Sepulveda Blvd x Westwood Blvd “Westwood Gateway"
Sepulveda Blvd x PICO Blvd

WEST GATE MALL shooting massacre in KENYA SEPT 2013

Sandy Wang’s Pencil drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, BENSON Dubois the BUTLER to the Governor <
Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with my Father in GRAY Sweater and “Hawaiian BAR Rel” 19881

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in 2007 and name BUTLER

Robert Guillaume was born in MISSOURI, connected to DANiel LADINSKY who was also born in Missouri = “EAR” Sound of MISE “RY”
LASKY Drive in Beverly Hills
What’s for DIN ner DIN”O”? and 1979 connections

SEPulveda VA Hospital is where “Grey’s Anatomy” is filmed

Sandra Oh’s website registration and “MARGO” “SHAW” connections
MARGO Art Gallery on ROBERTSON Blvd
Cren “SHAW” Blvd and Jesus CHRIST Church “CHARLES” Blake

“R”obertson and “C”renshaw = R=18 C=3 ROLex Building between “R”eeves and “C”anon
meaning of “R”, therefore, it must be Tom Bridges “GAY’S Anatomy”
connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork Jesus CHRIST and Mother MARY
in CathoLICK “MAT”hemathics of making MONEY

TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13
WHAT is his YEAR of BIRTH? 19”72”????

Dan “BROWN” LEOnardo DA Vinci Code in MAThemathics of making MONEY
through “FOOD” like th”ROB”ing CORN on the COB

CR Criminal Ramifications of Sandy Wang’s X RATED VIDEO RECORDING


COTNER, BELOIT is on either side of “405” San DieGO Freeway
COT in Korean means “FLOW”er, BeloiT TOM BRIDGES “OIL” Artwork of Constance Pecoraro Jesus CHRIST

CHRISTina BERNARDO birthday of 5/4
JOSH “FLOW”er who went to school in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS connection to Christina Bernardo
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”
connected to Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK of jesus CHRIST the SON
CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork that goes on CANVAS

EAR sound of words


DU “FRESNE” connected to meaning of MY Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME, BENSON “DU”Bois
EAR sound of FRES”H”, Kid “KNEE” Air Libra JOSH WOLF
connected to supporting SANDRA OH is My name SIGNature on MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, through ANATOMY of “AIR” LIBRA rules the KID NEE Y’S
Gre YSAN atomy REAL “D”

SANDRA OH psycyho actress

GO THERE NA “CAP”ital Real Estate in Westwood Gateway
REAL ESTATE monster connections



NA CAPital Commerical, real estate company brokerage firm
NA in Korean means “ME”, NA “RA” means Country
CAPital is about the word PAChyderm

PAChyderm means thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”

“NIK” meaning and connections
Josh WOLF who TALKS “MAL” for a living
Sandra OH and meaning of “HO”rse, Yellow ‘SHO’e and GOLD BALLS
Silence of the “LAM”bs Hanni”BAL” Lecter “SO S”KIN” like PATTERNS”
KA “MAL” A HARRIS “HK” meaning and “FOOD”
eating at”KIN”s CHO ice, CHOCHA of Black Color S”KIN” Negro Ass Pussy through FROZEN Food

Constance Pecoraro Psycho “SUNNY” COIN SLOT TAYSTEE connections to MY Mother
Constance Maria Pecoraro is going to her next “LOC”ation of PRISON FOR LIFE from “707” Bridgeway

NA CAP ital real estate

meaning of REAL Estate and Robbing of MY IDENTITY in MATHemathics of making Money
REAL NA ACP raping robbing NIGGERS

CORNer Deli
Sandra Oh in Gray, in “CORN”er
CORN connections
ROB “CORN”, and Shonda Rhimes Capri”CORN” of “Grey’s Anatomy”
Fresh CORN Grill

Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s “SUNNY” in 2010 2011
THE CORNER on Highland Avenue


BIJAN’S Store on RODEO Drive


“JC” Jeffries and Company and SPECIALT Y’S café

Jesus CHRIST Oil Painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on Gre Y’S Anatomy”

OIL and GLASS Artwork by Pecoraro
Y’S connections in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY
Sandra Oh in “YS” Yellow Shoe
Sandra Oh in “G”reen NEK

“SY” of ONE HOUR PHOTO Robin Williams

“SY” or “YS” connections in making Money



Why is this corner called WESTWOOD GATEWAY?. BILL GATES who lives on the Upper Left state of WASHINGTON. His HOUSE Address has MY BIRTHDAY Numbers. It’s about meaning of MY Korean Name of WANG SIN WON, the sound of Wang SHIN WON which sounds like WASHINGTON. It’s about meaning of MY Birthday numbers of 8/13 on the One Dollar “BILL” with George WASHINGTON.

This WASHINGTON is connected to Capital Hill of WASHINGTON DC as in PRESIDENT in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, connected to Street name “PENNy” road and “SYLVANIA” lane next to CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA. This is a very important address that “connects” everything together because I lived there for a few months in 2007, and LEE MONTGOMERY lived there many decades ago.

GATEs, GATE WAY, connected to TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges meaning of MY IDENTITY and Korean Name, My Birthday, for SANDRA OH, as if she was MY IDENTITY, through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie’s Find “OO”. Pecoraro lives across the GOLDen “GATE” BRIDGE, to BRIDGE”WAY” SAUSALITO, a suburb just North of San Francisco.

This is the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy” tv show, Hospital tv show set in Seattle “WASHINGTON”.

Why is the EVER GREEN State of WASHINGTON important? Because it’s about MY KOREAN NAME of “Wang SIN WON”, which sounds like WASHINGTON, and the meaning of MY Birthday on the ONE Dollar Bill with GEORGE WASHINGTON.

It’s why JOSH WOLF used to live in Seattle WASHINGTON and is married to a Bethany “ASH TON”. His Son JACOB WOLF was born in Seattle WASHINGTON, and the birth information of Jacob is very important in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

All this WASHINGTON connections is ultimately connected to WASHINGTON DC and the WHITE HOUSE. It’s everybody’s HOUSE and their Adress NUMBERS. Meaning of MY Korean Name of “WANG SIN WON”, sound of George “WASHINGTON”, the First President of the US, on the ONE Dollar Bill. For MY Korean Name to BE SANDRA OH, through her ACTING ROLE of playing “DOCTOR” on Greys Anatomy, connected to DELIVERY DOCTOR name of Barack Obama’s Fishy Birth Certificate from Hawaii, name of “DAVID” SIN CLAIR.

SANDRA OH thinks she is MY KOREAN NAME, and they BUILT IT in the last 3 decades in Los Angeles, through Street names, Business names, other people’s names, through Organizations, etc.

Have you ever seen the movie “STAR GATE”? with Jaye Davidson as “RA” the SUN GOD? It’s the same thing still going on today, Sand “RA” OH, who looks like a fugly transvestite, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, My Identity with All MY “DOGS” etc, SUN rules the SIGN of LEO, metal of GOLD, Leo rules the Heart and Spine/Back, Sandra OH is a CANCER SIGN, Metal of SILVER, that rules the TOR”SO” Front of the Upper Body.

T “HO” MAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES GAY Male Homosexual, “Bridges and ROBS” My Identity, meaning of my Name SIGNature and MY ART, for SANDRA OH in a GROUP CONSPIRACY directly connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro on “BRIDGE WAY” SAUSALITO. THEIR WAY, THEIR “TAO” is built based on ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ART, through TOM BRIDGES because he has the same LEO Birthday as me, and because we are both in the same Profession of “DENT”istry, connected to the word Presi”DENT”. Their “TAO” is DEPENDENT on a Fucking FAG DENTist. This is WHY they want to OWN the meaning of MY “TAO Saying” I created, that goes with MY Federally REGISTERED TRADE”MARQ”.

“GATE”, watch for all GATE connections, it all leads to this area in WESTWOOD, connected to meaning of MY First Artwork Collection, and very important address of TOPANGA with “S” shaped TREEE on the Square Deck. WOOD in Korean is NA MU, NA is ME In Korean. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREE SHA? PA per comes from WOOD, from “TREE”.

EAR sound of Tom BRIDGE “GAY” TE, TAO “TE” Ching. DE LONG P. RAY. IM “P” CHING.

SHOE, SHOW SHAW. AO, the T “AO”, D “AO”, En”DOW”ed of DAVID JONES in BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NEEGRO “GREEN BANK” CONSPIRACY. GOV’T AGENCIES, GA, “GREYS ANATOMY”, set in Seattle WASHINGTON on “TAL”man Avenue. SHONDA LYNN RHIMES is a CAP riCORN Sign of the “GOAT”, like MICH “ELLE” OBAMA, in a CAP ri CORN is YELLOW and BLACK COLOR S”KIN” Going Backwards ASS CONSPIRACY. CAP I “TAL” GRILLE R.I.M.E.S with CAPI “TOL” HILL in WASHINGTON DC, PAC hyderm is a “GRAY” Elephant, S”KIN” conspiracy, for SANDRA OH is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. OH, Obama Holder.

John HAN cock. Draw Art and Sign Name with HANDS.


“GRU” EN WATCH company next to “AG O”.

SANDRA “OH” sound of “O”, “DREW” NEGRO drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, and she “GREW” to be MY IDENTITY, and MY PICTURES on the “TREE” at TOPANGA in 2007. “4C day B4” RAPING SIN CL “AiR” NIGGER BLACK COLOR S”KIN” CONSPIRACY.

HAND CUFFS FORM “OO” go on W “RIS” T and Rimes with CH “RIS” T, folds into a “O” sound of SANDRA “OH”. FITS PERFECTLY with everything they built for SANDRA OH who went to “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN high school.

Cagney and Lacey, old Detective TV Show from early 1980’s is REAL. It FP Fits Perfectly because it’s TRUE and they’ve been building for 3 decades as if SANDRA OH is My Identity connected to NEEEGROS WORLDWIDE and “AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF rules the ANATOMY of “KID” KNEEE YS. Cag “NEY” Rhimes with KID “NEY”, sound of KNEE GRO, LA Los Angeles “C” SEE.


C L, SEE “ELLE”. “E”ye in “O”. Sandra OH isn’t a LEO, she’s a CANCER sign.

DANI”EL” rhymes with Y.Dani “ELLE” MARQUIS. ANATOMY of KID KNEEEE YS is in the LOW LOW BACK. ELLE, KNEEEE GRO, KNEE “CAP” BONE is the PAT “ELLA”, R.I.M.E.S with UMBR”ELLA”, CENTIN”ELA”, Nelson MAND “ELLA”. ELLE, as in “HER SHE YS” choCHA coLATe, Black COLOR S”KIN” ASS PUSSY EATING Game, connected to BLACK COLOR CANON pictures of me in 1979 Santa Monica with KNEEEEE Socks to be NEGRO DIK, for MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, MY Korean Name, MY Name SIGNature GOING BACKWARDS through Jesus CHRIST OIL ART of Constance Pecoraro with BIG “OO” Horizontal Rings around his eyes, reason why she is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anaotmy”. YANG “TAL” in Korean means “SHEEP FUR”, as in “SILENCE of the LAMB” NIGGER DICK PUSSY S”KIN” CONSPIRACY.

KNEE “CAP” BONE is the “PAT” ELLA. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATri CIA, PAT “REEEE” SHA?

KNEE CAP BONE, connected to EAR sound of “NEE”GRO”.

Rich “ARDT” BACH 3AR sound of BACK. It’s about the word B “L” ACK, reason why this meaning of C”L” PECK is very important. C “L”, BACK, B”L”ACK COLOR S”KIN”, as if going BACKwards, SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature as in My John Hancock on MY Pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, as if My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” is the “NIK” of her name.

Going BACKwards, RICHARDT BACK was BUILT IN BY DEFAULT DIRECTLY connected to meaning of LEO and EAR sound of “OIL”, connected to meaning of “LIO n KIN g”. T “HO” MAS CH “RIS” TOPHER BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me of “8/13” but different year, BRIDGES and “ROBS” MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is MY SIGN of LEO, MY name SIGNature on MY ART, in a disturbing Ass Conspiracy of “OO” through Jesus CHRIST “OIL” ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro with “OO” Rings around his eyes, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. AS IF through TOM BRIDGES and CONSTANCE PECORARO’S OIL ART, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and DREW my drawings from 1981, and IS MY NAME SIGNature on MY ART of ROBERT Guillaume, through her SCHOOL Name of “SIR” SUR SER “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN high school in Canada.

“SIR”. John HANCOCK, “OO” HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T, BACKWARDS, folds into a “O” sound of SANDRA “OH” Name, as if this sick delusional actress is the ARTIST of MY ART in CIRCLES of “O”.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATREEESHA? = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it. NO? BARACKET”EEERING” SICK NIGGER OBAMA MUST BE IMPEACHED and THROWN OUT OF US GOV’T.

MY NAME isn’t “NIK” and it isn’t “SY”, through Color P”INK”, through sick NIGGERS COLOR S”KIN”, MY Name SIGNature on MY ART says “SANDY”.

There is a WINCHELL'S DONUT on this corner on Santa Monica Blvd and SEPulveda Blvd. This is connected to MY Childhood picture of me and a BLACK Girl, of me wearing a White and Red shirt with number "14", and there is a picture of WINSTON CHURCHILL on the Upper Left with JanICE Jop"LIN". Monster LYN connections in RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that SANDRA OH can be MY IDENTITY in this picture through BLACK nigger SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES.

WINSTON, has the letters of my Korean name of “SIN WON”. For my Korean name to be SANDRA OH, through Religion and “CHURCH” connections in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY as if this sick borderline Psychotic Actress is MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, through the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, and this SEPulveda “GATEWAY” is about TOM BRIDGES GOLDEN “GATE” BRIDGE, with Constance Pecoraro in Sausalito on “BRIDGE WAY” street name address, with GREYS Anatomy, set in Seattle Grace Mercy “WEST” Hospital.

It’s about the childhood picture of me with a Black girl in 1980, like all my childhood pictures, that SANDRA OH thinks is HER, as in IDENTITY THEFT. This picture is a “Synchronistic” picture of me, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who was in the movie "BEN" in 1972, and MICHAEL JACKSON sang the song for this movie. Lee Montgomery is "WATER" Scorpio and Michael Jackson is "EARTH" Virgo, except he's a Virgo born in month of August and not "SEP"tember. They’ve been building for this childhood picture of me to BE SANDRA OH, through VIRGO EARTH Sign Constance Pecoraro, with “WATER” Cancer SANDRA OH. WE Water and Earth on the Upper Left in this picture. The REASON why GREYS anatomy is set up Upper Left State of WASHINGTON, connected to ROBBING the meaning of MY Korean name “WANG SIN WON” which sounds like WASHINGTON.

This is one of the main reasons why Astrology is connected, because "41 0" is a Vibe Number of MY LEO with SCORPIO Lee Montgomery. Linda Goodman's Astrology book is their 'BIBLE' and everything they've been building is very closely connected to her book "LOVE SIGNS".

SEPulveda Blvd is about this meaning, of my childhood picture, and for this childhood picture of ME, to BE SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro's Sketches of her "No Name Girl", AS IF I have no name, but through WORDS, NUMBERS, COLORS, STREET NAMES, and Other People's NAMES, SANDRA OH is My Identity in this very important picture. = Sandra Oh Cancer Water, Constance Pecoraro Virgo Earth in HER SHE PUSSY LICKING Gays Anatomy game.

WIN CHELL, built in Left to Right, connected to TAO DAO DOW JONES of making MONEY. It's connected to a well known author of TAOISM, STEPHEN MITCHELL. It's why TOM CRUISE was Pete MITCHELL in "TOP Gun". The syllable of "HEL" in this word name, is connected to what they are STILL building today, 3 decades later. Through Constance Pecoraro's HELen Keller, her OIL Artwork of Catholic Theme Mother MARY and SON Jesus CHRIST, connected to JOSH WOLF who is a regular on "CHEL"SEA HANDLER Show.

Constance Pecoraro thinks this childhood picture of me is HER, or she is supporting for SANDRA OH to be my Identity in this very important picture. This is why she had a Oil painting titled "GIRL on a HILL", which is really an infringement of WIN SLOW HOMER'S "SHEEP on a Hill". This was when they were building everything from Left to Right, like United States Horizontal Flag is built in Left to Right with STARS on the Upper Left. Then Constance Pecoraro created a new name for her "no Name Girl" of SUNNY, to "UN"DO everything they built Left to Right. Because Constance Pecoraro is learning and realizing that MAThemathics of making Money through "PI"ous PYous JeSUS with "OO" eyes, through PI symbol of "TT" is the Form of "TITS" and anything to avoid looking at her Middle Name Mother MARIA'S Missing Nipple, Missing AREOLA. Same for Sandra Oh's tiny SAGGING Granny Tits.

The reason why Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL". He is a Gay Male DENtist who works in MOUTHS. Going Backwards it's CATHOLICKING ASSHOles in MAThemathics of making Money. Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme, the vehicle created to ROB the meaning of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981, her OIL and GLASS Artwork based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture, to be SANDRA OH, through her Jesus CHRIST, the reason why SANDRA OH is "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy".

STUDY STUDI "O" PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999 and "GRAYSONS" connections, long BEFORE the existence of Tv show "GREY'S Anatomy" which first aired on tv in March 2005. The very important childhood picture of me with the black girl, like all my childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979, to BE SANDRA OH, the reason why BLACK BITCH SHONDA RHIMES created "Grey's Anatomy". AS IF this picture, like all pictures of ME is SANDRA OH, borderline Psychotic Actress who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

Greys Anatomy TV Show, fictional tv show set in fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in WASHINGTON, is filmed at the SEPULVEDA VA Hospital a few blocks from this corner in Los Angeles. But, they've been building at REAL HOSPITAL Cedars SINai Hospital in West Hollywood in REAL LIFE, for 3 decades, for my Identity to be SANDRA OH, it's why this tv show was created. The QUESTION of was JOSH WOLF's SON JACOB WOLF born in REAL LIFE HOSPITAL called "SWE DISH HOSPITAL" must be answered. And is his THAI Mother name TARA and is she a EARTH VIRGO like Constance Mother Mary Pecoraro?

Westwood Gateway, is on Santa Monica Blvd x Sepulveda Blvd and San Diego 405 Freeway entrance. They love the word GATEWAY, because it’s directly connected to Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges the GOLDen GATE BRIDGE, because he is a LEO with same birthday as me, Metal of GOLD and BRIDGE is in his name, with Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme on BRIDGE WAY Sausalito, connected to Sandra OH “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, set in Seattle WASHINGTON, in a huge Chain Group Conspiracy, to ROB the meaning of MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Parents Names.

GATEWAY, connected to TAO DAO DOW JONES in Mathemathics of making MONEY, in supporting a delusional thought that SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and the Artisti of MY Artwork. GATEWAY, BILL “GATES” who lives in the Upper Left state of WASHINGTON, his HOUSE Address has My birthday numbers of “8/13”, same as TOM BRIDGES.

The word SEP UL VEDA is about Connie Pecoraro who was born in SEP tember 1, 1969, on LABOR Day Weekend. And because of this, she has been playing the “MOTHER” Figure to SANDRA OH through her CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of MARY and JESUS. Everything is about the Upper Left, connected to the childhood picture of me and a black girl, for MY IDENTITY in this picture to BE SANDRA OH. Virgo Earth “DA”. DA in Korean means ALL. This meaning is DIRECTLY connected to the Childhood picture of me and a Black girl, of me wearing a White and Red shirt with the numbers “14”. 41= DA, in the alphabet letters. It’s the reason why Sandra Oh’s ex husband CONSTANTINE Alexander Payne’s Production Company in Santa Monica is called AD HO MIN EM Enterprises. DA OH BACKwards. Sandra Oh is MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979, THROUGH MOTHER Connie MARIA Pecoraro in her Catholic theme OIL Artwork with Jesus CHRIST the SON. This is why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” which is filmed in SEPULVEDA VA Hospital nearby.

This is connected to the Upper Left of everything, because it’s connected to MY ARTWORK from 1982, and because it’s connected to Childhood Pictures of me, especially the one of me with a Black girl and the one of me standing on the MOUNTAIN in Korea, both wearing White and Red color clothing. Mountain in Korean is SAN, the reason why they’ve been creating meaning for SAN DRA Oh is MY IDENTITY in all my childhood pictures, THROUGH the Vehicle of Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl”. San”DRA” OH DREW my DRAwings because it has a syllable from her name.

Everything about the WORD WEST, including all of the city of WESTWOOD, is connected to SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE MERCY WEST HOSPITAL. Hos “PI” TAL, I TAL Y, PI PY.

Upper Left is where BILL GATES lives in State of WASHINGTON. Bill the “NICK” name of William. The name WILLIAM or “BILL” is connected to MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, Guillaume is the FRENCH Version of the name William. WASHINGTON and BILL is connected to meaning of MY Korean Name of Wang SIN WON, which sounds like WA SHINgtON, and My Birthday numbers of 8/13, especially the number 13 is an important number on the ONE DOLLAR BILL with George WASHINGTON the First President of the US, this is why Presidents are connected, besides MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume, of BENSON Dubois, the BUTLER to the GOVERNOR.

They’ve been building for 3 decades for MY KOREAN NAME to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the Artist of my Artwork, THROUGH the Vehicle and Group Conspiracy of Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf.

WESTwood GATEway, same initials, same letters in MY name of W an G. Sepuveda and Westwood “SW”, for meaning of my name INITIALS to have meaning for Sandra OH and TV “SHOW”. They’ve been combining names with Business names, street names, for 3 decades, to CONFUSE MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, through words numbers colors, etc. This is STILL Going on as of 2012 as I am writing this. Look around, look at ADVERTISEMENTS in Magazines, on Billboards, it’s all about creating meaning through WORDS, for MY IDENTITY to BE this DELUSIONAL Actress, AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.

My Korean name is SIN WON, which sounds like SHIN WON. The reason why Connie Pecoraro created her “ISN” t that life? Dead and Abandoned mark for her “No Name Girl”. Because Connie Pecoraro wants the SIN in my name to have meaning for her, connected to Carl Jung COINED the term SYN chronicity, and a CP Copper Penny is a COIN. Her No Name Girl is based on my Childhood pictures, to have meaning for SANDRA OH. Everything about Constance Pecoraro’s life is connected to meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and meaning of MY Parents Names. “No Name Girl”, AS IF I DON”T EXIST and don’t have a name, but MY NAME has meaning for SANDRA OH, through combining with WORDS, Colors, Numbers, Other Peoples’ Names, etc. TWO MENTALLY DISTURBED SICK PSYCHOBITCHES who should be LOCKED IN JAIL For LONG TIME.

Sandra Oh as DOCtor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE MERCY MERCY MERCY WEST WEST WEST Hospital Wa SHIN gt ON, is the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY ARTWORK, to BE this psycho delusional Actress. Connected to Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of MAThemathics of making MONEY.

This is why there is a restaurant called “SHIN” on Selma x Wilcox in Hollywood, which is DIRECTLY connected to the above paragraph. It’s the SAME exact thing on corner of LAB rea and Santa Monica Blvd. Through “CODES” of words numbers, colors, Business NAMES, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she did all MY Artwork. Then after they all make their Money, they go and deposit it in BANKS, in their own names with their own SSN.

All of this can be considered LAWSUITS for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, but it also includes the meaning of MY X RATED VIDEO RECORDING, which carries with it CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS.

Copyright Infringements aside, ALL MY ARTWORK, MY DOG JACK, MY TOYOTA RAV4L, MY VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY IN PUBLIC STORAGE, ETC, have all been STOLEN through FRAUD DOCUMENTS of “White Collar Crimes” which were ORGANIZED Crimes, all connected to SANDRA OH, and I have Overwhelming Concrete Evidence. Since 2009, the number of BUSINESSES which have opened to CELEBRATE the RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that SANDRA OH can continue this PSYCHOTIC DELUSIONAL PARADE of she is MY IDENTITY, PORTRAIT Drawing, Video Recording, EVERYTHING about me, is DEEPLY DISTURBING.

It’s connected to CONNIE PECORARO with TOM BRIDGES and TWO JOOS JOSH WOLF and BRETT BERN, that’s been an ON GOING TERROR and HORROR in my life for many years. I can’t even begin to go into the horrors of HOUSING TERROR, HOME, where it’s suppose to be your Sanctuary, a place of peace. MY LIFE HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY RAPED CONNECTED TO THESE SAME PEOPLE. These people are the THIRD PARTY Contacts to MY LIFE, who are all supporters of SANDRA OH is My Identity and she DREW my Drawings.


I think BIJAN PAKZAD knew I took these pictures in March 2011. He died a month later. His name is connected to all the PAC sounds, PACific Design Center, PACific anything, HUGE PAC connections. Alexander Payne’s Business Adhominem Enterprises is in a building called PACific in Santa Monica.

I have a Cousin name Victor “PAK” who was in the Navy and also a Oral Surgeon. BARACK spelled in Russian language looks like BA PAK. It’s all directly connected to PAC ific De SIGN Center on SAN VICENTE Blvd in West Hollywood.

All the above pictures were taken in 2009 or early 2010. Below pictures were taken in April 2012, including the CORNER Businesses and “ING” BANK which isn’t on this corner but on the next block. ING BANK, with LEO the LION LOGO, fits everything I’ve been writing about, as in SANDRA OH psycho actress who wants MY Artwork, MY Name SIGNature, My SIGN of LEO, all to have meaning for her, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me. SANDRA OH needs both TOM BRIDGES, Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, in order for MY IDENTITY to have meaning for her.

Look at the BUSINESSES on this corner, besides the new Jamba Juice which opened recently in Jan or Fed of 2012, O Sushi and NY Pizza, Winchell Donuts and Yoshinoya has been here for many years.

JAMBA in Korean means JACKET or Coat. This is connected to MY OLIVE GREEN Color Jacket in all pictures of me, but in pictures of me and my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison in front of the BROOKLYN “BRIDGE” to BE SANDRA OH. SANDRA OH in “Olive Green” COLOR thinks she is MY IDENTITY in these pictures of me from the 80’s and she is MY IDENTITY and BIRTHDAY of LEO through TOM BRIDGES.

YO “SHIN” O YA is about the sound of my Korean name of “SIN WON” which sounds like SHIN WON. YA is connected to my First Name SIGNature of “Sand Y* “ on the pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, with a “A”sterisk on the letter “Y” of my name SIGNature that SANDRA OH thinks is HER, and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my Drawings from 1981, because she went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school. When MY Drawing is the REASON why this sick actress went to this school, AFTER I DREW MY DRAWING. There are WITNESSES who know I drew this drawing because in 1983, when I graduated from St. Joan of Arc Grammar School in Jackson Heights NY, I WON a Pin Award for it.

Yo SHIN oya address is 11090. 10/19 is Josh Wolf’s birthday numbers. 9/1 is Constance Pecoraro’s Birthday numbers. SEPTember 1, Upper Left Virgo Earth “DA”. DA in Korean means ALL, and it’s equivalent to the numbers “41”. JOSH WOLF used to live in the State of WASHINGTON, where “Grey’s Anatomy” is Set. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to know if the Mother of his Son JACOB WOLF is also a Virgo Earth sign, and if Jacob was BORNED on “3/17”, in the SAME HOSPITAL as the Set of this TV Show, Seattle GRACE MERCY WEST Hospital.

9/11 event is DIRECTLY connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “OIL OIL OIL OIL OIL OIL” ARTWORK and her Website Registration Date of “11/09” in 1998.

Anything JAPANESE is connected to the childhood picture of me wearing White and Red with “14” on my Shirt, with a Black girl, because there is a Japanese Calendar on the wall. WINCHELL’S Donuts is also connected to this picture of me, with Janice Joplin and WINSTON CHURCHILL pictures on the Upper Left of this VERY IMPORTANT Childhood picture of me that SANDRA OH thinks is HER. It’s why BIG BLACK SICK BITCH SHONDA RHIMES created “Gre Y’S Anatomy”, as the Vehicle to ROB the meaning of MY POWERFUL ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY, BOURN IDENTITY and KOREAN NAME.

Quiz NOS fast food restaurants started becoming popular in 2003 or 2004. This BUSINESS was created to create meaning GOING BACKWARDS for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, through the word NOS “E”. Eyes of “OO” of Jesus CHRIST is horny for TOM BRIDGES his Gay LEO with “OIL” BLUBBER ASSES. In CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money through Pious Pyous Jesus, it’s LICKING ASS “HO”LES.

O SUSHI with RED and YELLOW opened around 2007 or 2008. It’s DIRECTLY connected to MY Registered Trademark in a circle of “O”, and through “YR” abbreviated form of “YEAR”, this is about MY Trademark to have meaning for SANDRA “OH”, as if she is the Artist and Owner of MY Trademark, in MAThemathics of making MONEY. My Registered Trademark is in the COLOR GRAY, I didn’t claim a Color. The original Artwork of MY Registered Mark is in a circle of “O”.

The meaning of MY Registered Trademark, and MY ARTWORK in circles of “O” to have meaning for SANDRA “OH” as if she is the Artist of my Artwork, has been going on for 3 decades, connected to MY Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, Holding a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in a “O”. StudI StudY Sandra OH PsycHO in 1999 PEPSI PUSSY O.

This is why when I registered my Trademark, the Examining Attorney’s name was MIDGE BUTLER, connected to MY Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, of BENSON DUBOIS, the BUTLER to the Governor. Butler is a name brand in DENtal products, and Tom Bridges the gay male DENTist, bridges MOUTHS licking ASS HOLES and BUTT HOLES in MAThemathics of making MONEY through Shonda RHIMES creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” who went to D ART MOUTH College. Because SANDRA OH is my Identity and she isn’t the Artist of my Artwork. Like Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro and Josh Miccha Wolf don’t have meaning in MY Parents Names through Lying fag DENtist TOM BRIDGES.

There are PLAQUES on the SIDEWALK in front of the WESTGATE Building. They say specific LAWS with codes, and specific names. In 2010, what was on this Sidewalk was COINS, nickels, dimes, pennies, quarters that was either Painted onto the sidewalk or engraved into the concrete. COINS are connected to CARL JUNG “COINED” the term SYNCHRONICITY, and everything they’ve been building is based on this, connected to KOREAN WORD “JUNG Dung” which means ASS. My Korean Name of “SIN WON” to have meaning for “SYN” Chroni CITY, connected to JEWISH “SYN”agogues as in JESUS was a JEW JOSH MICCHA WOLF. Carl Jung, Jesus Christ “CJ” “JC”. The reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. CAR L Jung, connected to Constance “MA”ria Mother MARY Pecoraro and her OIL GLASS Artwork created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 and MY John HANCOCK = 3ARTH Virgo SOUND of KARMA. The REDID this SIDEWAY within the last few years, in late 2010 or 2011 to “CHANGE” this meaning that they’ve been building on for 3 decades.

CL PECK contractor. This is connected to name of Constance “PEC” oraro, and the CL is about the meaning of MY LP “173” Leadership Training Motto I created for myself, “I am a CL EAR and FOCUSED Leader”. It’s one of the many reasons why her Jesus CHRIST Is titled “Charlie’s Find” CF CF. This is connected to JOSH WOLF’S Son JACOB WOLF who was born on “3/17” is St. PATRICKS DAY is “GREEN” the COLOR OF MONEY. This is why I met Constance Pecoraro in 2005 when I was working for her Dentist PATRICK LEE on Cale”DON”ia street in Sausalito. DON in Korean means MONEY. The reason why Constance Pecoraro registered her Website Domain in “HERN DON VIRGINIA”, which is DIRECTLY connected to GOR”DON” and VIRGINIA MacDONald buildings at UCLA Campus, with is connected to MARK GORDON and GONDA rhimes with SHONDA RHIMES of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

It’s about MY LAKE TAHOE Experience of me S “NOW” Boarding and the Ski Cabin I was in was with a guy name DAVE PECK. This name of PECK goes back to MY 1998 Cross Country Trip pictures through Colorado, and the ROYAL GORGE “BRIDGE” in 1998. TOM BRIDGES all Bridges because it’s in his Name. GOR. DON connenctions are huge.

SIN “WON” is my Korean name, and through Dave PECK, connected to sound of “PEC””oraro, and her OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST the Son, SANDRA OH as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” is MY IDENTITY and Korean Name S “NOW” Bo “ARD” ing in Lake TA “HO”E. Like Psycho Actress SANDRA OH is MY Wet Vagina in my X rated Video Recording from 2000, and MY Website Upper Left Links of “HO”me and “AR”tist is HER because it has the letters of her name Going BACKwards.

This is connected to Beverly Hills Police Chief name DAVID SNOWDEN. He became Police Chief when I started going up to Lake Tahoe from 2002-2005. In 2009, MY LIFE was RAPED through BEVERLY HILLS POLICE DEPT and the COURTS. So that THROUGH the RAPING of MY LIFE, SANDRA OH can be MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is the Artist of MY ARTWORK, being INFRINGED WORLDWIDE.

CL PECK. This is about PECK Drive street name in Beverly Hills, the reason why DAVE PECK was “Pimped” when I went to Lake Tahoe to go SNOWBOARDING in 2003. This is connected to DAVID S”NOW”DEN” who became the Chief of Police around the same time I started going to Lake Tahoe. CL PECK, the name of the ENGINEER on ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE in COLORADO, OK PECK name, as if this sound has meaning for Constance Maria “PEC”oraro, a I”TAL”Ian PECORINA, born to Long Line of Sheep Fuckers, who thinks that MY FATHER’S “ROYAL” Korean name has meaning for her.

VIR”GO” SIGN Constance Maria Pecoraro, connected to MY Childhood picture in Santa Monica in 1979 with “VIRGO YELLOW SIGN” on the wall, this astrology SIGN rules the Digestive System. “FOOD”. They’ve been building for MY Mother to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro, for MY FATHER to have meaningn for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK as if she is MY First Birthday Baby picture with “FOOD and MONEY” on the table.

The ROBBING of MY IDENTITY, has been BUILT THROUGH and connected to BARACK OBAMA who is the Presi”DEN”T because of the meaning of MY Pencil Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, that SANDRA OH has been claiming she ‘DREW’ for 3 decades, connected to her SCHOOL Name of “SIR ROBERT BORDEN” High School in CAN”ADA”.

SIN WON is My Korean Name, and my Korean name is important because it’s connected to the First President of the United States GEORGE WASHINGTON on the One Dollar BILL.

Barack Obama’s very controversial for a reason Birth Certificate from HO NO LU LU Hawaii, with ZIP CODE with MY Full Birthdate Number of “8/13/69”, his Delivery DOCTORS name is David “SIN” CL “AIR”. Beverly Hills Police Chief name David S”NOW”DEN, SIN WON is MY Korean Name, that they’ve BUILT through other people’s names, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. This is WHY the Hospital tv show “GREYS Anatomy” is connected DIRECTLY to real life hospital Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital in West Hollywood.

CL PECK. CL is about MY Father’s Music Band from 1950’s “MORNING STARS”, and him BLOWING “AIR” into a CL “AIR” NET a Horn. Which they’ve built it to be about “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF born in month of “10” TEN October, to have meaning in MY Father’s Identity.

CL “PECK”. PEC oraro. See CHAIR and LAMP at Pacific Design Center. Constance MA RIA Pecoraro. TAL in Korean is “FUR”, and this sound of “FUR” has been linked to “FUR”niture BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE, all connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF, who they’ve built for MY Father’s Identity to have meaning in for MAThemathics of making MONEY. Josh Wolf’s agency is in the Rolex Building, a block away is the CL “ARI” TY Partners building and REAL “D”. REAL “D” as in David and Goliath. 9 out of 10 David gets his ass kicked, on the “10”th he kills Goliath.

PRIVATE PROPERTY Civil Code 1008. “Right to Pass by Permission and Subject to Control of Owner section 1008. THIS IS A PUBLIC SIDEWALK WITH BUS STOPS ON THIS BLOCK. This is the weirdest “LAW” I’ve ever seen Cemented into the Concrete of a Sidewalk.

SIDEWALK, like CANCER the CRABS “WAL”K Sidways, as in SANDRA OH who is a CANCER. What happened to TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES 3AR sound of LEO and “OIL” BACKWARDS for meaning of MY FIRST NAME SIGNature of “SANDY *” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume to be SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CH “RIS” T for Sandra OH who went to “SIR” Robert Borden DREW my Drawing.

“SIDEWAYS” is the title of a movie Sandra OH was in with her ex husband Constantine Alexander Payne who was the DIRECTOR of this movie. What is this MOVIE TITLE about? It’s about the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” to be SANDRA OH, as if it’s the “NICK” name of her name. It’s about the LETTER “S” of MY Name “SANDY*” SIGNED SIDEWAYS making a Horizontal “OO”, the reason why Jesus CHRIST has “OO” Rings around his Eyes. The reason why Sandra OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE MERCY “WEST” HOSpital in WASHINGTON.

It’s connected to Writings I wrote for Lee Har COURT Montgomery in 1982 I WAL Y. And because of this meaning, they’ve been building the JUSTICE Legal System and the COURTS all based on MY Writings, MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for SANDRA OH AS IF She was MY IDENTITY.

1008, 18 is in WANG MONTGOMERY PORTRAIT Drawing EYES, that they’ve been creating meaning for MY PORTRAIT to BE SANDRA OH.


You “WAL”K with your FEEEEEEEEEET, as in BAL in Korean is FOOT, SHIN Bal in Korean is SHOes, and Byung WON in Korean means HOSPital, SHIN WON is the sound of MY KOREAN Name, that this sick disturbed actress thinks has meaning for her , THROUGH these Korean Words. Like CRAB sounds like “BARK” Backwards, so ALL MY DOGS I’ve had in my life, must have meaning for this DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS Cancer the CRAB, the REASON WHY MY DOG JACK was STOLEN In 2009.

STUDi STUDy PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in “O” in 1999, Sandra OH who wants MY FAC from 1981 to have been DONE by her, and now for MY SAC from 2003-2007 to have been DONE By her and to have meaning for her, the REASON WHY ALL MY PRICELESS ARTWORK was STOLEN in 2009, with MY SUV and MY DOG JACK.

OO is the FORM of HANDCUFFS that go on CH “RIS” T, especially for Sandra Oh who thinks she drew my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, because she went to “SIR” Robert Borden high school. Sandra Oh thinks she is MY IDENTITY, MY KOREAN NAME, ALL MY BABY and CHILDHOOD PICTURES, Anything and Everything SEXUAL about me to BE HER, while MY LIFE has been COMPLETELY RUINED and SABOTAGED, because of this sick bitch. It’s why MY GOAL is to have this sick actress LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Video of this Intersection Westwood Blvd x Sepulveda Blvd in 2013


CAP and PAC hyderm meaning
across the street is PDC with “CL” Chair and Lamp
meaning of “FUR” is TAL connections

WH Map and what they’ve been building

a few blocks away is FBI



Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and name of Delivery Doctor David SIN “CL”AIR
AIR CHAIR HAIR, all “AiR” connections built as if JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE MA”RIA” PECORARO were My Parents Names,
as if SANDRA OH is MY Identity and MY FB First Birthday Baby picture with “FOOD and MONEY”

C “L”, “C” shape of my H”AIR” in 1984, “C” shape of MY H”AIR” in My PORTRAIT Drawing in 2006

1984 Sandy Wang’s “C” shape H”AIR” in 1984
2006 Sandy Wang’s “C” shape H”AIR” in Portrait Drawing 2006
SIN WON Sandy Wang’s Korean name of “SIN WON”
Sandy Wang on Royal Gorge Bridge and OK “PECK” engineer and WILLOW LAMB

“C” Dave “PECK” and Sandy Wang SNOW “BOARD”ing in Lake Tahoe 2002-2005


Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate and Delivery DOCTOR name of “DAVID SIN CL AIR” r.i.m.e.s with HAIR
C “ELLE” in Spanish is HER in HER SHE YS Chochacolate Ass Pussy “EATING”

SIN WON Psycho Constance Pecoraro and “ISN” t that life? S”NOW”Board
SIN ONE Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s new Sunny, and “Ten NIS any ONE?”


WOLF “ARI” Gordon MARQardt in Norwalk 2009
AIR CHAiR HAIR STAIR, Sin CL “AIR” connections

C “L” “CL” CHA rleville blvd x LASKY
C “L” “CL” Chair and Lamp at “PAC”ific De”SIGN” Center
C “L” “CL” “LITTLE CHENIER” film by Josh Wolf’s Wife
“L” C “CL” ARCHITECTURE of ROLEX building where Josh Wolf’s talent agency is
C “L” “CL”, Leonard Cleaners on “LAP”eer
C “L” “CL” CL”AIR”MONT Hotel next to “ROYAL” PALACE on Tiverton Court in Westwood

CeL AMO”EBA” is a single CELL organism like PARA meCIUM

PAC hyderm meaning
Chair and Lamp “CL” is “FUR”niture and meaning of Hospi”TAL” connection

David SIN “CL” AIR Delivery Doctor on Barack Obama’s Birth certificate and his FRAUD SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER

WEST “WOOD” What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREEE SHA?
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TRI “CIA”?

Sandy Wang’s LP 173 Leadership Training in 1997 HEART CARD, “CL ear and Focused”

Sandy Wang Cross country Trip and name of PECK on ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE

Love “BLANK” Middle Name of MARIA
Josh Wolf who is a regular on Chelsea Handler show

Mother MARY Statue on OCEAN Ave

CH “AIR” and L “AM”P at PDC MARIA Backwards

CHEL “SEA” Handler is the OCEAN of Mother MARY

your Mother in OEDIPUS COMPEX game


LOCK “AMI” on LABrea x Lexington scroll to bottom of page

“LOCK” through West Kn OLL, BACKwards


New TV Show in 2012 “CL” Client List with JenniPHER Love Hewitt
Party of Five “PF” WOLF connections
FP Fishing Pole for FUCK PUSSY PYous JeSUS Psycho Constance Pecoraro

TOM “BIRD”ges HEWLETT “PAC” kard hubbard BIRDS
WOLF connections

PAC hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like the GRAY Elephant

CAP is the same THEME going on with this GROUP
CAP Constantine Alexander Payne
in the “PAC” ific Building in Santa Monica

“CAP” ri “CORN” sign Shonda LYNN RHIMES

THIS IS IT CORN STAR “CH” connections

is “704” in Sandra Oh’s HOUSE Address???? = LIFE IN PRISON

Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK on TV in 90s at “407 E 87” OO

704 or 407 connections

LA “SPO” rts Club is just down on the block on SEPulveda ande PONTIOUS like in the “BIBLE”


Street name PONTIUS, like the Pontius Pilates of the Catholic Bible

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART
Constance Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST “CHARLIE’S FIND” OO on page “THREE”

Dan “BROWN” Leonardo Da Vinci Code in MAThemathics of making MONEY

SANDRA OH “SHAW” SHOW connections on her Website Registration

MONTGOMERY WANG Portrait Drawing EYES with “08”
Sandy Wang’s KOREAN NAME
connected to George WASHINGTON on ONE Dollar Bill


Sandy Wang Sitting SIDEWAYS on Motorcycle in 1985
Sandy Wang’s Powerful FAC from 1981

meaning of Sandy Wang’s First Name SIGNature from 1981 and “Economic Espionage Act of 1996” can LOCKED this sick actress in PRISON for LONG TIME
“SIDEWAYS” Director Constantine Alexander Payne

Sandy Wang’s Writings “I WAL Y”

PRIVATE PROPERTY as in PRIVATE X Rated Pictures of SANDY WANG being RAPED for MAThemathics ofmaking MONEY

Through VIRGO MAIDEN Psycho Pecoraro’s “SUNNY” in 2011

This SICK BITCH needs to DIE as if it was YESTERDAY
SEPtember Born Constance Pecoraro’s NEW YEAR Email in 2012


Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture with WINSTON CHURCHILL on Upper Left

CPRO “140” in 2007
C “HUR” CH and Catholic Theme
Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s GIRL on a HILL, copied from WINSLOW HOMER

JAMBA in Korean means JACKET or Coat
O SUSHI “OS” in Yellow and Red “YR”
Sandy Wang in OLIVE GREEN Jacket
Sandy Wang’s OM symbol Artwork
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O”

Sandy Wang’s JAMBA is hanging as a piece of Artwork at the Beverly Hills LIBRARY
Sandra Oh in OLIVE GREEN thinks she is me in all pictures of me in Olive Green

SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 StudI StudY “O” who thinks all the “O” from MY LIFE is HER
EAR Sound of “O” and “OH” rhimes with PSYCHO


Quiz NOS, to create meaning BACKwards for Jesus CHRIST the SON is horny for ASS, through BUSINESS Name
Constance Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST “OO”
is horny for “CRIST”ina Yang on “Gre Y’S ANATOMY”
why ANATOMY? It’s connected to meaning of KID NEEEES and Nicole KID MAN
AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF as horny “CHA”lries Find Jesus Christ
on MELROSE Avenue and ALL BUSINESSES that go on MILES

MA NOS “E” and Hand connections

Japanese Calendar on Sandy Wang’s childhood picture
Sandy Wang’s KOREAN NAME ‘SIN WON’ which sounds like SHIN WON


Psycho Mother Constance Maria Pecoraro EARTH VIRGO 9/1 1969
Sociopath Hor Dick Jesus Josh Miccha Wolf AIR LIBRA 10/19 1969
Hern”DON” Virginia 1998 Pecoraro’s Website Registration date
VIRGO and LIBRA VIBE Numbers in Astrology


LION Logo of “ING” Bank is about I sounds like Eye and “NG” is about Constance Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” NO “NG” + WA shington = WANG
For SANDRA OH to have meaning in MY Name of WANG and MY SIGN of LEO
WANG in Korean looks like “TO TO”

Sandy Wang in Black LACE Dress and GRACE NAVAS in 1985 “GN”, Lace Race, E. A.
Sandy Wang's High School teacher LOUIS BARASSI at "NG" School in 2012

Sandra OH who says she was born in “OT TO WA” who thinks MY Name of WANG has meaning for her
Constance Pecoraro’s NO NAME GIRL, to create meaning “ON” backwards NG
Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle “WA”
Businesses on Almont and Melrose Avenue TO TO TOILET BOWL connections
to Psycho Actress SANDRA OH and “TO TO” TOILET BOWL


Sandy Wang in Butterfly HAL Ter TOP Shirt in childhood pictures
Sandy Wang’s Chidlhood picture with MY Father and ORANGE BASKET
meaning of ING Bank with LION LOGO in “LION KING”

studY studI PepsI PussY Sandra “O” in Orange VIBE in 1999
meaning of BANKS
Sandra Oh who knows “UN HANG” in Korean means BANK thinks she is ME in ALL MY PICTURES
Josh Wolf who loves to BANG his KOK in BangKok Thai = Son JACOB WOLF, born in the same hospital in Washington?

Why is there ++++++++ on Sandra OH’s website? See SHAW SHOW connections
RAPING OF MY LIFE for PYous JeSUS in +++++ MAThemathics of making MONEY






T”OM” Cruise MA “POT” HER, his first movie was “TAPS” like “TOP GUN” is a Military movie

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PAT ricia? “PAT” TAP “TOP”ANGA, POT PAT, the T “AO” of making Money


NICK connections


meaning of “POT” as in “AIR”
“AIR” element

“CHA”tsworth TRAIN CRASH and “HA I” connection and “FOOT”

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle name? PATRI “CIA”?

SEA AIR connection in OO is ASS and LEG is BE”LOW” IT

Sandra Oh and Snake S”KIN” BELOIT the ASSS meaning
NICK and ”KIN” connections

BELOIT street name next to SEPulveda Blvd
see “SEA AIR” link below for meaning of OO is Form of ASS, and LEG is BE”LOW IT sound of BELOIT
HOL iday Inn, it must be CatHOlicking of Sandra OH ASS “HOL”e in MAThemathics of making Money

All New Holiday Inn is in new Colors of “Green and White”, as if Sandra Oh has meaning in all ‘GREEN’ Color from MY LIFE and MY ART
It’s about my Watercolor Artwork titled “Old Karma” in Green and White that SANDRA OH thinks has meaning for her
through HOSpi TALity Business of Hotels in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making money

This Holiday Inn opened a block West from SEPulveda Blvd on BELOIT street name
TB “OIL” Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “OO” Backwards

Sandy Wang’s Watercolor Artwork in “Green and White” Painting newly retitled in 2012 to OLD KARMA
Sandy Wang’s Pictures in 2006

Sandra Oh thinks she is My Identity in ALL Pictures of me in ‘GREEN’
Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROB”ART” Borden High School on “GREEN BANK” road
Gluttonous GREED GREEN connections, COLOR of MONEY

TB Tom Bridges his Gay “LEO” with “E”eyes of Jesus Christ “OIL” Artwork
Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork goes on Canvas and “RIMES” with Navas

JOSH WOLF still on Pear B”OAT” DARI Ass Fucking through WILLIE JU”LIO”

JOSH WOLF Licking Ass Pussy of over LAP LAF fing PUSSY OO = ()

HOSpital and HOSpi”TAL” ity Business of Hotels
Directly connected to Real Life Hospital “SEA” DARS “SIGN” EYE “OO” is ASS and BE”LOW” is the the PUSSY LIPS of over LAP ping OO creates ()
OO over LAP ping creates ()

OO over LAP ping creates () GREEN LEAF around SANDRA OH MOK AGE

If OO is ASS, and () is PUSSY, SANDRA OH has been Licking Pussies ALL HER LIFE

Holiday Inn next to Santa Monica Place
BELOIT, BE “LOW” it, like ROSE TAR “LOWE” on Mel”ROSE” ave

FP BEL OI T, “BT” Tom Bridges “I in O”, through his Gay LEO, with RUSSELL WASEN “DOR”F of “PF” in I O “WA”
FP “FP” FISH POLE sketch by Constance Maria Pecoraro


Below is the intersection of SEPulveda Blvd x PICO Blvd and surrounding Businesses.

Sandra Oh in SEPt 2012, George Tonight

DENTAL MENTAL Hygiene Petition in SEPt 2012 and meanig of “American Dental Association” ADA
131 connected to BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO “Y.D”anielle MARQuis DENTist in “SAN” Francisco
113 connected to SHONDA LYNN RHIMES from Chica”GO” who went to D “ART MOUTH” College
131 SANDRA OH High School SIR ROBERT BOR “DEN” on “131 GREEN BANK” road Can”ADA”
707 BRIDGEWAY new address of VIRGO Mai”DEN” Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro

BOSTON Marathon Bomber was going to do Bomb “TS” TIMES SQUARE next



Time Square is 42nd Street in NYC
CLOCK "LOCK" on SQUARE WOOD of My X Rated Video Recording is SANDRA OH
Clock tells TIME, what kind of Time, the ones that CENT SCENT SENTENCES you to LIFE IN PRISON in INFINITY SYMBOL of "OO"

Sandy Wang's GOLD CLOCK on Top of TV "OO" in 1997, Clock tells TIME
Meaning of GOLD, LEO Sign Metal

Study Studi"O" PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH "OO" in 1999
Sandra Oh and "SQUARE" WOOD connected to RAPING and EXPLOITING it for MATHemathics of making MONEY like MY ARTWORK

Tom Bridges on UNION SQUARE in San Francisco
all BIRDS and "BRID"ges because it's in his name

the GOLDen Gayte BRIDGE to BRIDge"WAY" Sausalito to Constance Pecoraro
"OO" GOLD Frames of Constance Pecoraro's Art Front and Back Door

connected to Psycho Pecoraro's New Address of "707" Bridgeway in MAThemathics of making MONEY through RAPING MY SACRED ART = LIFE IN PRISON TIME


Sandy Wang's Writings of I "WAL" Y in 1982

ANA “WAL” T Lumber on Robertson Blvd
ANAWALT Lumber on Highland Ave

SHONDA LYNN RHIMES of greys “ANA”tomy should be LOCKED IN JAIL
SHOnda “LYN” Rhimes


Denzel Washington movie to be released in Nov 2012, RAINING on PENNsylvania Ave

meaning of Sandy Wang's Korean Name
connected to George WASHINGTON
and US Presidents


Adventure "16" is about Gloria Lee, who I gave my quote for the YEARBOOK in 1987
Sandra OH, through Gloria "LEE", wants to have meaning In MY ARTWORK of LEE Montgomery
it's why she's a Delusional Sick Gay Psychobitch in MAThemathics of licking Pusies


















These pictures were taken in September 2012, on SEPulveda Blvd x PICO Blvd, walking a few blocks East. This goes on for MILES and MILES, CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY, through the RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, through Business Names on specific streets with specific numbers.

SEPulveda PicO, SP, for meaning of MY SELF PORTRAIT drawing, to BE SANDRA OH, in MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS IF She was MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

It's explained in the above paragraphs why SEPulveda Blvd is important. The building of MY IDentity to BE SANDRA OH began 3 decades ago in 1979, AS IF she is MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979 with a DOG on my lap and the SIGN of "VIRGO" on the Wall. Virgo Sign is the month of SEPtember. The reason why Constance Maria Pecoraro VIRGO is connected to Sandra OH in "mother daughter" MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF these two Con Artist Fraud Psychobitches were MY IDENTITY and MY MOTHER'S IDENTITY, and for My Father's Identity to have meaning for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF. The REASON why it's very important to know if Josh Wolf's son JACOB WOLF who was born in Seattle WASHINGTON on St. PATRICKS Day is "GREEN" in EVERGREEN State of WA, if his Mother's name is TARA and if she is VIRGO. It would CONFIRM so many "mysterious TERROR" in my life, and it would confirm GROUP CONSPIRACY.

Also if JACOB Wolf was born in SWEDISH Hospital in WASHINGTON, in the same city as the setting of "Grey's Anatomy" on TALMAN Ave. DISH, like PLATE "O" FOOD, in MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF SANDRA OH was my First Birthday baby picture with FOOD and MONEY on the table. AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY through I “TAL” Y Constance Pecoraro. The syllable of ‘TAL’ is extremely important, it means “FUR” in Korean, connected to ROBBING MY Mother’s Identity for Constance Pecoraro in Catholic MAThemathics of making MONEY.

MILITARY, CAMDEN, GREENFIELD. MilitARY, Mother "MARY" in Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST. CAMDEN, EARth sign VIRgo Mai"DEN" Constance Pecoraro and "CAMDEN" Drive in Beverly Hills, and CAMera brand names, like CP Canon Powershot. "DEN" connections.

GREEN FIELD. GREEN the "COLOR of MONEY", title of Tom Cruise's movie. Tom Cruise's lawyer is name BERT "FIELDS", who is a lawyer at GREEN Berg and Glusker law firm. GREEN FIELD.

GREEN connections, there are too many to list, but the most important one is connected to SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School on "GREEEN BANK" Road Canada. Sandra Oh has been claiming for 3 decades, she "DREW" my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. She went to this school, AFTER I drew my drawing of Robert Guillaume, and it's the REASON why she went to this school, who I think CHANGED their School Address to "GREEN" BANK Road to make it "FIT". It's about creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH is My Childood pictures, through Psycho Constance Mother Maryia Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, and her "No Name Girl" sketches based on MY Childhood pictures, recreated through PSYCHO PECORARO'S IMAGINARY WORLD of her No Name Girl, for MY IDENTITY to "FIT" SANDRA OH.

GREEN connections is VERY IMPORTANT. See Link below.

ANA"WAL"T Lumber company's logo design is the "ELE"PHANT. This Lumber company is connected to My Writings of "I WAL Y" from 1982 on my Architectural Drawing of My Parents Garage DOOR. Their Elephant Logo is connected to POLITICS and the White House. ELE PHANT, PANT, E. A. Sandra OH thinks she is My Identity, AS IF she is the ARTIST of My Artwork, and as if she wrote my writings of I"WALY" in 1982 on MY ARCHITECTURAL Drawing of My Parents Garage Door. Anawalt sells BUILDING SUPPLIES, for Architects and Builders.

I "WAL" Y, the reason why COURTS, JUDGES, Police Depts, are BUILT to support and create meaning AS IF SANDRA OH wrote MY Writings. LAW, as if JOSH WOLF Air LIBRA symbol of JUSTICE SCALES is automatically exempt and Protected, or Above the LAW.

Every BUSINESS on this corner is connected to creating meaning through WORDS NUMBER COLORS, for MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, MY "SP" Self Portrait drawing, to BE SANDRA OH, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST, in MATHemathics of making MONEY. Making MONEY through the RAPING OF MY IDENTITY, MY Name, MY ARTWORK.

SEPulveda PIC"O", Self Portrait Drawing is "O", sound of SANDRA "OH", PICK "O". PICK by WHO? SICK HOR DICK JESUS CHRIST JOSH WOLF? I've been telling him to go lick fuck marry his CALF COW PECORARO and OH for 3 years. Since the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK in 2009 through WHITE COLLAR CRIMES.

New discoveries and new connections in 2013.

CL PECK. Ka”MAL”a HAR”RIS” middle name of DEVI, “C” L.

Through Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” Constance MA”RIA” PECoraro, they have built as if MY Baby Pictures wearing “KH” Knitted Hat, is SANDRA OH, through this Negro Pussies NAME in MATHemathics of making MONEY. RAPING from BIRTH to PRESENT “Game”.

“Gov’t Agencies”, “GA” PAC hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like the “GRAY” Elephant on “GA” Grey’s Anatomy” BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NEGRO “GREEN SPROUT” Conspiracy. ALL creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY Identity in 1980 in my childhood picture with a BLACK Girl, as if SANDRA OH DREW my drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

It’s why it’s a “BO” NIGHT M”AIR” HORROR Story, SIN CL”AIR”, CL “AIR” NET NIGHT”MARE”, going back to LEE MONTGOMERY’S Movie in 1976, “BO” BURNT OFFERING.


Sandra “OH” and “HO”rse = “MAL” Yellow SHOE SHOW SHAW, ChoCHArlies Find “OO”
meaning of “FOOT” is BAL in Korean and SHIN BAL is “SHO”es

Sandra OH who went to “SIR” Robert BORDEN

ROBER Deniro part owner of “AG O” on Melrose and LA cienega “MLA” left letters

T “HO” MAS HARRIS, Silence of the “LAM”bs

Who is “NIK” name SIGNature? ? Sandra Oh? Connie Pecoraro? Dun”KIN” Donuts?
HAIR CUT, HARCOURT, BOB is “NIK” name of ROBERT Lies and Fraud

Mother Daughter PES.CAD.O, Sch”OO”L of FISH is PUSSY Ass Licking “AE.SCUL.APIUS” Deranged Games

My Name is Sandy Wang. It isn’t NIK, SY, DY, or YS.

meaning of Sandy Wang’s HAIR CUT in 1980 “BOB” is NIK of Robert
Sandy Wang’s H”AIR” in “LC” Letter C shape in 19”84” and in 2006, patterns of “o 8” in My Name and in My Art

Lee “HARCOURT” Montgomery
meaning of MA”RIA” the “LIO” in 1979? 1980?


being ROBBED for Sandra OH through Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate and Delivery D “OCTO” R name SIN CL AIR
Conspiracy of TOO, through Lies and Fraud DESERVE DEATH PENALTY

BLACK BURNT “CHA”RRED DARK S”KIN” of Burnt Offerings Nightmares have begun and is here to stay for a long time

Nigger RHIMES with Eddie Vedder, “CHICA”go ILLLI”NOIS” Silent Terrorizing of My LIFE Group Conspiracy, “BLACK” Niggers and EWE Belong Together Life in the Slammer

KIN KIN SUNNY SONSet “TIME” of Deranged BLACK COLOR S”KIN” Niggers and Obama’s White Mama Pussies

KIN KIN Par”KIN”g monster Nitemares

EVERYTHING is about Robbing My IDENTITY, MY ART for Korean Actress SANDRA OH born in Otta”WA” Canada

a n”ICE” ROLex WATCH on W “RIS” T Rhimes with CH “RIS” T

Laugh, Laf, LOCK for Pious Jesus CHRIST who’s going to PRISON FOR LIFE

H”AIR” growing on B”L”ACK COLOR S”KIN”, =

Mother Daughter Sandra OH Ass Pussy licking PER”KINS” COIE her Mother Constance Ma”RIA” Pecoraro CHOCHA

MARTIN LUTHER “KIN……G” Black Color S”KIN” NITEMARES are here to STAY for a Long Time

WEST and WIT “KIN” LAW Books

look at all the “CL” connections on handwritten paper, Barack Obama’s FRAUD Delivery Doctor SIN “CL” AIR

CL “PE”……CK on Tom Burgess WEST WOOD Gayte Way

Tom Burgess WOOD PECKer Rhimes with Nigger is a BURD


NIK and S”KIN” connections

TARGET meaning of WIT “KIN” and WEST LAW Books



”BAL” is FOOT in Korean, SHIN BAL is SHO es,
of Sandra OH Licking her Mother MOM MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Rhimes with GLORIA Ass Pussy BOGE “TAL” FUR Down There

Sandra OH in “Y.S” Yellow Shoe is for Pus”SY” Backwards of Licking MA”RIA” C”HO”CH”A rlies Find “OO”

LAB….rea “BAL” connections

GO THERE LABrea x Fountain Ave

LABrea x SMB S….OVA Food Connections
LABrea x Melrose MARQUIS and “RAV “ 529 connections = LIFE IN PRISON

LABrea x HOLLYWOOD “WE OUI YES” WORK in raping robbing
“WE” sound of “OUI” is FRENCH in “YES and NO” connections of Confused Deranged Lying CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” NIGGERS Shonda Lynn Rhimes

LA County Jail “CJ” in “LYNNNNN WOOD” in Nigger Pussies NAMES connections

“1370” P.C. Group Conspiracy of RAPING ROBBING Sandy Wang’s LIFE, IDENTITY and ART

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979 with VIRGO SIGN month of SEPtember and Michael JACKSON connection

Sandy Wang’s Korean name of “SIN WON” and Birthday

connected to GEORGE WASHINGTON on the “ONE” Dollar Bill

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Sandy Wang’s childhood Santa Monica picture and meaning of PI

Sandy Wangs Childhood picture with a Black girl WINSTON CHURCHHILL and JANICE JOP "LIN"

Sandy Wang’s Leadership Training LP “173” in 1997

Sandy Wangs Registered Trademark

Wang Montgomery PORTRAIT Drawings

Original meaning of S”KIN” and “NE”w “GRO”wth in 1976 movie “BURNT OFFERINGS” scroll down to bottom pictures

Sandy Wang and GRACE Navas "NG" in high school 1985

Sandy Wang's High School History Teacher and "NG" connections




SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 and “GRAYSONS” connections Stud Y Stud I “O”

BILL GATES on Upper Left

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges



Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find on BRIDGE “WAY” Sausalito

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

UCLA on Westwood Blvd directly North from this corner

GATE Way in Century City “BRIDGE”

Sandra OH and her very Disturbingly “CRYPTIC” Picture taken in ? 2005?

SANDRA OH and GREEN "MOK AGE" connections


all about supporting SANDRA OH is Artist of My Artwork through SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School

Psycho Actress SANDRA OH

on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle “GRACE” Mercy WEST Hospital

Constantine Alexander Payne’s AD HO MIN EM Enterprises

PACific Building

PACific Design Center

JOSH WOLF, was his SON JACOB WOLF born in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital on “”3/17”? very important question which MUST be answered


Bijan PAK Z AD

Fraud Documents to RAPE my LIFE

SANDRA OH in Sept 2012 wearing “GREEN and WHITE” GW

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