Tiger Woods and ELIN NOR “DE” Gren

Sandy Wang's Dog and Cat in 1985 Baseball CAP and "FUR"niture Color

Sandy Wang’s PETS
Sandy Wang’s Father playing Golf “Bridge”
Sandy Wang’s CHRIST MAS picture
“CAP” on Golf Bag
Tho “MAS” “CHRIST”opher Bridges
GOLF “RHYMES” with WOLF and Matt VAN “DE” WATER at Parallel Entertainment
Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”
HP “PAC” k “ARD” rimes with LARD
Connie Mother Maria Pecoraro’s “OIL” artwork aka “LARD”
Shonda “RIMES” and Dr. CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

"PAC" ific Design Center on SAN VICENTE Blvd
where I got Hit by a Car on "11/26/09" being STALKED, the reason why TIGER WOODS life began to unravel the next day

GOLF Go at Club Med FLOrida Ed and Sandy 1992

Working with Kids at Club Med in 1992
I wore Converse Sneakers for many years

the reason why Connie Pecoraro had Title of her Oil Artwork "ED'S WINDOW"
Tom Bridges the GOLDen GAYte Bridge with Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair ED, Ellen Degeneres


Tiger’s Restaurant on CANON Drive Beverly Hills is owned by a person name “WOO JOO”

Up the street from ROLEX Building “9420” Wilshire Blvd x Canon Drive
and The MONTAGE HOTEL and Via Alloro “GOLD”
Canon Drive
GOLD Dust on “4/20/09”
BAIL Amount “3,430,000”


Black and Red door MAT
CATholiQ C "HUR" Ch, FILL LIP IN “O” Karen Mendoza “Black and Red” S wetter, not Assholes and Rectums


WOO JOO, for ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges Horney Jesus CHRIST JW Josh MIC"CHA" Wolf "going backwards"

Josh MIC"CHA" WOOOO LF fucking Chink Pussy at the Dog Park




GOLF “rimes” with WOLF. What’s Missing? “NA” in Korean means “ME”. Like George Washington, GW, What’s Missing?. The reason why Everything they’ve built is “Going Backwards”, for SANDRA PATRICIA OH, to have meaning in MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK.

GOLF is an old acronym which stands for “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”, it’s been a Men’s sport for many decades. Tom Bridges TOO JOOS BERN WOLF Bowel Ass Licking, through NumBER 360 9420, “going backwards”, because he is a Gay Male DENTIST.

The term HAND I “CAP” ped is DIRECTLY connected to the meaning of MY JOHN “HAN”COCK on the drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1982, and PAC ific De”SIGN” Center. NAM e SIGN ature. GOLF “Rhimes” with WOLF and it’s connected to JOSH WOLF on Chelsea HAND Ler show.

ThoMAS CHRISTopher BIRD ges, who has the SAME Birthday as me, bridges BIRDie PAR and HAND I CAP, with BRIDges, Crowns and CAPS on Teeth in Mouths in DENtistry, in Catholick MAThemathics of making Money. Licking 3AR sound of ASSSS terisk John HanCock CLOCK connections.

TIGERS restaurant was going to be called “LUCKY FISH” but they changed it to Tigers, they were constructing this restaurant in 2008 and opened in 2009. This restaurant is owned by a person name WOO JOO, so that JW Josh Wolf can have meaning in my Video Recording backwards with HOR PUSSIES he Fucks TWO at a Time in 3 some. OO OO TWO ASSES he Alternates back and forth. It’s about DENial Ladinsky’s “The EAR That Was Sold to a FISH” in his book “TG” The Gift, where he says “Art is a Conversation between Lovers”. Between is TWO people, more than TWO is AMONG. They PLANNED MY PREMEDITATED ARREST on “4/20/09”, number of “9420” Wilshire Blvd Rolex Building, where Josh Wolf’s Agency is, and all my Artwork in TWO Black Portfolios with over 250 Artwork was Stolen.

They’ve been building on Tiger WOODS for many years, especially because of the Video Recording of me with “WOOD”, the reason why Josh Wolf’s “fake” home address is Laurel”WOOD”. The theme of WOOD has been going on for decades because of HORSE Engraved ARTWORK I did on a piece of WOOD in 1980 at Camp. It's about the HAWAIIAN "WOODEN" Barrel in the childhood picture of me and my Father. They’ve been building on his Identity and name because of MY FATHER who was a Avid GOLFER. GOLF “RIMES” with WOLF, and they want JOSH WOLF to have meaning in My Father’s Name and Identity.

BIRDie, Par, and Handi CAP, TEE Time are a few Golf terminologies. The CAP on my Father’s Gold Bag is one of the reasons why Constantine Alexander Payne is who he is, and was married to SANDRA OH. It’s connected to Tom “BRID”ges Hubbard Lard BIRDS on BRIDGEWAY with Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “Charlies’ Find” JOSH WOLF, and Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” created by Shonda “RIMES”. So that MY Name IDENTITY, MY Artwork and My Parents Identities can be “bridged” by and have meaning for them. HandiCap Signs are everywhere, even in places where Handicap people rarely go, see the Big Blubber OIL Hanging Ass. “Wheel of Karma”.

The "TEE" Time is about the meaning of My Father who was a Gifted Musician and "TEA"CHER. CHA in Korean means TEA and the word for CAR, depending on the context you use it in. CHA syllable is in Josh Wolf's middle name Mic"CHA" but pronounced as MiKA. This is why Connie "MA"ria Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUStang "CAR", so that RexFORD Drive in Beverly Hills can have meaning for her.

TEACHERS are in Sch"OO"ls, the reason why they've been building SCHOOLS and School Campuses all throughout United States for the past 3 decades, for MY Parents Identities and MY IDENTITY to have meaning for Sandra OH, like the word SHOes and HOSpitals, ScHOols have the letters of her name. Tom Bridges TEA'cher's with meaning of my Father's Identity and Stu"DEN"ts with meaning of my Mother Identity with Connie Pecoraro Virgo the Mai"DEN". Almost every SCHOOL SHOOTINGS and MASSACRES in the last 3 decades is connected to this meaning and to SANDRA OH, who wants MY ARTWORK to have been DONE BY HER.

This meaning of "CHA" is the reason why SPANISH words are very big in this, with Sandra Oh who wants "CHO CHA" to have meaning for her because it has "OH" in it. Sandra Oh who wants to be Connie Pecoraro's "No Name GIRL" CHICA, C U LO, Tom Bridges MARI CON in CONnie MARia Pecoraro's Catholic Church Theme. Gay Ass Ball licking.

The COLOR of BURGUNDY or MAROON of my Parents Furniture is why Josh Wolf’s “WIFEY” on Myspace is wearing this color. The same reason why SANDRA OH who made “Sideways” with Alex Payne is wearing the same color. This color is everywhere in Business "AWN"inGs. The Business of SIGNS and AWNINGS is huge in Los Angeles, WANG SIN WON is my Korean name.

Businesses who are connected to this in Catholic Mathemathics of making money love the word CUSTOMER PARKING, CUS “SUC” Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF, and Virgo MAIDEN Connie Maria Pecoraro who wants the “MER”MAID House in TOPANGA to have meaning for her in SA “US” ALITO Marin County, a suburb North of San Francisco. PAR KING is about meaning of My name of WANG which means “KING” because My Father’s family lineage is of Korean Royalty, connected to GOLF Terminologies like “PAR”, BIRDie, HANDICAPPED, and TEE TIME, because GOLF “RHIMES” with WOLF, connected to SHONDA RHIMES who is the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Sandra OH as CRISTina Yang, for Connie Pecoraro’s CROWN of ROLEX building horny JESUS CHRIST JOSH WOLF. This is why EVERY “HONDA” Car Dealership are INFRINGING ON MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK TO BE SANDRA OH, through their Group Conspiracy of CathoLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horney to make Money.

The reason why a person name Michael Davis Sapir sued Tom Cruise in December 2009 and it had words like COCK SUCKER and O”MER” TA, Tom Bridges the TAO with MERMAID House oin TOPANGA with MAIDEN Virgo Connie Pecoraro, like he bridges the FIELD of “DEN”tistry. SEE CENTURY CITY.

TIGER WOODS was very busy from 2007 to 2009 being very Pious while married to Elen NOR DEGREN. Probably the SAME Types of LAS VEGAS Performing JOSH WOLF aka Horny Jesus CHRIST, who is married to a female name BETHANY.

Connie Pecoraro PSYCHO White Trash from EAST Bay Oakland, who should be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE. SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED in PRISON. TOM BRIDGES and JOSH WOLF need to be Severely Punished in GROUP CONSPIRACY that has ruined my life, so that SANDRA OH can be MY IDENTITY.

In the picture of me and Ed in 1992, he is wearing one of my favorite T Shirts from Club Med, it’s a FLAG shirt with flags from All around the World, because MY ARTWORK is being infringed Worldwide. They want My Artwork to have meaning Worldwide, as if SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO was the Artist who drew the drawings.

ED was a GOLF GO at Club Med “FLO”rida in 1992 and he is about the word GOLF which “RIMES” with WOLF. Because he is from MexicO, they want to “OM” backwards, and forwards it’s Me “X” rated “I” Eye CO as in “CO”nnie Pecoraro and her OIL painting of Jesus Christ. CO as in same sound of “KO” means NOSe in Korean, and backwards is E”SON”. OM ESON backwards. If Connie Pecoraro wants EAR Sound of words to have meaning for her, for Tom Bridges BACKWARDS with ESON, she is a Perfect Match with EARth Taurus BRETT BERN 3AR of “63” Jesus Christ in the “E”ast Coast NYC, “Charlie’s Find” CF= 36. Tom Bridges EAR Sound of OIL painting with his LEO backwards, for Hubbard Lard Blubber OIL Ass. Mexico is a CountRY. C= 3 AR sound of YR backwards. Mexicans are the people.

Whatever’s been happening in CIUDAD Mexico and many other parts of Mexico is connected to the word “DAD” in the Ciu”DAD”. It’s about Tom Bridges MY Father’s Identity with Josh Wolf and Sandra Oh, through TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, and in the same field of DENtistry, and through Connie Pecoraro Virgo the Mai”DEN” Mother Maria and her CATHOLIC OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST. “FC” Felipe Calderon, Mexican President who took office in December 2006 is connected to “Charlie’s Find”, and it’s EAR Sound of FILL LIP Eye. F u C k. Trying to RECREATE the meaning of My FAC from 1982 of Gay Male Sex into filling “PUSSY LIPS”. He is a LEO, Tom Bridges All LEOS and BRIDGES all over the world. Felipe Calderon is a DEVOUT CATHOLIC.

This is why they named a road next to MARIA Road in TOPANGA "TRI" NI DAD, because Trinidad is a Country with Black people, and it's about MY drawing of Black male BENSON DUBOIS. It's connected to Josh Wolf who went to TRInity University in SAN Antonio TX, so that the 3AR sound of TREE at Callon Drive Topanga can have meaning for him. I think they named this road Trinidad many years AFTER he graduated from this university. It's the same reason why a person name SAM HADDAD owns the "SH"ell Gas Station on Mulholland Drive next to Topanga Blvd, for Jesus Christ on page "SAM" = 3, for ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges FATHER, SON, and HOLY Spit.

My FAC from 1982, and the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, is about Gay Male Sex, the reason why TIGER WOODS was a good fit, Half Black and Half PHIL The LIPS.

This is about JOSH WOLF and whoever he’s been fucking to have meaning for Tom Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH THEME of Mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST the “SON” with doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, so that they can “own” the Meaning of my First Artwork Collection from 1982 through their Catholic and Jewish Synagogue Theme. For the meaning of EAR Sound of my first name SIGNature on Benson with an “ASS”terisk “Sandy *”.

The POPE is Pope BENedict, because of the BENSON drawing I did in 1982. The REASON why I was set up with Premeditated Arrest and WRONGFULLY Kept in Jail for 5 months, because of Mercedes “BEN”z, so that with their Jesus Christ the SON, they can have meaning in this Powerful drawing I did as a child, and they want MY NAME SIGNATURE “SANDY *” on this drawing to have meaning for them and BE them, to have been done by SANDRA PATRICIA OH, who always attaches herself to the name “NIK”.

TIGER is a “CAT”. Tiger is the name of a Road in TOPANGA. TOPanga is the reason why Tom Cruise made the film “TOP Gun”. TIGER is the reason why there was an image of a Tiger on the FLAG in the movie “LAST SAMURAI”, which is connected to THE PICTURE of me and the black girl with the Japanese Calendar on the Wall. The reason why a Japanese female name SARA S. LUM moved into 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, before Todd Cummings bought the property in 2004. Her father is a "DEN"tist.

In the Last Samurai, Tom Cruise is Nathan “ALGREN”. The “Gren” in this name is connected to PHIL “GREN”ville in the movie “Midnight Hour” with Lee Montgomery. Grenville is connected to CHARLEville Blvd in Beverly Hills. Gren has the same letters as the word GREEN. The Connection of the Color GREEN goes back many years, to the picture of me and my father sitting in front of the Twin Towers, and the Green Prom dress picture of me and Gloria Lee from St. Vincent Ferrer High School. It’s the Main Color “Connection” of JOSH WOLF and CONNIE PECORARO.

Tiger’s Parents are Black and PHILippino. I think Connie Pecoraro’s father’s name is PHIL Pecoraro. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme is a GROUP Conspiracy of LEOnardo Da Vinci Code. Her Jesus Christ is based on my childhood CHRIST MAS Picture of me and my Mom and my dog Frenchy combined with the Theme of “Midnight Hour” to have meaning as HOURGLASS ASS Conspiracy. The reason why the color TURN BULL is connected to this, the same color of my MOTHER’S shirt. Based on this picture, her Jesus Christ is a GAY JESUS looking at “3” shape Gay Ass and “OO” Hanging Balls below.

Tiger being Half PHILIPPINO and Black is about my drawing of BENSON, Robert Guillaume, which is about Gay Male Sex, but with people from the PHILIPPINES, you Fill LIPS, Fill Lip in “O”, as in Tom Bridges "TB" Tool Boxes, PHILIPS ScreW Driver, with GREEN "SW" Station Wagon Driving Connie Pecoraro, so that she can have meaning in the Letters on Upper Left of the Computer Keys "SWA".

People in the PHILIPPINES think Connie Maria Pecoraro was the Artist who did the First Artwork Collection I DID in 1982. It's connected to TWO Philippine females I knew, Karen Mendoza and Marla King. MARLA KING is a DENtist who works with Fred Kastenbaum in NYC. “FK” FucKING MARia in LA.

They’ve been building this theme with GOLF rhymes with WOLF for many years because MY Father was an avid Golfer, connected to my friend from Club Med FLOrida in 1992 name “ED” who worked as a GOLF GO. It’s the reason why Sick RAPIST with a RAPE RECORD, BRETT BERN, who I dated for 2 weeks in NYC in 1997, took me and his friends David ROSENBLOOM and his girlfriend Michelle to VERMont and stayed at a place called HER mitage Inn. They played a lot of GOLF. TOO SICK JOOS who love their MAMA VERmont, VIRGO Connie Pecoraro, which is connected to VERMONT Street L Ron HuBBard Ear sound of BIRD, SCIENTOLOGY Center in Hollywood.

Disturbed PSYCHO Mother in the SHOWER PECORARO, her sick JEWish Son Jesus Christ OIL painting “Charlies’ Find”, the reason for YEARS of RAPING OF MY LIFE.

They want the "S"WETTER Design of My first boyfriend Stephen Garrison, and their Architecture KEY HOLE Designs to have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro, THROUGH TOM BRIDGES "Black and Red" Sweater Design KAREN MENDOZA is wearing, and for her Identity to have meaning in CATHOLIC Church Theme, because we went to the same school. MARLA King, is about connecting the Connie Pecoraro's middle name of MARIA, and the meaning of my Korean Name "WANG" which means KING. It's about their CATHOLIC Theme of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money through suKING licKING and fucKING. While Repeatedly Robbing and Raping from my life, and compensating for a Delusional sick bitch on Bridgeway who needs to "OM" with Many Other People to Equal ONE of me.

This is why BLACK and RED Color, like Turn Bull has become very popular. Color of DOOR "MAT", because it's about the Black and Red color in the picture of me and MATT Smith. MAT as in MAT HE MAThics of CATHOLIC Theme and are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money.

Tiger and Elin’s children’s names are CHARLIE and SAM. SAM in Korean means “3” which is about Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of Catholic theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the Son “CHARLIE”S Find”, which is based on the CHRIST “MAS” childhood picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my mother. She named it CHARLIE because it’s about my Charlie Brown Clear Glass SNOOPY DOG BANK I had for many years with Coins and Bills from all over the world. It’s connected to are you “PI”ous and Horney to make MONEY, their marriage is a Business Deal, very similar to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marriage. Like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

CHARLES “SAM”uel is the name of a murderer who killed LILY BURK last Summer in 2009 while I was Wrongfully Held Captive in LA County Jail for 5 months. A lot of People died while I was Wrongfully Detained. LILY FLOwer is the Tattoo I have on my lower back, and BURk is about RUB ber Toy in the Dubbed Video Recording of me. Lily Burke was picking up some papers for her mother at SOUTHWESTERN Law School, this area of Los Angeles is near MAC”ART”HUR Park. She was found on ALAMEDA St. LA County Jail is on Alameda Street. SW Law School is near Businesses with Specific Business names next to Westmoreland and Rampart Street, which is connected to Jasmine Fiore murder and Ryan Jenkins suicide. “BYRD” BILLINGS Murder in FLOrida is connected to Tom BRIDges Hubbard Lard Blubber BIRD Ass with My Video Recording. FLOrida has W”OLF” name backwards, and it’s Horney Jesus Christ Licking and Fucking Hor Holes, while I was Wrongfully Held Captive.

“RON” is about L “RON” HUBBARD and the Ear Sound of “SIGN”tology of MY First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON from 1982.

“NOR”thridge “HO”spital is one of the many hospitals in Los Angeles county. This Hospital is a “Connecting Dot” Point with SANDRA OH, who plays a Chinese Doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy”, which is filmed in SEPULVEDA VA Hospital in LA. NORthridge Hospital ADDRESS is MY Birthday number, same number as TOM BRIDGES birthday. It’s about robbing MY IDENTITY from the “CRADLE to the GRAVE”, the reason why Rebecca Demornay made the film “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”.

It’s a Big MONEY Making Conspiracy based on my FAC from 1982, the meaning of my name Signature, and my Second Current Artwork Collection, to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH. Sandra Oh needs to “OM” herself to many people I knew, especially from St. Vincent Ferrer High School, GLORIA LEE, GRACE NAVAS and LISA CINT”RON” being the main people. Gloria Lee is a Pharmacist and there is something going on in the industry of Pharmaceutical Drugs and Naming them. Sandra Oh’s mother is connected to the Business of Biotech companies or Pharmaceutical drugs.

The name NOR “DE” GREN, is about the “DE” in the name. It’s about “OM”ing the dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of me to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH’s Ass or Connie Pecoraro. This VR is the basis of many things and it is PRICELESS. Through the name CHRIS “DE” WOLFE, who created Myspace in 2003, CATHOLIC Theme of Mary and Jesus CHRIST, and Josh Mic”CHA” WOLFE playing the role of Jesus Christ. DE is about my Mexican Friend name “ED” from Club Med, who was a “GOLF” Go. RON is Hubbard LARD. Through NAMES, they want my VR and MY Wet Vagina on “WOOD” to have meaning for LARD OIL ASS.

This Japanese Restaurant on Canon Drive, just up the Street from Josh Wolf’s agency “Parallel Entertainment” on 9240 Wilshire Blvd, used to be called “LUCKY FISH” but they changed it to “TIGER”. GOLF rhymes with WOLF, and the connection is the pictures of my Father playing Golf. Catholic Theme of the HOLY TRINITY, FATHER SON and HOLY SPIT. They want my Father’s Identity to be “bridged” by TOM BRIDGES with Josh Wolf to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro because he is wearing a CAP and there is a BRIDGE in this picture of my father. WO ods LF. Lucky Fish.

They want Sandy Wang and Lee Montgomery’s Identities and their Powerful Life Story to have meaning for and be Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro.

This is why JOSH WOLF fucked a Chinese Pussy at Laurel Canyon Park who has a BEAGLE DOG name JAKE, the dog park where I met him. Because TOM CHRISTopher Bridges TAO is the WAY on “BRIDGEWAY” Sausalito with Connie Pecoraro, THROUGH the Chinese Pussy Josh Wolf fucked, because TAO is the Way. It’s about having my father’s middle name meaning of PEAR B”OAT” backwards, with TAO B Pear Shaped Ass. He Fucked a Chinese Pussy who “SHOWED him the WAY”, because it’s connected to the SONG Lyrics of “Hotel California” by the EAGLES. The REASON why I as Set Up in April 2009 with MERCEDES BENZ, so that SANDRA OH can BE MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her and for my name Signature on BENSON to be her, THROUGH Sik HOR DICK JOSH WOLF and his CHINESE GRILL PUSSY GIRL Friend. The reason why I was WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA COUNTY Jail in the MENTAL HEALTH DEPT.

Josh Wolf’s son Jacob’s Mother is a THAI Female. Jacob’s birthday is 3/17 St. Patricks Day, the Color of GREEN. The same number as my Leadership Training LP “173” 1997, he was Born during MY 6 Month Training in 1997. Josh Wolf is a MAPOTHER MOTHER, who loves Thai and Chinese Pussies for TOM CRUISE Mother “MOM” = Body Gayme.

Tiger Woods SUV crashing into a Tree, the event which unraveled his life, is related to me being Hit by a Car on Thanksgiving Night at around 7 pm on San Vicente Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood Nov 26, 2009. This was from the corner of “PAC”ific “DE”SIGN Center. PAC is about the CAP on MY FATHER’S Golf Bag, DE is connected to Nor “DE” Gren and my friend ED, and SIGN is about name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON Dubois from 1982. PDC has been around for decades but since the 80’s they’ve been building, changing, and recreating for this center to have meaning for SANDRA OH, as if She DREW the DRAWings.

Just up the street is a street called CYNTHIA Street where the WH Fire Station “7” is located. Cynthia is about a Blonde Hair Dentist I had worked with in San Francisco name CYNTHIA STEPHENSON, which is about Sandra Oh who wants Tom Bridges who as the same birthday as me, to bridge her with MY Identity and My First boyfriend of 5.5 years STEPHEN Garri”SON”. This is connected to her agency UTA on Wilshire Blvd which is across the street from BVL”GARI” on Wilshire Blvd and RODEO Drive is a Multimillion dollar upscale Business, next to Tiffany and Co and a Business called “STEPHEN WEBSTER”.

CHA in Korean means Two things CAR and TEA, and they want MY Father who was a Gifted MUSician and TEA Cher, to have meaning for and be “bridged” by Tom Bridges Connie Maria Pecoraro who modeled for a Ford MUStang CAR, so that TEA C “HER” can have meaning for Ear Sound of HELen Keller T”OM” Cruise Mapot HER Fourth. TEE Time.

A young 20 something yr old BLONDE HAIR female Hit me while I was crossing the street. The Identities of these people in the car that hit me are connected to JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH, constantly having people following me and stalking me.

Tiger Woods is about the picture of my dog and a white cat I took around 1985. There is a Golf Bag with a baseball cap in the background. My father was an avid golfer, he won a Hole in One trophy once. Fishing was also his lifelong passion. He is also in a picture where there is a little “bridge” where he is playing Golf and Tom Christopher Bridges all bridges.

Look at pictures of all of Tiger's mistresses, almost all of them are BLONDE Hair Busty females. This is CONNECTED to “GOLD DUST” GOLD Stream Way written on the Police Report by Beverly Hills officer DuFOUR in April 2009. I think Tiger had all these affairs during last summer in 2009 while I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail. I think after fucking the Chinese Pussy from the dog park in MAY 2009, Josh Wolf was fucking a YOUNG Jung Dung GOLD iLOCK of Hair LEO White Pussy, so that my "CARL Jung" and my ABSTRACT Page Artwork, MY LEO Birthday can have meaning for them, through a Fag name Tom CHRISTopHER Bridges. SIK HOR DICKs AND HOR CUNTS DON'T HAVE LOCKS and KEYS.

Elin "NOR" DE GREN is from SWEDEN, for Tom Bridges “SW” computer Keys on the Upper Left with Virgo the Mai”DEN” Connie Maria Pecoraro in her Catholic theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the Son “CHARLIE’S FIND”, named this based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture and because of my CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy Dog BANK I had for many years. The reason why they named THEIR SON “CHARLIE”. It’s why Tiger Woods also has property in NORth CARolina. Because the word “CAR” is about the Korean word “CHA” which means CAR and TEA and it’s about my FATHER who was a Gifted Musician and a TEA C”HER”, the reason why the judges name for my 20 Shelley Drive MV GORDON MacDONALD case was set up with the judges name of ROY CHERNUS, SUNg Bae is My father name.

This is connected to the word HO "NOR" as in all the "JU"dges with SPECIFIC Names who were set up for my cases, for me to lose when I should've won. It's why they opened a new "HONOR BAR" next to So. Beverly GRILL Restaurant on Beverly Drive in 2010, to Honor and Celebrate the RAPING of MY LIFE. Because the word “HO”NOR” has Sandra “OH” name in it backwards, like “HO”rse, “HO”use, “HO”mosexual, “HO”micide, they’ve been building for meaning of JUDGES Names to have meaning for SANDRA OH. It’s connected to the First US Supreme Court Justice name SANDRA “DAY” O’CONNOR, and there is more details about this in Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork page, which is very closely connected to George “C” Page.

Why was TIGER WOODS married to this gorgeous GOLD I LOCK of Blonde HAIR female with a specific name? believe it or not, the name NOR de “GREN” is about the word NEGR”O”. It’s about MY Pencil Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, meaning of My Name SIGNature on this drawing of “SANDY” with “OO” made with letter S of my name. This is why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIE has rings of OO around his eyes, her Catholic Theme Oil Artwork is a Fraud, created to ROB the meaning of My First Name SIGNature on my BLACK Male NEGRO PENCIL Drawing from 1981, of BENSOND DUBOIS, HOLDing a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in a “O”. The REASON why Ellen named one of her children CHARLIE.

GOLD I “LOCK” of HAIR, this is about meaning of MY SIGN of LEO, Metal of “GOLD”, and MY Writings of “KEY to My SOUL” from 1982, if Key is Penis, then “LOCK” must be vagina. It’s about MY GOLD CLOCK in the shape of “OO” and folds into a “O”, connected to MY Name SIGNature of “OO”, and the Eye inside the “O” of the magnifying glass of my pencil drawing from 1981. They’ve been building for all the above meaning from MY LIFE and MY ART to be about BLOND H”AiR” Females, all connected to the word H”AIR”. For meaning of MY Name SIGNature of “Sandy” with “OO” made with letter “S” to be about Blond Hair females, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MICCHA WOLF fucking ASS and TITS “OO OO”, the reason why he went to School in “TEXAS”. SEX with T and A.

It’s about the word CO”LOR” B”LAC”K S”KIN” NEGR”O”. All built GOING BACKwards, as if SANDRA “OH” is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my black male pencil drawing from 1981, through the word S”KIN”, as if it’s her NIK Name.


LIN is also about the college I went to in BROOK “LYN”, and the picture of my first boyfriend Stephen and me in front of the Brooklyn BRIDGE. Tom BRIDGES the Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate BRIDGE because it’s in his name. It’s why the BECKHAMS named one of their sons BROOKLYN.

There are Lots of street names and People’s names with the syllable of “LYN” including a street in West”WOOD” called “LYN”BROOK. LYN is Jennifer Lopez’s middle name. Tom Bridges the BROOK”LYN” Bridge picture of me and my first boyfriend Stephen, with the Beverly Hills Library, while they ROB MY ARTWORK and WRONGFULLY Detain and “LOCK” me in LA County Jail “LYN” WOOD. Deeply Disturbing and SOCIOPATHIC. West”WOOD” is where UCLA Campus is located and this School Campus is all about SANDRA OH “OM”ing with other people’s names, so that MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK can BE HER.

Pay Attention, this is going to LOCK SANDRA OH IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

“PAM” Mc “LAUGH” LIN letter to me in 2002
“MAP”le Drive and meaning of “407” Gold C “LOCK” connection, see LEAF STAMP in front of MB
Sandra Oh and “GREEN LEAF” around her MOK AGE

“LYN” or “LIN” connections and reason why Sandy Wang was Wrongfully “LAUGH” “LOCK”ed in LYN wood County Jail in 2009

NOR is connected to creating meaning “Going Backwards”, and it’s about HO”NOR” as in Judges Names, as if SANDRA OH is My Nik Name SIGNature going BACKwards, and “OO” is the FORM of her ASS through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO”, the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s anatomy”. Meaning of My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO” and a ‘ASSSS’terisK Key * on the letter Y, is the REASON why SANDRA OH got Plastic Ass Implants. It’s the REASON why this sick actress went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

It’s connected to DENial Ladinsky, in "NOR"the CARolina, and his poem published in 1999 "The EAR That was Sold to a Fish" in his book “TG” The GIFT. DANIEL LADINSKY IS ENERGETICALLY A " PEDOPHILE RAPIST". His translated poems are based on MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for and DONE by Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh, to have meaning in their CATHOLIC Church Theme of Mother Mary and Sick Hor dick JESUS CHRIST.

There is something going on in "NOR"th CAROLINA. PHIL and CAROLINE I think are Connie Pecoraro's Parents Names. Daniel Ladinsky lives in NORth CARolina. "NOR"th is about using this Word to Create meaning "going backwards". It's about SANDRA OH who wants to be the Artist who "DREW" the "DRAW"ings, who is from CANADA, Up North, Going Left to Right Must be TITS up HIGH. US Horizontal Flag, of Whore Pimping for EARth Connie Pecoraro and her Prostitution Ring on Bridgeway, in their CATHOLIQ Church theme of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money. Wif"EY", Maria Car"EY", Dudl"EY" Kitty, Your'e MON"EY". Hern"DON" Virginia Dead and Aban"DON"ed Mark of FRAUD and Conspiracy.

"NOR" and "WOODS" is about having my name initials of SW + OH = SHOW, for Sandra Oh's "Grey's Anatomy" TV Show, and for the Video Recording on "WOOD" of the "Gay Space", View of my Ass, and Wet Vagina to BE SANDRA OH. It was Dubbed with a BIG OIL BLUBBER ASS so that the "FORM" of Big Hanging Pear Ass can Be Sandra Oh. It's SICK and Beyond Soul Raping.

NORTHWOODS BLVD is a street name in Lake Tahoe where I snowboarded for several Winter Seasons. Snowbo"ARD" is made of WOOD Core, and Sandra Oh wants ME and MY Experiences in Lake Ta"HO"e to BE HER and have meaning for her. TRUCKEE and Tahoe DONNER are places I've spent many weekends from 2002-2005.

It isn’t just Tiger Woods and Elin Nor De Gren, it’s many couples all of a sudden getting divorced. EVA LONGORIA and TONY PARKER, “Gluttony”, SANDRA BULLOCK and JESSE JAMES. Jenny McCARthy and Jim CARrey, CHRISTina Aguilera and JORDAN Bratman, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, SCARlett Johannsen and Ryan Reynolds, ETC. They are all connected to ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY because the TAO is the Way with disturbed actress SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” who wants people to think she DREW the DRAWings of MY First Artwork Collection from 1982, through their CATHOLIC Theme of Jesus CHRIST Hor Dick JOSH MICCHA WOLF. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, except they aren’t getting divorced but doing “Light in ISREAL”. They are cheating on these women with other females and it’s connected to HOR DICK JOSH WOLF aka Jesus Christ licking fucking Hor Cunts. BLIND leading the BLONDES.

GOLF rhymes with WOLF. Tom CHRIST "O" Pher Bridges, Josh Wolf with the "CAP" on my father's Golf Bag, and the BRIDGE next to a Golf Course. The Business of GOLF, twisting of Words and creating Brand names in GOLF products, to have MY FATHER'S Identity to have meaning for and BE, Sandra Oh's Father is big. This Sick Delusional Actress's ENTIRE ACTING CAREER and her ENTIRE LIFE is about having MY IDENTITY BE HER and for my Father's Identity to be her father, THROUGH SICK HOR DICK JOSH WOLF, who thinks he has meaning in my FAC from 1982 and my Father's Identity.

CAP on Golf Bag is connected to Sandra Oh marrying "CAP" Constantine Alexander Payne. Alexander is connected to Alexander Avenue Exit in Sausalito which takes you to BRIDGEWAY.

The reason why SHONDA RIMES created “Grey’s Anatomy”. Rimes, Rhymes.

This Color Couch, Maroon, Burgundy, Merlot, etc, at my parents house many years ago is the reason why Sandra Oh is seen wearing this color many times, one of the reasons why her and Alexander Payne made the movie "Sideways", color of "PINO", it's the reason why in the last few years Businesses with this AWNinG color is everywhere in Los Angeles.

Couch like CHAIR is FURniture, FUR sounds like FER as in San Fernando Valley, where Josh Wolf lives, and Sandra Oh wants San “FERN” and “OH” Valley to have meaning for her because of the picture of MY PARENTS, the Hawaiian BARREL on Top of the LIQuor Cabinet and the FERN Plant in my Prents Picture. It's about THO MAS CHRISTo FUR Bridges the childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and all the EAR Sound of PHER FUR FIR FER for HER HUR HIR.

It's the same reason why Josh Wolf's Wifey is wearing this color dress, in pictures on his Myspace page. WIFEY is a book title by JUDY BLUME. Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University which is a FRAUD. With her “SAN” and his Ju”DY” Blume, they have my First name SIGNature on BENSON Drawing. Why would you sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did.

I did this very detailed Pencil Drawing of Benson holding a Magnifying Glass in 1982, I don't know when Pecoraro graduated or if she even graduated with a ART Degree at all, her Art Degree is a FRAUD. It's just so she can have meaning in my name of "SAN"DY and the Korean Word for SAN which is Mountain, so she can have meaning in, and create images of her "No Name Girl" based on My CHILDHOOD Pictures of me standing on the Mountain in Korea, to have meaning for SANDRA OH.

In 1998 while living in NYC, I took GOLF LESSONS at "CHELSEA PIERS" in downtown NYC on the Lower West Side. This was a brand new "Recreational Facility" they were building at the time.

Ellen Nordegren is a very pretty Blonde Hair female. This is about my GOLD CLOCK and my WRITINGS from 1982, "KEY to my SOUL", if Key is Penis, Lock Must be Vagina. Because JOSH WOLF is "AIR" Libra, they want MY GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for GOLD i LOCK OF HAIR as in Blonde Hair. This is connected to JOSH WOLF who is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show. This Gold CLOCK brand name was "LIVINGSTON", and Chelsea Handler is from Livingston New Jersey. It's the reason why Connie Maria Pecoraro does Oil paintings of "CHANDELIERS". A Chandelier has LIGHT BULBS and since it's chandelEEEER, its about the Sound of Cellu "LITE" as in BLUBBER, which is also a title of a book by JUDY BLUME, my favorite childhood author. There is a street in San Fernando Valley called CHANDLER Blvd.

I used to go to Summer Camp in the early 1980’s, which was near Livingston New Jersey, it's where I won all my Trophies. “CL”.

CHELSEA is a Street name in SANTA MONICA, a Chelsea Avenue intersects with a very short CHELSEA PLACE near Santa Monica Blvd. EUCLID is a Street name in Santa Monica and both are connected to Connie Pecoraro's Catho "LICK" Church Theme of MAT HE MAT HICS, and are you "PI"ous Religous and Horney to make Money based on the EUCLIDean Algorithm. Lick or Taste in Korean is "MAT". H = "OO".

Sandra Oh was dating a Musician name Andrew FEATHER"STON". This is connected to Heath Ledgers movie "FOUR FEATHERS". F"e"ATHER. They've given Josh Wolf the meaning of MY FATHER'S Identity and MY LIFE has been REPEATEDLY RAPED so that Sandra OH can have meaning in MY IDENTITY and through Josh Wolf MY FATHER'S IDENTITY.

Brett Bern, the sick Sociopath in NYC who I dated for a few weeks, is a Contractor and he renovated BILL CLINTONS office in Harlem. Bill and Hillary's daughter's name is CHELSEA. I think they knew about Daniel Ladin"SKY" long before I ever found out.

This all goes back many years, and it goes DEEP into the way how the GOVERNMENT'S JUDICIAL SYSTEM is Set up, which I will write about in another page. Because Josh Wolf is a JEW, it sounds like "JU" and JUdges Names are a big Part of this. They are known as your "HO" "NOR". It's the reason why the JUdges names in my GOR"DON" Macdonald 20 Shelley Drive case was Set Up, JUdge ROY C"HER"NUS. It's the reason why JUdge JAY FORD was set up in my 20360 Callon Drive Case.

Air LIBRA, symbol is the "JUSTICE SCALES".

The CONNECTION of all these people's names to be Bridged by a Fag name TOM BRIDGES on Bridgeway with CATHOLIC Church OIL Artwork of Connie Pecoraro, is connected to PAYNE STEWART'S Death on October 25, 1999 Learjet 35 aircraft (N47BA) near ORLANDO "FLO"rida. "EAR" "35" and NAB "407 E 87" Gold Clock.

On July 5 2008 EDWARD “PI” E “RON”, student of University of Miami was found slain in his Living Room and found in a POOL of BLOOD. During this time, I didn’t know it, but through MAIL Fraud by Public Storage facility in Canoga Park, my Very Valuable Property was being SOLD ILLEGALLY to a person with an email address of “RON” J REY @aol.com. This was about SANDRA OH who wants my Artwork and Everything about me to BE HER, the reason why my property was stolen. J REY, G”REY’S anatomy. JaGy in Korean means Penis, and Sandra Oh, through Hor Cunts that Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF has been fucking, wants MY FATHER’S Identity and his Penis size of 8 inches, with my Watercolor Artwork titled “DOUBLE LEO” which looks like a Penis to have meaning for her.

PIE RON, PIE is about the “E”yes of Jesus Christ on page “3” on the Lower Right corner of Connie Pecoraro’s website, micro of the macro of the US MAP as in “FLO”rida, and “PI” is about the symbol in MATHEMATHICS. Their CATHOLIC Church Theme is based on MY Childhood pictures and my Korean Name WANG written in Korean Characters, and through BUSINESSES based on MY IDENTITY, to have meaning for them, in are you “PI”ous religious and Horney to make Money.

I sounds like Eye, the reason why EAR Sound of words is connected to everything they’ve built, for Italian Connie Pecoraro. P in Korean means BLOOD. I think the reason why he was slain in the LR Living Room was because going backards, Edw”ARD” Pieron’s name would have meaning for San”DRA” OH and connie “PE”coraro going backwards. These two sick psychobitches who want EVERYTHING about me and my life to BE THEIRS, are connected to so many Homicides I will never be able to catch up with “DECODING” all of them.

This picture I took of my dog and cat circa 1985 is the reason why they made the film “The Truth about Cats and Dogs” which I haven’t seen, with Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise Mapother’s favorite Blonde Actress, “There’s Something about Mary” CUM in H “AIR”, CALLON DRIVE. I think the Blonde Hair female in the Porn Film at 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga was name MARIA.

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges CAT holiQ C HUR ch Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ on BRIDGEWAY. CAT is a recurring name, I think because it’s Josh Wolf’s Mother’s Name, KATHERINE. The reason why Connie Pecoraro has a CAT name Dudl”EY”. The reason why they recreated “Variations on a Theme” with “MIDNIGHT HOUR” because I think Connie Pecoraro’s father’s name is PHIL. The reason why she asked me to go to C OM ET Club on FILL more Street when I met her, for “CF” Charlie’s Find.

It’s the “RON” Connections, the W”RON”G Connections.

GOLF, GULF, WOLF “OU”. The meaning of Wolframite Scheelite is connected to Cellu LITE BULB, and Syl”VAN”ia is a LIGHT Bulb company, this is connected to Syl VANia lane next to Callon Drive Topanga. The reason why everything to them is about the EAR Sound of words.

The reason why BP Oil Spill occurred in the GULF EXACTLY ONE Year since my Premeditated Arrest and Wrongfully Detained in Jail. LOUIS Shapiro crooked Public Defender at the Beverly Hills Court responsible for declaring me as a “Mentally Incompetent” person, the sick fucking EXCUSE to Keep me in Jail, with a Bail Amount of $3,430,000.

BIRDIE, Grab Big “PAC” kard Lard Ass with your HANDS, and Fill More “PAR” CH “ED” LIPS.

EVERYTHING about TIGER WOODS is connected to WEST WOOD in Los Angeles, UCLA Campus, and what they've been building for the last 3 decades for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she drew my drawings from 1982, connected to Sandra Oh as "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" set in Seattle Grace MERCY MERCY MERCY "WEST" HOSPITAL. “GO” West, “LF” is the West, GOLF RIMES with WOLF, every BUSINESS in SANTA MONICA the ‘BEACH’, the edge of the Continent is the “WEST”, is connected to creating MEANING for MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, and to have meaning for her TV SHOW “GREYS ANATOMY” in MATHemathics of making MONEY.

SHONDA RIMES has a office on LOS FELIZ Blvd, which turns into Western Avenue in Korea Town. FELIZ NAVIDAD in Spanish means MERRY CHRISTMAS. Los Feliz. “LF”. There is the Mother MARY Statue on Wilshire Blvd x Ocean Avenue in front of F”AIR”MONT Hotel. Wilshire Ocean. LF + WO = WOLF, Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, Constance Pecoraro’s sick jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie. Reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle “WA”. Washington Seattle, where JOSH WOLF used to live before moving to CA.

Tiger Woods and new girlfriend LINSEY VONN in March 2013
they’ve twisted for meaning of My JOHN HANCOCK, My Name SIGNature to be about BLACK S”KIN” and GOLD I LOCK of Blonde H”AIR”,
and all AIR CHAIR HAIR STAIR connections

meaning of SANDY WANG’S First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on BLACK male ROBERT Guillaume from 1981
meaning of Sandy Wang’s JOHN HAN”COCK” on this drawing
Sandy Wang’s GOLD C”LOCK” from 1990’s
Pea COCK CLOCK “LOCK” connections

GOLD I LOCK of Blonde H”AIR” meaning
meaning of B”LAC”K CO”LOR” S”KIN” see “AIR” LIBRA Josh “WOLF” Rimes with GOLF in CAP S”KIN”

John HAN”COCK” and MANOS means HAND in Spanish
LINDSEY, LIN “SEA” and AIR connections
meaning of “LYN” connections

Lind”SEA” VONN, and “KAT” VONN D’s store on “LAB”rea
KAT HOL IC MAThemathics of making MONEY

Sandy Wang’s Father’s GOLF BAG and “CAP”
GOLF BALL shaped Lamps at “PAC” ific DC

“AIR” is an Element
Barack Obama’s WHITE MOTHER
Barack Obama’s Delivery DOCTOR of David SIN CL”AIR”

SUMMARY of BLACK S”KIN” COLOR Conspiracy through “GREEN” connections and Danielle MARQUIS



Sandy and MATT in Black and Red

Sandy's Parents

Sandy Wang’s childhood CHRIST “MAS” picture


GOLD meaning in Astrology and my Artwork

Charlie Brown Snoopy dog Bank

Wang in Korean Characters

“PI” symbol “TT” in MAT He MAT Hics

meaning of US Presi"DEN"ts for Mother Mary Virgo the Mai"DEN"

Midnight Hour "PHIL"ip in “O” and “GREN” ville

CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS of X Rated Video Recording on W”OO”D

Sandy Wang Dave PECK and Lake Tahoe "NOR"TH "SHO"re

meaning of HAND in the word HAND I CAP

Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and Title 18 of US Codes



Tom CHRISTopher Bridges “8/13/72”

who should be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE

George Dubya Bush

11/26/09 SAN VICENTE Blvd x Santa Monica Blvd HIT by a CAR

Hit by Car documents FILL More P "USS" Y LIPS for JeSUS

PACific DE SIGN Center

Cynthia Street and The DESMOND on San Vicente Blvd 1 block North of PDC


BIRDS Restaurant

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges 8/13 and Hewlett “PAC” kARD BIRD

BROOK “LYN” Bridge picture of Sandy and Stephen

Tiger is a “CAT” CATHOLIC CHURCH OIL paintings and Jewish Syangogue MEAT


Josh Wolf’s agency in ROLEX Building is a HAR”WOOD” International Premiere Property across the street from Cohen and Je "SSUP"

This Mother Fucker needs to be LOCKED in PRISON, STILL creating meaning for “WJ”

"BAN" Ks and "NARA" Bank in Korea Town Los Angeles

Korean BANKS in Korea Town “GOLF BALLS” and GOLF Driving Range

“8/13” Connections


BRETT BERN with a RAPE Record who should get the DEATH PENALTY like SCOTT PETERSON

GREEN Connections

Gloria CATherine Lee AIR Gemini RX Pharmacist

Sandra Oh “FATHER”

CAP Constantine Alexander Payne

PAYNE S te W "ART" GOLFer's death in 1999


SERRANO and 6th Street in Korea Town BUSINESSES

“RA” Couples Divorce


my Father the TEAC”HER” with BUSINESS NAMES TEUSC”HER” Jesus CHRISTS on Camden Drive

WEST WOOD and Napa Grill "NG", what's missing? "WA" for Sandra Oh on Grey's Anatomy set in Seattle WAshington

Public Storage in Canoga Park and “RON” J “REY”

NOR Connections

DE Connections

“GOLD” Dust “GOLD” Stream Way APRIL 2009

LA County Jail in “LYN” WOOD

TMZ 5/14/10

EAR Sound of Words and "NOR"th CAROLina

BP Oil Spill 4/20/10 EXACTLY ONE year Later from my Premeditated Arrest

"Fresh AIR with Sheep" GRILL Restaurants


FRAUD DOCUMENTS and JU dges names

Wif”EY” Mariah Car”EY” Dudl”EY” Kitty Cumming Soon !

SOHO NY, what’s missing? “R”

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