Vine st and Banner ave in Hollywood

Vine Street turns into Rossmore, then to Cren"SHAW" Blvd

VINE, like the nigger song, “HEARD IT THROUGH THE G “RAPE” VINE.


the REASON why My Toyota RAV4L was STOLEN in 2009
the REASON why My Dog “PET” JACK was STOLEN in 2009

BANNER CAR PETS and “SHAW” products next to Toyota Car Dealership in Santa Monica

all connected to this SICK PSYCHOBITCH ACTRESS SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK
Shonda Rhimes and "BARC O" connections = PRISON TIME

built through CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro

reason for EXACT Dates and NUMBERS in Premeditated PrePLANNED RAPING OF MY LIFE, to make “NUMBERS FIT”
like sick RAPING BAIL NUMBERS in 2009

sociopath TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO birthday as me Bridges “UN HANG” for SANDRA OH
for MATHemathics of making MONEY that go in BAN ks



Picture Head, 1132, across from 1123

113 Lee H. Montgomery's Scorpio Birthday
Repeating Numbers of “113”

TOP HAT of Hooray Henrys


New SS Social Security Adminstration office building built in 2009, DURING the RAPING of MY LIFE,
For My SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, Left 3 numbers of “078” to BE SANDRA OH
in MAThemathics of making MONEY

Sandy Wang’s SS Number, Left 3 Numbers of “078”

Sandy Wang’s SS Number, and Monster Address REAL Estate connections
Sandy Wang’s FULL Social Security Number through address of 3 buildings on SVB all next to each other

Libra WOLF and Virgo PECORARO Astrology Vibe number of “212”

PETER HASON in NYC area code of “212” has BUILT for MY Parents Names to have meaning for WOLF and PECORARO through “MUSIC” Business

3 THAI businesses in this small little shopping complex across the street from SS Admin office on BANner = JOSH WOLF who had a son name Jacob with a THAI Female from BANgKOK for Mathemathics of Money goes in BANK
every THAI business and restaurant in Los Angeles is connected to this female, MOTHER of Josh Wolf’s son who lives in Upper Left state of WaSHINgtON
BAN ks
Josh Wolf and his son Jacob
Thomas CHRISTOpher Bridges Pea COCK on ROBERT SON Blvd
Sandra Oh and “UN HANG” in Korean means BANk
connected to MIL BANK street in San Fernando Valley
connected to BUR BANK California, home of many Hollywood Studios
STAR BUCKS with GREEN MERMAID Logo got started on Upper Left State of WaSHINgtON
GREEN connections
Korea Town WESTERN Avenue “BANN”




meaning of ZIP CODE of JH Jackson Heights NY “11372”, where Sandy Wang grew up in 1980’s
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on pencil drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981


meaning of HOORAY HENR “YS” in 2013 and “TOP HAT”



Sandy Wang’s Korean name SIN WON sounds like “SHIN” WON
Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with JAPANESE Calendar


ELEPHANT Theatre and CL “ARI” DGE, CL”AIR” and CL “AR”ICE STARLING connections

PAC hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like “GRAY Elephant
“GRAYS Anatomy” tv show created by “CAP”riCORN Shonda Rhimes built like a PAC hyderm elephant
JOSH WOLF in Black “CAP” with “SKIN”


Vine and Banner is about "VIBE" Numbers of Astrology signs. BANNER as in SIGNS are about my Name SIGNatures. As in “John Hancock”, connected to Business names on HANCOCK Street in West Hollywood and MY SSN and name SIGNature.

Banner, BONNER, a street name next to Cedars SINai Hospital, Sandra Oh is my Korean Name of “SIN WON” and is my Social Security Number. She is my Birthday Numbers of “8/13” LEO, through Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me but different year. Tom Bridges through EVERY SIGN and BANNER BUSINESS with Specific business names and address numbers.

BANNER, is about the Korean word “BUTTERFLY” which is NABi. They’ve been building for 3 decades for My childhood picture of me standing on Mountain in Korea wearing Butterfly HALTER TOP Shirt and Red SHOes to BE SANDRA OH for 3 decades, connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY that go In BAN ks, as if Sandra Oh was My identity and all my baby and childhood pictures and ARTIST of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK.

This BANNER Street intersects with VINE Street. VINE turns into ROSSMORE and CRENSHAW Blvd. “SHAW” is the connecting Link WORD with SANDRA OH, SHOW SHOE SHAW, connection to SANTA MONICA LINCOLN Blvd and BANNER “CAR PETS” that carry “SHAW” products for MATHemathics of making MONEY. The REASON why MY “CAR” and MY “PET” DOG JACK with My Priceless ARTWORK were all STOLEN through ORGANIZED CRIMES in 2009, ALL PREMEDITATED and PLANNED to HARM and RAPE MY LIFE for making MONEY, all connected to PSYCHOBITCH ACTRESS SANDRA OH and her Co conspirators TOM BRIDGES JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO.

Thomas Christopher Bridges My Mother with Constance Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Wolf, and My Identity with Sandra Oh, through Dissecting NAMES, and then rearranging it to “FIT” them as Body Parts and Sex Organs. For Catholic MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money, through JeSUS CHRIST and Mother MARY, in their OEDIPUS COMPLEX Sex Gayme. Connected to meaning of my Parents Names, My ARTWORK FAC from 1982, connected to Lee Harcourt Montgomery and his childhood movie “SAVAGE IS LOOSE”, set on the Ocean, the “SEA”. Everything is about the “MOTHER” because Mother is MOM and Mom in Korean means BODY. Tom Cruise MAPOTHER FOURth.

They’ve been BUILDING for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH in Los Angeles for 3 decades, this INCLUDES EVERYTHING about ME, everything SEXUAL about me, MY ARTWORK, MY Birthday Numbers, MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, even MY FUCKING “DMV” Drivers License pictures, and meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK to BE SANDRA OH. This is why they BUILT this BRAND NEW Social Security office Building with Specific NUMBER Address of 1122. It’s about meaning of MY Korean Name of WANG written in Korean Characters that look like “TO TO” to have meaning for SANDRA OH, and MY Artwork of “Shadows in NOVember” month of “11” to have meaning for this sick Delusional Actress.


It’s connected to JOSH WOLF who had a son name JA COB with a THAI Female from BANGKOK “BANK”. JA cob was “borned” on 3/17 St. PATRICKS Day, the numbers of my Leadership Training LP 173 in 1997, the same year Jacob was born. The reason why I met Connie Pecoraro at her Dentist office in 2005, at PATRICK LEE on CaleDONia street in Sausalito. There were lots of people name TOMS at this Training.

Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro who went to SAN Jose State University, through the word D “AIR” Y, wants my first name SIGNature of “SANDY*” to have meaning for her, AS IF she drew my drawings and signed my name, through the VEHICLE of her Catholic Theme of Mother MARY MARIA. Josh Wolf who went to Trinity University in SAN Antonio Texas and has “Wifey” a title of a book by JU “DY” BLUME, also wants my name SIGNature to have meaning for him. He studied Com “MUN” Ications. MUN or MOON in Korean means DOOR, connected to Writings I wrote on the Architectural drawing I did of my Parents Garage and backyard and I wrote something for Lee Montgomery on the GARAGE DOOR. The reason why Connie Pecoraro has OIL paintings titled “Front and Back DOOR” in GOLD Frames. JIM Morrison of the “DOORS” connected to 3AR sound of GYM Businesses, in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money.

The WORD BANNER is about the Korean Word “NABi” which means BUTTERFLY. This is about the childhood picture of me wearing a Butterfly Halter Top Shirt with Red Shorts and Red MARY JANE SHOES. For All MY Childhood pictures to BE SANDRA OH, through words or items and objects in pictures of me, through COLORS of items and objects. BANk is where MONEY goes and it’s about CathoLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make MONEY. “Color of MONEY” is Green, the title of one of Tom Cruise Mapother’s movies.

It's a Connecting "LINK WORD" connected to all "BANNER" CARPET company locations, that sell "SHAW" Products, connected to SANDRA OH and her Website Registration info of "SHAW.CA" email address, SHAW, SHOW, AO, TAO DAO, DOW Jones of making MONEY, through RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY SACRED ARTWORK, My DOG JACK in 2009, as if SANDRA OH was My identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. BANNER "RIMES" with DINNER, and what's for Dinner at Renee's COURTYard in Santa Monica in MATHemathics of making MONEY through "FOOD" for SANDRA OH is My Identity.

It’s all about having SANDRA OH AS MY IDENTITY, from my Baby Pictures, Childhood pictures, ETC, for MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by her, and this is what they’ve been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades. The reason why since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, MY LIFE HAS BEEN SABOTAGED and RUINED, all connected to LIES and FRAUD as in “white collar crimes” through people who have been supporting SANDRA OH, AS MY IDENTITY.

The word BANNER is connected to a street called BONNER which intersects with SHERBOURNE Street in West Hollywood across the street from Cedars SINai Hospital, where they've been building for 3 decades for My "BOURNE IDENTITY" My Korean name of "SIN WON" to BE SANDRA OH, through "HOS"PI TAL connections.

B "A" nner, B "O" nner, A, O, the TAO DAO "DOW JONES" of MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS iF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY. They have BUILT for MY IDENTITY, MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, MY BIRTHDATE, to BE SANDRA OH, through specific Business Names, on specific Street Names, with specific ADDRESS "NUMBERS".

Tom BRIDGES GAY male dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges the "TAO is the WAY" with SANDRA OH, through the Vehicle of Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork on BRIDGE"WAY" SAUSALITO CA 94965, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH.

Tom Bridges "BRIDGE in FOG". FAG in FOG. A, O TAO.

Tom Bridges SANDRA OH's "SHAW" for "SHOW" connections on her Website Registration. A, O TAO.

Tom Bridges Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie's Find "OO", Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF, fucking CH"O" CH"A", which means PUSSY in Spanish. T, AO, D AO, "DOW" JONES" of MATHemathics of making MONEY through SICK HOR DICK JOSH WOLF Fucking specific BODY TYPES of PEAR LOW Hanging ASSES, through meaning of MY Parents Names, and MY First Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for him, TWISTED to "FIT" them, through Constance Pecoraro's jesus CHRIST "CHA"RLIE, the reason why SANDRA OH is "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". The reason why you must study and understand SANDRA OH's PEPSI PUSSY Pictures in 1999 and connections to MY childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 with "GRAYSONS and PEPSI" Signs in the picture.

This all leads to CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, where they've been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, and for meaning of MY "JOHN HANCOCK" as in My First Name SIGNature of "SANDY" with "OO" made with the letter "S" of my name signed sideways on MY ARTWORK from1982, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH as if she was My Identity, through Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST Eyes of "OO".

HandCuff HC form go on RISTS. jesus CHRIST isn't my Artwork, Cho"CHA" is Pussy in Spanish isn't My ANATOMY TV Show. These two Psychobitch PECORARO and OH, with BRIDGES and WOLF Must be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. It's beyond IDENTITY THEFT, it's the REASON for 2 DECADES of HARDSHIP IN MY LIFE.

Sandy Wang's birthday of "8/13/69"
Sandy Wang's SSN 078 68

Sandy Wang's birthday of "8/13/69" and FULL SSN on West "BOURNE" street in MATHemathics of making MONEY
Sandy Wang's Entire Social Security Number in the addresses of 1 block on San Vicente Blvd

Sandy Wang's SSN middle digits of “68” meaning, ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH for MATH “Numbers” MATHemathics of making MONEY


My Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, he is HOLding a Magnifying GLASS with an "E"ye in a "O". My Name SIGNature of "SANDY" on this Pencil Drawing on the Lower Right corner has "OO" made with the letter "S" of my name Signed SIDEWAYS. If you look at my Name in Korean Characters, it has "O" and "OO". Like the GOLD CLOCK I had for many years in the shape of "OO" that folds and rolls into one "O". Like My PORTrait drawing Eyes with "O 8". So it's about the number 1 and 2, which is really about is it just 1 "O" or 2 "OO"? the eternal sick MOTHER MAPOTHER RAPING GAYM.

The Social Security Administration Adress is 1122 which is about the VIBE Number of AIR Libra JOSH MICCHA WOLF and Virgo MAIDEN CONNIE MARIA PECORARO "212" number. What's Left? 1. sound of ONE, WON. For meaning of My Korean Name of "SIN WON" to have meaning for them, connected to George WASHINGTON, on the ONE Dollar Bill. For meaning of the "O" of My Artwork

The name "LEE" in Korean characters look like the number "21", which is about Writings I wrote about "LEE" MONTGOMERY in 1982 in my Notebook. They've been creating for the name of "LEE" to be about GLORIA LEE from my Catholic Schools. This is really important. GLORIA LEE 5/29 is AIR Gemini and we went to the same CATHOLIC Grammar and HIGH School in the 1980's. Her IDentity is important in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and MY WRITINGS for LEE Montgomery, for SANDRA OH, and the reason is connected to My Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 the REASON why SANDRA OH went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School AFTER I drew this drawing. There are Witnesses who know I drew this drawing because I WON a Pin Award for it when I graduated in 1983 from St. Joan of Arc in JACKSON HEIGHTS.

JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP "CODE" is 113 72 and it's about these NUMBERS. This is why MY Leadership Training in 1997, LP "173" was this specific NUMBER, connected to WHY JOSH WOLF'S SON JACOB WOLF was born'ed' on specific date of "3/17" ST. PATRICKS Day is "GREEN" the COLOR of MONEY. Sandra Oh's School SIR Robert Borden on "131 GREEN BANK Road" in Canada. What's left? 21. EVERYTHING about Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork is built on and connected to GLORIA LEE'S IDENTITY, because like TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, they are INTEGRAL in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. JACK SON Heights. JAC ob his "SON".

During late 1990's, when Jacob Wolf was born in 1997, same year as my LP "173" TRAINing, GLORIA LEE was working as a Pharmacist at "JACOB" Medical Center in New York. Where ever she is, this sick Betraying Michinyun needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON.

This is why it is also extremely important to know what is TOM BRIDGES YEAR of Birth? is it 19"72"? connected to "131 GREEN BANK Road" address, for JACKSON Heights Zip Code of "113 72".

Why is JACKSON Heights ZIP CODE important? because ROBERT Guillaume's Birthday is 11/30/27, and I drew this drawing of "BEN"SON Dubois the Butler to the Governor connected to 19"72" Movie "BEN" with LEE MONTGOMERY who's birthday number is "11/3". I made discovery in 2009 or 2010, 3 DECADES AFTER I drew my drawing, the REASON why it is so important why they've been building on this "NUMBER" meaning for decades.

The REASON for this REPEATING NUMBER through the Horrific RAPING of MY LIFE, MY ART and MY DOG "JACK" in 2009, connected to why Psycho Constance Pecoraro moved to "707" Bridgeway Sausalito in 2009.

11372, JACOB WOLF born “ed” on specific date of “3/17”, what’s left? 21, this number in Korean looks like the name “LEE”. JOSH WOLF is very closely connected to my Catholic High School classmate name GLORIA LEE, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, and confusing the name with LEE MONTGOMERY.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY 100 % TRUE, Businesses in MATHemathics of making MONEY, connected to “NUMBERS”, so that Powerful specific NUMBERS connected to MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, can have meaning in Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME in MAThemathics of making MONEY. LICK or TASTE in Korean means “MAT”. You LICK or TASTE with the “TONGUE”, sound of “TUNG”, connected to TUNG”STEN” in WOLFramite Scheelite. The ROBBERY of MY IDENTITY, connected to My Baby Pictures of me sticking my TONGUE OUT, TO BE SANDRA OH, has been BUILT through the BIRTH of Josh Wolf’s son JACOB WOLF born “ed” in Seattle WASHINGTON, at “SWE DISH” HOSPITAL?, connected to SEATTLE WASHINGTON where tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” is set, all connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH in MAThemathics of making MONEY. It’s also about all MY CATHOLIC SCHOOL Pictures of ME In 1980’s TO BE SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK. OIL goes on CANVAS and RHYMES with GRACE NAVAS. “GN” very important connections in ROBBING MY Family Name of WANG through “LIO n KIN g”.

BEVERLY CENTER Pictures on bottom, ‘113 72’ meaning

Their theme is ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges My Mother in MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture with my dog Frenchy with CONSTANCE PECORARO, in her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST, My Father in the childhood picture of him wearing a GRAY Sweater and Hawaiian Barrel with JOSH WOLF for them to have meaning in My Parents Names to be about BODY PART of "ASS". For MY IDENTITY to have meaning for SANDRA OH AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, and the VEHICLES to ROB these "Meanings" from my life is "THROUGH" Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme connected to Sandra OH as "CRIST"ina Yang on "GREY'S Anatomy". This is why it is extremely important to understand SANDRA OH "PEPSI PUSSY" "GRAYSONS" connections in her pictures in 1999, connected to my childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979, it's Decades in the making. They've been building for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH for 3 DECADES, the REASON for 2 DECADES of HARDSHIP IN MY LIFE, and for many years I couldn't understand "Y". Pulling STRINGS to Oppress Repress and Suppress me, so that I'd never find out.

They've been building for 3 decades for the LEFT THREE Numbers of MY SS "078", MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. My ENTIRE SSN is on the 1 block of SAN VICENTE BLVD, through the address of Pacific Design Center, new WH Library in 2011, and WH Sheriffs "ADDRESS NUMBERS", they have my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

This street name of BANNER is also important because it's connected to "BONNER" street name which intersects with SHER "BOURNE" Street. B"A"nner, B"O"nner, A, O, the "T AO", DAO, DOW, JONES of making MONEY through creating MEANING, through Words, Numbers, Names, Colors, CODES, etc, for MY IDENTITY, My SSN, MY DOB, for MY ARTWORK, everything about me, to be a sick borderline psychotic Actress SANDRA OH, connected to Psycho "Mother' MARY Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme.

Tom Bridges Constance Pecoraro's "FOG in BRIDGE", FAG, FOG, AO on Upper Left.

Sandra OH and her email address on her Website Registration info, SHAW, for SHOW, A,O, TAO.

Through "NUMBERS" and Names, CODES, they have BUILT for MY IDENTITY, MY SSN, MY DOB, My Korean Name, EVERYTHING about ME, to BE SANDRA OH, the REASON why My Life, My Sacred Priceless Artwork, MY Dog JACK, was all STOLEN in 2009 through Organized "C" RIMES.

BAN NER, NAB in Korean means Butterfly, connected to my childhood picture of me with a Butterfly HALter TOP Shirt wearing Red Shorts and RED MARY JANE SHOes.

VINE, “VB” connected to meaning of my VIBE Numbers in Astrology book by Linda Goodman and the Childhood picture of me wearing a White and Red shirt with number “14” with a black girl.

I did my FAC from 1982 because of the movie BEN, with Lee Montgomery. The numbers “410” is about the VIBE Number of LEO and SCOPIO in this Astrology book.

NAB means Butterfly, connected to the drawing I did of BENSON Dubois, the BUTLER to the Governor, the reason why the Examining Attorny at USPTO was name Midge BUTLER, all connected to making MONEY that goes in “BAN” Ks.

Sandra Oh wants ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES to BE HER, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges My Mother with Connie Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Wolf, through Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother “MARY” and her “No Name Girl”, for MY IDENTITY and the Childhood pictures of me with RED MARY Jane SHO es to BE HER. CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money.

So this corner is about Earth Virgo Maiden Connie Pecoraro VIBE NUMBER of “212” with AIR Libra Josh Wolf. This is why this SOCIAL SECURITY ADMIN address numbers is about on this Specific corner of “V B”. IE. I sounds like Eye, as in the Eye inside the “Magnifying Glass” “O” in my drawing of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME to have been done by SANDRA OH.

Vi Ne Vi Be, it’s about My Drawing of BENSON DUBOIS of black male actor Robert Guillaume from 1982 with the One of Kind SIGNature with my first name of “Sandy*” with an Asterisk.

They’ve been creating as if the childhood picture of me and the black girl was SANDRA OH, to have meaning for 410 Vibe as in her Cancer Water with Josh Wolf Air Libra. AS IF Sandra Oh was MY IDENTITY and as if Josh Wolf was Lee Montgomery’s Identity. This is why, next to SS Admin office is a company called PICTURE HEADS with address of 1132, 11/3 is Lee Montgomery’s Birthday, the TWO is about the meaning of Two “OO” as in my name SIGNature.

Across the street on the other corner with address of 1123 is a mini market complex with THREE THAI Businesses. ALL THAI Businesses, especially restaurants are connected to JOSH WOLF’S Son Jacob’s THAI Mother who lives in Seattle Washington, Upper Left State. CATHOLIC MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make MONEY. “Color of MONEY” in GREEN Connections.

BANNER and BONNER rhymes, A, O, Tom Bridges the TAO with Bridgeway Sausalito. Bonner is the name of a street next to Cedars Sinai Hospital, built for Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me, bridges SANDRA OH, as if she was my identity. 3 decades is a long time “BUILDING”.

VINE Street x LA Maida and Fo”UN”tain

GO THERE C Loser look at MH Mental Health and meaning of TAGLYAN, and Greys Anatomy set on “TAL Man” Avenue in PREMEDITATED C”RIMES” of Group Conspiracy = PRISON TIME

meaning of “UN” in the word Fo”UN”tain

Pachyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”


D “OF” J Eric HOLDER and his wife Sharon “MAL”one

Silence of the “LAM”, Reap and Sew S”KIN”, starring anthony HO pi”KINS” by Thomas HAR.RIS


C Loser look at MH Mental Health and meaning of TAGLYAN, and Greys Anatomy set on “TAL Man” Avenue in PREMEDITATED C”RIMES” of Group Conspiracy = PRISON TIME

GREYS Anatomy created by Deranged MENTALLY Disturbed Sick Nigger SHONDA LYNN RHIMES
created to RAPE MY LIFE and ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ART for Psycho Korean Actress SANDRA OH




1122 Social Security Admin building
looking South direction on Vine Street


looking North on Vine Street

LA MIRADA street name is a very common street name throughout Los Angles, in different neighborhood zones
LA MIRA “D” A = MARIA what’s left? Real “D” building on Wilshire Blvd
“MAL” in Korean means to TALK and HORSE, “DA” in Korean means “ALL”
What is Josh Wolf’s son JACOB WOLF’s DELIVERY DOCTOR Name in Seattle WASHINGTON? “MARIA”?

Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro Virgo MaiDEN PSYCHO
Judge “HO”Nor name MARIA Stratton in “MENTAL Health” COURT in LYN WOOD

RAPING of MY LIFE and MY ART, is this sick raping tv show “GREYS ANATOMY” for SANDRA OH
SHO SHO SHOW SHAW SHOE, “FOOT” is “BAL” in Korean extremely important connections
go hand in hand with

Hos pi “TAL” connections

“LA” Cienigga nigger blvd x “M”elrose Avenue = LAM



"1224" Mental Health Care
Years of Housing TERROR connected to Sociopaths WOLF and PECORARO who need to be Locked in Prison
Jesus CHRIST the "KING of all LORDS" in LAND LORD Terror MAThemathics of making MONEY

Sandy Wang's childhood picture in 1979 with Dog in my LAP and "VIRGO" YELLOW Sign

4 meaning of Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature, which is a “FOR”mula

TARGET Pay Attention, it's about CS, Color S”KIN” and Corn STAR ch CORN connections

1224 CORNing Street address set up in 2007 Victo"RIA" ROWE

para "PARA" means FOR in Spanish "FOUR"th letter "D" in alphabe t REAL "D"

212 4, what's left? "212" VIRGO LIBRA Astrology VIBE number of WOLF and PECORARO
Wiskey a "GO GO"
what is Josh Wolf's son JA"COB" CORN mother's name? TARA? and is she a VIR"GO" like PecorarO?


Sandy Wang's Art Dog Car STOLEN in 2009, Summary of what happened in 2009

Sandy Wang's CAR Priceless ARTWORK and DOG STOLEN in 2009
Sandy Wang's DOG JACK Stolen in 2009
taken to "CARSON" in VICTORIA street

TODD "CARSON" and new "BARKer Black" SHOES Business in 2011 on ROB"ART"Son Blvd


El Pollo Loco, in Spanish means "CRAZY CHICKEN"
ChicKEN is a BIRD
Tom BRIDges all BIRDs with "NEK" "SUC" Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF
and LOCK is “O”, Sandra “OH”, LOCO Psyc”HO” CHOCHA


TOM BRID ges faggot Dentist who has same Birthday as me
TARGET What is his Middle Name? YR of BIRTH? 19”72”? PRISON TIME

TOM BRID ges criminal Identity Thief
LOC "O" "NEK" connections

JOSH WOLF “SUC” Stand Up Comedian

Forever “GREEEN” connections of JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH into Eternity

TARGET why Tom Bridges Birth YR is important in Robbing My LIO Identity for SANDRA OH, 19”72”? PRISON TIME


“GRILL” is an anagram of the word “GIRL”
GIRL in Spanish is “CHICA” =
Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro’s sketches of “GIRL” SUNNY
connected to all CAP I”TAL” GRILL and all “GRILL” restaurants

meaning of Constance Pecoraro’s NO Name “GIRL”
Constance Pecoraro’s “GIRL on a HILL”

CHICA”GO” Nigger Shonda R.I.M.E.S

reason why if HILL”AIRY” Clinton becomes next President in 2016, there will be nothing but PUSSY LICKING on the HILL

for “AO”, the T “AO” D”AO” DOW JONES of making MONEY through RAPING MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH


Everything they've been building is about LOCK is Sandra “OH”, and Constance Pecoraro EAR sound LOK”O” Psy”C”HO, C”HO”Cha, Sandra “OH”
Changing Meaning to LOW “KEY”
Raping of MY LOCK and KEY ART
for Robbery of My “KEY” Painting, My “LION BODY” Painting, connected to My Dog JACK’S Pictures
= ROBBERY of “Family Jewel” for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF
while they “PREMEDITATE for CONSPiRACY of TWO”,

1998 “OK” PECK Sandy Wang’s pictures in 1998 on Royal Gorge Bridge, EnginEER name “OK” PECK

Discovery in 2010 “CL” PECK “CL” PECK at “WEST” woood “GATE”way

Chck”KEN” is a BIRD

monster KEN “Q”UEST, “WEST” sound connections

TOM BRIDGES, GOLDen GATE BRIDGE, to Constance “PEC”oraro on Bridgeway, with MY “LOCK” and “KEY”

PARA = FOR, Four = D Parallel Entertainment in ROLex Building
FOR M U “LA”, GU IL “LA” U ME, You And Who? = The WAY TERNing Around into Peni”TEN”IARY
Left Letters of “PAM” R.I.M.E.S with HAM and JAM

Left Letters of MCP and “PAM”, on “CP” Cassil Place, SUNset Blvd and “6464” meaning
“OS” “OS” Other Side of SUNset in “MAP”

AL “ICE” in Wonderland, ICE is “COL......d” LOC Backwards of Psy”CO” “CO”nnie Pe”CO”raro

“OS” GREEN it's “GREEN” on “Other Side” of Happy New “EER” email from Psycho Pecoraro
“OS” Other Side of SausalitO SO, is “MH” and Tom BURGESS Marin Cunty SinKrowNiCITY
in a Group Conspiracy of “2” Times to “MH” Mental Health Court “95” through G”LORI” A Lee Birthday of “AG” 5/29

Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian mental psycho cunt “mpc”, Constance Maria Pecoraro's complaints to MY PROFESSIONAL DENTAL BOARD, and Deranged “YV” PUS”SEAS” LIO OIL ASS LICKING by taking Pecoraro's side


“LOR”i on ever”GREEEN” street “LORI” tele scope “HUBBLE” Bridges and ROBS My IDENTITY, and My Trade”MARQ” through DEN tal Mental connections of ILLEGALLY REVOKING MY LICENSE In 2013 through White Collar C”RIMES”


GREEN NEEGRO, “NE”w “GRO”wth of “LOR”etta LYN “CH” o CH a for T “ao” nominated in March 2015


CUT the “O” and FINISH the LINE, FORM of HANDCUFFS on Gloria Maria GL”ASS” Psycho Pecoraro LIFE IN PRISON TIME

62 are repeating numbers, connected to MY Mother’s Birthday of “AIR” Gemini “6/2”
to have meaning for Psycho Virgo Constance Maria Pecoraro, through PETER HASON’S Birthday of “6/2” AIR Gemini
26 is Z the “END”

I WAL Y, Sandy Wang’s writings from 1982 and “LAW” meaning
Sandy Wang’s Mother’s birthday of 6/2

meaning of My Parents Names, RAPED and ROBBED for WOLF and PECORARO
for their Astrology Vibe of “MORNING STARS” 212


SANDRA OH and her picture with ARTS and SCIENCES in 2012
connected to ARTS and SCIENCES on “KH” Keith x Hilldale
next to RAMAGE x KEITH


Left Letters of “PAM”
Academy of Motion Picture of Arts Sciences “PICKFORD CENTER” “PC”
understand meaning of Midnight Hour movie, and where Parallel Entertainment got their agency name from

1985 movie “MIDNIGHT HOUR” the setting of the town in this movie is “PICK FORD”, Mid “NIGHT” MAIR

LOR I LORi HUBBLE at DEN”TAL” Hygiene Committee in Sacramento
ROL ex Pick “FOR”d, FOR in Spanish is “PARA”, for PARAllel Entertainment, read this page to understand what this means

PAM 1 and PAM 2

CCHR, see left letters “PAM” at “CP” Cassil Place

for Conspiracy of T”OO” deserves LIFE IN PRISON





ALL WINCHELLS Donuts is about MY Childhood “PICTURE” of me and a black girl in 1980 with “WIN”STON CH urch HILL

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1980 with WINston CHurchiLL

MAThemathics of making Money through “CHURCH” connections
Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork
Constance Pecoraro's "GIRL on a HILL"

CHURC"HILL" at Joseph C Youngerman building in 2015

meaning of To "WIN" and To "LOSE" in "PER...SIAN" set up to Win Either Way, = has come to become LOSE Either Way


meaning of “SHO”es in Korean is SHIN “BAL” monster connections
go hand in hand with

HOS Pi “TAL” monster connections

2014 Final Summary of this Corner in 2014 of PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”


Repeating Numbers of “113”

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK stolen in 2009 and “11/3” Letter from PATRICIA LEARNED
Josh Wolf of “PARA” llel Entertainment
113 and “707” of Constance Pecoraro’s new address since 2009 since the RAPING OF MY LIFE
What is TOM BRIDGES Year of Birth? 19”72” = Prison Time

meaning of My STOLEN Dog JACK, and PA “TRI” CIA connected to David PETRAUS of “CIA”
what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREEE “CIA”?


this same corner in 2014 Final Summary

Shin BAL in Korean means SHO es
Go hand in hand with
meaning of HOS pital in Robbing my Korean Name

Olive Green Sandra Oh and YEL”LOW” SHOes and ONE “FOOT” Yellow Shoe
Olive Green DIRECTLY connected to Cedars Sinai Hospital

TARGET scroll down to this same SANDRA OH picture with ONE FOOT and meaning of “HANNA BAL” = 1 Foot in Korean

JOSH WOLF loves his Lic”KIN” and Drin”KIN” his “SHO”es
JOSH WOLF knows “FOOT” in Korean is “BAL” cho”CHA”mpions Trophy




AFTON street name “R.I.M.E.S” with ASHTON,
AFT is also the “STERN” the BACK of the B”OAT” and the “BOW” is the Front of the Boat
AFT the “BACK” is about the word “FAT” as in L”ARD” is OIL “FAT HER ASS”
WOLF licking fucking his “CALF COW” PECORARO and SANDRA OH, through her OIL ART of MARY and JESUS
OO FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T, folds into a “O” going Rich”ARDT” BACK wards

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Parents names, My Father’s Middle name of “BAE”
Sandy Wang’s “FAT” her music band name of “Morning Stars” and meaning of BLOW “AIR” IN CL “ARI” NET

meaning of RICH ARDT “BACH” HO”BAK is Pump”KIN” in Korean, PUMPS are also SHOes,
EAR sound of LARD is “OIL” and “LEO” Sandra Oh is a CANCER born in EAR sound of JEW LIE
SANDRA OH and her “FAT” THAI THIGH and “YEL”LOW” Wall with Mirror

JOSH WOLF married to Bethany “ASH” TON”
Bethany ASHTON directing a movie with someone I knew from 1980’s in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY isn’t random

PARAGON address of "131" Repeating Number of "113" connected to meaning of Jackson Heights NY Zip CODE "113 72" where I grew up and drew my drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981. The reason why Constance Pecoraro moved to "707" Bridgeway Sausalito in 2009, which is connected to “113 GREENBANK” X BANNER address of SANDRA OH high school SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN in Canada, connected to BANNER x VINE street names in Hollywood. “707”, What's left? "O" for meaning of My Registered Trademark in circle of "O" to have meaning for her and Josh Miccha Wolf in MATHemathics of making MONEY, as if it was done by SANDRA “OH” because it sounds like her name of “O”, through the Horrific RAPING of MY LIFE, MY SACRED ARTWORK Second Artwork Collection and MY DOG "JACK" in 2009 through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”.

Pay attention to the Repearing Numbers of JH JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE of “113 72”, EVERYTHING is about this, connected to MY “JH” John HANCOCK, name SIGNature on MY ART of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981. It’s all about this in “MATH” emathics of making MONEY, as if SANDRA OH DREW MY DRAWINGS and IS MY NAME SIGNature and MY SIGN of LEO, MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about ME.

PARA GO N. PARA, in Spanish means FOR sound of number “FOUR”. PARUH in Korean means “SUCK”, connected to “SUC” Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF and his agency name of "PARA"llel Entertainment "9420" Wilshire Blvd, reason for Repeating Numbers of "429" that has TERRORIZED me for many years. "GO" is about Constance Maria Pecoraro VIR"GO" MaiDEN EARth Sign, in EAR sound of words. N is for "NOR"TH in going BACKwards through "R" and "ON". This is why Constance Pecoraro created her "NO Name Girl", connected to Upper Left State of "WA"shington, NO "NG" + WA = WANG, the reason why "Grey's Anatomy" is set in Seattle WAshington where Josh Wolf's SON JACOB was born.

429 Repeating Numbers is usually connected to Repeating Numbers of “529” in the ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO where Constance Pecoraro lives 94965, which are connected to MY CATHOLIC SCHOOL Betraying lying classmates GLORIA LEE Birthday of “5/29” and CH “RIS” TINA BERN “ARD O” birthday of “5/4”. Her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Mary and Jesus CHRIST was created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if Sandra Oh is My Identity growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY in 1980’s and attending MY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. OIL goes on CANVAS and “R.I.M.E.S” with Seattle Mercy “GRACE NAVAS”. But they have also BUILT IT as if SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School in Canada on GREEN BANK x “BANNER” street, as if she DREW my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981 through her SCHOOL NAME. How can SANDRA OH have attended two different schools in two different countries during the same time, when this sick actress is only 2 years younger than me.

Pay attention to GLORIA LEE Birthday of “529”, because it’s connected to ROBBING the Last FOUR Digits of MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for SANDRA OH, connected to JOSH WOLF and the BIRTH of his “SON JAC” ob, for meaning of JACKSON Heights NY ZIP CODE of “113 72” to have meaning for them, as if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, who’s own birthday numbers “FIT” the ZIP CODE.

PARA in Spanish means FOR, For who? For What? the sound of number "FOUR" which is the 4th letter of the alphabet "FOR" = D. FORD. REX "FORD" where Beverly Hills CIty Hall, the Police and the Library is located. The number 4 is very important, the reason why there are the letters REAL "D" next to ROLEX Building.

PARA connected to BRAD "GREY" who is the CEO of "PARA" MOUNT Studios. "GREY".

Studi Study"O" PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999, and "GRAYSONS" Connections, LONG BEFORE the tv show "GREY"S Anatomy" was created in 2005. You MUST understand this connection in order to understand anything in Whats the Connection pages. It's 3 DECADES in the making for "EVERYTHING" about MY IDENTITY to be THIS SICK BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS, the REASON why My Life has been Sabotaged through GROUP EFFORTS in ORGANIZED C"RIMES".

212 Vibe Numbers of WOLF PECORARO




Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” OO

CHARLES BLAKE VINE, turns into ROSSMORE and then to CRENSHAW Blvd Monstrous connections

reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRISTS”ina Yang on “GREYS Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON
DIRECTLY connected to Real Life Hospital CeDARS “SIN”AI Hospital with “GEORGE” Burns road and “RAY CHARLES” Cafeteria

connected to “CHARLES” E YOUNG Drive of UCLA Campus

SANDRA OH and Mar”GO” @ SHAW connections


BANNER like Banners and SIGNS, as if SANDRA OH is My name “SIGN”ature on MY ART and MY “SIGN” of LEO
Banner is also a street name next to Sandra OH high school in CANADA, on “131 GREEENBANK”road
this is going to LOCK SANDRA OH in PRISON FOR LIFE

Sandra OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School on “131” GREEN BANK” road, next to “BANNER”
BORDERline Psychotic sick actress SANDRA OH
“GREEN” connections
“BANKS” meaning


BOLDly go into SPACE, the next final FRONTIER
Social Security “SS”, Solar System “SS”
Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing Eye in FEB 2006 “o 8”
“ARTIST EYE” and SS Solar System changed planets from 9 to “8” in August 2006

Sandy Wang’s SS Social Security Number

Sandy Wang’ FULL Social Security Number through 3 addresses at “PAC” ific Design Center
the micro of the macro of SOLAR SYSTEM, the ‘SUN’ center of SS

CHARLES “BOLDEN” of NASA, in BLACK S”KIN” Conspiracy connected to Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST

Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance PSYCHO Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of JESUS CHRIST “CHARLIE”
meaning of B LAC K S”KIN”


old time actress PATTY DUKE ASTIN, her son is SEAN ASTIN, of “Goonies, Rudy, Lord of Rings”, etc
Sean Astin lives in Santa Monica and knows exactly what’s going on, KONA CUFFEE is REAL

Sean Astin is a lookalike of My Ex Boyfriend Dave Fettner from 2005

Sandy Wang’s Ex Boyfriend Dave Fettner from 2005, far away Heath Ledger lookalike

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATricia?

Space and Solar System, PAT RI CIA? LIFE IN PRISON


Sandy Wang’s Social Security Number

Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate and FRAUD Social Security Number “68” Middle digits

How Barack Obama’s FRAUD BC and SSN, is connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

Sandy Wang’s Full Birthday, Social Security Number and BOURNE Identity, in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY on WEST BOURNE street

Barack Obama’s CARES about himself, he is a FRAUD LIAR

VINE street, like GRAPE VINE, “Heard it through the GrapeVINE” is a song sung by NIGGERS. “NE”w “GRO”wth is a GREEN SPROUT, GREEN has same letters in the word “NEEGRO”. Niggers want to OWN meaning of “CO LOR” Words, all connected to People of Color, like Color Purple by ALICE WALKER, in ROBBING of MY IDENTITY, MY ART, My LIFE for Sandra OH through “Color Words”, like Words of Objects.

This Brand New SS Office was built in 2009 or 2010. There are “10” Windows, connected to “EXACT TEN” Years in RAPING OF MY LIFE, for SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY, connected to OCTOBER is “10” born AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie.

Raping MY LIFE and ROBBING of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, My Car, MY Dog, in EXACT “TEN” years, so that MY Website Domain name of Sand YWA NG, “NET”, can have meaning for SANDRA OH going BACKwards. Vine Banner, VIBE Astrology Numbers, “212” is WOLF and PECORARO in the Address of this new building. “TEN” is number 1”O”, for meaning of Cancer SANDRA OH and Libra JOSH WOLF Astrology Vibe of “410”, as if Sandra Oh is MY IDENTITY in MY childhood picture of me in White and Red shirt with number “14” in 1980 with a Black girl. JOSH WOLF’s “CALF and COW” is Pecoraro and Oh.

San D “YWA” NG, the reason why the letters of “NG” is extremely important, in ROBBING my Identity for SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy’ set in Seattle WASHINGTON. “WA”. What’s missing? “NG”. See “ROBERTSON” link below for meaning of NG in WANG, that SANDRA OH thinks has meaning for her, because she was born in “OT TO WA” CanADA.

TAO is the “WAY”, DAO “DOW JONES” of making MONEY, through RAPING OF MY IDENTITY, MY NAME and MY SACRED ARTWORK. Their WAY is RAPING MY LIFE, so that a lying sociopath fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME LEO Birhday as me, can BRIDGE the “GOLD”en Gate BRIDGE, with Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork on BRIDGE”WAY” SAUSALITO, a suburb North of San Francisco, so that SANDRA OH can BE MY IDENTITY and pretend she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. This new Social Security Office opened to “CELEBRATE” the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY. Los Angeles, BUILT base on MY IDENTITY and MY ART, to be SANDRA OH while they RAPE MY LIFE and ROB MY PROPERTY. ANGELeS are DEMONS in disguise in this sick city.

The street name BANNER itself is extremely important. Like BANNERS and “SIGN”S, as in my name SIGNature on my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume drawing from 1981 that SANDRA OH has been claiming she DREW for 3 decades. They’ve been building street names based on MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK in CANADA for 3 decades like United States. WORLDWIDE.

It’s connected to SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY Korean Name, she thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, MY Birthday through TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, and my NAME SIGNature on MY ARTWORK. My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981 is the REASON why this sick actress went to SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN High School in CANADA, and since the early 1980’s, I think they’ve named, added and “renamed” many of the streets, BANNER is a Street name next to “131 GREENBANK Road” address of this School in Canada.

This is the way how LINKING is done, and how they’ve been building for 3 decades, these are the CONNECTING DOT POINTS to a much bigger “PICTURE”, much bigger than Planet Earth, out into SPACE”. Naming of new Planets Stars Nebulas found in SPACE is all connected to this. It began with Naming of STREETS, then CITIES, then BUSINESSES, entire Planet EARTH, and now into SPACE.

NABi in Korean means BUTTERFLY, in the word "BAN"k, AS IF through Canadian Flag colors of White and Red with LEAF, SANDRA OH is my childhood pictures in South Korea in 1976, wearing BUTTERFLY "HAL"TER TOP Shirt, White and Red SHOES and SHOrts.

HAL ter "TOP" Shirt, Heath Andrew Ledger, who died a few months after I was ILLEGALLY LOCKED out of "TOP"anga after having had my Rend Money ROBBED.

I went to the SS Office on April 22, 2013, to get a copy of my original application form with MY ONE of a KIND Name SIGNature for my Social Security Number. My Original Name SIGNature on this application has “OO” in my Name SIGature that SANDRA OH thinks is HER, through Two “GOLD BALLS” placed at different lengths. Then I discovered that the SS Office is INFRINGING of MY ART, MY PORTRAIT Drawing, connected to the meaning of “SOLAR SYSTEM”. See ROBERTSON Link below.


Social Security “SS”, is connected to meaning of “SOLAR SYSTEM”.

I drew my Portrait Drawing in Feb 2006. Then in August 2006, they changed the SOLAR SYSTEM PLANET numbers from 9 to “8” Planets. The numbers of “0 8” is IN MY EYES in My Portrait Drawing, that SANDRA “OH” thinks is HER.
STAR TREK, “BOLD”ly go where no man has ever gone BE FORE”.

CHARLES “BOLDEN” is the head of “NASA” Leadership, who is a BLACK MALE, connected to creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH DREW my drawing of Black Male actor Robert Guillaume from 1981, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIE”, the REASON why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON.

BOL “DEN” is connected to Sandra OH who went to SIR ROB”ART “BORDEN” High School in CANADA and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawing or ROBERT GUILLAUME, who was BENSON DUBOIS the Butler to the Governor from 1981. This drawing has extremely important Powerful NUMBER connections, the REASON for specific Repeating Numbers like “113 72” which is in the ADDRESSES of many of these buildings on this block, connected to ZIP CODE of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “113 72” where I grew up in the 1980’s and Drew this drawing. Same Pattern going to 3 decades later, like she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing from Feb 2006, the REASON why MY ARTWORK was STOLEN through Organized CRIMES in 2009, all connected to creating MEANING AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, the ARTIST of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK and the OWNER of MY FEDERALLY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in circle of “O”, sound of her name “OH”. Connected to Shonda “LYNN” RHIMES “C RIMES”, who went to D ART MOUTH College, sick black bitch who created “GREYS Anatomy” TO ROB MY IDENTITY, MY “LIFE” for SANDRA OH.

This meaning of these Powerful NUMBER connections to MY ARTWORK, is WHY they’ve been building for MY Identity to BE SANDRA OH for 3 decades, it’s the REASON why her SCHOOL in CANADA, CREATED as in MADE UP the School Address of “131” GREENBANK Road to make it “FIT” AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

It’s WHY the Repeating Numbers of “113” connected to BLACK S”KIN” NEGROS in the RAPING OF MY LIFE in 2009, all connected to SANDRA OH. AS IF through word S”KIN” SAND”RA” OH is My name SIGNature of “SANDY”, the “NIK” of her name.

STAR TREK with WILLIAM SHATNER tv show from the 1970’s is a “FAKE” SCRIPTED TV SHOW with Actors and Actresses. NASA and HUBBLE TELESCOPE IS REAL. The “NUMBER” Connections and Powerful MEANING of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982 is REAL.

My childhood PICTURES are REAL. MY IDENTITY NAME BIRTHDAY SSN, are all REAL. Constance Pecoraro’s sketches of her “No Name Girl” and her “SUNNY” is FAKE, as in MADE UP, like SANDRA OH’s ACTING Roles is “FAKE”. You have to understand this difference between what is “REAL” and what is “MADE UP to make it FIT”.

PATTY DUKE ASTIN who is an Actress is talking with Japanese Actor GEORGE TAKEI of “STAR TREK”. Hollywood “STARS” Helping Government to enroll and apply for Social Security Number and Benefits.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PAT RICIA?

GEORGE TAKEI, “GT”. SANDRA OH on “GEORGE TONIGHT” “GT” in Sept 2012, wearing “GREEN and WHITE”.

Through Colors of “GW” Green and White” Sandra OH thinks MY Korean Name of “WANG SIN WON” IS HER, which sounds like WASHINGTON, and meaning of MY Birthday Numbers on the ONE Dollar Bill with GEORGE “WASHINGTON” First President,

My Social Security Number is in MY Korean Name, and I applied for it in 19”84”, that they’ve been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. “GEORGE ORWELL’S BOOK 1984”.

PATty DUKE “ASTIN”. JOSH WOLF is married to Bethany “ASHTON” and he went to “TRI”nity University in SAN Antonio Texas. W “ASH”ing “TON”. Constance Pecoraro had on her old website a person name “PAT”SY and PATrick LEE is her DENTIST Name. See “MOTHER WOLF” and “DUKE’S” on SBV link below.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREEEE SHA? = Sandra Oh is going to PRISON for LIFE and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

meaning of “SPO” RTS and what is Sandra OH's middle name? PA TRI CIA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON






Sandy Wang active in SPORTS
Sandy Wang SCUBA Diving

Sandy Wang on “TREE” pictures in 2007

Sandy Wang’s SNOWBOARD STOLEN in July 2008

meaning of the word “BOARD” like BORDerline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREE” SHA?
Sandra OH and CRYPTIC sick Words of Objects raping game

Edward SNOWDEN and meaning of Politicians
What is SANDRA OH’S Middle Name? through “YS” connections and meaning of “EER” T BACKwards

This is around the corner from VINE and BANNER, where the new Social Security Office was built in 2010, connected to meaning of MY PORTRAIT Drawing, and the new Solar System, as if through the “RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART”, through White Collar CRIMES, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY STOLEN PRICELESS ARTWORK in 2009.

These two ads of BEAR PAWS and “SPO”RTIE LA is about creating MEANING as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY through “BUSINESS” Names and Words, as if she is ME SNOWBO”ARD”ING in Lake Ta”HO”e, same exact PATTERN as her thinking she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK because the Upper Left Two Links of My Website is “HO”Me and “AR”tist, letters of her name Going Backwards. It’s One LONG CONTUOUS SICK RAPING OF MY LIFE, ROBBING OF MY VALUABLE PROPERTY all connected to this BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC Disturbed Actress CRIMINAL SANDRA OH who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. “CF” Correctional FAC FACE FACILITY, because she thinks she is the Artist of MY PORTRAIT Drawing and “MY PORTRAIT”.

They BUILT it and this is just another monu”MENTAL” Concrete Piece of Evidence.

Look at the pictures of me in Lake Tahoe from 2002-2005, it’s the SAME EXACT LOCATION of WHERE I AM SITTING. Except I’m wearing my black leather DOC MARTIN Boots. Reason why they are opening new stores nationwide, as if this picture of me is Sandra OH. SPO rtie, as if ME DOING any and all SPORTS activities is SANDRA OH, what is her MIDDLE NAME? PA “TREE” SHA? Because this DELUSIONAL Actress thinks she is MY IDENTITY in MY X rated Pictures on the “TREE” in TOPANGA in 2007, like she is the ARTIST of MY STOLEN WATERCOLOR ARTWORK on PA per, Wood comes from “TREES”.


New SS Social Security Office built in 2010,
across from “SEE THROUGH” Way on VINE Street x Lillian Way

Sandy Wang’s SEE THROUGH 7th building on Top Painting, Abstract page

GO THERE meaning of Sandy Wang’s Korean Middle name of “WON”, and Social Security Number and “White House” address on “1600” Pennsylvania Ave

it’s why they BUILT the new SEE THROUGH BUILDING/Parking Structure, and LIBRARY on San Vicente Blvd in 2011

See Through Building across from PDC


because it’s about SANDY WANG’s Writings on my ARCHITECTURAL Drawing from 1982

ARCHITECTURE connections

EVERYTHING is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY Intellectual Property, EVERYTHING about me
for this Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is the ARTIST OF MY ART, MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON

GO THERE VINE x BANNER new SS office built in 2010

Other Side is LILLIAN Way street name



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