Venice Beach

DUSTin THOMASon discovery in Nov 2012

meaning of DOCTORS
Constance Pecoraro and "METRO" Train Crash connection
Giant POTS on Museum Rowe
POT Dispensaries

AIR Chair Stair Hair connections
enter the 2010 "RABBIT HOLE" to see a Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH who should be LOCKED in Prison for Life

BENice is about the P's and F's, the GZ and the RL's, in Engrish with Accent, Bye PHIL, FILL, PIL
It's something I wrote in my Catholic High School graduation Yearbook in 1987 to Gloria Lee,
and they've been building AS IF MY IDENTITY at St. VINCENT FERRER is SANDRA OH

BE NICE in VENICE, for JUSTICE TIME is here, DON'T be SWeet like 'SHOE'gar COATed poison

H "OT TO" O = Sandra "OH" Backwards, to have meaning in MY KOREAN Name WANG in Korean Characters
through T "HO" MAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me of "8/13", THROUGH the Vehicle of Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Church theme,
AS IF Sandra Oh is MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA 1979, AS IF she was MY NAME, IDENTITY and she "drew" my ARTWORK

Sandy Wang's Catholic High School Graduation Yearbook Picture in 1987
WANG in Korean characters looks like "TO TO"
Sandy Wang's Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979 and "PI" connections

"SWEET" connections in sound of "SHOE"gar
T HO Mas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me 8/13
bridges SANDRA OH, through Constance "MARIA" Pecoraro's OIL Artwork of Jesus "CHRIST"
Sandra Oh who says she was born in "OT TO WA" Canada
Sandra Oh is a DISTURBED PSYCHO who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and my Portrait Drawing
"OO" "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy"
Sandra Oh needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE

Me RUV U Rong Time and new NEW REESE on Life!


MALIA MARIA Engrish with Accent
HAIR CHAiR ST"AIR" all the "AiR" connections they BUILT, connected to David SIN CL"AIR" isnt my issue or problem MALIA MARIA EisA

If you AK real NICE and SWEET you can go with JESUS


Medical Dispensary in this building 1811 Ocean Front Walk in 2007
SAME Building Same Dispenary in 2010 in Venice Beach MUScle Beach GYM and ARCHITECTURE connections
Connie Pecoraro METRO and “Metro Train Crash” in 2008


VENICE, BENICE, JUST “ICE” Scales symbol of AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF who wants MY Writings and MY FAC from 1982 to have been DONE by Virgo Maiden Connie Maria Pecoraro, through their CATHOLIC Theme

Sandy Wang’s FAC and Writings from 1982, Neil Diamond Pen Ink Drawing
Neil Diamond
Neil Patrick Har RIS
AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf Justice Scales STONE of DIAMOND
who went to TREEEEnity University in SAN Antonio Texas to study COM “MOOON” ications MOON or MUN in Korean means “DOOR”
JUSTICE Legal SYSTEM built, AS IF he had meaning in MY Parents Names and MY ARTWORK
RICHARD Shapiro and meaning of RICHART
NICK name of “DICK” for Libra rules the LOW BACK KIDkneeees
PAT ella is the KNEE BONE
for ENTERING the BONEyard and FUCKing Doggy Style SEE “GREENBERG”
for P3AR B”OAT”ASS in May 2010
MIJU Pretty P3ARL for Sandra Oh’s ASS
GREEN connections

This BLACK male was here because he knew I might stop by

Front of this building on OCEAN Front in AUGUST 2010 new BLOO Building
Archi TECT ure
KEY Hole Aztec Designs in Architecture
college I attended in Brooklyn NYC City “TECH” college

TECH as in TECHnology like BlackBerry and RFiD bugs
Connie Pecoraro and METRO Train Crash Connection with DOCTOR Name
Psycho Pecoraro and LAVENDER
for meaning of UN “DER” score
Like BLACK JESUS at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley in 2005



FORD MUStang Car Madel Connie “MAR”ia Pecoraro
ARM is a MUScle at “Big Wangs” in Hollywood


"TRI"angle has been a theme for many years because of the childhood CHRISTMAS picture of SANDY WANG,
connected to the TREE at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, where Lee Montgomery lived many decades ago
Sandy Wang's childhood CHRISTMAS Picture
Lee Montgomery's TRI angle FACE Painting in "Midnight Hour" 1986

the reason why Josh Wolf went "TRI"nity University in SAN Antonio TEXAS
the reason why there are "TRI"angles at PACific Design Center
20360 Callon Drive Topanga "TREE" what's missing? H =OO
Tom Bridges Jesus Christ on page "THREE"

MAT RiX, RX and “TRI”Nity
TRI of SIGNtology Symbol

1811 Ocean Front Walk, this picture taken in 2007 in the alleyway and the street which intersects with this building is called SPEEDWay.

“I Feel the Need for SPEED” Tom Cruise on “TOP GUN” connected to 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga, Deep “S” shaped Tree, the reason why Josh Wolf went to TREEnity University in SAN Antonio TX. It’s how long this has been going on.

MYG = GYM 3AR sound of JIM. Her is a He, SH is a He and Tom Bridges is a Gay Male.

VENICE Beach is connected to Connie Pecoraro who is ITALIAN, because VENICE is also in I "TAL" Y. VB, is connected to EVERYTHING they've been building on VB VentuRA Blvd in San Fernando Valley, connected to Astrology and "VIBE" Numbers in Linda Goodman's book "Love Signs". Astrology is involved because of the Writings I wrote in 1982 when I did my FAC, about Lee MONTGOMERY and MY SIGN of LE"O".

This painting of Jim Morrison was what inspired me to do the Drawings of Jim Morrison in Feb/March of 2007. I didn’t know how he was “connected” until recently when I started creating these pages. It’s why ALL MY ARTWORK on MY Website was STOLEN in 2009.

This building is directly in front of the Venice Beach MUSCLE Beach GYM. This is connected to the “ARM” MUScle of “BIG WANGS” bar in Hollywood on Selma Avenue and Cahuenga Blvd. It’s about Mother “MAR”y Connie “MAR”ia Pecoraro to have meaning in the Korean word “PAL” which means Number “8” and the word for “ARM”. They want My “OO” Horizontal Eight Name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982 with an “ASS”terisk Key to be about Mother MARIA’S ASS, for her SON Jesus CHRIST “OO” Josh Wolf. ARM is UPPER BODY, and it’s “CELL” SEL MA, what’s missing “RIA”.

BENICE is about the meaning of “Engrish with Accent”. The R’s and L’s, the P’s and F’s and the V’s and B’s. VENICE, BENICE. Venice Beach is about the ViBe numbers, connected to Ventura Blvd in San Fernando Valley.

The Korean word for DOOR is M”OO”N or MUN, and they’ve been building on this meaning for many years, the reason why SANDRA OH and Connie Pecoraro wants MY ARTWORK and PHOTOGRAPHY Titled “Purple MOON” and “DOORway in to Heaven” to have meaning for them.

The meaning of the DOORS is originally from my ARCHITECTURAL Drawing in my First Artwork Collection from 1982 of my Parents Garage DOOR and I wrote something for Lee H. Montgomery on this Door. It’s why someone created a “Jewish Guy” picture with VAL KILMER who was GYM Morrison in “The DOORS” movie. Tom Bridges “360” “9420” Brett Bern lookalike with Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF in their EAR sound of LEO with Mother Connie Pecoraro’s OIL artwork BACKWARDS, because LEO rules the Back and the HEART.

This is why Josh Wolf went to Trinity University in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS and Studied COM “MUN”ications.

The reason why Connie Pecoraro has GOLD Frames around her OIL Artwork titled “Front D OO r” and “Back D OO r”, any word with Double O’s for her Jesus Christ Eyes “OO”.

It’s the REASON why this building where Jim Morrison actually resided in the 70’s has the same Architectural Steps and Stairs based on MY WRITINGS about Lee Montgomery in 1982, “KEY to my Soul”. They painted it all BLUE for Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF “SUC”, Stand Up Comic, as in JU DY “BLOO” ME. It’s a GROUP conspiracy to ROB the MEANING of MY FAC and Powerful Writings from 1982.

I don’t know when exactly they named the street Abbott Kinney, but it’s about the 3AR sound of B”OAT”, as in Tom Bridges My FATHER’S Middle name of BAE, which means Boat and PEAR, with the 3AR sound of my First name SIGNature on Benson Dubois, black male actor Robert Guillaume, “SANDY” signed with an “ASS”terisk.

It’s why there was a BLACK MALE sitting at this dispensary when I went inside to check it out. He is about having my First Artwork Collection from 1982 about Gay Male SEX to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro THROUGH her Catholic Church theme of Jesus Christ. Pe “COR” aro, wants ThoMAS CHRISATopher Bridges to bridge her on Birdgeway Sausalito, with the WRITINGS I wrote in 1982 about Lee Montgomery”KEY to my Soul” to have been written by her, she wants my First name SIGNature of SANDY on the drawing of black male Robert “GU”uillaume to have been her and have meaning for her.

TECH is about the ArchTECTure of buildings, STEPS and STAIRS, which is about the AZ “TEC” Sweater Design my First boyfriend STEPhen Garrison AIR Gemini is wearing in a picture of me and him in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Connie Pecoraro wants EVERYTHING about ME and MY IDENTITY to BE HER and have meaning for her. Because she is a DELUSIONAL SICK PSYCHO. It’s painted LAVENDER so they can “LINK” with the Lavender Color LINKS of MY WEBSITE and MY ARTWORK.

If Connie Pecoraro can’t SIGN my Name TEN TIMES in a ROW continuously this Mentally Seriously Disturbed Sick IDENTITY THEIF needs to be LOCKED in PRISON. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC C”Her”ch theme is DIRECTLY connected to and heavily supported by TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER FOURTH and KAT ie HOL mes.

The meaning of EAR sound of JIM and GYM is connected to Tom Bridges and another dentist name JIM GREGORY. The JIM connections are obvious. The GRE “GOR” Y is about a street called GREGORY Way which intersects with Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, just a block south of CHARLEville Blvd.

It’s about the meaning of “PI” symbol and it’s definition explained in terms of EUCLIDEAN AL “GOR” ITHM, connected to “GOR” DON and VIRGINIA MacDONald buildings at UCLA Campus. The reason why Connie Pecoraro registered her Website at HERN”DON” VIRGINIA in 1998. DON in Korean means MONEY, and Connie Pecoraro’s CATHO”LICK” CHURCH Theme of “MAT”hemathics is based on MY FAC from 1982, from My childhood CHRISTMAS Picture, and My Korean name WANG written in Korean Characters.


Tom Bridges the GOLDen GAYte Bridge with 3AR sound of 3ARth Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Maria Pecoraro on Bridgeway Sausalito. GAY “OM” with my ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC High School Classmates, so that her cyk JESUS CHRIST can have meaning in MY Name SIGNature and MY FAC.

3AR sound, “OO” Year of Jeannie BERNARDO, Year of BRETT BERN “3” = 3OO connections.

Tom Bridges and Jim Gregory, TWO GAY MALES, bridges “360” and “9420” of JOSH WOLF and BRETT BERN Rectum Fucking.

Someone painted this painting on this building because he lived there many decades ago. They painted him Holding a “MIKE” because it’s about my drawing of Neil DIAMOND Holding a MIKE from the movie “Jazz Singer”, and the WRITINGS I wrote about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my Soul”. JIM Morri”SON” if the “DOORS” is about the 3AR sound of GYMs, connected to Ford MUStang KARMAdel Connie MARia Pecoraro and ARM MUScle of “BIG WANGS” on Selma and Cahuenga. COCK DICK is a MUSCLE.

This is why there is something going on with GYMS in Los Angeles, Equinox Gym, 24 hour Fitness GYM, LA Sports Club, and many SPECIFICALLY named Privately owned GYMS. It’s also about GYM”NAS”tics. Through this word, they want SAN dra Oh to have meaning in the writings I wrote about MontgerY and the drawing I did of BENSON, which is about BEN, with RATS and Mice, and Rats spelled backwards is STAR and G in Korean means RATS. For my First name SIGNature of “SANDY*” to have meaning for Sandra OH, AS IF this sick Actress was MY IDENTITY and she DREW my DRAwings.

It’s why the name The”O” DORE Cummings name is on Cedars Sinai Hospital buildings. Connected to “ED” MUN d and Edelman Park in Topanga, and Todd CUMMINGS. I think Josh Wolf’s father’s name is EDWARD. They BUILT the meaning of my FAC from 1982 to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic church Theme, for my FATHER’S Identity of being a Gifted MUSICIAN, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, THROUGH GYM MORRISON of the “DOORS”, so that my name SIGNature on the drawing of Ben”SON” Dubois from 1982 can have meaning for them, so that Danny GARRI”SON” played by Lee MONTGOMERY in the movie “BEN” can have meaning for them, so that MY First boyfriend Air Gemini Stephen GARRISON can have meaning for them, through AIR GEMINI GLORIA LEE.

AIR Carries the ODOR of SHit, of Rectum fucking Jesus Christ JO “SH” WOLF.

It’s why Sandra Oh dated a MUSICIAN name ANDREW FeATHERSTON, because she wants people to think My Father’s Identity is her father, and that she DREW the DRAWings, PATS tense, PATricia is her middle name, and PATton Mental Hospital in Los Angeles is calling her name.

When I visited Venice Beach in 2007, I checked out this Medical Marijuana Dispensary in the same building. The owner of this dispensary is name SEAN and he is a BALD white male. He is about the sound of “SH” in HER SHE pussy licking gaym of Tom Bridges GOLDen GAYte Bridge, with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway and Jo “SH” Wolf with Sandra Oh. He is BALD because of the meaning of Korean word for “FOOT” which is BAL, he wants my watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon” to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro because MALibu is directly up North of Venice Beach. MAL in Korean means Horse and to Talk, for JOSH WOLF who is a SUC and TALKS for a living.

This DISPENSARY is about the X rated Video Recording of my Wet Vagina to BE CONNIE PECORARO or SANDRA OH. Their furnishings inside it had Mirrors on WOOD shelves, TWO ITEMS that are repeating in many different places. The reason why SANDRA OH is laying on a MATtress with WOOD and MIRROR, for CATHOLIC Church Theme of MATheMAThics of Making MONEY, through the meaning of this VIDEO RECORDING. It’s why the Walls were painted LAVENDER, which is SANDRA OH’s BIBLE COLOR. It’s about the LINK html code for “links” on Website, the Color of MY WEBSITE LINK in Puplish Lavender, which the code of this is “ < a hrf “ and they want this to be about Ass Her “F”ire, because there were Fuse Boxes that exploded when they secretly recorded this.

Fast forward to August 12, 2010. I visited this area in Venice Beach again, and they painted the building BLUE. For JOSH WOLF and his “WIFEY” on his Myspace page, a book title by JUDY BLUME, BL”OO” for Jesus CHRIST big BLUE Eyes.

They also changed the name of this dispensary AGAIN, in a matter of 3 years, they’ve gone through 4 or 5 different names. They had a new HASH BAR. HA is about the Upper Left Two Links of my Website Home and Artist and “SH” is about the sound of “SH” as in HER SHE Pussy licking gaym for Jo”SH” Wolf Jesus Christ. The BAR is about the Hawaiian BARrel picture of me and my Father on Top of the Liquor cabinet on the Upper Left, and they want Jesus CHRIST BL”OO” Eyes JO”SH” Wolf licking fucking Hor Holes to have meaning in MY Father’s Identity and MY ARTWORK. For ThoMAS CHRISTopher BRIDGES the GOLDen GAYte BRIDGE with Connie Maria Pecoraro on Bridgeway Sausalito.

This meaning of BE NICE, VENICE, connected to ViBe Numbers in Astrology, as in English with Accent, is connected to JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF who his a Stand Up Comedian HOR DIK JESUS CHRIST, who is Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro's CATHOLIC theme OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie in MATHemathics of making MONEY, is connected to MY CATHOLIC School classmate name GLO"RIA" Catherine LEE and ME Making a JOKE about ENGLISH with ACCENT in my High School yearbook quote. Bye PIL, "PHIL".

AE "SCUL" PI US. Ass is "E"ye of Jesus CHRIST "OO". MALIA MARIA.

This is why they made BERENICE MARLOHE is who she is today. French actress with a Father who is half Chinese and Cambodian. FRENCH, because EVERYTHING about Constance Maria Pecoraro's Catholic Theme OIL Artwork of her JESUS CHRIST with "OO" Eyes on page "3" is BUILT based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture, of me and MY DOG "FRENCHY".

She was the BOND Girl in 007 "SKYFALL" movie in 2012. "SKY"FALL, connected to DANIEL LADIN "SKY" and his Poems connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC theme OIL Paintings, created to ROB the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature, through what they BUILT in "OO", over "LAP" ping LAF fing, PF, OO = (l) Fuck Pussy PIous PYous JeSUS. Cho "CHA"rlie.

AE Eye is Ass, Engrish with Accent. VERY BERRY NICE, with BERENICE who has a BIG ROUND TITS and BIG OIL ASS for Horny Jesus CHRIST, the SAME TYPES of BODIES "ANATOMY" that JOSH WOLF has been licking fucking for years, in CATHOLIC MAThemathics of making MONEY, connected to SANDRA OH on "Grey's ANATOMY". The SAME types that FOLLOW and STALK me, creating "meaning" around me, for MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY*" with an ASSSSTERISK, for meaning of MY Parents names, to be about 3AR sound of MI"CHA" MI"KA" name BACKwards, for Jesus CHRIST Eyes of "OO" is horny for FORM of ASS.

SAME PATTERNS of Creating MEANING for MY SACRED SENSUAL ARTWORK, to have meaning for their HOR DIK JESUS CHRIST JOSH WOLF licking fucking HOR PUSSIES with "PERFECT BODIES" in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

AE Eye is Ass, Engrish with Accent. VERY BERRY NICE with BERENICE, except NAMES can't save you from "ORGANIZED C RIMES" and Berenice's Body isn't Sandra Oh or Constance Pecoraro.

Berenice is another FORM, for Mother MARY Charlize Theron of "SNOW WHITE and HUNTSMEN", to "EAT ALIVE" to FEED her Spirit. It's how CONSTANCE MARIA PSYCHO PECORARO stays alive in this Tom Bridges meaning of MY ARTWORK, meaning of MY Parents Names, MY IDENTITY for Sandra OH, through her Catholic Theme OIL Paintings of Jesus CHRIST and Mother MARY.

See link below for Snow White War and Huntsmen connections.

Tv show “WEEDS”

Mother MARY MA “POT”HER Maria U Anatomy 2011

smoke SUC “AIR” connections

Lies that Chel “SEE” told me Gray Sweats
GREY’S Anatomy with SANDRA OH

Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art
HEART Pumps BLOOD into Mother Mary’s Heart

CANCER Tom Cruise MAPOTHER 7/3/62
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATREEEE SHA SPO?
SANDRA OH psycho Actress Smoking POT in RABBIT HOLE in 2010


Big "C" as in my Toyota RAV4L vanity plate of "SWW" C
RAV is a Head Rabbi

POT Dispensaries
Medical KUSH
Medical Dispensaries and POT Strain Names

Psycho Mother Maria who should be LOCKED In PRISON for LIFE
CHA in Korean means CAR + MA ria = 3AR sound of KARMA
LA County Jail in “LYN” WOOD
“LYN” Connections

Conspiracy of Two deserves LIFE IN PRISON

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982 of NEIL DIAMOND Holding a MIKE

Sandy Wang’s first boyfriend ROBB NUNZIO in 1985 and “STONE”

Sandy Wang growing up in Jackson Heights in 1980’s

Sandy Wang GOLD CLOCK on top of TV “OO” at “407 87”

407 Connections

BENICE is about what I wrote in my High School Yearbook “BYE PIL” for Gloria Lee Engrish with Accent

Tom Cruise “TOP GUN” I feel the need for SPEED”

Tom Cruise and AIRplanes and AIRports for MA”RIA” Pecoraro

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges and JIM GREGORY

“CHA”rlies Find


BEN Affleck

Mother Mary in Santa Monica with “HEART” Foundation

“AIR” Libra Josh Wolf in San “FER” nando Valley

Josh Wolf and Hawaii Online with Zip Code of “96813”

where they Love CATHOLIC Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO”

with Mother Connie MARIA Pecoraro

Front “DOOR” and Back “DOOR” Connie Pecoraro’s TITLES of paintings

METRO connection

Sandra OH doing the JIM MORRISON FINGER “VIBE” from his old album, on TV Guide in 1999

with SANDRA PATricia Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Sandra Oh and AnDREW FeATHERston

Cedars Sinai Hospital and THEO”DORE” CUMMINGS

“OM” with my All Girls CATHOLIC High School St. VinCENT “FER”rer

“GOR” don and Virginia Mac”DON”ald buildings at UCLA Campus

for SUC AIR and Smoke MAPOTHER on Museum Rowe

Medical DispensARIES

GYM “NAS” tics and Gordon and Lily on CAMDEN Drive in Beverly Hills

Los Angeles LIBR ARIES

VIBE Numbers

VentuRA Blvd in San Fernando Valley

Ventura Blvd and DONNA

3AR sound of words

GYMS like LA SPOrts Club

24 Hour Fitness GYMS

3AR sound of JIM FUCK Lexus, Tom Bridges his LEO with OIL Blubber Asses

work out at GYMS for Bigger “MUS”cles on Selma and Cahuenga of “BIG WANGS”

for “SH”e “SH”ow ed me the WAY through TV SHOW, “SHIN” BAL = SHOES, MATheMathics of Food and Restaurant BUSINESS

ARIES the RAM Heath Ledger FIRE SIGN

SNOW White and the HUNTSMEN in 2012

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