Meaning of “9/11” 2001, WTC, TWIN TOWERS in NYC

ONE WTC 2014

10/19 AIR Libra Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF birthday

9/11 “EAR”th Virgo Maiden Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s 9/1 Birthday

What’s Left? “O” EAR sound of Sandra “OH”.


EAR sound of “O”

P “EAR” L JAM rhimes with HAM and PAM


REAL Estate connections

What’s left? LP = LIFE IN PRISON

911 happened because it’s about MY Childhood Pictures from 1979 and 1980, and the 1980’s decade, that they have built it, as if My Identity is SANDRA OH, as if she is the Artist of My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982. This is called IDENTITY THEFT and ART THEFT.

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in 1979 Statue of Liberty in GREEN “V” Jacket

It’s about my childhood picture on the Statue of Liberty with My Father in 1979/1980 with the TWIN TOWERS in the background. It’s about My Childhood Picture from 1974, at the “AIR PORT” in Seoul Korea with My Family, and my Mother’s Hand with TWO Fingers. TWIN TOWers, World Trade Center. THIS IS WHY 9/11 Happened.

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture at “AIR PORT” 1974

They’ve been building for My Identity to be SANDRA OH, and My Parents Identities Names to be “AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF 10/19 and CONSTANCE MA”RIA” PECORARO 9/1, connected to ARTWORK I did in 1981 and 1982. In order for Sandra OH to be my baby pictures, they needed “Parents”, so they began building for these three sociopaths to be my parents and My identity, which is completely illogical and insane, because these three sociopaths are all about the same age as me.

My Mother at the “AIR” PORT, my mother who is a “AIR” Gemini sign, and for my Mother’s MAIDEN Name to have meaning for and be Constance “MA RIA” Pecoraro Virgo the “MAIDEN”, in a Ass Conspiracy, connected to meaning of CARL JUNG, and JUNG DUNG in Korean is Ass, and meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK with an ASSSTERISK from 1981 of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME. GU IL LA U ME, GU IL in Korean is the numbers “9 and 1”, which is Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Sept 1 Virgo Birthday and because of this, they’ve been building it through her Identity, her sign of VIRGO, for “LA” Los Angeles U and ME, PECORARO and JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY Parents Names. And through her “No Name Girl” sketches, as if ALL MY Childhood Pictures, but especially the ones in 1979 in Santa Monica with “YELLOW VIRGO”, is SANDRA OH. It’s why Pecoraro and Sandra Oh have been T”OM” Bridges Ass Pussy CathoLICKING each other for decades, with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF ramite Scheelite in “TUNG”Sten.

Sandy Wang’s Parents in 1980’s

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Parents Names, through CARL”JUNG” DUNG YEE and “CAM” DUNG YEE

911. In most places in North America, this is what you dial on the phone for “EMERGENCY”. CEY, SEE.

Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro registered her Website Domain name in HERNDON VIRGINIA, on “11/09” 1998, about 1 month AFTER I had visited San Francisco CA, while I was still living in NYC. I didn’t meet Constance Pecoraro until 2005, and ever since then, and even BEFORE then, the TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE, EVERY HORRIFIC INCIDENT IN MY LIFE that has occurred is connected to Constance Pecoraro and her “supporters”, countless Business people in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if MY PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT “GU IL”LAUME was done by her, because of her Birthday numbers “9/1” in TAO DAO “DOW” JONES of making MONEY, connected to JEWISH JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, her very “PY”ous Je”SUS” CHA rlie. It’s called “GU IL T” Sociopaths who must be locked in Prison for Life.

Sandy Wang’s Cross Country Trip in 1998, to Sausalito San Francisco in OCT 1998

Constance Pecoraro in Sausalito, her Website Registration Date of “11/09” in 1998 of her “No Name Girl”
Constance Pecoraro’s Dead and Abandoned Trademark in 1999 “ISN”t that LIFE? Meaning

Constance Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find “OO” Jesus CHRIST

CHO”CHA” in Spanish is PUSSY

1982 American Were WOLF in LonDON and PUFFY JACKET

All of this “AIR” is connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, who they’ve been building as if he was MY FATHER, through meaning of BLOW “AIR” in CL”ARI” NET of My Father’s Music Band from 1950’s. This is ultimately connected to why Barak Obama HANDPICKED the Delivery Doctors name of “DAVID SIN CL AiR” on his Fraudulent Birth Certificate, to ROB MY Parents Names for Wolf and Pecoraro, and My Identity and My Korean name of “SIN WON” for SANDRA OH.

The VEHICLE created to do all of the above, IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, was Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK, in a Group Conspiracy. This is why it’s important to understand SANDRA OH’S PEPSI PUSSY Pictures in 1999, connected to Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA”rlies Find Eyes with OO Horizontal Rings around his Eyes, Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf, connected to WHY SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s ANATOMY” in a deeply disturbed sick ASS and TIT “ANATOMY” Conspiracy, in robbing of the meaning of My First Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing from 1981 of Black Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME.

All of this is connected to ROBBING OF MY REAL LIFE IDENTITY, REAL LIFE PICTURES, REAL LIFE ART, REAL LIFE EVERYTHING about MY LIFE, for SANDRA OH, and My Parents Names for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, “BUILT” through SHIT THEY MADE UP, connected to “FICTIONAL STORIES and BOOKS”, and connected to “WORDS OF OBJECTS”, WORDS of COLORS, WORDS of NUMBERS, in MATHemathics of making MONEY. Are you getting this? HARMING and RAPING, INTENTIONALLY “HURTING” a SENTIENT BEING, MY LIFE and ME, through “WORDS of INAMINATE OBJECTS” that hold precedence over safety of my well being.


Sandy Wang’s Father BLOWING “AIR” in CL “ARI” NET in 1950’s

SIN CL “AIR” Fraud
raping “AIR”

Meaning of My CHILDHOOD Picture at the “AIR PORT” in Seoul Korea in 1974, and My Mother’s HAND with TWO Fingers. T”WIN” TOW ers.

Sandra OH’s high school name of SIR ROBERT “BORDEN”, through which she’s been claiming she DREW My drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from1981. BORDEN in “PER”sian means “TO WIN”. EAR Sound of “T WIN” TOWers. Why are “PER”sian words im “PORT”ant? It’s about “TG”, Daniel Ladin”SKY” book The Gift, published in 1999, and his Translations of PERSIAN POET name “HAFIZ”. As if through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art of Jesus CH “RIS” T, SANDRA OH DREW My drawing and IS My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”. AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY from BIRTH to PRESENT.

This is why if you go to SIR ROBERT BORDEN page, you’ll see it’s on “GREEEN BANK Road next to “BANNER” Street, which is connected to a street name BANNER in Los Angeles. A new Social Security Office opened on this Street, during Obama’s First term, connected to ROBBING OF MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, in Secret CODES, for MATHemathics of making MONEY. COLOR of MONEY is “GREEN” that go in “BAN”ks. Not too fucking obvious is it.

This SCHOOL in CANADA where SANDRA OH when to in mid 1980’s, SIR ROBERT BORDEN, was BUILT and NAMED this for a REASON, and it’s about MY CHILDHOOD Picture with MY Father from 1979 at the Statue of Liberty, of ME wearing a “GREEN” Jacket. This School was built after I drew my drawing of “ROBERT” GUILLAUME in 1981, while I was growing up in Jackson Heights NY ZIP “CODE” of 11372. I discovered in 2006, that Robert Guillaume’s birthday is 11/30/27. I also discovered in 2006, that LEE MONTGOMERY’S Birthday is 11/3, and I drew this drawing because of his movie in 19 “72”, BEN with Rats in Pipes. This is why this school address is “113” GREEN BANK Road.

THIS IS WHY THESE SPECIFIC REPEATING NUMBERS 113 72 ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. They want to ROB the meaning of My Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981 which I drew while growing up in Jackson Heights NY with ZIP Code of “113 72” in the 1980’s. I found out that Robert Guillaume’s Birthday Numbers is “11/30/27”. It’s why “1/13” Birthday SHONDA RHIMES and “7/20” SANDRA OH are BOGE ASS PUSSY CathoLICKING. As if MY Childhood Picture in 1980 with a BLACK girl is Sandra Oh, which is what this deeply disturbed Uglier than a fucking GORILLA, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES entire LIFE is about. Reason for “RW” ROBIN WILLIAMS “CS” Committing Suicide in August of 2“O14”.

The “SIR” was added because it’s DIRECTLY connected to meaning of ROBBING MY Father’s Identity for JOSH WOLF, connected to 1982 movie “American Were WOLF in LON DON”. My Father’s PUFFY JACKET in the 1979 picture connections to this movie. When people get KNIGHTED in ENGLAND, they get the title of a “SIR”. KING “ART”HURS COURT, and Knights and SIRS of the “ROUND TABLE”. Round like a “O”, sound of SANDRA “OH” name, as if she drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, HOLDing a Magnifying Glass with a “E”ye in a circle of “O”. The MATHemathics of “PI” of “O”.

“SIR” ROBERT BORDEN, Sandra OH’s High School in CAN”ADA”

9/1 Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro, Virgo MAI”DEN”, who they built to have meaning in My Mother “AIR” Gemini and her MAI”DEN” Name of “MIN”, an extremely important syllable in the name of The”ODOR” is CUM”MIN”G, a name on “WIN NICK” Building at Cedars SINai Hospital, where they’ve been building for 3 decades, as if Sandra Oh was My Korean name of “SIN WON”, reason why she is on a tv “HOS”pital show “Grey’s Anatomy”.

10/19 “AIR” Libra Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf, who they built to have meaning in my Father, through the words ”BLOW AIR IN CL ARI NET” of my father’s Music band from 1950’s. Reason why there is a YEL”LOW” AIR BAG at the PL Plaza Lobby of Cedars SINai Hospital, next to the En”TAO” DAO “DOW”ed CH”AIR”. Everything leads to this Hospital, the Converging Point of all COORDINATES on the Planet EARTH “O”.

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Website Registration of her “NO NAME GIRL” NO NG, on “11/09” in 1998 in HERNDON Virginia. DON in Korean means MONEY, MATHemathics of making MONEY as if Wolf and Pecoaro were My parents, as if Sandra OH was MY identity and Artist of my Artwork.

10/19, 9/11, what’s left? O, sound of SANDRA “OH”. As if she DREW my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, Holding a Magnifying GL”ASS” in a circle of “O”, because it sounds like her name “OH”.

Pay Attention, this is really important.

When I lived in NYC in the 1990’s, I had a boyfriend from 1993-1996 name MARSHALL “MIN”TER BROWN. He Committed Suicide “CS” in OCTOBER 2012. He has a MBA Degree and was working in the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY. If you go to his page, you will read about a KOREAN Female name “SONG LEE” who is a “T WIN” of me, a very close lookalike of me and lives in San Francisco. Her FIANCE also worked in the Financial Industry, and he DIED INSIDE the “TWIN TOWERS” on 9/11. I think he was a lookalike of My ex boyfriend MARSHALL BROWN.

T “WIN”. SO “NG” LEE. To Confuse and C”om”bine MY name of Sandy Wa”NG” and MY IDENTITY with “SO” Sandra OH. Song LEE, as if MY Identity in 1985 pictures with my Catholic School classmate name GLORIA “LEEE” Is Sandra Oh, “SO”. “SO. NG”, the “NG” needed to complete the robbing of My Korean ROYAL name of “WA.NG” which means KING in Korean, for SANDRA OH who was born in Otta”WA” Canada. Reason why Constance Maria Pecoraro created her “NO Name Girl” NO “NG”, built Going Backwards.

Sandy Wang’s “DEN”tal Petition filed in SEPT 2012

Sandy Wang’s Ex Boyfriend Virgo Mai”DEN”, MARSHALL BROWN “CS” Committed Suicide in OCT 2012, Exactly 1 Month later

See LIO n KIN g. All built going BACKwards, connected to TAO DAO “DOW JONES” of making MONEY through “EAR” L JONES and LIGHT S”KIN” SICK NIGGERS, as if My Name of “SANDY” is SANDRA OH, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name Going BACKwards. For “LIGHT”, as in Light and Dark, to be about DENSE MATTER of CELLU”LITE” OIL BLUBBER COTTAGE CHEESE ASS FORM connected to “WOLF”ramite Schee”LITE” of TUNGSten, “LIQ” 3AR sound.

meaning of “LIO n KIN g”

WOLFramite Schee “LITE”
“LIGHT” BULB and Psychology of Today

FLY DUM”BO”, FLY, with your “EARS”, what’s wrong? Are your 3ARS TOO DENSE and HEAVY?

1999, a book titled “THE GIFT” by Daniel Ladinsky was published, it is a collection of Translated poems by HAFIZ, a Persian Poet. PERSIA is modern day IRAN, the “Middle East”. THIS BOOK, AND ROBBERY OF MEANING OF MY ART FROM 1981, REBUILT THROUGH CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART BY CONSTANCE PECORARO IS WHAT “9/11” IS ABOUT. OIL from “MIDDLE EAST”.

A poem in this book titled “LAUGHING AT THE WORD TWO”. T”WIN” TOWers. In PERSIAN “BORDEN” means to “WIN”. Connected to SANDRA OH who went to High School SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN, as if through her school name, she DREW my Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.


Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in 1979 with My Father at STATUE of LIBERTY. I am wearing a “GREEN JACKET” with the letter “V” written on it.

Sandy Wang’s PENCIL Drawing from 1981, of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, and the MEANING of My name SIGNature on this drawing. Meaning of Robert Guillaumes’ Birthday and ZIP CODE of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “113 72” where I drew this drawing and where I grew up in the 1980’s. ALL have been BUILT as if MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH. “No Name Girl”, as if I don’t have a name, but for MY POWERFUL NAME to have meaning for psycho actress SANDRA OH in a sick GROUP CONSPIRACY in a “RG” Robert Guillaume, Red Green, RG RAPING GAME.

This is why they either BUILT or NAMED SANDRA OH’s high school “SIR ROBERT BORDEN” on “113 GREEEN BANK” Road in CANADA in the early/mid 1980’s, and ever since then, they’ve been building and linking through her SCHOOL Name and Address, in MATHemathics of making Money as if she was MY Identity and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

I hope SANDRA OH can DRAW and PAINT in Watercolors. I hope she knows how to SIGN My “JOHN HANCOCK”, TEN TIMES IN A ROW CONTINUOUSLY, something I can do Bindfolded.

GREEN Jacket with letter “V” on it in 1979 picture with my Father at Statue of Liberty.

GREEN, like my GREEN DRESS in 1985 picture with GLORIA LEE, that they have built it, as if it’s SANDRA OH, connected to address of her school “GREEN BANK” x BANNER Road in CANADA. This is why you never see any pictures of SANDRA OH from 1980’s, because they built it as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY in 1980’s THROUGH PICTURES OF ME.
GREEN, is about the word NEEGR “O”. As if SANDRA OH Drew my Drawing of NEGRO Robert Guillaume from 1981, Holding a Magnifying Glass with an “E”ye in a “O”, because it sounds like her name “OH”. This is why G “LORI”A LEE is a betraying liar, nad everything about her Life has been built to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ART for SANDRA OH. Gloria Lee became a PHAR”MAC”ist, CAM Dung Yee in Korean means NEGRO.

GREEN, for all “GREEEN” in MY ART and MY LIFE, to have meaning for this sick delusional actress SANDRA OH, because her high school in Canada is on “GREEN BANK” Road.

Fast forward 3 decades. MY WATERCOLOR Painting titled “OLD KARMA” done in June 2006, originally titled “Carl Jung” previous to 2009, is a painting done from a picture taken of me in June 2006, and it has the color “GREEN” and a “V”. Since they’ve been building for MY Childhood picture in “GREEN” JACKET” with “V” in 1979 to be SANDRA OH, they decided to create and build for my Watercolor Painting in “GREEN” with “V” from 2006, to be SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK and MY PICTURES.

Through WORDS of CO “LOR”, like CLOTHES in FASHION words, and words of OJBECTS, they’ve been building and creating as if SANDRA OH was MY Identity and Artist of My ART for 3 decades, since my First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, that has continued through ROBBERY of MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION in 2009, where over 250 pieces of my Priceless Art, My DOG “JACK” and MY CAR “RAV4L” was all STOLEN through Premeditated Organized CRIMES of GROUP CONSPIRACY connected to the same people that’s been going on for 3 decades. What began as Alan Parson’s PROJECT from 1982, has become a full blown IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT situation, and SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

I originally titled this art “CARL JUNG”, but changed it, because of the sick meaning they built it based on Raping of My Parents Names in a KAM DUNG YEE “JUNG DUNG” DOJ Ass Conspiracy connected to everything they built based on meaning of “COPPER PENNY” is a COIN, and SYN “KROW” NICITY word coined by Carl Jung.

CARL JUNG, JUNG DUNG in Korean means Ass. CJ. “JC” Jesus CHRIST “OO” Is looking at ASS FORM. Why are Korean words important, because it’s about sick KOREAN actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY Name SIGNature, MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981, that was all built through Catholic Theme OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro in a GROUP CONSPiRACY, to ROB MY IDENTITY. Reason why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

This is the same exact pattern, as MY Catholic High School picture in 1984, of MY “HAIR” in the shape of letter “C”, that they’ve been building it to be SANDRA OH. So in 2006, when I did my Portrait Drawing with My HAIR in shape of letter “C”, they decided to BUILD as if she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing. It’s why the NEW “SONY” Building on LA”SKY” Drive in Beverly Hills, was built with new logo of “C” with strands of HAIR.

All this H”AIR” connections, goes back to my childhood picture in 1979, with a DOG sitting on MY LAP, and he is “EATING MY HAIR”. They say all dogs come from the WOLF, and SANDRA OH wants her ASS and PUSSY to be LICKED BY “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, reason for the RAPING OF MY LIFE and the reason why MY DOG JACK in 2009 was STOLEN with MY ART and MY RAV4L CAR, all through White Collar C”RIMES”, all connected to PSYCHO SANDRA OH, PECORARO and WOLF in a very serious GROUP CONSPIRACY.

So all this “HAIR” CHAIR AIR ST “AIR” connections they built, is why they built a “CONSPIRACY OF TWO” Times to MH Mental Health Court in LA County Jail with Judge name MA”RIA” STRATTON, MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Stratton, connected to deeply delusional psycho “mother in the shower” CONSTANCE MA”RIA” PECORARO, and “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, in robbing of my Parents Names and meaning of My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter “S” of my name, to be FORM OF PECORARO’s GL”ASS”, and for JOSH WOLF to ASSSK her to marry him with “OO” RINGS that go on 4th finger.

Conspiracy of TWO, was all made up by these Deeply Disturbed sick criminals. MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Stratton, for “AIR” Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF is Horny for FORM of Constance MA”RIA” PECORARO ASS PUSSY in “GOING BACKwards”, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ART and My Name SIGNature.

If two people who love each other, JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, want to Marry, that is great. Why is it necessary for “Conspiracy of TWO”? Because these are SICK DELUSIONAL, BABY MURDERING, IDENTITY and ART ROBBING, SICK SOCIOPATHIC LYING CRIMINALS, who thinks MY Parents Names, and My Name SIGNature on MY ART, is the FORM of PECORARO’S ASS “OO”, and also Two Rings that go on 4th finger when they marry. SOCIOPATHS WHO MUST BE “OO” HANDCUFFED and LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.


9/11 happened because it’s about RAPING of MY SEXUALITY, and meaning of a secretly taped VIDEO RECORDING from MAY 2001 that was DUBBED.

PER. I. O. DON. Tist

Sandy Wang’s Registered TradeMARK in Circle of “O”
“DON” in Korean means Money

Korean Actress psycho Sandra OH and meaning of BORDEN, which means “TO WIN” In “PER”Sian


“PER” KINS COLE, raping robbing LYING Baracket”EERING” Obama

PAC hyderm means thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like “GRAY” Elephant, See SANDRA OH

"PER"sian Words, are about Daniel Ladinsky's Poems and HAFIZ

A Periodontist is a Dentist who specializes in the health of the GUM Tissue in the Mouth.

DON in Korean means MONEY.

It’s been dissected to be about “PER”, in the color word of PERI”WIN”KLE, I sounds like EYE, in circle of “O”, DON in Korean means MONEY, connected to MY PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, who is HOLDing a Magnifying GLASS with an “E”ye in a “O”, to have been done by Constance Pecoraro or Sandra OH. Constance Pecoraro birthday of 9/1, in Korean the numbers 9 and 1 is “GU IL” VirGO the Mai”DEN” sign, GU IL “LA” U ME, Los Angeles U ME, as in WOLF and PECORARO to be My Parents Names, and for MY IDENTITY to be Sandra OH, as if she drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume, through her SCHOOL Name of Sir ROBERT BOR”DEN” High School in Can”ADA”.

Reason why BLACK male BARACK OBAMA became the “44”th Presi”DENT” of the US, built through and connected to My Profession of “DENT”istry. The Law Firm who released his FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate is “PER. KINS COL.E”. PC, Constance Pecoraro name initials Backwards. Virgo Mai”DEN” Italian Psycho Pecoraro who thinks through her Astrology sign and syllable of “DEN”. Reason why My Life has been Sabotaged as soon as this Raping NIGGER became the PRESI”DENT”, and his Presidency and his ENTIRE LIFE, is built on ROBBING MY Parents Names for WOLF and PECORARO and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. As if SANDRA OH is the Artist of My Powerful Artwork.

This drawing I drew in 1981 and meaning of My Name SIGNature on this drawing, meaning of My Korean name, is WHY BARACK OBAMA became the First BLACK Presi”DENT”. They’ve linked it to the FIELD of “DENT”istry and built it through his Political Career that began in CHICA”GO” ILLINOIS, where the ADA American “DENT”al Association is. I didn’t figure any of this out, until I began discovering all the White Collar CRIMES, were PREMEDITATED to INTENTIONALLY HARM and DESTROY MY LIFE. Why? So that everything they built about MY IDENTITY and MY ART, can be SANDRA OH, as if she is the Artist of my Artwork, in MATHemathics of making Money that go in “BAN”ks.

Almost all "PER" words or names, is about "PER"SIAN WORDS, connected to PERSIAN POET name HAFIZ. Persia is modern day IRAN.

PER I “O” DON tist is a “DEN”tal speciality.


CO is “NOS.E” in Korean, in building meaning of “E”yes of the “SON” Jesus CH “RIS” T, Going Backwards connected to “E”yes of Jesus CH “RIS” T the “SON” Oil Art by Constance MARIA Pecoraro, as if Sandra OH who went to “SIR” ROBERT “BO”R “DEN” is my name SIGNature on MY ART of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, through her SC.HO.OL Name, connected to Jesus CH “RIS” T oil art. CH “RIS” T, all built Going BACKwards in a sick disturbing ASS PUSSY Conspiracy.

LOR, connected to “LOR”I HUBBLE at the Dental Hygiene Committee on “EVER GREEEN” Street in Sacramento CA, who ILLEGALLY REVOKED MY DENTAL HYGIENE LICENSE in 2013, through WHITE COLLAR “CRIMES”.

I went into Dentistry because I am good with Details and good with My Hands. Every Patient I ever treated in my 2 decades of Dental Hygiene profession, will tell you, My Dental Cleanings were the Best they ever had. Periodontists who do Surgery on patients I’ve deep scaled aka “Root Planing”, they know at least 50%, if not more of the work and healing was all done when I treated them, PREVIOUS to their SURGERIES. PERIODONTISTS can see this when the do Open Flap Surgeries. Thorough Treatment of Root Debridement and Root Planing is ESSENTIAL for a Healthy and Speedy Recovery of POST SURGICAL GUM Healing.

Below are a few PERIODONTISTS I’ve worked for, in NYC and in SF CA, in my Dental Hygiene career of 2 decades.

If you read what the DENTAL HYGIENE PETITION filed in Sept 2012 says, and what it is accusing me of, and read about the entire “process” of the HEARING HELD on specific date of “6/4” in 2013, almost an ENTIRE YEAR after it was filed, it would have you think that these FINE EXCEPTIONAL PERIODONTISTS, MUST BE BAD “Judges of Character”, to have hired someone like me, they must not know how to tell the difference between a INSANE person and a SANE person.

These Dentists are Top Specialists in their Fields, many of them also TEACH at Dental Schools and are on the “BOARD” of various Dental Organizations.

Many of the Dentists I’ve worked for in the span of 2 decades, are connected to “AE SCUL APIUS”, in MATHemathics of making Money connected to SCUL SKULL “SCHOOL” names. But then again, who isn’t, or wasn’t. Every IVY League, every DENTAL SCHOOL, every Medical School, Phar”MAC”eutical Programs, in the United States is connected to this.

In the end, BOTTOM LINE, it’s about MY IDENTITY, MY NAME and MY “ART”.

A Dental Hygienist of 20 years, ARTIST, doesn’t move to Los Angeles, then becomes a “Car Thief” and has “Mental Problems”, it’s YEARS of TERRORIZING of My Life, connected to the SAME People, in “POC” Premeditated Organized C”RIMES”, to slowly SABOTAGE MY LIFE, through FRAUD DOCUMENTING of WHITE COLLAR CRIMES, ALL LIES on PAPER, that has SA”BO”TAGED MY LIFE.

With the exception of TOPANGA address in 2007 and robbery of my very valuable property from Public Storage in July 2008 which occurred during George DUBYA BUSH’s term with DICK CHENEY to CALLON Drive, the most horrorific incidents occurred all during Presi”DENT” BARACKet”eeeeering” OBAMA’s terms. For what? For who? 4/8, for T “OO”, FRAUDULENT LEO Birth Certificate of Obama, R.i.m.e.s with built in by default QQQQARMA. It’s for “OO”, for meaning of My JOHN HANCOCK, My Name “SIGN”ature on MY ART of BLACK male actor ROB”ART” GUIL”LA”UME from 1981, that they’ve been building through “9/1”, GU IL in Korean, through VIRGO Mai”DEN” Psycho Constance MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Rings around his Eyes, and through MY PROFESSION of “DENT”istry, in T”HO”MAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES “Group Conspiracy” of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT.

Why is it for just 1 “O” now?, because “OO” is and has turned out to be FORM of HANDCUFFS that go on W”RIS”T and R.i.m.e.s with CH “RIS” T, like a nice GOLD DIAMOND ROLEX WATCH. And everything “they built”, FITS THEM, because it came from them, like ME”N”TAL is the only MATerial that “RUS”ts, like RUSTY FIG in HER SHE “ELLE” FIGUEROA FIGURE “ETTE” Out Game.

Just 1 circle of “O”, for MY Powerful Registered Trade”MARQ” at the USPTO, a 1 Line Drawing in a circle of O, in colors YR, Yellow Red, to have been done by Sandra OH because it YEAR, EAR, YR, sounds like her name. This is called ROBBERY of a TRADEMARK, and it has SERIOUS CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS, like Robbery of meaning of My First Name SIGNature on my PENSYL Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, which isn’t a TrademarQ, but a Trade Secret with it’s own set of laws. 1 circle of “O”, or 2 circles of “OO”, it doesn’t fucking matter at this point, because it’s about MY IDENTITY and MY ART, being ROBBED through the PRESIDENCY of Barack Obama, that was BUILT INTO the SYSTEM 3 decades ago that is fully manifesting, in all it’s gory glory details. The amount of Concrete Evi”DEN”ce I have is truly overwhelming.


BOR”DEN” in “PER”sian means “TO WIN”. EAR Sound of “T WIN” TOWers, and Y 9/11 happened, and Y it’s the same EXACT THEME still going on. TOM CRUISE named his daughter “SURI” which means ROSE in PERsian. For Jesus CHRIST who “ROSE” on Third Day, Rose is a “FLOW”er, with name of Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF.

Y MH 370 “MAL”aysian “AIR”line vanished without a trace in March 2014.

9/11. 9/1 VIRGO Pecoraro. 10/19 LIBRA Wolf, what’s left? O the sound of Sandra OH name Going BACKwards.

It’s about “GT”, THE GIFT, and GT, G “RAV” Y Thickener. Mon”TG” O MERY. Washin”GT” ON. MARYiON”ETTE” SHOW, BO Night M”AIR”.

TO “WIN” through Lies and Fraud, isn’t really Winning.

JAY SALZMAN in Marin County CA 2001

Sandy Wang 1979 AR”GO” is a Corn Star “CH” B.R.A.N.D name, aka G “RAV” Y Thickener “GT”
Sandy Wang 1990 Sandy Wang’s Dental Hygiene School in Brooklyn on “JAY” Street 1990

ARGO is the “BRAND” name of “GT” G “RAV”y ThicKENer

Sandy Wang’s Korean name of ‘SIN WON’ sound of SHIN WON in the word Washin”GT”on
meaning of “GT” in the name of George Washin”GT” on

TG, and the poem titled EAR TH at was Sold to a FISH

FISH in Spanish is “PES”cado
SEP t 2012 “GREEN White” SANDRA OH in “Green White” on “GT”
SEP t 2012 Ever “GREEN” Street LORI HUBBLE and Dental Mental PETITION on “6/4” 2013

JAY Z and Beyonce K “NOW”les

Sandra OH “CHA”rlies Find “OO” in 1999
AR”GO” R.i.m.e.s. with Doctor Zhiva”GO”, VIR”GO”, and CHICA”GO”
SANDRA OH isn’t My Identity, and she isn’t the Artist of My ARTWORK done by MY HANDS


TO TO in Korean Characters

Lee Mon”TG” O MERY is “LAND” ing, in “BO” Burnt Offering, Midnight HOUR GL.ASS “EA. Ting” Night M “AIR” MARE
Real Life “Midnight Hour” BO Night M”AIR”

Jay Salzman is a great Periodontist in Marin County, a suburb North of San Francisco, where I lived for 7 years before moving to Los Angeles. It looks like he has a new associate Periodontist in his office.

Nan was his full time Dental Hygienist, and she’s been with him for probably at least 25 years. Barb and Lynn were also part time Dental Hygienists in his office who worked for him for at least 10 years. Barb and I worked together the most. I worked with them in 2001 for about 1.5 yrs, and we all got along great. Lisa Strong and Megan were the assistants and they were great co workers to work with.

Jay Salzman invited the entire office staff to his house for a Christmas Party in 2001 and I had a great time.

His office is probably one of the most well kept, cleanest, “sterile” office I’ve ever worked at. Everything was always done by the book, never forgetting to dot the i and cross the t. Especially on all “PRIDE” PERIDONTAL Treatment FORMS.

Larkspur Landing is about 2 miles from PARAdise Drive, the picture I took of SAN ?QUENTIN, all men’s prison, on MY PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE.

PER io DON tists
Doctors VAROSCAK, TESSER, TOFFLER on CPS in 1990’s

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1979 “YELLOW VIRGO”

ARGO is “CORN” STAR “CH” as in G “RAV” Y Thickener “GT” connections

ARGO movie by BEN Affleck

J “OH” N HANcock, as in My Name “SIGN”ature and MAN”OS” connections

HANCOCK Avenue, CAR Los SETTI “NG” UP and Framing me connections

Sandy Wang FRAMED and LOCKED in JAIL in 2009 with Bail of $3,430,000, and ALL MY PROPERTY My DOG My ART STOLEN
Sandy Wang’s “RAV” 4 L stolen in 2009 through White Collar C”RIMES” see the documents full of LIES


Sandy Wang’s writings of “I WAL Y” on Architectural Drawing from 1982



SIR “SER” Robert Borden SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON

identity thief, Art thief, psycho Actress SANDRA OH

“CHA” meaning


CP, 116 Central Park South


Constance Pecoraro Virgo Birthday of “9/1”, and her friend MI”CHA”EL LAPPERT

WOLF PECORARO Astrology Vibe of “212” Manhattan Area Code

How many LAWS do you think NIGGER OBAMAS ADMINSTRATION is BREAKING through this “SPYING BUG RFID” very high tech bug
reason why “NSA” SURveillancing EDWARD S”NOW” DEN DEN DEN DEN did what he did

I got my Dental Hygiene License to practice in NY State in 1990, after studying Dental Hygiene and graduating from a City University in Brooklyn.

During the 1990’s, I always worked a part time job 2 days per week, and then the other 2 days I would do Temp work, working as a independent contractor for different dentists, whenever they needed a Dental Hygienist. This gave me flexibility in my schedule, so I was enrolled in school part time and did other various things in my life.

From mid to late 1990’s, I worked as a Dental Hygienist on a as needed basis for a PERIODONTAL Group on “CPS” Central Park South, Doctors VAROSCAK, TESSER and TOFFLER. They had a Dental Hygienist name Joanne who worked there as a full time Hygienist and when she couldn’t come to work or their schedule got busy, I’d step in to help. DINA was and is still the Office Manager and we got along well.

It was a great office to work in, because I never cleaned or set up any of the rooms, I always had a assistant doing that for me, all I had to do was put on my mask and gloves and treat the patients.

JOHN “VAR”oscak. LAW rence TES”SER”. MI “CHA” EL TOFFLER. They are all very different Dentists, different personalities, different practices, but also practice in 1 office together as Periodontists, and they are all Exceptional PERIO DON TISTS. They were all very nice people and I always enjoyed working at this office. In fact, I talked to DINA the office manager who still works there, in April 2014 and told her about the revoking of my Dental Hygiene License in 2013 through Organized C”RIMES” in CA. It sure is a “MONOPOLY”, like .BOARD.WALK EMPIRE.

Michael Toffler, a far away lookalike of Josh MICHA Wolf, has the most beautiful “HANDS”. There are only two other males I know who have beautiful hands, Stephen Garrison my boyfriend from 1980’s, and Marshall Brown, my boyfriend from 1990’s. I always look at HANDS. RFID Bug that can READ MY THOUGHTS, reason why in the movie “I Guess this Means WAR”, Reese Witherspoon makes a joke about HANDS, movie with Chelsea HANDler, and Josh Wolf is a regular on her tv show, who I met at a Dog park in 2008, “WHAT” I was thinking when I saw his HANDS.

J”OH”n “VAR”oscak, sound of VAR “O” SHAk. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle name? PA “TREE” SHA?

Sandra “OH” who thinks she is my “JOHN HANCOCK” My Name SIGNature on MY ART, Sandra OH who thinks she is My Childhood Picture in 1979 with a DOG on My Lap, and Sign of “YELLOW VIRGO”, Vir”GO”, r.i.m.e.s with AR”GO” and CHICA”GO”, like Doctor Zhiva”GO”, ARGO is G “RAV” Y Thickener. GT. What is her middle name? PA TRI “SHA”? SPO?

The Robbery of My Toyota 2002 “RAV”4L and all Documentation of WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”, all lead to SANDRA OH and Constance Pecoraro’s New address of “707” Bridgeway, reason why it was “auctioned” on “7/7” in 2009.

“LAW”rence Tes”SER”. Sandra OH who thinks she wrote My Writings of “I WAL Y” on my Architectural Drawing from 1982, of MY PARENTS House Garage “DOOR”, Sandra OH who thinks she is MY Identity growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY in 1980’s, reason why you never find any pictures of her from the 1980’s, because they BUILT IT as if she was MY IDENTITY, through PICTURES of ME from 1980’s. Sandra OH who thinks she DREW my Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME pencil drawing in 1981, through her SCHOOL name of SIR “SER” ROBERT BORDEN High school in Can”ADA”, and thinks she has meaning in my Field of “DEN”tistry. BOR “DEN”. BORDEN in “PER”SIAN means “TO WIN”. EAR SOUND of “T WIN” TOWers on “9/11.

The address of this building on “CPS” Central Park South, is “116” CPS. 9/11 Backwards and upside down. CP Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s VIR”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psycho’s Birthday of “9/1” in the birthday numbers of her Jesus “CHA”rile, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF 10/19 “AIR” LIBRA. They’ve been building for MY PARENTS to be JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, connected to all the “AIR” meanings they’ve been building, “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, is horny for MA”RIA” ASS FORM Going BACKwards, what’s left? “AM”, is “MORNING”, for meaning of My Father’s Music Band from 1950’s, MORNING STARS, of my father B”LOW”ing “AIR” into CL “ARI” NET, to be about “AIR” LIBra Josh Wolf, “TEN” born in month of October.

CL “ARI” NET. SIN CL “AIR”. CL “ARI” CE STARLING. CS, it’s about CO”LOR S”KIN” with Ant”HO”ny “HO”p”KIN”S. B”L”ACK is for Going BACK, C “L”. Little Chenier.

They built to rob my Parents Names for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro, and My Identity for Sandra Oh through her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY, through “RAPING” of My Parents Names, meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ART, and “S”EXPLOITING almost everything from MY LIFE, to be and to have meaning for SANDRA OH, psycho Korean actress, reason why Korean words are very important. It’s through the Vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s sick pedophilish sketches of her “NO NAME GIRL”.

9/11 happened because this is what they BUILT, and someone somewhere didn’t like it, and KNEW They were all LIES. Sociopaths WOLF and PECORARO aren’t My Parents, SANDRA OH isn’t My IDENTITY, and NONE of these Identity Thieves Criminals, is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

T”HO”MAS CHRISTopher BRIDGES, gay male DENTist who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me but different year, “Bridges” and ROBS meaning of all of the above, through the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of MARY and JESUS CHRIST, “CHA”rlies Find. Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, same reason why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” created in 2005.

SIR ROBERT “BORDEN”, BORDEN means TO “WIN” in PERSian, DIRECTLY connected to publishing of Daniel Ladin”SKY”s book in 1999, and his translations of HAFIZ’s poetry. PERSIA is modern day IRAN. This BOOK opened “GATE WAYS” WORLDWIDE, to actually fully GIVE PERMISSION to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ART from 1981 and MY WRITINGS from 1982, as if it’s SANDRA OH, all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY. This book has made MY LIFE, into a SICK DISTURBING “RAPING GAME”. THIS BOOK is “THE REASON” for the Horrific Raping of my life in 2009, the Robbery of MY PRICELESS SECOND ARTWORK Collection of Watercolor Art from 2003-2007, to “RE CREATE” the meaning of “ART” is a Conversation between Lovers, as if SANDRA OH is THE ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, MY PORTRAIT Drawing next to Lee Montgomery, AS IF SHE HAS “THE GIFT”. TG. G”RAV”Y THICKENER. TG, in the name of Mon “TG” O MERY.

It’s 3 decades of MY “LIFE” and ART ROBBERY, all connected to Delusional Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH who really thinks she is My Identity, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

G “RAV” Y THICKENER. GT. Washin”GT”on. Mon”TG” O MERY.


My Toyota 2002 “RAV”4L, MY “CHA”, CAR was STOLEN through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES” in 2009, it had my Two Portfolios with over 250 pieces of MY WATERCOLOR ART on PAPER, neatly stacked inside it. It was stolen with MY DOG JACK.

As if SANDRA OH is My Identity in my Childhood Pictures from 1979 in Santa Monica, as if she has “THE GIFT” of being the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. As if she is My Identity growing up in “JACK” SON Heights NY “11372” in the 1980’s.

Reason why MI”CHA”EL “JACK”son died on “6/25”. Extremely important REPEATING NUMBERS. Understand why he had issues about his DARK SKIN COLOR. Understand why FARRAH “FAUCET” like PIPES, died the same morning as Michael Jackson of “ANAL CANCER”. It’s about Kid”KNEEE”GROS” BOWELS, built going backwards through the word “PA CHY DERM”.

“CHA”rlies Find “OO”, CAR”LOS” SETTI “NG” up and Framing me with MERCEdes BENz, then being arrested by a Beverly Hills Police Officer name “DU FOUR” on a specific date of “4/20/09”, address of “ROL”ex Building 9420, reason why in 2012, FOUR Americans were Murdered in “BEN”ghazi LIBYA. The Downfall of OBAMA that is going to get him IMPEACHED in 2014.


Korean WANG name, meaning of “GOR Y EO” Dynasty

Sandy Wang’s Father and meaning of BLOW “AIR” in CL ARI NET

“AIR” connections

407 E 87
Sandy Wangs GOLD CLOCK in 1990’s

a regular on Chelsea “HAND”ler show, GOLD I Lock of Blonde H”AIR”

707, what’s left? 48 or 4 OO
Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s new address “707” meaning

4/8, 8/4 BARACK Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate from Hawaii and Doctor David SIN CL “AIR”


Sandy Wang’s LP 173 Leadership Training in 1997

Birth of Josh WOLF’s Son JA”COB” WOLF on “3/17” in 1997 meaning
why these numbers are important on VINE x BANNER in Robbing of ZIP CODE of JACKSON Heights


Why these number are important in “Conspiracy of TWO” and Penal Code of “1370”

I worked Part Time as a Dental Hygienist for GREG DIAMOND in NYC in the 1990’s. When I worked for him in 1996 going into 1997, it was during the time I did MY LP Leadership Training in 1997. LORNE MICHAELS of Saturday Night Live is a patient of Gregory DIAMOND.

During the time I did my Leadership Training LP “173”, Josh Wolf the COMEDIAN’S SON JACOB WOLF was born”ed” on “3/17” is ST. PATRICKS Day is “GREEN”, and I”RIS”H Holiday, in SEATTLE WASHINGTON.

GRE”GORY”, meaning of MY FATHER’S Korean “ROY”al Name, which originated from the “GORY” EO Dynasty. GORY”EO” R.i.m.e.s with PER”IO”. To have meaning for “AIR” LIBRA STONE of “DIAMOND” JOSH WOLF.

I worked in his office with another Dental Hygienist who was a Blonde Hair female, I forgot her name. One day, while we were working, the office got a phone call saying that her MOTHER had just died of a Heart attack suddenly. Remember this was in the 1990’s, when I had my GOLD C”LOCK” with me where I lived. T”OM” C “HAND”ler BRIDGES Mother MARY and “MOM”, with meaning of My John “HANCOCK” rimes with GOLD C”LOCK”, through Pea”COCK” and BIRDS in F”LOCKS”, with Constance MARYIA Pecoraro’s Jesus “CHA”rlie with “OO” Rings around his eyes. This was the beginning of the building of CHELSEA “HAND”LER’S FAME to ROAD, with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF who is a regular on her show. JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, “AIR” LIBRA STONE of “DIAMOND” Metal of Copper, on GOLD I LOCK of H”AIR” CHEL”CE” HANDLER Show, for meaning of Robbing the EAR sound of “HEIR to the THRONE” of meaning of MY Father’s Family Jewel and his Korean ROYAL Name.

Gregg Diamond, if he isn’t doing Dentistry, is busy with his life with his family and kids, all surrounding SKIING in the S”NOW”. Doing lots of “B”lack Diamonds and MO GU ls. GUL in Korean means “OY”ster, the letters “O” and “Y” in Lee “MO”ntgomer’s Portrait Drawing Eyes that I drew in 2007. “OY”ster”ETTE” R.i.m.e.s with “YV” ETTE. ST”EU”ART “YV”Ette Dani”ELLE” MARQuis.

SPO? What is Sandra Oh’s middle name? PA TRI CIA? PA “TREEE” SHA? This isn’t a Law “SUIT”, she is going to PRISON FOR LIFE and Constance Ma”RIA” Pecoraro and “AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF are going to YELLOW FOLLOW.

This is why the DENTAL HYGIENE PETITION in 2013, was filed through AG Attorney General of CA, GRE”GORY” SALUTE. SAL in Korean means “RICE”, an anagram of the name of ERIC, which is about the word EREC”SH”ION. It’s about ROBBING of MY ART, LION BODY, My DOG JACK’S Pictures, all connected to an extremely PERSONAL Meaning of “FAMILY JEWEL”, that has been Mathematically Dissected, Dismembered, and rearranged to have meaning for and “FIT” PSYCHO PECORARO and JOSH WOLF.

DIAMOND in Korean is “BO SUC”, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, who they’ve been building to have meaning in My Father’s Identity, and for VirGO Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO to have meaning in my Mother’s Identity, and for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH.

All of the above DIRECTLY connected to meaning of BLOW “AIR” in CL ARI NET from my father’s Music Band picture, directly connected to DAVID SIN CL”AIR” delivery doctor name on Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate conjured up, to ROB MY IDENTITY, My Korean Name, meaning of My American name “JOHN HANCOCK” Name SIGNature, for SANDRA OH.

All of the above “Sexualized” through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art of Jesus Christ the ‘SON’, and her “No Name Girl” CHICA sketches. Vir”GO” Pecoraro, GIRL is CHICA in Spanish. CHICA”GO” Illi”NOIS” connections.

Sexualized to be about BLOW “JOB”BING a SUC Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF. Reason why Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005 when I met her, she writes My “FLOW”ers BLOW Her MINd. “MIN” is My Mother’s MAI”DEN” Name, and extremely important Repeating Syllable in Robbing of My Parents Names for WOLF and PECORARO.

Look at Constance Maria Pecoraro’s New “No Name Girl” Website in 2014, it was blocked by a computer I was using and it is categorized under “PORN”. Something isn’t right ……… and it’s Long Overdue for Constance Maria Pecoraro to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE with SANDRA OH.

SHONDA RHIMES of “D ARTMOUTH”, born and raised in CHICAGO, needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL for a very long time with WOLF, OH, BRIDGES, MACDONALD and MARQUIS.

OBAMA from CHICA”GO”, r.i.m.e.s with DOCTOR ZHIVA”GO”, A.R.G.O, must be IMPEACHED.

This is why he’s wearing a “SUIT”. It isn’t a LAW SUIT.

How many Lawsuits do you think I have on my “Whats the Connection” pages?

Jeanine Alfano Dental Hygienist in 1990’s


Presi”DENT” and “DEN” connections

meaning of Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s “CHICA” NO Name Girl and “GL ASSSSS”
Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s new Website in 2014, she needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE


Stephen Weis”GLASS” is a Periodontist I worked for in 1990’s in FOREST HILLS Queens New York. It was 2x/month Saturday only job and it was nice opposite commuting leisurely from Manhattan to the borough of Queens on a weekend day. His main full time Dental Hygienist was name Jeanine Alfano, and we got along great.

Stephen Weisglass is truly a great Peridontist who really cares deeply about all his patients. I remember he always gave a lot of personal individual attention to all his patients, and Jeanine was also the same way with all patients she treated. This office is where I first saw the Skinny Saliva Ejector with the patient comfort Sponge Tip, and ever since then, I would always request to order this in every subsequent dental office I worked at.

Jeanine ALFA”NO” is a Italian Dental Hygienist, and many Italian names end or have the syllable of “NO” in it.

This is connected to Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro who created her “NO” Name Girl, to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. GIRL in Spanish is CHICA, and CHICA”GO” is where the ADA, American Dental Association is, connected to SANDRA OH who was born in CAN”ADA”. What the fuck does CAN”ADA” have anything to do with “ADA” in CHICA”GO”? Nothing, but this is HOW they BUILT IT.

This is connected to WHY BARACK OBAMA settled in CHICAGO and built his Political Career, all based on Meaning of MY IDENTITY and MY JOHN HANCOCK meaning on MY PENCIL Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. TWISTED and REBUILT through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of MOTHER MARY and JESUS CHRIST the “SON”, in the word ILLI”NOIS”. I Eyes of the SON Backwards. “CO” in Korean is NOS”E.

CHICA”GO”, r.i.m.e.s with DOCTOR ZHIVA”GO”, reason why Barack Obama’s Fraud Birth Certificate DELIVERY DOCTOR name is DAVID SIN CL AIR, handpicked name to ROB MY Identity My Korean name of “SIN WON” for SANDRA OH. Of my CHILDHOOD Picture in 1979 with a DOG Sitting on MY LAP, “EATING MY H. AIR”, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY IN ALL PICTURES OF ME With “DOG”.

SHONDA RHIMES from CHICAGO, who created “Greys Anatomy” HOS pital Show, which is DIRECTLY connected to real life Hospital Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital, where they’ve been building for MY Name of “SIN WON” to be SANDRA OH for 3 decades, connected to PROVEN FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE of BARACK OBAMA. RAPING SICK DELUSIONAL FUCKING NIGGERS for SANDRA OH.


FOREST Whitaker in the movie “BUTLER”, about Capitol HILL in WASHINGTON and all of the Pennsylvania Ave White House Presi”DENTS” BUTLERS, connected to meaning of MY PENSYL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME, who was BUTLER to the Governor on a tv show from 1981. BUT is another word for GL “ASS”. Tom Bridges “U”.

1981 Sandy Wang’s Pencil Drawing of “BUTLER” to Governor, ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981
1990 Sandy Wang’s Dental Hygiene School in BrookLYN

DIAMONDS that are big and very high in Quality, can “CUT GLASS”.



2007 Sandy Wang’s Federally Registered Trademark in 2007 in circle of “O”, and Examining Attorney “MIDGE BUTLER”, scroll down to meaning of “CUT” the “O” and FINISH the LINE

CP Connie Pecoraro “GLASS”
Constance MAR”IA” Psycho Pecoraro in 2014 new website, “FAN cy BO x”, and Im “PORT” ant connections

DOR “IA”, R.i.m.e.s with GLOR”IA” and MAR”IA”, I A “C” raping connections to JOSH WOLF
“ROL”ex Building and Side”DOOR” 24 Gate with Me”N”tal ST”AIR”S


MAL aysian “AiR” LINE MH 370 vanished in March 2014
SE “WOL” in South Korean and HAN”WON” Students


“GV” Green “V” on My Jacket in 1979 picture
Concrete Evidence of very Old Sign of “GV” at CSH

remains of a very old sign at CSH

New Buildings in 2012 CSH
Harvey Morse Conference Center, MORSE CODES in Mathemathics of making Money

MuBARAK HO “SNI” and meaning of NA”MU” in Korean is “TREE” or Wood

LIFE IN PRISON Constance Pecoraro's Website Registration at “HERNDON VIRGINIA” on “11/09”, 9/11 Backwards

for her “ISN”t That Life ? “Q”UESTION MARQ, “Q”arma built in, ISNt that LIFE IN PRISON

METRO CHA ts worth TRA in Crash in 2008 connected to this Psycho Pecoraro

long overdue for Constance Pecoraro to be LOCKED IN PRISON, Im “PORT”ant 24/7 Connections of FANcy BOX, ElePHANtastick


you can see how old this sign is, the sticker of the letters are cracking, peeling and rolling over

“GV” Sandy Wang’s Green “V” jacket from 1979
Sandy Wang’s Green “V” jacket from 1979

ROBERT Sandy Wang’s Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981
113 72 Sandy Wang’s ZIP CODE in 1980’s growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY 113 72 meaning

Same themes going on for 3 Decades = LIFE IN PRISON

Sandra “OH” psyc “HO”, Identity Thief, Art Thief, Life Thief = LIFE IN PRISON

113 Sir “ROBERT” on GREEEN BANK Sandra Oh school of “SIR ROBERT BORDEN” high school in Canada on “113 GREEEEEEEEEEEEN BANK Road

BORDEN in “PER”sian means “TO WIN”

GREEN GREEN connections

Sept 2012 GREEN SANDRA OH on “GT” with Canadian Singer SARA MC”LOCK”LIN

Sept 2012 EVER GREEEEN Dental Hygiene “BOARD” and Revoking of Sandy Wang’s License in 2013 through White Collar CRIMES


Color of Money GREEN goes in BANK meaning of “NABi”, Butterfly, and BANKS

like “MOTH” come from the same Family as the Butterfly in “MOUTH”S of Hanni'BAL” the Canni”BAL”

CEDAR is a “TREEE”, See OLD “VG” Signs at CSH

EVERYTHING leads to and Converges at CEDARS “SIGN EYE” Medical Center “HOS”pital


Letter “V” on my “G”reen jacket in my childhood 1979/1980 picture with my father at the Statue of Liberty. “VG” in the word VirGo, connected to my 1979 childhood picture in Santa Monica with “YV” Yellow VIRGO Sign.

Through Colors “Y”ellow and “G”reen, they've been building as if My Name SIGNature of sand”Y” wan”G” on my Art, is Sandra Oh.

It's why they built Sandra OH high school Sir Robert Borden on “GREEN BANK” Road in Canada.

Reason why they've also been building for My 1985 picture of me in my “GREEEN DRESS” with Gloria Lee in my Catholic High School St. VINCENT FERRER, to be Sandra OH, built through CATHOLIC Theme oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro.

Reason why decades later, they want the FORM of MY BODY, in MY PICTURES, IN MY WATERCOLOR PAINTING titled “OLD KARMA” of me in “GREEN” T Shirt with “V” in the front, that I painted from personal pictures taken of ME in 2006, to be SANDRA OH.

Reason why SANDRA OH with GLO”RIA” and MA”RIA” have been Cat”HO”licking Phar”MAC”y, “KAM DUNG YEE” NEEGROS BOWELS, ASS PUSSIES FOR 3 DECADES OF THEIR LIVES, as if My Childhood Picture in 1980 with a BLACK GIRL is SANDRA OH, and as if Sandra OH is the Artist of my Pencil Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

Havynhurst SIGN in San Fernando Valley CA

there aren't any street names or Freeway Exits with “HOV” in this area

“HV” Herndon Virginia is “O” of Constance Psycho Pecoraro's Website Registration on “11/09” in 1998

reason why “9/11” happened


when you drive up close to the intersection, there aren't any other Signs pointing to “HOV”

Meaning of H O V and 9/11 Fits Perfecty, because it's True

GO THERE HOV street Sign in SFV

Extremely Important person name BARBARA HONEGGER 2016
who has PROVEN that 9/11 and Pentagon Attack was an INSIDE JOB


It’s about “O”IL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro, Identity of “9/1” Virgo Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psycho

“O”IL is a Code in robbing My Identity, My John Hancock on MY ART for SANDRA OH in a Group conspiracy

Sandy Wang’s Korean Name sin “WON” and SSN “68” middle digit meaning and “O”IL is a code
Steve Jobs and “O”IL is a Code in robbing My Identity for Sandra “O” through Apple Circle of “O”

“O”IL is a CODE, IL is “ONE” in Korean, 197 “1” Birth Year of Sandra “O”
“O”IL is a Code, L”ARD” in the name of San “DRA O” in a Ass Conspiracy

it was BUILT through My Profession of “DEN”tisty, and Presi”DENT” connections

meaning of JUDGES names as in “HO” HO HO NEGGER “RHIMES” with NIGGER in Raping of Sandy Wang’s LIFE and ART for Sandra “OH”

“BAR”, “RAB” bit Hole meaning
Sand “RA OH” in “RA bbit HO le” 2010 = long overdue for LIFE IN PRISON

Row Row, Syn Krow, Death Row, it’s about my BOTTOM “ROW” ARTWORK, CAT “HO”LIC Theme
CAT Eye Reflection see no “AIRPLANES in SKY”

44 and 45th presi DENT Barack et “EEER”ing OBAMA Criminal Liar

Let’s go back in HISTORY and see how and and why this Deranged Murdering fucking Nigger became the Presi”DENT”

B.A.L Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School 1987 Graduation yearbook, CH “RIS”TINA BERN”ARD O” birthday of “5/4” Tau”RUS” = San”DRA O”, “SIR” Robert “BO”r “DEN” high school

44 and 45 NUMBER meaning
FORM “OSA” = 5/4 in Korean of “OO” over “LAP”ping creates ()
11 “45” address of CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” pedophile rapist SHONDA LYNN RHIMES of “D” ART….MOUTH college

B.A.L BARACK OBAMA GLO”BAL” School built in 2009, 2010

OO over “LAP”s and creates () of Sandra OH Pepsi PU “CE”


Pay attention to Repeating Numbers, it’s about Catho”LIC” or TASTE in Korean “MAT”, HEmathics of making MONEY
As if Sandra OH is My Identity and WOLF and PECORARO are My Parents = IDENTITY ART LIFE THEFT

9/11 EmergencY

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s No Name Girl Registration on “11/09” in 1998

Her OIL Art of Jesus CHRIST CHA rlies Find, Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF Birthday AIR LIB.RA “10/19”,

“O”IL is a Code, in T”HO”MAS CHRIST Mas Bridges his Gay “LIO” and “OIL” ART of Pecoraro

In GROUP CONSPIRACY of IDENTITY ART LIFE THEFT for Psycho Korean Actress Sandra “OH”

= “INSIDE JOB”, the United States Gov’t EXCUSE, to Invade into IRAQ IRAN AFGHANISTAN

Horizontal and Vertical “HV” makes “PL US” Pussy Lip “US”


HV Constance Psycho Pecoraro’s WEBSITE REGISTRATION “11/09” 1998
Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s “O”IL ART of Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND “OO”
Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF AIR Libra “10/19”

9/11, what’s left? EAR sound of SANDRA “O” NAME

EAR sound built through P “EAR” L JAM, EAR, what’s left? Pussy Lip
C”HO”Charlie’s Find, PEPSI PUSSY GRAYSON connections to Psycho SANDRA OH

CURTAIN Ave in “SAN Jose” where Constance Psycho Maria Pecoraro went to School

++++ ++++++ on Sandra Oh’s Website
++++ Intersection inside CH Hospital Building complex makes a CROSS
++++ Inside of CENTRAL Library “CENTER” is a CROSS

This is a sick group conspiracy that must be known and people Locked in Prison

EIFFEL Tower PA “RIS” Attacks
P ATREEE SHA? SPO? G “SPO” T, as in CLITO “RIS” Licking Sandra OH
in Conspiracy with CUT a JAR of GL”ASS” PUS “SEA” of Constance Pecoraro in Group Conspiracy at 707 BRIDGEWAY

7/20 Sandra OH birthday, 707, and YEAR of Tom Bridges “72”? NUMBERS don’t’ lie connections

“4/29” 2016 FACEBOOK POST of SANDRA OH = CHOCHILLA PRISON is calling her name, LIBRAY and HUNTLEY connections


Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

meaning of My Name SIGNature “SANDY” on my drawing from 1981

Sandy Wang’s Korean name meaning

meaning of Presi”DENT” George WASHINGTON

Sandy Wang’s Portirat Drawing 2006 isn’t Psycho Sandra Oh

Sandy Wang’s Secretly taped VIDEO RECORDING

Sandy Wang’s Powerful 1 Line Drawing Trade”MARK” in circle of “O”, wasn’t done by Psycho Sandra “OH”

FARMERS K itch EN “119” Crossroad of the World

PES cado in Spanish is “FISH”

Daniel Ladin”SKY” poem, “EAR TH at was Sold to a FISH” in “TG” published in 1999

SEP t 2012 GREEN White SANDRA OH on “GT” in SEP t 2012 with Sara Mc “LOCK” LAN

SEP t 2012 Ever “GREEEN” street Dental Mental Petition filed by “LOR”I HUBBLE,

DEN connections

Presi”DEN”T Barack Obama who MUST be IMPEACHED

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges, the “HUBBLE” Tele “SCOPE”

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme meaning


Virgo Mai’DEN” Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

Constance Pecoraro’s NO NAME GURL sketch meaning

CHO”CHA” rlies Find “OO” StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

JOSH WOLF who thinks MY ARTWORK has meaning for him and his WIFEY

Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”

Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

BORDEN in PER sian means to “WIN”, WIN “NICK” building at CSH, CEDAR is a “TREE”, see meaning of “RUSTY FIG” leaf

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA?

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