Drugs when he made this porn film. This is why Josh Wolf has “Make it Happen” a song title by MARIA H CAR”EY”. This is why they’ve been attached to my life for so many years, because my First Artwork Collection from 1982 and my Writings, with all my Childhood pictures and experiences, was ESP Channeling of Lee Montgomery’s Sexual Energy through my ARTWORK, and very “Synchronistic”, a term coined by Carl Jung.

It’s connected to the Porn Film made at the 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga Canyon many years ago. It’s connected to recreating the meaning of Big Pear shaped Blubber Ass, because Lee Montgomery was TRIPPING on SPEED in this Porn Film, the reason why Tom Cruise in the movie “TOP Gun” says I feel the need for SPEED. T is for TAO. T L RIP. EY. It’s about “Charlie’s Find” Jesus Christ EYes “OO” to be about Big Blubber Ass Cell U LiTe. It’s about the name of the street SYLVANIA Lane, as in the company for Light BULBS, and they want the word Light Bulb to be about the EAR Sound of Cellu LITE BLUBBer Ass. The reason why Connie Pecoraro has a sketch of VANna White, and why Josh Wolf drives a MINi VAN. It’s why the Café in the movie is name “CD” for Callon Drive.

My LP 173 Leadership Training “173” is the reason why JACOB, Josh Wolf’s SON was born on the date 3/17. Its St. PATRICK’S DAY which is GREEN “LAD”. In . SKY. Josh Wolf drive s a GREEN MINi Van with license plate letters “KCP”. Connie Pecoraro drives a GREEN Station Wagon with the numbers “173” in her license plate. I met Connie Pecoraro when I worked for PATRICK LEE dental office on Cal”DON”ia Street in Sausalito. GREEN is the “Color of Money”, DON in Korean means Money, the reason why Connie Pecoraro registered her website domain in HERN”DON” Virginia in 1998.

I did not do any artwork for many years, in October 1997, I did a quick sketch on a legal pad which I never showed to anyone. But they were “secretly” watching me in my apt when I lived in NYC. This is why KRISTian Bako was “pimped” in my life in 1998. He was a patient at Mark “MIN”tzer’s dental office on PARK Avenue who’s wife is name BEVERLY. They were “PARALLELING” and Synchronizing with my life in NYC with what was going on in Los Angeles CA in the 90’s. He is Hungarian, his father owned a LIQUOR Store on Second Avenue and a few BROWN stone buildings on the Upper East Side, and he had a BOAT name “EDGE WALKER”. He took me on a Tuna Fish “CANYON RUN” out on Montauk Long Island. MON is about Santa “MON”I CA. TAUK sounds like TALK. BOAT is about my father middle name “BAE” which means Two things, Boat and Pear. Liquor is about the Hawaiian Wooden BARrel Statue on TOP of the Liquor Cabinet in the picture of me and my father.

BROWN Stone buildings are made of BRICKS. BROWN is about my CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy dog bank. When I met Kristian, he also got a little DACHSUND Puppy and named him “DIESEL”. BRICK is about the Brick House I grew up in JACKSON Heights Queens NY, where I did my FAC in 1982. Real Estate is about Connie Pecoraro who wants to be DEMI MOORE. There was something going on with LAUREL “CANYON” PARK on MULHOLLAND Drive, and “RUNYON CANYON” Park in Los Angeles when I was living in NYC in the 90’s. DACHSUND is a “HOT Dog”. “HO” Mul”HO”lland Drive. DOCK a BOAT SOON. Fuck a PEAR shaped OIL “diesel” Ass S”OO”N. I think this was when they started naming streets and roads around this area, for my FATHER’S name and Identity to have meaning for Josh Wolf.

Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf is Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie’s Find”. In 1998, when I took my 6 week Cross Country CA Trip, I brought back souvenirs. One of the things I gave Kristian as a gift was a “KEY” Chain with a COMPASS and a WOLF carved into a “O” round piece of Wood. I think this is why Jude Law’s character’s name is DICKIE, because it’s about the writings I wrote in 1982 about “KEY to my SOUL” about Lee H. Montgomery. They also knew about the GOLD CLOCK in my apt in 1997, which they were using to have meaning for GOLD I LOCK of “HAIR” as in BLONDE HAIR, because Josh Wolf is a AIR Libra sign and they want him to have meaning in my FATHER’S Identity and Name. This is why the word HAIR is a big issues, because they want this word to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s Middle Name of “MA RIA” backwards and H is number 8, and Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” EYES “OO” is looking at his MOTher Mary MARIA Ass, AIR Ass Man Josh Wolf from MASSAchusetts. BLOnde Hair is about SUC, Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf, you BLO Job and SUC a AIR Libra DK. The name of the BLONDE H”AIR” female in the Porn Film with Lee Montgomery from Callon Drive more than 3 decades ago is name MA”RIA”, the reason why they can’t “OM” going backwards with AIR Ass Man Josh Wolf and Connie MARIA Pecoraro.

There are TWO Street names called MATILIJA and MILBANK with intersects with MOOREPARK in San Fernando Valley and this area I think is where Josh Wolf lives. MAT in Korean means to Taste or Lick as in LIQuor, and mil BANK is about my SNOOPY dog bank. I don’t know when Josh Wolf got his dog and when he began going to the dog park on Mulholland Drive at Laurel Canyon Park. He has a Pit Bull and BOXer mix dog name ROCKEY. PB is about the picture of me with the Tuna Fish with GREEN “BP” sign on the Upper Left.

BP is British Petroleum. It’s about BRITISH as in Princess Diana, ROYalty and BLONDE HAIR. Its about Blonde Hair GOLD I LOCK of HAIR, BLO Jobbing SUC, Stand Up Comic “COME”Dian, JOSH WOLF. BP, Perfect Body backwards, OIL “Diesel” Blubber Ass, fuck Doggy Style. The reason why Josh Wolf has WIF”EY” on his Myspace page because Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up and she also wrote the book “BLUBBER”, which rhymes with L RON HUBBARD and LARD, Tom BRIDges BIRD LARD.

The painting I did of KRISTian Bako with the Mahi Fish is the reason why SANDRA OH is Chinese Doctor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Kristian Bako knows CRISTina Ricci, who was a guest on this TV show. It’s about Tom CHRISTopher Bridges bridging the meaning of my FATHER’s Middle name, with B”OAT” as in TAO is the Way on BRIDGE WAY, with PEAR shaped Asses. It’s about my WEBSITE, my Html Codes, Pictures from my life and EVERYTHING about me to BE SANDRA OH. I studied Chinese Medicine in 1995 for 1 year when I was living in NYC.

It’s about the SKETCH ON THE YELLOW LEGAL PAD I did in October 1997, which I transformed into my Abstract page in June 2006. Since 1997, Josh Wolf playing the “ROL” of my Father’s Identity has been Licking Fucking and ROLLING a lot of Big PEAR Shape ASS CHEEKS, like SANDRA OH’s Ass.

Every scene in this movie, there is a reason for it. It’s about the “DARK” side of their “Name, Word, Number, Color, Sex Game”. MATT “DA”MON, DA in Korean means ALL. He is from MASSAchusetts, like “BEN” Affleck, and Josh Wolf.

TOM RIPL”EY” is about T”OM”ing with my life, T”OM” CHRISTopher BRIDges Hubbard Lard BIRD OIL Asses on BRIDGEWAY with Connie Pecoraro’s OIL paintings, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. “EY” is about Judy Blume book title, WIF”EY”, Mariah Car”EY”, and Connie’s CAT DUDL”EY”. “Charlie’s Find” EYES “OO”. The movie begins with the scene of “ONE EYE and GLASS”, which is about the drawing of BENSON with “ONE” Eyeball, and the YELLOW LEGAL PAD Sketch with the HALF FACE.

Charlie Parker “BIRD”. JAZZ is about my High School Yearbook quote and it’s about my drawing of the “JAZZ Singer” Neil Diamond in my FAC from 1982. Stephen and I used to go to JAZZ Clubs in GREENWICH Village all the time. Chet Baker is about CB, Charleville Blvd, or Butt Crack backwards. They were building businesses based on Connie Pecoraro’s “CHArlie’s Find”. The song he sings in the movie, which is also one of MY favorite songs is “My Funny Valentine”. This is about the HEART shaped Foundation around Mother Mary Statue in Santa Monica which they want it to be a Heart Shaped ASS, the reason why Connie Pecoraro had a painting titled “Valentine’s Day Surprise”, for her FUNNY COMEDIAN and Future Husband Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf. This is why they say the words “BACK” a lot throughout the film but they don’t specify what it exactly means.

JAZZ is about my High School Yearbook quote, and also about the drawing I did of NEIL DIAMOND from the “JAZZ SINGER” holding a Mike on the Upper Left, in my FAC from 1982. Because Neil is JEWISH, they’ve given the meaning of my ARTWORK and my Father’s Identity, my Father’s 8 inch Family JEWEL, to have meaning for Jewish Josh Wolf. He is a AIR Libra sign, the reason why they want him to have meaning in my Father’s Band “Morning Stars” of him Blowing “AIR” from a Clarinet, and for Blowing “HORNS” to be about HORNEY. For Wif”EY”, Mariah Car”EY”, Dudl”EY” Kitty, the Talented Mr. TOM Ripl”EY”, Jesus Christ “EYES”. My father also played the Trumpet really well. He was a GIFTED MUSICIAN.

This is why Daniel Ladin”SKY”s book begins with “CHRISTS BREATH breathing HOLES”. This book is about ROBBING the Meaning of EVERYTHING from my life, so it can have meaning for Josh Wolf, Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh. Tom Cruise Mapother is the LEADER, in TOM “CHRIST”opher Bridges bridging CHRIST in San FERnando Valley with Hubbard Lard “TWO BIRDS” in a very BIG LEONARDO DA Vinci Code ASS CONSPIRACY.

MUSIC, they want this word backwards to be CUM backwards SUC “i” Maria, one of the many reasons why ITALIAN Connie Pecoraro was a FORD MUStang Car model, because she wants to have meaning in my Father’s Identity as a MUSician and Teac”HER”. There are lots of letters “CP” throughout this movie.

T”OM” CHRISTopher BRIDges, the Hubbard Lard BIRD OIL ASSES with Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting of Horney Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIE” with B “OAT” and PEAR Asses, the reason why Dickie’s BOAT name is “BIRD”. This is why there is a “BIRD” restaurant across the street from Scientology Center in Hollywood, because it’s CONNECTED to TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER and his MOTHER MARY “MARIA” Porn Film ASS CONSPIRACY. Tom’s been attached to this porn film since his movie “TOP” Gun, because it was made in TOPanga.

Dickie “GREEN”leaf. DG is about the CHRISTMAS Picture of my mother and my DOG Frenchy. It’s about the picture of me with MATT with the “Leaf”, it’s about my GREEN Prom dress from St. Vincent “FER”rer High School. I think Josh Wolf lives on MATilija Avenue in SAN “FER”nando Valley, near MIL BANK Street. GREEN “BP” sign. Color of Money is Green, as in my Clear Glass Charlie Brown SNOOPY Dog BANK.

They mention the words “JACKET” many times but they don’t say specifically “why”, this is a mystery. It’s about the JACKET in BEVERLY HILLS “LIBRA”ry, which is the Jacket I am wearing in the picture of me and my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison and my mother, made into a piece of Artwork. Both Stephen and my mother are both AIR Gemini signs. Josh Wolf is a AIR “LIBRA”. Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro is “OM”” with GLO”RIA” AIR Gemini so that the element of AIR and RX Pharmacist ReX Ford MatRix Sx can have meaning for Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro. Glo”RIA” CATherine Lee’s birthday is 5/29/69 “529” number buildings in Beverly Hills is about her, including the BH Mercedes BENz car dealership address. In the late 90’s is when they began remodeling and renovating the Beverly Hills City Hall and the Library based on the SWEATER design Stephen is wearing, because it’s about the SOUND of the word S WETTER, they want my Wet Vagina and all my Sexual Experiences with Stephen my boyfriend of 5.5 years, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf.

This is why the theme of “AIR” is very GAY in this movie. It has to do with me telling Stephen once that smelling his ARMPIT made me horney, because of the scent of Phermones, and AIR carries Odor. And because of this meaning, Connie MARIA Pecoraro wants to “OM” with GLO”RIA” Lee’s Identity, so that the Element of AIR can have meaning for her middle name MA”RIA” and AIR Libra Josh Wolf. Gloria Catherine Lee is “OM” also with Sandra Patricia Oh, so that my High School St. Vincent FERrer can have meaning for her and SAN “FER”nando Valley. It’s about the picture of my father’s band “MORNING STARS” where he is Blowing a Horn, and they want Blowing AIR an HORNEY and this picture of my father to have meaning for their Linda Goodman “212” Vibe Number.

Mar”GE” Sherwood. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges ITALIAN Mother MARy Connie “MAR”ia Pecoraro on BRID”GE”way. MAR is an anagram for the word and anatomical body part “ARM”. The Korean Word for ARM is “PAL” which also means the number “8”. This is the reason why Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s “Charlie’s Find” also has “OO” Eyes, and her good friend’s name is MICHAEL “LAP”pert of Lappert’s Ice Cream. Because it’s about WOLF RAMite Scheelite, as in LICK, you LICK Ice Cream, and she wants her “OO” to be ASS. Mic”CHA” Licking “MAR”ia Ass backwards, the reason why in MAR ch 2010, he went BASS Fishing. Big Ass Fishing. THIS IS STILL GOING ON, THE REASON WHY ALL MY HOUSING TERROR, ALL THE HORRIFIC EXPERIENCES I WENT THROUGH WHILE LIVING IN LOS ANGELES ARE CONNECTED TO THESE SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE TERRORIZING ME IN NYC IN 1999. APRIL 1999. APRIL 2009. TEN years exactly. TEN is October, Josh Wolf’s birthday month. He wants MY Yellow Legal PAD drawing from October 1997, and My current website domain name of SAND”YWA”NG.NET, to have meaning for MARIA ARCHing her ASS backwards, so he Lick and Fuck THROUGH MY ARTWORK. THE RAPING OF ANYTHING SEXUAL IN MY LIFE, HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MANY YEARS.

PIANO is a big theme. The letters in it are the same letters beginning and ending with PecorarO. It’s about the Piano picture of my father. Gloria Lee played the piano and she once taught me how to play Beethoven’s FUR ELISE. So any of my experience with Gloria Lee is “OM” with Connie Maria Pecoraro, because she is a Tom Cruise Mapother, especially the picture of me sitting on Gloria Lee’s ROOF, the same sitting position as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in “Far and Away”.

HOT JAZZ VESUVIO Club. During my CA Cross Country Trip in 1998, one of the places I went to was a BAR called “VESUVIO’S” in North Beach, San Francisco. Everything about this Cross Country Trip in 1998, like Everything about my life, was infringed by Connie Pecoraro and her Artwork.

SAX is a HORN. Horn is about the picture of my FATHER’s Band called “MORNING STARS”. When you Blow HORN, you blow AIR. They want this picture of my father to have meaning for Josh Wolf “AIR” LIBRA HORNEY Jesus CHRIST, and Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro VIRGO Linda Goodman 212 Vibe Numbers. THE REASON WHY ALL MY CALIFORNIA HOUSING TERROR IS CONNECTED TO THEM. So that through the address of where I was living, the Numbers can have meaning for them, Throbbing “RED” engorged DK for ASS, ADDRESS, while Robbing and Raping my life.

SPOOKEY key key key key key key key key key.

GOLD WATCH. PINKY RING. Two Pinky Rings. “OO”. This is about the GOLD CLOCK I had for many years. PINK is about my PINK bedroom when I was growing up in Jackson Heights, it’s about the PINK BELL shaped Traditional Korean Dress my Mother is wearing in the picture of my parents. Dickie NEVER gave them to anyone and he said he would never take it off. There are LOTS of CLOCKS throughout this movie, because it’s about the Writings I wrote in 1982, “KEY to my SOUL”. DICK. IE.

BATHROOM, BATHTUB, BATHROBE, this is a repeating theme. They want BATHROBE to be about THROBBING for BATH, as in BACK, as in ASS. Throbbing for BUT, for Demi MOORE lookalike Connie Pecoraro Ford Car Model on “MOORE PARK” Avenue in San Fernando Valley. This is why Tom Ripley is wearing a White Bathrobe and gets a Cut in his fingers which bleeds RED. Because it’s about the childhood pictures of me wearing White and Red, that Connie Pecoraro “recreated” as her “No Name Girl Sketches” so that MY CHILDHOOD Pictures, especially the one of me wearing White and Red with the number “14” of me and the Black Girl, can BE HER, as in IDENTITY THEFT. It’s about the word “RED” as in BLOOD, engorged throbbing DICK. It’s also why it’s a “MR”.

This is why “SAN REMO” is in the movie. It’s the name of the BUILDING that DEMI MOORE lived in when she was married to Bruce Willis on CPW, Central Park West NYC. Demi Moore lived there or still lives there, because of a picture of me in Central Park in 1988, with this building in the background. CHRISTMAS Tree is scene TWO times in the movie. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme is based on the CHRIST MAS picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy. It’s about the “3” shaped Gay Ass and the “OO” hanging balls below it. In the scene with Dickie’s house with CHRISTmas Tree., the Reddish Dark Burgundy Furniture is about the Furniture from my parents house. The Wall Paper is similar to the Wall Paper in the Baby picture of me and the GREEN PROM Dress picture with the “GOLD Trimmings”. This High School picture of me and Gloria Lee is the reason why Gwyneth Paltrow wears a lot of GREEN and WHITE in the movie. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme is based on my CATHOLIC High School St. Vincent FERrer and she wants to have meaning in it because Josh Wolf lives in SAN FERnando Valley. The reason why Connie Pecoraro says she went to SAN JOSE University which is a LIE, like Tom Ripley never went to Princeton with Dickie Greenleaf.

There are specific things in the SCRIPT like when Tom Ripley says “I guess we’re ABANDONED”, this was about Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” and her Dead and ABANDONED MARK in 1999. On the Ship scene, Tom Ripley says “Listen, I can’t talk now, Later. Later”. This script is about the “TEN” October 1997 sketch on the Legal PAD. LATER is about the last phrase on my St. Vincent FERrer CATholic High School yearbook. It’s about Josh Wolf who lives in San “FER”nando Valley, who wants to have meaning in my father’s middle name BAE, which means BOAT and PEAR to have meaning for him, and for Tom CHRISTopher Bridges to bridge Pear shaped asses backwards with the TAO is the Way on BRIDGE Way and Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme. Now and Later is a Candy.

When Tom Ripley is playing the Piano, he says “It’s DARK and there are DEMON, if anybody saw how ugly it is. I wish I can take a Giant Eraser and Rub out everything about myself”. There is a hint in this scene, that what MATT DAMON is saying is the TRUTH, not just acting. MATT in Korean means to Taste or Lick, he is from MASSAchusetts, like WOLFramite Scheelite, you LICK and Taste with TONGUE, which his about TUNGSTEN, as in Light BULB.

The ROLLING of the HEAD SCULPTURE in the movie is about the HEAD of Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” wearing a CROWN of THORNS and is HORNEY. It’s Rolling because Josh Wolf’s agency “Parallel Entertainment” is in the ROLEX Building in Beverly Hills on CANON and Wilshire Blvd. Philip Seymore Hoffman, “Freddie” says in the movie “CONverted to CHRISTianity or Something Else”, this is about Tom Christopher Bridging “SE” BIRD on BRID ge WAY. He also says “You probably know your ASS from your ELBOW”. This is about having the sound of the word symbol, be about symBOWEL, and ELBOW is an anagram of Bowel. AE, Ass is Elbow is about Ass is Eye. This is why the HORN “SAX” is a big theme. SAX is about SEX, and they want Charlies EYES “OO” Eyes to be Ass. EA. There are specific reasons why there are certain lines in the Script of this film.

The TRAIN scene is about my AMTRAK TRAIN Ride through the COLORADO ROCKIES in 1998. Connie Pecoraro wants my Childhood pictures from COLORADO to have meaning for her because it has similar letters as her name. Connie Pecoraro did a lot of her oil paintings based on Hundreds of pictures I took on this trip. TRAIN is about my LP173 LEADERSHIP TRAINING from 1997, the beginning of JOSH WOLF and CONNIE PECORARO “OM”ing and living their lives THROUGH MINE like PARASITES.

There is a scene where a man says knowing the Greenleafs OPENS “DOORS” for you. This is about the color of POT which is GREEN as in Ma POT Her. This is connected to RX Glo”RIA” Catherine Lee Pharmacist, and the Element of AIR, to have meaning for SUCking in AIR, as in Smoking POT, and getting Horney as in AIR Libra Josh Wolf SUC, the Stand Up Comic, SUCking like a Vacuum Cleaner and CUMMING. The business of POT Dispensaries in California, mainly in Los Angeles connected to this Sex Game is huge. It’s why the POTS in front of Museum Square are huge.

At the end of the movie, TOM is with Peter who forgets that he is still in the character of DICKIE, and strangles Peter to death. NECK is about SUC, as in Deep Throat, Stand Up Comic, Josh Wolf AIR Libra, with the meaning of my GOLD CLOCK, as in if “Key is Penis, Lock must be Vagina”, for it to have meaning for Gold I LOCK of HAIR. This was in the mid to late 90s when they began renovating BEVERLY HILLS City Hall and the LIBRA”RY”, the reason why this library has the ARTWORK it has, because it’s connected to this SEX GAME. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me but different year, bridges EVERYTHING about me with these people so that it can BE and have meaning for them, while RAPING and ROBBING my life. HOUSING TERROR, landlords and roommates is the “WAY” they’ve terrorized my life, while making the “WAY” for themselves THROUGH my life. Home, a place where it should be a Sanctuary, the reason why on SUNSET BLVD and DOHENY, there is a Hotel and Spa called SANTUARY, built so that MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK can have meaning for them, while they rape my life and everything SACRED about my life.

Tom Ripley never went to school with Dickie Greenleaf. Like Connie Pecoraro never got her Art Degree from SAN JOSE University, although she might’ve attended this school. It’s about her wanting my First Name SIGNATURE on BENSON to have meaning for her “SANDY*” and for the Korean Word SAN which means MOUNTAIN to have meaning for her. Same reason why Josh Wolf has “Wifey” author of JU”DY” Blume. Why would you sign your schools name on a piece of Artwork. Like her “No Name Girl” was a Dead and Abandoned Mark in 1999. But like in the movie, don’t say anything because it’s about HERN”DON” Virginia, DON which means MONEY in Korean, the reason why 9/11 WTC “FINANCIAL CENTER” Bombing is connected to this.

There are many things in this movie that I can write endlessly about, this movie is the DARK SIDE of TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER and his PUPPET to the World, Connie Maria Pecoraro, that TOM CHRISTopher Bridges is going bridge with Josh Miccha Wolf, in their CATHOLIC THEME of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, the reason why he married KATIE HOLMES in ROME ITALY.

I don’t know how long it took to film this movie, or when they finished it. But when I was arrested in APRIL 1999, the lawyer who I was referred to was name George LE”DER”MAN of CHARLES GRAVES LLP, and a name Doctor MILES SCHNIE”DER”, the prosecutor’s was name Janet GOMEZ who wore a Laven”DER” shirt to court. This is repeating pattern with APRIL 2009, EXACTLY “TEN” years later LOUIS SHAPi”RO” and JACK “RO”THBERg, “All My SONS” ART Hur MILLER and Mercedes BENz MILLER One Group. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges THROBBING RED engorged DICK of Jesus Christ the SON, for Connie PecoraRO, Reproductive Organ, DICK. “GOLD DUST”. GOLD CLOCK. 407 E. 87th St. on 707 Bridgeway.

While this is a movie with actors and make believe scenes, there is a lot of TRUTH behind it and there are reasons why there are specific lines in the scripts. It is connected to REAL LIFE events and experiences in MY LIFE.

This same Theme is still going on. I had my rent money robbed and was illegally evicted from 20360 Callon Drive Topanga in 2007 and they were playing this Tom Christopher Bridges “BOAT” with a “BLUE BURON”, which is about “bridging” my LIFE Experiences when I lived in TIBURON, going backwards for SANDRA OH who is a CHINESE DOCTOR on TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” filmed in “NOR”thridge Hospital, and wants my Father’s middle name of BAE to have meaning for Boat and P3AR shaped Ass. 20”36”O, Brett Anal Bern’s y3AR going backwards.

I transformed the Legal Pad Sketch in to a watercolor painting on my ABSTRACT Page in June 2006. Since they’ve been building on the “SKETCH” from 1997, everything about my Abstract page done in 2006 FIT what they built in Los Angeles. The reason why when I moved to Los Angeles in Oct 2006, they’ve been CLAUSTROPHIBICALLY CONTROLLING MY LIFE, EVERY MOVE, EVERY PERSON I MEET OR TALK TO, EVERY ADDRESS THAT IV’E HAD, ETC, the reason why APRIL 2009 SET UP.

This is IDENTITY Theft by Connie Pecoraro and SANDRA OH of me, my Artwork and everything about me, on a Grand Scale and it’s been going on for many years. The reason why Matt Damon made the movie series “BOURNE IDENTITY”, which is about my KOREAN NAME and it has to do with the importance of George WASHINGTON and my birthday number of “13” on the Dollar Bill. The reason why Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of “8/13” but different year, is their “WAY” of STEALING my Identity, the reason why MY LIFE HAS BEEN SABOTAGED since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, which began in Marin County, San Francisco. ALL of my CA HOUSING TERROR is connected to these people.

BP. British Petroleum. APRIL 20, 2009 “4/20/09” 924 O Wilshire Blvd ROLEX BUILDING.

4/20/10 BP Oil Spill in the GULF of Mexico.

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges B”OAT”, the TAO, Ships and CRUISES with Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” and PEAR shaped Assed going backwards with the meaning of my Father’s name Sung “BAE”.

3AR Sound “WA” “KUM” with a B”OAT” OAR.

He Bridges all the Chink Pussies Fresh off the BOAT, through Kaplan’s Study Course “TOELF”.

Fresh New ANCHOR Babies in Mathemathics of PES CAD O, FISH is PUSSY of countless sick spics SYN KROW, WORKING IN THE KITCHEN, TRA....BA.JO.

Tom Bridges millions of New Spics coming across the BORDER, looking for Sir Robert BORDEN, their Mama Ass Pussy licking Sandra OH BOGE on BRIDGE Way.

FISH is PUSSY, PES CAD O for Connie Pecoraro's CHICA CHOCHA


CONNIE PECORARO ON THE OCEAN IS THE PUS 'SEA' cut a JAR of Glass and Finish the LINE form of handcuffs on this deranged sick bitch

Have you ever seen an AN"CHO"VY FACE? it looks just like SANDRA OH FACE, is PUSEA.


JASON BOURNE Trilogy 2016, “You Know His Name”

H “IS”


Y is “O.U”,



His name, because My BOURNE identity has been built to be “L”, ELLE, in HER SHE YS Chocha Ass Pussy licking games

Sandy Wang and meaning of HAIR CUT “BOB” is NIK of Robert, in “CL” Letter C connections

Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate from Hawaii and Delivery DOCTOR name of SIN “CL” AIR

SHER “BOURNE” Street name and meaning of “FETUS”

SHER “BOURNE” CUTS THROUGH “CS” Cedars Sinai Hospital with Logo of OverLAPping OO

Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, Jeff “BEN”DER overLAPping Ass Pussy Area of “OO” creates ()

V “O” Y “A”, TAO of raping my Life in Exact “TEN” years for SANDRA OH

Sandy Wang’s Korean Name Sin “WON”
First President George Washington

Sandy Wang’s Korean Name Sin “WON” and Middle SSN “68” = White House Rapist Murder OBAMA and his CHICAgo Gang

“O” IL is a code to rob my Identity for Sandra OH
Sandra OH YEAR of 197 “ONE”
Y”EAR” sound of “O” is “OH”


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